Necklaces of foamirana

Necklaces of foamirana: how to make an elegant and unique decoration with his own hands at home

Decorative accessories and decorations loves almost every girl and woman. Representatives of the beautiful half can purchase such decorative elements as in a specialty store or make them yourself. Handmade products have always been appreciated and occupied a large niche in the crafts. We offer our readers a detailed information about the performance of techniques necklace foamirana own hands.

Material foamiran very easy and pleasant to use. Another name of the original material - a plastic suede. Foamiran very malleable, while it holds its shape perfectly products. Of plastic suede can be made a variety of accessories and jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches and so on.

Original necklace foamirana own hands: a detailed description for beginners needlewomen

We offer our readers a detailed and step by step master class on making necklaces foamirana own hands at home. Prepare all the necessary accessory for the manufacture of materials and tools:

  • Sheets foamirana three different colors;
  • PVA glue;
  • Iron;
  • Sharp scissors;
  • The wooden toothpick or a needle;
  • Cotton buds;
  • Sheets of thick felt;
  • Stationery knife;
  • Sheets of thick paper;
  • Rep ribbon.

First, you need to make a pattern of your future plastic suede necklace. On this basis you will fix all decorative elements to your design. To create the substrate necklace you need from a sheet of thick paper cut necklace template and transfer it to a sheet of thick felt. Basis of felt will allow your necklace to retain its shape and stability.

Next to the base of felt must be secured rep ribbon. Instead of tape, you can use the chain, satin ribbons or strips of leather material. Choose the material based on their taste preferences and wishes.

You can now begin the process of creating the flower buds for your necklace of plastic suede. In this master class, we use the petals of flowers and leaves of foamirana.

The sheets foamirana milk and coffee colors necessary to form several pieces with the size of two and a half centimeters. Foamirana of chocolate color, create some rectangles with sides of four by two centimeters. Of these suede blanks you need to create flower petals.

Of rectangular blanks foamirana make floral sheets. The edges of the sheets necessary to issue a thread cuts.

After manipulation described above should be ironed using a hot iron. Then suede petal after a hot iron should arch and twist, giving it shape: natural plants. According to this method, you need to prepare all the flower petals of your composition.

After that, bending the material you need with a sharp toothpick to make veins in the petals. This will give a necklace with your hands natural and naturalness.

The last and very important stage in the creation of a necklace - an assembly of the base composition. Start using a cotton swab to form flowers from foamirana. Twist and lock central lepestochek using PVA adhesive. All you need to stick the petals in a checkerboard pattern.

Thus, you need to form as many flowers as you want to attach your necklace. Flower size can be also the most diverse. You can repeat the full workshop and can come up with a design exclusive version.

After flower suede finished, it is necessary to cut off excess with a cotton swab and acute stationery knife.

Composition is formed from all the already decorated flowers and leaves, previously should just make the buds on their future location. Do not rush immediately to fix them to the glue, because then it will be difficult to correct the error, if any.

Gaps in the total composition can be perfectly decorate any materials (beads, stamens, rhinestones, sequins, etc.). Using the paste on the surface of all colors can be formed dew. After that, your necklace foamirana completed.

We offer you see a small selection of thematic video to the article. The proposed material you can find a clear demonstration of the process of manufacture of original jewelry from foamirana, in particular necklace or necklace with your own hands. Happy viewing and study.

Chic accessory: necklace foamirana

Necklaces of foamirana made with his own hands, will be a bright and unique decoration of your image in the life of almost every women occupy an important place decoration - beautiful elegant expensive accessories or jewelry. Recent years, the trend is clearly to the promotion of home-made ornaments. If the earlier fairs masters snatched handmade products, today has become more and more popular to make jewelry - earrings, bracelets, beads and necklaces. And one of the preferred materials - foamiran.

Elegant necklace foamirana own hands

Foamiran plastic or suede - a good material for handicrafts. It looks very natural, supple, responds well to heat-treatment. Of the elements which are made of plastic suede, you can collect a nice necklace - a highlight image.

To work you will need:

From foamirana quite easily possible to make a necklace of any shape and color

Getting started with the basics. First you need to make a pattern out of paper, and then she tried on the neck is adjusted. In a fashion necklace, which increasingly resemble stylized collar. But you yourself can vary its height. Colors foamirana also choose to your taste, with an eye on it, what is in your wardrobe.

Ornament from foamirana: how to make a necklace step by step

Once the pattern is ready, you can transfer it to the felt. Felt with the need to take sufficient density so as not to bend the necklace, and it was not formless. Since the felt has a fuzzy framework decoration will not hang when driving. As soon as possible to strengthen the adhesive tape rep. Better to take it rather than satin - rep stronger. So you do the basics necklace, but for some time it should be set aside. Next, be engaged by the flowers. Go to work directly with foamiranom.

  • Slice milk and coffee (your options) foamiran into squares 2 cm / 1.5 cm;
  • Chocolate foamiran cut into rectangles 4/2 cm, it is necessary for the leaves;
  • Cut small squares of petals;
  • Rectangles cut from the leaves, on the edges of a knurled;
  • When all the parts are ready, you can begin to heat treatment - for a few seconds to apply the detail of iron (warmed up);
  • While still warm lobe, the upper edge of its need to spin away, making the middle of the recess, a little pulling tab to the side;
  • Similarly, you are doing with the rest of the petals;
  • Leaflets are also required to apply to an iron, a little twisting the tip of your fingers, and draw on it with a toothpick veins;
  • Once all the parts are ready, you select a song.

Making necklaces foamirana - quite laborious occupation, but the result is worth it

Decide how many flowers will be in your necklace. Determine their location. You can do this: the five main roses, and a few small, supplementing composition. You can choose a classic symmetry, but it does not necessarily have a lot of good options.

To collect the flower, use an ordinary cotton swab. So you will be more comfortable to work, it is easier to hold in the hands of a flower. And the fingers are not threatened bonding.

Roses will consist of two colors - the inside of the coffee with milk edges. Verhushechku cotton bud petal wrap, fix adhesive. And so, lepestochek by petal, staggered start collecting flower.

Each new layer should be adhered to one level to stick down on the pitch does not descend. Otherwise, the flower will not lush, but rather, as a bud, elongated.

So, step by step, doing all the flowers. After that, the usual office knife can cut all the sticks. At the same time, you will catch and the lower edge of the flower. Undetermined gaps can be filled with beads, stamens, berries. Most importantly, the right to form a composition, and all neatly pasted. Try on a hundred times, to see if the added harmony to the colors of felt - and only then glue the caution. In short, painstaking work that requires great care.

Master class: necklace foamirana ideas

Very often foamiranovye decorations chosen bride. And look at this amazing - naturally, gently, directly. An example of such a wedding accessory can be a necklace of delicate roses. At the heart of its asymmetric composition - a large open flower to the right, and even many small immature buds on the left side of the composition. All framed by green leaves.

Stylish necklace foamirana will be an excellent complement to the wedding dress

You can take lace on the clasp, as the basis of a necklace. Today, these blanks can be purchased in stores for needlework, or order online. And then from foamirana made flowers one by one. Stick to them, as in the previous case, it is possible on the basis of the felt.

A distinctive feature of these flowers that foamiran do not have to be toned. But in most cases, for realism, we need toning - is it using acrylic or pastels. Yet most of the colors in nature are not monotonous, and the specific color you want to transfer.

How to make a necklace of foamirana (video)

Necklace of plastic suede - an alternative to products made of metal and stones. This is natural, cute, fresh, and always unique. And most importantly, that there is reason to boast of their own skills and talents.

Foamirana necklace of flowers with his own hands: Master Class

To diversify your image, you can make original jewelry with his hands of the old beads. We must take the string of pearls and decorate it with flowers from foamirana. Like necklace looks quite fresh and very nice, especially in tandem with a jacket (for example, see the photo below). Also foamirana necklace will look great with a dress or top. Make an unusual necklace of beads is quite simple. How is decorated with a necklace, I will show step by step photos. Flowers can choose to match the shirt or dress.

Stylish necklace foamirana with flowers

Decoration in hand made style have become very popular due to its originality and uniqueness. Casual image can ennoble using the original brooches, butterfly or flower necklace with flowers. How all this beauty looks, shown in the photo.

EXAMPLE beautiful necklace foamirana jacketed.

Stepping master class on making necklaces foamirana own hands

To create a necklace of flowers from foamirana you will need:

  • white, pink Iranian foamiran;
  • beads;
  • oil pastel lilac;
  • stamens;
  • foil;
  • hot gun;
  • second adhesive.

Flowers from foamirana to decorate the beads will do follow a pattern and using a hole punch.

According to the pattern of the blanks do for the little roses and cut their white foamirana. For one cut flower pattern 3-4.

According to this pattern are preparing blanks for large and medium-sized roses. Flap wheels cut pink foamirana.

White squares cut foamirana 3 * 3 * 4 cm and 4 cm. Then squares cut from rose petals in the form of droplets.

Flap wheels for large roses, process on iron at wool-silk. We treat each petal separately heating petal add up like an accordion and frays between the toes, straighten and make a dimple in the middle lobe.

The pitch is heated on iron at a temperature of wool-silk, folding like an accordion and ground between fingers and make the recess in each lobe. Then heat the edge of the petals and the petals twirled 4 * 4 cm around the edge of her lobe. Petals 3 * 3 cm to tighten up on both sides.

Petals small roses also heated at a temperature on the iron wool-silk, down-petalled circle in one lobe and triturated between the fingers. One petal circle straighten and deepen do. The remaining petals still reheated edge and tighten up.

From white and pale pink punch cut down the flowers.

Carved florets handle on iron at a temperature of silk wool.

Petal of the daisy wheel torque and glue, glue just recycled the rest to the twisted petals.

Here's a bud turned.

To the base of the rose staggered glue remaining petal circles and tighten up the tips of the petals.

These are big roses turned.

Rose also collect small.

So we put together a small rosettes.

Take foamirana piece 5 * 5 cm and form therefrom a droplet rose to the base. And paste it three petals, so that was not visible foil.

Then the circle at one level is pasted following pitch.

The last row of glue in a staggered manner with respect to the previous row. Last petal pasted under the first tab.

Carved petals glue and paste in the flower stamens. And collects them in a small bunch.

Pink foamirana cut leaves of different sizes.

Pancake pastel lilac tint we put on the edges of leaves. Then the leaves are folded along the diagonal and frays between the fingers. Each leaf straighten and pull and stick applied streaks.

Since I have the beads are cut short, and I'll paste the decoration between the beads. If you long for beads jewelry glue directly on the beads.

Cut out the insert foamirana 2 pieces and glue them together.

Putting an insert made of beads foamirana.

In the middle of the insertion place and glue the leaves.

Then glue a large rosette.

We continue to decorate, insert and glue still leaves to the next flower.

Glue the next flower.

We continue to decorate the beads, glue a small bunch of little flowers, white rose. And so we continue to glue the leaves and flowers decorating the beads.

Glue small roses and others flowers.

That's how we decorated the simple and not very attractive beads and make a beautiful necklace from foamirna.

Necklaces of foamirana with blue flowers

Necklace with flower of foamirana complements any outfit. Necklace can be worn on weekdays and holidays. Today, at the master class we will decorate with flowers of a ready-made base foamirana necklace.

That's how we decorate the base of the flower necklace fancy foamirana.

To create a necklace of flowers from foamirana you will need:

  • blue, blue-gray Iranian foamiran;
  • Universal Mold;
  • oil pastel lilac and sponge;
  • brooches;
  • necklaces basis;
  • hot gun;
  • second adhesive.

Flowers for the necklace will follow a pattern

These are the petals of a flower cut from foamirana.

Of the blue foamirana cut flower petals for a cut flower petals 10. petals Size 3.6 * 4 cm.

The pitch is heated on iron at a temperature of silk and wool in good squeeze mold.

Take 5 petals and petal circle collect, glue the second adhesive.

The second 5 petals glue in a staggered manner with respect to the lobes of the first row.

The middle of a flower decorate with beads or I brooches.

Cut the leaves, cloves cut on pieces of paper and stick applied streaks.

Take the purple Shrove pastel and put on the edge of the leaves and the central veined and slightly shaded.

Of the blue-gray foamirana also cut leaves of different sizes.

Cut teeth on the leaves and causes a violet carnival pastel leaf edge.

That's the basis for a necklace that will decorate.

We begin to decorate necklaces basis. At the middle of the necklace are starting to stick leaflets second adhesive.

On the glue leaves collected flowers.

Here is the necklace we have.

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