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Concrete rings sewer sizes and prices

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Dimensions of concrete rings for sewage

The volume of concrete rings for the septic tank is in direct proportion to the size of concrete products. RC rings have two basic characteristics, which sets the size of concrete rings for the septic tank:

For the construction of manholes are used different in terms of height, wherein the active parameter in different models may vary from 10 to 90 centimeters. The marking, indicating the size of concrete rings for sewage, the height specified in the second decimeters.

Concrete ring for sewerage, the price of which largely depends on the dimensions, performed with indicators inner diameter of 70 to 200 centimeters. This feature is also provided in the labeling - is placed on the first place (before the height), as indicated in decimetres.

Concrete ring for sewage and water wells. Their sample sizes and prices.

concrete rings - robust and economically available building material modern rings are produced in different sizes for the inner diameter and height of the articles. Widespread use of rings made of a concrete solution obtained in the construction of wells and therefore "narode9quot; they are called well ring or rings for wells.

In the sector of private construction are widely used in the systems:

Use of the concrete well rings arrange mine production wells for drinking water or industrial water from the soil, as well as constructing a sewage treatment plant for the purification of domestic household sewage, septic vivid example of concrete rings.

For the construction of the water wells typically use concrete ring of the same size, in 95% use a ring with an inner diameter of one meter, the height of the product 80 - 90 centimeters. But for sewer use different rings for their overall dimensions.

Dimensions of concrete rings for sewage.

concrete rings which are used in the construction of sewage usually classified into the following sizes:

Typical dimensions of concrete rings in height (H), which are used in the construction of sewage from just 10 to 90 centimeters. The sizes of products (Din) from 70 - 200 cm.

Since the dimensions of the inner diameter and height are the main dimensional characteristics of concrete rings they have made to the labeling of products. For example the most common "metrovye9quot; rings for wells ks 10-9 deciphered as follows:

  • kc - ring walling
  • 10 - the size of the inner diameter in dm
  • 9 - height in decimetres.

Prices for concrete rings, and accessories for the wells.

You can buy concrete rings sewer at competitive prices. The cost of concrete rings depends on their size, the larger the size of the ring the more expensive it is worth it. The following table which is called "Concrete ring sizes and prices" we have indicated the most running rings for the construction of dug wells for sewage and water wells, as well as various accessories for them such as:

* Prices are with delivery and unloading within 50km from our warehouse in the town of Korolev .

It is no secret that the concrete products have a fairly solid weight, so the delivery of concrete rings for the construction of wells and septic tanks requires special skills and tools.

Delivery of concrete rings carried by crane manipulator load capacity 5000kg. within 50km. from our warehouse. The distance over 50km. extra paid at the rate of 50 rubles per each kilometer of distance traveled.

At the order of 20 tonnes are wholesale prices. For details please call.

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Buy Concrete rings sewer - Sizes and prices:

Ferro-concrete rings used in the regeneration of wells for sewage and drainage and water supply systems, sewage treatment plants and so on. These products will help you to quickly mount a robust and durable well or septic tank of concrete rings just for 1 day, which will last for many years.

When you purchase should pay attention to the signs:

"KS9quot; - of a product, in this case, "ring of wall";

The following figure after "KS9quot; - inner diameter in decimeters (dm - 10cm);

The second digit (after the point) - ring height in decimeters;

For example: COP 10.9 - Wall ring inner diameter of 1 meter and a height of 0.9 m;

CSF-15.9 - rebated half meter ring with lock height 90cm and so on, all is simple.

All prices include VAT. Available cash and cashless payments.

Low cost concrete rings saves budzhet on arrangement sanitation.

Factory quality in accordance with the GOST.

Moisture resistance, safety and durability of the whole structure.

Ease of installation and immediate start-up.

The production uses only environmentally friendly materials.

M250-300 quality concrete and reinforcement allow to produce really strong ring.

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