Plastic rings for the well size price

The price of plastic rings for sewage

If you can not connect the sewer system to the backbone network, there is always the possibility of arrangement of the autonomous system. In this case it is possible to use plastic containers, which are equipped with septic tanks and sewage treatment systems. You can buy ready-made system or make their own.

Sewer plastic rings characterized by the following advantages:

  • Environmental friendliness. After all, they are made of HDPE sheet. This material is used for containers that hold drinking water supplies and food.
  • Tightness. This design has no conditions for the formation of sludge in the joints and its alluvium through them. How, for example, in concrete septic tanks.
  • It does not need to be cleaned.
  • To install no need for large equipment.
  • Rings dock on the site that allows you to build a deep septic tank.

Compared to other options, sewage from the plastic rings in a higher position:

  • wooden rings. The operational period destroyed blockhouse, the consequences - the collapse of the soil. Moreover, water rot, which leads to the cessation of use. In this case, necessary repairs using plastic. Independently of its best not to carry out, as this is dangerous.
  • Reinforced concrete. The main disadvantage of concrete construction is a lot of weight. Mass rings with a diameter of 100 cm and a standard thickness of 8 cm, equal to 600 kg. So do not do without a construction crane. It is also difficult to implement the sealing of well construction, as is necessary to remove all the gaps between the individual sections and seal the joints. Moreover, so as to supply the drain pipes need to make a hole in a thick concrete wall, and then conduct a thorough job of sealing. However, the rings of a material often moves. Therefore, the yield of such a situation would be the use of plastic rings. The design is inserted directly into a concrete septic tank.
  • Parched. Sometimes the well is dry. In this case, you can enhance it with concrete rings. The work is a time-consuming process, as you need to use a special technique. Moreover, the water volume will decrease. If we resort to a plastic ring, it works significantly diminish, it will become easier, and the volume of water will disappear only slightly.

Today, construction companies offer consumers a wide range of different septic tanks made of modern polymers. This product has become a great alternative to traditional concrete septic tanks. Such models have been used not only for drainage device in the country, but also in a house with a permanent residence. To do this, you need to choose the right amount of the well, given the number of occupants.

The polymers used and their advantages

Modern materials used for the organization of the following sewage systems:

Polyethylene. Advantages are as follows:

  1. Rings of this material is intended for use in difficult conditions.
  2. They can withstand appreciable temperature changes from -50 to +70 degrees. Are resistant to aggressive media.
  3. Modern production technology is to provide a model without joints, thus reduced to zero deposit formation.
  4. Sewer rings have different shapes.
  5. Thanks to the multilayer structure is achieved excellent toughness.
  6. Septic material allows to operate over a large amount of time and over a wide range of climatic conditions.

Polypropylene also has a number of positive qualities:

  1. The material has high hardness.
  2. Resistant to abrasion.
  3. Because the withstand 140 degrees, it can be used at high temperatures.
  4. Not subject to corrosion and cracking.
  5. Sewer rings of this material shown to be reliable in the purification of industrial waste water when exposed to aggressive environments.

fiberglass It consists of various kinds of resins and has the following advantages:

  1. Due to the composition of the existing fiberglass to achieve high strength values.
  2. Endures a variety of corrosive media.
  3. Not subject to corrosion.
  4. There is a separation chamber.

Plastic rings for sewage have sizes ranging from 30 to 100 cm average thickness is -. 10 mm. The most popular models in our country are samples with a diameter of 80 cm and 90 cm. Height - 1.5 meters.

Also, the size of the plastic rings for sewage vary according to their shape. Plastic --Material easily consumable, so there are many forms. Hence taken and sizes.

Price manhole or sewer Rings

Plastic rings for sewage and wells are as follows price range:

  • POLEX PLAST-PK970 - 100 cm in height, 2.5 cm thick with the bottom sold at a price of 11,700 rubles bottomless - 9500 rubles. The same model with the same height, but with a thickness of 3.9 cm from the bottom will cost 13,000 rubles, without a bottom price will be 10,500 rubles.
  • Plastic ring POLEX PLAST-PK1400 height 100 cm, thickness 2.5 cm from the bottom will be 19400 rubles bottomless - 17000 rubles. At the same height as the thickness of 3.9 cm, the model with the bottom will cost 21,500 rubles, without a bottom - 19,000 rubles.

Pit ring firm Rodlex a series of UN differ a pricing policy:

  • Model B500 size, a volume of 250 liters worth 4350 rubles.
  • The volume of 500 liters at a rate of B1000 will result in the price of 8650 rubles.
  • The size of the next V1500 products, the volume of 750 liters, the cost of 13,000 rubles.
  • №4 sample has a volume of 1000 liters, and B2000 size so its price is 17,300 rubles.
  • With the volume of 1250 liters and the amount of the plastic ring V2500 will cost 21,610 rubles.
  • For the price of 25930 rubles Kolodeznaya model sold in volume of 1,500 liters, the size of V3000.

Equipping a country house or cottage, great importance is attached to sewerage company. In this case, it is important to choose high quality and durable material. Such is plastic. In its production using different ingredients that you can extend sewer service, the design retains its lightness and strength. These qualities should be inherent in the material which is used for the production of high-quality plastic rings for drainage. Various forms of the product without the need to resort to special equipment for installation, allow to produce their own work.

Plastic rings series ecosystems for wells

OOO PK "Ekosistemy9raquo; ring provides for the wells of helicallywound pipe. Standard dimensions: inner diameter of 800 900 mm, wall thickness 19 mm, length 1500 mm.

Construction of new wells .

Before you begin the construction of the well, it is necessary to make gidrogeologorazvedku your site, after which, issued an opinion on the existence and depth of the aquifer, and the composition and complexity of the soil. Based on the determined data of the future installation method well (open or closed).

Clear the way, used in the dense clay soils.

First excavated shaft diameter larger than the diameter of the ring. Then, on the shaft bottom is filled cushion of crushed stone, mounted on it and the ring of twisted helicallywound pipe. If a seal is required, after twisting seam can boil obtyanut extruder or shrink tape. The free space between the rings and the shaft edge is filled with gravel, gravel or sand. At the bottom of the well is filled with an internal filter of sand and rubble. Once the well is ready, it can be covered by decorative plastic cover or house.

Closed way It used in loose soils.

Please is dug pit depth of 1 meter and a width larger than the diameter of the ring, the ring is installed ecosystems, then selects a ground underneath. Ring drop below ground level, after which the next ring is screwed. It is worth noting that at great depths using this method and ring ecosystems may be difficult, due to the low weight of the ring. After the well is constructed, in the bottom of the filter is filled with sand and gravel, is set ecosystems decorative cover or house.

Restoration (sanitation) and deepening old wells.

During the operation of the wells or wooden w / w of the Rings, you are faced with factors such as the fragrant water in the well, progress of the Rings, to flow into the seams, rusty water. This well is unsuitable for further use. Out of this situation - to repair with plasti postglacial rings ecosystems. To this end, the water is pumped out of the old well, remove the old bottom filter. If there is a need for a well can be deepened. Thereafter, an old well shaft dispensed previously screwed, ecosystems-ring 850 or 950-ecosystems. The free space between the old and new rings poured feedback prosypkoy (sand-cement mixture 1: 5), fine gravel or sand. After the well shaft renewed, on the bottom of the filter is filled with sand and gravel. The result is a new sealed well, thus saving energy, time and money.

1. Low weight. The weight of the ring is not more than 35 kg.

2. Transportation. No need to book a manipulator.

3. Ease of installation. For the installation of the well is not required tap and additional devices and gears.

4. impermeability at both ends has a thread section.

5. Low price. The cost of similar products made of a thin polyethylene (thickness: 10mm) is between 14 and 000 rubles per meter.

Plastic rings for wells

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Rings for wells often made of concrete or brick. The last is easier to install because it does not require special equipment such as a crane. Concrete rings for wells, as well as brick, have a significant drawback - they can not guarantee one hundred percent leak. Because of what is happening the water loss and soil collapses. It is quite another plastic rings for wells and septic tanks. They ensure the safety of the well by infiltration of groundwater.

Plastic wells or septic tank rings compared with concrete have some advantages. These include:

  • Resistance to corrosion. The material of which it is made prefabricated considered wells not coated with rust and easily transfers any dampness.
  • Good impermeability and stiffness compounds. Well plastic rings are attached to each other strongly enough, not allowing water to seep in between.
  • Excellent resistance manhole rings different mechanical damage, as well as the movement and vibration. Plastic rings can be easily installed under the roadway, without fear that they will disperse or deform from the movement of cars.
  • Working with such plastic rings of the well, the septic tank may be in difficult weather and terrain conditions. You can do the installation and installation of manhole rings, even in cold weather and when picked up groundwater.
  • Tightness of manhole rings is not lost even after shrinkage, frost and other natural phenomena.
  • Plastic rings of the well can be cut and welded at any engineering project. They can be made in any architectural form.
  • Installation of manhole rings do without the use of special techniques, because of their low weight. Thereby reducing the cost of works.
  • It provides excellent sealing rings plastic wells or septic tanks in areas joining pipes and wiring. In more detail the installation and installation of plastic manhole rings you can see in the photo.

Plastic rings for wells or septic tanks come in many different shapes and sizes and vary in price. Diameter range of well rings ranges from 600 mm to 1500 mm. The wall thickness of the plastic rings approximately 50 mm. From this it follows that the outer diameter of the rings made of plastic for the well is 650 - 1550 mm, respectively, buy plastic rings for wells can be bought in almost any building supermarkets. Look at the photo plastic rings.

Height well plastic rings begins with and ends 500 mm to 1500 mm. Due to the large variability of sizes can be used for different jobs: city sewer, septic, wells, drainage systems. Rings are made of plastic wells according to GOST. They have a good durability, ecological compatibility and flexibility.

Outside the plastic ring well have stiffeners. They provide the strength of the product, protecting it from deformation and the impact of soil at a great depth. Just below on the photos provided by the most popular sizes of plastic rings well.

Variety of plastic rings

There are many options for making plastic ring well. They are divided over the scope of application: for drinking water, for a septic tank or sewage system. Plastic rings can be divided and frequency of use. Those that are amenable to external influences often called operating or servicing wells with plastic rings. Others belong to the group of inspection or examination of plastic rings.

For the ring material for the manufacture of plastic wells separated into:

  • Polyethylene plastic ring well. The advantages include long life, resistance to temperature extremes (-50 to +70). Polyethylene plastic rings septic tank or have a high resistance to aggressive environments, increased strength due to the layering. Photo Plastic rings of the well a little further. They can be used in different climatic zones. Installation and assembly of plastic rings of the well is fairly easy.
  • Polypropylene plastic ring well. Have greater strength and resistant to abrasion. Withstand temperatures of up to 140 degrees. Plastic rings of the well can withstand harsh corrosive environments.
  • Fiberglass. Such well ring absolutely not corrode and has high wear resistance due to glass fibers. Also, the plastic ring is not subject to an aggressive environment. They have just a little more. Look at the photo of the installation of plastic rings

Installation of plastic rings of wells is not a difficult task. For the device of manhole rings do not need specialized equipment. All joints and seams are thought out in advance, as a result of the assembly does not take much time. The cover and the staircase to the well of the plastic is done well in advance of any required size.

The very process of installation of manhole rings made of plastic begins with the digging of the pit. Look at the photo and video installation of plastic rings. It should be slightly larger than the diameter of the well or well rings. The bottom of the pit is filled with gravel thickness of 15 cm. He already is assembling a plastic well. Top tray portion being installed structure and connected pipes. Sutures are well rings must be carefully processed using sealants. On installation of the tray is made of a plastic ring through a rubber seal and is pressed by a board until it clicks.

Outside plastic rings of the well is filled with sand, made formwork and concrete is poured the whole area. making installation and installation of resin rope to seal the gap between the neck and the concrete. At the end of a plastic well cover is installed. For more information about installing the plastic rings can sit on the photos and videos.

Pit rings made of plastic can be installed not only in new places, and they are used to restore or repair the existing concrete wells. Old structures can be removed or left in place if they do not interfere with installation of plastic rings well.

For sealing joints of manhole rings use modern fasteners and tools.

  • Do welding using an extruder. The photo and video can be viewed in more detail about the plastic rings for drinking water wells.
  • Apply mounting paste of good quality for manhole rings made of plastic, although the price they have more.
  • Use a set of fittings and rubber seals of different sizes under the plastic ring well.
  • When installing the plastic rings in an old well the gaps between the walls is filled with concrete.

The main advantage of modular wells of plastic rings in their ability to quickly deliver and assembled on site. The main area where the prefabricated rings for wells used - this sewage and domestic network. Sometimes prefabricated plastic ring well used as camera to access the shut-off valve. For a shaft of the used plastic ring KORSIS Pit diameter of up to 120 cm. However, this version of the rings, suitable not for everybody because of the cost of one ring size of 20 cm in height, you can buy at a price in the region of 1100 rub.

The main elements of precast manholes plastic rings small size - it is mine, and the tray. Connect them using the seal.

Wells of plastic with a diameter of 100 - 200 cm has consisting of three parts: the shaft, neck, and tray. Often they have to connect with a small manhole rings. For these purposes and neck plastic ring is provided, to which pipes are fixed by a sealing ring.

Prefabricated plastic ring well or septic tank has several advantages:

  • Possibility of installation of prefabricated manholes made of plastic rings on the spot.
  • High sealing manhole rings of plastic.
  • Low weight of individual parts, and the entire precast well as a whole. The dimensions of the plastic rings are also small.
  • Septic prefabricated plastic rings precast wells is very easy to maintain.
  • The material is excellent withstand shocks and protected from other physical damage.

Photos of prefabricated plastic rings for the well can be seen below.

One-piece plastic wells

The more modular parts in a well or septic tank of plastic rings, so there is a high probability of depressurization and leaks. For greater reliability in places where it is possible to use a one-piece plastic ring for the septic tank.

Most often, the wells of plastic rings are installed in places where there were already mounted concrete structures and can not be deleted. In such a case inside existing constructions are omitted rings of plastic.

The main features of the one-piece plastic wells are:

  • Variability of the wall thickness of the plastic rings. There are plastic wells from 6 to 12 mm, depending on customer needs. See the photo below the installation of plastic manhole rings.
  • Size one-piece plastic ring wells begins with a 95 cm.
  • The height of the rings of plastic may be from 1 to 4.5 meters measure.
  • To add rigidity of the well can be added to the plastic well ring.
  • The neck and cap well rings may be square or circular in shape, depending on the needs. Photos attached.

Prices for plastic rings for wells

To date, plastic rings for precast wells or septic tanks are widespread. This makes it easy to pick up the product the required size and quality. The price of plastic rings, plastic wells can vary significantly depending on the material, size and manufacturer. Consider the cost of the most popular teams of wells of plastic rings.

Table 1: Prices for popular sizes of plastic wells

I'm not very good at plastic manhole rings, but people who worked with me, advised what to choose and say that they are better than concrete, and cost less. Now I have is a collecting well of plastic, and there are no problems.

My septic tank has been for many years. His installation made of concrete rings still large size and weight. Recently, the stench spread throughout the area, although clean it regularly. After installation of the plastic precast wells problem immediately eliminated.

I bought plastic rings for collecting well to well his dacha. Together with a neighbor made a quick installation and start up the system. Everything works like clockwork, no leaks. Due to the plastic manhole rings I am now at peace for many years to come.

Carrying a ring of plastic for the well, and even when unloading a few fell from the car, I thought that would burst. No, we survived. Then the workers made a quick installation and no problems. Prefabricated manholes made of plastic, as it turned out, has good strength and tightness.

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