Reinforced concrete rings for sewage

Ferro-concrete rings

For many types of construction, modern technologies involve the use of concrete rings. It is very often build all kinds of destination wells, and therefore such construction elements are very important in the assembly and installation of any facilities.

Most often, these structures may be manholes, septic tanks or storage tanks. To understand what kind of ring fit, and for which they are suitable work, you must carefully consider their options and specifications.

Reinforced concrete rings - the building blocks ready to type, which is manufactured according to GOST 8020-90. used in the manufacture of various mixtures of different grades of concrete, rubble of various fractions of sand and metal fittings. That is why these structures are called concrete.

The presence of metal within the filler concrete provides high strength and reliability of the rings. Metal reinforcement has a tensile strength of the whole structure, and concrete protects it from the effects of metal corrosion and is highly resistant to compression pictures.

Thus, the entire finished product has a heavy-duty characteristics in comparison with concrete rings, without increasing armature.

Photo: Concrete rings

Ready-rings made of reinforced concrete can be used in various types of construction.

It may be these types of installation works:

  • installation of manholes for water or sewer pipe external networks. Especially on rotary or their connecting areas;
  • use under storage tanks, wells for drinking and for sanitation;
  • assembling collecting or drainage wells for storm water drainage system or other drain, where the main purpose of such a well is to lower the level of accumulation of ground water;
  • installation and installation of pipeline networks.

Build out of concrete rings underground reservoirs horizontal location is not advisable, because the height of the rings does not allow to build high-density tunnel. These tunnels are constantly leaking and are not airtight.

For the construction of the collectors used either special pipe diameters of more than 1000, or the whole shaft are constructed.

The use of sewage and mold

Under the construction of a septic tank of concrete rings or drain hole, high quality construction materials must be used, and therefore must be reinforced ring highest mark.

Furthermore, the rings should also choose the same high quality and bottom, ceiling and manholes with lids.

Building an autonomous sewer from concrete rings is profitable because the price and quality fully justifies each other, and availability for any buyer of the building material is high.

three types of rings used for arranging sewers:

  • the lock ring connection. Each ring in the upper part of the projections are made specific, and the bottom - of the recess. When going to install them, the rings would be mounted as the one on the other, while imprisoned in the castle. When operating this whole structure can not move or shift, and because the ring will always be in a position in which they are initially installed;

Photo: with lock ring connection

  • Straight without lock ring. Such rings during assembly connected and sealed at the joints interconnected by metal clips or the cement;

Photo: Straight without lock ring

  • filtration ring. Such rings are plan, evenly spaced at an equal distance from each other, the openings. Through these holes the water percolates into the soil, and therefore these rings are ideal for mounting the filtration of sewage wells.

Photo: Filtration rings

In addition to large and high-rings, which are used when installing manhole as the base material, there are also additional types of reinforced ring dimensions and parameters which are substantially different from the main.

First of all, this adjustment w / w of the ring, are very low in height, thick walls of the width and slightly tapered in diameter.

With these rings are very comfortable to adjust not only flat, horizontally, across the surface of the well design, but you can adjust the volume and structure, narrowing the inner space is also required to.

Photo: Well-adjusting ring b

Also, except for the adjustment are commercially available for final assembly of the ring, with which is very convenient to adjust the height of manhole especially when ordinary ring is too large, and the surface of the earth there are very little space, plus more will be superimposed on top of the overlap.

Therefore such narrow - or rather low, final assembly of the ring in such situations, a save position, completing the construction of all norms and rules SNIP.

Photos: final assembly ring

In addition to views of concrete rings to complete the full design in such a case, as the water drain in a private house, also applied and reinforced concrete pad or bottom for the installation of the rings overlap with or without necks them that protect the finished sewer construction from precipitation, and manholes.

Photo: Well-used device wells

The advantages of use of rings made of reinforced concrete - high use by date.

On average, hardiness and resistance to mechanical or chemical attack, such a ring can serve at least 25 years.

Reinforced concrete structures perfectly transferred alkaline and acid medium, itself shows excellent when exposed to activated sludge fermentation of sewage, and therefore to set a septic tank, the drain hole or the filter well, concrete rings are ideal for this.

Video: drainage of concrete rings

An excellent option for the installation of reinforced concrete rings for drinking water wells are considered to be the ring with a lock. It is they who, adhering tightly to each other, will not leak at the joints.

On sale in the markets you can often find the ring with a molded bottom, which is not quite suitable for the construction of drinking water wells, because the bottom will limit access to the flow of spring water in the storage pit.

Important! Here it is necessary to do the design without a bottom, but on a stand, so that the rings do not sags to the bottom of the well, but because they are installed on the filter pad.

Ring with a lock perfectly suited to the top of the last ring can be fitted in wooden house, a house for the bypass water.

A little advice when buying concrete rings ask what the manufacturer for casting rings using grease molds for casting wax liquid.

It was from this producer, and worth buying the ring under the drinking water well because these rings are the most appropriate for installation of manhole structures with drinking water.

Due to the thin wax film which is not simply applied to the surface, and partially absorbed into the concrete at the surface of the drinking water will not form oil slicks or more of any debris or excess dispersion, which should not be in drinking water.

Dimensions ↑

The most common parameters concrete rings for installing them under the septic tank, the drain hole, a storage capacity or a filter using two standard ring sizes:

Photo: size concrete rings for sewage

These are the sizes most likely to be optimal in the overall design of a particular type of sewage wells for private houses, villas or cottages.

Height, or rather the depth of such wells are conveniently controlled by simply increasing the concrete rings, placing them on each other.

Photo: Dimensions

However, for the installation of reinforced concrete sewer Rings sizes are not the only option that offers a manufacturer of building materials on the market for sanitation facilities.

The majority of firms believe igotoviteley profitable to produce ferro-concrete rings of non-standard sizes. Especially if such exclusive orders come from various businesses, hotels, recreation centers and other large-scale facilities that are necessary to maintain an autonomous sanitation.

If you need to independently calculate the internal volume of a concrete ring, then you can use the standard formula, which is always in the service of the professional masters:

V - internal volume w / w of the ring, π - constant - 3.14, - inner radius w / w of the ring, H - height w / w of the ring. The wall thickness of the ring (. Fig denotes - B) is not taken into account, is calculated as the volume of internal space of concrete rings.

Photos: data to determine the volume

Almost all of the rings have a standard height and inner radius, so calculate the internal volume of the product will not be difficult.

So for the most occurring standard designs have been around for conventional calc'd volumes rings a certain brand:

  • COP 10.9 (100 cm) - 0.71 m³ volume;
  • COP 15.9 (150 cm) - 1.59 m³ volume;
  • COP 20.9 (200 cm) - 2.83 m³ volume.

All these indicators use for calculations during the design of a pit of concrete rings, and therefore they should always pay special attention.

If we consider the parameters of all types of rings, including the adjustment, dobornyh and filtration, then you can see a complete picture, which shows us the weight of each of the standard design of reinforced concrete rings.

Photo: Weight of concrete rings

For laying water mains most popular of all rings weighing 630-640 kg, and for sewage networks use a heavy ring structure.

Rings made of reinforced concrete can not be made lighter in weight, or within their walls are hollow spaces, which significantly reduce the strength of the entire structure.

It is due to the heavy weight of the entire structure of any concrete pit becomes monolithic and almost motionless, which increases its performance.

All the production of concrete rings for any structures and communications are always based on the normative documents GOST 8020-90 from 01.07.1990, the introduction.

Standard reinforced concrete ring wall, which are most often used for the construction of wells, have the features and characteristics:

Photo: parameters and characteristics according to GOST

Generally used for the construction of wells rings of different markings:

If the manufacturer meets all the requirements, guidelines and regulations, in accordance with GOST, then its products will be valued above all other manufacturers because it will show itself at its best performance of the parties.

But if the production will be violated norms and standards of the state of legislation and standards, while reinforced concrete rings such manufacturers will be the worst in the testimony of their use and operation.

Thus, for example, if used improperly cement (violation dosages or kneading a concrete poor cement solution other brand) concrete ring within a few months after installation will catastrophically crumble their integrity is violated and the entire structure, eventually unusable .

How to increase the water pressure in the water, here.

Reinforced concrete structures, consisting of a ring with a closed bottom, is often used for mounting septic tanks or manholes, for arranging the settling chamber.

It was in this chamber must settle sewage treatment and subjected to bacteria that convert sewage sludge and in the water. In such wells yl should be gradually accumulated, and then removed from the well.

Therefore, such a sealed structure as a ring with head - ideal arrangement for such an auxiliary sewer installations, a septic tank of concrete rings with ready sealed and waterproof bottom.

Important! If you do not use such construction details, then have to separately produce concrete pad, which then stacked rings and joints are carefully sealed, which gives off-quality and tight connection.

In the presence of groundwater, such compounds will rapidly flow, septic tank to fill with excess ground water, and in the end, can really go wrong, so it is best for the safety net under the cesspit-settler use of reinforced concrete rings with the bottom.

Photo: Concrete rings with the bottom

The most common technical indicators and characteristics of manhole bases are as follows:

  • ring having an inner diameter of 100 cm, a height of 90 cm, and weight - 830 kg;
  • ring having an inner diameter of 150 cm, a height of 90 cm, and weight - 1400 kg;
  • ring having an inner diameter of 200 cm, a height of 90 cm, and weight - 2300 kg.

Due to these measures the above formula and the total amount of the septic tank can be calculated by considering separately the internal volume of concrete rings with head, plus the volume of the rings and, if necessary - or adjusting the volume dobornyh rings.

The production process of manufacturing concrete rings consists of several very important steps:

  • the first stage - Preparation of the concrete mixtures. For the manufacture of reinforced concrete rings, often used M400 and 500 brands of cement because it was such a cement has high adhesion and durability;

However, this is not enough for a robust design w / w rings. For ductility, various plasticizers that protect the structure during drying, not only cement from sagging, but also possess the properties of water-impermeable, that is an essential feature when installing accumulative water or sewage wells.

Crushed fractions used not larger than 20 mm. In addition, the solution was also added to the sand and water. All the ingredients are mixed in a mixer of type series "SB", "STD".

It is these betonosmeshivayuschie installation can give the output solution from 0.35 to 0.45 of the cube in a single batch.

  • the second stage - in the form of castings. The resulting mixture is poured form, which has already placed fittings. Doing this can be either manually or using a special dosing feed equipment;

The bottom mold is equipped with a metal plate, which has a special attachment and the tray can be removed if desired. The outer formwork form is to install and fits over the core vibration table.

After pouring the concrete mixture with the reinforcement form, in the form of stacked strapping pustoobrazovateli, to create special holes.

  • the third stage - compaction or compaction of the concrete mass. This happens by means of the inclusion and work vibropressora. A very effective device, since its work little costly in terms of time expenditure. On ramming it takes about 60 to 200 seconds;
  • fourth step - mashing the top ring. For this purpose, a rotatable beam;
  • fifth stage - the installation of the external casing. An outer formwork is required to install the pallet on a flat horizontal surface. Give it to stand for a while, and then released from the mold the finished product. Usually the term hardening and drying of the finished product during the summer period is strictly for 7 days.

The whole procedure of production of concrete rings is carried out according to the regulations and standards GOST documentation.

Any deviation from these requirements lead to poor quality products, and eventually compromise the integrity and depressurization of entire buildings and constructions of such rings.

Manufacturing of concrete rings with their hands and should not deviate from the GOST 8020-90. Otherwise, your product will crumble and crack.

For starters, you can make the very shuttering or form for pouring concrete rings themselves. Formwork made of two separable iron rings and also collapsible, bottom.

Some people prefer to do the formwork of wooden rings and bottoms. In any case, they should have a good sit down with each other.

Some artists manage as formwork use ordinary metal drums of different diameters, pipe or vent large diameters. The main thing is that these forms were cylindrical.

For the manufacture of formwork with your hands, you need to prepare these materials and tools:

  • metal cylinders (old barrels);
  • Doors canopies (and can use the window);
  • Mounting accessories for mounting canopies to the metal cylinder;
  • subject draws metal;
  • Bulgarian and disk attachment of metal cutting.

From the larger diameter outer cylinder wall are two longitudinal lines are marked on the vertical that mark structure into two equal halves.

Along these lines need to attach a pair of ordinary door canopies so. to leaf canopies were on both sides of themselves marking lines, curves canopy thus must be the same in the line itself.

On the inner side of the cylinder to apply the same layout on which the grinder then you need to make cuts.

Thus, the cylinder is cut into two pieces and turns dehiscing form, which then can be closed again using as a fastener or fasteners, canopies and spindles.

Important! Now it is necessary to prepare and process the cylinder of smaller diameter, which will fit into the large cylinder. Also inside the smaller cylinder are applied two parallel markings.

The distance between the longitudinal lines taken at 1/3 apart from the entire circumference. On the inner side of the door are fixed such canopies and in the same way as in the case of the preparation of a cylinder of larger diameter.

Further grinder cylinder be cut by only one line. Thereafter hinge parts disassembled, and then collected again so that the finished inner cylinder construction has been above 5 or 10 cm external.

Check easily if the outer cylinder is opened to the outside, and the inside - inside. If it is easy, it means you did everything correctly.

Photo: the production of concrete rings with their hands

Now it is important to produce a concrete solution and prepare an appropriate valve.

The reinforcement can be made independently by intertwining metal wires of aluminum or a mesh, or can be purchased ready-made flexible, but durable reinforcement and to set the reference cylinder ring for pouring concrete.

For the manufacture of cement or concrete using such binding materials, tools and accessories:

  • sand;
  • gravel;
  • rubble fines;
  • cement grade M400 or M500;
  • shufelnaya shovel;
  • troughs, old bathtubs or other large container;
  • garden and construction wheelbarrows.

When mixing ratio of the concrete of all the substances and materials must be such - 2400 kg of concrete mix to use it:

Water-cement ratio should not exceed 0.7 (in the above relation is used the ratio 0.5) because otherwise the strength and toughness of the concrete will decrease significantly.

First, mix the cement and sand, then water is added, and then the gravel or crushed stone. All mixed shufelnoy shovel. All further work takes place on standard steps that do not depart from the rules of guests:

Photo: work order for the production of rings

His hands for one person to do all of this there is no way, so be sure to find one or two people who would be able to work physically.

All work on the concrete is poured into the mold is heavy, so there is need for greater physical strength and constant mechanical forces.

Video: vibroforma for the manufacture of manhole rings ↑

If you need to build on their houses adjoining the site is a stand-alone facility like a cesspool of concrete rings or the installation of reinforced concrete rings for drinking or manhole, then you also need to understand the whole process of installation and installation of heavy structures.

Firstly, as when pouring, it is necessary labor, and therefore the installation of reinforced concrete rings made with a few workers and hoisting and transport equipment.

Photo: Installation of concrete rings

First of all, it should dig a pit for the installation of larger manhole 20-30 cm, than the diameter of the ring. If your soil has the proximity of ground water, then it is better to do the sump of concrete rings.

And this is done first airbag at the bottom of the excavation of sand and gravel, is set on a cushion with a bottom reinforced concrete ring, on top of it a ring of wall and further on the desired volume gets height or depth of the well-settler for battery drain.

You can not only to gather high-rings, but also low, which called for final assembly. They are specifically designed for this and.

If your ring without a lock, then use to connect to their joints, metal braces, which can be built into the wall with the gun. Then all you need to cover cement mortar.

Important! If you are using reinforced concrete rings for installation in drinking water well, then it makes sense to set the ring exclusively with locking tabs, so that they adhere properly to each other during installation.

The bottom of the excavation pit is pumped drinking drain pump so that water does not interfere with work.

Until the water has accumulated, you need to pour a layer of 20-30 cm crushed stone to the bottom of the pit and set on a reinforced concrete pad adjusting ring, which will serve as both a platform for wall rings and, at the same time, such a ring has no bottom, but because the water through its the hole will be free to accumulate in the drinking wells. On top of the adjusting ring installed wall rings impregnated with liquid wax to form a well.

Important! All reinforced rings is desirable to sprinkle dry sand and cement mixture for the strength and structural strength within the earth.

In some cases, an urgent need to seal the concrete ring. Such cases happen when the ground water from time to time wash the well structure made of concrete rings, but because it is necessary to treat the waterproofing materials in advance, even during the initial installation.

If this is not done then the concrete structures are exposed to different types of corrosion:

  • vyscherblivanie and leaching of the concrete structure;
  • destruction of concrete under the action of sulfuric acid or magnesium salt compounds;
  • destruction of the surface under the influence of carbon dioxide;
  • cracks and chipping pieces of concrete due to sudden changes in temperature and humidity;
  • Cruz surface due to the effects of mold and fungal microorganisms;
  • compromising the integrity of the coating as a result of improper installation, concrete preparation and care for it;
  • oxidation of the metal reinforcement as a result of lack of waterproofing and as a consequence the complete destruction of the concrete structure.

All these and many other problems can be avoided if in time to make a solid and a local (local) waterproofing concrete surfaces.

The solid waterproofing is carried out by means of such mastics, mixtures, and slurries as:

  • penetrates deep waterproofing;
  • Injection waterproofing;
  • Polymer and any other surface waterproofing;
  • polymer waterproofing;
  • Waterproofing special rolled materials.

Photo: waterproofing

For local waterproofing include embedding of joints and seams or sanitary silicone sealant, which do an excellent job with their task does not pass water.

Important! When applying such materials they should be how to cover up, to never have any gaps.

Very good and widely used not only polymer-polymer or waterproofing, but also those that are made on the basis of bitumen. In any case, the holding of these works - it is no less important matter than the assembly.

After all of your installation work will go down the drain if you are bad protection of reinforced concrete structure against moisture and water flows.

Installation of the shower enclosure, described in detail herein.

How to choose a small washing machine under the sink, please visit.

Prices for Pit rings from different manufacturers and even the markets are not significant, but still the difference.

That is why we represent some variants of the price run-up in order to make it easier not only to compare, but even to count the future of the well design of various concrete rings.

Photo: pricing table 1

For rings with the bottom of their price categories:

Photo: Price Table 2

Ring with a lock and at a price different from simple rings with a smooth surface:

Photo: Table 3 prices

As for sales of concrete rings near St. Petersburg and the city itself, the cost is not much, but it is also different:

Photo: Price Table 4

In any case, whatever the reinforced concrete ring, you would not have chosen, you must clearly know the rules of installation, maintenance and protection of surfaces from moisture.

Important! And also very important to correctly calculate the amount of future wells of reinforced concrete rings. All of these installation procedures and calculations necessary prodelyvat in full accordance with the documentation standards of GOST.

Then you will be able not only to make these rings, but also install them permanently and reliably.

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Reinforced concrete rings for sewage: the selection and use of prefabricated parts

Reinforced concrete manholes are practical and very acceptable performance. They simply assembled from standard elements, and it is thanks to this simplicity of design data gained so much popularity.

In this article we'll show you how the rings are manufactured and labeled everything for these wells, and describe in detail how they are to mount their own hands.

Of these elements, and collected drainage system

Features and characteristics of production

Concrete rings for sewage are custom-made products of which make the inspection and audit wells that provide access to pipelines laid under the ground. Also from the ring members sometimes collect septic chambers, wells for water supply, and other designs (see also the article "Plastic manholes: types and scope").

Methods of manufacturing these parts is practically no different from other concrete casting technology blocks:

  • According to the requirements of GOST, as the main raw material used is not lower than grade concrete B25. Frost resistance of the product must be 100 cycles or more, and the moisture permeability is taken on the W4 class level.
  • To give details of stiffness in concrete steel reinforcement is introduced. The reinforcement is allowed to use hot-rolled steel class A-I to A-III, as well as special grades of Al-IIIC or At-IVc.

Scheme reinforcing cage

Production process like on such algorithm:

  • The formwork is set reinforcement cage.
  • Formwork is filled with concrete.
  • Material is vibrated, thereby increasing the mechanical strength and watertightness of the part.
  • Then passes the primary drying of the product, and then the stripping.
  • The rings may further be subjected autoclaved hot vapor that accelerates curing.

Note! As is the case with other concrete products, the price of the autoclave above the rings, but they are distinguished by a long service life and reliability margin.

Details precast wells

In addition to the rings of this technology are made and other details of sewage wells - bottom, locks, covers, flashings, etc.

Marking and main sizes

If you need a sewage pit of precast concrete, it should first select the appropriate size of the ring. To facilitate this task is to understand the labeling of such products.

According to the accepted standards in our (GOST 23009 and related documents) each ring is marked with a code of several groups of letters and numbers:

  • Initially put alphabetic code designating the type of product, but also indicates the magnitude of the inner diameter in decimeters. For example, KC10 - a "ring of wall 1 meter in diameter."
  • This is followed by a digital code indicating the height (also in dm).
  • The third group of symbols used for special marks. For example, the designation "P" indicates that the concrete used in the production of reduced permeability.

In addition, the labeling can be used, such marking well the details:

  • Wall ring - CS.
  • Support ring - KO.
  • Final assembly of the ring - the CD.
  • Bottom or bottom plate - Mon.
  • Base Plate - software, etc.

Overall dimensions of the rings

Below is a table which shows the size and weight of most "running" the details of which are going to F B manholes:

Note! The full range is extensive and allows you to choose the elements of virtually any size and configuration of the well.

The process of self-assembly

If you decide to make concrete parts (new or used in - they can also be used), a septic tank, cesspool or manhole, it is necessary to examine the method of installation. At first glance, there is no special tricks, but the novice should pay attention to a number of non-obvious things.

Digging a trench under the first element

Thus, the instruction for the construction of a sewer construction based on prefabricated rings will be:

  • To begin, we expect the required amount of capacity, and then determine the number and size of suitable components. Typically, products of this type are used entirely without clipping (too troublesome) because to accurately hit "to size" acquired dobornye ring of small height.
  • Then you need to decide whether we will excavate manually with entrenching tools, or rent a backhoe. In the second case, the costs will increase an order of magnitude, but the work will be done much faster.
  • If we decide that the handle and shovels, then began digging a trench to a depth of one ring. Set the item in the hole, and then gradually begin to bury her, dropping the edge due to the excavated soil.

Capacity of the well walls

Tip! Move the ring better with the help of the crane, as even two or three times to cope with such a mass would be difficult. And if you try to roll - there is a risk that the part will break.

  • We continue to work, building up the wall by installing new rings. After reaching the desired depth carefully align the bottom, which then fall asleep gravel layer and sealing clay or concrete.
  • We get into the well all the necessary pipes, performing in the walls of the holes with a punch or a drill with a diamond nozzle.

The next very important step - to ensure water resistance the whole structure.

  • The gap between the walls of the excavation and the concrete rings fall asleep clay-sand mixture. If the gap dimensions allow, you can also be treated with wall putty based on bitumen.

The process of sealing the joints

  • Inside, carefully plastered over the seams between parts sealant. This protective circuit is necessary from time to time refresh.
  • Next, cover with our well plate with a hole for installation of a manhole. Mount the vent pipe, if the structure is provided.

RC rings for sewage are very convenient to use. Despite the considerable weight, they can fairly quickly collect carcasses wells and septic tanks, while the cost of construction is obtained quite acceptable.

If you are interested in these items, we are sure to examine them in more detail by viewing the video in this article.

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What's bathroom in your house?

Dimensions of concrete rings for sewage

Sewerage system in a country house - part of the conditions of a comfortable life, and it should work continuously and without interruption. For this purpose, if there is no drain connection options to the central sewerage system, organize autonomous industrial or homemade septic tank. septic tank can be anything - concrete, plastic, brick or metal, but the most convenient and the pre-fabricated structure - container made of reinforced concrete rings. What are the required sizes of concrete rings for sewer and how to make such a septic tank, take a closer look.

The most common sizes of concrete rings

Features concrete rings

Concrete ring made of high-quality portland M 400-M 500. From the positive side products are the following:

  1. The high strength and durability of the construction and building materials;
  2. Quick on-site installation, ease of installation due to special locks and coaxial sizes of products;
  3. Low cost products and any functional with any characteristics;
  4. Monolithic body increases the strength of the ring, the product does not need to be fixed to the ground at the installation site;
  5. Term guaranteed operating ≥50 years.

  1. When installing kanalizatsionnogobetonnogo pit of the rings can not do without crane and additional manpower, during transport - without special hardware products;
  2. The slightest deviation from the manufacturing technology, including the composition of the mixture and methods of waterproofing external and internal surfaces will lead to accelerated destruction of the ring, particularly in the field;

Waterproofing concrete ring

Most often in the construction of individual rings of different sizes, made of concrete, is used in the creation of an autonomous private sewage systems or equipment drinking wells. It is best suited for assembly with a special lock ring at the ends - the connection lugs on one ring with the grooves on another makes the structure more stable, solid and fixed, allows to maintain the desired tightness of the tank under all operating conditions. Such rings are called seam and lock ring without - in solid. For rebated rings can additionally be carried out cover the bottom and hatches - precisely when done well or drinking sewage system of concrete rings with their hands.

Seamed rings and fittings

In the manufacture of rings with locking mechanism used fine-grained concrete, reinforced with reinforcement that extends the life of the product and increases the rigidity of the structure. In addition, the reinforcement to solve the following problems:

  1. If the latter is the concrete septic pit of concrete rings made of filtration, then additional filtration system in the field of private autonomous sewer are not needed, and this - to save the useful area of ​​the land plot;
  2. The concrete rings filter wells are special openings through which the purified sewage water quickly goes into the ground;
  3. Filtration with reinforcement rings can be used to arrange and make drains of concrete rings, drain or sump - just one lower ring with a metal filter, the remaining upper concrete rings can be conventional solid;
  4. If there is a possibility of uncontrolled overflow of septic tank sewage, the top ring can also be fitted with a metal-mesh filter. When the tank is full, the ground will have poured roughly treated wastewater;
  5. Building inspection chambers.

Concrete ring for sewer manholes symbols labeled "KS" - ring walling - and numbers denoting the inner diameter and height of the concrete rings of the ring. These values ​​are expressed in centimeters. Zeros after the whole numbers on the label are not written. For example: KS10-9N - Wall ring having an inner diameter of 100 cm, the ring height - 90 cm, the symbol "H" indicates the permeability coefficient (N - normal permeability).

Marking of concrete rings

Dimensions of concrete rings for homemade autonomous septic tank, selected on the basis of project data sewerage system - the size of sewage wells, well type (filtration, wastewater, drinking water, drainage, washing, Perepadnaya or audit) and other indicators. Marking ring also includes a designation of the volume, weight and grade of concrete rings. To decrypt the marking there are special tables (background), and a fragment of one of them is given below:

Marking and variety of concrete rings

You can come not only from the design information, and to do the opposite: being available w / w of the ring of a certain brand, to plan how to make the water drain on a particular pattern, as you can immediately solve problems such as the use of the type of machinery, transportation, tank septic tanks, drain fields, the presence of the future, etc. The dimensions of the concrete rings installed in GOST 8020-90. Knowledge of the sizes come in handy if the installation of entire rings does not cover the entire height of the well. In this case, the well being finished for final assembly of rings, smaller in height.

Dobornye w / w rings

Furthermore dobornyh, manufactured with a continuous bottom ring. Such products will long serve as septic tanks with tank cleaning using suction pump sewage, as well as sewer manholes, sumps or in the construction of a septic tank with a camera-settler. In these rings used concrete lower grades - M 200-250. Benefits manhole bases are obvious: no need to seal the joints, do not need to apply additional waterproofing, reduced the volume of transport and installation. By the advantages listed above, you can add the ability to order the ring diameter of the individual measurements.

Standard diameters concrete rings with a solid bottom:

  1. ext= 100 cm, height 90 cm, mass of 0.83 tonnes;
  2. ext- 150 cm, height 90 cm, weight 1.4 tons;
  3. ext- 200 cm, height 90 cm, weight 2.3 tons.

Mounting rings precedes the project drafting, carrying out calculations, the number of rings and brand identification such as sewage systems. Standard version with sewage septic tank for summer residence or a small country house - one settling tank of the three rings, the lower ring with a solid bottom, top - with the hatch. Autonomous sewerage of concrete rings diagram is shown below, will work reliably and efficiently at any time of the year:

Driving the septic tank of three tanks, made of concrete rings

The volume of the septic tank is calculated by the number of living people - in the house for a family of 3 people will need septic tank capacity of 2 m 3, as the daily average consumption of water per occupant is about 150-200 liters. Also, the number of permanent residents and the number of cameras depends on the septic tank, that is - the number of concrete rings. Thus, for the large family of equipment is required at least two-chamber septic tank, which means that you may need a different ring size and volume.

Autonomous system of private sewers constructed using concrete rings, implemented in various configurations and with different sets of products. Selecting the scheme depends on many factors and conditions. Here and the relief section, and the number of occupants in the house, and the properties of the soil, and other design and background settings.

If we install the sewer, which is constantly and will work around the clock for a family of 3 persons, the septic tank of the rings with two cameras will be the best solution to the problem of recycling the total volume of waste. For example, such a scheme, in which two tanks are used, each of which is made of three concrete rings, where the lower ring with a bottom, the top - with the hatch:

Schematic of a septic tank solution w / w rings

On the sketch is seen that the most simple circuit, but, nevertheless, the working and reliable. Most of the difficulty here is to connect the input and output, ventilation arrangement, the organization of hydro and thermal insulation, compliance bias sewer pipes, and much more.

The main components and parts of the well of reinforced concrete pipes:

  1. Concrete ring diameter greater than 1 m in the desired quantity;
  2. Concrete insulation cover;
  3. Rings or ring exit mouth with hatches for pumping water;
  4. If you are using concrete rings with neck and without hatch, it is necessary to do a cover of metal, wood iliplastmassy;
  5. Ventilation tube;
  6. Concrete cover for the pit septic tank;
  7. The concrete ring with a bottom;
  8. Pillow crushed stone and sand;
  9. Waterproofing for the interior walls of sewage wells;
  10. An inlet for sewage effluent pipe;
  11. The outlet for the output effluent.

The scheme of the two-chamber septic tanks of concrete rings

To maximize clean waste water, a work of bacteria and defend the contaminated water is not enough - you need to equip the fields filtration, and the beginning of a treatment also lies in the construction of the filtration wells, from which water is collected in the field of filtration. Such water can not simply be drained into water bodies without the risk of contaminating, but also used for irrigation garden plots or for technical purposes.

Two-chamber septic tank or sewage cesspool of two concrete wells does not require the completion of filtration fields or wells - septic tank to cope with the volume of work itself, because it is the second well designed for purification of wastewater.

The combined septic tank

Scheme two-compartment septic sewage made of concrete rings, more complicated and expensive construction of a septic tank or a storage well for single-chamber circuit as in this embodiment will be used and rings with head and neck rings and holes for input / output sewer. To reduce the cost of the project and the construction work is recommended to use ring lock - it will get rid of extra waterproofing, development of sand cushion and sealing joints.

The first concrete well in the two-chamber septic tank is built from 2-3 rings with locks - it depends on the depth of the well, which in turn depends on the soil properties. The primary chamber dirty waste water will settle while -Large solid residues fall on the bottom, and the clarified effluent flow after accumulation over the boundary will fall into the secondary chamber, where they will be cleaned completely and evacuated outside the area or pumped to the needs of industry.

The secondary reservoir is raised in the same installation of concrete rings on each other in compliance with the coincidence locks. In the second tank can be added to the microorganisms that accelerate the decomposition and recycling of waste. Thus yl precipitates to the bottom and the clarified water is discharged into the ground or out.

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