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Wire Wrap Art: make a beautiful ring made of wire with his hands

How to create an original image, while avoiding unnecessary expenses? Make your own costume jewelery! Making cute knick-knacks of the most common wire - increasingly popular form of needlework called Wire Wrap Art.

Back in the Middle Ages, the master of fine jewelry twisted wire is incredibly stylish and elegant decoration: the thinner and more elegant look finished product, the skillful master considered. Today we'll show you how to make a beautiful and at the same time extremely simple ring made of copper or aluminum wire with your hands. Having mastered the most primitive weaving, over time, you can "fill the hand" and go to the manufacture of complex components. Just let your imagination run wild!

The first step is to determine the material that you plan to use in the work: first experience of weaving is recommended to purchase aluminum or steel. This metal is inexpensive, therefore, considered affordable consumables that you can safely spend on all sorts of experiments.

The easiest "basket" type of weave, which is dedicated to the master class, allows the use of two different materials.

a thin wire of copper uncoated (important!) - So (not forget that it is sufficiently brittle metal during operation), and for graceful braiding for producing a thick and solid bases can be used aluminum.

In the future, as the acquisition of the required skills, you can start making rings of copper wire - soft, docile and at the same time strong. The more complex the product, the more it small parts - the thinner and more flexible must be the source material. Therefore, over time the master, anyway, go for copper.

So, to make a nice ring of wire with your hands, you will need:

  • 2 wire coils of different thickness (0.03 to winding the carcass fabrication 0.1);
  • beads or semiprecious stones for decoration;
  • bolt winding base (you can use a regular marker or thick pen without faces);
  • wire cutters and pliers.

Let's start our master class and try to make the base product:

  1. cutters cut off from an aluminum or copper coil piece of the desired length (depending on the number of turns, which should cover the ring finger and the thickness of the finger);
  2. then carefully make Round small loop at each end of the segment. It is necessary that the edges to make the hands of the ring does not traumatize the skin.
  3. Next, make a few turns on the finger size, using a pen or a bolt. Usually only two turns: if you make a basis of the ring is too thick, it will look rough, and twist the three or four line fundamentals is much more complicated than the two.
  4. To braided wire ring (aluminum, copper or steel) looked symmetrically loops should be located on the same line - facing each other. The distance between the turns must not be too large, but also closely fit them is not necessary, because it would complicate the winding process (next step in the conversion of the metal pieces fancy gadgets). A couple of millimeters - the optimal distance that allows to freely operate fine wire winding and do not turn the product into a coarse wide "nut".

Step 2. Making winding ring of fine wire

To make the winding, take right end of a thin copper wire and do 5-7 tight turns at the bottom of the loop (wire cutters can not use, easier to gradually wind off the right amount of material from the whole skein).

Then tighten the first few threads braid as much as possible and begin to braid two parallel lines running bases. It is necessary to dive end of the thin wire alternately under each of the two main coils, turned to a neat and tight braiding.

And that figure went smoothly and gently, without gaps, constantly keep a thin wire under tension.

This is the easiest type of braid, if you mastered it without difficulty, and options "for beginners" you seem too simple, it is necessary to attend a master class on learning more complex types of weaving - for example, imitation knitted fabric, curly obvivke, the flat elements, etc. With the help of improvised means you can create your own hands real masterpieces, especially if you use the original materials - uncut stones, shells, artificial or natural pearls. "Frame" an unusual and impressive look wooden inserts, delicate braided wire.

Step 3: How to make a ring of wire for decoration?

Now you know how to woven wire ring is the simplest type. But the master class is not yet complete: it's time to decorate the hand made jewelry with semiprecious stones or glass beads, to make it really original.

To this end we choose a medium-sized (in width of the ring) or a bead, the keeper drilled stone and then passed through a thin wire hole. To make this manipulation easier, choose the beads with large holes and smooth.

Then enter the ends of the wire segment with a bead between the turns of the braid, primatyvaem them to the top and bottom rail bases, fix the bead and gently cut off excess. Actually, on this and ends with the main part of the master class "The Ring of the wire with your hands."

Tricks used in the manufacture of the ring with his hands

Completing an introductory master class, it is worth mentioning the small tricks that can help make

the process of creating wire jewelry with their hands less troublesome and time-consuming.

If during the repeated bending and tightening the thin copper wires become less elastic, can be slightly warm them over a gas burner - they instantly will find the former flexibility.

And to the finished product glistened, slightly polish it using ammonia: jewelry immediately acquire a noble appearance.

As you can see, is to master the art of the power of each, so go ahead and let your fingers decorated with rings own production!

How to make a ring of wire?

Any gift - it's a proven way to do something nice for a friend, thus express their gratitude and to show their good attitude. And the best gift - it is one that is made with their own hands. Gift may be small and relatively simple to manufacture, for example, a home-made decoration - a chain or ring. Back in the Middle Ages, the master of twisted wire jewelry is very stylish and elegant accessories, and the thinner and more elegant look decoration, so skilful was considered a master. Today we decided to tell you how to make a ring of wire, using braid technique Wire Wrap Art. Having mastered the primitive weaving, you will eventually be able to go to the production of complex components. Just give free rein to your imagination!

How to make a ring of wire with your hands?

Today we will teach you how to create decorations using a rather unusual technique. Among the masters of it is simply called - "vayrovork", and involves the creation of all sorts of gizmos by the torsion wire.

Important! It should be noted that vayrovork lives among the people long enough, and many jewels are created precisely in this technique.

It should be noted that the technique of the torsion of the wire is not at all easy, as required by the master-hand the power, clarity and sharpness of eye movements. newbie can sometimes take up to six months to memorize all the necessary movements to twist a little bit flat gizmos.

For work and special tools are required, including jewelry. Here are some of them:

  • Clippers.
  • Scissors, cutting metal.
  • Pliers.
  • Round.
  • Platypus - a special kind of pliers with a tip beveled at 180 degrees.
  • Crossbars.
  • Jewelry hammers.
  • Rollers.
  • Other.

Main materials used in the weaving technique, the following:

  • Copper.
  • Wire of special silver alloy.
  • Steel.
  • Aluminum.
  • Poluyuvelirnaya copper core wire covered with the silver layer.

To choose the best option, listen to this advice:

  • Initially, the experts recommend to start with a spun aluminum or steel, as the cost of its small. Therefore, I do not mind to spend it on the first undertakings.
  • For a more professional projects such material, unfortunately, are not suitable, since the aluminum wire is too soft, and its products can not withstand its own weight, and steel - very hard, and the hand of the master when working with it can quickly get tired.

The most optimum embodiment is copper wire, since it has many advantages:

  • The price is much cheaper than a special jewelry.
  • Docile and soft hands, but strong and firm in the products.
  • Availability. Use can be a waste of time from electrical wires, and it is possible to buy in stores for needlework.
  • Rigidity wire corresponds approximately medium hardness jewelry material standards
  • Jewelery copper can sostarivayut (patina).

Important! In parallel with the study of torsion technique, we are sure to meet with patina product and its subsequent varnishing.

Wire ring with his hands

Out of the ordinary wire can create original and beautiful accessory. And to do it is not difficult, if you follow the steps below.

Step 1. Select the material and preparation tool

To start with the material that you plan to use. The easiest "basket" woven look that will be discussed below, permits the use of two different materials. For example:

  • for the manufacture of solid foundations can apply aluminum;
  • for graceful braid - a thin wire of copper uncoated.

In the future, as the acquisition of skills, you can begin to manufacture rings of copper wire with your hands. This material is soft, obedient and, at the same time, strong.

Important! The harder the product is, the thinner and more elastic must be the starting material for the manufacture of small parts.

So, to make a ring of wire with your hands, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • 2 wire coils of different thickness: 0.1 for manufacture of the carcass, 0.03 - winding.
  • Pliers and wire cutters.
  • Rigel winding base (you can use a thick pen with no faces or regular marker).
  • Bead or semi-precious stone (for decoration).

Step 2. Making the basics ring

When creating a basis decorations, proceed as follows:

  • Cut wire cutters from the roll (aluminum or copper), a piece of the correct length (the length of the blank depends on the thickness of a finger and the number of turns).
  • Round carefully make a small loop at each end of the segment. To do this, hold down the end of the wire between the jaws and the tool by turning the instrument by itself, form a loop at the end. Also, create a loop on the other end of the segment. Loops are needed in order that the ends of the ring is not scratched fingers.
  • Take the bolt (pen), pressing a finger waste of time, take a few turns on the size of your finger around it. Typically, only two coils.

Important! If we make the foundation is too thick, then the ring will look rough, and twist 3-4 bases line is much more complicated than the two.

  • Note that the tabs located exactly opposite each other (be aligned). Otherwise - the ring will look asymmetrically.
  • Remove the pins from the workpiece.

Important! The distance between the coils should not be too large, but also customize the close coils is not necessary, as this may complicate the winding process. The optimal distance that allows you to easily operate the wire winding, 2-3 mm.

To make the coil, proceed as follows:

  1. Take the end of thin copper wire.
  2. Make 5-7 tight turns at the bottom of the loop. Wire cutters can not use just the right amount is gradually unwound from the roll of material.
  3. Tighten the first turns of the braid as much as possible.
  4. Take the end of the lead and spun "podnyrnite" under the foundations of the upper wire.
  5. Tighten it.
  6. Leading wire wrap top "bar" foundation.
  7. Make a "dive" in the opposite direction under the lower "the bar."
  8. Tighten it.
  9. Thus, criss-crossing the two parallel lines running bases. The winding should come under tension, only if drawing will fall flat.
  1. For decoration ring does not pick up large (the product width) a bead or drilled on the center stone.
  2. Through decor element hole miss a thin wire.
  3. Enter the ends of the wire segments with bead between the turns of the braid.
  4. Secure the ends of the decor to the top and bottom rails framework.
  5. Fix the bead and gently cut the excess.

  • If during the repeated bending and pulling copper thin wire becomes less elastic, it slightly preheat it over a gas burner, and she immediately acquire the former flexibility.
  • To decorate the ring and fixing the decoration element (stone) may use an additional wire with drops at the ends. Make droplets by using a gas burner. Wire with drops of wrap around the stone (beads), followed by another wrap the two ends of the ring framework and output ends outwardly. Beautiful bend to give the product sophistication.
  • That the finished product has begun to shine, polish it using ammonia.

We looked at how to create a ring of brass with his hands, using braid Wire Wrap Art technology. But out of the ordinary wire can create a simpler, but no less elegant and unique accessory. Next, we'll show you how to make a ring of beads and wire.

How to weave a wire ring with your hands?

For the most simple, but elegant and beautiful ring, you will need:

  • Wire (copper, art, brass).
  • Beads or bead made of natural stone.
  • Pliers - normal and with curved ends.
  1. Cut 15-20 cm gimp.
  2. Put on the length of material beads (beads).
  3. Move an element of decor in the center of a metallic thread.
  4. Prepare a sample with a diameter of a finger. You can use a special jewelry diameter, and at home - a wax candle or tube the size of a finger.
  5. Wrap the wire around the tube so that both ends are directed in opposite directions.
  6. Wrap the wire around the beads once with tension.
  7. Continuing to monitor the tensile force, make 4-5 turns around the beads so that each subsequent lay below the previous.
  8. Leave 1-1.5 cm from each end of a length of wire, cut off the excess.
  9. Both ends of the tinsel wrap on both sides of the beads on the wire ring. Make 3-4 turns.
  10. Excess material is cut on the upper part of the ring, so as not to injure the skin when wearing the finger. Use this operation pliers with bent tip as follows: flatten the ends of the wires, and then push them by force to the rim of the ring. The same operation can be done with ordinary pliers, but it is much more difficult.

From the same materials can make a ring of wire even easier way:

  1. According to the required diameter of the wire make 1 turn around a marker or candles.
  2. Then, put one end of the segment bead.
  3. Both ends of the wire crossed circle around one end of the wire bead with mustaches. This part of the wire bead should twine from the apex to the base.
  4. Securing bead 3 loops make a few turns to fix a junction decoration element wire.
  5. Then proceed, relying on your imagination and taste.

Give gifts, made by their own hands as often as possible, and relatives will appreciate it. Do not be afraid to experiment and fantasize. Use wire torsion technique for making various gizmos, the main thing - do it with pleasure.

How to make a ring of wire?

Without the use of any special tools wire rings can be prepared in two ways, depending on the wire thickness:

If the wire is thick, it can flatten and bend the product the desired shape like this

(Of course the product from the master turned unsightly, but it's probably only because he did not particularly bother thinking about its beauty. In any case, this technique can be used for the manufacture of bases and bring beauty can already using other techniques and materials.

For fine wire suitable method of making the second ring, is weaving

Kinds of weaving and braiding a lot, so here creative possibilities are almost endless, especially with the use of additional materials

Quite a bit to be able to handle the wire to perform with his own hands the original decoration.

To make their own hands a ring, you will need wire, decorations for ringlet (beads, marbles), wire cutters to trim the excess wire.

Simple ring each tried to do with his hands in his childhood. You can make these ornaments with their hands from a wire.

For products you can use ready-made workshops and schemes.

Wire rings can be used for the most different: aluminum, copper.

Look, how to make a ring with the help of photo-instructions.

First, you need to make three turns of wire around the object with a rounded cross-section. Next threaded on the wire beads (beads).

The next step is to wrap the wire around one another to lock.

A rather cute and original!

According to this type, you can make one more decoration made of wire with beads:

Ring with pearls and a master class:

Of stronger wire that holds its shape can be made here is the ring:

Ring with a stone can be done using the following instructions:

Approaching holiday Valentine's Day 🙂 So this master class will focus on "serdechkovomu9quot; holiday. Do here is remarkable ring:

Our wonderful ring in the form of heart from wire and beads is ready :), you can give;)

If you dream, you can come up and do a lot of options for rings, you can choose different colored wires, and various kinds of weaving.

And to get a ring, which is lower, all stages can be found here, but still need to add beads.

But this gorgeous ring can be done using the steps given on this site.

This is a very difficult and necessary vesch.My all such cases a child of color provoloki.Kto wants "that others envy" Something like 3 different colors of wire to twist together, put on your finger to your exact size was and the rest of the two ends "wind lamb",type "rozochka9quot; .chem larger rosette-considered valuable koltso.Nosite with pleasure!

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