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humidifier: reviews, benefits and harms (Komorowski)

Rating device for air humidification is gradually increased, although initially humectants demand for not used. Interest in them began to emerge after many doctors began to literally "push" these devices, advertising their own programs, and encouraging patients to clinics. Even today Dr. Komarovsky has consistently stressed that moisturizers - the perfect solution when the child begins to cough and snot. But why moisturizers are considered so effective and multi-faceted?

Doctors currently suggests that moisturisers - this is not just a means to improve air and the whole indoor climate. They are also a great impact on health. However, in the first place they are talking about the health of children, not adults. It may seem that the praise is addressed to these devices, rather advertising. Still, it is undeniable that due to the operation of these modern means possible to achieve some positive changes in the health status and well-being.

Present benefit observed when applying humectants, as follows:

  • protect against exposure to dry air and dust contained therein that are able to irritate the mucosa and lead to the development of "barking" cough;
  • improve heat transfer, which is especially important for children, in which this process takes place primarily through the skin;
  • It makes breathing easier and better, and it is primarily required for respiratory diseases;
  • providing outflow at a cold mucus, while accelerating the healing process;
  • shield against the risk of developing allergies, is often observed in the dust in asthmatics and even healthy people;
  • maintain normal water balance, which depends, inter alia, the condition of the skin.

At the same time, humidifiers are not without some drawbacks. they are connected with the air by the evaporation process by which moistening occurs. The main damage from these devices is reduced to the ingress of air into the various impurities initially contained in water. Yet there is not only harmful to human health, but also present in the room of furniture, because it settles those same impurities entering the air. While certainly more dangerous option - penetration of impurities into the lungs.

Not all consumers trust the information that is offered by manufacturers of humidifiers. Therefore, the correct solution would be to enlist the support of medical professionals. One of the most influential and well-known - Dr. Komarovsky. His opinion on this matter is obvious - the humidifier is virtually indispensable device for families with children. Maintaining humidity at around 60%, it turns alleviate the condition of children suffering from a cold or suffering from a cold.

Although Komorowski also said that even without a humidifier can achieve the desired effect, for example, using a basin of water, delivered near the battery in the winter. Only then it would be quite difficult to monitor the humidity level. But even after finding the device quality, Komorowski still recommend reading reviews about it. They will help provide a more complete picture.

"An excellent assistant in child care"

According to the recommendation of the doctor bought a humidifier to protect the child from overheating and allergies. Cost device is quite inexpensive. Model, by the way, was Ballu UHB-200. It turned out that it is very easy to handle. One filling enough to humidifier worked for about 6 hours. True, there is some noise, but it does not interfere with sleeping child. To hurt my child, of course, it has not ceased. But phlegm and snot depart much easier. In general, we are satisfied.

We decided to buy a humidifier for about two years ago. Initially used infrequently. Only "for the prevention of," when much drowned in the house. And, like, everything was good. But somehow we began to notice that after each start at some moment, all family members appeared something like a fever. Rummaged in a review and found frightening information: it turns out, the filter humidifier can accumulate bacteria! Now it is not included.

Last winter, the apartment is very stoked. Due to the dry air, which it is impossible to breathe, we decided to buy a humidifier. The choice fell on ultrasonic model from Polaris. In principle, all is well with this device. Breathing became easier, no more flowers wither. That's just for the night to leave it is impossible - Shumit so that sleep is impossible. The rest - a good thing.

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"The main damage from these devices is reduced to the ingress of air into the various impurities originally contained in the water."

This is a significant negative humidifiers, so I hesitated for a long time, it is worth to buy them or not.

Then I learned that there is a humectant, wherein the water passes special processing ultraviolet ray all microbes and bacteria are killed.

This Dyson AM10. Apart from this difference, he still has many good features: it quickly and evenly moistens may itself automatically select the desired moisture characteristics, safe, easy to operate, can operate as a fan, etc.

Dr. Komarovsky on how to choose a humidifier

Proper humidity in the room where the child lives, not only to provide him with protection from viruses and allergies, but also faster to recover, if the disease still occurred. This was repeatedly told parents respected pediatrician and author of many books and articles on child health Yevgeny Komarovsky.

Many mothers and fathers, listening to the advice of the doctor, trying to humidify the air in the nursery with the help of a basin of water, aquarium, steam, wet towels hanging on the radiator. Sooner or later, comes the understanding that it is easier and cheaper to buy a special device - a humidifier. About how to choose it and how to use, says Eugene Komorowski.

Mucous membranes of the nose and nasopharynx perform important protective functions. They produce mucus, which is capable of binding viruses to slow their spread.

If the mucus dries up due to the fact that the child is breathing dry air or during rhinitis breathes mouth, the biological fluid, change their consistency, it becomes dangerous for the baby. The dried nasal mucus great start to feel bacteria.

Many parents have noticed that the current snot once transformed into thick and green. This is the consequence of incorrect humidity.

A child who is constantly breathing dry air, often ill with acute respiratory viral infections.

During the illness have much higher risk of complications. The fact is that if you cough the bronchi, which are also actively develop protective secret against viruses, begins to dry out bronchial mucus, it is with great probability, lead to bronchitis. If dried mucus begins to interfere with pulmonary exchange will begin pneumonia.

Moist air during flu or SARS disease in general is one of the major "drugs": viral infections recede faster, and immunity is trained to recognize viruses and confront them when the patient breathes the moist air, drink a lot of fluid. However, no other drugs from the pharmacy to buy is usually not necessary.

Children who breathe humidified air is not enough, often suffer from various allergies. They are heavier than the heat transfer that accompanies various diseases longer ill, their immunity considerably weaker peers who breathe the air with a relative humidity ranging from 50 to 70%. It is this level of humidity Komorowski recommends support for a child's room.

To find out how indoor air is saturated with moisture, should take the device - hygrometer. If the indicator does not "hold out" up to 50%, you should consider buying a humidifier. He will without further ado, bustle with basins, jars with water and wet towels to create the right climate in which the child will grow up healthy.

Damage from the humidifier will only be the case if the parents are grossly violate its rules of operation. If the child's room is the humidity in excess of 75-80%, it will have a negative impact on his well-being and health.

Types of humidifiers - pros and cons

Today on sale there are three types of humidifiers:

Steam humidifiers according to the principle of action reminiscent kettles: water starts to evaporate it in the appliance is heated to boiling two electrodes. This is the cheapest and most affordable option of home appliances.

When selecting the steam humidifier, make sure that it is equipped with a special moisture sensor, which instructs the device to disconnect as soon as the room required predetermined humidity is reached. If such a part of his moisturizer not, will have to buy separately, which is not very convenient and expensive.

Among the drawbacks of the steam device can indicate a high level of energy consumption. But in the rest of this type of humidifier is very suitable for children's rooms - it is the most productive, quickly creates the desired climate, there is no need to buy him consumables. The product works simply: is filled with water and the container is turned into a power outlet.

It should be remembered that the hydration takes place with hot steam, and therefore need to place the humidifier so that the child under any circumstances, could not reach it.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are more expensive than steam, but they have more advantages. Thus, at lower power consumption, these devices show enough performance.

The principle of operation of such a device more complicated: the piezoelectric crystal is applied ultrasound radiation, electrical oscillations are mechanical. The advantage of this technique - in small dimensions, the mobility of the nebulizer by means of which steam can be directed to any direction.

With all the advantages of ultrasonic humidifiers pretty picky if they often pour too hard water, the filter quickly fails. This can lead to what is on the furniture and the wallpaper will fall white precipitate. In addition, the replacement filters for devices are not cheap.

"Cold" moisturizers - the most expensive. This name they got for the principle of action, in which the dry air, which is available in the room at the moment, go inside of the device is cleaned. Inside there is a wet cartridge, passing through which air is saturated with moisture and cools.

The performance of this technique depends on the initial moisture content. The higher it is, the slower the unit will work, because in the intense hydration does not make sense. Therefore, such a "smart" moisturizer will always maintain an optimal level of moisture itself, without the intervention of the household.

Such a device is very demanding for water quality, which will be wetted filter. Too hard water filter will bring failure. So it is best to use distilled water or extra money to buy special cartridges that are "able to" soften hard water and demineralized her.

This humidifier does not produce jets of steam, as the previous two types, but because of the child is not interested in. Another advantage - a humidifier not only saturates the air with water, but also purifies it, because it works with smaller particles.

Cold humidifiers consume electricity as much as ultrasound. However, their performance is lower than that of ultrasound, but they are on self-regulation.

Less device is that it is unable to raise the relative humidity above 60%. In addition, the filter life - no more than 3 months, so a minimum of 4 times a year will have to buy consumables and change.

Start device choice for a child's room should be a measurement.

In the store you have to come up with a piece of paper, which will contain:

  • area of ​​the room;
  • ceiling height;
  • a brief description of the type of room (how many windows, which are made from a wall, how many in the room upholstered furniture, plants).

It is also desirable to tell the seller, how often you can change the water in the device. If you sit at home, the reservoir may be small in size, but if the parents all day at work, and child in the garden, it is better to take the device with a large capacity to add water often.

Yevgeny Komarovsky says that the most difficult in choosing the store to evaluate the sound effects, which makes a moisturizer. In the space of a large shopping center or another type of devices, like, no noise. But it will be used in the bedroom, including work at night. It is important that the device operates as quietly as possible.

If you have to choose a moisturizer for the first time, do not just take an expensive and technologically complex model, says Komorowski. Beginners do not need a copy of a control panel "trip computer", a mass of additional functions. To get started you just need to understand how to use the device and what it required of this particular family.

Equally important play reviews from other parents who can be found online at parent forums. And the most important thing that should remember mom and dad, who are thinking about choosing such a device: you can not get sick from the humidifier, you can get sick from his absence. This is especially true for families who live in a temperate continental climate, where the winters are - severe and summers - hot.

Where six months working heaters, and then operate the air conditioner, the air is always much land regulations, which means that it must be moistened. Make it easier than to irrigate the nasal mucosa, when a child is sick.

Dr. Komarovsky advises not to keep a humidifier at home included: work it should only when the humidity decreases and becomes less than 50%.

Of all the types of devices Yevgeny Komarovsky recommends steam and ultrasound. Moreover, for an infant is not much difference which of these devices will buy parents. Kids who already go up and just hold out, in need of a safety device, such as an ultrasound.

Below you can see a video of Dr. Komarovsky, in which he explains what to look for when buying a humidifier.

medical columnist, mother of 4 children

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Can cause coughing humidifier

When the person coughs plagued by unpleasant symptoms. Especially hard the going children: they are capricious, lose their appetite, sleep poorly. Many doctors say that cough occur due to much dry air in the room and recommend it to moisturize. Sometimes, however, high humidity causes an increase in seizures. In this article we will talk about whether a humidifier cause coughing and why?

In winter, many are faced with the fact that in their apartments or houses are too dry air. Because of this, begin irritation in the nose and throat, coughing may occur in conjunction with colds or infections.

It is important to ensure that the air was not much too dry, as in this case for a long time cough is dry, phlegm will not be able to move away and people get complications such as bronchitis or pneumonia.

For monitoring of this parameter it is recommended to use special hygrometers. If the humidity level is below acceptable, it is necessary to apply special measures. To do this, you must ventilate the room, do wet cleaning. Today, very popular are special devices that humidify the dry air.

Pediatricians believe that the humidifier when coughing in a child has only positive effects. However, this is not always the case, such devices have their drawbacks:

  • using ultrasonic humidification of air a person develops a severe cough, increased body temperature, severe complications develop;
  • very often on the furniture can be seen traces of white plaque;
  • the water should be changed every day;
  • when not in use, it must be completely dry inside;
  • special process is required to antimicrobial agents.

Very often a person is faced with the fact that he dramatically appeared cough from the humidifier, the body temperature rises. These problems manifest themselves as a spontaneous, just as well and tested after you stop using the device. With what it can be connected, and what measures should be used?

Opinion and advice of Dr. Komarovsky of coughing from the humidifier in children

As mentioned above, pediatricians are advised to use a moisturizer for the treatment of cough in young children. They have undeniable positive aspects, help you quickly transformed from a dry cough in the wet and promote rapid healing baby. What about this thought Dr. Komorowski?

Eugene O. states that a child with SARS humidity should be at least 50-70%, otherwise it increases the risk of developing complications. To maintain this indicator It is normally recommended that you use an ultrasonic humidifier. Today there are many brands and manufacturers of these devices, and everyone can find the most suitable for him.

It is very important to follow all instructions points to instruments: regularly change the replaceable cartridges, the water wash unit. This will help reduce the risk of the humidifier pathogens.

In principle, if used properly, ultrasonic humidifier does not cause any complications. New or worsening cough attacks is possible only if improper operation of the device. In this case it is recommended to give the water from it in sanitary and epidemiological laboratory for bacteriological analysis.

In case of pathogenic microflora is necessary to disinfect the humidifier and the room in which it is used. Therefore, the question of why from the humidifier cough, you can give a definite answer: because of improper operation of the unit.

When choosing a device is not worth saving, it is better to give preference to good producers. This fact is especially important in the treatment of young patients, since the risk of complications in this case is very high.

In addition to moisturizers to raise humidity in the room by using the regular windings, wet cleaning. You can also hang on the battery wet towel, which, as drying will humidify the air in the room. The easiest way is spraying water from a conventional spray. This can be done with the child in the form of games.

The humidity level in the room takes a very important role in the treatment of colds and infectious diseases. For monitoring of this parameter is recommended to hang in the room dedicated hygrometer. Experts recommend using special ultrasonic humidifiers, which help to achieve the desired level of 50-70%.

In this case, it is sure to comply with all the requirements for their use, to change the water regularly and handle disinfectant. Only in this case, these devices are effective and reduce the risk of complications.

Reference main ENT diseases and their treatment

All information on the website is popular, the study does not claim to absolute accuracy from a medical point of view. Treatment must necessarily be carried out by a qualified physician. Engaging in self, you can hurt yourself!

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