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How to choose a processor for the kitchen - a description of the characteristics of the models, features, capacity and pricing

Work in the kitchen repels many mistresses. Every day has to spend a lot of time tapping, rubbing, beating, kneading and other necessary stages of cooking. Devices that perform these functions separately, arranged all over the kitchen, taking up workspace. They are easy to replace a food processor, which are included even devices such as juice extractor, chopper, nozzle for dicing.

Modern device that performs multiple functions for cooking - that's what is a harvester. It consists of two main components: the motor and the bowl (two cups). Motor power is different, bowl made of plastic, glass or metal. Depending on the number of nozzles machine performs certain types of work. These include:

  • grinding;
  • shredder;
  • sliced ​​into cubes;
  • test preparation;
  • whipping;
  • squeezing juice;
  • cleaning vegetables.

Although each processor is a multifunctional device, there are several types of these devices. It depends on the equipment of the machine and the possibility of performing different functions. The main types are food processors to:

  • blender;
  • meat grinder;
  • nozzle for dicing;
  • juicer;
  • attachment for dough kneading.

Among the reputable manufacturers are the following brands: Bimby, Bosch, Braun, Clatronic, Kenwood, Russell Hobbs, Moulinex, Mystery, Philips, Redmond, Vitesse, Rohaus. The first line in popularity over multiple brands, depending on the functions performed by devices. Below are the best processors:

These devices vary widely in price and equipment. Before you buy a combine, think about what meals you cook often. It depends on it, how to choose a kitchen car. Do you need a chopper or you prefer to buy ready-made stuffing? Would you use a juicer or she does not have to be included with? Those who love baking, must purchase the device that kneads the dough.

Among the popular items among customers listed multi-processor from KitchenAid products. It is designed for high-volume food and serves several different functions:

  • model name: KitchenAid 5KFP1335ER;
  • price: 23060 p .;
  • characteristics: power 300 W, capacity 3.1 L, 2 speed, maximum rotation speed of 1750 rpm, nozzles - 7 units, among them a universal knife nozzle whipping, kneading the dough, sliced, the housing is made of plastic, the length of the network cord 0.6 m, small bowl volume 0.95 l;
  • pros: yes pulse mode, the place where the details are stored;
  • cons: no blender.

Another option that is in high demand, will cost several times cheaper. Clatronic company offers a device with several modes and many features for a low price:

  • model name: Clatronic KM 3645;
  • price: 4758-6299 p .;
  • characteristics: power 600 W, bowl 1.5 liter 1.5 liter blender, 3 speeds, pulse mode, 6 nozzles, including whipping dough, cooking julienne universal knife grater beaker;
  • pros: stepless adjustment, the kit included a juicer, a protection against overload;
  • Cons: Not found.

A handy feature cutting cubes have not all devices. Since it is in demand, many manufacturers have introduced her to a separate sale and made suitable for the models in which it was previously not possible. Initially, this function include some kitchen appliances from Bosch. Nozzles cut like raw food and cooked:

  • model name: Bosch MCM 552;
  • price: 7500-8299 p .;
  • Specifications: main bowl volume 3.9 liter blender bowl for additional 1.5 liters, there is a brush for cleaning, two kinds of graters are provided among the functions shredder (1 and 3 mm), the milling products, juicer, blade, emulsifying device ;
  • pros: Cover the containers are closed at the locks;
  • Cons: Not found.

The second company, which began producing kitchen units with a device for cutting into cubes - a Redmond. Its appliances also get on well with meats, and in addition it can perform many other necessary in food preparation functions:

  • model name: Redmond RFP-305;
  • price: 6400-7080 p .;
  • characteristics: power 700 W, included - the blender, 2 speed of rotation of 17000 revolutions per minute, there is provided a pulsed mode, nozzles 7, including a utility knife, 2 types of grater disc, cut into strips, disc, diced;
  • pros: there is a place to store accessories, overload protection;
  • Cons: Not found.

The company Bosch is leading not only in quality, but also on a variety of devices manufactured. Many of them are equipped with features that other companies are only as independent kitchen devices such as grinder:

  • model name: Bosch MUM 4855;
  • price: 8190-16190 p .;
  • characteristics: power 600 watt, high capacity 3.9 L blender in 1 liter, 4-speed, rotation of 12250 rpm, chopper has 8 nozzles, among which device for whipping, for the test, the disk for cutting straws grater 1 species;
  • pros: yes overload protection, storage space for accessories, compartment, which houses the power cord, a gift is a DVD-disk with recipes;
  • Cons: Not found.

No less functional processor offers a meat grinder manufacturer Moulinex QA217132. In addition to various nozzles, it also includes a blender:

  • model name: moulinex QA217132;
  • price: 8551-14590 p .;
  • characteristics: power 700 W, 1 cup volume of 3.5 liter blender bowl accommodates 1 liter, 5 speeds, there is a pulsed mode of nozzles 9 which can be kneaded dough whisking chafe, cut into slices, the cord length of 0.9 m, weight 6.27 kg, dimensions 21x45x18 cm;
  • pros: there is a compartment for storing the cord;
  • Cons: Not found.

If you need a mechanism that performs all the basic functions, but it takes a bit of space, choose a company Arnica products. Small but powerful kitchen mini-harvester will become your indispensable assistant:

  • model name: Arnica Prokit 444 Plus;
  • price: 4579-6240 p .;
  • characteristics: power 800 W, the container 2 at 1.5 L, 3 speed, the kit includes a juicer, a utility knife, a nozzle, cutting slices, grater, blender;
  • pros: there is room for tips, rubberized feet;
  • Cons: Not found.

Less than perfect, but cheaper cooking device that is in demand, is manufactured by Delimano. It provides the basic necessary work on cutting, as well as a juicer:

  • model name: Delimano Family Kitchen Star;
  • price: 3999 p .;
  • characteristics: power 150 W, have a juicer, three nozzles among which grater disc and julienne slices;
  • advantages: small size;
  • cons: no blender, low power.

Philips has developed a well-known brand kitchen appliance at an average price with a lot of possibilities. Among them, a handy feature for making juice from citrus fruits:

  • model name: Philips HR7774 / 0;
  • price: 12210 p .;
  • characteristics: power of 1000 W, the main container accommodates 3.4 liter capacity blender cup is designed for 1.5 liters, complete a juicer, a utility knife, beater, dough, emulsion, wheels for slicing and shredding;
  • pros: long cord 1.2 m, non-slip knife, feed the camera is wide, so that vegetables can be put entirely;
  • Cons: Only pulse mode, noisy.

No less powerful device offered by Bosch. In a food processor, a plurality of operation modes, a large number of nozzles, rugged stainless steel bowl:

  • model name: Bosch MUM 58243;
  • Price: 18269-28490 p .;
  • characteristics: power of 1000 W, the main container accommodates 3.9 liter capacity blender cup designed to 1.25 L, 7 speed modes, smooth adjustment, complete juicer, citrus press, eight nozzles, with which to whipping, kneading dough, grate, slice, julienne;
  • pros: provides overload protection, space for attachments, the cord;
  • Cons: Not found.

Most versatile instrument to facilitate the work in the kitchen provide a function for kneading dough. Good quality, average price, the most necessary functions is characterized by the following model of Moulinex:

  • model name: moulinex QA5001;
  • Price: 10699-15990 .; p
  • characteristics: power 900W, bowl capacity of 4.6 L, 6 velocities, the pulse mode in the nozzle assembly 3, including dough for whipping;
  • pros: stainless steel bowl;
  • Cons: Not found.

Many more features is equipped with another device from Moulinex. It raids at capacity, but its price is lower:

  • model name: moulinex QA217132;
  • price: 8491-14990 p .;
  • characteristics: power 700 W, main bowl is 3.5 liters, 1 liter blender, 5-speed, pulse mode, in set of nozzles 9, through which the dough can be kneaded, beating, rubbing, cut into slices, weight 6.27 kg dimensions 21x45x18 cm cord length 0.9 m;
  • pros: there is a place to store the cord;
  • Cons: Not found.

High-quality kitchen unit with a mechanical control type offers a Chinese manufacturer of Redmond. It offers several control modes and a good set of tips:

  • model name: Redmond RFP-304;
  • price: 8299 p .;
  • Features: 2 velocity nozzle 5 which perform cutting (including cubes), rub, chopped, minced, sliced ​​potatoes for preparation of stock, pulse mode;
  • pros: provides overtemperature shutdown;
  • Cons: Not found.

A simple device for the preparation of minced or mashed potatoes, chopping vegetables and fruit, whipping and other jobs offered by Bradex. It is lightweight, fast to clean:

  • model name: Bradex «Multi-Master";
  • Price: 1 175 p .;
  • Features: Mechanical control type 1 tip, white with green;
  • pros: The kit includes a colander, a container for drying vegetables;
  • Cons: Not found.

Choosing kitchen appliances for the house, you must build on several criteria. These are the characteristics of your future system:

  • Power. If you need a multi-processor, which will deal with all stated in the job description, choose the power from 800 to 1000 watts.
  • Speed ​​mode. If you are staying on a simple shredder, 1-2 speeds enough for him to carry out qualitatively their work. For more complex tasks choose machine with a large number of speeds.
  • Equipment. On the number of nozzles depends on the number and the machine will work. Pay attention to the presence of the second bowl, which is designed for the blender.
  • Additional functions. These include pulse mode, protection against overheating. They are comfortable, but not mandatory, so if you care about how much it costs a food processor, and you do not want to overpay, do not focus on them.


I have long thought before you buy a food processor in the online store cheap. I bought in the store Foxtrot Russian. I chose between the German Braun and Kenwood. I stopped at the last. Purchase sent by mail, it works well. Of all the elements I use most Mixers, vegetable cutter (fine cut cabbage), a mixer.

I took a professional elektrokombayn on sale at a discount, so did not work out very expensive. Choose Brand Philips. She has a good processor, thickets material - metal, there are all sorts of functions. Household chores since take much less time. Accustomed to such a device, it is already impossible to do without it. I recommend.

I have a small kitchen, so the choice fell on the food processor is the most compact. After a review of various instruments stopped at Molineux, because he is good and has been for the shares. I ordered it from St. Petersburg to Moscow, the delivery cost of a few hundred rubles. It is very convenient to cook pancakes thanks to the special nozzle.

Choosing the best food processor for home use

In the market of household appliances you can choose a food processor with a capacity of 300 to 1600 watts. The speed of the product and its quality depends just on this parameter. Also, the more power in the appliance, the greater will be the volume of the cup. Sometimes you can find 2 model food processors with the same volume of the cup, but with different power levels. In this case, it is advisable to opt for the device on which the above power. Accordingly, it should also select a device with a solid capacity and volume for a significant number of products. Note that such a device is quite large in size and will only fit to owners of a spacious kitchen with plenty of space.

If you want to choose a compact version for home, the power of such products will be 300-800 W, bowls - from 1.5 to 2.5 liters. Such a device will not be very functional and have 2-3 speed. You may well be able to use the appliance for cutting vegetables and mixing the batter. The big advantage of a small food processor is a low cost and significant space savings. Regarding the choice of massive consumer devices, they have a large set of additional functions and velocities range from 3 to 15. Their capacity will start at 700 W, and the cup volume to 3 liters.

How to choose the food processor bowl? Most durable and sturdy bowl made of stainless steel, and their only drawback is the inability to microwave. Second in the ranking is the glass aggregate, which, though may break, but the embodiment is almost universal. The worst are considered container made of plastic, so if you want to pick up a quality machine for home use, bypass model with plastic bowl party.

The most simple food processors have in their control a button that starts and stops the program. If you decide to choose the more powerful the machine, there is the speed selector will be present and other important controls. Very convenient, if present on the instrument display, which shows all the settings. To buy a good quality device in the parameters, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of additional tips and features. The best food processor, which can be selected, will combine almost all household appliances for the kitchen. Thus, the device can replace the following devices:

Of course, the more functions in the food processor for home, the higher will be its cost. However, consider that the higher price is justified, you do not have to spend money to buy other electrical appliances (such as a juicer or blender). Also, in order to choose the best machine, it is necessary to look closely at the accompanying nozzles. The most popular are the following in 2017:

  1. Circular knife with a diagonal slot - for dicing vegetables and fruits for salads.
  2. Kneading tool - for mixing very thick dough.
  3. Press for fruits and berries - for mash of varying thickness.
  4. Knife impeller - for meat and fish, cooking paste.
  5. Nozzle - shredding - shredding and grating of any products.
  6. Nozzle-Shaker - ice pick.
  7. Corolla - whipping dough sauces.
  8. Grinder - for grinding small portions.
  9. Juicer - to prepare fresh juice.

Of course, you do not choose a food processor with the presence of all of these additional features. In any case, you will agree, some products may really be universal "helper" in the kitchen. If we talk about a specific manufacturer of the appliance, we recommend that you choose. here it is all depends on how much you are willing to spend on a specific model. Good reviews deservedly received such companies as Bosch, Kenwood, Tefal, Zelmer, Moulinex and Vitek. By choosing one of these brands, you can not go wrong!

If you still are not sure how to choose the right appliance for the kitchen and think what is better to buy a model, we recommend you to get acquainted with an interesting video on the selection of a good Harvester:

Finally we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of the most cost-effective and quality models. If you do not know which is better to choose a food processor, it is advisable to give priority to the following options, they are the most durable, strong and easy to use:

Braun FX 3030. The budget model, which contains all the useful features. Infinitely variable speed should be made of the features, as well as the presence of juicers option. This device operates quietly, besides is quite powerful and roomy. A good option for home if you want to choose an inexpensive but high-quality processor.

Bosch MCM 62020. More powerful, roomy and also reliable (Bosch is one of the elite manufacturers of household appliances). Special thanks to the producers of rubber legs through which the body does not jump on the table during operation. This model has a lot of positive reviews on the internet.

philips HR7761. Given the cost of the combine harvester (5500 rubles in 2017), he criticized the special can not be. Its primary function it performs perfectly. More juicer or grinder in this model. It is recommended to choose those who only need a food processor.

Saturn ST-FP7071. If you want to choose a device with a grinder and a juicer, look at this model. Inexpensive, easy to use, powerful enough and at the same time compact.

You now know how to choose a food processor for home in 2017 and a model of the firm the highest quality! We hope that the information has been helpful, and you're ready to make the right choice based on all the characteristics of any model. It turns out that enjoy cooking excellent meals is very easy! Progress does not stand still and makes us real cooks effortlessly! Try it and you!

How to choose a powerful food processor: a review of the top brands

The purchase of this machine sooner or later, every woman thinks. Regardless of whether you love to cook or not, but at least a couple times a day, the family sit down at the table to eat. Even if the family consists of only one person - the person you prepare a variety of dishes still need as fried noodles and instant preparation bored pretty quickly. In this article, we'll show you how to choose a food processor, which turns while standing by the stove in your own time - that you can spend at its discretion.

Harvester - in every kitchen!

Harvester is necessary in the first place to those who have a large family, and often have to cook and big portions. Agree, daily friction-cutting is so tiring that sometimes thoroughly cooked food does not seem tasty to you. Harvester to help cope with a large amount of kitchen work. He will become an assistant in the preparation of delicious meals for the whole family.

A standard set of nozzles: Disc float, drive-emulsifier, metal knife, dough mixer

Combine call unit that can perform many functions. The set includes a bowl chopper, vegetable cutter with different attachments. Even the most simple and inexpensive processor can grate the vegetables, mix a cocktail, make a paste.

Before you go to the store to choose a food processor, decide for what purpose you need this unit. If he only needed to chop vegetables, berries and fruits, it is possible to do low-cost model. These processors are small, occupy little space on the table, convenient to use, they can be easily disassembled and washed. Take into account the size of the kitchen, if it is small-sized, large multi-processor will look at her absurd. The more aggregate functions, the more space you need on the table for its placement. Hardly you will be satisfied with the purchase of a combine that clutter all over the table, and you'll use only two or three out of ten possible functions.

The main criteria for the choice of the food processor is a performance, the number of job functions that you need, ease of operation, storage and maintenance (availability of containers for storage of nozzles, easy disassembly, ease of cleaning), and, of course, the safety and reliability (harvester must be designed in such a way that there was not the slightest danger to humans).

In the Russian market offers a variety of models, and this is the reason to choose a food processor is becoming increasingly difficult. The price range of units - from 600 to 30,000 rubles. Price depends on the capacity, number of nozzles, the value of working capacity, and, of course, the brand. To choose a model with an optimal combination of price and quality, you need to have an idea of ​​how to choose a food processor.

Functional filling food processor ↑

Even the most simple and inexpensive processor can grate the vegetables, mix cocktails and make pate

There is a standard set of nozzles, which included almost all harvesters. This disc grater disk-emulsifier, metal knife, dough mixer. Typically, such a bundle (sometimes with the addition nozzle for whipping creams) limited compact models. Multifunction harvesters can please additional functions. This unit will be the best assistant mistress, especially it will be happy buying a season preparations for the winter.

Two-blade knife made of stainless steel will grind fast foods. The lower the rate, the larger will be the grinding. Such great knife cuts both vegetables and meat. But there is a dependence on the shape and volume of the cup. If the cup is high and narrow, and a small knife, lay the products you need in small portions.

Circular knife with a diagonal slot will chop and cut into slices. Often there are two complete such a knife (or a knife with a possibility of adjusting its position in order to get a few modes).

Well, if you complete two-disc floats, so you can rub the large and small. Cut the vegetables into cubes or strips can be with a special insert in the drive or disc-grater for cutting french fries.

Professionally whips and making different sauces a special drive-emulsifier. With its help, you can whip the cream to make mayonnaise, prepare the batter. The expensive models of harvesters there are metal whisks for whipping. They perform the same function.

Bowl-needed blender for cocktails, dough for pancakes (liquid). If you need to knead shortbread dough or, better to do it with a special-kneading attachment, which has the form of a spatula or a curved hook. Lifesaver for young mothers will be a maxi-press, which is easy to prepare meals for the little ones - mousse of berries and fruits, vegetable puree.

In many models of combines and includes a small mill, which grinds the herbs, onions and garlic, nuts, dried fruits.

Press citrus squeeze the maximum amount of juice from lemons, grapefruit, oranges. There are models of kitchen machines, which are further equipped with a device to squeeze the juice out of hard fruits (Brown K700), and there are models with a meat grinder (Moulinex combines). Manufacturers usually do not mix these two functions in one unit, so you have to choose what your family needed: juice or burgers. There are models of combines, grinder which can be bought separately. When choosing a machine, specify whether there is an opportunity to purchase a meat grinder, whether it has attachments.

Bowl-blender is useful for preparation of cocktails and dough

How to choose the right food processor: the main criteria ↑

Most often used for bowls plastic, metal or glass. But there are bowls of impact-resistant material that can be put in the dishwasher and microwave oven. Ideally, if the processor is in a few bowls - meat, dough and vegetables.

This index Food processor varies from 450 to 1000 watts. combine the power indicator must match the capacity of the bowl. The optimum ratio - 700W / 3L, 400W / 2n, 300 W / 1,5L. The greater the power of the combine, the more products it can process per unit of time, so there is no point buying a processor with less power in order to save electricity - costs will be approximately the same.

Harvester may have several speeds - from 2 to 14. The higher the velocity, the easier it is to maintain an optimal mode for cooking in the processor. High speed is required for the grinding of solid products, low suitable for whipping.

These criteria will be important for you if you plan to place a small harvester cutting table, or will each time to remove it in the closet after the completion of the work. The compactness of the food processor is dependent on where the heads are stored. Some devices have a built-in drawers, there are processors with separate boxes, and there are generally no drawers in which to determine the nozzle storage area on the basis of imagination and possibilities (many store them directly into a bowl combine and take out whenever you need to use the unit) . As for weight, food processors may have a weight of between 3 and 9 kg.

Most harvesters have the pulse mode - button, which allows you to speed up the normal operation for a short time. Another important addition is a safety interlock. If any nozzle installed correctly, the machine simply will not turn on. Resistance rubber feet provide a special rubber ring around the bowl of the day.

What company give preference to: review brands ↑

Harvester Bosch MUM 86R1

Manufacturers use dual-drive technology, which allows the device to operate simultaneously two cups. There nozzle maxi-press, which will prepare the most delicate sauce. Each model has a second pulse mode function, and the most expensive processors are equipped with touch controls. It is possible to speed programming, and there are also modes already set under a certain weight of the product and the degree of comminution.

Harvester Bosch MUM 86R1 recognized as the most powerful unit for grinding products in the world! Some experts put this unit on the first place in terms of security.

Processor Braun K700

Optimal in the ratio of price and quality among consumers and experts believe the model harvester Brown K700. There are many useful tips for cutting, whipping, kneading, chopping meat. The set has a juicer and citrus press. It is possible to purchase an additional service center beaters like a mixer. The processor has two bowls, one to two liters, and the second at 500 ml. The first is suitable for cooking. It is possible to make a cocktail, knead the dough, minced meat, chopped vegetables for salad. The second cup is ideal for cutting small portions of vegetables, chopped herbs, preparing baby food. Box for tips in this model is not available, so you need a place for them (quite a lot of attachments). Brown K700 processor is quite simple to use and easy to clean under running water or in a dishwasher. There is protection against accidental activation, in case of overheating (after prolonged use) processor is disabled.

Moulinex combines compactness and functionality

Combines this company versatile and relatively expensive. It works well as a meat grinder, and blender. An ideal choice for those who prepare simple meals for a large family. Narezhet Combine potatoes, minced meat, vzobet dough for biscuits. The undeniable advantage of the unit is that all attachments immediately get in the place, thanks to a system of special guides. Assemble and disassemble the processor is very easy. Some models blender pen and thickets removable for easy storage. Moulinex combines a fairly compact and will fit perfectly into a small kitchenette.

Combines Kenwood characterized by high capacity, roomy bowl, and a stylish design. For example, in the model CM 266 bowl and the housing unit is made of stainless steel. There is a utility knife to test the nozzle, drive for grinding disc, grater, whisk attachment. The set has a grinder and a juicer.

Philips combines are equipped with the unique SmartControl system

Harvesters of this brand are equipped with the most advanced technology. Due to the unique SmartControl system, for each mode of the automatic settings are set. The level of interference to TV and radio decreased. Accessories can be washed in the dishwasher, there is also a simple cleaning button. Another advantage of the combine - there is a holder for storage of nozzles. In some models includes a grinder, there are models with a juicer. The manufacturer does not support the idea to mix these two functions in one unit.

Select this unit is not easy. After all, you need to learn a lot of information about how to choose a food processor, which company is better to buy equipment, get acquainted with consumer reviews. Do not take the unit at random, because you get it not for one year. Let the food processor, which would you prefer, will be your faithful and reliable companion.

Some people believe it is absolutely senseless thing in our time. But there are those who can not live without a soda, because dreaming and start from.

What is a siphon for aerating the water to choose the kitchen: a review of brand

We all know that water - a source of health. Provided that it is clean. Regular consumption of insufficiently purified tap water can.

How to choose a filter pitcher for drinking water: a review of popular brands

Salads, stews, soups - all these dishes are prepared every woman. For them, have to cut large amounts of food. If the invited guests and planned.

How to choose a kitchen chopper products: types and basic functions of the instrument

Thank you, very useful. I print out and give to her husband to read.))) For a long time we want to buy a generic food processor. It seems to be a choice determined that some of the Boches, but the model is open to question. That's looking for in the internet recommendations and reviews about the functions of a food processor.

To date, food processors bosch is the best choice, in the ratio of price and quality they are clearly in the lead. As for the models, all very individual, you need to look for the presence of those regimes, which are really necessary and which will later be used. So, for example, his sister processor MUMXL, it has more than 120 features and it is almost all uses. I've got a series of MCM (a total of 40 functions), but I have enough of their head. Benefit of the market offers a huge offer and everyone can find a suitable technique for themselves.

I MOULINEX FP662. They say good. But to say this from him I can not, because it has not yet figured out how to use it. at the moment I'm interested in whether there is a more adequate instruction to combine than the paper misery that is in a beautiful box with an expensive device. So much (as I understand it useful), but how these components to dispose of and that's what screwed ... .. and most importantly with a nozzle that cook .. ?? This is a disaster! This seems a great processor, with not that terrible, but in general we can say the lack of a manual.

I gave the children an anniversary boshevsky food processor. Make it virtually all-I cut vegetables for the soup and salad, scroll meat rubbed carrots, cheese, garlic, etc., Make mashed potatoes. He is very easy to clean, packing changing fast, compact enough. In short, please

And what kind of processor boshevsky better and proven?

Food processor irreplaceable thing in the kitchen. I believe that there should be as many nozzles as well as an opportunity to squeeze out the juice. And if you want a place you can always find it. I was even on his tiny kitchen, found a place to combine Bosch, I do not regret that this had to sacrifice a shredder and a mixer, it's all there in a food processor, but more compact, better and more powerful.

And I use the food processor Thermomix it is very simple and easy to use, it combines a lot of features, easy to clean, compact, use it for a long time, has never let me down. Thermomix - the ideal tool for everyday cooking!

It has long been my husband and I were looking for a food processor. Thing is actually very useful in the kitchen, so that only considered high-quality versions of the test of time! But usually good company and are not cheap. Opted for Bosch products, which is found on Avito, brand new, suitable to us in all respects, and the price is much lower than in the store. We think there is still multivarku buy.

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