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How to choose a food processor with multi-function meat grinder

Multifunctional food processor can be a real helper of every zealous owner. A unique device that combines several functions, allows you to save money, time and place, and most importantly - to ensure the preparation of meals for each member of the family for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To combine faithfully served you more than one year, be extremely careful on the stage of selecting a suitable model, it will help to satisfy all requests and avoid possible disappointment in the future. A few simple tips on choosing kitchen units greatly simplify your choice.

So, choose a processor kitchen multifunctional easy. There are many characteristics that must be taken into account to determine the ideal model. Among them:

  • Functionality (number of tasks that can solve Harvester).
  • Dimensions (size and weight).
  • Cost.
  • Practicality (storage requirements, use and exploitation).
  • Power.
  • Appearance and much more.

Most people when choosing a food processor multi-function, focuses on the number of additional nozzles. In our time in the stores of home appliances are models with a variety of elements that combine the following functions:

  • Shredder vegetables and fruits for salads and slicing.
  • Grinding products on the basis of the grater.
  • Test Preparation.
  • Chopping fresh herbs and nuts.
  • Squeeze juice (included can go two nozzles, general and individual citrus fruits).
  • Grinding cereals, spices.
  • Preparation of ice-cream.
  • potato slicer fries.
  • Sauces, mayonnaise, vegetable or fruit puree.

Good multifunctional food processor can operate as a mixer, a blender, a shaker, grinder, and, of course, the meat grinder. Please be aware that each new feature adds to the cost of the device and requires greater engine power.

Multifunctional food processor consists of three main parts. This motor, additional nozzles and the actual working capacity itself or bowl. Typically, complete with bowls device may be somewhat, but not more than 3. For their manufacturing quality durable plastic, metal or glass. Each material requires observance of certain operating conditions. For example, metal containers is not recommended to place in a microwave oven.

Between a bowl differ not only on the material and size, but also for several other quality characteristics. Depending on the model, they can combine the following properties:

  • Shock resistance.
  • Resistance to high temperatures (typically up to 80 degrees, a steep contact with hot water tank should not).
  • Resistance to low temperatures (typically to minus 5, and this means that the bowl can be placed safely in the refrigerator for storing foods therein).

There are standard requirements for the bowls. They must be strong enough and not be exposed to acids, ideally have a removable handle and lid. The worst and the best budget option - the capacity of nonhardened glass, it is the most fragile and require frequent replacement.

Please find more information about the capacity of the material:

  • Synthetic material (plastic). Light weight and affordable. It can be used for heating food in a microwave oven and subjected to a hygiene treatment in the dishwasher. When low quality deteriorates by exposure to high or low temperatures.
  • Glass. Heavier and expensive. The good performance should be resistant to mechanical stress and high temperature.
  • Stainless steel. One of the best options, durable, lightweight, not to succumb to shock, low or high temperatures.

It plays a significant role and power, because by this indicator the efficiency of the device depends on many things. Typically, multifunctional food processor is characterized by capacity not less than 700 W, these units also often have impressive dimensions and operating capacity.

At small screen sizes harvester and bowl to 2 liters indicator 400 W will be quite acceptable. We should not forget that the higher the capacity of the device, the faster it gets the job done.

Choosing Kitchen combines versatile, very few people attaches importance to parameters such as weight and size, they usually fade into the background and give way to the power and functionality of the device. However, they are equally important and need to be studied before making a costly purchase.

Harvesters can be stored in the assembled and disassembled, a first embodiment, naturally, is more reasonable. Think in advance whether there will be in your kitchen space for content is not a small size of the unit. If you plan to take the device with you on vacation or to the country, it should be as compact and light in weight.

On average harvesters are presented in the range of from 3 to 9 kg. Heavy equipment should be used strictly stationary, they are likely to hold on tables and work surfaces that can withstand such loads.

Kitchen combines multifunctional with a meat grinder and a number of other additional attachments definitely need to keep clean. Please note that some models should only be washed by hand, others can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Information about this is given in the operating instructions of the goods.

The greatest demand today uses products known company "Bosch". Despite its price, the products of this company are characterized by quality and functionality, it can last you for a long time.

The special features of this technology include compact models and low power, does not affect the efficiency of performance of the tasks.

How to choose the multi-function food processor Bosch? Most positive feedback received models 4655, 4675 and 4756. All of the devices are similar to each other, the first two pictures are different working container (plastic and metal, respectively), while the third has an additional nozzle for obtaining juice from citrus fruits.

If you are planning to buy a machine for grinding meat, look for multi-processor kitchen with a meat grinder "Bosch Profi Mix 46". The only drawback of such a device are a lot of dimensions, but the abundance of different functions, intelligent and high quality make it an indispensable tool in the kitchen.

You do not want to buy Pans multifunctional "Bosch"? Pay attention to the technique of "Kenwood". Currently, the brand is considered one of the best on the market of home appliances for the kitchen. Combines the company are characterized by high capacity and functionality are really reliable and versatile.

The most popular model of the "Kenwood" considered "Prospero KM-266." This unit allows you to mix the dough, working as a juicer and grinder. Alternative - KMS010. Its main advantages - a bowl of huge volume, modern design and high efficiency.

If you are looking for low cost, but high-quality models of home appliances, pay attention to the kitchen multifunctional harvester "Moulinex". The company offers to the general public inexpensive devices having basic needs nozzles, as well as functions grinder and blender. The average price of such harvesters is only three thousand rubles. Before purchasing a specific model, it is desirable to clarify the comments about it, because the low cost can be a sign of poor quality.

Great help can become a multifunctional harvester kitchen "Chef Bullet Express". unit cost ranges from 6,000 to 8,000 rubles. Powerful (700 watts) but compact size unit capable of:

  • Chop vegetables, fruits, cheese and nuts.
  • Crushed ice.
  • Grind coffee.
  • Cook puree.
  • Knead the dough for pizza, desserts, bread.

The device combines the functions of a blender, grinder, juicer and blender. It is recommended to wash by hand, without the use of the dishwasher. Housing and combine bowl (its size - 1.8 liters) made of high quality and durable plastic, electronic control.

When choosing a multifunction processor, be extremely careful. Remember, every additional function increases the already considerable cost. The most popular harvester multifunctional kitchen with a meat grinder.

Be sure to pay attention to the dimensions of the device, its power and weight, the qualitative characteristics of the bowl, the conditions of storage and use. Take account of all of these conditions will help to get the costly purchase of most use and optimize home cooking to the desired level.

7 most popular models of food processor 2015

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Food processor, is an integral part of home appliances each housewife. This review is specifically dedicated to those who wish to soon buy a similar device. In our today's material you can see 7 combines the best of the world's leading manufacturers, such as Bosch, Braun and Kenwood.

1. Functional food processor - Braun FX 3030

2. Reliable food processor - Bosch MCM 5529

3. Multi-functional food processor - Bosch MCM 68885

4. Convenient food processor - Braun K 700

5 Compact Food Processor - Bosch MUM 4855

6. Powerful food processor - Bosch MUM 54251

7. Portable food processor - Kenwood KM 287

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Modern kitchen is hard to imagine without home appliances for different purposes, which makes the cooking process itself easier and more enjoyable. Technical equipment of the kitchen should be not only convenient and practical, but also aesthetically pleasing look and be ergonomic.

In the selection of kitchen appliances it is important to define the requirements for it. For example, the presence of additional features required for you, as well as those that are not required and do. This will allow you to save significant funds. And, of course, you need to pay attention to its appearance and design. Remember, a responsible approach to the selection and purchase of equipment - the key to a long term of its operation and comfortable work in the kitchen.

How to choose domestic appliances for the kitchen? What to look for, and what characteristics to consider when choosing? Answers to these questions are directly dependent on the type of equipment. For example, the main kitchen equipment are:

• Fridge. Before buying, read their features and dimensions, as well as the Privacy Policy. The price of this technique depends on the brand, design, functionality, size and number of branches.

• Stove. The main criteria for selection are the type of energy (gas or electric cooker), and type of burners ignition, an additional function (self-cleaning ovens, convection baking etc). The presence of those or other features, as well as brand and style affect its value.

• The hob and oven. As well as the stove, they are gas and electric, there is to choose according to your preferences and possibilities. Before buying you need to determine not only the type of food, but also to the process of firing and the number of burners. Yet consider the size of the equipment and the manufacturer.

• Hood. In the selection of this technique are the main criteria for quality, power, size and functional. It should fit your cooker or hob.

Most food processors for customers reviews

Take a shredder processor or better with a meat grinder, because everyone loves burgers? And that year was a lot of apples, I'm sorry, missing, may be worth to buy a machine with the juicer? How to choose the most convenient harvester as not to overpay and not to clutter the kitchen unnecessary technology? It is necessary to examine the list of the top food processors, considering personal preferences and carefully assessing the features and capabilities of modern machines.

Food processor which company to choose

Palm with varying degrees of success shared by Philips and Bosch. These companies - the most comprehensive range of products, though they produce food processors a variety of modifications and complete sets: with different nozzles, graters, knives standard and unusual shapes, juicers, windmills.

In third place - Redmond, manufacturer, recently got on the Russian market, but has already proven itself a worthy and reliable the seller.

Feedback from customers at the beginning of 2017 the most popular food processors of the following companies (the rating is presented in descending order of interest of buyers):

Grind meat (raw or cooked), can be virtually every food processor. But stands out a separate form of this technology: units with built-screw mincer. Ground beef with this type of grinding the food processor is obtained substantially the same consistency as in the mechanical grinder. Persistent structural meat, but grinded cartilage, sinewy bits, fat easily.

Combine takes up little space, differs versatility and easy operation - only one lever to change speeds. Auger grinder quickly grinds meat. On average, 1.5 kg of milled for 2 minutes. The design of the mincer is designed so that a person is not in contact with the blades, it helps to avoid accidental injury.

The main advantages of the combine:

  • High power - 900 watts.
  • Versatility: There blender function, shredders, kneading dough, whipping proteins.
  • There is a function control of accidental activation.
  • The device is easy and safe to clean.
  • In a meat grinder can grind different products, maintain the structural meat, boiled potatoes, berries and fruit.
  • Power cord is not wound up.
  • Capacity for chopped products very easily soiled, hard-laundered.

Buyers mark high durability of the unit, some food processors are already more than two years with no complaints.

This processor takes up little space, at the top of his one socket for connection of a blender, bottom slot for a large cup and grinder.

  • You can grind the fruits and berries in the jam.
  • There is a "pusher" for products.
  • The knives do not require sharpening, cope with the meat of any hardness.
  • Large grill on meat grinder.
  • Easy to clean nozzle.
  • Bright housing (red or gray).

It is desirable not to overload the processor, may suffer from this supporting shaft (it is made of plastic to protect the motor from overheating).

Best food processor with cutting discs

Almost all food processors can be used for slicing food, they have special knives that shred the cabbage and carrots, cut vegetables into cubes.

Food processor Redmond RFP-M3905

This food processor - an enhanced version of the chopper, he has several circular knives: for shredding cabbage, cutting french fries, slicing carrots and cheese. In addition, the package includes a special reversible knife: one side is used for slicing, and the second - for grinding vegetables.

  • Blades made of durable material.
  • There is a protective cover for the knife-grinder.
  • Ample main bowl harvester (3.5 liters).
  • There is a compact container for storing nozzles.
  • There is a small grater for grating chocolate.
  • Cut pieces do not vary in size.
  • Durable plastic.
  • You can not cut hot food, they get off to a pulp.
  • After washing the knives should be thoroughly dry in order to avoid rust.

This purchase is a good investment, the hostess say good operation of the machine: fast cutting products, the absence of failures, a simple storage tips.

Most food processors with a "juicer"

Food processor Braun FX 3030

This food processor many housewives called the most successful purchase. This unit into two different sized bowls slots which are located on the same level.

The main advantages of the device:

  • 15 speeds.
  • Pulse Mode - Allows the user to adjust the duration of grinding.
  • There citrus press.
  • Second juicer - for hard fruits and vegetables.
  • Extremely durable knives - does not deteriorate from contact even with metal objects.
  • There kneading.
  • High level of safety: the device works only when the bowl with a lid.
  • When squeezed fruit very quickly filled container for cake.
  • If you fall to the floor plastic cup can break.

K Braun can not buy additional nozzles, for example, complete to the FX 3030 is not going to head for the potato pancakes. You can buy it or use the tip of another combine the same company.

Food Processor Philips HR7778

Due to the weight of tools and bowls may seem that the harvester takes a lot of space in the kitchen. In fact, all the heads of the deposit can be placed in a special box. This processor is suitable for everyday use: with the help of a juicer can squeeze the juice from apples, to prepare cocktails, whisk sauce.

  • Combine compact.
  • There is a dial to adjust the cutting thickness.
  • Centrifugal juicer is easy to operate.
  • You can squeeze a lot of juice at a time.
  • The juicer sturdy metal mesh, not pressed cake.
  • There is a measuring division on all containers.
  • The power cord can be hidden in the body.
  • To clean the machine can use the brush (attached to the combine).
  • After squeezing juice can remain small pieces of vegetables.
  • Noisy.

Another difference of this model - elegant design, food processor body is made of stainless steel.

Top harvesters for pureeing

Food processor Tefal DO250DAE

Harvester represents stand for one slot, which is installed on the main bowl and jug with a mixer.

  • It takes up little space.
  • All nozzles are located in a special compartment.
  • Easily beat until puree any of the products: boiled vegetables, berries, curd, boiled porridge.
  • The mashed potatoes are no lumps.
  • In a blender whipped meat to the state of the air pudding.
  • Low price.
  • Sometimes come across pieces nenatertyh vegetables by using a shredder.
  • Very thin plug the power cord.

Puree in air obtained blender, gentle. To perfection whipped cottage cheese with sour cream, dried apricots. Food Processor from Tefal gets only positive reviews of mistresses, he is a reliable, sturdy and elegant French, now the kitchen decoration.

Kenwood CH 180 Food processor

This compact multifunctional device. Suitable for families with small children, as for the preparation of mashed potatoes can be used continuously.

  • On cups have to determine the amount of fission products.
  • There is a grinder for grinding cereals.
  • Whisk blender puree without lumps.
  • You can pyurirovat fresh fruits and berries.
  • Blender whipped cooked meat.
  • Less nozzles for cutting than usual in a food processor configuration.
  • Food processor suits a family with an average income.

Best Combined food processor

Combined harvesters combine a variety of functions: they can cut products to wind minced or squeeze the juice.

Food Processor Bosch MUM 4880

It performs all the necessary actions that are required hostess cuts, kneads, whips.

  • The working part of the harvester takes up little space on the table.
  • With the blender can grind coffee, peas, cereals.
  • Grater is perfect for the preparation of raw salads and rubbing test for pancakes.
  • The dough of any consistency.
  • In a meat grinder, you can quickly scroll through the tough meat.
  • In the main choke juicer fruits, vegetables, berries.
  • There is a stand for discs for cutting.

The main difference of the harvester - a stainless steel bowl. Which is almost impossible to damage.

Food Processor Kenwood KM 289 Prospero

He, according to the owners, can do almost anything: dough, whip the whites, chop the carrot, squeeze the juice from the beets and grind mince for meatballs.

  • Simple speed control.
  • No need to constantly monitor the mixing of products - you can even get out of the kitchen for a moment.
  • Easily transformed, new container is inserted into the slot until it clicks.
  • When grinding products can adjust cutting height.
  • To store attachments, a special container.
  • Testomeskoy can knead the dough of any type.
  • The blender is provided with a special net to cake.
  • Juicer produces a large amount of juice.
  • Pomace obtained without pieces of fruit and vegetables.
  • The milled minced in a meat grinder is obtained in same as in the mechanical grinder.
  • On blender whipped mashed soft and gentle.

Minus this model has only one point:

Grate carrot, chop with a knife onions for soup - 15 minutes, chop ice for a cocktail - 20 minutes to wind mince for meatballs - 40 minutes. Is it possible to somehow speed up the process of chopping, cutting, wiping products and reduce time spent housewife in the kitchen? Yes, now all the work of grinding and mixing of the product can be trusted with a food processor.

On what processor to choose:

1. Your family is not a day can not live without hamburgers, meatballs, meatballs? On grinder twists everything from stick to boiled potatoes? At the same time you dream of quick cutting vegetables for a salad? You will approach a food processor Bosch MUM 54240 Styline or Moulinex QA50ADB1.

2. If you need an assistant for the preparation of blanks for the winter, which chop and narezhet all perfect cubes, slices, slices, then you need to buy Redmond RFP-M3905.

3. You have already appreciated the benefits of fresh juices, but do not want to buy several devices: a juicer machine for shredding? Food processor Braun FX 3030 will quickly squeeze the juice from citrus fruits, vegetables, homemade apple.

4. Suitable for squeezing juice centrifugal juicer Philips HR7778, though this combine perfectly chops vegetables.

5. A family with young children, which constantly need to cook mashed potatoes, suitable Tefal DO250DAE or Kenwood CH 180. These units can also be used for slicing cooked and raw vegetables.

6. If the owners prefer a universal technique that combines all the functions of: meat grinder, juicer, blender, shredder, mixer, which is suitable for multi-functional food processor Bosch MUM 4880 or Kenwood KM 289 Prospero.

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