Combine with the meat grinder

Food processor with a meat grinder

Food processor - this appliance for grinding products: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and berries. The device is designed for daily use. One of its functions - grinding meat products.

When you select a combine with a meat grinder, you need to pay attention to the power of the motor, the rate of the number of revolutions per minute and the presence of at least three shift modes.

food processor apparatus with mincer

The operation of the food processor is the basic principle for many household appliances: the motor is driven by power and makes spinning reel, on which a nozzle with knives.

With keypad or touch control unit you can set the mode and speed. For the convenience of the nozzle changing, increasing the functionality of the device.

The set includes bowls of different diameter and height for additional operations. Mincer - the main function. In this mode, the meat is ground to the state stuffing and requires a high engine power to him. In addition, models have functions mincer food processor with discs for cutting.

The basis of the device functionality - nozzles for different types of products. Manufacturers produce under each individual model of your set: what he was varied, the greater the possibility of the combine.

To prepare the stuffing in the kit is a special attachment and bowl used standard. Give preference to models with a volume capacity of 1 to 5 liters.

Choose a model with a wide range shift:

  • smalyvayut bird on a slow mode to stuffing did not spread during cooking;
  • beef requires logging on average time to get the right consistency of the meat;
  • pork and lamb Burke at high speeds at which smalyvayutsya tendons, cartilage, and adipose film;
  • You need a "pulse" function for the preparation of minced fish.

Between a differ only harvesters motor power, the volume of the working bowl and augmentations (juicer, blender).

The possibility of a food processor with a meat grinder:

  • Vegetable Carving slices of different shapes and sizes - feature shredder;
  • food processor for pureeing;
  • squeeze the juice from citrus fruits and berries;
  • test preparation;
  • mixing the ingredients;
  • culinary sliced ​​ham, sausage and cheese.

Dignity kombain kitchen with a meat grinder:

  • Equipped with a set of nozzles;
  • Controlled by a push button unit, and sensor mode switch lever;
  • Save energy consumption;
  • Time-saving preparation of culinary dishes.

When selecting the combine pay attention to the price of the goods category and engine power. They - the first criteria for a good purchase.

Mincer also used to prepare the dough the right consistency. The device is exposed to high pressure because give preference model with clean and strong materials.

Price range combine with such a function is always above average. high performance motor is required for cutting meat, if you buy a model with minimal performance, you risk to waste money.

Service life exceeds the mark of quality combine in three years. Pay attention to the manufacturer's warranty and feedback from previous buyers.

Basic characteristics of quality combine with the meat grinder for kitchen:

  1. Motor power exceeding 500 watts.
  2. Bowl made of food-quality plastic or plexiglass.
  3. Nozzle for cutting and twisting of meat is made of stainless steel.
  4. The control unit has at least three switches speed. Choose a model with a button "pulse".
  5. The cabinet is equipped with rubber pads on the legs which prevent sliding on the surface in the active mode.

Give preference model with a working bowl 1.5 liters. This will speed up the cooking process. Optimally choose a bowl of organic glass, which is not harmful to health.

Transparent container allows you to monitor the progress of work without interruptions for review. Professional models of combines are equipped with cups to 5 liters and are designed for cooking on a large number of people in a short time.

Pay attention to the throughput capacity of the combine. This performance - the number of operations per hour - for example, 5 liters of juice, or 2 kg of meat. The capacity depends on the volume of the cup, the size of orifice and motor power.

The control unit is a touch or push. The last type is cheaper, but it has its drawbacks. For example, if the buttons are not protected by a layer of silicone on the inside, then over time they clogged oil and dirt that will prevent the incorporation.

Some models have two modes of operation: mechanical and electronic. The combination allows you to cook in different conditions, even when de-energized device.

Function food processor with a meat grinder

Important: purchase model, which was originally designed to twist meat. This detail is immediately visible in the instructions, where the first section lists available for functional work.

The basis for selecting the combine with the meat grinder - speed switching function. The more diverse the score, the more convenient to pick up treatment for a certain type of meat product processing. It is recommended to purchase a model with 3-6 modes of operation speed.

Useful function - "Pulse". This mode of processing products at the maximum speed, which works as long as you hold the button. The standard duration of a session is 3-6 seconds.

To grind the chicken cutlets to need only three clicks. For looping product function is not used, but it shows the level of the device technology and is used instead of a meat grinder, when it is necessary to reduce the cooking time.

Types of Food Processors with a meat grinder

Mincer in a food processor - it is a separate attachment. It has the shape of a tube and an integrated funnel, which put the pieces of meat, ready for processing.

Give preference to models in which the hopper is equipped with an extra cup, which helps to mechanize the process of feeding meat.

Structurally, all nozzles are similar in appearance and one task. Please note, not all devices are sold in a set with a meat grinder.

Some manufacturers produce the basic unit, which can then buy more dates of your baits.

The advantage from the maximum-equipped models, the cost of which includes attachment for meat grinder. Prefer models that prescribed function looping products instructions.

Since the nozzle design for cutting meat remains similar from one manufacturer, pay attention to the materials from which they are made. The metal parts must be made of hardened stainless steel.

This is required, check the instructions on which knives and cover in detail.

The second measure - performance machine. It depends on the capacity of the motor, and the ratio of displacement of the working capacity.

The classic ratio, which is a start:

Violate these proportions in the lower side is not recommended.

Professional grinder built into the processor, work productively, if the indicators - power of 900 watts and 2-4 liters of the working bowl. Standard device has indicators 500 W and 2 liters of capacity.

Making the choice between them, based on your needs in cooking. If you regularly cook kilograms of meat, it is worth paying attention to professional models.

The advantage of a professional instrument in the productivity of cooking meat, with a capacity of 900-1200 W motor allows faster production per hour. The disadvantage - in an amount of absorbed power.

Some models are designed with a power saving function, but they are more expensive.

Standard models that combine figure of 500 watts of power and a 2-liter bowl, simplify daily cooking in the usual amounts. they are not suitable for regular use.

Basic rules of operation - shared by different manufacturers. Before using the food processor familiar enough with the instructions and follow the rules.

  1. Before using, make sure that the cap is fixed properly and tightly, the cord is not bent and not broken, and the device is not on the water.
  2. Do not wash the appliance if the plug is plugged in. After each use of the nozzle is to be divided, bowl and working unit. The first two are washed in the sink, and the appliance is wiped with a damp sponge.
  3. Use the regimes that are consistent with the nozzles. To prepare the stuffing, use a nozzle for grinder and grind to the fillet - knives, which are installed inside the bowl.
  4. Before you start, familiarize yourself with the recommended procedure time. Do not exceed the allowed limit the use of the device for operations.
  5. Take care that the cup is not filled more than two thirds.
  6. Upon completion of the work, turn off the appliance and disconnect the plug from the outlet.

Following the standard rules, you save a performance machine. If you violate the recommendations in the instructions, you can refuse free service, when the product is under manufacturer's warranty.

For your safety and the safety of the food processor must remember to be careful. Observe precautions for handling electrical appliances.

These include:

  1. Check before switching on: Check that the buttons are at zero.
  2. Before starting the processing, close the lid of the bowl.
  3. You can not use your fingers or foreign objects to push the pieces of food during processing. Use only non-metallic cutlery and tips that came bundled with the combine.
  4. It is impossible to completely fill the work bowl of food, leave one third of the space for processing.
  5. Do not install on a wet surface next to the sink, even if the body is protected by a waterproof material.
  6. Make sure that you have attached to the end of the nozzle.
  7. Do not exceed the permissible time for processing, motor overheating will lead to breakage.

If any faults with the appliance do not repeat the operation and do not include the cable network. The optimal solution - contact the service center to determine the cause of the problem.

A typical fault - the curvature of the blades. If used improperly cutting nozzles of the blunt. There are two options remedy the situation: Natochka and buy new parts.

To avoid the problem, make sure that that in the course of processing in the mechanism does not permit foreign objects. Do not attempt to sharpen the knives, you run the risk of ruin.

The second problem - the engine failure. If more than the recommended time operations, the engine overheats. If the machine does not start, the starter may be broken - adapter between the motor and the start button. Breakage is correctable only in the second case.

If the motor is broken, repair is possible, in some cases, if the cost of profitability. Own a spare part may cost half the price of the new device. If any malfunctions, contact the service center.

How to choose a processor for the kitchen - a description of the characteristics of the models, features, capacity and pricing

Work in the kitchen repels many mistresses. Every day has to spend a lot of time tapping, rubbing, beating, kneading and other necessary stages of cooking. Devices that perform these functions separately, arranged all over the kitchen, taking up workspace. They are easy to replace a food processor, which are included even devices such as juice extractor, chopper, nozzle for dicing.

Modern device that performs multiple functions for cooking - that's what is a harvester. It consists of two main components: the motor and the bowl (two cups). Motor power is different, bowl made of plastic, glass or metal. Depending on the number of nozzles machine performs certain types of work. These include:

  • grinding;
  • shredder;
  • sliced ​​into cubes;
  • test preparation;
  • whipping;
  • squeezing juice;
  • cleaning vegetables.

Although each processor is a multifunctional device, there are several types of these devices. It depends on the equipment of the machine and the possibility of performing different functions. The main types are food processors to:

  • blender;
  • meat grinder;
  • nozzle for dicing;
  • juicer;
  • attachment for dough kneading.

Among the reputable manufacturers are the following brands: Bimby, Bosch, Braun, Clatronic, Kenwood, Russell Hobbs, Moulinex, Mystery, Philips, Redmond, Vitesse, Rohaus. The first line in popularity over multiple brands, depending on the functions performed by devices. Below are the best processors:

These devices vary widely in price and equipment. Before you buy a combine, think about what meals you cook often. It depends on it, how to choose a kitchen car. Do you need a grinder or you prefer to buy ready-made stuffing? Would you use a juicer or she does not have to be included with? Those who love baking, must purchase the device that kneads the dough.

Among the popular items among customers listed multi-processor from KitchenAid products. It is designed for high-volume food and serves several different functions:

  • model name: KitchenAid 5KFP1335ER;
  • price: 23060 p .;
  • characteristics: power 300 W, capacity 3.1 L, 2 speed, maximum rotation speed of 1750 rpm, nozzles - 7 units, among them a universal knife nozzle whipping, kneading the dough, sliced, the housing is made of plastic, the length of the network cord 0.6 m, small bowl volume 0.95 l;
  • pros: yes pulse mode, the place where the details are stored;
  • cons: no blender.

Another option that is in high demand, will cost several times cheaper. Clatronic company offers a device with several modes and many features for a low price:

  • model name: Clatronic KM 3645;
  • price: 4758-6299 p .;
  • characteristics: power 600 W, bowl 1.5 liter 1.5 liter blender, 3 speeds, pulse mode, 6 nozzles, including whipping dough, cooking julienne universal knife grater beaker;
  • pros: stepless adjustment, the kit included a juicer, a protection against overload;
  • Cons: Not found.

A handy feature cutting cubes have not all devices. Since it is in demand, many manufacturers have introduced her to a separate sale and made suitable for the models in which it was previously not possible. Initially, this function include some kitchen appliances from Bosch. Nozzles cut like raw food and cooked:

  • model name: Bosch MCM 552;
  • price: 7500-8299 p .;
  • Specifications: main bowl volume 3.9 liter blender bowl for additional 1.5 liters, there is a brush for cleaning, two kinds of graters are provided among the functions shredder (1 and 3 mm), the milling products, juicer, blade, emulsifying device ;
  • pros: Cover the containers are closed at the locks;
  • Cons: Not found.

The second company, which began producing kitchen units with a device for cutting into cubes - a Redmond. Its appliances also get on well with meats, and in addition it can perform many other necessary in food preparation functions:

  • model name: Redmond RFP-305;
  • price: 6400-7080 p .;
  • characteristics: power 700 W, included - the blender, 2 speed of rotation of 17000 revolutions per minute, there is provided a pulsed mode, nozzles 7, including a utility knife, 2 types of grater disc, cut into strips, disc, diced;
  • pros: there is a place to store accessories, overload protection;
  • Cons: Not found.

The company Bosch is leading not only in quality, but also on a variety of devices manufactured. Many of them are equipped with features that other companies are only as independent kitchen devices such as grinder:

  • model name: Bosch MUM 4855;
  • price: 8190-16190 p .;
  • characteristics: power 600 watt, high capacity 3.9 L blender in 1 liter, 4-speed, rotation of 12250 rpm, chopper has 8 nozzles, among which device for whipping, for the test, the disk for cutting straws grater 1 species;
  • pros: yes overload protection, storage space for accessories, compartment, which houses the power cord, a gift is a DVD-disk with recipes;
  • Cons: Not found.

No less functional processor offers a meat grinder manufacturer Moulinex QA217132. In addition to various nozzles, it also includes a blender:

  • model name: moulinex QA217132;
  • price: 8551-14590 p .;
  • characteristics: power 700 W, 1 cup volume of 3.5 liter blender bowl accommodates 1 liter, 5-speed, there is the pulse mode, nozzles 9, which can be kneaded dough whisking chafe, cut into slices, the cord length of 0.9 m, weight 6.27 kg, dimensions 21x45x18 cm;
  • pros: there is a compartment for storing the cord;
  • Cons: Not found.

If you need a mechanism that performs all the basic functions, but it takes a bit of space, choose a company Arnica products. Small but powerful kitchen mini-harvester will become your indispensable assistant:

  • model name: Arnica Prokit 444 Plus;
  • price: 4579-6240 p .;
  • characteristics: power 800 W, the container 2 at 1.5 L, 3 speed, the kit includes a juicer, a utility knife, a nozzle, cutting slices, grater, blender;
  • pros: there is room for tips, rubberized feet;
  • Cons: Not found.

Less than perfect, but cheaper cooking device that is in demand, is manufactured by Delimano. It provides the basic necessary work on cutting, as well as a juicer:

  • model name: Delimano Family Kitchen Star;
  • price: 3999 p .;
  • characteristics: power 150 W, have a juicer, three nozzles among which grater disc and julienne slices;
  • advantages: small size;
  • cons: no blender, low power.

Philips has developed a well-known brand kitchen appliance at an average price with a lot of possibilities. Among them, a handy feature for making juice from citrus fruits:

  • model name: Philips HR7774 / 0;
  • price: 12210 p .;
  • characteristics: power of 1000 W, the main container accommodates 3.4 liter capacity blender cup is designed for 1.5 liters, complete a juicer, a utility knife, beater, dough, emulsion, wheels for slicing and shredding;
  • pros: long cord 1.2 m, non-slip knife, feed the camera is wide, so that vegetables can be put entirely;
  • Cons: Only pulse mode, noisy.

No less powerful device offered by Bosch. In a food processor, a plurality of operation modes, a large number of nozzles, rugged stainless steel bowl:

  • model name: Bosch MUM 58243;
  • Price: 18269-28490 p .;
  • characteristics: power of 1000 W, the main container accommodates 3.9 liter capacity blender cup designed to 1.25 L, 7 speed modes, smooth adjustment, complete juicer, citrus press, eight nozzles, with which to whipping, kneading dough, grate, slice, julienne;
  • pros: provides overload protection, space for attachments, the cord;
  • Cons: Not found.

Most versatile instrument to facilitate the work in the kitchen provide a function for kneading dough. Good quality, average price, the most necessary functions is characterized by the following model of Moulinex:

  • model name: moulinex QA5001;
  • Price: 10699-15990 p .;
  • characteristics: power 900W, bowl capacity of 4.6 L, 6 velocities, the pulse mode in the nozzle assembly 3, including dough for whipping;
  • pros: stainless steel bowl;
  • Cons: Not found.

Many more features is equipped with another device from Moulinex. It raids at capacity, but its price is lower:

  • model name: moulinex QA217132;
  • price: 8491-14990 p .;
  • characteristics: power 700 W, main bowl is 3.5 liters, 1 liter blender, 5-speed, pulse mode, in set of nozzles 9, through which the dough can be kneaded, beating, rubbing, cut into slices, weight 6.27 kg dimensions 21x45x18 cm cord length 0.9 m;
  • pros: there is a place to store the cord;
  • Cons: Not found.

High-quality kitchen unit with a mechanical control type offers a Chinese manufacturer of Redmond. It offers several control modes and a good set of tips:

  • model name: Redmond RFP-304;
  • price: 8299 p .;
  • Features: 2 velocity nozzle 5 which perform cutting (including cubes), rub, chopped, minced, sliced ​​potatoes for preparation of stock, pulse mode;
  • pros: provides overtemperature shutdown;
  • Cons: Not found.

A simple device for the preparation of minced or mashed potatoes, chopping vegetables and fruit, whipping and other jobs offered by Bradex. It is lightweight, fast to clean:

  • model name: Bradex «Multi-Master";
  • Price: 1 175 p .;
  • Features: Mechanical control type 1 tip, white with green;
  • pros: The kit includes a colander, a container for drying vegetables;
  • Cons: Not found.

Choosing kitchen appliances for the house, you must build on several criteria. These are the characteristics of your future system:

  • Power. If you need a multi-processor, which will deal with all stated in the job description, choose the power from 800 to 1000 watts.
  • Speed ​​mode. If you are staying on a simple shredder, 1-2 speeds enough for him to carry out qualitatively their work. For more complex tasks choose machine with a large number of speeds.
  • Equipment. On the number of nozzles depends on the number and the machine will work. Pay attention to the presence of the second bowl, which is designed for the blender.
  • Additional functions. These include pulse mode, protection against overheating. They are comfortable, but not mandatory, so if you care about how much it costs a food processor, and you do not want to overpay, do not focus on them.


I have long thought before you buy a food processor in the online store cheap. I bought in the store Foxtrot Russian. I chose between the German Braun and Kenwood. I stopped at the last. Purchase sent by mail, it works well. Of all the elements I use most Mixers, vegetable cutter (fine cut cabbage), a mixer.

I took a professional elektrokombayn on sale at a discount, so did not work out very expensive. Choose Brand Philips. She has a good processor, thickets material - metal, there are all sorts of functions. Household chores since take much less time. Accustomed to such a device, it is already impossible to do without it. I recommend.

I have a small kitchen, so the choice fell on the food processor is the most compact. After a review of various instruments stopped at Molineux, because he is good and has been for the shares. I ordered it from St. Petersburg to Moscow, the delivery cost of a few hundred rubles. It is very convenient to cook pancakes thanks to the special nozzle.

Food processor with a meat grinder and juicer

Review of popular models with a meat grinder Food processor and juicer, features and advice in the selection

Prepare a variety of fast and healthy meals will help the food processor - an electrical appliance that combines the functions of a blender, mixer, grater and other devices. Today, stores offer a huge selection of harvesters: from the simplest one bowl and a pair of nozzles to the cutting edge models with intelligent control and all kinds of functions.

Food processor with a meat grinder and juicer - is a multifunctional device with a set of all the necessary functions. If you cook often, and a family has children, then such a device will be indispensable in the kitchen. Ease electric mincer overemphasized when cooking hamburgers, cabbage, meatballs and other meats. And with convenient juicer you can easily make a variety of juices from fruits, berries and vegetables.

The choice of model food processor with a meat grinder and juicer

Assistant to the kitchen has become a really useful acquisition, simplifying the preparation of food for cooking, should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • capacity of the cup and the material from which it is made;
  • parameters of the motor and the number of speeds;
  • availability of baits;
  • additional functions.

Manufacturers Food Processors equip their models of different tonnage working capacity - from 1 to 6 liters. The main criterion when choosing - is the number of products that need to process simultaneously. If a large family, and the volume should be selected no less than 3-4 liters. It should be borne in mind that the stated capacity of the characteristics different from the useful, that is, in fact, the products will go down less. Some food processors are equipped with two or three working containers of different volume, which is useful in accordance with the number of products.

Most often the working container material - high-strength food grade plastic. Much rarer are working container glass, resistant to thermal shock and impact. Expensive food processors equipped with a stainless steel bowl. All three materials are comparable in reliability, so which one to choose, by and large, - a matter of taste.

Motor power and number of rates

The motor performance depends on the quality and speed of its mission. For example, to chop the ice and grind frozen meat low power device can not. Also challenging will knead the dough.

The capacious working capacity, the greater must be the power of the motor. To 1.5 liter volume sufficient power of 300 W to 2 L - 400 watts, and for a 3 liter requires at least 700 watts of power. When choosing between the food processor with the same tonnage of working containers to be preferred to that equipped with a powerful motor and, consequently, it has a great potential.

Speeds of rotation can be switched in a step 2-15 or infinitely adjustable. Small speed suitable for mixing the ingredients, while the high speed required for shredding or grinding the solid product.

The more items are included with the unit, the higher its price. Often the majority of baits are used rarely or never used. Some manufacturers equip food processors only basic facilities with the possibility to purchase additional, what is stated in the specifications.

What are tips:

  • utility knife;
  • beaters;
  • graters;
  • knives for slicing and dice;
  • grinder for grinding solids in a small amount (nuts, herbs);
  • blender;
  • hook for kneading;
  • spherical whisk for whipping eggs or cream.

Not all food processors equipped with both a meat grinder and juicer, but it is also not uncommon. Auger chopper, unlike the main blade grinding, allows to prepare more suitable for stuffing meat dishes even consistency of meat with streaks and films.

Juicers are divided into citrus and universal. Most models are equipped with only citrus but it is possible to find the right model with two types included. Citrus press is ribbed rotary blade, which when pressed against a half of the fruit juice flows down into the container. Universal juicer (or centrifuge) is used to extract juice from different fruits, vegetables and berries. It is worth mentioning that built juicer less work efficiently in comparison with specialized. However, with a small amount of juicing they cope.

Additional features also include: planetary motion whisks for better mixing of the ingredients, the presence of a pulse mode to quickly reach the desired degree of comminution.

Models of Food Processors with a meat grinder and juicer

The leader of the most popular among customers - the company Bosch. Other manufacturers are also not lagging behind in device functionality. It is worth noting food processors with a meat grinder and juicer from Kenwood and Moulinex.

The most popular today combine model with a meat grinder and juicer.

  • the average price of 12,400 rubles .;
  • 900 Watts;
  • bowl capacity of 3.9 liters;
  • 7 of speeds;
  • Included blender, chopper, citrus press;
  • 6 nozzles, including kneading dough tough;
  • pulse mode;
  • stainless steel cup;
  • planetary rotation for better mixing of the ingredients;
  • able to purchase the necessary supplies;
  • the kit includes a DVD with recipes for various dishes.

Buyers say good value for money, compact, most satisfied with the work and functions of the device.

  • the average price of 14,900 rubles .;
  • 900 Watts;
  • stainless steel bowl volume 4.3 L;
  • separate container for shredding and cutting;
  • 5 speeds;
  • Included blender, grinder, juicer 2: citrus and universal;
  • 6 nozzles for slicing, chopping, whipping and kneading;
  • planetary mixing ingredients;
  • complete CD with 90 recipes for dishes;
  • option to purchase additional accessories;
  • compact dimensions: 31.5 x 24 x 28.5 cm.

Reviews of the device, generally good. Among the shortcomings can be identified a lot of noise during operation.

  • the average price of 6800 rubles .;
  • power 1000 W;
  • plastic cup volume of 3 L;
  • 2 speeds;
  • Included blender, grinder, juicer 2: citrus and universal;
  • pulse mode;
  • 6 nozzles, including the dough and the disc for french fries;
  • book with recipes.

Buyers are happy with the choice, but note the ineffective work of the universal juicer.

The author: Markov E.

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