The combination of wallpaper


A stylish combination of wallpaper: 9 ideas to success

By combining wallpaper and custom solutions can achieve the original combination of visual effects wallpaper - is not only bold, but also a practical solution. Repair is rarely perfect, but due to the texture of the wallpaper can be nice to beat even the not entirely smooth joints of the ceiling and walls. How to combine together the various wallpaper in one room, make it look good?

Combining two colors wallpaper

The interior of the same rules apply composition as in any other art space, e.g., on the canvas.

Combining wallpaper way of selecting horizons will join harmoniously in any design style

What results can be achieved if the right to choose the combi wallpaper:

  • Divide the room space into zones;
  • Competently accents in the interior;
  • Select single niche or wall;
  • Hide repair defects;
  • Emphasize the stylistic orientation flat;
  • Make the room personal, special bearing the imprint of the taste and character of the owner.

All of the interior details have to either create a background or to attract attention. A guest entering the room, immediately got the right impression, it is necessary to set clear accents on the walls. Combining wallpaper highlights one wall or part of it, and this plane becomes the primary beacon attention. The remaining walls are of secondary importance.

Examples of such a composite solutions:

  • One wall - bright wallpaper, 3 other walls - bright, neutral, without pattern wallpaper;
  • Part of the wall is highlighted more vivid wallpaper than the bezel.

Ways of combining wallpaper can include a variety of options, but you must follow the general design concept

If you are using the horizontal separation of the wallpaper in two colors, the lower part must be darker than the top. With a vertical division, be aware that bright wallpaper visually expand the space, and the dark - constrict and heavier. Therefore, if the interior is built on contrasts, vertical separation wall wallpaper two colors must be balanced in composition.

Examples of combining the vertical wallpaper:

  • Niche papered with wallpaper darker than the walls;
  • Background on the center of the wall is lighter than on the edges;
  • On the edge of a door or window opening - lighter wallpaper, than in the rest of the room.

Before gluing wallpaper, they must be well chosen. To do this, we must advance to imagine how will be placed accents in the interior. For this to be seen clearly, you need to take paper and pencil, draw schematically the room and approximately figure out where and what will be pokleit wallpaper. To find the best option for the composition, it is necessary to try several different combinations.

Desktop Companion in the interior (video)

How to combine wallpaper with one another: the principles of compatibility

Wallpapers have color and texture. To mix the two colors together looked good, the wallpaper should be of uniform thickness. Vinyl wallpaper must be combined with vinyl and paper to paper. Washable wallpaper is used for gluing the bottom of the room, for example, in the nursery. According to the thickness of the cloth, they should coincide with key, otherwise it will be seen an ugly protrusion in place of docking. In addition to color, fabric wallpaper may have a pattern.

What rules must be observed that the combination looked well, not only on paper but also in the interior:

  • Use no more than one bright pattern;
  • Background wall cover neutral paper;
  • If you are using 2 or more patterns, they should be similar in style and color.

Vertical patterns visually lengthen the walls and raise the ceiling

Horizontal patterns visually expand the flat wall, increase the amount of space. Each other is not recommended to combine the vertical and horizontal patterns, especially bright and contrasting colors. If a guest room will go with epilepsy, he can start an attack.

To all the guests feel comfortable, it is best not to use bright, only vertical or only horizontal patterns.

A successful combination in the interior wallpaper

Some people are tired of the saturated colors of the walls. The design of the interior is built on harmony and accents, so that the room was always cozy, it is necessary to focus not more than 1 wall.

How to choose the main and background wallpaper:

  • Wallpaper two colors must be either warm or cool colors such as light blue and green, pale pink and peach;
  • Wallpaper two colors should be the same on shine or gloss or matt.

Desktop Companion should be a single color direction, otherwise the design will be dissonant

It is necessary to combine the two colors of the wallpaper shine, based on this principle all design series wallpaper. The interior look better combined matte texture wallpaper simple.

How different wallpaper in one room change room

Room with an unusual arrangement of wallpaper should be in harmony with the rest of the repairs in the apartment.

Where appropriate to use a combination of two colors wallpaper:

  • In a small room, to visually expand the space;
  • In the hallway, to protect against contamination of the bottom wall;
  • In the nursery, use washable wallpaper on the bottom edge of the wall.

In a narrow corridor or a studio apartment with a small area is very appropriate combination of two colors wallpaper

Thus, it appears that it is not only interesting, but also a practical option wall design.

Options for combining wallpaper: harmony and contrast

The color and texture of the wallpaper - it's some information about the owner's taste, so you need to select the design of the interior according to their own preferences. Then the room would be nice.

Catchy contrast between the faded and saturated shades of the same color - a combination of topical principles interior wallpaper

The combination of the two colors in the same room should be built on the following principles 1:

  • The contrast between the color saturated and unsaturated;
  • The proximity of the location of the palette of colors, shades of the same color;
  • Variations in warm or cold gamut;
  • Similar or identical in color wallpaper with different patterns.

Sales can be found not only flat, but also raised the wallpaper. Relief animates the walls, however, the composition will look good, in the same room should be 1 or 2 maximum relief. If you use the 2 relief, wallpaper should be uniform in color.

A combination of wallpaper on the walls (video)

Ready-made solution: twin wallpapers for walls

Many collections immediately provide range of options for the combination of wallpaper.

What are the advantages of pair of wallpaper from a single source:

  • No need to doubt his taste, you can use the already picked up a combination of two colors;
  • No need to think about the composition, the designer has everything figured out in advance;
  • Can be proud to show guests repairs and be sure that all will appreciate it.

Combining wallpaper ready-made canvases allows to save time and get guaranteed good result

Often paired wallpaper advance trimmed as necessary, and indicates the allowance that the seam is smooth. The manual shows how to hang wallpaper like fabric placed on the wall with respect to each other. The only disadvantage of this embodiment - no creative component.

The practical design of the walls of different colors wallpaper

Washable wallpaper last a long time and are pleased easy to care for. Therefore, if there is a question about how to decorate the lower part of the wall, the best solution - is a combination with a washable wallpaper texture. In the hallway, kitchen and child horizontal division using washable backsheet will save a lot of strength, nerves and money.

To not update repair every 2-3 years, you can pre-make your life easier and to consider not only the design, but also the consumer part of the question

Beautiful Washable wallpaper can close the space at a height of 1 - 1.5 m above the floor plinth. This part of the walls often get dirty, scratched and exposed to wear and tear. Think through a combination of wallpaper is always better to be on paper, and only then implement in the interior.

How to glue wallpaper combined: the subtleties of craftsmanship

Smooth joints between the blades - it is a prerequisite neat and attractive appearance of the walls. It does not matter, how will the combination of wallpaper, vertically or horizontally, if you plan to use one wall 2 and a cloth - to do the layout. With a tape, level and pencil should delimit zone.

It is undesirable to hang wallpaper overlapping seams can gradually move away, to swell and lose an attractive appearance.

Smooth docking on a marking on the wall is carried out in four hands with the assistant. Pre-need to clearly mark the very fabric, cut it to the desired length. The most difficult option - it is a horizontal arrangement, because you need to not just pokleit wallpaper from the corner or from the ceiling, and exactly from the central part of the wall.

Some wallpapers are stretched when impregnated with glue. If the repair is really expensive, but the experience in the glueing little, you must first figure out how much fabric is stretched, and how it then shrinks

  • The horizontal arrangement of two colors - first top, then the bottom;
  • For vertical - first the left canvas, then right;
  • Pasting a niche - a niche first, then the walls;
  • Pasting diagonally - first top, then the bottom.

Between the horizontal joints looks bad even gap of 0.1 mm, so the exact calculation - the basis of high-quality repairs. Before mounting you need to carefully read the instructions in the wallpaper, use a suitable adhesive, to try to take into account the allowance. If experience in this matter is not, and need a quality repair, it is better to entrust a complex fining room professional builders.

The combination of wallpaper and paint the walls: comfortable and original

Painting with tinting is actively used on flat walls. But what if the repair is not perfect?

Using a combination of paint and wallpaper can hide any defects and give room stylish and attractive appearance

The combination of paint and wallpaper in two colors, ideas:

  • Contrast, bright colors, more vivid wallpaper or paint saturated colors, the background wallpaper;
  • Harmony in color, similar color of wallpaper and paint;
  • Wallpapering one wall with wallpaper, paint the remaining walls;
  • Isolation wall painting, pasting the remaining walls;
  • Vertical or horizontal separation walls to the painted and pasted part.

The room may look different in artificial and natural light, so it is best to try to unobtrusive wall, evaluate results, and then apply all over the apartment.

To successfully combine the paint and wallpaper, you need to use either a glossy or matte texture on shine

Gently combine the paint and wallpaper can be used only if there is a gap of 1.5 - 2 cm at the seam. The paint should come under the wallpaper to fabric could smooth and flawless cover up the joint. Conveniently arrange so arches, niches and slopes of the window opening.

Combining wallpaper: designer tips (video)

The combination of wallpaper and paint gives room for creativity, because you can beat the original and fresh, even the standard layout of the apartment. Making two kinds of wallpaper, or wallpaper and paint is suitable even for walls with non-ideal surface.

Combining wallpaper in the interior - the original methods and techniques

Combining wallpaper in the interior space, allows for originality and dynamism. Here I must say that if before the combination in the interior wallpaper was a wonder, now that no one is surprised. And most designers tend to use a combination of wallpaper to create a unique interior.

This trend has not gone unnoticed and the manufacturers of wallpaper, so they are trying to create these wallpapers, which are on the canvas several drawings combined with each other.

Whatever it was, but people continue to be interested in a combination of different wallpapers at interior design. Therefore, it is proposed to consider the ways of combinations that exist at the moment.

Terms and combining tasks

If a person begins to think about the fact, whether the glue to it the same wallpaper in the room, or a combination of wallpaper in different colors and with different patterns, most modern designers tend to use the second option. The fact is that if recourse to such a method of decorating the room, by the same token, you can not only create different decorative effects in a room, but also in visual terms to change the size and area of ​​the room. And also try to zone it. Often unable even to hide flaws and highlight the premises its merits.

How to allocate the advantages and disadvantages to remove?

If selected with the pattern or color wallpaper different from the pattern (colors) of the basic wallpaper, a certain place in the room, it will thus make it the "principal" place, which will linger look. Moreover - in this way, when people look at what delayed one place, it is possible to divert their attention from the possible shortcomings of the room. For example, by chipping the plaster on the walls or ceiling. And it employs a rule that the brighter the image will be "distracting" the wallpaper, the lower the chance for people to notice the shortcomings premises.

Isolation and focusing on the ledge of the wall.

Sometimes it is necessary to make a band in one room, performing a variety of functions. Ways of organizing such zones may be several, but in most cases can be used with all kinds of wallpaper patterns or colors. It should not be afraid to experiment to get enough of unusual combinations. In this respect, it will depend on how necessary to select a particular zone. And also you will be using the room partition, or you plan to use only visual zoning.

For example, children can be visually divided into two parts if it okleit, 50x50 wallpaper blue and pink flowers and deliver septum. Either in the center of the kitchen table easy to take and combine wallpaper with one some color tone and wallpaper with a pattern on the wall.

The room is divided into two parts with the help of wallpaper.

This wall can be called one of the simplest methods of combining wallpaper. Usually the room has only one such wall, although sometimes it may happen that it is necessary to emphasize two adjacent or opposite walls. And surprised that such a wall will have a fundamental difference from the other walls, it is not necessary. It may alternatively be different saturation of colors, patterns, etc. But in any case, we echo element in such a method can be considered the overall hue.

Separate dedicated wall-paper. Photos -

focus point on the accent wall is different in that it is not in the wall, and is located in any one part of the wall. Those. using wallpaper with a different shade can carve out a zone where there is a fireplace, an antique sideboard, hanging paintings, worth a bed, etc.

Part of the wall, the bed allocated wallpaper.

In the process of selection of combinations of wallpaper we must remember about some similar elements, which may be the same style pattern or ornament, a similar pattern geometry, shades of the same color, etc.

Plain wallpaper of the same color with different shades

This method is suitable for those who love the monotony in the interior. This approach involves pasting one or more walls wallpapered with saturated hue. Quite often there is a combination of blue, beige, gray and shades of colors.

Monochrome wallpaper different shades-combined both among themselves and with patterned wallpaper.

Combine patterned wallpaper with monophonic

If so, and "itching" to paste over the walls of large panels, it will be much better if the other walls in the room are papered with self-colored wallpaper. Exactly the same technique is applied in the presence of the pattern on the wallpaper with large color or pattern of geometric shapes.

Patterned wallpaper combined with a monophonic.

Combining wallpaper with different patterns

Long-standing tradition is the use of a combination of wallpaper with vertical stripes and wallpaper with a floral pattern. However, they must be properly combined with the wallpaper on similar colors. A similar floral designs can be perfectly combined with patterns "wood" theme. Cubes, strips and different geometric shapes combine well with drawings, abstractions. However, this method is considered to be dangerous, so it is necessary to use it with extreme caution and try to carefully pick up patterns.

The combination of wallpaper with different patterns and different colors.

The combination of wallpaper with different colors

Here we have to remember that neutral colors should be combined with more active. Although, if you create a bright interior and a youth, then you can experiment with in full contrast of colors. Using this technique is very suitable for the separation space into zones.

The combination of white wallpaper with pictures and wallpaper stripes.

vertical stripes

In this case, you have to buy wallpaper with the same texture and width. But the color should be different. The strips of wallpaper pasting necessary after 1 or 2. In this regard, method of application is typically used wallpapers with close to each other hues (monochrome) or wallpaper application with different colors (contrasting).

Option 1 provides that the horizontal striping will create a very interesting play of light and shadow on the wall. Option 2 means that the wall will not only create a background for the room, but also be its main focus, which will create the overall mood in the room.

You can try and stick these wallpapers, which have a different design. For example, to apply alternating wallpaper flowered and striped. However, this solution does not fit all interiors, but only for those that are decorated in a retro style.

Sheets of wallpaper can be joined to each other in different ways. You can use the traditional method of butt - overlapping, or try to attach zigzag or wave. Although, to be honest, "wavy" dock - it is work for experienced and beginners do not deal with it.

Wallpapers of different colors forming a vertical line.

Paste over the wall wallpaper horizontally becomes fashionable. And this technique is used in the design of almost all buildings, regardless of their style. Often carried a combination of panels of cork or wood with wallpaper and subsequent painting. However, in recent years the division walls used in the horizontal direction, and only with the help of wallpaper. And here it is possible to use a combination as contrasting wallpaper and similar to each other in shades. Good use with the different texture of the wallpaper. This is when, for example, the lower part of the walls is glued vinyl wallpaper plaster, while the upper part - textile.

In this method of zoning or separation should not forget that the joints must necessarily emphasize the special curbs. As such a border is quite suitable as a paper edging and slats of wood or PVC skirting boards for ceilings, etc. In any case, it will depend on what type of wallpaper have thickness. If it is the same, the approach and the border of the paper. If it is different, you should try other kinds. For the border of the paper is in this respect badly hide the joints.

But here there are questions regarding proper separation walls horizontally and dock height of wallpaper? The answers depend on many factors, which include the height of the ceiling. On average, the lower half of the horizontal should have a height of not more than 1 m. Although this is true only if the room has low ceilings. At high ceilings is the separation between the wallpaper should be held above. Maximum - 1.5-2 meters above the floor.

It is important to remember that the distance at which the wallpaper will be joined must be measured from the floor, but not from the ceiling. Otherwise, it may be very noticeable unevenness of wallpaper seam to the floor. And it is ugly.

Wallpapers combined in a horizontal direction.

It may be initially painted wall paint or wallpaper paste on them, and only at the end of the primary stick trim inserts cut from the wallpaper, which are thicker. If desired or beauty such inserts is recommended decorate moldings. To draw the wall in such a way it would be appropriate for those premises, the interior of which is decorated in a classic style, Rococo and Baroque style. It is desirable that such inserts were curly. They can be obtained by simply cutting out of the wallpaper, which are large-sized pattern.

You can also try to paste over the room walls different wallpaper that will dramatically highlight the areas in the room. For example, the wall behind the TV so it is recommended to paste over wallpaper that will contrast sharply wallpaper on the other walls. Although, you can not even devote an entire wall, and a certain part of it.

With such a combination of different colors of wallpaper, patterns and colors can be zoned any room. In addition, each member of the family, "will receive" a zone where it will be comfortable. However, it should be able to arrange the furniture properly.

Insertion of wallpaper framed by moldings and located on the painted wall.

The combination of using flaps

To perform such a combination, you must pick up these wallpapers, which will be very well combined with each other. Then the wallpaper should be cut to the desired length and stick the butt or lap, chaotic or orderly - as anyone who wishes. These pieces can even be pasted on the wall, like a checkerboard, or as something else, like a fantasy suggests.

The combination of using scraps of wallpaper.

If the room has a niche or protruding parts, at first glance this may seem like a drawback, but in fact it is not. And you can not even try to hide or disguise these places - it still does not work. But make them stand out from the total space of the room as possible. But to do this they will have wallpapered contrasting colors.

The projection selected wallpaper.

1. In the process of choosing a wallpaper for the combination, it is desirable to wear a crash that piece of wallpaper, which is necessary to pick up a pair. Although, it is best to compare sheeted rolls suitable colors. The only way to figure out whether this wallpaper combined with each other or not.

2. When the vertical combining only necessary to use wallpaper same thickness as different thickness of wallpaper will then be seen in the well-marked seams.

3. Do not forget at the same time try to "kill 2 birds with one stone." Those. combine pictures and at the same time visually correct the shortcomings of the room. The room will look taller if you combine wallpaper paste or in the form of different bands. In very high rooms you can apply horizontal division and thus visually slightly reduce its height.

How to combine wallpaper with each other - 45 photo interiors

Home »Interior Design» How to combine wallpaper with each other - 45 photo interiors

Wallpaper - one of the most popular types of wall coverings today: they are relatively inexpensive and allow you to implement any design ideas. Thus, in recent years it has become very fashionable combination of wallpaper in the interior. Different ways of combining the wallpaper can give a room an original look, zoned space, visually adjust its proportions and even reduce the cost of repairs: the remnants of wallpaper is usually sold at discounted prices. In this article you will learn how to combine the wallpaper design in one room. See 45 photos with examples of good combinations and take away the best mental note!

The combination of wallpaper in one room: the basic principles

The combination of the wallpaper in the interior - is not a new idea. But since in today's market there are so many wallpaper patterns with unusual textures and effects are great stress each other, the course design is experiencing a new peak of its popularity.

To decide how best to combine the wallpaper in a particular room, before starting repairs should evaluate its characteristics such as shape, ceiling height, location of windows and doors.

The large and spacious rooms with high ceilings, you can feel free to use any combination of the wallpaper, which will be given to you later in this article. The main problem of the spacious interior - is the creation of comfort. The combination of wallpaper with two different patterns will help you solve this problem without the use of excessive amounts of furniture and decor.

For small rooms great idea is a combination of plain wallpaper without pattern with bright finish on some walls. Remember that small patterns to visually reduce the size of the wall, and large, on the contrary, increase. Similarly, the bright and dark wallpaper help "ukorotit9raquo; long wall, and the light - to increase short. Next photo interior demonstrates how this simple rule works in practice.

In addition, the combination of wallpaper helps to bring a playful mood in the interior design, which is not recommended to use bright and impressive things. First of all, this applies to the bedrooms and children's rooms. Wall decoration for the head beautiful wallpaper with an expressive pattern and / or coloring will not be able to excite your mind before going to sleep, but it will delight you with its originality in the daytime.

When choosing wallpaper for a combination of interior, remember that they should not be very different. The room will look harmonious and coherent, if their will be at least something to combine color, pattern or texture. Furthermore, incongruous wall coating should preferably have a total thickness of the material, or joints therebetween will not look neat and aesthetically pleasing.

How to combine the wallpaper on the color in the interior

To understand how to combine the wallpaper color, the color wheel is useful to you scheme shown in the following figure.

You see? And then it gets even easier:

  1. To the interior looked calm and elegant, choose a combination of colors wallpaper of two adjacent sectors of the color wheel.
  2. For an active and vibrant interior design pick up the wallpaper opposite shades.

Pasting of walls different wallpaper: a combination of wallpaper photos of rooms

There are different ways by different room pokleit wallpaper. Let us list the most popular ones and take a look at 33 photos used in the interior:

  1. Vertical stripes of different wallpaper on one wall.
  2. Horizontal separation wall and wallpaper borders.
  3. Allocation of niches and other architectural features.
  4. Pasting of walls different wallpaper in one room.
  5. Inlays of wallpaper on the walls.

Everything in order:

1. How to combine two types of wallpaper vertical

One of the easiest, but the most impressive design techniques today! You can apply on the walls alternating vertical stripes of equal width and wallpaper textures or decorate one of the walls of a broad band, which will allocate it.

The first method is to combine the wallpaper fit any interior, where it will create a noble and refined atmosphere. The second is better to use in the living room (on the wall for the brave or TV), hall or any other place where you need to allocate a separate piece of furniture and furnishings.

2. Horizontal-combined wallpaper

This option is a combination of wallpaper you will certainly know firsthand. Before it was used when it was necessary to save money on decorating the walls. Most of the rooms of the lower wall coverings wear out faster than the top. Update only to the affected area allowing the wallpaper to significantly reduce repair costs.

Today, such a move is also popular in bathrooms, hallways and children. At the bottom of used durable washable dark color, and above - all your favorite patterns. The wall is divided into 3 parts, the upper two of which hang wallpaper a design, and the lower - the other. At the same time there are a few ideas for a classic combination:

  1. Bottom - wallpaper with stripes top - wallpaper plain or with a fine pattern;
  2. Bottom - plain wallpaper, top - wallpaper with bright pattern;
  3. Bottom - a beautiful floral pattern, top - the usual wallpaper.

Horizontal joint, which is formed by such a combination of wallpapers, can serve as an additional decorative element in the interior. You can use it like a traditional borders for wallpaper and stucco plaster or polyurethane.

3. Different wallpaper in one room for the allocation of niches and ledges

Many niches and protruding elements (like a chimney from the fireplace) play an important role in the architecture of the space and therefore should not be hidden or somehow concealed. On the contrary, they should emphasize and highlight on the background of a common space, the walls papered with wallpaper in a contrasting color or pattern. More about how to combine the wallpaper in the interior and its niche, you will prompt the following photos.

Also read: Trendy wallpaper in the style of a loft - a selection of the best photos in the interior

4. How to combine different wallpaper on the walls

Recently we wrote about the fact that the wallpapers are back in fashion. As a rule, when they look most impressive when occupied an entire wall. To emphasize their designers use a combination with simple monochrome wallpaper on the remaining walls.

But how to combine different wallpaper on the walls to each other? When the entire wall in the interior decorated with different wall coverings (except Desktop, creating the illusion of extra space), it can visually reduce its size. Therefore, this combination is most often used in large rooms to be divided into zones. For example, in a child's room bright wallpaper, you can select the playing area, in the living room - the wall behind the TV, in the office - for Executive Chair.

Yet, this method is a combination of wallpaper used rarely, except in cases when it is necessary to emphasize the transition from one room to another. Because today more and more people refuse excessive doors and partitions in their home, then to visually separate one room from another of wallpaper of different designs. However, the effect of this technique will be spoiled if the walls are very different among themselves. So choose a combination of wallpaper that are close in color or pattern as on the following photo.

5. inlays of wallpaper on the walls

How else can combine wallpaper with each other? One of the interesting trends in recent years are the inlays in the wallpaper, which will not only give the interior a stylish bar, but also help to hide defects of the old wall coverings. Typically, this is done with the help of wallpaper contrasting color or with expressive patterns. See photos:

Applying in practice these tips, you can create a truly unique interior. But remember that in challenging spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom, you can combine wallpaper with tiles, panels and other finishing materials. On the one hand, the use of wallpaper can significantly save you money on repairs, but on the other - finish tiles complex zones extend its validity for a few years. Good luck!

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