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Welcome, dear guest, and a lover of dolls. In the autumn I sewed Bonechka red jumpsuit. I suggest you sew overalls for doll any growth because the pattern unitard you can do yourself.

If you have a pattern of trousers and a dress or coat pattern for the doll, you can make any jumpsuit for autumn or winter, every summer overalls for doll or a small child. To do this, connect the two patterns at the waist line - pattern jumpsuit ready!

Sew overalls for doll not very difficult, but little experience in the clothing business is still desirable that this work did not cause much difficulty.

Obnova sewn Baby Born growth of 43 cm from a fabric padding polyester, unlined, with zipper in front, with a hood, it is decorated with appliqué and leather braid.

I planned to sew lined overalls, but he put on a doll very hard lined, so abandoned the idea. A piece of fabric I bought in the store specifically for this suit, he was a kid, all patterns on it would not fit, so I sewed hood of 3 parts. Patterns using a cap with ears.

Patterns are given to suit consisting of 8 parts 2 parts before, two backrest parts, the sleeve parts 2, 2 parts of the hood (pictured hood of 3 parts). To the hood I took the pattern bathrobe, but little has changed it (the red line), because the gown is plowed, and therefore wider than the front jumpsuit with zipper.

Cut separate forehand the pattern 1, a pattern 1 and a back pattern 2 trousers (obtachinoy one with and the other without obtachiny). Connect by points A and B, the pattern before and the pattern trousers with obtachinoy, the pattern and the pattern pants back without obtachiny, glue them shut. Obtachina's pants zipper is done only from the front.

Of course, the easiest I was ready to draw a pattern, you will much easier to cut out the pattern one, but I really wanted to show newcomers that through simulation can work wonders, and with just a few patterns, sew very different outfits for dolls and children.

  1. Fold the fabric facing inward equity thread.
  2. To spread out the pattern on the fabric, observing the direction of equity thread. In the drawing, the sleeve it is listed on the pattern before and back goes along the line of the middle. On the hood - along the line before.
  3. Cobble together patterns with fabric pins.
  4. Outline details of the contour, and then with an allowance for processing. Allowance for processing bottom trousers and sleeves cut out as follows:
  5. Cut parts.
  6. Remove the pattern from the parts.
  7. On the sleeve note middle line with a pencil or scissors to make a small notch.


  1. Sour cream and Sew shoulder seams.
  2. Sleeve hem bottom by hand or scribbling on the machine.
  3. Topstitch braid on the sleeve.
  4. Sweep in and Sew sleeve, aligning the middle of the line with the shoulder seam.
  5. Sour cream and Stitch jumpsuit one seam along the lines of the sleeves and side lines.
  6. Hem bottom trousers.
  7. Topstitch braid on one half of the pants. But since I have done, you can not braid nastrachivat.
  8. Sour cream and Stitch stepping seams.
  9. Sour cream and Stitch middle seam to obtachiny.
  10. Sweep in and Sew the zipper. How to Sew zastezhku- "zipper" read a long sewing dresses for the dolls. Link will open in another window, it will be convenient to read.
  11. Sour cream and Sew the two pieces of the hood. Perhaps you have 3 parts, as overalls for my dolls.
  12. Sweep up over the front of the hood line. Make sure that the neck line coverall and the bottom line of the hood of the same length, that is, before the hood is a continuation of lightning. Scribbling hood over the front line
  13. Sew hood and sweep in the neck.
  14. Sew volume applications.

Autumn overalls for doll: 5 comments

Tatiana, Hello! Tell me, to what extent print pattern?

Drawings and photos I stored on Google, it sends them to the blog in an incomprehensible scale, so far only draw. I hope that soon will sign photos for e-mail. books and disk. There are drawings in full size.

Hello. Very helpful to your website. Long tormented with the choice masshtabaipechati prosorah on the Internet, and on the basis of billeting merkam- what we need. According Kombez I would note that prevailed from bluzki- sleeves armhole less doused, cropped 1cm somewhere. Kapyushen get huge, with a bald Bonnie dumped 🙂 But like daughter 🙂

Anastasia, I'm glad you liked the pattern. Strange, but the hood exactly approached my doll. It is possible that the figure put the wrong size.

Good afternoon! Tell me what size to buy a piece of fabric for suit? Thank you.

Patterns for the "Bon Baby" a life-size: description, schemes and recommendations

Best toy for a little girl - it PUPS. It helps to educate the younger generation in the correct pattern of behavior. Do I have a lot of similar dolls? They just take up space and leave little room for imagination. The best solution would be one doll, but with a lot of accessories and clothing. Wardrobe for daughter's baby is quite able to create a mother. Patterns for Baby Bona in full size This will help her.

Doll clothes - an important part of the game. Most popular Bon CPMP Now Baby and Baby Annabel. Both interactive doll, but the feature set they have different. For clothing is much more important than size. In Baby Bon growth of 43 cm, Anabel 3 cm above. Despite the small difference in growth patterns clothes for Baby Bon and Anabel are no different, and clothing suitable for both dolls.

There is another important characteristic for sewing. In Baby Bon plastic body, so any clothes fit. Anabel has a soft padded body, so it will not fit body and simple panties. T-shirts on Anabel just do not look quite so under the sun dresses or suits with ties should definitely provide a blouse or T-shirt.

Pattern pants type Baby Born dolls is one of the easiest. We cut out 4 equal parts and carry out all the seams. In the upper part of the elastic insert, they can be inserted on the bottom, in each trouser leg.

Base models can be slightly improved. Patterns for the front portion to extend 1.5 cm. As a result, in the area of ​​the knee bend make small crease. These pants will look natural and stylish. To transform ordinary trousers pants, sewn pockets and carry an additional line of the side to create the illusion of thick fabric.

The most popular baby clothes - overalls, and, of course, without the bobblehead, too, can not do. On the pattern there is no seam allowance, so, after the transfer to the fabric, must be added on each side of 1 cm in the place where it will be attached clasp - 15 mm.

In order to transfer the pattern to Bebi Bona in full size, you need to remove the doll measurements and increase the picture on the screen to the desired value. If you plan to sew warm overalls, of very thick or quilted material, the pattern need to do a little more, taking into account the thickness of the material.

First, we perform all the seams, the last step - sewing zipper. It can be anything - a zipper, Velcro, buttons, classic buttons. Additionally, you can decorate the product with embroidery, applique, various stripes and ribbons.

Vest - one of the easiest items in the wardrobe. It is enough to perform the side seams and handle the edges, and the product is ready. Despite its simplicity, there are plenty of options: short sleeve, long fingers closing.

Patterns vests easily adapt and sew blouse, T-shirt. You can use any additional items and decorations. If you expand the sleeve to the bottom and paste gum, get elegant blouse.

If the boy is only suitable pants and blouses, the wardrobe doll girls will be much more diverse. Take, for example, a nice suit of trousers and a sundress. Patterns for Baby Bona in full size help make it.

Pants are sewn in much the same way as the pants, only shorter and wider. The extra width allows you to make beautiful assembly. Gum need to sew 12 mm from the edge to get a beautiful ruffles. Even nicer look trousers with lace around the edge.

To sew sundress initially perform side seams. Bottom and armhole are ground piping. Inlay on the neck is not cut, and sewn on, passing in strings. Not all the strength to make their own oblique Bakey, the work is painstaking and delicate, so it's easier to buy a ready option. The suit can be worn as a blouse or add a sundress. Here is ready to wear for Baby Bon-girls. Patterns can be supplemented and modified at its discretion.

You can make yourself not only clothes, but also the shoe. To make the pattern for Baby Bona in full size, you can simply attach the foot to the screen and adjust the size of the figure, taking into account the seams.

The basic material can be felt, leather or imitation leather. On the upper part on the back side sew a cotton pad with the help hiding the seam. When the shoe is worn, the lining is almost not visible, but it will be easier to put on, and the shoes on the shelf look much more aesthetic.

Nasal often decorated with embroidery, beads or applique. Mount can be satin ribbons, laces, ribbons. The main seam is performed directly on the front side. You can replace the strings creating a single cut the strap with one hand, and on the other priladit button or hook.

The material for the clothes you can buy, or you can use an old children's clothing. To save on quality not necessary, because the girls a lot of contact with the toy, and the natural tissue is much nicer. Pros cut of children's clothing that you can use ready-made images, the result is indistinguishable from a commercial suit.

If the doll is for little girls, you should avoid small items: pugovok, beads, rhinestones, sequins. Children often tear these parts, and there is a possibility of ingestion. Such decoration is not necessary to use up to 3 years.

To sew clothes for dolls, you can use the patterns for children's clothing. They need to be slightly reduced, according to the yardstick of PUPS, and even simplify it. No need to worry about that doll was comfortable, so you can remove the extra darts and other small elements cut.

Overview of patterns clothes for Baby Bona enables you to create an extensive wardrobe. Base models are easy to add to or change a little, and get a new cut. Girls always like to care for their dolls, and beautiful clothes to help instill good taste and add variety to the gameplay.

Master class on sewing overalls for doll Baby Born.

Walking so needed a little bobblehead. During the cooler months without warm clothes he can not do! Coverall can protect the baby from the piercing wind and cold weather. Bright and colorful it is like any girl, and fits all the dolls, the growth of which is from 38 to 42 cm .. With two fasteners "molniyam9quot ;, arranged at the front, overalls easily worn on the doll. Hood firmly tightened on the head with the clips. A sleeves and trousers grip on the handles and legs using elastics.

Estimated production time: 2 hours 30 minutes.

  • bolonevaya fabric 42 x 95 cm .;
  • Cord 50 cm .;
  • limit switches - 2 pieces;
  • clips - 2 pieces;
  • laundry gum 50 cm .;
  • the color of the thread;
  • tailor's chalk;
  • tape measure or ruler.

Download and print the pattern Jumpsuits Baby Born doll here. To the size of the pattern was in full size, you need to remove the check mark in front of the phrase settings tab "Fit to page". All major seams (except stitches "vpodgibku9quot;) are arranged at a distance of 1 cm.

1. Ckleivaem pattern scheme.

2. We transfer the pattern onto the fabric overalls, leave allowance of 1 cm. Each slice of all the details.

Details: 1 - The backrest (1 pc.);

2 - Side detail before (2 pcs.);

3 - The main parts before (1 pc);

4 - Hood (1 folded item);

6 - Lower front part (2 pcs.).

Cut additional details:

7 - Planck 28 x 5 cm (2 pcs.)..

3. superimpose zipper half face on the internal faces of the sections of the side parts before, paving the seam. On the front side of the side sections of the main parts before impose first straps, Folded purl side inside, then the zipper facedown paving joints.

4. gut-wrenching lightning perform stitching.

5. On the right side of the lower sections of the main parts of the overlapping lower parts before face down, paving the seam. We turn down the lower part before and perform stitching.

6. Fold the back and front sides facing inward, perform shoulder seams.

7. Set the eyelets on hood on labels.

8. Perform tuck the hood. Fold the hood piece inside out, paving the connecting seam on the top slice.

9. bends the open end of the hood 2 cm., Perform seam.

10. On the front side of the back of the neck and side parts before impose face inside the hood, the hood and combines the middle of the back. hood part must overlap the zipper. We carry out a seam.

11. everted hood perform stitching from the back and side parts before.

12. On the front side of the back armhole and side parts before we impose the sleeve inside out, combining middle sleeves with shoulder seam, paving the line.

13. Sleeve buckled lower section of 1.5 cm., A length of the elastic insert 11 cm., By securing its ends pins.

14. Fold the sleeve parts, back and front sides facing inward, paving the line on the sleeve and carry the side seam.

15. The buckle lower leg cut by 1.5 cm., Paving the seam. Insert the elastic length of 14 cm., Securing the ends with pins.

16. Fold items before and back faces of the inward steps, the seam as close as possible to the outlet (5 mm.).

17. everted overalls, bends the upper section of the main part front to 1 cm., Perform seam.

17. Insert the cord strung locks and limit switches.

Overalls for Baby Born doll is ready!

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