The combination of wallpaper in the living room

The successful combination of wallpaper in the living room: photo ideas

Combining wallpaper - a bold experiment, which turned into a real science in the world of design stereotype lives in the mind of each of us on how to properly should look like the room: as a rule, it is a room, made in one color: the tone of the furniture fits the color of the wallpaper, floor, themselves wallpaper of the same color, too, without much originality. I agree that it is rather boring? How about to make your living room look more unusual? To make it brighter and more interesting, does not necessarily have to spend a lot of money: the artist always finds a way to do even without the presence of extra money. And one of those people thought, "Why not try to combine different wallpaper in one room?".

The experiment was successful, and then the people who come to the liking of the way, too, began to apply it in their apartments: so grew an art combining different wallpapers in one composition. Where would be best looked a combination of different colors, so that every man who came into your house, was surprised by the uniqueness of your interior? That's right, a living room - this is where all the guests gather together: Each person will be able to evaluate your taste and creativity.

The combination of wallpaper in the living room: the basis of a combination of colors

The first question that may arise, "Why do different glue wallpaper in one room when you can just buy a quality and expensive wallpaper? With them, the room will look too unusual. "

Combining wallpaper with vertical stripes will significantly increase the height of the room visually

This method has many advantages:

  • Hides flaws. If indeed properly combine colors, you can hide various flaws in the interior. For example, if the room is low ceilings, you can pokleit wallpaper with vertical stripes are different, and this problem will no longer be so noticeable: the main thing - to learn to play with hints, to highlight the benefits, or simply hide the minuses.
  • Zoning. It makes sense to glue different wallpapers in different parts of the room, when, for example, in one room there are a few areas that perform different functions. The most banal example - the kitchen: there is a place where they cook the food, and a place where it is eaten. If the work area to allocate some different color, it will be quite unusual. Many large companies use this method of zoning in their facilities.
  • The unusual interior. Any guest will be able to evaluate the really good ideas and solutions for the interior. Still, not every home will meet the combination of different wallpapers in one place. It definitely will surprise anyone who has come into your house.

Now you do not even need to purchase a separate wallpaper different colors. Many designers produce whole sets and collections of wallpaper, which will be best combined: the price is not much different from the price of ordinary wallpaper; almost everyone can afford such special sets for creativity.

Desktop Companion in the living room, and combinations thereof

Desktop Companion - a few different colors of wallpaper, but the same type, which creates a single harmony of colors in the room. On the Internet you can find a special tables, which indicate what colors can be combined with each other, and which combine the prohibited. After examining these tables, you can combine wallpaper really well two or three tones. The combination of colors of wallpaper is only at first glance it may seem boring: with the help of well-chosen colors can even visually change the shape of the room and hide its flaws. For example, there are situations where a living room is too big, and it seems not entirely comfortable. Make the room more comfortable will help the combination of dark colors, they are visually reduce the room and give it a cozy atmosphere.

If you have the desire pokleit wallpaper dark, but the main obstacle to the implementation of the desired - a small room, they can be combined with light-colored wallpaper

In addition to the size of the room, and other imperfections can be eliminated. If it is not sufficiently illuminated, too dark, it should be pokleit wallpaper bright or warm colors.

Enough, at least, two different tones in the interior to make room "played" with new colors. If you can buy more of wallpaper of different colors, you can do one of the walls are brighter than others: then the room will not look so dark due to poor lighting. It is important to select the wallpaper of the same width and thickness to a combination of wallpaper looked really good quality.

Design living room - a rather complicated task: if unsuccessful pick a combination of wallpaper, you can ruin the whole interior: so you need to carefully choose a combination of colors, so you do not regret my choice.

As pokleit wallpaper in the living room of the two types of

The very process of wallpapering of different types does not differ much from the conventional sticking wallpaper. First of all, you need to prepare the surface of the wall to wallpaper is not peeled off: hold putty and priming the walls. Must be clear in the mind the idea of ​​placing the wallpaper on the wall. For example, imagine that you need a combination of two colors of one type of wallpaper: a combination of vertical lines of different colors.

To avoid problems during wallpapering, wallpaper should buy the same type, as different types of wallpaper you need to glue different

It is defined with the vertical line width and cut the desired amount of wallpaper one color. By the height of wallpaper add a few centimeters to the reserve. Sticking first sheet, starting from the corners. After the first sheet has been glued, it is possible to proceed to the second sheet of another color. During this type of pasting the walls, joints should be monitored, as the combination of different types of wallpaper, their connections are very important

Various types of wallpaper have certain characteristics sticking: if you use different types of wallpaper, you need to read more about the nuances of wallpapering types that you want to apply.

The idea of ​​combining colors: a new movement in the world of design

Though this kind of pasting the walls appeared quite a long time, but right now he is going through the most popular and flourishing: more and more people are starting to experiment and use a combination of at least two colors to decorate their rooms.

In the world of design it is very popular to combine with conventional wallpapers wallpaper: it looks beautiful and unusual

In addition to aesthetic reasons, there are other reasons why this method is so popular: by combining a variety of wallpaper, you can select different parts of the room on a functional or other grounds.

If a really high quality match colors of wallpaper, you can hide a huge amount of room disadvantages associated with its size or lighting. Some combinations can even visually change the shape of any room. In this case, the combination of colors - is a science: You can take some time to study this issue, and you can become a true artist and a creator who creates true masterpieces!

Combined wallpaper in the living room: 5 ideas for design and photo

The combined correctly wallpaper in the living room will help to create an interesting interior Many designers are taking a combination of wallpaper for the realization of their ideas. The designer knows the infinite number of techniques that help to create a balanced geometry of the room, incredible decorative effects and original interior. Today, wallpaper manufacturers' offer consumers ready-made combinations of wallpaper, that they believe can be combined to create the perfect interior. Wallpaper in the living room combined photo interior design make a harmonious and create the perfect backdrop for furniture and decoration items.

Features a combination of wallpaper in the living room

If the owners of the premises decided to decorate the walls with wallpaper combined, they must understand that truly alive interior will help to create just the right combination of texture and color wallpaper. Many designers are advised to use a different texture wallpaper if there is a need for a clear delineation of space. The most important step in combining a variety of shades, which will be decorated interior.

It is important to bear in mind that when purchasing relief wallpaper or wallpaper with a bright pattern or ornament, you must be convinced that the wallpaper with which they are combined are ugly and monotonous structure.

The main thing that both variants belong to one and the same colors or contrast harmoniously. The living room can be designed using wallpaper with large images or prints. Thus, the composition may be supplemented calm wallpaper to be in tune.

For the living room designers recommend the use of different textures wallpaper

  • Finish light-colored wallpaper, particularly solar, will allow visually enlarge the living room with a small area and limited low ceilings.
  • Cool colors used for decoration with a large area, will help make the interior more restrained and savory.
  • Finishing is able to conceal dark space.
  • Wallpaper of pastel shades are best combined with the wallpaper, rich bright color accents.
  • Too greater variety of combinations can spoil background decoration, which was originally intended to serve as a backdrop for furniture and decor.

Tips for a harmonious combination will help to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort, which is very important for the living room interior. If the wallpaper combines designer, he knows all the subtleties that allow you to combine the sometimes seemingly not combine colors and textures. The combination can be performed independently, provided that all the tips and instructions for the combination of colors will be performed correctly.

The idea of ​​combining the wallpaper in the living room: Options and photos

One of the most common combinations of wallpaper is a combination of the type. Huge range allows you to choose a variety of colors and combinations. Most often combine similar colors and shades, but sometimes contrasts the game looks luxurious and extraordinary.

If the combination of using the same tone, the style and design create with the help of the game with a picture.

If a blend between different types of wallpaper, it makes the living room a bright and unusual. For example, solid-color stripes on the wallpaper can be supplemented with bright and large images vegetation. The biggest challenge is legal to combine wallpaper with different textures. The use of vinyl wallpaper can give a convex surface appearance that looks quite unconventional and interesting.

To combine the living room often use the same color of wallpaper

Options for combining wallpaper:

  1. Horizontally. This finish perform well, combining with each other the wallpaper of the same type. Low complexity may be the formation of a joint where there are wallpaper. The seam can be issued florid strip, but it should be fairly modest, so as not to distract and not to disturb the composition. When combined with a contrasting pattern of wallpaper, it is important to pay attention to the similarity of colors. To make the interior of the calming, it is necessary to play with texture, not color.
  2. Vertically. combining principle no different from the principle of horizontal clearance. Vertical stripes can vary in size, color and texture. Due to the vertical strip ceiling seems higher, and with the help of bands of light shaded areas room look more spacious.
  3. According to the flap. Different pieces of wallpaper paste in a chaotic manner. It is worth noting that this chaos must look harmonious. Designers love to play with color and textured wallpaper scraps. Pieces of wallpaper can have a larger size, the toga is a combination called gusset.

By means of combining different techniques can increase the room visually, and make higher ceilings. Finishes can vary in color, texture and design that allows you to make unique decorative combinations. It is important to know the basic criteria to help you choose the right option for finishing and compositing.

Criteria for selection of wallpaper in the living room combined

By combining the wallpaper is very important to pick up their correct range. Advance preparation and study of the question of combination and color combinations will perform draw surface is stylish and bright. Also, be aware that the wallpaper and the combination should not distract from the main interior arrangement of the furniture and decor.

When choosing the color of wallpaper is important to remember that the tone and shade affects not only the design space and its visual perception, but also on the psychological state of the people in the room.

With the help of wallpapers of different colors and textures can be accents and convenient zoning premises. Wallpapers can be smooth or embossed, colored or monochromatic. Before mounting your important visually imagine the future look of the room and the general interior.

By combining the wallpaper is very important to pick up their range

Set wallpaper, experts advise to do at the same time as the choice of furniture and interior items. You can also do the selection of combinations after the acquisition of the main objects of the interior. It is important to be able to play on the contrast, combine different textures and materials. The interior should be organic. It is important to take into account the features of the room, her lighting, size and geometry.

The combination of the two colors of wallpaper: a photo in the living room

Decorating the walls is not only a decorative ornament of the room. Many designers use a combination of several colors of wallpaper, to correct deficiencies and the geometry of the room lighting. The combination of the two colors will successfully zoned premises and accents correctly.

Effective method of playing with light - a combination of wall-paper of dark and light shades. This technique allows you to cope successfully with the design of a dimly lit room.

When making a room it is important to pay attention to the places that attract attention, as well as the subtle areas. To finish the last suit wallpaper dark calm shades. The rest of the room decorate in bright colors.

The combination of the two colors wallpaper will allow correct accents in the room

How to choose the right color:

  1. Red. For suitable combinations gray, green, gold, blue. Poor will look purple, brick red, brown, chestnut.
  2. Pink. For the combination of approach burgundy, brown, gray. Poor will be combined with turquoise, red and blue.
  3. Orange. For suitable combinations green, purple, white. It does not fit well with red.
  4. Brown. For a combination of beige suit, blue, gray and gold. Can not be combined with pink, purple and maroon.
  5. Yellow. It goes well with green and brown. It will look bad with pink and burgundy.

When choosing colors it is very important to take into account its impact on the human nervous system and personal preferences of the owners of the apartment. On the internet you can find many examples of the combination of both similar and contrasting colors. You should also consider the level of illumination in the room - you need to be able to enjoy the play of light and color.

As pokleit wallpaper in the living room of two kinds: ideas and photos

With the help of wallpapering the two views can be successfully accents, thereby drawing attention to the strengths of the interior. When we combine several colors and textures, we visually conceals the shortcomings premises and enhances its strengths. The living wallpaper different species would zone the room.

The correct play with light and dark shades helps to visually enlarge the room, to expand its borders.

All designers adhere to the rules, which allow you to purchase a room and make a stylish interior harmonious. They pay attention to the combination of wallpaper in color and texture. Before mounting it is important to carefully prepare the wall, since improper training may contribute to wallpaper peeling from the surface.

With wallpapering two colors, you can hide the shortcomings premises

  • Combines bright wallpaper with neutral.
  • To combine image and textural floral motifs, geometric image with ornaments.
  • Interestingly look a combination of matte and glossy surfaces.
  • Well, if the wallpaper will be the same size.
  • In the low-ceilinged room is better not to hang wallpaper with large images.
  • If the room with high ceilings, beautiful wallpaper will look with horizontal stripes.
  • The room, overlooking the northern side, you can not hang wallpaper cool colors.

When wallpapering of different color and texture, it is important to pay attention to whether they will be combined with the interior. The choice of neutral colors and patterns allow to create a favorable and a beautiful backdrop for furniture. Combine the wallpaper correctly, helped by experienced designers.

Features a combination of wallpaper in the living room: ideas and photos

Knowing how to combine wallpaper, it is important to know how to choose the right color and texture, colors, patterns and ornaments. When buying a monophonic wallpaper, it is important to pay attention to their invoice - it should be different. Wallpaper on the walls and ceiling can have the same motives that will create the room a harmonious and cozy atmosphere.

It is important to remember that the wallpaper can be the same and different shades - here is important, not the difference or similarity shades and their harmonious combination.

Interesting technique - drawing of each wall in its shade. It is worth remembering that the finish has to be balanced. When choosing a different graphics important to ensure that they were similar in type.

The living room should be a harmonious combination of wallpaper

The actual combination of wallpaper allow to realize the most daring design ideas. The correct combination of space can hide flaws. Another important feature is the combination of zoning area.

Combined wallpaper in the living room: the design (video)

Often used for decoration of rooms wallpaper companion. They may be the same or different colors, with pictures or without them. When choosing wallpaper is important to pay attention to their harmonious combination with each other. With the help of the correct combination can significantly improve the appearance of the room: to expand its borders, brighten and create the perfect backdrop for the interior.

Design combination of wallpaper in the living room (interior photo)

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The combination of wallpaper in the living room - the idea of ​​combining different types of wallpaper

Living room - a room for relaxing and entertaining. Its design is largely dependent on the design of the walls. Newfangled technique is to combine the design of wallpaper. This original course will help to make living space and highlight the unusual theme of all interior room.

When choosing wallpaper is necessary to consider the basic rules of combining different textures and colors, include your imagination and sense of taste or a spy ready-made solutions on the Internet.

Features a combination of wallpaper

Successfully assemble different in texture and color materials are not so easy. Before heading out to buy them, you need to evaluate your room and its dimensions, consider that you need to hide it, to expand, and may make higher ceilings.

It's worth noting that the choice of a combination of wallpaper you must first decide on the colors of furniture and various decorative elements, presumably in the room.

This is one of the most important rules, the rest are as follows:

  • Color spectrum. Overreliance on innovative combinations of bright colors, do not help to create comfort. Saturated colors will pull the attention of others, and the "beat" in the eyes.

  • Buying wallpaper. If you decide to choose their own, without the help of designers and catalogs, then you need to purchase the selected rolls, attach them to each other and see if they are combined with each other. It is best if the samples match the texture and the price is perfect, if one manufacturer produces. It is necessary to keep the hue number and batch of wallpaper, so that when the need to purchase exactly the same color.

  • A game of contrasts.Unusually look plain wallpaper in conjunction with their counterparts with a large pattern. The color layout in this case play a secondary role, monochrome version may be of pastel shades and floral motifs or other variations of drawings will go more bright colors. Textured wallpaper harmonious look with smooth options.

  • Visual illusion. With wallpaper you can expand a room or make it higher. The bright colors in small patterns and horizontal stripes, separated moldings or cornices will make the room more volume, and continuing on the ceiling wallpaper visually pripodnimut it.

    Adhering to these simple nuances, you can choose an interesting wallpaper, and create favorable conditions to help them correct layout.

    There are five time-tested schemes for processing several types of living wallpaper:

    1. The vertical arrangement.
    2. Horizontal combination.
    3. Mural.
    4. Quilting combination.
    5. Inserts.

    Consider combining the nuances of each.

    Usually choose contrasting wallpaper in two colors, but it is basically wide band, and if you choose to use three shades, then they should be narrow. For a more relaxing type worth a stop on the adjacent colors. Alternating bands can achieve an interesting kind of rooms, if their contrasting colors, it is necessary to choose the wallpaper of the same width.

    They may have different patterns or be self-colored. These strips are connected in the usual way "butt" and you can zig-zag transition from one roll to another.

    Priority bands may be different when using two colors is considered to be the optimal combination of the two strips one tone and other audio. If you select the floral motif or intricate designs, it is possible to paste over their part of the wall located behind the sofa to highlight the recreation area. At the junction of colored wallpaper can be pasted planochki or moldings and duplicate them on the ceiling.

    This combination requires special care. Most often it is used for completely smooth walls, otherwise there will be visible all the flaws in the surface. In the case of a horizontal combination of organic wallpaper look, complete with wood paneling. They give the room a respectable appearance.

    Council: The combination of different textures wallpaper can help to place the right emphasis.

    Light wallpaper pasted on top of the wall, and their dark counterparts on the top, between the two glued borders in the form of moldings and wooden slats covered with lacquer, as well as paper-based counterparts, but they should be more tightly themselves wallpaper. Horizontal combination of wall covering is applied to spacious rooms. If the room is a wide but low, then the wallpaper should be no more than a meter wide.

    When pasting the room should be clearly died out and identify each joint between the wall-paper, as most glue roll length is difficult. Wallpaper level costs vymeryat the level of the floor, not the ceiling, because the visual wallpaper line should match the level of furniture.

    They have usually behind a sofa or in front of him. They are a large canvas depicting some plot or flower motif. They are positioned on one wall, okleivaya it partially or completely, and the rest of the room is usually formed self-colored wallpaper. Due to photowall can divide the space visually and highlight certain areas.

    Mural used for more than 40 years, but still has not lost its relevance, and even, on the contrary, are gaining in popularity, especially their 3D equivalents and variants with the prospect. The latter can be much larger space, which is important for small living rooms.

    Mural enclosed in moldings can arrange interesting space of the room and help in the creation of one of the classic styles.

    To create them using not only a variety of wallpaper, but also a piece of fabric, digital murals.

    Their use must first perform better monophonic background wallpaper, and then on top of decorated wall mounted inserts and limited trims or moldings. When choosing insert material must take into account that they need to be more tightly the basic background of the walls.

    Council: Walls can not only papered, but also to paint a bright or pastel colors.

    Large inserts are used for zoning spacious living room if the room is narrow and high, properly fitted insert to reduce its height and make visually larger.

    They are rarely used for the decoration of the hall, they prefer creative people, who like to surround themselves with unusual things. For this kind of wallpaper you need to have a combination of several pieces or rolls their different variations. Color and texture did not affect what they more contrast, the better.

    With flaps which can be cut any shape: square, rectangular, rhomboid, it is possible to create a panel or arrange door and window openings.

    In an embodiment of his ideas into practice, should be expanded first cut pieces and see how they look together, then to attach them to the desired location, but the main thing - do not overdo it, otherwise the idea would be a bad cartoon. One wall or a small area with rags will look nice, but they pasted over the entire room is already ridiculous. The rest of the living room background must be selected by one of the color schemes, located in most grafts.

    Before carrying out this creative work should nevertheless consider the proposed designers options and then choose the most suitable.

    Combined reception wallpapering in the living room will give it a special charm. It is necessary to carry out all of the rules and tasteful, and the room will sparkle with unusual combinations. But every work requires a thorough approach, a combination of any of the proposed options should first be laid out in detail, so that it is harmoniously combined with furniture and looked good in the room itself.

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