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Combined wallpaper in the hall: Design trends

Decoration of the walls in the hall by several kinds of wallpaper - very fashionable in 2017 design method. They can pick up yourself and you can use ready-made ideas as collection, comprising two or more kinds of wallpaper combined with each other, producing today all the leading manufacturers of finishing materials.

The widest range of different design combined wallpaper for the hall: the architectural features of a multi-functional rooms provide the most diverse use this trendy way to create a non-trivial interior.

Why so popular, combined wallpaper

When there is a choice between the same type and combined wallpaper for the room, designers often advised to choose the second option.

This is due not only to the fact that any interior with walls pasted wallpaper, differing in color, pattern or texture is fresh, original and aesthetically appealing, but also in the obvious practical benefits of such a finish.

Using a combination of wallpaper, you can:

  • hide flaws and highlight the advantages of the premises;
  • correct geometric layout features;
  • to create on the walls of interesting visual effects;
  • to divide the room into functional areas.

In order to properly determine the design of the future combined wallpaper for the room before going to the store you need to adequately assess all the architectural features of the room: its lighting, ceiling height, the width of the walls, the location of door and window openings, the presence within the walls of niches and ledges.

After this analysis, it will be easier to decide what you want to see your room - a light and airy, to emphasize some of its dignity, its geometry or you are completely satisfied.

And, on the basis of these premises, to choose the most suitable for the realization of your pans combination of wallpaper.

1. hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of the interior. The easiest and most effective way to emphasize the architectural advantages and minimize the disadvantages (curvature, unevenness of walls and ceilings) - to make the closest to the ideal wall accent.

To this end, it is pasted over with wallpaper, different from the rest of the pattern or colors. Unusual print or bright saturated color will attract attention, and minor tweaks rough finish will be less noticeable.

Furthermore, excellent hide small blemishes combination of alternating strips of wallpaper, different in color or texture: dark and light, monochromatic and patterned, and a smooth or textured foamed surface.

2. adjusting the geometrical layout features. The narrow room seem much larger, if short walls are covered with light-colored wallpaper, and narrow - paintings a few shades darker.

Square room will look more interesting and more dynamic if the three walls to make it light and uniform, and the fourth decorate wallpaper rich, vivid colors. Alternating stripes of different color or monochrome and patterned visually ceiling lifts.

Too high ceilings can be approximated by visually dividing wall horizontally. To this end, the lower third of the wall glue lighter and darker wallpaper over them. If you decorate the space around the small window light, and the rest of the room dark wallpaper, window opening will appear larger.

3. create unusual visual effects. Combined wallpaper is often perform the function of not only the cladding material, but also the original decor and are used instead of pictures or posters.

To this end, over the plain cloths paste segments with a nice big print and enclose them in moldings or frames. In addition, the contrasting wallpaper designers are advised to call attention to accentual furnishings: plasma television, a fireplace, a decorative display case crammed with family souvenirs, a large comfortable sofa.

4. We share the room into zones. A combination of different texture and colors of the wallpaper used for zoning room as often as all kinds of partitions, and sometimes in addition to them.

Usually wallpaper contrasting color bay or niche stress, dining area separated from a small corner for private conversations delimit area intended to rest on the working part of the room.

In this case, you can use both moderate and very bold and radical combinations. Color solution for each functional area will depend on the overall interior concept and on how sharp you want to divide.

Ways of combining wallpaper in the hall

There are a few basic, dissimilar options combining wallpaper. At the same time, almost every designer seeking to create a unique and personalized interior design, brings about changes in them.

Despite this, the choice of any combination of wallpaper must obey the mandatory general rule: to diverse paintings looked harmoniously together, they must have at least one similar feature: the same invoice identical pattern echoes the color scheme.

All variety of upholstery combinations can be divided into two main categories: harping on the differences in color and pattern and use various gluing techniques. Let us examine them in detail.

  • The combination of wallpaper, painted in different shades of the same color. It is the most simple method, which is very difficult to spoil the interior. Its easy to learn independently, without having special knowledge and without the help of the designers. It allows you to get a calm, elegant and static interior. Most often combine wallpaper, painted in different shades of gray, sand, blue, and green.
  • The combination of plain and Printed wallpaper. This design combined wallpaper for the room by professionals especially favored. Perhaps that is why ready-made collection is of such a plan are most often found on sale. For combining with monophonic webs usually selected vegetable drawings, broad band, geometric abstraction, various ornaments. Their alternates or wallpaper with a pattern of one or two walls fully.
  • The combination of fabrics with different patterns. Such a bold combination helps to create a very dynamic and bright interior and is only suitable for spacious rooms. Excellent looks tandem, which includes the pattern with narrow and wide strips and the strips of a floral pattern or a similar pattern of large and small. To such combinations worked on the situation, you need to have very good taste and skills, so use them with caution.
  • Decorating the walls of self-colored paintings of different colors. This method of connecting to the interior of diverse wallpaper suitable for small rooms. It is similar to a design technique, which we mentioned at the beginning - the combination of paintings one palette with transitions from dark tones to lighter.

Generally use no more than 2-3 kinds of wallpaper active and neutral colors and depending on their saturation create a dynamic or tranquil interior design.

Wallpapering techniques for the hall

Horizontal combination. This design method visually expands the walls and are best suited for rooms of regular geometric shape, with no alcoves and bay windows. The lower part is usually made heights 120-130 cm, and the horizontal joint location decorate paper or border pouliretanovym molding.

In this case, the bottom is preferable to have the darker and lighter at the top of the wallpaper. Choosing their color depends on the overall interior concept. This may be striped and patterned fabrics, plain and patterned, and a combination of webs of different shades of one color.

In recent years, it is used another way of combining the horizontal at which the canvas alternate parallel to the floor over the entire height of the walls. But this combination is only suitable for rooms with high ceilings as visually makes them below.

Vertical combination. Vertical gluing technique visually lifts the ceiling. It is suitable for rooms of any size and geometry and is used much more often than the horizontal.

Color combination partners wallpaper when using this type of bonding also can be arbitrary. The main thing is to harmonize with the situation. Most often they are selected in the same range of different colors, contrasting colors or combine plain and Printed fabric.

Glue them, alternating one by one, in pairs or draw up the same type of wallpaper one or two walls fully. Thus their width does not necessarily have to be identical.

Gluing inserts. The walls in the room, decorated in this way, always look very elegant and solemn. For such a technique is best suited combination of plain smooth and textured wallpaper with a beautiful pattern memorable. First, the walls decorated with paintings of self-colored smooth.

They are then glued rectangular, square or arched insert cut from a textured patterned wallpaper. To make the design even more special insert enclosed in the scope of decorative molding strips.

When people talk about how sticking wallpaper combined, is often mentioned another interesting technique - patchwork. It is a bit like patchwork - a popular textile mosaic, used for making blankets and wall panels.

In this case, the walls decorated with wallpaper, pre-cut into pieces, usually square or rectangular. This design looks very cute and cozy, but probably not suitable for the hall, and for a child's room or bedroom.

  • Do not be afraid of bright colors. They help give the environment the liveliness and dynamism. And if you are not sure of the correct choice, make the basic white color. It's a safe bet that harmonizes with the entire color palette.
  • Ideally, the design of the walls in the room should include both bright and pastel colors, such as black and white, white with blue, green, cream, pink, purple, golden brown. These combinations provide color balance, and in any lighting looked beautiful and harmonious.

Buying wallpaper for the rooms, especially the combination - not an easy task. Fortunately it facilitates a wide and constantly updated range of this category of finishing materials.

In addition, all the major manufacturers have their online portals, where each type of wallpaper can be considered good on the computer screen and make the right choice in a relaxed home environment. A sense of style, their own preferences and tastes good necessarily prompt you for your ideal room combination.

Detailed analysis and comparison of the description of the advantages of various types of wallpaper.

Produced dozens of new ideas and photos for wall decoration in your gostnoy, as well as several.

Want to find out which models wallpaper now in vogue? Read our detailed review of the latest fashion.

The combination of wallpaper in the room

The hall is very important to create the right interior. After all, there is quite often take guests and spend their leisure time. But sometimes it is not enough simply to choose the color of the wallpaper. To give the apartment a special decorative effect, many are combining. In this article we'll show you how to combine the wallpaper for the room and give a lot of photos, so you can choose the design for her room.

Not all designers are combining only for decoration. Quite often, this method of processing of their leading a number of reasons. Let us consider them in more detail:

  • Combined wallpaper is sometimes used to hide wall defects. In the case of monophonic wallpaper gluing, all the shortcomings will be evident. But, for example, if you draw one of the walls with photo wallpapers, all guests will gaze is directed at her, and minor defects are not visible;
  • resorted to combining well, if you want to divide the room into zones. For example, it may be sitting area or zone for games;
  • to create different visual effects. Not all of the spacious hall, so sometimes the combination may be applied to the visual enlargement of the room or to increase the height of the ceiling. To visually enlarge the size of the room you need to glue wallpaper bright colors;
  • to create accent wall. With this design, one or more walls are glued bright wallpaper or with an unusual pattern. In this case, any person entered the room, we will first of all look at the surface. Note How to choose between a wallpaper in the photo below;

  • combination and you can use to create a focal point. So, if the accent wall is too large, it can be identified only its central part. This method is used for the zone with a fireplace or any other decorative elements.
  • The perfect combination of using photo wallpaper in the hall can be seen in the next photo.

    Nowadays, many types of coatings can be found in DIY stores. And many simply do not know what to choose for the finishing room. Let's take a closer look at each of the types of wallpaper:

    • paper. Good stuff, but, unfortunately, insufficiently durable. Such a thin fabric, afraid of water and exposed to mechanical damage. If in the room will be children, we would not recommend to glue these wallpapers. On the other hand, they are inexpensive and very easy to glueing. Paper wallcoverings can be taken for combination with other more durable finish;
    • interlining - a material made of cellulose, it is environmentally friendly and does not cause any harm to the person. This coating is characterized by its durability and reliability. Wallpaper perfectly protected from the effects of moisture and sunlight. Because of its density, they are able to mask minor defects in the walls of the hall. They are very easy to glue, it will be a good advantage for beginners. For gluing only need to lubricate the glue wall, which will be nice to save money and speed up the work. For the hall is a pretty good choice, because the methods combined with a trim there just a huge number. The combination with non-woven wallpaper in the hall you can see in the photo below;

  • vinyl wallpapers. An excellent choice for stick in any room. The advantages of such a purchase may include density, protection against mechanical impact and low price. There are several types of vinyl wallpaper, different quality and, therefore, costs. Buying vinyl wallpaper, be sure to consult with the seller. Also do not forget that some of the specimens are protected from mold and fungus and is best to opt for them. Some vinyl fabrics are silk surface - a good choice to glue them in the hall. Combining with vinyl wallpaper, you can see the next picture;

  • fiberglass. They are made of fiberglass. This material has excellent strength and durability. Due to its density, they can mask almost any wall defects. It is also able to "dyshat9raquo ;, that will protect you from mold and other adverse bacteria. Wallpaper is very beautiful and there are plenty of ideas for their pasting in the hall;
  • paintable wallpaper. Very interesting option for decoration of the hall with a combination. After all, you can paint one wall and thereby select it. On the other side of the room can be pasted wallpaper with a pattern, so you have a great skombiniruete coating. The combination of wallpaper for painting shown in the following picture.

    There are many methods of wallpaper combination in the hall. Let's look at them one by one.

    In this way it is possible to hang wallpaper in almost every apartment. Initially it was used for alternating colors with decorative inserts, but now designers are using it for wallpaper.

    Basically, in this alternate strip through combining one or more webs. In this case, width should match the height of the wall.

    An interesting result can be obtained if the coating combine different textures. However, using this technique, be careful, be required to accurately calculate the docking place and hold the skip at the joint.

    To do it right you need to start to glue to the lower part of the wall, and then goes to the top. Docking takes place only after complete drying. If in the process of repairing the joints formed, they can be hidden, using special decorative borders. combining horizontal trim is shown in the photo below.

    Applying this method of decoration, you can achieve a unique interior in any apartment. Most importantly, try to choose the wallpaper of the same width. As for colors and shades, they can contrast or monogamous.

    In operation, the rare complications arise, so do not worry. The connection itself can be butted or lapped. This technique is perfectly visible in the next picture.

    In order to beautify the wallpaper in various inserts, you first have to prepare the base properly. Usually the insert are made from a durable and strong fabrics. Sometimes, the effect to be beautiful, you can use the frame with a decorative frame, border, or molding.

    Insert themselves can be both small and large, thus giving the audience any meaning.

    This idea was used to decorate the niches, beams or other projections in the apartment. Now, many designers recommend to allocate their colored wallpaper. For roughness is better to choose dark with small patches of bright colors. Well, if you were deliberately used plain wallpaper, you can use unusual patterns such as characters. This technique is well illustrated in the photo below.

    By using such a combination in the room, remember that the basis of the decor should be only one sheet and the other coating is only a supplement. Use the following tips to do the job properly:

    • stunning effect can be achieved if the wallpaper glue from a single source or from the same collection;
    • do not forget that bright patterns are well combined with one color coating;
    • Companion wallpaper should be of the same style and match the rest of the interior in the hall;
    • try not to combine with each other too contrasting fabric in a small room.

    This finish can be seen in the next photo.

    Do not forget that you can always decorate the hall and bedroom in the same style. This will provide an unusual interior for the whole apartment and give it personality. Most importantly, choose quality materials, so as not to have to remodel repair.

    How can beautifully combine the wallpaper in the room shown in the following picture:

    When choosing the design for the room, do not forget about the correct selection of colors. Shades have a strong influence on human beings and can cause positive emotions and negative. To avoid mistakes, please use our recommendations:

    • Red is best used only in the spacious rooms, in small rooms such shade is better to use only in some sectors;
    • green color will look good, especially in the style of "eko9raquo ;, and it is well combined with bright accents;

  • lilac shades and relax combined with various furniture;
  • brown cloth ideal for wood color. This shade can be used to create a low-key style;
  • peach-colored coatings give a good mood and provide comfort. This color is often used for classical style;
  • to create a modern design, you can use a cloth of violet shade. A good idea is to create in the room.

    Remember that glue combined wallpaper in the room, you need only pre-preparing the wall. It will need to clear the previous wallpaper and primed. This will help prevent the formation of mold and mildew, as well as prevent peeling material. Before operation be sure to remove all the sockets and switches.

    For stick, measure the height of the wall and then cut off the band. To add extra height of 5-7 centimeters, so if something happens to conceal surface irregularities. After gluing to remove excess material. Do not forget that when the combination of horizontal joints must be closed with decorative ornaments.

    Drawing inferences can say that the finish of the hall by combining wallpaper, pretty hard work. That everything was done correctly, you must take into account the huge number of factors. If you feel that you can handle yourself does not necessarily use the help of a professional designer. They can also help our photos used in the article. Be sure to check out the special video which shows how to choose and combine wallpaper with each other:

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    Design drawings visor + Special thanks for the detailed drawings

    How to choose the right combination scheme wallpaper in the hall?

    In creating the design of the hall walls play an important role. The combination of wallpaper in the room will help to emphasize the interior of the room, make the design more modern and stylish. In order to properly arrange the room you need to learn how to combine colors companion and various textures on the walls of the room.

    The correct combination of help to push the boundaries of space, to emphasize the thematic focus of the interior. Combine with each other, you can not only two kinds of wallpaper, with a similar color scheme and texture, but also the original will be a combination of the two, completely different in texture, decoration materials.

    There are several types of combining wallpaper in the interior of the hall:

    Photo: combining vertical wallpaper

    If you learn how to combine between different vertical stripes, it is possible to achieve fairly good visual effect. Combine companion color just enough little harder to achieve a successful combination between a contrasting colors or different textures.

    Pasting various types of bands on the wall should be in a certain sequence. With the combination of the two wallpaper companion will be the most advantageous combination of 2: 1, when two identical vertical stripes glued to the other band.

    Ideally combine contrasting stripes companion possible, if their width and pattern are the same. Examples of the winning combinations of contrasting bands can be seen in the photo.

    Council: if you want to combine the vertical stripes of the same design but different in color, the main thing is not to overdo it with pictures, otherwise such a design will look ridiculous.

    Combined horizontal stripes is much more difficult than vertical. Horizontal combination is not necessarily to use wallpaper. Combining two different finishing materials also help create a unique design of the room. Well combined horizontal bars with each other their wallpaper and wood paneling.

    Horizontal combination of the two materials will help to place accents in the interior of the room, a combination of different textures allow profitable select items hall environment. Examples of alternating horizontal stripes in the design of the hall you can see in the photo.

    Photo: horizontal combination of wallpaper

    Creative approach to the design of the room makes it possible to use in the decoration and the individual pieces of wallpaper. When the flaps can be used to create beautiful interior panel, select a niche or frame the windows and doorways.

    When creating this design importantly, do not cross the line, after which the room will not look the product design art, but merely ridiculous caricature. As is the case with horizontal or vertical combining, when creating seamed panels should be considered harmonious interaction of colors to each other flaps, and the combination of textures.

    In general, patchwork panels in the interior of the room looked very organically, and get ideas for the decoration of the room can be with special thematic sites, which show photos with different examples of finishing.

    Photo: patchwork wallpaper

    Insertion of the wallpapers in the interior of the hall

    As an option combining wallpaper in the interior are very popular insertion. Material for the inserts can serve as conventional wallpaper or pieces of fabric, and wallpapers. Another type of inserts are digital frescoes.

    If the design of the hall will be used inserts the pre-should create a basic background. The background can be used as usual painting and pasting walls using plain wallpaper. Above the decorated walls mounted inserts which have to be somewhat more dense than the main decoration background. The inserts can be identified by means of moldings or strips.

    Inserts having a large size, can help visually divide the space of the living room into several zones. When the inserts can be used to focus attention on the ceiling of the room and visually reduce the height.

    Photo: wallpaper coating paste

    Using contrasting colors on the walls will allow to arrange bright accents in the interior of the hall, highlight design elements such as columns or niches. For finishing niches for mono design major surfaces of the room, it is possible to use bands with floral motifs or floral motifs.

    Wallpaper, coated with these images are used for decoration for over 40 years and do not lose relevance. Finishing one or more walls of the hall with the help of photo wallpapers allow to divide the space into zones properly, or to connect two different interior areas.

    Mural selected depending on the thematic focus of the interior. It is best to use wallpapers for decoration of the walls adjacent to the recreation area or apply wallpaper with photos on completely the opposite wall, so that the image is easily visible from the seating area.

    The use of 3-D images will make limitless space of the hall, and with the prospect of wallpapers are able to increase the minimum floor area of ​​1.5 times.

    Photo: 3D image in the interior of the living room

    When decorating the walls of the hall various kinds of wallpaper do not need to be afraid of experiments, since the original combination will give the interior a personality, it is advantageous to emphasize the impeccable taste of the owners premises.

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