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Combining wallpaper - it's a great idea to diversify the interior of the room right combination of wallpaper of two or more colors in the interior, it is a good idea to diversify the space to change the design of the room, the main advantages of wallpaper in combination of two colors: it's cheap, original, fashionable.

Interesting design ideas and tips to help make any room, even the smallest and darkened, the ideal, by combining two colors of wallpaper.

The main points in the combination of several colors of wallpaper, wallpaper is the right combination of color, this will help the normal range of colors and shades.

Combining wallpaper in the interior: the rules of combination

Combining wallpaper in the interior, it is a relatively new trend in the world of repair and design, but very good. By combining wallpaper with each other, it turns out an interesting look of the room, there is an opportunity to highlight the advantages and hide flaws walls and rooms. Dark room can be visually lighten and too light, on the contrary, darken. Combining wallpaper and not so easy thing, it is necessary to take seriously and do everything right.

For this combination of wallpaper can be multiple:

  • Combining wallpaper of colors and shades
  • Combining the wallpaper on the material;
  • Combining the texture of wallpaper.

Combine the wallpaper is difficult, and it should be done with a certain seriousness

In all kinds of combinations of wallpaper, you need to maintain the correct colors to wallpaper something in common, such as print, pattern, background or color.

In a first embodiment, a combination of wallpaper on their color, hue. Here it is recommended to take advantage of the spectrum of colors and shades and pick a more suitable color transitions. Wallpaper The combination of the material is no less complicated, it is possible to combine several materials wallpaper, vinyl, paper, wallpaper for painting, non-woven, but be sure to take into account the color of the wallpaper. The combination of the two colors of wallpaper on the invoice, when it combines several wallpaper textures and patterns on one wall.

We do Combined wallpaper in the rooms

Wallpaper can be combined in any room, with any area and lighting. It looks much more favorable combination of wallpaper in the large and spacious rooms, because the wall of a large area, make it possible to "accelerate" the imagination and to realize the most daring fantasies to life.

But in small rooms on the area, combined wallpaper multiple colors also look good if withstand the overall color scheme and texture of the wallpaper. Combined wallpaper perfectly suited for pasting children's rooms, living rooms, halls.

Create a beautiful interior with a combination of wallpaper and can be in the kitchen

In the bedroom, hallway and in the kitchen, too, can be glued wallpaper combined.

Combined wallpaper can be sold ready-made with a combination of ideas, but you can do a combination of its own, to choose the wallpaper:

Combined wallpaper in the rooms are very well looked, they can be isolated area in the room, making them the focus, visually allocate space separating the tone and texture of wallpaper seating area and work area. The main thing not to forget one detail, the basic tone of the wallpaper in the room should be traced in detail the room: paintings, vases, toys, kitchen utensils and other small items.

Combining the wallpaper on their own, you can save maintenance budget by buying in store the remnants of wallpaper at a discounted price.

Successful combination of wallpaper options

Before you can create a combination of several colors wallpaper in its interior, it is necessary to know the most successful, and most importantly, the right ideas and types of combinations of wallpaper.

So, the combination of wallpaper options:

  • Combining wallpaper inserts;
  • Combining overlays wallpaper;
  • Vertical combining;
  • Horizontal combination;
  • Patchwork combination of wallpaper.

With the right combination of wallpaper the room will be original and beautiful

When we combine the wallpaper accents, use the base color of the wallpaper and divide it with all sorts of accents and other colors, shades or any variation in texture: straight, angled, horizontally, vertically, as we want. The combination of wallpaper lining acts as a decorative wall and is used exclusively in the form of decoration.

This design of the walls and scraps of all kinds of cutting off the wallpaper, harmonically emphasizing the basic color of the wallpaper in the room.

Vertical combining wallpaper represents a combination of different or identical size, color and hue strips of wallpaper on the wall. Wallpaper horizontal combination represents a trim top and bottom of the room. Typically, the finish horizontal line divides the room in two equal parts by means of wallpaper, creating a pattern top of the walls, and giving a certain coloring of the bottom of the walls.

Horizontal combination conceals the area of ​​the room, visually reduce the height of the walls and ceiling and a vertical combination of wallpaper, on the contrary, increases the area of ​​the room, the height of the walls and ceiling.

Wallpaper The combination of colors

As I mentioned earlier, when a combination of wallpaper one another, it is necessary to allocate a base color, which will be traced in the room and in the smallest details of the interior and to choose the appropriate color from the spectrum which are harmoniously combined with each other. The spectrum of colors offers 9 basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, white and black.

The combination of wallpaper in color can have several variations:

  • Simple combination of two adjacent color spectrum;
  • A complex combination of several colors;
  • Bold combination, a combination of opposite colors on the spectrum.

For a room with a small area is best to choose shades and bright wallpaper, a large area of ​​the room, you can experiment with color.

Examples combination variety, with a combination of wallpapers, the prevalence in the interior of a color combination of his involves themselves with the main shades.

For small rooms is better to combine bright colors wallpaper

If the room to create a bright and soft colors in one color, you can choose the neighboring spectrum of yellow and green, for example, and their shades. But if the room is decorated basic dark wallpaper, their need to be combined on the opposite color in the spectrum.

How to combine between a wallpaper: tips and tricks

The idea of ​​choosing a combination of wallpaper in the interior, should be guided by certain rules that will help nicely, correctly and with taste, arrange the room using wallpaper.

To do this, you need to know a few rules:

  • Choose the color of the wallpaper depending on the area and the lighting in the room;
  • Do not mix the two bright colors wallpaper in one room;
  • To withstand a range of colors;
  • Diluting the room small parts of certain colors.

Color Wallpaper should emphasize the advantages of the room, and her focus on her shortcomings. Therefore, for a small room, select bright wallpaper, and for a large room, dark wallpaper. Two rich vibrant colors even in a large room will not find harmony, therefore, combine the only two bright colors with each other will not work. If the two match the wallpaper vibrant colors, make sure you make transitions using light or tone wallpaper. In addition, in the room with wallpaper combined, it is necessary to withstand a range of colors, diluting interior small interior details.

In one room, you can combine up to five colors and shades, or harmony in the room will be.

How to glue wallpaper combined

Having defined the colors, you can start to glue wallpaper combined, taking into account all the tips and tricks. Wallpaper glue combined starts with the preparation of the room's walls, it is important that the walls were smooth and free of defects. Calculation of wallpaper on the room to be exact, it was not necessary to look at all the shops similar coloring. The next important step is the preparation of a roll of wallpaper for glueing. If the wallpaper with an ornament or pattern that requires the selection, you need to properly adjust the segment by the height and width of the room, the corners and joints. Paired band schedule in advance, so as not to confuse them with the rest of the wallpaper. It is difficult to make a wallpaper that combine their own, separate strips, one needs to use a tape measure and level building.

Wallpaper glue combined too difficult:

  • It is necessary to maintain the level of the lines when glueing horizontal, vertical and patchwork wallpaper;
  • A good sizing joints wallpaper;
  • Carefully trim the edges of the wallpaper.

Wallpaper glue combined need to butt

Carefully prepare materials for work and working surfaces, Wallpapering takes some time and work will be.

Combined wallpaper is better not to glue the overlapping should be avoided overlays one canvas to another and stand wallpaper joint to joint.

What is the role combined wallpaper interior

Combined wallpaper fit in a variety of interiors, as a self-contained design of the room.

An abundance of choice of wallpaper provides a unique opportunity:

  • The use of wallpaper as an independent element of decor;
  • The combination of several styles in the same room;
  • The distribution of rooms in the area.

By distributing the room into zones with the help of wallpaper, you need to choose the right color of the wallpaper, for a comfortable stay in these zones.

Options for combining wallpaper for walls (video)

With the wallpaper can perfectly decorate a studio apartment or a huge country house beyond recognition. Combined wallpaper, will help highlight the positive things about the room, hide the shortcomings of the room and surfaces, create a cozy room and realize their wildest fantasies.

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The combination of interior wallpaper - 30 ideas

Decorating the walls of the home is rooted in antiquity. In Europe obbivat walls with silk or leather, in the East have used paper. Pass the century, changing technologies, materials, and all mankind also uses wallpaper in the interior. They can hide the imperfections and defects of the walls, improve ambient light, even absorb sound. They can be used not only in residential buildings, but in conditions of high humidity or temperature changes.

When choosing wallpaper, you need to be clear about what the room of our homes meet certain functional load of different sizes, degree of illumination, the humidity. This will affect the material, color, pattern selected wallpapers. Rate any of the rooms or room areas are subjected to the highest risk of being contaminated. Determine which side of your rooms are as they are illuminated, their dimensions, layout.

Traditionally in our apartments kitchen is not only a place for cooking, but also for its admission as a family. Working part of the kitchen need to paste over wallpaper reliable durable, easy to clean. For the rest of the room pick up the lighter shades, with a nice pattern that causes appetite, improves mood, wallpapers fit with the respective landscape or a still life.

The walls of the bathroom or toilet is not so often decorated with wallpaper because of the high humidity in these areas, but here too it is possible to place wallpapers with naturalistic images as the element of the interior, it is reasonable to combine them with steklooboyami because of their resistance to many factors.

Corridor - a place where frequent contamination. Squirt with umbrellas, shoes, outerwear, bags getting on a wall in a position to cause irreparable damage to the appearance of your walls. Choose durable, easy to clean materials with unobtrusive natural motifs or geometric light or pale shades. Vinyl suit, they are beautiful, diverse and easy to clean.

In accommodation, scope for choice of decor for your interior certainly wider. In the bedrooms, children, it is desirable to use wallpaper of natural materials, with excellent breathability, does not cause allergic reactions. Calm relaxing colors in the bedroom for the adults and the bright colors in the interior of a child's room is always fun for the cheerful state of your child. Paper wallpaper suitable for this purpose perfectly. Their inlay is very varied due to the use of various design application technologies, they have acquired a different texture which is advantageous to look to the interior.

Lounges, meeting rooms can be vinyl wallpaper, they, too, there are several types, depending on the method of application of the upper layer and the use of additional materials: silk screen, foam, thick vinyl. Vinyl wallpaper not leak air, which can cause mold growth beneath them, but designers are happy to use them in the design of public and private premises. It is recommended to regularly ventilate the room with walls covered with vinyl wallpaper. Color, texture, pattern, a combination of different types of wallpaper in the living room interior practically limited by your imagination and sense of proportion.

Why do we combine them?

  • so it is possible to divide a room or apartment in the different zones: the kitchen - at the dinner, working; child - on the game, a relaxation area, a study area for students; one-bedroom apartment - on the area for receiving guests and for the rest of the hosts.
  • combining different wallpapers you can visually adjust the dimensions of space, away from the sight irregularities of the walls, and other construction defects.
  • you can focus on any object of your living space, be it a nice seating area, an antique fireplace or just your family photos on the wall.
  • this is a very easy way to save money on buying expensive wallpaper. No need to buy them for pasting the entire room, their remains are sold at a significant discount.

We should not forget some important decoration with a combination of wallpaper in different colors, textures, forms when decorating rooms.

The influence of color on the size and shape of the room

The dimensions of a small room can be visually enhanced by using a combination of light wallpaper. A large room can be reduced to paste a dark rich colors. If you make a dark wall, then she moved away visual shape of the room will be more elongated. Horizontal stripes will increase the width, and the vertical will make the room visually higher. Consider natural lighting.

Rooms on the south side of the illuminated pasted combination of dark or cold colors. If the room is located on the north side, then stop for a warm, pastel colors can range. When the vertical combined use wallpaper uniform thickness.

If the paste rolls of different thickness with the combination then be very visible place of their joints do not have a single interior pattern. It is advisable to buy the products of one manufacturer, from the same collection, the same price category, in one shop.

Color, texture of wallpaper should be combined with the interior.

The color of wallpaper must be repeated with the individual elements of furniture or decor to feel the integrity of the interior of completeness. Create contrasts, accents, but keep the overall style.

Ask expand all your chosen wallpaper, make sure that the choice is correct. Consider the compatibility of wallpaper on special stands and check the article on the rolls to match shades exactly.

Take only one bright wall in the room.

Do not overload the interior of the bright colors, the room is not comfortable to stay. The exception is children's rooms, teen rooms, then you can not worry about the excessive violence of paints, it is very much like the younger generation, consistent with their temperament, the vital energy.

Wallpapers are selected after the purchase of furniture.

It is much easier to pick up coating for walls and ceiling the same color as the existing furniture, you update furniture set. Instead of the combination of all the elements of interior design would nullify all your efforts.

There are several proven ways to combine different design wallpaper: rooms division vertically and horizontally; special selection, design niches and partitions; the use of technology "patchwork"; switch panels inserts.

The horizontal division traditionally involves the use of two kinds of wallpaper: upper lighter with a monophonic or a small figure, the lower darker and more pronounced pattern. The boundary of closed compound wallpaper border tape or of different materials. This option is ideal for interior solutions in the classical style for the living room, office or corridor. You can use a variety of horizontal stripes of different colors, but only on one wall. This option will make your living room a modern and stylish.

Vertical involves combining uniform alternation of bands of different color or pattern, the emphasis on the individual zones or objects. It can be a wall behind the sofa in the living room or a bed in the bedroom, on the sides of the strip from the fireplace, door or the TV. Do not use too bright colors, so as not to distract attention from the subject. This option may be a reflection of any style, depending on the colors, textures, patterns used wallpaper. It can be used in virtually any residential or public areas, it will give each of them a unique style and appearance.

Niches in the room of an inconvenient limiting the construction element can be transformed into an exquisite work of art. They can be transformed using a combination of contrasting wallpaper or mimic natural materials: stone, marble, Venetian plaster. Niche in the bedroom or the living room after a well-matched combination of wallpaper will be a real decoration of your home. Niche in the hall can be issued in the form of a cabinet, and it should be protruding corners paste wallpaper stronger, which will extend the life of the repair, make interesting accents in the visual perception of space.

Insertion of wallpaper can be big or small, they are used in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens. The insert can both occupy an entire wall, be part of the zoning premises, so be a little piece of wallpaper placed over the table, a fireplace, behind the bed or sofa. Often in such cases, the use of different colors wallpapers, themes. Decorating the walls of small pieces of wallpaper within or made as a Roman blinds or panels.

Pasting in the "patchwork" style, the use of small pieces of wallpaper in different colors. You can make out living and dining rooms in a country style, provence, retro, using soft colors and blends drawings. In the children's room on the contrary desirable brightness and contrast used wallpaper.

The combination of colors in the interior wallpaper

There are two basic ways a combination of wallpaper of different colors in the décor is simple - a combination of two colors and difficult - several colors and shades. The colors are divided into warm and cold, light and dark, incongruous and incongruous.

If the paste over the room in different shades of light pastel colors, you get the air weightless interior light. Invariably popular combination of black and white materials in creating the interior in a classical or hi-tech style. The combination of dark wallpaper bigger challenge, try to avoid crushing, heavy impression of the design. Well, in this embodiment combines dark brown, black, green, red shades. Used wallpaper gray or beige décor, with varying color accents can be obtained as a bright art nouveau, baroque and strict.

On the basis of the main colors of your interior must be considered that:

  • red wallpaper combined with brown, purple, shades of gray, golden and blue;
  • orange combined with caramel, brown, white, gray, greenish, not combined with all shades of red;
  • yellow muted beige, brown, can not be combined with red and pink;
  • brown, beige perfectly complement each other, combined with blue, gray, green, golden, not suitable for purple or red;
  • how green are combined with calm warm tones and wallpaper with bright colors;
  • blue combined with white, blue, gray, brown, burgundy, gold and silver, not combined with green;
  • purple combined with gold, all shades of yellow and orange, beige and pink, not combined with red.

Colored wallpaper in the Scandinavian style

Observe these simple rules when creating your personal, unique interior design and you are guaranteed a great result. It does not matter whether he will enter the top of the best design projects of the year, as long as it brings you joy.

A stylish combination of wallpaper: 9 ideas to success

By combining wallpaper and custom solutions can achieve the original combination of visual effects wallpaper - is not only bold, but also a practical solution. Repair is rarely perfect, but due to the texture of the wallpaper can be nice to beat even the not entirely smooth joints of the ceiling and walls. How to combine together the various wallpaper in one room, make it look good?

Combining two colors wallpaper

The interior of the same rules apply composition as in any other art space, e.g., on the canvas.

Combining wallpaper way of selecting horizons will join harmoniously in any design style

What results can be achieved if the right to choose the combi wallpaper:

  • Divide the room space into zones;
  • Competently accents in the interior;
  • Select single niche or wall;
  • Hide repair defects;
  • Emphasize the stylistic orientation flat;
  • Make the room personal, special bearing the imprint of the taste and character of the owner.

All of the interior details have to either create a background or to attract attention. A guest entering the room, immediately got the right impression, it is necessary to set clear accents on the walls. Combining wallpaper highlights one wall or part of it, and this plane becomes the primary beacon attention. The remaining walls are of secondary importance.

Examples of such a composite solutions:

  • One wall - bright wallpaper, 3 other walls - bright, neutral, without pattern wallpaper;
  • Part of the wall is highlighted more vivid wallpaper than the bezel.

Ways of combining wallpaper can include a variety of options, but you must follow the general design concept

If you are using the horizontal separation of the wallpaper in two colors, the lower part must be darker than the top. With a vertical division, be aware that bright wallpaper visually expand the space, and the dark - constrict and heavier. Therefore, if the interior is built on contrasts, vertical separation wall wallpaper two colors must be balanced in composition.

Examples of combining the vertical wallpaper:

  • Niche papered with wallpaper darker than the walls;
  • Background on the center of the wall is lighter than on the edges;
  • On the edge of a door or window opening - lighter wallpaper, than in the rest of the room.

Before gluing wallpaper, they must be well chosen. To do this, we must advance to imagine how will be placed accents in the interior. For this to be seen clearly, you need to take paper and pencil, draw schematically the room and approximately figure out where and what will be pokleit wallpaper. To find the best option for the composition, it is necessary to try several different combinations.

Desktop Companion in the interior (video)

How to combine wallpaper with one another: the principles of compatibility

Wallpapers have color and texture. To mix the two colors together looked good, the wallpaper should be of uniform thickness. Vinyl wallpaper must be combined with vinyl and paper to paper. Washable wallpaper is used for gluing the bottom of the room, for example, in the nursery. According to the thickness of the cloth, they should coincide with key, otherwise it will be seen an ugly protrusion in place of docking. In addition to color, fabric wallpaper may have a pattern.

What rules must be observed that the combination looked well, not only on paper but also in the interior:

  • Use no more than one bright pattern;
  • Background wall cover neutral paper;
  • If you are using 2 or more patterns, they should be similar in style and color.

Vertical patterns visually lengthen the walls and raise the ceiling

Horizontal patterns visually expand the flat wall, increase the amount of space. Each other is not recommended to combine the vertical and horizontal patterns, especially bright and contrasting colors. If a guest room will go with epilepsy, he can start an attack.

To all the guests feel comfortable, it is best not to use bright, only vertical or only horizontal patterns.

A successful combination in the interior wallpaper

Some people are tired of the saturated colors of the walls. The design of the interior is built on harmony and accents, so that the room was always cozy, it is necessary to focus not more than 1 wall.

How to choose the main and background wallpaper:

  • Wallpaper two colors must be either warm or cool colors such as light blue and green, pale pink and peach;
  • Wallpaper two colors should be the same on shine or gloss or matt.

Desktop Companion should be a single color direction, otherwise the design will be dissonant

It is necessary to combine the two colors of the wallpaper shine, based on this principle all design series wallpaper. The interior look better combined matte texture wallpaper simple.

How different wallpaper in one room change room

Room with an unusual arrangement of wallpaper should be in harmony with the rest of the repairs in the apartment.

Where appropriate to use a combination of two colors wallpaper:

  • In a small room, to visually expand the space;
  • In the hallway, to protect against contamination of the bottom wall;
  • In the nursery, use washable wallpaper on the bottom edge of the wall.

In a narrow corridor or a studio apartment with a small area is very appropriate combination of two colors wallpaper

Thus, it appears that it is not only interesting, but also a practical option wall design.

Options for combining wallpaper: harmony and contrast

The color and texture of the wallpaper - it's some information about the owner's taste, so you need to select the design of the interior according to their own preferences. Then the room would be nice.

Catchy contrast between the faded and saturated shades of the same color - a combination of topical principles interior wallpaper

The combination of the two colors in the same room should be built on the following principles 1:

  • The contrast between the color saturated and unsaturated;
  • The proximity of the location of the palette of colors, shades of the same color;
  • Variations in warm or cold gamut;
  • Similar or identical in color wallpaper with different patterns.

Sales can be found not only flat, but also raised the wallpaper. Relief animates the walls, however, the composition will look good, in the same room should be 1 or 2 maximum relief. If you use the 2 relief, wallpaper should be uniform in color.

A combination of wallpaper on the walls (video)

Ready-made solution: twin wallpapers for walls

Many collections immediately provide range of options for the combination of wallpaper.

What are the advantages of pair of wallpaper from a single source:

  • No need to doubt his taste, you can use the already picked up a combination of two colors;
  • No need to think about the composition, the designer has everything figured out in advance;
  • Can be proud to show guests repairs and be sure that all will appreciate it.

Combining wallpaper ready-made canvases allows to save time and get guaranteed good result

Often paired wallpaper advance trimmed as necessary, and indicates the allowance that the seam is smooth. The manual shows how to hang wallpaper like fabric placed on the wall with respect to each other. The only disadvantage of this embodiment - no creative component.

The practical design of the walls of different colors wallpaper

Washable wallpaper last a long time and are pleased easy to care for. Therefore, if there is a question about how to decorate the lower part of the wall, the best solution - is a combination with a washable wallpaper texture. In the hallway, kitchen and child horizontal division using washable backsheet will save a lot of strength, nerves and money.

To not update repair every 2-3 years, you can pre-make your life easier and to consider not only the design, but also the consumer part of the question

Beautiful Washable wallpaper can close the space at a height of 1 - 1.5 m above the floor plinth. This part of the walls often get dirty, scratched and exposed to wear and tear. Think through a combination of wallpaper is always better to be on paper, and only then implement in the interior.

How to glue wallpaper combined: the subtleties of craftsmanship

Smooth joints between the blades - it is a prerequisite neat and attractive appearance of the walls. It does not matter, how will the combination of wallpaper, vertically or horizontally, if you plan to use one wall 2 and a cloth - to do the layout. With a tape, level and pencil should delimit zone.

It is undesirable to hang wallpaper overlapping seams can gradually move away, to swell and lose an attractive appearance.

Smooth docking on a marking on the wall is carried out in four hands with the assistant. Pre-need to clearly mark the very fabric, cut it to the desired length. The most difficult option - it is a horizontal arrangement, because you need to not just pokleit wallpaper from the corner or from the ceiling, and exactly from the central part of the wall.

Some wallpapers are stretched when impregnated with glue. If the repair is really expensive, but the experience in the glueing little, you must first figure out how much fabric is stretched, and how it then shrinks

  • The horizontal arrangement of two colors - first top, then the bottom;
  • For vertical - first the left canvas, then right;
  • Pasting a niche - a niche first, then the walls;
  • Pasting diagonally - first top, then the bottom.

Between the horizontal joints looks bad even gap of 0.1 mm, so the exact calculation - the basis of high-quality repairs. Before mounting you need to carefully read the instructions in the wallpaper, use a suitable adhesive, to try to take into account the allowance. If experience in this matter is not, and need a quality repair, it is better to entrust a complex fining room professional builders.

The combination of wallpaper and paint the walls: comfortable and original

Painting with tinting is actively used on flat walls. But what if the repair is not perfect?

Using a combination of paint and wallpaper can hide any defects and give room stylish and attractive appearance

The combination of paint and wallpaper in two colors, ideas:

  • Contrast, bright colors, more vivid wallpaper or paint saturated colors, the background wallpaper;
  • Harmony in color, similar color of wallpaper and paint;
  • Wallpapering one wall with wallpaper, paint the remaining walls;
  • Isolation wall painting, pasting the remaining walls;
  • Vertical or horizontal separation walls to the painted and pasted part.

The room may look different in artificial and natural light, so it is best to try to unobtrusive wall, evaluate results, and then apply all over the apartment.

To successfully combine the paint and wallpaper, you need to use either a glossy or matte texture on shine

Gently combine the paint and wallpaper can be used only if there is a gap of 1.5 - 2 cm at the seam. The paint should come under the wallpaper to fabric could smooth and flawless cover up the joint. Conveniently arrange so arches, niches and slopes of the window opening.

Combining wallpaper: designer tips (video)

The combination of wallpaper and paint gives room for creativity, because you can beat the original and fresh, even the standard layout of the apartment. Making two kinds of wallpaper, or wallpaper and paint is suitable even for walls with non-ideal surface.

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