Combining the wallpaper in the hallway

Professional combination of wallpaper in the hallways: photo ideas

Hallway - it's the first room, where guests come and make it interesting interior will combine wallpaper By entering into any home, the first thing visitors see - a hallway. It is important that the first impression was positive. Often the owners apartments make an unforgivable mistake, with little time to repair the hall. However, a careful and prudent owner of attention to detail: the form of the fabric, the color palette; stylistic direction.

Creating a hallway in the apartment, everyone wants to be the corridor was a unique, modern and stylish. Make the interior an exclusive and unusual combination of help finishing materials, as well as the right mix of furniture and lighting.

How to choose wallpaper for the hallway combined: Design

Corridor polluted faster than any other premises of the house, so the choice of wallpaper must be approached very carefully. Natural wallpaper in the hallway should be easy to clean and be durable and moisture resistant. It is not necessary to glue moisture resistant, expensive wallpaper around the perimeter, you can arrange them in places particularly prone to contamination.

Wallpaper in the hall better to choose a durable and are easy to wash

Resistant, strong, durable wallpapers are divided into the following types:

  1. Vinyl. This option is the most convenient to use. Wallpaper does not burn out, not erased, easy to wash. If the walls are not straight, then the material will help to hide this defect. This type of wallpaper blends well with others. Vinyl sheet can be foamed, dense and flat.
  2. Acrylic. This type of wallpaper less rugged, but the humidity resistant. To the touch it is soft, velvety, its combination with other types of fabric perfect for repair hallway. However, when caring for such wallpaper does not get involved in detergents and brushes.
  3. Fleece. Very stable material. These wallpapers are not considered environmentally friendly, but they can be repainted several times, changing the mood of the corridor and the overall design of the room. Also wallpaper resistant to moisture, easy to wash, they are durable.
  4. Fiberglass. This is the most actual and demanded kind of washable wallpaper. This material is environmentally friendly as it is made of natural components. Additionally, the material creates protection against mildew and microorganisms. Glass wall can be painted, it is also a plus when changing the design of the hall.
  5. Liquid wallpaper. Applied to the wall plaster. A very good option for the corridor. It goes well with other wallpaper. Liquid wallpaper eco-friendly, they can be used to create interesting patterns, gradually passing from one tone to another. They are easy to combine with metallic or non-woven wallpaper.
  6. Metallic wallpaper. The novelty in the world of finishing materials. The paper from which they are made porous, covered by a thin foil layer, and the paint pattern. This wallpaper of a number of expensive, because it is often covered by spraying and hand painted. This wallpaper is moisture resistant, but are available in dark colors.
  7. Cork. They have a waxy coating, ecological, hypoallergenic. Excellent transfer of moisture have heat and sound insulation. The only negative is sparse palette.

To create a beautiful and stylish interior hallway is recommended to use 2-3 types of wallpaper

Ideas for the combination of wallpaper can be very diverse. The main thing is not to overdo it. Designers recommend to combine no more than 2 types of decorative material, it will create harmony and comfort, in the hallway.

A few secrets of how you can combine the wallpaper in the hallway

When we combine the room finishing materials for the walls, we can visually expand the space, make the hall more visually lighter and even change its shape. It is important to observe the combination of a harmonious combination of colors and use no more than two materials.

When choosing colors must be guided by the following rules:

  1. The smaller corridor, the lighter shades must be chosen. If the home have children and pets, then across the bottom you can put a dark color, and the top light.
  2. Bright colors are not suitable for the hall, they put pressure on the eyes and fit individually. If a large family better not choose bright colors.
  3. Soft colors visually significantly reduce space, but a bright accent in the form of panels give the hall individuality.
  4. If the corridor is very little need to choose cool colors, gray or blue. Black and purple colors visually reduce the space. These colors should be combined with the warm tones.
  5. Bright accents will make the hall an original and interesting.
  6. Vertical lines in the figure and the pattern visually raise the ceiling. Horizontal lines make the room wider, but the ceiling at the same time will appear below.
  7. It is important to mix the wallpaper to furniture and decor.
  8. It is equally important to the corridor design in harmony with the stylistic direction of the entire apartment or house.

Combining bright wallpaper will help to visually enlarge the space of your hallway

Observing tips designers can get a nice individual interior that will delight the whole family.

How to combine the wallpaper in the hallway: the important touches

By combining several kinds of wallpaper with a pattern or patterns, it is important to the storyline combined. You can pokleit convex texture and smooth the wallpaper.

As a supplement, you can use:

We can not forget about the thickness of the wallpaper, it should be about the same. Joints should not be much to stand out, although they can decorate the narrow panels or moldings.

Correctly combine the wallpaper in the hallway: a number of ways

Designers recommend several options for combining wallpaper.

The most commonly used options are the following:

Vertical combination of wallpaper is ideal for narrow hallways

The first option is ideal for high ceilings. On the bottom of the well pokleit dark moisture resistant wallpaper. Classic style does not interfere, and a streak of light. More than three colors to take it is not necessary to be a chur brightly. Vertical combining well suited for narrow hallways. Also, this method is well suited for corridors with uneven walls. Way to finish a mural for the premises in the free style.

Design combining wallpaper in the hallway

The combination of wallpaper will create their own unique style of the room. Small room combining expand, with a low ceiling corridor will make higher and the hallway with curved walls are made smooth and neat.

Options can be a combination of many, the main thing to comply with simple rules and match the wallpaper with:

Wallpaper in a corridor interior (video)

Special skills to work on combining is required. Can handle even the layman, who has never engaged in repair. You can experiment endlessly, embodying the most incredible ideas.

Combining the wallpaper in the hallway (photo)

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Choose wallpaper for the hallway with the mind: a few simple tips

Presenting a picture of a house interior, in any case can not forget about the hall. This room, or rather, the situation there - a business card of your home, because the local interior - the first thing your guests see. As for you and your household, then, moving around the apartment, going on business and returning to their apartments from the street, you have no choice as to contemplate his hallway. It turns out that it was she who creates the atmosphere in the house, and an impression of you as its owner. This means that the arrangement of the premises must be given the utmost attention. Especially, that updates its interior with their own hands need not so much effort and money.

In the hallway is always collects dirt and dust. On this basis, for finishing facilities should be selected, what is called, endurance, that is resistant to wear and tear and, most importantly, extremely easy to care for. So if your choice has fallen on the wallpaper, they must be washable. And those on the market several types of shows:

Have high tensile strength and elongation. Their facing layer is made of a rather solid PVC film with a pattern or a pattern, and the basis - of special paper. As a result, they are very easy to wash, moreover, they practically do not fade in the sun.

Decorating hallway PVC wallpaper

PVC wallpaper ideal for narrow, cramped hallway. But finishing them spacious and high room can fly a lot of money, as they are quite expensive.

This kind of wallpaper is universal - after papering the walls of the material can be painted in any color. Subsequently, as you can change it, because fiberglass is resistant to solvents. In addition, they are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage, and cleaning supplies, and water them, and not afraid.

Glass wall in an interior hallway

  1. cork wallpaper

The front layer of the wallpaper is made of cork, while the base is a special fiber paper. They will look great in a spacious hallway, or well lit, since in most cases absorb a lot of light.

Entrance hall with cork wallpaper

Decorate the entire space is not necessarily a cork. Small inserts in areas of the most intense wear will substantially increase the service life of the interior will keep the feeling of cleanliness and order.

Strictly speaking, this is not wallpaper, but rather a decorative plaster, which is applied to the wall or its separate areas with a thin layer with a spatula acquires unique embossed texture. Varnish allow to care for them using a simple wet sponge.

Decorating hallway liquid wallpaper space

How to choose the color, pattern and texture?

When decorating the hallway should not forget that perhaps the most important role in the interior lighting plays. Large and bright entrance hall opens fairly wide scope for the imagination, but compact and dark rooms in need of special treatment. Therefore it is better to wallpaper in the room was bright and saturated. Well, if you still like dark colors, consider installing additional lighting, for example in the area of ​​hangers or nightstands with shoes.

design ideas for the interior hallway on the photo

Too bright colors absorb a lot of light, therefore, a most zealous not worth it to them. If you want, you can make small insertions and thereby break room on the area or make it visually wider or higher.

Any drawing on the wallpaper gives a fairly powerful visual effect. Large and bright ornament able to do too much, and of seeming empty and unfinished, the room more comfortable, and in a small hallway to emphasize certain details of the situation. Plain as wallpaper or fabric with small patterns contribute to the expansion of visual space and a focus on details.

Scandinavian style hallway: wallpaper trim with contrasting large ornament

Stone, brick, wood, leather, tile or decorative plaster look quite presentable, but the hall decoration of their impressive stands. Therefore, the reception is quite popular wallpaper pasting the hallway that simulate different materials, not only picture, but the texture. For example, the entrance area can be decorated by bamboo or stone that give the interior originality and inhales in it a sense of style.

Wallpaper for the hallway under the gray brick

Background papering the walls of the hallway textured wallpaper - a brick, stone, decorative plaster, etc. -. It is not necessary to perform. Except that they will have a soft color or you do like the interior in the loft. Otherwise, the situation in the room would be too hard to understand.

Combining wallpaper and a feeling of space in the hallway

Decorating hallway self-colored wallpaper can seem boring. Besides, it is not always satisfied with its layout of the apartment owners. The most common tricks to give the interior individuality and visual correction of the space is a combination of wallpaper. A combination of different colors, patterns and textures you can create a focus on the strengths and hide weaknesses of the situation, making it into a highlight.

Options for combining wallpaper for finishing hall in the photo

If the room is a small hallway to your note to a combination of plain fabric and wallpaper with a vertical pattern. Such inserts provide a clear vertical zoning and make the room above. With a lack of lighting the upper part of the walls can paste over lighter bright wallpaper with fine texture - along with additional background lighting of individual zones it will create a feeling of space depth.

The horizontal division of the interior wallpaper - less common technique, which, however, looks great in the bright and spacious rooms. This combination creates a feeling of freedom, but in the narrow hallways and cramped it should not be used, since with them the room will seem even more stretched and therefore oppressive sides.

The horizontal orientation of the striped wallpaper for compact hallway

Wallpaper in the hallway should not be too much contrast with each other, except that the combination is part of the overall design concept. By the way, the latter must necessarily be harmony, so finish hallway space should be selected to match the environment of the entire apartment.

Wallpaper for the hallway in the tone of the general registration

In the selection of color combinations designers use a "color wheel". It contains 12 primary colors. Those who are near, called sister - their combination creates a sense of tranquility and harmony. The colors in the opposite sectors are mutually reinforcing, so that their combination can make to the environment and a sense of energy recovery.

Whether appropriate or that color, pattern and texture of the wallpaper in the finishing of the hall? To determine this before purchasing and do not bite your elbows then, already at the end of work on the renovation of the interior, it is necessary to use a multi-faceted design experience. And he says the following:

- peach colour It creates a sense of warmth and comfort, able to lift the mood in a rainy day, and goes well with beige, pink, light brown, golden and white tones;

Peach wallpaper in the hallway

- beige color - Pastel - creates a quiet, peaceful environment, combined with white tones makes the situation more light, whereas with dark - make it in a sense of rigor and style;

Making the hall beige wallpaper

- golden color introduced into the interior heat sensation and advantageously used with light, mundane shades, whereas in combination with a dark saturated colors able to create what is called gothic environment;

Gold wallpaper in combination with artificial stone in the hallway

- yellow associated with summer and in a good mood and is perfectly combined with virtually any other shades, so can be very useful for decorating small cramped hallways with lighting disadvantage;

Hallway in yellow tones

- Orange color It symbolizes the energy and strength, improves mood and has to communicate - to use it efficiently in combination with self-colored or bright saturated paper;

Orange wallpaper in the hallway

- Brown color and a calming effect creates strict, stylish and noble interior hallway looks good with sufficient illumination and in combination with beige, yellow, or green light;

Entrance hall decorated with brown wallpaper

- Blue colour - cold, so calming effect, reduces fatigue and creates a feeling of warmth and comfort, especially in combination with yellow and orange shades.

The entrance hall with solid blue wallpaper

Black - a depressing color, so it should be used to a minimum. But White - the color of lightness and openness. The decoration of the hall, he gives full freedom of action, which should be used so that the interior was not boring and not look like a hospital corridor.

The interior of the hall can be used in almost any color - pink, red, blue, purple and even black. Giving free rein to imagination, you can create your own style, which will delight you and your household, and surprise your guests at home. But do not forget that the wall decoration in the hall should be in harmony with the floor and ceiling, as well as subjects of the local environment and the rest of the interior. Therefore important when choosing wallpaper - a competent combination of visual effect that you will really like.

Wallpaper in the hallway: the choice of style, color, combining

Properly arrange the hallway and the hallway is not easy: the area is usually small, but the functionality should be broad. Both of these rooms are the link that unites all the rooms together. Therefore choose wallpaper for the hallway is not easy.

Since the passage room, with a heavy load, to finish higher requirements on the strength characteristics, but also all materials have a good wash and clean. But with these views and the need to choose the type of wallpaper, and then talk about the colors, drawings and combined.

One type of vinyl wallpaper with imitation brickwork

Vinyl (polyvinylchloride or PVC) on the surface creates a very dense and strong film. These wallpapers are also called detergent - for their ability to properly transfer the cleansing cloth with a detergent.

The basis for the vinyl wallpaper can be paper or interlining. It is easier to glue non-woven. You simply apply the adhesive to the wall surface and apply the cut to size sheet. These wallpapers can be glued to the corridor, and on a slightly uneven walls.

Under such webs of decent and cracks will not see

paper-based wallpaper must be pre-coated with adhesive and folded so that the surface was missed inside. At this time, it is necessary to spread the wall, and then glue the fabric slightly softened. Therein lies the danger: soggy paper is easy to stretch, because of what will appear on the wall of distortions, wrinkles and other troubles. So that it is easier to work with non-woven backing, moreover, that they better hide surface defects and it is not necessary to level carefully the wall. However, there is one "but" - they are more expensive than paper-based? and the difference is about 40%.

In addition to different bases are even vinyl wallpaper application method.

  • Dense or smooth. The film is durable, high-density, mostly flat, sometimes with a slightly textured. Often it mimics ceramic tiles, stone and other similar materials. Due to the high density, is not afraid of high humidity, it is possible even to wash brush. This wallpaper for the corridor - an excellent choice, but only if the walls have relatively flat.

Smooth vinyl wallpaper

Foamed vinyl wallpaper imitating the skin

Screen printing is easy to recognize by its characteristic luster

Any type of vinyl wallpaper is good in the hallway. They are characterized by high strength, resistance to fading, well washed. Average lifespan - about 7-10 years. Vanillic wallpapers for corridor all good, except that some of them are hard to join, but this can be combated, glue special tape in the joint.

This kind of wallpaper for painting. The web has a certain relief, mostly medium-sized. Embossed pattern allows you to hide the flaws in the processing wall. Stain can be from 3 to 8 times - depending on the type (and rates) webs. Steklooboi well breathable, vapor-permeable are not emit harmful substances. In general, a good choice if you are satisfied with painted walls.

One of the reliefs on the wall

It is a mixture of cellulose, cotton, and sometimes chemicals? fibers with a coloring pigment and adhesive. There are two forms of release: ready for use in the Vedas or in batches for dilution with water. Applied with a trowel onto the prepared surface. Ideal smooth it should not be: layer thickness may be up to 5 mm, but too high consumption of financial disadvantageous.

Apply makeup spatula. Some artists use plastic Plexiglas, some - conventional stainless steel, and someone generally works "ironing". Technician much, you pick the one that is most convenient to you.

The characteristics of the surface of the liquid wallpaper for the corridor - a good option. Since the compositions are painted on the entire depth of the scratches are not visible, many of them can not simply wash cloth, but also brush. But before you buy check all the performance and features. They may have substantial differences.

There is another group of wallpaper, manufactured from natural materials are used. On the basis, often cloth or fleece, glued cork or bamboo. They look great - natural surface. But they have their own characteristics. The plug is torn off, that families with children can be a challenge. Some species of bamboo paintings must be varnished, and still have to glue them on a special adhesive. Although I must say that bamboo wallpapers for corridor in the eastern style - a godsend: look magical.

Bamboo wallpaper for the corridor in the eastern style - a great choice

No worse than look at the correct approach cork. An example can be seen in the photo. Top - bamboo wallpaper, bottom - made of cork.

Wallpaper bamboo: the right thing to combine

As pokleit: choice of color and design

Colors often have to pick up the corridor to the existing decor of other rooms of an apartment or house. And it means that you have to adhere to the same range or choose from the combined colors. Wherein the color selection is complicated by a large number of doors. Do not take them into account will not work.

It is the best option if you plan to wallpaper multicolored corridor, and will be able to find those in which there is a color similar to the color of the door.

In the corridor with light doors look more organic light shades

If the color is too dark - wenge, for example, it will have to beat the skirting and / or decorative elements, such as walls in the hallway clearly better light: against the background of dark doorways look like an ornament.

Wallpaper in the hallway under the door of the dark

If we talk about colors at all, you can use any. Even the dark. But they look good in a spacious room with lots of light (about the lights in the hallway can be found here). And one condition: variegation and small drawing should be avoided. They make the room even smaller. If your hallway is small and narrow, then you'll have to choose from a light, neutral tones, and with a softly pronounced pattern.

In general, narrow corridors - a separate conversation. With the help of some tricks you can achieve the effect of the expansion of space. For example, if a sufficient ceiling height, in a narrow corridor around the middle of the wall can be a strip of a different color. This technique allows us to "break up" the walls to the sides. The effect is increased when on the opposite wall a large mirror or mirrored cabinet doors.

Clearly marked band slightly lowers the ceiling and pushing the side wall

Can be used in a narrow hallway wallpaper stripes. But you need to look wide strips. Narrow create the effect variegation. If these are not found, you can combine two colors of the same type (on the tables in the interior of the compatibility of colors can be found here). If high ceilings, the strip can be arranged horizontally, if not - vertically.

Striped wallpaper in the hallway

In order not to overload the alternating colors of the small space, the band has fragments of the rest seal the self-colored wallpaper. This, incidentally, is one of a combination of techniques in the interior.

One wall striped - other-colored

How to combine the wallpaper in the hallway

strip can be combined with a large flower ornament as desired. But choose the wallpaper from different collections without the appropriate skills is extremely difficult. In this case it is easier to use a single collection. Many manufacturers make fabric with various patterns, which are combined with each other. EXAMPLE combination of floral and striped wallpaper in the corridor pictured below.

How to paste over wallpaper hallway different: one option

By the way, note the color of the door almost exactly coincides with one of the bands, and schools - on the other. Perhaps this is why this option looks beautiful.

Another example of a combination of wallpaper in the hallway from the same collection

There is a classic version of a combination of: when 1/3 of the walls at the top or bottom of the other glued wallpaper. The lower part, tend to make the darker top - light. This technique is visually "lowers" the ceiling, which is useful if the room is narrow and high.

The bottom third of the dark - one of the ways to combine

Moreover, the lower part - not necessarily monotonous. It can be a medium-sized pattern, stripe, sometimes - Monogram. It all depends on the style of an apartment or house.

Another variant of the same reception in the photo below. In this case, the darker part occupies 2/3 of the walls, and that the room did not seem dark, large floral pattern is selected.

The room turned bright

Modern technologies allow to transfer any image onto the paper. With the advent of large-format printing of high quality there was an opportunity not to collect the image of the pieces and glue the continuous web. It looks much better. Wallpapers used in the corridor.

Wallpapers for corridor: popular cityscapes, just different times)))

But, with such a design of the walls is necessary to observe one condition: all the rest is very calm, almost monochrome. The main focus - photography. Otherwise, get a funny thing.

Flowers, plants, nature - a second popular motif

A little gold on the walls - a novelty in the design of last season wallpaper

Poppies on a wall - cheerily

Blue wallpaper - a rarity in the hallway

Bamboo wallpaper perfectly combined with a smooth vinyl shade close

Different patterns and textures in the same range - great combination

Wallpapers and porous vinyl with textured

Liquid wallpaper in the hallway

For a classic interior fit the classic pattern

The combination of the smooth and foamed vinyl, his case does highlight

Hallway in Scandinavian style with a distinctive combination of tsvetotv

Texture, imitating stone

Below - bamboo wallpaper, top - smooth

One wall-focus lilac color, and the rest - neutral

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