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How to combine two types of fights in the same room: 35 photo

The harmonious combination of wallpaper will make your home decor original wallpaper still occupy a leading position among the materials for the walls. This traditional way of interior decoration is constantly modified and modified. At the moment, there are so many different types of wallpaper and methods of their use. One of which is a combination of wallpaper in different colors and textures in the same room. As the interconnect fabric to the interior looked elegant and harmonious - read on.

Why use the wallpaper in the room of two colors: photo and examples

Thinking about the design of the walls in a room with two kinds of wallpaper, you must sazu decide what effect you want to achieve. Your purposes and will be determined by the most suitable combination.

In addition to creating a certain style of interior, wallpaper able to solve a lot of other problems associated with the non-ideal layout of the apartment. In order to compose the fabric of different shades and textures in a room need to know, for some visual deception can be used.

Using a combination of wallpaper can conceal unevenness of the walls

Why combine the two types of wallpaper in one room:

  1. With the help of two types of wallpaper can make the room lighter in one place, and more relaxed in the other. Most often achieve this effect using a combination of webs of bright and subdued colors.
  2. Combining double wallpaper, you can set the tone for the interior. When using different combinations of wall decoration, design becomes more informal or vice versa, office.
  3. Another problem that can be solved by a combination of two different wallpapers - this zoning area. In this case it is better to combine the two types of wallpaper in different colors or with different texture.
  4. Also different embodiments of arrangements of wallpaper used in order to visually make the room more spacious and high or, conversely, to impart comfort too spacious areas with high ceilings.
  5. Two-tone wallpaper helps hide irregularities and other imperfections in the walls.

All we have described problems can be solved by a competent combination of wallpaper. However, in order not to get a negative effect, making its interior screaming and inharmonious, it is necessary to know all the details of such an arrangement.

How to combine two types of wallpaper: Photo and rules

Decorating the walls in your home, it should be based on your preferences and desires, but that the result will not disappoint, it is necessary to consider the basic nuances of selecting a combination of materials. Especially this statement true if you use in your interior wallpaper of two kinds.

Incorrect combination of materials in the design of walls, can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Then the expensive wallpaper have to shoot all the impression of the repair will be spoiled. To avoid this, we propose to take advantage of our tips.

Two types of wallpaper, which is glued in the same room, to be combined in style

How to combine different types of wallpaper in the apartment:

  1. Using the room for finishing a combination of plain fabrics and wallpapers in horizontal stripes, it is possible to pull the space visually.
  2. To expand a room, use wallpaper with horizontal stripes or a pattern arrayed in horizontal rows. At the same time, if you just want to make the room more, all of the walls should be decorated in bright colors, but if your goal is to give a long narrow hallway more regular shape, the narrow opposing walls can be decorated with wallpaper with bright ornaments placed horizontally.
  3. For small rooms are a dangerous combination of wallpaper with a large pattern. The only valid option is a combination of photo wallpapers, and the prospect of plain fabrics.
  4. If the room you make out the dark, the wallpaper for it should be light colors. You can combine with cool tones with bright solar panels.
  5. Combines wallpaper must be combined in style. That is, you can not use the retro fabrics with modern and bright materials.
  6. Combining contrasting shades, always make sure that they fit with each other. You can use the table of color combinations.

Perform all these rules are not so difficult. However, if you are not confident in their design abilities, you can use the examples and photos of successful combinations. Also not to miss with a choice of wallpaper, it is better to use material from the same collection.

Combine the colors of the two types of wallpaper in one room

One of the most important characteristics in choosing wallpaper is their color. To walls combined not only with the rest of the decoration of the room, but also with its furnishings need to pre-compile the design project. It can be done individually or use the services of specialists.

That may be how bright wallpaper, depends on the furniture, which will be in the room. If you want to focus on filling, the finish must be calm and pale shades, but if you prefer light-colored furniture, the bright wallpaper will be ideal for you.

Perhaps a combination of wallpaper and furniture bright colors. In this case, one wall of the room is made with saturated hue, and next to it is put as bright a piece of furniture.

Making the room, it is best to allocate a bright color one wall, for example, the head of the bed area and the rest of the room to issue more quiet shades of the same color. Fortunately it will look a combination of muted olive and grass-green.

The combination of wallpaper will give modernity and style of your room

Wallpaper with a pattern is best combined with monochrome paintings. In this case, it is desirable that both types of materials were uniting their thread. For example, striped wallpaper can be combined in different colors, or fabric with a pattern and without a shade.

An interesting idea would be the placement of the different paintings on one wall stripes. This design solution will give modernity and style to your interior.

Soft shades will add a room comfort and warmth. Cool colors contribute to relaxation. Bright and saturated walls a boost of energy and positive.

To issue an apartment wallpapered required, depending on your desires and preferences. However, do not neglect the rules of combination of patterns and colors.

A bit of double gluing of wallpaper for the walls: photos and recommendations

With glue wallpaper can handle even a layman. However, there are many nuances that should be taken into account. Finished walls self-colored canvases or materials with fine geometric or repeating patterns should not have any problems. However, if you are using wallpaper with a large pattern, then you may be difficult so called "snapping", which is the combination of pattern halves together. For such experiments, it is better to buy a little more material than is necessary for the size of your room.

With mounting your able to handle each

Combining wallpaper with different texture looks very unusual, but it requires a lot of attention.

Today, there are a huge number of wallpapers of different textures. They can be made of cloth, paper, glass and other materials. Combining different textures of wallpaper, it is the biggest problem. Firstly, most likely you will need different types of glue, and secondly, it is possible joints between the webs have to hide behind a variety of baseboards and moldings.

Combination: two types of wallpaper in one room (video)

Combining wallpaper - is a modern and very beautiful course. Remember the rules of combination of colors and textures, and your apartment will become the pride of the whole family.

Wallpaper design of the two species in the same room (interior photo)

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60 photo ideas how to combine the wallpaper in the room

Furnished our apartment, attention must first be given to the walls. After all, they will form the basis of the interior, to set the color scheme. Furniture and additional decorative elements already installed later and should be combined with the walls of the room to look consistent.

There will not be scattered throughout the apartment, and will focus on the largest of its premises - the living room or hall. It was in this room, you bring guests can relax here after work, have a home theater or a tea party.

You can just go to the store, look at the various options and choose the best wallpaper. But in this version there are some disadvantages:

  • eyes will diverge from the abundance, and since you do not know exactly what you are looking to be quite difficult to make a choice;
  • selected so that the wallpaper can be quite justify your expectations after gluing, as the color of a roll and the entire wall may look quite differently.

Therefore it is better first understand a little bit in the combination of colors, to relate it to their preferences and choose the appropriate option, and only then go choose something suitable in the hardware store.

How to choose a wallpaper color, in contrast, in pattern

The first thing to decide on the color scheme, and only then think about the presence of pattern. Think about what colors you prefer warm or cold.

  • warm will make the room more lively and vivid.
  • cold - will help to expand the space visually (which is especially important for the apartments, hruschovok or other malometrazhek).

But in any case it is necessary to strike a balance between warm and cold tones, otherwise the room might look too stuffy or too very inhospitable.

  1. If you good lighting, sunny room, dim it a little cold tones, if cloudy - add the heat.
  2. Also, choosing a color, keep in mind that you will see it every day. This jacket can be selected even though svetlenkie, though bright, and in the mood to wear, and all the rest of the time to keep in the closet. it will not work with the wallpaper, so choose not just the color you like, as well, and that does not get tired until the next repair.

If you decide that a single color is not enough, you can select more than one, combined with each other.

It is possible to combine related colors (one or between adjacent sectors of a color wheel) or contrast (from diametrically opposite sectors).

TIP: If you decide to use a wallpaper with a pattern - do not overdo it, the walls should not cut the eye. Especially should be treated carefully to drawing in a small apartmentx (for example, khrushchovkas), as it can visually reduce the room, especially the large colorful drawings (large contrasting colors and in this spirit).

If you're not confident in your design skills, a combination of related colors (monochrome or similar) - it is the easiest way! You can not go wrong and such a decision will always look stylish.

In this photo, a good example of the combination of contrasting colors. Here there is not a significant figure, but also plain wallpaper in such a combination would look harmonious.

As pokleit wallpaper of the two species (combining)

One of the latest trends in the design of the premises - the use of different colors on the walls. This technique allows you to vary the design to focus on any part of the premises. For the correction of planning deficiencies using different patterns in the same color scheme. All of these methods work perfectly with the wallpaper: they have different textures, colors, patterns. And the result can be assessed pre - roll out two rolls side by side on the wall. That is why Wallpapering two kinds increasingly popular: it is modern and idaet opportunity to interesting premises.

Options papering the walls with wallpaper two colors are endless

Rules of combination of wallpaper and textures

In this case, as the clearance without rules can not do, and even more so when combining colors, patterns and textures. Sticking to the two kinds of wallpaper looked harmoniously, a number of parameters need to be considered.

It is this characteristic of the room dictates the choice of the type of pattern, and is largely determined by the texture and color. If the ceiling height less than 2.5 m, using bright colors wallpaper without rough texture, with medium-sized pattern. If the ceilings are very low, correct the situation can the combination of light the main background with softly textured or patterned vertical strip (drawing, or simply a different color fabric) that may be located on the same wall, but better than they distribute into two, or even three.

Vertical stripes "raise" the ceiling

High ceilings - 3 m and above - requires radically different approach. Here on the contrary requires a major figure, stretched wide. It is possible to use horizontal division walls using different colors in the upper and lower half (see details below). To this design looks modern - it's still a classic method - it is necessary to try very much with the choice of colors and / or patterns.

In addition to the height and width to draw attention to the geometry. Firstly, in the area. If the room is large, it is possible to use a saturated or dark colors. It allows visually reduce the size. If plain dark walls you are not encouraging - Find dark tone wallpaper with a bright big picture. Usually this plant motifs, common abstraction or geometry.

Horizontal stripes make the room wider

all uniquely in small rooms opposite: to use light colors. If the texture, the medium-sized, figure - small, not very pronounced.

Second, pay attention not to the geometry. If the room is long and narrow. In this case, the position will save it Wallpapering two types: short wall glue lighter, and their part "comes" around the corner. Thus visually aligned geometry.

The far wall, like, is closer due to the approach of wallpaper on the wall

There are reception, which is used if the entrance to the narrow room is on one of the long sides. Then it is necessary to allocate a different color the middle of the opposite wall, the corners are pasted over the same wallpaper, which are designed for short. The perception of space will change dramatically: it will no longer seem so long.

Generally, two types Wallpapering requires careful selection of textures and fabrics thickness. When combining is desirable to use the same type of material web. If the docking takes place only in the corners, it is possible by the thickness and texture do not pay attention: still not particularly considered in such a place. But if the connection webs on a flat wall, the difference in thickness is only to emphasize the transition. It looks, as a rule, too exaggerated.

If the texture is clearly expressed, companion wallpaper should have the same or very similar

Another point. If you still decide to glue the fabric of different types, they need to be used to their corresponding adhesive. For example, for non-woven wallpaper based on your - on paper - your. However, relative to the covering - vinyl and structured fabrics - a type of acrylic - other. You do not want to take for a ride? Buy generic. There are those compositions.

If the room is too light, or too monotonous interior turned out, not necessarily use dark wallpaper on all walls. You can paste over the wall opposite the windows dark, let the rest will be bright. As a result, the room will not be very much lighter, and you get rid of the oppressive atmosphere created by dark walls.

Dark wall opposite the window darkens the room

This method works, and vice versa: to brighten the room enough pokleit fabric of light color on the wall opposite the window. It will be much lighter.

There are several methods of wallpapering two types that can be used in a "pure" form or a combination of two or three at a time. It is important a good idea of ​​what you want to be specific.

Probably everyone knows that the vertical stripes give a visually increase the ceiling height. And the band does not necessarily have to be regular. In the modern interpretation on one wall can be striped wallpaper, while the other - dyed or dim, barely perceptible pattern.

Due to the vertically disposed ornament ceilings seem higher

But so do not always. Vertical stripes can be distributed on different walls. And they can be regular - repeated at regular intervals. As you can see in the photo, the interval on different walls may vary.

Methods for wallpapering: alternating vertical stripes

The bands can be different - in color or pattern. The texture of this combination of wallpaper should be the same, not to get an incomprehensible hodgepodge. For such a combination is easiest to work with a collection. The fact is that most campaigns produce some drawings, combined with each other. As a rule, they have a few scales. In one collection, there are two or three plain background and a few options with drawings.

The second set of colors of the same wallpaper collection

An example of the use of three wallpaper from a collection you see in the picture above and below. The combination almost perfect - they were checked repeatedly for compatibility before start production. By the way, in most of the other pictures, wallpaper are combined as a single collection. Just different textures normally very difficult to put together.

Wallpapering three species

With a vertical combination there is an interesting trick to make the ceiling higher. One of the bands "comes" at the ceiling. In this case, the transition boundary is blurred, giving a sense of a larger volume.

The strip on the ceiling blurs

To bands location principle was a little clearer, we present several options in a graphical image. Drawings made as seen from above.

As pokleit wallpaper of two kinds

It's a win-win options that the choice of paintings from the collection of a "play" at all times. If you need a guarantee that Wallpapering the two species will be spectacular - use one of these schemes. The design of the walls when tested thousands of times, and each time an excellent result.

Reception, which can be attributed to the design classics. It is used for a long time, but at the current abundance of colors and textures got a whole new sound. This technique is often used in rooms with a small area, but the high ceilings. Remove the effect of "well" and helps the horizontal division of the room. It may simply be a horizontal strip that encircles the room. Often it is bound to the adjustment of window sills, and in general is carried out by dividing the plane into three parts and can be located in the lower or upper third.

The horizontal bar at wallpapering

This rule is often broken: sometimes the band is at eye level and at this level, hang some decorative elements. Often looks very good. This technique is common in the design of corridors and hallways.

Often it is necessary to reduce the visual height of the ceilings in the hallways

dividing the area may extend above and. Traditionally, the lower part is made out in darker colors, top - light. But this rule is violated. Example - in the photo below.

Violation of the rules may also be interesting

Traditional versions of the combination of wallpaper companion of two kinds in the horizontal division:

  • the bottom (1/3) - wallpaper with stripes. top - one-colored or small patterns;
  • Downhill - 1/3 - a fine pattern, the top - largest monogram or monochrome;
  • 2/3 at the bottom of a large drawing - up monochrome.

Conventional taping with horizontal division - one option

Wallpapers of different colors in the same room is used and if it is necessary to emphasize the zoning. For example, in a studio apartment in this way separate different functional areas: dining and recreation.

Recreational area is allocated with a large picture wallpaper

The same principle can be applied in the nursery. In this case, Wallpapering two species is used to separate parts of the game, a bed, a table. Also coming in, if two children lives in the nursery. Only possible if there is no competition between them, otherwise the number of conflicts may increase.

Zoning child's room using different wallpaper

Here in this combination allowed the use of different textures. But the division of their moldings is used very rarely. Or try to join in the corners, or to pick up the wallpaper so that the junction does not look defiant.

Boxes or decorative inserts

Different wallpaper pasted in the same room for a long time, but once they were made of cloth and packaged them in a "framework" because they were very expensive and were available only to the upper class. But with the time still it happened: Wallpapering two species in the form of panels. And so today decorate classic interiors, using screen printing paste, embossed or textured versions.

Panels of wallpaper used in the design of the classic space

If you allow the style elements of the other colors make out in the frame of the molding. This embodiment fits perfectly into classic interiors or in the style of Provence, country.

Such panels and possibly in more modern styles - modern, for example. But then the frame can be made from the border of the same color - from the same collection, or cut from the "body" of the wallpaper.

Wallpaper mural of a different color in a modern interior

Another option - to paste in a niche. In this case, pattern and texture selected in style, as well as under other registration.

Interesting options for wallpapering: niche a different color

And in this case it is best to use wallpaper from a collection. A professional decorator will pick up their experience or using intuition, but in the amateurs, it may not be possible. If you do not want to risk using a single collection.

There are two principle applications of this technique. First - it is necessary to divert attention from some element that you consider unsightly. For example, uneven walls. In some apartments, they can be beveled. To look for this fact did not cling opposite wall emit a different color wallpaper, patterned or without. It is important that they have attracted attention.

Pasting of different wallpaper walls: separation accent

The second method - Wallpapering two species to attract attention to what that object in the interior. In the bedrooms is often either a bed or a wall opposite. Then someone that wants to emphasize (to the choice of wallpaper in the bedroom, see here). The kitchens are often isolated table - thus forming a dining area. It is - part of the zoning, partly - accent. Still, even distracted attention from the kitchen area.

Accent walls near some piece of furniture - a fun way to pokleit wallpaper in two colors

Actually the focus can not only be vertically directed strip, although that option and more common: our room is not high ceilings sin, because all means are good. The high room the focus may be broad horizontal stripe - or some part of the wall, as in the photo below.

Immediately two steps and different colors and different textures

In some areas there are projections of bearing walls or niches. Often they try to disguise. Doing this is entirely optional. Highlighting the area of ​​another color wallpaper, it can be converted into an architectural highlight, which will give the room personality.

Wallpapering in two forms: acting "remnants" of load-bearing walls can be turned into advantage

In general, the options for how pokleit wallpaper in different colors in the same room are endless. Choose what you like, and make it more ideas, below there is a section with different photos.

Wallpapering two types: photo ideas

Wallpapering three colors in one room is better to use a single collection

The strip is combined not only with solid surfaces, but with a pattern. It is important that the interior was in the same colors

Bright heel in a monotone interior - ideal for wallpapering druh types

In the photo are different wallpaper in one room matched well, the color is repeated in textiles

Paste over the room the two types of wallpaper? Easily! And three?

Zoning using different colors - a proven way

Remove the effect of "trailer" - to break a long wall partition, which stand out the paste over wallpaper

Options combined gluing wallpaper: three different kinds

Vertical stripes "raise their" ceiling

two kinds for children's Wallpapering also relevant

Arbitrary division of the wall - is another interesting approach

Traditions are violated: the lower part of the lighter top

Desktop Companion always go well together

How original pokleit wallpaper

Emphasis - maroon wall. Similarly attracts attention

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