Combined induction hob and electric

Induction and electric combined hobs

More and more housewives prefer built-in appliances, its convenience and compactness it has already won many. Among the many equipment choices for the preparation of the most popular foods cooktops are rectangular or square shape, the working of the combined power source. What are the differences between similar equipment from other types of boards and panels?

What is the structure and function

As the name implies, the combined panel can simultaneously receive energy from different sources - gas fittings and electric cable. On the surface, it is located, including gas burners, and cooking itself is a plane that connects to electricity, so they have a title. Such plates help housewife to prepare meal in any case, and in the absence of gas flow, or electricity. They are especially convenient in a country house, where the shutdown of a kind of energy are quite frequent.

Here is the combined hob

They are distinguished by high functional performance, practicality and adaptability to different conditions of cooking dishes. They have different types of burners, gas use is rational for a large amount of prepared dishes and electrical useful for the preparation of meals for breakfast. But more and more manufacturers instead of the traditional electrical panels mounted innovative, induction hobs, characterized by their high-performance execution of cooking, frying or extinguishing of certain types of products.

The mistress of the desired operating mode can select itself, and save a lot of time for some dishes to use a gas supply of energy, while others cook on electricity. In the markets you can find a variety of models combined cooking surfaces that can even approach the most demanding mistress.

The video - the description of the combined panel:

Production of combined hobs is built on three fundamental differences:

  • The so-called "gas on glass"- a gas burner, located on the glass ceramic cooking surface. Near may be electric or induction heating surface.

A great option for those who use gas and electricity to the plate

Typical hob in the style of Hi-Light

What are the advantages of, and whether there are shortcomings in the combined panels for cooking?

such figures can be attributed to the clear benefits:

  • This interchangeable useful appliances: if bottled gas is ended, you can cook a meal on the electrical components. Conversely, when the energy supply company, for whatever reasons, turn off the electricity, can always bail out the stove.
  • The hostess will always be able to adjust to the speed of cooking - on the part of the gas quickly warm up the water and electricity continue to slow stewing.

The disadvantage they have only one:

The requirement to the pan for gas and electric, or induction is different, so you should monitor the selection of the necessary capacity for a particular type of cooking.

On the domestic market combined hobs there are different models from well-known and little-known manufacturers. Who is in the lead among them?

  • Autonomous combined type panel of the brand Electrolux EHM 6335 K. It contains three different types of gas burners for power and one zone for heating by Hi-Light type. For gas switches are connected monitoring mechanisms to prevent accidental turn on, and holders of durable cast iron dish. The heating zone is made of glass ceramics in dark colors, a swing type regulators 4 pcs. for power adjustment. You can use the auto-ignition gas stove. The cost of about $ 340.

Modern bar for stylish kitchens

Combined cooker Gorenje brand panel is very well-known brand, which is most commonly used by consumers

A great option for little money

The main advice for those who want to update your kitchen: cooktops better to buy from a well-established brands, because they have a large number of service centers and a good assembly equipment. Moreover, their models will work longer than similar equipment from an unknown manufacturer.

Any model is sure to have a warranty period for repair if something fails, moreover, the technical side is always different reliability.

If your family is small, there is no need to buy an expensive panel, may be sufficient 3 electric burners 1 gas for a quick warm-up.

But if you value the time spent in the kitchen, it is best to opt for induction + gas, such equipment will help to quickly deal with the task of cooking.

In the video - how to choose the hob:

If the price for you does not matter, it is better to choose a stainless steel panel - it is much longer than glass ceramics. In addition, the ceramic surface can quickly be damaged if to handle it carelessly, throw to put the dishes, for example.

suitable enamel panels for thrifty housewives - should they inexpensive, and can last for a very long time.

If you have the ability to connect the hob to gas and electricity, it is better to buy a combined version, this plate can help out in any situation.

Feel the difference: the combined hob and its features

Built-in equipment - is not news for modern housewives. Buying a cooktop for your kitchen, you make a choice in favor of practicality, comfort and ergonomics. However, such a purchase can be more functional and comfortable to use, if the hob is not standard, and combined. Providing for the presence of different types of burners, such plate enhances its operation, and in some cases allows you to save time and energy associated with cooking. Interested? Then our review for you.

Classical gas and electric

Combined hob - a godsend for people practical and marching in step with the times. If you can not choose any one type of heat build scheme the most economical use of gas or electricity without compromising on comfort and quality of cooking, it is necessary to stop on mixed models. They can be presented in various forms - usually three options for the combined burners. Let's consider them:

  • classical gas and electric (pancakes);
  • High-light and "gas on Glass";
  • induction and "gas on glass".

Let us dwell on each type of burners:

  1. gas - rapid heat up and cool down, typically have a row of flame (due to which the bottom of the dish is heated unevenly). Economical.
  2. Cast iron - spiral heating elements, closed "iron pancakes" for even distribution of heat over the surface. Their cost is low, but the rate of heating and cooling is also low.

From these burners more likely to get burned, clean them is not very easy.

Combined hob can simultaneously be gas, electric and induction on the glass ceramic. Today's manufacturers also offer a "domino" models that allow you to combine on one surface of the types of burners, which and how much you want to do.

Combined cooktops - a good solution for the technical equipment of your kitchen. They are comfortable with the disruptions in gas or electricity, as well as in the various purposes of use - cooking in large quantities, heating or a quick breakfast. Consider the main advantages of this choice:

  • Great safety net where no electricity or blocked gas supply;
  • the ability to adjust the speed and power of cooking - provides a stronger electric heating and gas makes it faster;
  • saves resources in the cooking process.

The disadvantage of this type of surfaces in the need to constantly keep track of what utensils to use - panel electric and gas have different requirements for the bottom material. For induction the best one is tableware enamelled steel and cast iron.

When purchasing such equipment is important to pay attention to the manufacturer. Known big brands have a significant advantage - a great base for technical development and well-equipped production. Selecting a set of built-in burner of mixed type from the popular manufacturer, you will automatically receive an excellent technical and operational performance, long-term use and stylish design.

Taking a decision to buy, be sure to take into account such an important parameter as the surface material. It can be different. Consider the characteristics of each embodiment:

  • enamel - is used for low-cost technology, complex care, with time and shows the scratches and chips;
  • stainless steel - it looks presentable and has a longer service life, however, is not easy to take care of them (even the stains are difficult to removal);
  • glass and ceramics - is strong enough, easy to use and easy to clean, but also not protected from damage.

Hob combination has different types of burners for the same type of coating, for example - 2-2-induction and glass-ceramics, and other variations.

When you purchase is necessary to take into account not only the basic parameters, but also the less obvious (which often play an important role). Let's see what else you need to watch, making the choice:

  1. control type - it can be an inexpensive and reliable mechanical version or attractive touch panel. The latter is more convenient to clean, but the experience of consumers, she goes down faster.
  2. Location of power regulators - they must be removed from the heating elements, otherwise it will break down quickly due to overheating.
  3. The presence of the iron fence, if the panel has gas burners.
  4. Does the chosen combination of induction heating type. You will appreciate it for at least two reasons - saves power consumption and makes it impossible to burn yourself (which is especially important if a family has young children).
  5. The presence of all relevant functions.

The last option - especially individual criterion. Modern cooking surfaces differ broad functionality, which can significantly facilitate their operation and the cooking process itself. This point will pay more detailed attention on.

Current models of embedded surface features a wide range of applications. If you are willing to pay a few more to get additional "chips" of the combined panel, you can count on the following functions:

  • ELECTRONIC - If there are gas burners;
  • timer - disable heating in a specified time;
  • heat indicator - it indicates that the cooking zone has cooled down or not yet;
  • gas control - stops gas supply when the attenuation of light;
  • mode stop&go to maintain the heat - it proceeds at a optimum power if necessary absent himself and not to interrupt the cooking process;
  • by boiling protection - automatic shutdown of the burners if they are escaping dripping milk, for example.

These capabilities are enhanced and are not present in all models of surfaces. In this case, select the necessary solely based on their preferences and needs. So, if you have a small child, it would be appropriate to include in the must-have feature residual heat indicator. For forgetful "boil-dry protection" will certainly be binding in the selection. Think carefully about all these details, and then go in search of their ideal combination meter.

Modern manufacturers give consumers the ability to not make a choice by purchasing the hob. It can be of several types simultaneously - it all depends on your desires and wallet. Combined surface allow to brighten up the cooking process and make it easier, faster and more enjoyable. In addition, they are often a great way to conserve resources - electricity and therefore money, time and of its own forces. And our survey will save your time to study the features of this technology and will help to make a competent purchase.

Combined cooktops: an overview, types and descriptions. Combined induction hob and electric: description, advantages and reviews

Combined hob - perfect for those who are in the kitchen and is available to electricity and gas. This combination allows the flexible use of the hob, since various burners differ razogrevaemostyu, the working temperature. But the main advantage of using the combined version - it is insurance against unexpected outages or repairs of gas pipelines.

Combined hobs: species

Modern technology has allowed different in one device to combine the possibility of gas and electric cookers. Thus, the combined cooktops may consist of:

  • Gas burners on the metal surface (one or more) and iron classical "pancakes".
  • Induction and gas burners on glass.
  • Hi-Light (electrorings rapid heating) and "gas on glass".
  • It may also be combined induction hob and electric.

Variations of such combinations of instruments in the number of electric and gas burners lot. The most popular are the following: "2 plus 2" and "3 + 1", where the 3 elements on gas and 1 electric. There may be other combinations, such as "1 + 3" or "3 + 2", but they are much rarer.

Combined hobs can be independent and dependent from the oven, different type of material of construction of the work surface, have different control methods.

Number of types of electric and gas burners, which are equipped with surface of the plate may vary, which allows you to purchase a combined hob with this set, which is necessary for you.

Prices of different models of such devices depend on the manufacturer's design and installation type.

Advantages of using such kitchen appliances

The main reasons for the popularity of combined hobs - their versatility and functionality. Gas heating provides speed and a lot of possibilities for cooking. Electric heating zone pleases capacity, convenience, economy of operation, the extra safety in use.

Modern combined hobs represented manufacturers in a variety of versions.

The main reason to buy a kitchen appliances:

  • The choice of different types of burners. This is an excellent version of reinsurance, if there are problems with electricity or gas supply.
  • Ease of operation. Gas allows you to quickly prepare and electric range delivers more power.
  • Actual functional (from gas ignition device to control).
  • Combined hobs (electric and gas) have convenient control.
  • A huge range of manufacturers and different models.

This combined technique has virtually no drawbacks. Do you need to control the used dishes. For induction requires some pans, and for electric and gas burners - other.

Gas cooking combined panel

The most popular are models that combine gas burners on the panel and electric oven (depending on options). In the opinion of some housewives, such plates are good for baking and other processes (frying, boiling, stewing) is best done on the gas. Here you can select not only traditional, but also more original compositions. For example, CATA LCI 631 A BK, whose surface is made of tempered glass. Its four gas burners presented a triple crown, which speeds up the cooking. There is also a handy feature - Electric ignition.

Equally popular cooktops combined electric and gas. They complement each other. Prepare meals obtained quickly and conveniently. It does not have to be afraid to leave the household without fresh food due to accidental interruption to any of the types of supply. There also are a lot of offers. Very popular with customers of Bosch products. For example, PME675K01E model endowed stylish ceramic surface with three gas burners (and one of which - reinforced) and one electrical.

The most modern, stylish and comfortable at the same time solutions - when a ceramic plate cooking combines and gas and electric versions. Such models produces Hotpoint-Ariston (can be found, and a combination of material such as glass and stainless steel). And the brands Kaiser, Neff, Electrolux and Gorenje Hi-Light format burner perfectly with gas burners on glass ceramic. And this is not a complete list of suggestions. For example, in 6182 Electrolux EGE NOK all ergonomically fashioned: beautiful ceramic glass 1 and 3 the electrical gas burners. This combined gas hob and electric ignition device has a function.

Combined electric cooktop

Such models can be combined not only with gas burners - in the range you can find the most interesting combinations of different technologies. In the selection of kitchen appliances such versatility is able to do a good job.

Combined induction hob

One of the representatives of innovative technologies considered combination hob and electric induction, operation principle which is fundamentally different from the classical methods of heating utensils. B is the induction unit which is located under the glass-ceramic coating as the heating element. And it heats only the dishes, but she burner remains virtually cold. The advantage of induction burner is a very rapid heating, a wide range of temperature control and high security.

This combined electric hob versatile and very easy to use. Such proposals can be found in Neff, Bosch, Gorenje, Electrolux, Zanussi, Hotpoint-Ariston.

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