Combined woodworking machines for home 220V

Multifunction home woodworking machine: Overview of

Working with wood requires special skill and a lot more time and effort than is spent in the production of the factory production. But the result is worth much more expensive, is valued higher and looks several times better than the conveyor factory wooden products. For successful operation of the main thing - to choose a suitable multifunctional household woodworking machine: from the quality and matching your needs and will depend on the final result.

For successful operation of the main thing - to choose a suitable woodworking machine, which will have the right to master the functions

Should you buy a universal woodworking machine for home: the main advantages

The machine is once and forever change the way of working with wood. These devices allow you to create your own wooden objects, without spending a lot of effort and time. Woodworking machines can be useful not only in the production - large or small, but in a home workshop.

Among the advantages of wood-working machines are the following:

  • Wizard low fatigue during operation and, as a consequence, a large process speed and high productivity. After all, when manual labor effort goes much more from exhaustion lost concentration of attention and work is going slowly;
  • productivity increase. During the same time on the machine, you do seven times more than the hand, even with the use of electric tools;

Apparatus universal woodworking machine

  • high quality of products. Even if you do not have much experience in woodworking, thanks to the machine once you achieve high-precision work. In the case of manual processing you move the tool on the workpiece. On the desktop woodworking machines for home moving part itself. This allows you to better control the process, and carefully view the incision;
  • a high degree of job security;
  • in case of overheating is automatically triggered safety shutdown equipment, which significantly extends the duration of the life of the machine;
  • easy setup and operation;
  • comfortable work thanks to the low noise level;
  • the possibility to choose the right model at an affordable price, for example, you can find and buy woodworking machine bu on Avito.

To buy universal woodworking machine and extract the maximum benefit from the purchase, you must immediately choose the optimal device for your purposes.

Many people are thinking about how to make such a tool and seek themed video on the web: woodworking machine with their own hands to make a novice yourself pretty hard. However, below you can find interesting material on a makeshift wood-working machines with their own hands: video clip can be an example to build your own device. Other videos on the topic in a large number can be found on the network.

Helpful advice! It's worth noting that for the manufacture of high-quality devices requires experience, special equipment and understanding of the many nuances. If you doubt their ability, should refer to the finished model from the manufacturer.

What to buy a multi-function woodworking machine: Classification of devices

Woodworking machines divided depending on the priority functions. Some narrowly focused device, while others combine the ability to perform multiple tasks. The table below will help sort out the different types of machines.

Table types of machines. The choice of the machine for its intended purpose:

  • cutting parts;
  • cutting parts;
  • curved sawing of blanks;
  • cross sawing blanks;
  • longitudinal sawing blanks
  • jigsaws;
  • circular;
  • Format panel;
  • crosscut
  • MDF manufacturing;
  • manufacture particleboard;
  • plywood manufacturing
  • Processing details of the profile;
  • processing details on a plane;
  • obtaining a flat surface of the board, plank, sheet
  • thicknesser;
  • planer;
  • planing
  • Production of holes in the surface
  • radial;
  • drilling and insertion;
  • vertical
  • processing frames, billboards along the contour;
  • profiling parts;
  • decoration pieces of wood
  • milling;
  • key-cutting;
  • four-Sawmilling
  • handling cylindrical products
  • Removing slack;
  • Calibration parts;
  • giving the necessary surface roughness;
  • smoothing sharp edges;
  • waves and the elimination of burrs

You can choose a multifunctional machine that will combine "skill" of the different categories.

Classification of machines according to the degree of universality

Several distinct types of equipment, depending on the breadth of their scope.

Production is often relevant methodical processing identical parts, which differ only in size. For this kind of work special machines are suitable. They sharpened by performing a specific operation. For example, in the manufacture of furniture and doors requires sawing boards and plates. Do it on Saws, which is a specialized. In order to align the profiles, edge boards, frames in furniture and joinery workshops used Edge machines.

Multi-function woodworking machine Damask ML-292-1,5

Home versatile woodworking machine, whose price will be much lower than dedicated, fit in when you make woodworking. This tool is suitable for different tasks. However, it may be too serious option for a small home workshop.

Features a universal machine:

  • plus is the ability to replace several special. For example, Thicknessing-planer machine combines the functions of devices for planing and thicknessing while occupying much less space and is much cheaper than standing;
  • minus a universal machine - less accuracy and performance compared with the special.

Helpful advice! Universal machine - a good decision, if in a workshop or shop small space, and for the tasks required functions of various types of machine tools. It is suitable for batch and small batch production.

Combined machine for Jet JKM-300 wood

If you buy a combined machine for wood for domestic use, it will cost an outlet for the home studio. It is possible to realize a variety of tasks: drilling, planing, sawing. The price of domestic woodworking machine most profitable among all varieties of such equipment.

Prices of woodworking machines for home, depending on the type and capacity of equipment

Another important factor to consider when purchasing the machine - it's what the maximum load capable of withstanding the equipment. And in this case, the determining factor is the capacity of the machine.

Price Schedule for machine tools, depending on the type and power:

  • used for real high and accurate processing;
  • are selected for a specific task;
  • used on large industries;
  • They provide a large planing width, and depth of cut;
  • possess additional modes
  • relevant in small workshops and small industries;
  • Versatility: can carry out sawing, milling, planing, drilling works;
  • replaces several specialized machines;
  • save space in the workshop
  • optimal for home use;
  • Best price: buy woodworking machine for the house will be profitable enough;
  • despite the low cost and low power, such machines are different strength and durability;
  • the presence of an electric motor, which allows to use the device in the home;
  • availability of countertops, increases comfort of work;
  • difference models in terms of complexity: Multifunctional allow sawed, planed, drilled, they are equipped with a router and other tools;
  • ease of migration from one operating mode to another

For home use relevant domestic machines. Let's see what kind of combined woodworking machine for home on the 220 will suit you best.

Types multifunction home woodworking machines 220

All household machines are divided into two types:

Stand-alone machines and their features

Autonomous machines are suitable to perform professional tasks. They take up more space and weigh more amateur, but to cope with all the functions of cutting across and at an angle to the grooving. Such a device is equipped with everything needed for a comfortable and safe work: in his arsenal all possible supports, ducts and clamps, as well as dust and chip removal system.

Combined multi-functional woodworking machine Holzmann K5-315 VF -2000

Power from this unit 3 to 5 kW, the machine usually two or three motors. Sometimes the two engines are used in multifunction machine, working from different power sources - electric and petrol or diesel.

This machine has the sense to buy in the case of professional woodwork.

Desktop multifunction household woodworking machines with a surface gauge

Table machine is designed for amateur woodwork. In his arsenal - 2-5 types of processing. Powered by a drive unit, a power of 0.9 to 3 kW. This unit is ideal for a small workshop or a part-time farm, and its main function - planing and sawing. You can even find or make drawings of woodworking machine with their own hands, but no lack of experience is worth considering the purchase of professional equipment.

Often at home desktop machine performs the function of the gauge upper clamp. However, if you often relevant this tool, you can find a model of domestic machine tool equipped with a surface gauge.

Apparatus simple universal machine with a circular saw and a surface gauge 1 - releasable frame; 2 - receiving a movable table; 3 - supporting the fixed table; 4 - the saw table; 5 - blade drum; 6 - a drive; 7 - shkurilny drum

Multifunction home woodworking machine: scope

Buy generic household woodworking machine can be for both semi and amateur home studio. Such devices differ versatility and can perform various operations with the timber.

Multi-function woodworking machine for home cope with the following tasks:

  • sawn wood;
  • planing of wood;
  • milling;
  • grinding;
  • wood and other drilling.

Such versatility is due to the possibility of replacing the working tool. Thus, the setting element for planing, you turn the device into a planing machine, and if you buy the blades for woodworking machinery, you will be able to saw wood beams. As a result, instead of the many kinds of equipment for only one machine, saving space, energy, time and money.

Another feature of domestic woodworking machines for home - a gradual consumption of electricity, which saves on utility bills.

Multi-function woodworking machine is useful both in professional and home studio

The device household machine. Its function and purpose of the various instruments

When compared with a professional machine household it becomes clear that domestic universal device is compact. This is facilitated by the presence thereof the motor: the motor is hidden under the desk in the frame, and the surface of the countertop through zoning to work comfortably and safely. Usually on one side of the guide bar countertop is plane, and on the other - a circular saw. Side, on a small platform, you can place the parts, and to fix the cartridge cutters and drills. Included with the machine includes a ruler, clamp and stops.

Helpful advice! There are models of machines, which can simultaneously perform different types of work. However, keep in mind that the quality of a universal processing machine will be lower than in the case of special.

Household machine is suitable for amateur works on a tree in a home studio, as well as a small carpentry, furniture manufacture. When you select the machine required to consider the area of ​​the room and place the unit in such a way to always have easy access to a working node.

Working tool gets its energy from the engine. Buying a home woodworking machine, remember that the performance of the device is directly proportional to the drive capacity and the frequency of rotation of the rotor.

General view of the machine in cutting operation: 1 - the saw table; 2 - riving knife; 3 - a protective casing; 4 - the saw blade; 5 - guide rail; 6 - a device for cross cutting at an angle; 7 - axis; 8 - the handle; 9 - a drive mechanism; 10 - the switch

Basic tools universal woodworking machines for home

Machine function depends on the "nozzle", which is currently selected as the working tool. This can be:

What functions are performed by different instruments:

In addition, the machine may have more functions. Such as:

  • magnetic switch;
  • vibration suppressor;
  • smooth start;
  • maintaining the engine speed at the same level at any load;
  • preventing overheating using a thermal relay;
  • automatic document parts;
  • emergency stop function;
  • protection against electrical surges.

Desk mini woodworking machines for home

Often, when working on a universal woodworking machines with a surface gauge or other relevant instrument adjusting the depth of cut, cutting or sawing. In this case, you can change the height of the desktop. To increase the depth of the table is lowered, and if it is necessary to reduce the depth, raise.

The right choice of woodworking equipment, learning opportunities and the nuances of the various machines will extract from the purchase of the most use and choose the appropriate name to suit your needs unit

Helpful advice! For small enterprises, dealing with medium details, fit the machine with a welded bed. If we are talking about the great products, you need equipment with a cast bed, which is considerably higher cost.

When choosing a machine, always pay attention to the table rigidity. It is especially important not to forget about it, if you decide to make a woodworking unit yourself. The stronger is a table, the less susceptible to vibration of the items that are on it, which provides greater accuracy of the workpiece. The best option in terms of rigidity is cast working table.

Selection of domestic machine: important characteristics

How to choose the right machine optimally. Criterias of choice:

Helpful advice! The more versatile machine, the higher the price, so it makes sense to focus on the tasks that you really need. But to save money and buy second-hand equipment can be risky - to guarantee the quality of this machine is not possible.

The advantages of the combined universal woodworking machines D300, D400 and other models

Like any other equipment, multi-function woodworking machines are not deprived both advantages and disadvantages. Below, we try to understand what advantages the acquisition of the machine and consider the possible downsides.

  • versatility - can be carried out several operations on a single machine. For example, to get the finished product out of lumber, you first need to dissolve the trunks at the sawmill, then reysmusovat board or process them or a router jointer. All this can be done within the workshop on the same device, thus saving time, effort and money;

Universal combined woodworking machine D300 F1300 with jointer and thicknesser unit

  • benefits - buy one device is easier and cheaper than some specialized;
  • simple operation;
  • feasibility and practicality - a number of functions required is so rare that it makes no sense to buy a separate special apparatus. Woodworking machines Ant and other companies devices include among others these features without requiring expenses for a separate unit;
  • quiet operation, which is especially important for home studio;
  • compact - most of the instruments located in a separate housing or a desktop that fits in the writing, the kitchen table or workbench.

Disadvantages of domestic machines:

  • this machine can not be altered, improved to fit your needs;
  • due to the combination of multiple functions, some tools may suffer and not do their job in the desired quality;
  • home desktop machine is not suitable for serious production - more advisable to buy specialized machines and hire the appropriate experts.

Helpful advice! Before you buy, think of your desired functionality of the machine. Analyze your favorite model: perhaps her lack of ability to easily replace with hand tools. Especially this option is useful if you plan to use the lack of function is not too often.

Woodworking machines allow you to create unique pieces of wood, without spending large amounts of time and effort

Comparison of different models of wood-working machines

In today's market presents both domestic and foreign manufacturers of woodworking machines. Among the Russian manufacturers of the best proven firm Corvette and Ant. On the foreign markets differ reliability of the company Jet Maksita and Hitachi.

To make informed choices, it is necessary to compare the features of different models of machines and find the most suitable option for your needs. We compared the model BELMASH UNIVERSAL-2000 STAVR SDM 3/2000, KRATON WM-Multi-08, ENKOR Corvette-320, as well as leading multi-model domestic woodworking machines Ant.

Comparison of the different models of machines:

It should be noted that the functionality and reliability of the components of domestic models are not inferior to foreign ones, while they are much cheaper. Complaints can only be on the build quality, as most of the models assembled in China.

Helpful advice! You can save significantly by purchasing a domestic machine and with the help of video instructions to assemble it with their hands. So you get a unit of excellent quality without the expense.

Comparison of the different models of machines ant:

Important rules for working on the universal machine

As you would on any other equipment using universal woodworking machine must be guided by certain rules. This will ensure the high quality of work, efficiency, and provide the proper level of security. So:

  • before embarking on the work, sort the timber quality and size;
  • producing planing first treat one entire surface, and then the second. It happens that after the first pass becomes a defect of the wood and to process it further does not make sense;
  • choose to work well dried wood. With this load on the equipment will be less and the quality of work - above;
  • to prevent downtime in case of failure, try to always been left on one type of cutting tool;
  • Do not engage in self-sharpening blades for woodworking machinery. Professionals have a special sharpener - in such processing tools will serve you much more effective and longer;
  • for cutting the tree, select a disk with a few large teeth, and for a clean saw cut - a disc with frequent fine-toothed;
  • for the convenience of secure machine on a workbench. Use the provided mounting manufacturer.

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Woodworking machines for the home - Review of multi-standard equipment, the price of popular models

  1. Classification
  2. domestic samples
  3. fixed equipment
  4. Desktop machines
  5. possibilities units
  6. Design
  7. Criterias of choice
  8. Benefits
  9. Review of popular models

Woodworking - this is one of those areas, which provides for both industrial and domestic production, respectively, and the equipment used here varied. Often domestic craftsmen create products that are of quality and decorative properties are superior to the factory samples, and all thanks to the talent of a carpenter and, of course, well-chosen machines specifically designed for home studios. Modern household woodworking machines - a high-performance equipment, which has a number of advantages, such as:

  • High accuracy and speed;
  • small fatigue masters;
  • decent quality products;
  • multifunctionality;
  • a wide variety of equipment;
  • safe use;
  • low noise levels;
  • ease of operation.

This is not a complete list of positive characteristics that household units, and then a closer look at the possibility of machines depending on their type and configuration. Below is a diagram of a universal machine that combines a planer and circular mechanisms.

Depending on the functional purpose woodworking machinery can be divided into several types. Carpentry tools on the market are presented as a narrowly focused model and combined model machines for the home, able to cope with the diverse tasks.

curvilinear, longitudinal and transverse sawing blanks

production of a variety of materials from wood

Newspapers, including manual

profile and planar workpiece machining;

forming a flat surface of the workpiece

workpieces along the contour;

art processing of wooden elements

shaping blanks smooth surfaces free of burrs and other defects

If necessary, handyman will choose a versatile woodworking machine that will perform all the steps due to the presence of several different types of cutting elements. If you are doing mass production of identical parts, then the acquisition of multipurpose consumer machine is inexpedient, besides machining accuracy in universal units are somewhat lower than those of narrowly focused models.

Although multioperational machine for home use are cheaper than professional, buy it only makes sense when the user is at a high level and is engaged in wood processing will regularly make use of the equipment. Otherwise, we can restrict the purchase of power tools similar functionality, perfect for occasional work.

Before you buy a home machine, be sure to note the maximum load that will be assigned to it to pick up the device of suitable capacity. If we ignore this rule, you might encounter with the breakdown of domestic machine due to overload, with whom he simply can not cope. Also, do not purchase units more power than is needed for your type and scope of work. The fact that the price of the machine depends on its capacity, and to overpay for unused opportunities makes no sense. Below, we have the approximate prices for common types of woodworking machines.

tasks on large industrial complexes;

large width and depth of the cut;

the availability of additional options.

used in private workshops and small industries;

capable of performing the work for cutting, milling, planing, drilling;

combine the functions of specialized models;

have compact dimensions.

specifically designed for home use;

characterized by low price;

exhibit durable and reliable operation;

It provided with an electric drive, which enables them to connect to the mains;

have a set of cutting elements of different types;

easy to operate.

Ctanki, which are used in home workshops, working from the network 220, so further consider this equipment in detail on the example of combination options with extensive functionality.

Based on the design features of such machines are divided into stationary and board.

This equipment is easy to cope with professional tasks that are performed at an impressive scale. Machines have large dimensions and weight, therefore, require a separate room with sufficient space. Stationary machines are equipped with all necessary components by which the master can perform various processes - by a simple sawing up and grooving for connecting several parts. Here producers care about the safety and comfort of operation, for which supply their products with all kinds of assistive devices such as stops, clamps, chip removal system and other no less useful options. Power stationary household machines varies between 3-5 kW, and they are often equipped with two or three engines, working from a variety of sources (electricity, gasoline, diesel). This type of machine is ideal for those who are professionally engaged in the processing of wood, even in a domestic environment.

Bench type equipment usually selected amateurs who use several kinds of billets. Electrical household machines have a capacity of 0.9 to 3 kW, which is enough for home carpentry shop. Typically, the board samples are designed for sawing and planing. Typically, as used herein planer upper clamp, but frequent use of this function to acquire better design with full surface gauge.

Due to the fact that the universal machines for woodworking provide for the replacement of the tool, they perform the following functions:

Thus, the handyman is planed board, sawn timber or make holes of a certain diameter, setting the machine cutter required form. With a multi-sector unit, no need to purchase several different types of devices, which is very convenient, is not it saves the space for their installation and finances. Another important factor is that household machines differ moderate power consumption, making possible to reduce operating costs.

A detailed consideration of industrial and domestic machinery becomes clear that the universal device of the second type have compact dimensions. This became possible due to the presence of one of the engine, which is placed under the sink. Safety and convenience of the process is ensured zoning work surface. As a rule, on the one hand planer countertop installed, and on the other side of the rip fence mounted circular saw. A side surface at a single site, it is possible to fix the parts, and a cartridge set drill or cutter. Also included clamp, stop elements and a ruler or a laser measuring device.

If you master the furniture in the home shop, it does not matter what kind of material use, whether chipboard, MDF or plywood, you will appreciate the broad possibilities of universal machines, ensuring a sufficiently high quality work. One of the main conditions of operation of household stationary or desktop machine - the organization of friendly approach to the units of equipment on each side.

Machine functions are directly dependent on the set element to it, as it can be:

  • cutter;
  • planing or thicknesser shaft;
  • drill;
  • Circular Saw;
  • grinding apparatus and the like. d.

In addition to the main torch on the unit installed accessories, significantly expanding the capabilities of the equipment. This system soft start and automatic feeding preforms antivibration elements, magnetic actuators, controllers revolutions, thermal, protection from voltage surges, and other options specific to a particular model. With regard to the machine table top, for the greater convenience in the work it is provided with height adjuster that allows you to change the depth of cut.

Experts advise small enterprises to purchase machines with welded bed, and if you need to process large parts, it is better to give preference to the more expensive molded designs. When choosing a model, be sure to pay attention to the rigidity of the table: the stronger it is set, the smaller the vibration occurs during operation, respectively, it will be observed the maximum accuracy. In this case, alloy Tables are the best option.

The more functions capable of performing a universal machine, the higher its value, therefore, not to overpay for unnecessary details before you buy is better to decide on its complete set, depending on production needs. It is also important to focus in other terms, significantly affecting the operation of units:

  • Power. Household samples are connected to a two-phase 220 V and three-phase connection 380 required for industrial equipment B.
  • Power. Desktop units it is 1500 W, for stationary machines - from 2200 watts.
  • Turnovers. Their frequency affects the quality and processing speed. The minimum value is 2800 rev / min, and the maximum may exceed 7500 rev / min. Home worker will approach the machine with speed cutter 3600 rev / min.
  • The diameter of the saw blade. This rate is selected based on the required depth of cut, the maximum value can be up to 260 mm.
  • Planing depth. The planing mode cutter capable to remove shavings layer per pass of up to 3 mm.
  • Angle cutting. Sewing can be performed at an angle of between 0 and 45 °, but in a carpentry workshop at home this option can be saved, as it is rarely claimed.
  • Weight and dimensions. It all depends on the equipment, thus do not forget to take into account the area of ​​the room in which it is installed.

Any equipment, and multi-functional household machines are no exception, has both advantages and some drawbacks, so we have tried to highlight the most significant ones.

For obvious benefits of universal machines for wood treatment include their ability to perform multiple operations. For example, on one machine, you will be able to dissolve the log, then reysmusovat board or carry out jointing, thus saves even more time and effort. Also purchase a multifunction machine is cheaper than purchasing several different types of models. Given that some of the functions are rarely used, there is no sense to spend money on individual units. Another advantage of the combination machines - compact size, which is very important at home.

Unfortunately, the household sample is almost impossible to translate for your own needs. Also, due to the combination of several functions versatile units give way to specialized counterparts in job performance. Small desktop machines are not suitable for sawing of large logs, and with such a task would have to contact the owners of the equipment.

In the Russian market there is no shortage of woodworking machinery, which is widely represented both domestic and foreign brands. Among our brands well-proven Corvette machines Interskol and Belmash and to import leaders buyers include units JET (Jet), DeWALT (DeWalt), Makita (Makita), Caliber, Anchor and WoodTec. If we talk about the models of machines, the superiority of sales held CA-20-1 samples, the SDM-2000, SDM-2500 M, SDM-2200, SDMP-2200 and 2500E from Belmash, K5-320 and K5-400 from YAKORUDA, UDS -3 and 5 of the MAC-caliber, JKM-300 and 300 from JKS-Jet. The table below shows the model of woodworking machines with a comparison of relevant indicators.

"Sharpening machine for blades - independent device manufacturers, milestones and materials"

combined machines

BELMASH SDM-2500 PRO - multi-function woodworking machine, comes in a unique configuration that has no analogues among our products.

We recommend purchasing this model, if you want a machine that maximum power, performance and other premium equipment. All this is available only in the PRO version.

We made sure that all the necessary additional components and devices. For better handling scripting Three-knife cutterblock.

SDM-2500 PRO - is a convenience, comfort, security at the best price.

  • planing (jointing), or by layer edges;
  • planing (planer) at an angle (the ribs);
  • sawing along and across the fibers;
  • sawing along the fiber at an angle with a combination of line;
  • sawing across the grain at an angle to the rotary bracket;
  • Milling cutting wheels;
  • milling end mills, drills.

Woodworking machine multifunction household

  • The most powerful series machine SDM.

    The machine is equipped with an updated combined ruler which includes parallel and angled abutments. All scales deposited on it blasting followed by laser curing.

    Cutting tool: the nominal diameter of the blade is 315 mm, it is also possible milling cutters disc diameter of 125 mm and a thickness of 10 mm, a chuck mounted end milling cutters and drills with a diameter of not more than 12 mm shank. Steel piece shaft is mounted with two cutting blades 270 mm in length.

    The main functions of the machine:

    • planing (jointing), or by layer edges;
    • planing (planer) at an angle (the ribs);
    • sawing along and across the fibers;
    • sawing along the fiber at an angle with a combination of line;
    • sawing across the grain at an angle to the rotary bracket;
    • Milling cutting wheels;
    • milling end mills, drills.

    Woodworking machine multifunction household

  • SDMR 2500 - the first multi-functional machine BELMASH, which implemented thicknessing function without an additional set-top box.

    The machine is fully included all the best design "Plant Belmash" in conjunction with the new ideas. Traditionally performed in accordance with our vision on domestic equipment for woodworking - machines Multifunctional, compact, powerful, easily customizable.

    • planing (planer) on face or edges
    • planing (planer) at an angle (of the ribs)
    • thicknessing
    • sawing along and across the grain
    • sawing along the fiber at an angle with a combination of line
    • sawing across the grain at an angle to the swing arm via
    • milling disk mills

    The machine has a combined line of similar machines SDM Series. With the help of carriages moving along the guide, you can set the desired position parallel to the guide (for planing and sawing) and the swinging arm (miter).

    Planer shaft piece, steel, with a new blade mounting structure. It equipped with three blades that provide more fine and clean processing.

    Provided inside the disconnection device from the power source when the induction motor is overheated.

    For external suction removal of cutting waste three nozzle devices provided: on the housing for removing chips during planing and thicknessing (63 mm) for saw blade casing (38 mm) for saw blade guard (28 mm).

    Woodworking machine multifunction household

  • Woodworking machine multifunction household

    BELMASH Mogilev 2.4

  • Machines BELMASH SDM - the flagship line of "Factory Belmash", versatile and best equipped. They belong to the household application equipment for treating wood (plywood, chipboard, etc.).

    In this modified version of the machine is being set-piece steel cutterblock. Equipped with an updated combined ruler, which includes parallel and angled abutments. All scales deposited on it blasting followed by laser curing.

    • Planing on a plane
    • Planing angle (the ribs)
    • resaw
    • Ripping an edge angle
    • Crosscutting
    • Cross cutting angle
    • Tackling quarter
    • Milling disc cutters
    • Milling end mills
    • boring

    Woodworking machine multifunction household

  • Machine BELMASH SDM-2200M - one of the new models of SDM's flagship line, which now consists of four machines: BELMASH SDM-2000M, BELMASH SDM-2200M, BELMASH SDM-2500M and BELMASH SDM-2500PRO.

    As with all the previous articles of this series of new product has maximum functionality and the ample opportunities for the use of additional equipment.

    The main features of SDM-2200M - is the availability of a new combined line included machine and steel planer shaft. Due to these components, machine design has become a best-in-class products, setting more precise, and the work - safer.

    • Planing the broad surface
    • Planing angle (the ribs)
    • Longitudinal and transverse cutting along the grain
    • Longitudinal and transverse cutting along the edge angle
    • Tackling quarter
    • Milling disk and end mills
    • boring

    Woodworking machine multifunction household

  • This model is out of production, replaced by BELMASH SDM-2000M

    Woodworking machine multifunction household

  • Woodworking machine multifunction household

  • Woodworking machine multifunction household

  • Woodworking machine multifunction household

    This model is out of production, replaced by BELMASH SDM-2200M

    Woodworking machine multifunction household

    Woodworking machine multifunction

    This section presents the catalog Woodworking combined lathes. Among the large variety of models, you can choose for themselves the right, on the basis of the following characteristics:

    • rated power;
    • maximum depth of cut;
    • the maximum width of the sawn blank;
    • nominal size tables;
    • nominal diameter of the cutting wheel.

    What is the "Combined machine"?

    "Combined" called multifunction woodworking machine, which combines several functions, such as trimming and cutting. Home multifunction machines from Belmash are of this type. They allow you to perform the following operations:

    • planing of the plane and at an angle (at edge);
    • sawing along and across the grain, in a horizontal plane or at an angle;
    • milling disk and end mills;
    • drilling.

    Flagship is a line of multi-function machines for wood SDM (SDM), which currently consists of four machines:

    A distinctive feature of these models is the presence of a steel blade shaft, the new ruler, comfortable scale and opportunities for the use of additional equipment.

    The benefits of choosing our combination machines

    Woodworkers, household and multifunctional sold under the brand Belmash - it's a great choice, and here are some reasons why:

    • acceptable dimensions that do not require large areas;
    • installing on any flat, stable surface area and a sufficient height;
    • ease of adjusting parameters such as the height of cutting and planing depth;
    • high operational safety, for example, the presence of the blocking bracket, which allows the user to either shave or cut;
    • the accuracy of the operations due to the scale on the guide line;
    • induction motor to withstand prolonged stress;
    • affordable price.

    For added stability and safety when using multifunctional machines for the house can be secured. In this case for the knockouts, so they are easily fixed on a workbench or separately produced supports (P-2, PC-2). Setting up of multifunctional machines for wood for garden and home is convenient and easy, designed for the novice master and requires no special skills.

    All the products conform to the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union:

    • 004-2011 "On safety of low voltage equipment"
    • 010-2011 "On the safety of machinery and equipment"
    • 020-2011 "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means"

    If you are looking for where to buy a multi-function machine, our company is exactly what you need. In our catalog you can find an overview of species not only tools, but also the additional equipment, as well as consumables.

    Would you like to leave us with the information?

    Or something to share with us? we

    We are waiting for your messages.

    We are pleased to demonstrate

    Our products to you!

    Our products you

    You can be purchased from our site.

    Official site of JSC Belmash in Russia

    Brand BELMASH - it's own vision of woodworking equipment. The most significant share of brand products - household multifunction woodworking machines and attachments to them.

    Woodworking equipment brand BELMASH produces JV "Belmash Plant" - a modern full-cycle production. The industrial complex is located in the city of Mogilev, Belarus. Personnel structure of the company - is a team of highly qualified professionals. technical equipment and qualified personnel to carry out the work allows a high degree of complexity.

    Our range - machines for working with wood and accessories to them, that you will be able to turn ideas into life arrangement. They become part of your workshop and your life. Our products are implemented unique development design bureau. Reliability, thoughtfulness, safety - that's what distinguishes Belmash products in the first place.

    Assortment policy takes into account the demands of the market, so the new items have no direct analogues. Innovation and control in the manufacture give confidence in the quality of the product.

    Simplicity, convenience and medium price segment is positioned household woodworking machines Belmash as the best choice for DIY.

    The company is headquartered in Moscow. firms have representative offices in Samara, Ekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk. The geography of our sales extend to the territory of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan.

    We are committed to ensuring that everyone can be the best way for themselves to buy woodworking machines and additional equipment for them, as well as get information support and quality service. The company's employees are united by one goal - to make your shopping easy and enjoyable, and technical assistance - high-quality and timely.

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