Combined house of stone and wood projects

Projects of houses, combined wood and stone: the tradition and new technologies

In recent time, it is gaining popularity construction of residential houses on the famous mountain in the alpine areas of technology. This combined house of stone and wood. Projects with a garage and utility rooms, basements options and a variety of modern materials make it possible to build a full-fledged two-storey house.

The advantages of the old construction technology

Initially, the combined houses of stone and wood (projects and translating) appeared in the Alpine mountains. Firstly, for the sole purpose of practical lower, ground floor laid out from the rubble, which in mountainous terrain is always enough. Secondly, only the walls of stone in contact with winter snow does not threaten excessive hydration and degradation. Traditionally, the first floor was allocated under the economic needs, and the living quarters were located on the second. The upper tier was built of wood, which retains heat well. There are bedrooms, guest rooms and other accommodations.

Such methods of construction, home projects, combined with stone and wood, were widely used by merchants in the cities of pre-revolutionary Russia. Warehouse with goods and the store located at the bottom, and the family lived on the top, a more comfortable level. It provides not only comfortable accommodation, but also the preservation of valuable property in case of fire.

How to make the old house a new, spacious and modern

Reconstruction and increase the area of ​​the old one, but of a good cottage can be not only an extension wings. Projects of houses, combined with stone and wood, offer a chance to modernize the home, increasing the number of storeys of buildings and retaining the lower wall. It is important to adhere to a specific sequence in the use of materials: the upper structure should be easier to lower. We recommend using the following pairs:

  • stone or brick + whole logs or timber;
  • wood frame + floor;
  • monolith + SIP panels.

One of the most important requirements to be met by projects of houses, combined with stone and wood - the correct docking the upper and lower tiers. Location of bearing walls of both floors must necessarily coincide. Otherwise, the operation of the structure does not avoid unpleasant consequences. When docking the external walls of various materials is essential to ensure the reliability, insulation and vapor barrier transition.

The materials to replace traditional

Combined house of stone and wood, the projects which offer construction companies today are building in different climate zones. Given the characteristics of the ground, pick up the form of the foundation: tape or pile. Instead now use stone, brick, cellular concrete, arbolit or blocks of porous ceramic.

Whole logs from the budget economy, replace the laminated veneer lumber or SIP panels.

Arranging in the basement garage, boiler room or the kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, children's rooms and other accommodations are traditionally placed on them: and the more comfortable and warmer and cozier.

What additional advantages does the Alpine technology

Construction of a two-storey cottage - it is expensive. Virtually all combined houses of stone and wood (projects, photos, real buildings) are an example of how you can cut costs. In addition to cost savings, this technology has several advantages:

  1. The walls are made of wood, raised on high, the eaves are protected from moisture natural rainfall.
  2. The increase in the structure of the usable area is possible with the real cost reduction.
  3. Projects of houses, combined with stone and wood, allow their inhabitants to live in the cool summer and winter - warm.
  4. First, a heavy floor structure provides fire safety and stability, the second - the abundance of light, fresh air and environmental friendliness.
  5. The original and beautiful exterior architecture of the building.

Using a combination of modern building materials and construction rules described Alpine chalet make it possible to build a beautiful, comfortable and beautiful house on the old, time-tested technology.

Popular projects combined houses of stone and wood

Private, beautiful spacious house, built with his own hands, draws many. But it is one thing to dream of his own house, and quite another to build the structure from the foundation to the roof. Today, very popular are residential buildings, created from stone and wood.

Style chalet is gaining momentum and is becoming a fashionable trend in the construction industry. The designers offer a variety of designs combined houses belonging to the elite, the average and economy class. In most cases, the future owners of private housing are interested in low-cost projects combined houses of stone and wood.

In addition to low cost, combined house chalet of stone and wood attracts a lot of advantages. Among these, it should be noted:

  • Durability.
  • The high level of durability, strength.
  • Fire safety.

Plus, the wood structures are distinguished comfort and heat retention. And in conjunction with the brickwork, this structure looks beautiful, soundly. To use the materials are not wasted, masters recommend to think of ways in which option they will be used. The most popular is a combined project of a house in chalet style.

Combined projects of houses are different. Guest artists argue that not all of them successful. For example, an embodiment in which the first brick structure is being built, and then is coated wood paneling may eventually cause damage to the materials. Let us not forget that the brick and wood, have a different coefficient of thermal expansion. If masonry veneer wood correctly, between the materials need to keep sufficient distance. But over time, in a given space can be got insects and rodents.

The reverse variant in which the wooden structure is coated brick. But the permutation sequence of the materials used, the essence does not change. Between the layers of material can be formed mold, fungus, bark beetles live.

Reviews of combined houses of stone and wood turnkey argue that the optimal combination of materials - floor, as shown in the photo. For example, a project of this structure might look like this:

  • First floor - brick building, which houses the utility room - kitchen, dining room, boiler room, guest room with a fireplace.
  • Second floor - wood. Here is placed the bedroom, nursery, guest rooms. Delicate aroma of wood will contribute to the relaxation and peace.

Guest artists argue that the project to create the perfect combination of house, you must consider the requirements and wishes of the customer. In any case, the master must notify the owner of the future, it is better to locate utilities on the ground floor. Given the ease of wood, it does not need to be constructed of this material on the first floor. Retaining walls must be made of stone, so that the house was generally strong and reliable.

Combined house stone tree turnkey economy class can be built of reinforced concrete foundation, ceramic bricks and pine wood. Since the two-storey house, stairs inside the building is a prerequisite.

Excellent choice - wood stairs inside the house and solid - outside. Perfect complement to the structure, the second is the attic floor, which is similar to the decoration color decoration of walls of the first floor.

Draft Budget of the combined houses of stone and wood chalet-style, must include a spacious terrace. This structural element is the hallmark of such housing. Another essential element of a successful project in a chalet-style, is the presence in the house flat roof with a wide wingspan. Thanks to this solution, protected wood of the structure from moisture and precipitation.

Project home, chalet-style must be the gentle slope of the roof. Only in this way, in the winter snow will accumulate on the roof, which will serve as an additional insulating layer. However, the owner must ensure that snow does not accumulate too much. After additional weight can cause damage to the roof.

In the photo of the combined houses of stone and wood it can be seen that the cap is always constructed of stone. This rule must be followed during the creation of any combination of the structure. A stone or brick withstand the load which is inevitable in the construction of the second floor.

Erecting reliable cap, it is not recommended to clad facade synthetic materials. If possible, front side and finish produced using natural materials. This rule is fundamental in the process of constructing the present chalet.

Combined house turnkey made of stone and wood, are a great solution. To such a structure will last for many, becoming a practical and reliable home recommended strictly adhere to advice masters.

Reviews professionals argue that, when combined in the first place using a stone, and for the construction of the upper floors - wood. In this case, the first floor equipped with a utility room, and the top - for living rooms and recreation rooms.

Observance of simple rules, you can quickly and efficiently build a sturdy structure of economy class.

Advantages and disadvantages of the combined houses of stone and wood, design features

Construction of the combined houses meet modern trends. People are trying to make their property a reliable, durable and environmentally friendly. The structure of stone and wood fully meet these requirements. They are very practical and are becoming increasingly popular among private developers. What you need to know before drawing up the project, what are the pros and cons of this type of houses, the experts tell us.

Combined home: what it is

This type of buildings - do not know how. Even during times of Kievan Rus noticed that such houses are durable, lightweight, more resistant to fire and heat better cherish. As technology has become more material combinations of variations to the combined houses. However, stone and timber are the closest to the ideal.

Two-part house, as a rule, have 2 floors. Ground level erected of durable stone that is not afraid of fires, high wind, precipitation, groundwater and abundant sunshine. Additionally, the stone foundation of the house becomes a great support for the second floor, which is collected from the tree. Bruce helps to increase the energy efficiency installations, gives comfort, beauty and convenience. It can be of several types, depending on the destination:

  1. Glued. One element consists of many thin lamellas glued softwood.
  2. Unshaped. Neutral beam obtained after processing the logs to the sawmill. The cheapest option for buildings.
  3. Profiled. It has grooves and bulges for reliable fixing and improving insulation at the joints. It has a crisp set parameters.

Among the projects component of private dwellings demand style chalet - Swiss shepherd houses with typical highly prominent eaves overhangs. Shape cottage got an ulterior motive. It maximizes convert the sun's rays into heat energy. Second wooden floor of the house is the attic.

Attention! Other options for combinations with wood concrete, concrete blocks, expanded clay or concrete blocks.

Pros and cons of the combined houses

The popularity of such cottages is due to a landslide of positive over negative characteristics. This type of structures is actually quite practical. Its advantages are:

  • lightweight design, reducing pressure on the foundation (compared to conventional stone or brick house);
  • the possibility of building in an area with shallow ground water;
  • durability;
  • the possibility of the construction with the help of modern eco-friendly materials that are safe for the natural environment;
  • a wide range of design solutions with high aesthetic;

  • efficiency;
  • higher fire safety (compared with buildings only wood or modern fuels);
  • Increased moisture protection;
  • the function of the second floor, thermos: in the heat there will be cool in the cold - warm.

Shortcomings in the two-part houses not so much:

  • the tree is less than a stone;
  • very different physical and technological properties, because of this, after the operation difficulties can arise in extreme cold or in the heat of the stone and wood;
  • even in combination with a non-flammable timber neighbor remains flammable material.

Stone is not it is light as foam blocks or expanded clay building materials. Such house should further strengthen the foundation of the high sagging. Nevertheless, the combined housing - access for those who can not afford a two-storey cottage. Architects also recommend this type of structure, when due to heavy load foundations 2-story brick or stone houses can explode or cause a skew. In fact, using a simple structure for the foundation for a 1-storey building.

Professional advice for the design of composite buildings

The design approach in the arrangement of rooms may be any, but usually fits in naturally-natural concept. Front of the house, too, is usually not further veneer - looks more natural than the invoice, the better. Stone part can be further decorated in agriculture or the other direction, and decorate the timber thread.

There are exceptions when using modern coating materials both floors lead to a common design style. But in this case we should not forget about the different characteristics of the materials. One in a few years will still be facing look good, the other will no longer hold.

In drafting dwelling size does not matter. In the photo you can see a completely different in size and design of cottages. Ground conditions are also unimportant. The main thing that the land was not able to withstand the swamp and one-storey stone house.

The construction of such a building takes relatively little time. The main term will go to fill, dry foundation and raising the stone walls. Lightweight wooden rate appears to be much faster: it does not require finishing. At least the first time you can live with bare wood walls, as long as you make out the bottom floor. Even before taking into the hands of a spatula or cladding panels, spend communication. They are advised to dispose only on the 1st floor.

Attention! Pretty claimed combination of a 2-storey house of the combined facilities for business and life. Downstairs owners equip commercial, and live at the top of themselves, make a separate output and communication.

The combination of materials in the construction of housing opens up broad opportunities for its styling. You can make a home for everyone. In order not to be disappointed in the result, work only with experienced builders.

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