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Rules of combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen

The combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen, without exaggeration, the most important thing! You can spend a lot of money to finish, buy expensive furniture and accessories, and as a result, to get something motley and very unattractive.

In this article, we will tell you and show simple examples of how to match colors.

No arcane terms like "monochrome", "ahromnost" - you will not find here. No theory and obscure reasoning!

Let those used by professional designers, and we'll go the other way: we start from the basic colors, furnishings, and have him try various options of contrasts. And along the way to discuss what is good and what is bad.

We are sure that among the variety of proposed examples, you're bound to find something suitable!

Basic rules of color combinations in the interior

Basic rules of color combinations in the interior simple as ABC: do not try to grasp all at once and do not use all your favorite colors at the same time!

It sounds simple, right?

But when it comes down to it, that that begins: "And maybe this red countertop apron to buy in lilac and coral tone? Or, in the orange-red? Or, in terracotta brown? No? Bust? Then, maybe, buy purple chairs and curtains? ".

In the end, it turns out that what we said originally: overload bright elements that form a chaotic mess, which is not "playing" no object.

And no matter how it was difficult, it is necessary to isolate one thing, what would like to draw attention in the first place!

Exactly how to do this, we will tell a little lower, and now reassure those who want everything at once.

In these cases, rasprekrasny style "boho" of which we will discuss later, in the relevant sections. That's where the excesses are welcome and you can not worry about that overdone.

Here is another rule, a more specific and most useful. Perhaps, apart from him, nothing else lover is not necessary to hammer head, so how does it work 100% effectively.

60/30/10 Act means that in the interior should be no more than 3 colors, and their distribution is as follows:

60% - the dominant color

30% - the complementary color

The dominant color - it's not the one most to your favorites and who want to apply everywhere.

Dominant - the color of the background, which will be clearly viewed by other colors: extra and most important, on which want to emphasize.

For example, if you really like the color red, then to ensure that it was visible, but unobtrusive, it has to be only 10%. And no more.

Very good sense of the law displayed in the photo below. Unfortunately, this is not the interior of the kitchen, but the main thing here is to show you the right to live example:

As you can see, following this rule, we get an interesting effect.

The room is essentially a beige-brown, but we see it as a yellow!

And, if you make transshipment accent, the form will look something like this:

Looking at this image comes to mind: "Mixed in a bunch of horses, people ...» ©.

And for some reason, we are confident that the interior the owner wanted to emphasize the color red, but just too far.

But in the end, against the background of the brightest red spots do not see any kitchen furniture or stylish hoods or beautiful tiles on the apron.

Of course, there are designers who immediately say, but it's not bad taste, it's just a monochrome interior (that is, in which there is one color and all of its shades).

But, you know, it's just a beautiful theory and words. And in fact, we see a red spot, which hurts your eyes.

So, I will have to think carefully and decide what is really important for you.

And more: the rule of three colors does not mean you have to select only three colors.

It means that the permissible 3 color schemes.

That is, if you have a wall of light beige as a background, the floor can be made of dark beige and white carpet almost. But, all these nuances you need to put in 60% of the original percent.

The same applies to the second color and accent. But here, too, without fanaticism. Run for two or three colors will look organic, but already a great contrast, as two different colors.

Naturally, the room will not do without the fourth, the fifth color. No other way. However, their share should be very small.

We identify the most important subject on which I would like to emphasize

So, where do we start? Of course, by choosing the part or the object that you think is most important and beautiful of the whole situation.

  • Decorating the walls
  • Finish working apron
  • Kitchen furniture
  • stylish accessories
  • The newest home appliances

How would you not want to, but you have to choose one thing, on what you want to emphasize. And it is this element should include the main color on which you emphasize (in a ratio of 10% from the rest).

Suppose you have an incredibly beautiful work apron on the wall red.

Then, you do focus on it, and still a little red in the form of inclusions add to the remaining parts: a small red switch in the chandelier, painting, decoration.

Very little note! So in total we have left only 10% red.

But, let's look at each point in more detail.

If you dream of an unusual and eye-catching decoration of the walls is, then you have to say goodbye to the idea of ​​furniture too bright, catchy and unusual accessories floor covering. The walls, which are decorated with elaborate - is very binding.

And that they could get a good look, it is necessary to sacrifice the other things and to choose them as a neutral appearance and color.

If you are willing to lose it all for the sake of colored walls, then go for it!

If you want to emphasize the intentional austerity of the walls (for example, simple white without decorations and other decorations), you will need to choose a contrasting accessories on a background of a white wall that would look very appropriate and elegant.

This refers to paintings, chandeliers, shelves, etc.

Walls in white

The combination of white color in the interior of the kitchen is possible with almost any color of the spectrum.

But if white is taken as the background, the best second - the color of light, natural wood. And already accentual - whatever.

To come up with something better - it is simply impossible!

With this combination of classical be virtually any appropriate focus than dark brown and black.

But if the black to make a second color, and the tree - a focus, it turns out a very elegant look!

In short, the combination of: a white wall + unpainted wood - a classic that is good in all interpretations.

Colored wall (wallpapers, ornaments, etc.)

If you have a catchy walls, the furniture should be as simple and unobtrusive. Otherwise, these walls are simply mixed with cupboards and about any elegance and can be no question.

The combination of colors in this case should be something like: color and monochrome wall furniture, and, in a contrasting color, rather than a single color.

Best Mode second tone in this case:

If you find it difficult to choose a good contrast for the second tone, you can use a range of color matching.

Moreover, it is better to do it online at a special service:

There you can choose how the contrasts and colors of the mono-color.

If you will understand how to use this website, then before you never again will be a question of how to combine colors in the interior of the kitchen.

The walls, decorated with stone

Stone wall - very bright decor elements that combined with what little but white and light beige.

Any other color simply "will kill" the natural coloring of the stone, and he will not look expensive.

But if the stone is very white, then easier in terms of selection of a second color. However, there will still need to keep in mind that not every material furniture or other decoration combined with stone.

No plastic, MDF, metal - to be here already can not. Only natural materials and design as simple as possible.

Walls with stucco or plaster figures

If there is a wall molding, it is best that the basic background was white. Stucco same pattern can be any better, that his color was accentual, that is, was only 10%, which we discussed above.

Bright work apron such detail, from which so much depends.

If you are at the same time make motley walls, its beauty will be darkened. The same applies if the kitchen furniture is chosen to match the apron.

For example, now quite popular combination of such a color apron, tempered glass and a bright kitchen tone.

It is ugly to say the least. And too intrusive. Here's how it looks:

If you have colored kitchen, no motley aprons! It's the law.

If the color apron, no bright kitchen. It is important.

Here's how it looks colorful apron in combination with neutral furnishings:

There is a difference, right?

And now, look, look like aprons of colors. We picked the most successful combinations and interiors with the desired color.

Aprons in red tones

Red does not tolerate the presence of a plurality of colors of its spectrum near. That is, pink, coral, burgundy, etc.

With red blends just the right contrast or black, brown, gray and white colors. The latter - a win-win choice.

Also, with red glossy coating remarkable combined mirror.

Aprons in blue and blue colors

Blue really "likes" white background color and a natural, unpainted wood as an additional, second tone on the formula of three colors.

But the blue, without any additives - option is not the best.

Blue is best used as a complementary color, because it is too bright for emphasis.

And so it looks great paired with: light green, purple, white and black.

Aprons in shades of green

Green color blends well with yellow. If we are talking about shades of green, such as pistachio, olive and other, the yellow should be in their colors.

That is, suitable for olive sand and mustard rather than pure yellow. And, it is also combined with white, just perfect.

Aprons in orange and yellow colors

Orange "make friends" with a bright green. Very good and fresh mix. More to orange brown is very suitable. Similarly, it is not necessary to combine the orange with yellow, blue, violet, purple.

Aprons made of natural materials

Here, too, we can say that about the decoration of the walls with stone. If you have an apron made of marble, then pick the furniture or the floor under the color of his veins.

If granite - in the color can be made such as window sills. In general, the more time somewhere to duplicate the material, not exceeding 10%.

Aprons with ornaments

If you have an apron with some ornaments, for example, with east, it would be good to replicate or curtains, or in a tile on the floor or in the chandelier. Everywhere his "push" is not worth it, otherwise it will exorbitant diversity.

Furniture and walls in this case everything should be neutral colors and textures.

We start from the color of countertops

The choice of worktops - the important thing at the planning stage. If you do not want to be it then, "attached", do not select a catchy thing. And if you choose, be sure to consider this when choosing the rest of the colors.

Table top made of natural stone

Countertops made of stone is very beautiful. But put only the countertop, without double of the stone in any other place kitchen - not worth it, otherwise it looks like a foreign object.

You can decorate the stone window sills, a small part of the wall or floor.

But, in any case do not make an apron sure to match the countertop! This is not a good solution.

Table top made of wood

Wooden worktop perfectly with wooden dining table and chairs, wooden windows and shelves. But not with wooden furniture kitchen cabinets.

Rather, they too can be made of wood, but painted, rather than the natural color. Otherwise, you'll make a strong emphasis on unpainted wood, your kitchen will start to resemble the sauna!

What about the color of the walls, then the optimal - white. But the second tone - olive, blue. This is the most win-win options, which are often used in the "Provence" type interior.

The combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen, often depends on what your furniture.

Of course, if you make a design from scratch and yet nothing is bought, then you easier.

But if the furniture is already there, then you need to "dance" only on her and no other options, since it occupies a large space and is the second, auxiliary color.

Kitchen wooden unpainted

In the background the best for a kitchen - it's white walls.

And as an accent - all sorts of colors, except brown and dark orange. They will almost blend in with the natural wood.

Kitchen in white

White furniture looks great on the wall of contrasting color. That is, if our kitchen furniture is 30%, then the background - 60%.

What color goes white - list makes no sense, since it combines completely with any color!

Kitchen in red colors

Red kitchen is very well combined with the gray, stainless steel and mirrored surface.

Also, a good contrast it creates with the black, but it should be less than 10%, otherwise it will be very dark and gloomy.

In addition, the red kitchen goes well with blue and white. This trio reminiscent of sea colors and looks very fresh.

And here is a great option white and red cuisine. Here, although the percentage has not been respected, color balance, but still, it looks pretty sweet.

Kitchen in brown tones

Brown - the color is very moody and can not stand virtually no neighbors, except for white and beige.

Other colors should be used very carefully, otherwise, all the beauty brown cuisine fade against a bright background.

Also, remember this: if you have brown furniture, the floor, of course, should be light. Otherwise, the view from the room is dark, and sometimes even sloppy.

Kitchen in blue

Blue kitchen is not necessary to combine with any colored walls. Maximum - a barely-noticeable blue-gray tone of the walls. A better - just white.

On the other backgrounds blue simply does not look as bright as it should be.

The kitchen in shades of green

This is a very bright kitchen, if the color is saturated. Better, of course, choose either olive or pistachio-colored furniture.

But if you already have a bright kitchen green, the focus to it can be a blue or lilac and background - light yellow or white.

The kitchen in purple tones

Lilac furniture blends well with the bright green hues, olive and khaki.

Also, lilac combined with dark maroon, white and black. Sometimes, well looks pink accent, but if there is an additional, fourth color - black.

Kitchen in yellow tones

Sunny yellow kitchen is perfectly combined with light green accents, purple, and red. And as a backdrop - perfect white. However, it is always ideal.

We start from accessories and textiles

If you have the main goal - to emphasize the presence of beautiful gizmos, just paint the walls white, and the floor, lay down an ordinary, wooden floor.

More than any other decorations do not have to! Kitchen furniture in this case, also should be as natural and unobtrusive: the dyeing or unpainted wood, white plastic.

Accessories and textiles are rich in not so many styles.

This country-options and ethnic. All enumerate them does not make sense, we will look at a couple of the most popular destinations.

Accessories in the "Provence" style

Under the accessories in the "Provence" style suited dyed in blue, blue, and green wood and wrought-iron elements, painted in black.

Nothing more to say, because, accessories and colors are varied curtains and then your job is just right to combine them with each other.

Among them, too, should be something the background: for example, textiles (curtains, table cloth interspersed with accent), and other decor items should contrast with them. Emphasis should be few.

Accessories in the style of "boho"

And here you can roam to the full! Boho - style Czech Roma living in Bohemia.

There are already appropriate everything: walls, painted in several colors and thus a lot of incongruous accessories, furniture of different textures and finishes.

The "Boho" is impossible to overdo it, quite the contrary.

If you are not will spam room, the stylish kind will not work, and the kitchen can look just tasteless. But, if there is a clear surplus in everything, then the form is obtained stylish, oddly enough.

In conclusion, I would like to say a combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen - it is not so difficult as it seemed! We hope our selection proved useful to you.

Combined kitchen interior design options and headset

Colors have such a strong influence on the person, their influence is used in psychology for the correction of different states. Therefore, the choice tint palette of each room should be approached carefully. And the kitchen - not the exception.

Design kitchen interior, namely, its colors can make the room visually larger or smaller, warmer or cooler, higher or lower. Color can control appetite and mood, so do not neglect such an effective tool. Angular and compact kitchens are transformed with a competent choice of tint scale.

Despite the fact that white, black and gray are considered universal and universally used, achromatic range, according to psychologists, can cause depression. That is why in any design is always present so-called chromatic shades. whether they are the basis of whether the contrasting accents - the choice of the designer and the owner of the premises.

All combinations of colors can be divided into 4 categories:

From the title it is clear that the monochrome design will be made in virtually any color, possibly with slight variations in shade. Other combinations are built on the principle of arrangement of colors on the color wheel.

The contrast generated by the combination shades that are arranged in a circle next to each other. This can be a two-tone, and 4. Then they are selected on the basis of the quadrilateral - a rectangle, a rhombus, a square. It will be harmonious, but rather contrasting shades.

Triadic scheme involves choosing colors on the wheel, located in the vertices of a triangle. In fact, the three organic colors on his palette, but quite different in basic shades.

Related combination is also called analog, since they are the color circle are close by. For example, it is pink, purple and blue. Another embodiment - green, yellow and orange. Despite the fact that the laws of composition, one tone should act base, you can find a lot of interesting and quite colorful exceptions, which in this case remain harmonious.

Composition kitchen based on analog equal proportions of the three colors.

Each scheme has its own characteristics, and provides ample opportunities for the realization of scale in the interior. Monochrome design always looks quite stylish, and within it the diversity add shades of the same color.

Whatever scheme you choose, painted walls, floors, ceilings, facades must be based on simple rules:

  • Do not use more than five shades: floors, walls, ceilings, facades, the apron can be decorated in different shades. Top generally lighter, bottom - dark. The exception is in the kitchen very spacious rooms.
  • The walls should be lighter than the floor covering. If floors are brown, the walls are beige. If you select a bright floor, the other surfaces will be white or ivory. In these interiors often choose pastel colors for painting furniture.
  • kitchen facades should be darker than the walls. Dark shade for walls only applicable portion accent.

  • Kitchen ceiling should be light-colored walls and furniture. But there is also a place for the combination, where you can use and fairly dark tone for zoning or accentuation. If you choose a stretch ceiling is possible to use a multi-level structure.
  • You can combine light and dark, bright and neutral, universal and catchy. Two striking can not be used in equal proportions, as well as two dark. But any light color as the universal tone, can hold large-scale areas - not only the walls and floors, but the ceilings, suites, corner suites and an apron.

Options color palette kitchen

When designing a kitchen, everyone chooses the palette to your taste and requirements for room correction settings. For example, corner kits should be painted in a light tone, but at least the top of the facade must be such so as not to aggravate the poor lighting in the corner. You can not use the monochrome bottom or top and a contrasting pattern. But if we talk about the island or straight headsets, there is options for the furniture, you can find more. And each of them has a harmonious solution with a special character and mood. In this important and the selected style of interior.

Tech kitchen solutions are usually painted in a pretty cool palette with gray. Country styles use warm gamut muted and neutral tone. Classic and retro trends is often "choose" white surfaces with a luxurious finish with gold or burgundy. Art Nouveau - natural, but quite bright interior. Obviously, that has its own priorities and harmonious combinations in each design.

Gray refers to neutral tones with a universal character. But, as already mentioned, it is an achromatic color, so the kitchen in a monochrome shade is too depressing. But it is combined with the entire palette of the color wheel.

  • The most common solution - a combination of gray and white. Basically it is a modern kitchen in a minimalistic style, and technological. It uses the gloss and some third color accents - absolutely anyone, which will appeal. Facades can be of the same color and the other - the background, and combined as appropriate solutions directly in the finishing of the headset. Here apply different versions: as the top and bottom may be gray, and white.
  • The duo gray and pistachio shade also looks interesting: it is a combination of fresh, usable in a design style as modern. Where appropriate ceilings light green color. Facades can be both pistachio colors on a gray background, and combined.

Elevations pistachio color in combination with a gray tint: web tension in gloss is blended with metallic luster pistachio headset.

  • The matte gray design complements brown wooden facades. It is a natural solution that will make headsets harmonious in respect of any background - both neutral and bright enough. Organically looks furniture, where the top - gray, and the bottom - a natural tree. In this case the design will make the room more spacious and visually higher. This is the best option for Art Nouveau, functionalism, Japanese minimalism.
  • Gray goes well with any bright colors. Naturally he looks with a red, orange, yellow, blue and light blue. Gently and romantically will look like a combination of pearlescent coating, cool and technologically - in metallic colors, Art Nouveau or country will be optimal matte facades.

Kitchen in a modern style with blue and red set.

Likewise gray universal considered to be black and white. Black usually paints the bottom of furniture or circuit per se, but the top adds light or rather saturated tone. White kitchen sets can also be combined with a completely different shades, on which depends the mood of the interior. That is why a major impact on the character of the room has a more intense and bright - a chromatic tone.

This is extravagant color that is selected for combination with different shades. Modern kitchens can be plain, but usually facades combine:

  • Harmonious color of fire with gray, white and black. Perhaps even mention such a versatile combination does not make sense. But they are important to distribute harmoniously situated shades. Bottom usually painted in a bright color, and the top of the furniture - in a quieter. The floors and walls painted in neutral tones. Where appropriate tension flame-colored ceiling in one area - over a dining group.
  • It is interesting to look red, green or pale blue. This curious solution is applicable in a modern style in a modern design, eco and country. When combined with fiery shades of pistachio-colored latter may be a background.

Lilac and purple shades look mysterious, gentle and romantic. But their use is the strength not to everyone. Therefore, a decision on a combination of a color is given is not easy:

  • The combination with shades of pistachio colors - natural and quite an interesting option for a harmonious cuisine. We apply this duo in a modern style, high-tech, romanticism. Distribute colors can be different: the top painted in a lighter color, and the bottom - in darker, it all depends on the saturation of purple.

Kitchen combined lilac and pistachio colors.

  • Is organic purple with yellow, pink and blue. Such combinations are used on a neutral background, but depending on the saturation of colors, they can be used in different surfaces, painted angular headset. For example, dark purple ceilings will be a perfect accent for zoning dining area.

These shades also have a natural palette, and bright contrasting solutions. They are used in a variety of combinations and colors. For example, the shade of pistachio-colored in harmony with almost the entire range, but the azure would be more appropriate to neutral surfaces.

Corner solutions for small kitchen in a modern style: Tension ceilings blue and azure set.

This range is harmonious and with a bright yellow, and with all the neutral range. On the basis of the blue, you can create a cozy Mediterranean-style, closer to the green eco-destinations.

Of course, combinations of options and harmonious solutions can find a lot, it is important to choose for themselves a comfortable range, because it affects the mood of all family members. It is advisable to take into account the conditions of the room, to the use of color to create not only comfort, but also a functional spacious interior.

How to choose a kitchen set - photo interiors, expert advice

Kitchen in functionality is far ahead of all the other rooms. Furniture it is constantly exposed to mechanical stress and environmental attack: moisture, hot temperature, contamination, chemical cleaning means, scratches and shocks. Therefore, for the kitchen particularly high demands.

There are two ways to resolve the issue kitchen furniture:

  • Purchase of finished modular furniture;
  • Production of kitchen furniture on individual order taking into account the characteristics of the layout and the customer's wishes.

Pick ideally suited for all settings and preferences of the finished furniture is extremely difficult. Therefore, the second option is much more popular than the first, despite the higher price.

Before going to the manufacturer, proceed as follows: 1. Measure the height and width of the wall, the distance from the floor to the window sills, window sizes.

In the kitchen, there are three major centers: a refrigerator, sink, stove. Near each of them work surfaces should be arranged.

The standard height of the working surface - 85 cm Custom -.. Up to 90 cm height of the upper tier generally 36, 72 or 92 cm Depth -.. From 50 to 90 cm Manufacturers usually maintain evenness lines headset. It has a visual effect. However, to preserve the health of a more acceptable option - change the height of the drop zone, which changes the load on his back while cooking.

From the kitchen the size depends on the chosen style of furniture. Luxury design trends, such as classic or baroque, require a large area. But in a small well looked modern style based on minimalism.

2. Sketch a small kitchen plan, saying it windows, non-standard locations, communication, sockets, switches.

Based on this information, the manufacturer will be able to offer one of the following layouts of kitchen units:

  • Single row (linear). Such planning of all things headset line up in a row in a straight line;
  • Angular (L-shaped). The most practical option arrangement of kitchen units - along two walls. However, in this case it is necessary to provide that the door perpendicular to the cabinets do not interfere with each other to open;
  • Parallel (n- shaped). Parallel layout suitable for larger rooms, not combined with the dining room. Kitchen furniture is arranged along three walls. A good solution for large families, where a lot of cooking. Apron in this case, is located around the perimeter of the walls;
  • Peninsular. Useful when combining the kitchen with a dining room or living room. With this arrangement, on the one hand mounted cupboards and shelves, and the other deals with breakfast bar and chairs;
  • Island. For such a plan required space. The island can be used as a dining area, a zone for cooking, storage space or to perform multiple functions. It is possible to install a second hob or sink, and above it - the hood and lighting.

3. Make a list of household appliances.

The kitchen should not only be beautiful but also functional. Build in kitchen can be a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, hob, gas or electric stove, washing machine, microwave oven. The most common movement in the kitchen along a trajectory stove - sink - fridge, so these items are better positioned close to each other.

Be sure to provide for the installation drawing. This will help extend the life of the furniture. Extractor hood may have a very attractive appearance and flaunt it, for example, in the kitchen in the loft. A curtain walls may be masked as a country style.

4. Define a carcass manufacturing material set. Manufacturers offer the following options:

  • Solid wood. This is a very expensive material used in the manufacture of elite kitchens;
  • MDF;
  • Chipboard with a moisture barrier. Cheap, but not durable, it is made kitchen furniture economy class;
  • Multiplex. This material is made by bonding thin sheets of wood. He is harmless, is not affected by moisture and deformation.

5. Determine what needs facades.

The facades of kitchen furniture - that's part of his face. you can not change the set completely in the repair and replace only the facades if desired. This will save considerable funds.

manufacturing facades materials are as follows:

Natural wood. The facades of the array of valuable species, especially suitable for large kitchens, designed in the classical style. They say the threshold status and material prosperity of their respective owners. These facades are environmentally friendly, durable, under normal use, have a look out of fashion and competition. However, the tree requires careful care, reacts to humidity and temperature, darkens the sun, absorb odors and is very expensive.

Wooden facades can be both solid and paneled. Since the wood reacts to humidity, temperature and other effects of the aggressive kitchen environment, it needs special care and protection. Therefore, whole facades are processed with special protective means - paints and antiseptics. Hence the high price of single fronts;

MDF. Most kitchens in Russia have facades made of MDF. They owe their popularity unsurpassed strength, resistance to moisture and temperature extremes. From this material can be fabricated facades of any form to any style.

MDF, in turn, can be subjected to facing:

  • enamel paints. Staining plates made of MDF in several stages. How many layers of paint applied during the dyeing process, it depends on appearance and durability fronts. Manufacturers presented a luxurious choice of colored facades from MDF. Note, however, that on the surface noticeable fingerprints and traces of water droplets, and the color may fade under the influence of direct sunlight;
  • PVC film. This way of facing the most simple and inexpensive. Indifferent to moisture and temperature extremes. The film may be a variety of colors, it is taxing to maintain and resistant to abrasion. Perhaps the film peel and burn it on the color of the sun;
  • natural veneer. These facades are impressive beauty. They are able to fit into any style of interior. Dear in the original price, they do not require complex care;
  • plastic. There Frame fronts on the basis of MDF. Filling they may be made of particle board, glass or plastic. Possible and mirror inserts. These facades are light and cheap, are able to bring a variety of design ideas. Especially good when using glass. But they are difficult to clean, have seams, easily shaken and are easily damaged.

Particleboard - the second most common material for kitchen fronts;

Plastic. He is glued to the base of particle board or MDF. This material is resistant to aggressive cleaning agents, moisture does not fade and is not deformed;

Aluminum profile. ANDdealno for the kitchen in high-tech style, and partly to a loft style;

Inserts made of glass visually easier facades of any material. Clear glass allows you to organize internally illuminated cabinets. Frosted glass and decorative laminate help to hide the contents of the kitchen furniture. Particularly elegant facade patterned on the glass.

Facades perform several functions: - aesthetic - they create the kind of food; - mechanical - open and close access to the contents of the cabinets of kitchen units; - protection - protects furniture from dirt and external impacts.

There facades, operable in different ways: folding down, folding up (whole or folding), hinged, sliding, sliding. The buyer chooses that it is more convenient. Wrestling, holders, dividers, will likely have to buy separately.

Since facades take the lion's share of aggressions kitchen environment, they must have the following characteristics: - resistance to moisture; - a resistance to temperature extremes; - resistance to mechanical impact; - strength; - durability.

6. To decide on countertop material.

Usually, countertops are made of:

  • treated wood. They are durable, eco-friendly and look good, but are expensive and require special care. On a wooden table top should not be put heated cookware on it may leave traces on the knife;
  • laminated chipboard. The service life of not more than 10 years. At low processing as joints may rotten;
  • natural stone (granite, marble, basalt). These countertops look great, practical and durable, but heavy in weight and will not do for a modest budget. The pores of the stone can collect moisture;
  • artificial stone. This material is much cheaper than natural, but has all the advantages of the latter, is not afraid of moisture and scratches, it does not need special care. In addition, the artificial stone can be given any shape. May suffer from strong temperature differences;
  • of stainless steel. They are durable and resistant to all influences kitchen environment, but can be scratched;
  • glass. This will provide the kitchen countertop of a series of similar, giving it an extraordinary, breathtaking view. But it is not very practical, it is difficult to keep clean. In addition, there is always the risk of a split;
  • acrylic. Material consists of an acrylic resin and a mineral filler. These countertops are practical and aesthetic.

7. Stop the choice for a kitchen design style.

Minimalism - a style that is present in most modern designer kitchen interior design trends. He is characterized by ergonomics, pragmatism, neutrality. Strict lines and shapes of items of kitchen furniture is complemented by soothing, light color palette. All unnecessary removed from the mind, the technique is built. This is true even cabinet handles. In a minimalist style kitchen can be made of glass, metal or wood. Furniture surfaces should be smooth, without any embellishments.

Glossy surfaces reflect light and visually expanding space. They create an attractive appearance and does not require complex care. Therefore, in modern kitchens gloss it is often, for example, in a loft style.

Nouveau - a style for independent natures. It is characterized by rich color design in bright colors, blurred lines, plenty of glossy surfaces, functionality, many built-in equipment. Material kitchen units can be selected both natural and artificial, have visual ease.

Classic style. Kitchen furniture in classical style with wooden surface, decorated with carvings. It is characterized by calm light shades. Popular white color, giving airiness, lightness and purity.

Country creates a picture of a village house, the simplicity of everyday life. Material Furniture - textured wood, perhaps artificially aged. Preferably natural color. Appliances hidden behind the facades.

Wooden kitchen furniture with built-in appliances create a stylized image of a retro kitchen.

Loft plays contrasting textures. It fit, materials such as metal and glass.

hi-tech style involves straight line, rationality, simplicity, and high-tech. In the framework used black, white and silver color, chrome and high-gloss surfaces. Technique does not hide, but on the contrary, draws attention.

8. Select the color of the kitchen units.

Color affects mood, appetite and even human health. Therefore, we must approach the selection of the color of kitchen furniture with all the responsibility.

two shades can be selected for the headset, but no more. The upper tier must be lighter than the lower. Fortunately looks between cladding tiles combine the two colors.

The combination of wood grain and glossy chrome surface - a popular modern design method.

The color of natural wood brings warmth to the interior, closer to nature.

Brown hues give a sense of security and confidence, relaxing effect. Combined with all the colors of the palette fits into all styles of interior.

For a small kitchen suitable white headset. It is visually expands the space and makes the furniture easier. With white furniture combine any colors decor, textiles and home appliances. This color can be combined with any other. However, his background is well seen any spot, so it is suitable for accurate housewives.

The black color in the trend, it is especially important for the high-tech style. Absolutely black kitchen furniture is only recommended for rooms with a large area.

Black and White glossy look great in the embodiment, and in combination with each other.

Pastel shades of blue and turquoise create a calm cool atmosphere. It is suitable for housewives who are watching their weight. Recommended for visits with windows overlooking the sunny side.

The bright color palette of facades intriguing contrast with tabletops made of dark stone.

Red furniture looks nice and bright. But from a long stay at this kitchen will get tired eyes, may feel anxiety and irritation. Better to prefer pink or maroon shades.

Green always looks good in the kitchen. It creates a sense of harmony and peace. Yellow - the color of the leaders and optimists.

Yellow and green combine perfectly with each other. Grassy, ​​green, emerald, olive, pistachio colors in harmony with the light, brown, pink background. Lemon, mustard and canary-yellow shades can be combined with strict dark colors.

Orange will set a cheerful mood for the whole day, and whet the appetite. The combination of one of the dark color palette slightly mute the impact of his motive. Gray and white also look great in combination with orange. In general, this color - the perfect choice not for the main background, and for accents.

Lilac prefer impulsive nature, have developed intuition. This kitchen makes an impression and is remembered.

If the furniture is light and modest, it is possible to focus on the decoration of the walls or bright apron.

To highlight the work areas in the furniture mounted decorative lamps. Under the upper unit can be attached to the LED backlight.

The main thing in choosing the kitchen - to determine for themselves what kind of kitchen decorate the kitchen is easy to use and will fit into the budget. A wide choice of materials, shapes and colors keeps pace with consumer demand.

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