Combined ceilings photo

Combined the ceiling drywall and tension (see photo). How to make a combined ceiling

Until a few decades ago, decoration ceilings did not cause any problems in home owners: they simply bleached or dyed in bright colors. Today, a huge number of modern finishing materials to create the most incredible ceiling structures, which our grandmothers could not even dream of.

Combined ceilings, photos which are increasingly appearing on the pages of publications on design, today the complementary structure of the drywall. This combination looks very stylish and original. This method of registration allows you to create complex shapes with interesting background and original lighting, thus underlining the interior of any room. Today it is a very common technique in domestic furnishing - combined ceilings (plasterboard and tension), a photo which you can see in this article.

Advantages and disadvantages of the construction

According to the designers, so complex design looks a winner in almost any interior. A combined ceiling (plasterboard web tensioning) has several advantages, among which we highlight:

This method can create custom designs having a frame with tensioning Plasterboard coated inside intricate labyrinths of GCR, complex shapes, which can be framed by sparkling, glossy, matte or mirror film.

The method allows the use of different types of lighting. Suspended ceilings have virtually no restrictions on the choice of lighting devices, in contrast to the tension. Because high-power lamps can be mounted in a box made of plasterboard.

Combined ceilings, photos which have already been placed in the textbooks on design, good by the fact that, using different colors and textures of materials, as well as spotlights, you can divide the room into functional areas (recreation, work).

This design will help you easily hide the pipe, wiring and ventilation ducts.

Longer lifetime

With proper installation and care combined ceiling will serve you for a long time: at least twenty years. You do not need to update the finish as often as in the case of the whitewashed, painted or wallpapered surface. To install such a design not require perfect alignment of the base surface.

Are there any disadvantages of the ceiling?

Undoubtedly, some disadvantages such coverage is. They are significantly less than the merits, however, they should be taken into account when planning a renovation in the house. The disadvantages of this method include:

Almost any two-level design takes up about 10 cm height of the room. Is no exception and the combined ceiling. In addition, if you intend to point lighting, even for the first level it will require at least ten centimeters. Therefore, there can be no question about the installation of the ceiling, for example, in the Khrushchev.

Quality stretched canvas and sheets of drywall, profiles, will cost much more expensive than a two-level combination of drywall ceilings (photo you can see in the article).

Temperature and humidity

PVC and fabric tensioner plasterboard is operated at a certain temperature and humidity. If these figures are significantly higher than the norm, then the material can be deformed.

Variants of the combined ceilings

The combination of suspended structures made of plasterboard and stretch canvases on the ceiling with proper choice will help you create a beautiful optical effects. In this case, a variety of options available from both hidden and open lighting.

So, we present you the most popular options for the combined ceilings of plasterboard and stretch fabrics.

  1. Around the room of plasterboard construction box. PVC fabric in this case is attached inside the box, the dimensions of which may vary. However, there are certain rules. If you need to visually raise the ceiling, emphasizing the beauty of the paintings, then the GCR panel made thin. Excellent visual effect is achieved when the inside of the box mounted spotlights.
  2. An oval or a circle in the center of the ceiling is a good alternative to the usual Plasterboard rectangle located on the perimeter of the room. Inside mounted tensioning the canvas. Such a combined ceiling often simulates the daytime or the night sky. However, this ceiling is not suitable for a small room: it will seem even smaller, since all its angles are sealed with drywall.
  3. "Tabletka9raquo; - this is an interesting ceiling design. gypsum circle is based on the center of the ceiling. Here is mounted chandelier. All the rest of the space occupies a stretched canvas. A variation of this design can be considered a "circle within a circle." In this case, the perimeter of the room is installed an additional duct of plasterboard.

Before you can create a combined ceiling, you must vacate the premises on the furniture, lift curtains and drapes, lighting and paintings, insulate the wire ends, lay a film of the floor.

Preparation of the base surface is the same as before installing any hanging or tension structures:

  • removed old cladding layer;
  • spatula clean a loose plaster;
  • obscure large gap filler based on cement;
  • primed coating.

Necessary materials and components

To set the frame of drywall you will need:

Combined ceilings in the hall (photo we posted in this article), bedroom or other living room can be made of conventional drywall. If work is carried out in the kitchen or in the bathroom, then give preference to gypsum plasterboard. These sheets have additional silicone pellets and antifungal additives having increased water resistance.

To create the tension of the structure will need:

  • Aluminum baguette;
  • shovel for filling the web;
  • fasteners, fixing plasterboard to baguette;
  • heat gun (for one-time use of its better to rent).

Now you need to choose a web of material - fabric or film. The first - more durable, not too afraid of changes in temperature, the film is a huge variety of attractive colors, textures, increased moisture resistance.

Yes, before you start installation work, it is necessary to create the desired circuit design on paper. To this end, the following guidelines must be met:

  • measure the length of the walls, the height of the corners and center of the room;
  • noted in Scheme height of the first level (box plasterboard) and the distance between the tension blade and the base surface;
  • applied to circuit drawing boundary between the two layers and fastening the guide line carrier profiles with a step 60 cm (longitudinal) and 40 cm (crosswise);
  • Mark the location of hangers fixing and laying communications.

After that, all the lines of the drawing are transferred to the walls of the ceiling. Remember that how accurately you apply markup depends on the further course of the work. According to the planned lines much easier to set up the frame. For the application circuit using the ceiling otbivochnogo cord, water or a laser level roulette.

If drywall border and stretch ceiling is shaped like a circle, then at the ceiling it can be transferred by means of the screw screwed into the center, which is linked to a string of the desired radius with fixed at the end of a pencil. To apply curves, it is necessary to make the blank of cardboard and cut around it on the ceiling.

Design combined ceiling may be different. Often the selection of a suitable option depends on your imagination and skills (if you plan to install it yourself).

The first step is to make sure that the guide profile holes for fasteners. Their step should be from 0.3 to 0.4 meters. If not, you will have to use a drill and make them their own.

Attach a lower edge profile to start a pre-applied marking lines. Drill holes at the marked locations to fix and secure the support section on the perimeter of the room using a flared wall plugs.

On the contour border tension and the ceiling surface of the base install guide profile. If it needs bending, it is necessary to make cuts on the opposite side and bend it in the right direction. The marked locations are fixed suspensions.

Now it is necessary to pull the nylon thread for ceiling profiles and insert them into the guide. Secure the hangers. At the ends of the load-bearing profiles must be attached clipped guide. He must follow the contours of UD profile, fixed to the ceiling exactly. Prepare sections of ceiling profile. Their length should match the height of the box of drywall. On the one hand cut the side portions.

Connect the lower and upper guide profiles. To do this, cut the top must be inserted into the guide profile and screw the bottom plane, which was formed after the removal of the jumper.

After installation of gypsum framework should address the laying of communications. Wires were placed in a plastic corrugated pipe and fix it to the base surface, leaving conclusions in those places where the planned installation of lighting fixtures. These works are carried out after disconnecting the electricity in the room.

This work should be performed with an assistant, because the drywall - a pretty heavy stuff, and to cope with it is very difficult to mount. The first sheet is fixed in the corner of the room. If necessary, onto a sheet applied on a template contour and the necessary parts are cut. Cap screws to delve into the material, but not too much, so as not to tear it. The second sheet is attached on the remaining half of the profile, which is fixed to the first web.

Between the wall and the plasterboard is necessary to leave a gap of about 0.5 cm. In the same way the whole area sheathed. Now you can attach drywall to the vertical part of the duct. On curved sections of its bent, which makes shallow cuts on the back side.

After frame plating must glue joints between the sheets and the wall serpyanku ribbon. The gaps and fixing points are applied putty using small spatula. Lap papered vertical and horizontal of the glass-box. In areas of overlap office knife make incisions and remove the excess.

It's time to make the holes for the fixtures. To do this you will need a drill with a crown. Shpaklyuem surface finishing layer, not thicker than half centimeters. When the composition is completely dry, smooth out its fine-grained sandpaper.

Remove from the surface of the vacuum cleaner or dry cloth dust. Finally, apply a top coat. Typically, the combined ceiling covered (plaster part) acrylic composition.

Experts recommend choosing a film with harpoon attachment: it is considered the most reliable. Mark on the vertical part of the leaf level of the constructed box placement. Along this line, attach a baguette with step 7 If you plan to see the curved design -. To make cuts profile, strip of sandpaper or a file and bend in the desired direction.

Heat gun to warm the room 40 ° C and expand the canvas. If it is glossy, then use gloves to no traces. The cloth should not bring close to a heat gun - dark spots may appear on it. When the room is warmed up to 60 ° C, harpoon webs base angle (which is the producer) tuck prints. Just fixed diagonally opposite corner, and then the remaining two.

After that you should start tightening in a baguette harpoon at the level of the perimeter. Then heat the entire surface of the heat gun. Do not worry if after installation you will find wrinkles on the surface - they are easy to smooth, warm low-quality land again.

Create a combined structure of the plasterboard and the tension cloth is not easy. This is a laborious process that requires not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills. We hope that the above suggestions and photos to help you cope with this work and perform it efficiently.

Combined ceilings photo

Presentation photo combination of suspended ceilings

In the photo - the presentation of options combined stretch ceilings for different purpose premises. What do you mean - combined? That is, a single web created from several parts of vinyl film, a woven or satin material. Another is the ability to create the most optimal color concept, for example, in the lounge or hotel lobby.

Just imagine how much will be presentable look of your room, if boring white "pole9raquo; replace a harmonious composition of the inflorescence in the form of waves, ovals and symmetrical patterns. Would you like romance - against the background of dark lush green lawn make a round green color. The soul can not stand monotony - play on the contrast: red and black, classic black and white - but at least the orange with purple, if you are an esthete or trendy Dandy.

Combined suspended ceiling, as in the photo from our collection, is relevant even in confined spaces: if you can not make the canvas multi-level, multi-colored fabric connects weld - get pretty "sky" above the head in a variety of combinations of color. Curved connections, combined with plasterboard, intuitively correct location lighting ... there are no limits for perfection. Read more chandeliers suspended ceiling photo.

Combined ceilings - a unique decor in your home

It is believed that the best way to draw attention to one's own interior can only be, if you make it really unique. Now no one should be surprised renovated, even if it used the latest technology with modern building materials.

Most recently, the PVC ceilings were a rarity, whereas today they already have in every third house. But the combined ceilings provide an opportunity to implement even the most daring ideas, creating unsurpassed design.

Combined ceilings in the house - the variation of materials

What are the options combinations?

The main attraction of the combined ceiling is considered an opportunity to play on the contrast. You can freely combine different colors and different textures or else all the time. Using modern technology can be combined even completely different design and thus without reducing reliability or quality of the coating, which is obtained as a result.

It is believed that the combination of such ceilings is the most effective one for finishing. There are many different methods of combination of stretch fabrics, among which are:

  • single-level structure, whose web is soldered the pair of pieces with different colors. The boundary between them is a straight or curved, it depends entirely on the designer's intent. However, during the heating and stretching the very fabric of its original contours can shift slightly, and this can be clearly seen on the straight sections. That is why they are often connected using a special profile. So look combined ceilings photo

Flatten combined ceilings

  • split-level ceilings are very interesting to look and are an excellent alternative to a similar structure made of plasterboard. Such combined ceilings in the hall will look great, because you can use a combination of different colors and different textures of fabric: satin, reflective, glossy and matte. Enormous popularity of the ceilings, have the effect of a starry sky. You can use the height difference, to leave the backlight hidden.

Trey ceilings in the hall with the effect of night sky

Complex multi-level ceiling

Combined with plasterboard ceilings are very popular, so these combinations there are so many:

  • central insert in the desired shape plasterboard box;
  • inserting a drywall suspended ceiling, and which can be placed below and above the main surface;
  • Only part of the ceiling may be made of gypsum board, whereas the rest of the area will be a solid or combined stretch ceiling;
  • a pair of tension or inserts with different monochromatic coloring design of plasterboard.

For example, the ceiling drywall combined tension photos.

Complex combined with a plasterboard suspended ceiling

All of the above combinations may be arranged in one plane or in multiple same. If we add the possibility of printing on similar ceiling coverings and finishing decorative plaster or wallpaper, while the number of options will increase significantly.

Attention! Having decided on their own to do decoration of the ceiling, it is imperative during the frame mount plasterboard much of his efforts to the edge of the mounting tension of the web. Necessarily it is necessary to consider that the combined ceilings in the bedroom during the assembly had a height of the vertical plane of at least three centimeters.

Plasterboard false ceilings +

Although the ceilings look great, they are quite expensive and is not affordable for everyone. But there are other methods to get a similar effect, such as in the glossy stretch fabrics.

An excellent example is the combination of specular and suspended drywall ceiling. The insert need not be made of this mirror. Many modern suspended ceilings made of aluminum coated with a specialized have the same reflectivity. In addition, they have a huge variety of shades.

Instead of metal tape or mirror can be built into the ceiling stained glass or colored glass

The combination of different suspension systems

Tape and rack designs and a variety of ceiling can be combined in all sorts of variations. They are rarely used in apartments or houses, in particular, under normal living rooms. However, such combined ceilings in the kitchen or bath will look great.

Advantages and disadvantages of combining ceiling cover

All combined ceilings have pros and cons, the presence or absence of which can significantly affect the choice.

Among the advantages are:

  • the possibility of implementing a variety of design ideas;
  • thanks to the creative design of ceiling coverings, even lovers of minimalism and simplicity, will not remain indifferent;
  • the use of combination of suspended ceilings provide an opportunity to disguise welds on large areas, because they are not nice to look at self-colored smooth surface;
  • sometimes a combination provides an opportunity to apply the remnants of various finishing materials, saving so much money.

There is only one drawback - the complexity of execution. This is a serious disadvantage for everyone to make repairs on their own. Mounting combined ceiling is quite difficult and requires specialized knowledge and skills available. You can see how the combined tension mounted video ceilings.

Installation of the two-level ceiling

Council. When planning to order the combined ceiling coverings specialists, should carefully examine the suggestions and feedback on the work of masters. Indeed, sometimes saving, you can get low-quality work that will have to remodel soon.

The remaining negative or positive features that are found in such ceiling coverings unique to the materials used in the manufacture.

Create the perfect design of your own home is quite difficult. Even more difficult it is to make a really unique get away from the usual cookie cutter solutions. However, by giving his own imagination more space and longer limited to the creative impulses, you can get really great results.

Stretch ceilings are combined is the name of the magical method that will help solve the problem of the uniqueness and individuality of the house.

Repair ceiling - is a complicated and difficult task that often causes some difficulties. Currently, there are different designs that allow to solve this problem, but the most popular of them are considered tensile structures. And it is not strange, because in spite of the different types of suspended ceilings, they have many advantages over conventional types of finish:

  • Help hide all the flaws of the ceiling;

  • Have a long life;

  • They have sound-insulating properties;

  • In the case of flood the neighbors from the top, they protect the room from water leaks;

  • Performed in a large range;

    Types of suspended ceilings

    Two-colored ceilings beat all records of popularity, because in recent years more and more people opted for this kind of stretch ceilings. One of the factors influencing the high demand, is the versatility - such as the ceilings are perfectly combined with bold and bright interiors and a classic, discreet. The main condition is to choose the right combination of colors in two-color stretch ceiling in the entrance hall, living room or any other room.

    These 2 pictures smash to smithereens some people saying that the two-colored ceilings are not suitable for rooms in classic or retro style

    Thermal insulation of the ceiling with the help of foam may be required in a private home or apartment, garage, cottage or in the bath. Following the operation, the room will be much warmer, and its owners will spend less money on heating. Of course, the thermal insulation of walls and floors as well provides heat retention, but need to know what goes through the ceiling about 20% of the heat

    Currently, there are a large range of thermal insulation materials, but the most used is just foam.

    Styrofoam plates

    Mural - bright ceiling design solution for your home, apartment or office, they can be used to create comfort, visually expand the space of the house and raise the height of the ceiling. Wallpaper for the ceiling is much easier, and cheaper plastic and other materials that were in the distant past. Feel free to say, with the emergence of all kinds of photo wallpaper, ceiling clearance received rapid step forward.

    Mural "Starry Sky"

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