Combined living room wallpaper photo catalog

The combination of wallpaper in the living room - the idea of ​​combining different types of wallpaper

Living room - a room for relaxing and entertaining. Its design is largely dependent on the design of the walls. Newfangled technique is to combine the design of wallpaper. This original course will help to make living space and highlight the unusual theme of all interior room.

When choosing wallpaper is necessary to consider the basic rules of combining different textures and colors, include your imagination and sense of taste or a spy ready-made solutions on the Internet.

Features a combination of wallpaper

Successfully assemble different in texture and color materials are not so easy. Before heading out to buy them, you need to evaluate your room and its dimensions, consider that you need to hide it, to expand, and may make higher ceilings.

It's worth noting that the choice of a combination of wallpaper you must first decide on the colors of furniture and various decorative elements, presumably in the room.

This is one of the most important rules, the rest are as follows:

  • Color spectrum. Overreliance on innovative combinations of bright colors, do not help to create comfort. Saturated colors will pull the attention of others, and the "beat" in the eyes.

  • Buying wallpaper. If you decide to choose their own, without the help of designers and catalogs, then you need to purchase the selected rolls, attach them to each other and see if they are combined with each other. It is best if the samples match the texture and the price is perfect, if one manufacturer produces. It is necessary to keep the hue number and batch of wallpaper, so that when the need to purchase exactly the same color.

  • A game of contrasts.Unusually look plain wallpaper in conjunction with their counterparts with a large pattern. The color layout in this case play a secondary role, monochrome version may be of pastel shades and floral motifs or other variations of drawings will go more bright colors. Textured wallpaper harmonious look with smooth options.

  • Visual illusion. With wallpaper you can expand a room or make it higher. The bright colors in small patterns and horizontal stripes, separated moldings or cornices will make the room more volume, and continuing on the ceiling wallpaper visually pripodnimut it.

    Adhering to these simple nuances, you can choose an interesting wallpaper, and create favorable conditions to help them correct layout.

    There are five time-tested schemes for processing several types of living wallpaper:

    1. The vertical arrangement.
    2. Horizontal combination.
    3. Mural.
    4. Quilting combination.
    5. Inserts.

    Consider combining the nuances of each.

    Usually choose contrasting wallpaper in two colors, but it is basically wide band, and if you choose to use three shades, then they should be narrow. For a more relaxing type worth a stop on the adjacent colors. Alternating bands can achieve an interesting kind of rooms, if their contrasting colors, it is necessary to choose the wallpaper of the same width.

    They may have different patterns or be self-colored. These strips are connected in the usual way "butt" and you can zig-zag transition from one roll to another.

    Priority bands may be different when using two colors is considered to be the optimal combination of the two strips one tone and other audio. If you select the floral motif or intricate designs, it is possible to paste over their part of the wall located behind the sofa to highlight the recreation area. At the junction of colored wallpaper can be pasted planochki or moldings and duplicate them on the ceiling.

    This combination requires special care. Most often it is used for completely smooth walls, otherwise there will be visible all the flaws in the surface. In the case of a horizontal combination of organic wallpaper look, complete with wood paneling. They give the room a respectable appearance.

    Council: The combination of different textures wallpaper can help to place the right emphasis.

    Light wallpaper pasted on top of the wall, and their dark counterparts on the top, between the two glued borders in the form of moldings and wooden slats covered with lacquer, as well as paper-based counterparts, but they should be more tightly themselves wallpaper. Horizontal combination of wall covering is applied to spacious rooms. If the room is a wide but low, then the wallpaper should be no more than a meter wide.

    When pasting the room should be clearly died out and identify each joint between the wall-paper, as most glue roll length is difficult. Wallpaper level costs vymeryat the level of the floor, not the ceiling, because the visual wallpaper line should match the level of furniture.

    They have usually behind a sofa or in front of him. They are a large canvas depicting some plot or flower motif. They are positioned on one wall, okleivaya it partially or completely, and the rest of the room is usually formed self-colored wallpaper. Due to photowall can divide the space visually and highlight certain areas.

    Mural used for more than 40 years, but still has not lost its relevance, and even, on the contrary, are gaining in popularity, especially their 3D equivalents and variants with the prospect. The latter can be much larger space, which is important for small living rooms.

    Mural enclosed in moldings can arrange interesting space of the room and help in the creation of one of the classic styles.

    To create them using not only a variety of wallpaper, but also a piece of fabric, digital murals.

    Their use must first perform better monophonic background wallpaper, and then on top of decorated wall mounted inserts and limited trims or moldings. When choosing insert material must take into account that they need to be more tightly the basic background of the walls.

    Council: Walls can not only papered, but also to paint a bright or pastel colors.

    Large inserts are used for zoning spacious living room if the room is narrow and high, properly fitted insert to reduce its height and make visually larger.

    They are rarely used for the decoration of the hall, they prefer creative people, who like to surround themselves with unusual things. For this kind of wallpaper you need to have a combination of several pieces or rolls their different variations. Color and texture did not affect what they more contrast, the better.

    With flaps which can be cut any shape: square, rectangular, rhomboid, it is possible to create a panel or arrange door and window openings.

    In an embodiment of his ideas into practice, should be expanded first cut pieces and see how they look together, then to attach them to the desired location, but the main thing - do not overdo it, otherwise the idea would be a bad cartoon. One wall or a small area with rags will look nice, but they pasted over the entire room is already ridiculous. The rest of the living room background must be selected by one of the color schemes, located in most grafts.

    Before carrying out this creative work should nevertheless consider the proposed designers options and then choose the most suitable.

    Combined reception wallpapering in the living room will give it a special charm. It is necessary to carry out all of the rules and tasteful, and the room will sparkle with unusual combinations. But every work requires a thorough approach, a combination of any of the proposed options should first be laid out in detail, so that it is harmoniously combined with furniture and looked good in the room itself.

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    Repair - it is not only troublesome, but also quite informative. To the entire interior design turned out beautiful and harmonious, it is necessary to properly combine all the details.

    You can seek help from professional designers, but will have to pay extra. And you can independently explore all the nuances and recreate the unique design. Consider the main current trends and types of wallpaper for a living.

    To date range of wallpaper is very diverse and large. It seems that choosing the appropriate option is not difficult. But do not be so easy to relate to the upcoming purchase. It's so easy to get lost in the proposed options.

    The main types of wallpaper for the living room can be formed into the following types:

    • With flowers;
    • Striped;
    • combined;
    • Modern wallpaper;
    • Mural.

    Choose a really why. Further analyze in more detail each type, as long as we give general advice on choosing wallpaper for a living.

    1. Select only high quality wallpapers. They are harmless and will not collect dust and quickly burn out.

    2. Living room - for meeting room guests. The entire interior has to be stylish, and all the parts in harmony with each other. Therefore it is necessary to buy the wallpaper under the overall style of the room.

    3. Do not choose too dark wallpaper or, on the contrary, white. Better suited golden shades or green.

    4. Wallpaper should be resistant to fading, and to prevent dust accumulation.

    In fashion were always the wallpaper with flowers. The most important now three-dimensional flowers with 3D effect. Enough to paste wallpaper are only on one wall and the other walls to decorate self-colored wallpaper. Get a very powerful effect. Most often, so decorate the wall, along which there is a television.

    You can select and a quieter option with the small size of flowers. Then you can paste over the walls in the living room. But all the other furnishings should be in a quiet style, thus, does not distract one's attention.

    Drawing plays an important role in the formation of the visual effect. Since not everyone can boast of large areas of rooms, the resort to some of the design tricks just need to create a cozy atmosphere.

    For example, to visually increase small living recommended pokleit wallpaper light colors with vertical stripes.

    If the room is high ceiling, but the width of the room, I would like to expand, then a great option would be horizontal thin strips.

    Enough to decorate only one wall with these wallpapers, and visual area of ​​the entire room will be more. Wallpaper stripes have always been a wonderful option for the living room.

    Living to look stylish and not tired, designers are advised to combine wallpaper. A good option is two or three shades of the main color. This method also allows to allocate different zones in the same room.

    Zone intended for relaxation, it is best to designate warm colors, and all the rest of the walls can be pasted wallpaper colder colors.

    Also, be aware that the relief wallpaper or with a pattern, you must be combined with the smooth. It's the perfect combination. It is best to choose a wallpaper from a collection or a directory. So it is possible to most accurately and harmoniously combine wallpaper.

    More often than not carried out by a combination of wallpaper pasting in the following ways:

    • Upholstery insert;
    • Emphasis on one wall;
    • Alternately, combine several kinds of wallpaper.

    If we look at the latest trends among the wallpaper for the living room, the most frequently encountered the following options:

    Liquid wallpaper. Are fibers of cellulose. Tolerate the temperature differences do not fade under the sun, in easy application to the wall and removal, do not collect dust on itself.

    Fiberglass. We have earned high recognition for its durability, practicality, possible to repainted several times. The distinguishing feature of such wallpaper is their high ability to withstand fire. During a fire, they will not burn.

    Fleece. Its popularity they received thanks to the density of the material, which prevents them from burning. They also tolerate moisture. Wallpaper material allows them to be repainted several times, thereby changing the style of the interior.

    The assortment of photo wallpapers now is simply amazing for its variety: glossy, matte, washable, vinyl-based, on the basis of satin, smooth, rough.

    If we consider the area that is most often decorated with photo wallpapers, there should be mentioned a place to rest. So nice after a day to experience the atmosphere of tranquility and harmony.

    The pattern may be very different from animals and plants to the landscape sketches. You can select and oriental motifs, if the entire interior of this helps.

    The living room can be designed in different color shades. Much depends on the style of decoration of all premises, as well as on the individual customer's wishes. Consider the most popular colors for a living room wallpaper.

    White wallpapers. White Living certainly will be remembered by guests for a long time. However, care should be taken when choosing the same color. White wallpaper will not hide, but rather emphasize the shortcomings of the walls. Light wallpaper perfectly suited for small square rooms, the interior design of which is made in a minimalist style.

    Black wallpaper. A great option for combining with other colors. The black color is perfect for everything. The most successful is a combination of green, gold, white and red colors and their shades.

    Black and white wallpaper. Incredible luxury can be obtained by combining white, gold and black colors. This living room will create an incredible atmosphere of the royal. Black and white is perfect for modern styles: high-tech, modern.

    Brown wallpaper. Some people think that this color wallpaper will be boring, but it is not. The main condition is to combine well with other colors. An ideal variant designers noted combination of brown and white colors. This interior bright accessories can be diluted in a lamp or the same picture. Generally, all the brown shades can create a soft, relaxing environment.

    Gray wallpapers. This color is ambiguous attitude on the part of many people. For someone gray is associated with only a dull perception, for others, it is the color of elegance. Default Gray belongs to the luxury and gourmet rigor. Ideal combination of gray with white and black colors. But for the more adventurous people designers offer combine this color with yellow or even purple. As a result, the room will get quite a surprise version of the design.

    Lilac wallpapers. Sensations that cause the color can be compared with nature awakens with the arrival of spring. Lilac color is peace and tranquility. But it does not cause fatigue, but on the contrary, can be diluted with a boring living room design. This color can be well combined with white and gray colors.

    Beige wallpaper. The classic version of the living room decoration. It is believed that the color of the aristocracy. Beige wallpaper will look great at any time of the day, as they have a very nice color. To the interior did not look much dull and pale, it is advisable to do bright accents. Most often, living in a beige version prefer cheerful people. It goes well with white. It is thus possible to allocate soft furnishings.

    Green wallpaper. Sophisticated color for the living room. Especially be careful to combine it with the rest of the interior. It is best to choose a bright and vibrant shades of green. Otherwise, you can create a very very relaxed atmosphere, which is more suitable for the bedroom. You should also choose the right lighting. Green wallpaper require additional lighting apart from the main chandelier.

    The Yellow Wallpaper. Cause joy and optimism. Therefore, yellow wallpapers are perfect single-minded people who know how to get out of life what they want. The yellow color has many shades: from mustard to bright yellow. Living room with yellow wallpaper will stimulate creative thinking.

    Red wallpaper. The color that is ambivalent feelings. On the one hand, the color red - the color of vitality and passion. On the other - aggression. Therefore it is very important not to overdo it with red shades in the living room.

    The ideal would be a combination with white or golden color. A good option would be pokleit one wall with red wallpaper, and all the rest white. If you do not want to glue the bright wallpaper, then it is possible to combine red wallpaper with others, but always with a big white ornaments. If the stick red wallpaper on the walls, it is better to diversify the monotony a bright light moldings.

    Purple wallpaper. Belong to the category of cool colors. It is necessary to give preference to soft shades of purple. Since the room is not the softness and comfort. But rest assured that purple wallpaper in the living room will remain long in the memory of every guest. However, designers still advised to make small bright purple accents than the paste over all the walls that color.

    The combination of wallpaper with other home furnishings

    Of course, when choosing wallpaper whole style of the room should be observed. The main task, which is pursued with the purchase of wallpaper, it is competent to allocate the remaining furniture in their background. Here, everything is important: the color of curtains, furniture, small accessories and attributes. Most often the color of the wallpaper in trying to find the same shade with soft and case furniture.

    Some designers combine wallpaper with curtains. With this admission must be very careful. You should choose a wallpaper on one or two shades lighter or darker curtains, or else to make a vivid contrast.

    You can make a bright accent on the wallpaper itself. Then all the other objects in the living room should be quiet colors, so as not to attract attention.

    What is the color of the wallpaper for the living room would you choose, the important thing is that it is well in tune with the rest of the room design. It is best to turn to experienced designers who will offer the most suitable design for you a living.

    If the financial situation does not allow expenditure for experts, then it is best to familiarize yourself with the fashion trends in interior catalogs wallpaper or browse articles on the Internet on a given subject. That will have a stylish design and a comfortable living room.

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    Combined wallpaper for the living room: a combination of rules

    The atmosphere in which to place the most important events of the family, to a large extent depends on the surroundings. This furniture, and light, and visual effects created by the walls of the hall. Therefore the choice of "clothing" for them - a serious challenge.

    One such option for the living room - a combination wallpaper, examples of design photos that we consider in detail below.

    First of all, the combination of different types of coverage allows the owners to realize the submission of an ideal interior. Photo combined with the idea of ​​wallpaper for the living room, like yours, can be seen in the catalogs of specialized sites.

    But sometimes a design solution has other objectives:

    1. Hide flaws. While a continuous pattern can emphasize the curvature, it is possible to level with the help of well-chosen colors combinations.
    2. Zoning. Often hall also serves as a dining, working and sleeping function. Separate different in the destination area enables the designation of their excellent primary color or pattern.
    3. Balance the geometry of the hall. Narrow room will not become broader, and the ceiling is raised, what their wallpaper or Poquelin. However, visually increase the amount of space on the walls gradation darker to lighter.
    4. Visually fill the space of the room with minimal furnishings, highlight the contrast upholstery allows accentuation of one wall.
    5. Draw attention to the significant area, whether it's a gallery of photos or a TV set, creating a point of focus. The color spots cherished things will look particularly advantageous.

    There is also a fifth reason that does not belong to the category of design, but the pleasing hosts.

    Mortar stores are selling the remains at a significant discount. You can pick up high-quality materials Companion of expensive collections for a very reasonable price.

    Important in this reception - the right to choose the wall itself.

    The living room in the high-tekovskom or minimalist style it will complement the situation and will draw attention to themselves.

    Proper use of this technique can solve several problems at once. But for its successful implementation is necessary to consider a few rules.

    In order not to be overbuilt space, allocate costs no more than two vertical surfaces.

    In short, narrow room walls are pasted over with bright colors and long - in the calm. This will expand the space of the hall without further rearrangements. The combination of warm and cold pale colors also allows you to visually increase or decrease the area.

    Most often it emphasizes the active zone (the place with the TV) or seating area (behind the sofa). Partition with a window unit - only to emphasize the textile design. Carve out a zone and get playing with texture coating materials, the tone will remain unchanged.

    Accent wall sets the sound throughout the room. Choosing its color scheme should be the primary, the basic tone of the room - agreed with him.

    The simplest method of performing this technique - Floor photo wallpapers. Real photo, floral patterns or shadow projection will transform the space of the living room and asked a stylistic interior axis.

    This is the classic method. In the conventional matched by two companion material - and dark monochrome lighter patterned.

    The joint is at the level of the door opening or top of the seats and chairs. Connection line drawn border, strip or molding in the same scheme.

    However, current trends in interior design allow refresh this technique. Harmony paintings alternate with floor-to-ceiling windows with an arbitrary frequency.

    Smooth boundary between the wallpaper - the key to successful implementation of the idea. When you change the level of the floor or the ceiling initially selected guide should remain unchanged.

    If the joint is oriented on the top line of chairs, also serve as a border protection from friction.

    The advantage of the method of combining the horizontal - in its universality. This is the most successful way to combine different thickness and texture of the wallpaper.

    Paper and textiles, vinyl and interlining will look harmonious and original. Restrictions in the choice of colors is also available.

    Soothing colors create a peaceful atmosphere of the English home. Bright and contrasting - dynamic youth style. Everything depends on the ideas and character of the owners.

    Alternation paintings wallpaper vertical is used primarily to increase the visual height of the ceiling. The thinner the stripes alternated, the clearer the effect.

    Excessively long wall will seem shorter, if we apply the same method. Bands can alternate with different frequency and regularity.

    It is also a simple way to adjust lighting. It is enough to put into a lighter tone where exposed to enough light.

    The number of compatible materials can vary from two to five. Line interface elevational optionally - one can experiment with a zigzag or a soft wave.

    The combination of light and dark variants of the same spectrum will give the impression of shadows games, contrasting stripes bring dynamics. Smooth fabric interspersed with a pattern on the background will give the solemnity of the living room columned hall.

    For all the simplicity in the selection and glueing vertical stripes should be aware of certain principles:

    • Very advantageous looks alternation in the proportions of one to two bright paintings and monochrome;
    • Wallpaper companion should be of uniform thickness;
    • You can experiment with the bold colors including black and red, but interesting in texture.

    As a rule, this method is only a decorative element.

    On basecoat glued arbitrary size pieces of wallpaper wide variety of patterns and textures. There are no restrictions on the number and the form - it all depends on the desired look.

    The first step - choose a place for the decorative insert. Shelves, mirrors and tall cabinets will draw attention to themselves, so it is best to choose the surface, not cluttered with furniture.

    Insertion of the fragment will look like a complete picture, if each frame the molding. This option is suitable for the living room in a classic style.

    To impart flavor neoclassics interior ornaments suitable complex geometric shapes. Rectangular and square bring the spirit of the Baroque.

    For all its simplicity of execution wallpaper coating inserts can serve and zoning tool. Placement within the colored fragments may indicate a relaxation area and games for children.

    inserts can be considered a kind of patchwork. His mission - creating a bright spot in the entourage of the room, so the scope for creativity is guaranteed.

    In this case, using any number of different size and colors of upholstery pieces. The only rule in the performance - matching invoices "patches."

    Niches in the living room give it a unique shape and serve to accommodate technology or demonstration decor. And with the successful selection of design add bright accents in the interior, and themselves become a decoration.

    The peculiarity of this construction - in the fact that it is already selected. It needs just a little accent or variety of shades game.

    The combination allows us to emphasize niche space and create the most favorable background for containing the object. When monophonic basically the design of walls for niches suitable wallpaper more muted colors or patterned.

    It looks very impressive combination of materials within the niche. For example, the cut teeth masonry over a smooth surface like emerges from the plaster.

    Gradirovanie shades from light to dark and back looks trivial and add depth to space niche. It is also an interesting option for the design - the plot wallpapers.

    Coated texture niche surface, which imitates natural materials, creating the illusion of a secret room and add comfort.

    1. Spectral principle is based on the selection of clothing for the walls in one color, different in tone. You can make the transition from chocolate to beige, from aquamarine to a sky-blue or lemon to orange - the choice is unlimited.

    Strict rules in selecting a variety of wallpaper does not exist - it is a matter of taste and fantasy. But to create a harmonious and effective combination of wallpaper useful to know some of the secrets of the professionals.

    Choose a combination wallpaper for the living room from the catalog of the manufacturer. As a rule, there are available ready-made options with real photos. For living in the eclectic style, minimalism and high-tech are selected identical in texture, but different in color or coat pattern.

    For classics lovers would be best to choose a pair of monochrome wallpaper with a picture or two to four shades darker. Bright, saturated colors are balanced by muted neutral.

    Floral patterns look good with textured canvases under the tree, strip and the cell - with abstractions. In order not to expose sections for vertical combination of wallpaper must be suitable for the thickness and quality.

    You selected samples may look quite different in terms of lighting and your living situation. Whatever were the real picture, it would be nice to test them on-site repair. The color of the selected wall coverings necessarily duplicate the situation in detail, while the interior of the living room will look complete.

    What should be avoided by combining wallpaper

    If you like to do everything ourselves, without the help of professionals, you should start by looking at photos of different examples of design living room interior with combined wallpaper.

    For the living room or the narrow, low-ceilinged best choice would be the vertical pattern is not desirable horizontal pattern along the entire length of the wall.

    Needless contrasting fabric and more than two combination partners in a small room could have a "crushing" visual effect. Bright tone as visually increase its area.

    Coatings dark colors require additional lighting. In the living room on the north side they will look bleak;

    Furniture covering the vertically aligned strip overload space and reduce this way the intended effect;

    By combining the vertical webs of different thickness sections become visible. They will have to draw up borders or moldings.

    The key to the successful implementation of your ideas - your imagination, and the selection of quality materials, the most successfully combine colors and patterns will be only a matter of time.

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