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We select the wallpaper in the room combined 2017: 35 Photo and Design

Create original and memorable interior is not difficult - just pick the right combination of wallpaper in the home everything should be beautiful - it's not a rule, and the desire of interior fashion 2017. This is not about what you need to save, collect beautiful and expensive things, quite the contrary . All that is not really necessary, all that clutter up your little world, do not leave the apartment. But the selection of the right things to make your life warm and comfortable. And not the last step here - a wallpaper design. If you want a stylish, original and tasteful paste over the walls need a combination of wallpaper.

Wallpaper in the hall in the apartment combined: Options 2017

This year the emphasis is placed in the living room is on the wall - you can be a bit of furniture, and it does not necessarily have to be an elite, modern, but the background must not fail. Making the walls - it is also a visual techniques that help change the proportions of the space. And you can combine wallpaper so that this combination gave the desired visual effect.

This year, you can pokleit wallpaper in three steps:

  • Landscape design;
  • Vertical design;
  • Patchwork design.

The combination of wallpaper with vertical stripes is the best fit for a room with a low ceiling

If vertical stripes combined correctly, they are not only visually increase the room, but also "stretched" it. What can not be done, because it is combined with large stripes and bright patterns, prints.

The combination of the wallpaper in the hall: a patchwork combining

In fact, the combination of a patchwork quilt is simulated on the wall. If you choose the right wallpaper, they "make friends" with each other and create an entire composition on the wall.

This patchwork - employment difficult, and before you take him, you need to see more than one example to understand the combination. If you are afraid that not cope, take no more than three types of wallpaper one color.

  • Heat-violet;
  • Vivid-purple;
  • Pale pink.

Quilting involves combining careful thinking through color, design and texture of wallpaper

If this puzzle will be divided into equal pieces, the desired effect will not work. Pieces of the size should be different. You can keep the same width, it will facilitate the work, but the length of the fragments must not be the same.

Backgrounds must be in harmony - combined in pattern, texture, colors and theme of adjacency. And, of course, should not be confused with the elite budgetary wallpaper options.

Options for combination of wallpaper in the room: a combination of rules

We can distinguish eight simple rules, the combination of wallpaper, which will help you interesting and skillfully transform the interior.

The rules for combining wallpaper:

  • Ideally, if you buy wallpaper, not only in one place, but also from the same manufacturer, then it will be easier to hang wallpaper, and match;
  • To choose the correct harmonious design wallpaper one thickness, quality and even one single price segment;
  • Options for combination must find a roll somewhere in the interior, if, for example, one wall with green, let the same green meet in the pattern of cushions;
  • If you are using wallpaper with a rich, succulent ornaments, you need to take a different type of wallpaper, which will be neutral, monotonous;
  • If the equipment will continue even wallpapering the ceiling, you will visually make the room more spacious and, above;
  • To arrange accents in the room, you need the background wallpaper that color to furniture, textiles and accessories on this background looked more advantageous;
  • If the furniture in the room a little bit, it is interesting to fill the space can be wallpapered with large, bright, textured patterns - and emptiness go away;
  • The most common option - accent wall, a wall with the bright wallpaper glued, pasted and the other neutral shades.

It is not only the combination of color and pattern of wallpaper, but their thickness, and - invoice

When choosing wallpaper for a combination, be sure to ask the seller to unroll a roll. And if you choose the wallpaper in one place, attach the coils to each other, try to see if there is the right combination.

Wallpapers for the hall: combined in a modern style

If the room is large and spacious, it is possible to have more. You can pick up and bright colors, and is very juicy, a little too active. You can play with the big print.

If the room is small, then the choice of wallpaper you need to be careful - pastel colors are selected most often in combination with abstraction and geometric patterns.

If the room facing north, the wallpaper is necessary to choose only warm colors, otherwise the room will not be comfortable. To the south the rooms, respectively, it makes sense to take the wallpaper cool tones.

If the living room is spacious - you can experiment with bright colors, if the opposite - a small, then light colors work best

If the room is for you - it is, above all, elegant place, the holiday place of fun, joy, feel free to take pearl or gold wallpaper.

How to combine the wallpaper in the room: photos and tips

To choose the right materials - this is the main difficulty of this process. Backgrounds must be of the same structure. If this rule is broken, when gluing it may be difficult, for example, the seams will be visible. Fabrics different thickness are discordant to some extent.

Another "impossible" - is the use of several kinds of wallpaper with bright decorative effects. Refers to the wallpaper with bright patterns, the effect of the overflow, with a large relief pattern.

Often mistakes are made exactly in the choice of pitch. It can be either lighter pieces of furniture, accessories, or be combined with them.

The main rule of the combination - it is first necessary to determine the basic tone of the wallpaper, and then select the wallpaper paste and furniture

If we talk about trends in 2017, the following points can be highlighted:

  • This bright, intricate patterns on the wallpaper;
  • Embroidery and relief on the surface of the wallpaper;
  • Oriental motifs;
  • Extremely bright colors;
  • Strips of all types and stripes;
  • monogram;
  • Variants of the blue-green spectrum.

Even ordinary Khrushev may be transformed by a combination of wallpapers. This makes the interior more alive, dynamic, not so boring.

Upholstery inserts in the interior of the hall

This method of decorating the walls, which gives the room a real designer look.

For those inserts you can use:

  • Mural on the central wall;
  • 3D-wallpapers that incredible way to visually expand the space;
  • Patterned inserts, which are limited by frame moldings or on the main canvas;
  • Contrasting wallpaper pasting certain architectural element - eaves recess or protrusion.

Remember that the pattern on the wallpaper in any way should not overshadow each other. amazing experience can be achieved by a competent combination of wallpaper - a bright and catchy inserts make room seemed to change their size. The same room looks different, whether there are different wallpaper.

Wallpapers are perfect as an insert and perfectly refresh any interior

In the first case they are alone, calm, pastel colors - the room is perceived in one way. If the central wall is a dynamic insertion, it may seem as if it is another room in the apartment with another plan.

Wholemeal inserts well draw different meaning of the one room that visually separate them from each other. For example, if it is a room, which also performs the function of the bedroom, the part of the room near the bed Wallpapers gentle, warm tones, and near the desk or dining area is a transition to a more exciting color.

Combined wallpapers hall (video)

Combining wallpaper - the process is not only complex, but also fascinating. With a wide selection of wallpapers have a lot of options interesting transformations. The main thing is to prepare for them, reviewing not one fotovariant.

Design combined wallpaper in the hall (photo)

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Copying is allowed only with a link back to the source

Combined wallpaper in the hall: Design trends

Decoration of the walls in the hall by several kinds of wallpaper - very fashionable in 2017 design method. They can pick up yourself and you can use ready-made ideas as collection, comprising two or more kinds of wallpaper combined with each other, producing today all the leading manufacturers of finishing materials.

The widest range of different design combined wallpaper for the hall: the architectural features of a multi-functional rooms provide the most diverse use this trendy way to create a non-trivial interior.

Why so popular, combined wallpaper

When there is a choice between the same type and combined wallpaper for the room, designers often advised to choose the second option.

This is due not only to the fact that any interior with walls pasted wallpaper, differing in color, pattern or texture is fresh, original and aesthetically appealing, but also in the obvious practical benefits of such a finish.

Using a combination of wallpaper, you can:

  • hide flaws and highlight the advantages of the premises;
  • correct geometric layout features;
  • to create on the walls of interesting visual effects;
  • to divide the room into functional areas.

In order to properly determine the design of the future combined wallpaper for the room before going to the store you need to adequately assess all the architectural features of the room: its lighting, ceiling height, the width of the walls, the location of door and window openings, the presence within the walls of niches and ledges.

After this analysis, it will be easier to decide what you want to see your room - a light and airy, to emphasize some of its dignity, its geometry or you are completely satisfied.

And, on the basis of these premises, to choose the most suitable for the realization of your pans combination of wallpaper.

1. hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of the interior. The easiest and most effective way to emphasize the architectural advantages and minimize the disadvantages (curvature, unevenness of walls and ceilings) - to make the closest to the ideal wall accent.

To this end, it is pasted over with wallpaper, different from the rest of the pattern or colors. Unusual print or bright saturated color will attract attention, and minor tweaks rough finish will be less noticeable.

Furthermore, excellent hide small blemishes combination of alternating strips of wallpaper, different in color or texture: dark and light, monochromatic and patterned, and a smooth or textured foamed surface.

2. adjusting the geometrical layout features. The narrow room seem much larger, if short walls are covered with light-colored wallpaper, and narrow - paintings a few shades darker.

Square room will look more interesting and more dynamic if the three walls to make it light and uniform, and the fourth decorate wallpaper rich, vivid colors. Alternating stripes of different color or monochrome and patterned visually ceiling lifts.

Too high ceilings can be approximated by visually dividing wall horizontally. To this end, the lower third of the wall glue lighter and darker wallpaper over them. If you decorate the space around the small window light, and the rest of the room dark wallpaper, window opening will appear larger.

3. create unusual visual effects. Combined wallpaper is often perform the function of not only the cladding material, but also the original decor and are used instead of pictures or posters.

To this end, over the plain cloths paste segments with a nice big print and enclose them in moldings or frames. In addition, the contrasting wallpaper designers are advised to call attention to accentual furnishings: plasma television, a fireplace, a decorative display case crammed with family souvenirs, a large comfortable sofa.

4. We share the room into zones. A combination of different texture and colors of the wallpaper used for zoning room as often as all kinds of partitions, and sometimes in addition to them.

Usually wallpaper contrasting color bay or niche stress, dining area separated from a small corner for private conversations delimit area intended to rest on the working part of the room.

In this case, you can use both moderate and very bold and radical combinations. Color solution for each functional area will depend on the overall interior concept and on how sharp you want to divide.

Ways of combining wallpaper in the hall

There are a few basic, dissimilar options combining wallpaper. At the same time, almost every designer seeking to create a unique and personalized interior design, brings about changes in them.

Despite this, the choice of any combination of wallpaper must obey the mandatory general rule: to diverse paintings looked harmoniously together, they must have at least one similar feature: the same invoice identical pattern echoes the color scheme.

All variety of upholstery combinations can be divided into two main categories: harping on the differences in color and pattern and use various gluing techniques. Let us examine them in detail.

  • The combination of wallpaper, painted in different shades of the same color. It is the most simple method, which is very difficult to spoil the interior. Its easy to learn independently, without having special knowledge and without the help of the designers. It allows you to get a calm, elegant and static interior. Most often combine wallpaper, painted in different shades of gray, sand, blue, and green.
  • The combination of plain and Printed wallpaper. This design combined wallpaper for the room by professionals especially favored. Perhaps that is why ready-made collection is of such a plan are most often found on sale. For combining with monophonic webs usually selected vegetable drawings, broad band, geometric abstraction, various ornaments. Their alternates or wallpaper with a pattern of one or two walls fully.
  • The combination of fabrics with different patterns. Such a bold combination helps to create a very dynamic and bright interior and is only suitable for spacious rooms. Excellent looks tandem, which includes the pattern with narrow and wide strips and the strips of a floral pattern or a similar pattern of large and small. To such combinations worked on the situation, you need to have very good taste and skills, so use them with caution.
  • Decorating the walls of self-colored paintings of different colors. This method of connecting to the interior of diverse wallpaper suitable for small rooms. It is similar to a design technique, which we mentioned at the beginning - the combination of paintings one palette with transitions from dark tones to lighter.

Generally use no more than 2-3 kinds of wallpaper active and neutral colors and depending on their saturation create a dynamic or tranquil interior design.

Wallpapering techniques for the hall

Horizontal combination. This design method visually expands the walls and are best suited for rooms of regular geometric shape, with no alcoves and bay windows. The lower part is usually made heights 120-130 cm, and the horizontal joint location decorate paper or border pouliretanovym molding.

In this case, the bottom is preferable to have the darker and lighter at the top of the wallpaper. Choosing their color depends on the overall interior concept. This may be striped and patterned fabrics, plain and patterned, and a combination of webs of different shades of one color.

In recent years, it is used another way of combining the horizontal at which the canvas alternate parallel to the floor over the entire height of the walls. But this combination is only suitable for rooms with high ceilings as visually makes them below.

Vertical combination. Vertical gluing technique visually lifts the ceiling. It is suitable for rooms of any size and geometry and is used much more often than the horizontal.

Color combination partners wallpaper when using this type of bonding also can be arbitrary. The main thing is to harmonize with the situation. Most often they are selected in the same range of different colors, contrasting colors or combine plain and Printed fabric.

Glue them, alternating one by one, in pairs or draw up the same type of wallpaper one or two walls fully. Thus their width does not necessarily have to be identical.

Gluing inserts. The walls in the room, decorated in this way, always look very elegant and solemn. For such a technique is best suited combination of plain smooth and textured wallpaper with a beautiful pattern memorable. First, the walls decorated with paintings of self-colored smooth.

They are then glued rectangular, square or arched insert cut from a textured patterned wallpaper. To make the design even more special insert enclosed in the scope of decorative molding strips.

When people talk about how sticking wallpaper combined, is often mentioned another interesting technique - patchwork. It is a bit like patchwork - a popular textile mosaic, used for making blankets and wall panels.

In this case, the walls decorated with wallpaper, pre-cut into pieces, usually square or rectangular. This design looks very cute and cozy, but probably not suitable for the hall, and for a child's room or bedroom.

  • Do not be afraid of bright colors. They help give the environment the liveliness and dynamism. And if you are not sure of the correct choice, make the basic white color. It's a safe bet that harmonizes with the entire color palette.
  • Ideally, the design of the walls in the room should include both bright and pastel colors, such as black and white, white with blue, green, cream, pink, purple, golden brown. These combinations provide color balance, and in any lighting looked beautiful and harmonious.

Buying wallpaper for the rooms, especially the combination - not an easy task. Fortunately it facilitates a wide and constantly updated range of this category of finishing materials.

In addition, all the major manufacturers have their online portals, where each type of wallpaper can be considered good on the computer screen and make the right choice in a relaxed home environment. A sense of style, their own preferences and tastes good necessarily prompt you for your ideal room combination.

Detailed analysis and comparison of the description of the advantages of various types of wallpaper.

Produced dozens of new ideas and photos for wall decoration in your gostnoy, as well as several.

Want to find out which models wallpaper now in vogue? Read our detailed review of the latest fashion.

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Building your own home from the foundation to the roof

How to choose wallpaper for the room and how to combine them. Wallpaper for the living room of 70 design photo

The hall is often called one of the most important rooms in any house or apartment. At the same time, she is the most complex in terms of design and decoration, as created by the interior design should please and be suitable for all members of your family! And yet, this room should have a rich, original decor - it was in the hall take guests gather with friends and family, to celebrate family holidays and celebrations. Therefore, the issues of selection of style and design of the room, as well as what to choose wallpaper in the hall should be treated seriously and responsibly.

Wallpaper in the living room interior. A photo

How to choose a wallpaper in the hall? What are the types of wallpaper, and what are the advantages of an option? What are the fashion trends decorated living room? Are there any secrets to the selection and use of wallpaper that help visually adjust the room? Let's try to briefly answer these questions.

How to choose a wallpaper for the hall

When the moment of choice and buying wallpaper for the hall, many people are literally spoiled for choice. It turns out that to make a choice not only of drawing, color and texture of the wallpaper, but also to choose the right kind of wallpaper. If we talk in general about the classification, all the existing wallpaper on the market can be subdivided into the following types:

Purple wall in the hall. A photo Warm brown wallpaper for the room. A photo Black and white wallpaper in the hall. A photo Classic style wallpaper. A photo

Of course, each type of wallpaper has its advantages and disadvantages, features use, gluing. Knowledge of these parameters will allow to objectively and intelligently approach the selection of wallpaper for the room (living room) and choose the option that is not only liked you a drawing or coloring, but is best suited to the application.

Also in the process of selecting a wallpaper for the room, it is necessary to determine the parameters such as:

  • color spectrum;
  • plain wallpaper with a pattern or will;
  • texture of the wallpaper;
  • size of the room;
  • the level of natural light living room, etc.

How to choose wallpaper for the rooms: the main rules and recommendations

To understand what the wallpaper in the lounge suit and become one of the ornaments of the room in the future, and what does not and to be able to orient in a huge variety of wallpaper on the market, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules of selection:

  1. When choosing wallpaper is necessary to consider the living room parameters (height of the ceilings, the width of the walls, the quality of natural light, etc.);
  2. When choosing wallpaper color for the room should take into account not only personal preferences, but also on which side is the living room (for rooms on the north and the east side is better to choose warm and bright hues for rooms of the southern and western locations you can choose from a palette of cold colors);
  3. Selection texture and material (e.g., blotches gold threads will emphasize luxury and clearance richness);
  4. It is necessary to determine the overall style of the decoration of the hall and pick up pattern and texture of wallpaper on the basis of common ideas of design and decoration.

How to choose wallpaper for the room. A photo Mural in the hall. How to choose. A photo How to choose wallpaper for the room. A photo Mural in the hall. How to choose. A photo

Fashion trends in the world of wallpaper for room 2014

Among the proposed range of wallpaper manufacturers have the usual, classic design options and there are new items. Making repairs in the living room, I want to get not only new, but also a fashionable interior. Ask the question, what the wallpaper for the room the most fashionable?

Fashionable wallpaper for room 2014. Photos

It should not be afraid to use bold and fashion trends in the design of the walls in the hall:

  • combining wallpaper - "yes 9raquo ;;!
  • floral motifs on the wallpaper designs today are at the peak of popularity;
  • still does not lose its relevance and geometric motifs in drawings;
  • in fashion - a soft texture and quiet, as well as gilt and glitter;
  • wallpapers can also be used in the design, but not tsoit take them an entire wall in the living room, it is better to integrate properly selected pattern in the decoration of the room.

Wallpaper for combined hall. A photo

Combining wallpaper in the hall - a trendy, modern and effective way!

No one will argue with the fact that the decoration of the walls in the hall and the living room - an important task. That's how much will be done properly wall decoration, it depends largely on the degree of comfort and convenience, as well as the visual perception of space. Increasingly, in order to solve these problems the method of combining different textures and wallpaper patterns. How to combine the wallpaper in the hall? this question, we will try to answer.

Wallpaper for combined hall. A photo Wallpaper for combined hall. A photo Wallpaper for combined hall. A photo Wallpaper for combined hall. A photo

The following types of combining wallpaper with the decoration of the walls:

Their skillful and competent application allows not only to update the interior but also to create original, unique designs. However, it is important to remember that in the pursuit of originality should not forget about the rules of aesthetics and common sense!

Vinyl wallpaper on non-woven backing

Vinyl wallpaper for the walls of the hall will suit better than everyone else. They have a huge number of advantages and rich look overwhelming majority of models allows to successfully use them in living rooms.

One of the main advantages of these wallpapers is that they have a smoothing effect that allows you to successfully use them where the walls do not differ a perfect evenness. Minor dents and transitions disappear under the picture and wallpaper visually without looking.

So, the benefits of these wallpapers:

  • simplicity of working with them (to glue);
  • fleece - strong material base Wallpaper more durable;
  • vinyl outer coating of wallpaper is easy to wet cleaning, it is not afraid of small household pollution;
  • It looks impressive and richly;
  • do not fade and do not change their appearance for many years;
  • ustoychivrst abrasion.

The disadvantages of vinyl wallpaper:

  • Vinyl - the material of artificial origin;
  • the absence of vapor and air permeability of the material;
  • there may be a particular smell that will long stay in the room, pasted these wallpapers.

It is in the state rooms, with which in a normal residential house stands hall (living) room that fully discloses the potential design of wallpaper, minimizing all of the above disadvantages.

Refresh the interior of the hall wallpaper for painting. This is a special type of wallpaper that when pasting the walls can be painted, and as a rule - more than once. Convenient and practical solution that allows you to change the situation in the room, without having to replace the wallpaper - you just repaint them in the selected color. Paintable wallpaper divided into three main types:

Each of these options has significant differences and used in the manufacture of components, and further use of the technology. What unites them one thing - all these wallpapers are easily exposed to painting, able to withstand multiple cycles of staining.

Paper wallpaper are considered a budget option, but this does not mean that these wallpapers do not deserve attention. Modern technologies allow to produce paper wallpaper, which are of high quality, beautiful appearance, wealth of stylistic solutions.

There are several types of paper wallpaper:

  • smooth;
  • double-layer embossed;
  • moisture (washable);
  • structured;
  • foamed.

The difference between these types of wallpaper production technology, the components used, but they have in common is that they all - with paper base.

The main advantages of wallpaper - is:

Among the drawbacks is attributed:

  • can not be used in high humidity areas;
  • fragility;
  • high abrasion;
  • not elastic, very easily torn;
  • demanding quality of alignment of the wall;
  • enhance the error does not hide the flaws of the walls or ceiling.

Glass fiber for pasting the walls of the hall

Glass wall - this is a relatively new and unique in its own way a finishing material for the walls, which is ideal for use in living rooms. However, there is this material a number of drawbacks, which are worth knowing.

Jacquard glass wall in the hall. A photo

The list of advantages of fiberglass:

  • refined, stylish appearance and respectable;
  • durability;
  • high strength and endurance.

Along with this note and disadvantages:

  • demands to prepare the walls for pasting;
  • the need to use special glue for pasting wallpaper on the wall;
  • high prices.

Truly an original solution for the decoration of the living room will be the textile wallpaper. At first, this is a very non-standard and non-traditional. Secondly, a huge number of advantages distinguishes this kind of wallpaper to the analogues, the main of which - environmentally friendly!

To the list of benefits and costs include:

  • able to pick up fabric (textile), wallpaper any color and texture;
  • long service life;
  • environmental friendliness and safety.

If we talk about the disadvantages of this option, it is worth mentioning:

  • high price for textile wall;
  • instability to dust and moisture;
  • Specific requirements for the process of wallpaper pasting.

Wallpapering in the room: the basic rules

As pokleit wallpaper in the room? There are a number of simple but important rules that you should definitely follow when wallpapering the walls. This will ensure the quality and durability of its ongoing work:

  1. The walls have to be cleaned from old coating, dust and dirt;
  2. If possible, it is recommended to level the surface of the walls, as well as their primed before wallpapering;
  3. It is necessary to follow the recommendations of adhesion, which relate to your chosen type of wallpaper (for example, paper wall are coated with adhesive, non-woven - no, etc.);
  4. Modern wallpaper glued butt most advantageous;
  5. In one room the wall is desirable to paste in a single day;
  6. When the glue has dried and the wallpaper is desirable to eliminate the ventilation of the room.

As you can see, the wallpaper - it's a great option for the walls in the living areas. Regarding the living room - it is a way to enhance the beauty and originality of the room, the richness of its decoration, the ability to give the solemnity of the room.

The main thing - a serious and responsible approach to the choice of wallpaper, to observe the rules of their combination and sticking to the walls, and then the result will please many years and its beauty and quality!

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The choice of colors for the room wallpaper should pay special attention. Because each color has its own impact on the perception and, incorrect, he is able to visually change the space or do not stay in the room very cozy.

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