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6 ways to combine the wallpaper in the kitchen

Choosing a way to design the walls in the kitchen, many stops choice of wallpaper. This is facilitated by a wide range of coatings, solid performance, as well as an incredible opportunity to implement their own ideas and ideas.

Look at the above photos, as stylish, effective and non-trivial look combined wallpapers for the kitchen in the interior.

Ways of combining wallpaper, which we will talk today:

To choose the right materials, you can make adjustments to the configuration of the room, "apart" walls and "understand" ceilings, competent to carry out zoning, emphasize individuality of design.

It is designed to bring the views, that is, it is better to make a bright and unusual. It can be covered with large flowers, wallpapers, geometric patterns and so forth. It is important not to overdo it with colors, different interior is supersaturated and will lose its uniqueness.

Chosen for her vivid wallpaper or wallpaper with a pattern. The remaining walls are the background, so they should choose plain wallpaper.

The photo wallpaper with bright colorful pattern enliven glossy white kitchen in a Scandinavian style.

It is optimal for long and narrow rooms. Also allows ceiling visually higher.

Coming up with a design combined wallpaper for the kitchen, pay attention to the given photo. On them you will see one of the most common ways to finish - vertical combination.

Vertical stripes. You can create a unique play of light and color, okleivaya walls alternating stripes of different wallpapers. Can be combined as the contrasting colors and shades of the same color, creating gradation.

You can choose the wallpaper of the same hue, but with different textures - for example, alternate between matte and glossy.

An interesting option: the alternation of wallpaper with patterns and plain. Obtained strips that mimic the real picture. This method is appropriate for a large kitchen.

In the photo a harmonious blend of English style - the bottom of the vertical stripes create a simulation wall panels, top classical floral pattern. The junction between the two kinds of wallpaper is decorated with a decorative border.

The most commonly used striped wallpaper. They can be located:

  • Symmetrically. In this case, the walls are pasted over broad bands of mirror from the center. Contrasting colors attract the eye, so few people pay attention to the imbalance premises configuration.
  • Asymmetric. Webs with wide stripes glued only one wall, while on the other surface of the web is applied to the same pattern but different widths. Through this room it looks wider.

Accents in the room will also help correct color. Too bright colors should alternate with pastel 1-1 or 1-2. It all depends on the room size and the desired effect

Used in rooms with high ceilings, it fits perfectly in any interior areas. Designers use this move in order to transform the excessively high room.

In the picture combined in the kitchen wallpaper with a horizontal strip and floral pattern.

Horizontally, you can combine wallpaper different textures and shades. Pick embodiments, and harmony with each other and with a common kitchen design.

To calculate the height of each band, visually divide the wall into three horizontal parts. The narrowest strip should be placed at the bottom.

One of the most popular solutions - use the bottom of the wooden or cork panels. Top coatings can paste over with geometric patterns, large flowers, or just vibrant self-colored fabric.

If the lower part stands out bright and large patterns, the top is better to choose Monochrome.

The panels can be used as wallpaper in the strip and separated from the upper part by means of molding or curb. At the top is better to use fabric with small patterns or monochrome.

You can either vary the colors, or texture. Choose cost option that will complement the overall design of your room, presenting it in the most favorable light.

Patchwork - original combination of a technique that is appropriate in a country style and ethno. Wallpaper with different patterns and cut into equal okleivayut wall flaps, alternating blocks.

Figures and the number of colors to be no more than 3-4-EX. It is also not uncommon to find a ready-made drawing on the wallpaper in the style of patchwork.

The photo wallpaper in bright patchwork style. They give the interior a feeling of comfort and home heat.

When selecting starting materials should be guided combinability colors corresponding to the specified style and common sense. In this way, the surface can be designed either as a fragment of the wall from one floor to ceiling. It all depends on the courage of your ideas.

By this embodiment, it should pay attention to those who gravitate to a variety of textures and colors, but can not find the right solution for you.

The work will be quite difficult, because initially it is necessary to find the optimal combination, and only then from disparate pieces to create a spectacular picture.

Patchwork attracting creative individuals who dream to transform your home and are able to implement such a painstaking job yourself.

Mural immediately become a bright accent. Therefore, for the rest of the walls is better to choose wallpaper plain, soft tones.

One of the most popular types of modern steel and 3D image, creating the effect of presence and volume.

Beautiful cityscape creates focus and gives a sense of the volume of the room.

The choice of options is incredibly broad, ranging from classical themes of food and beverages (fruit, coffee and coffee beans, chocolate) to the three-dimensional abstraction.

A similar pattern should be as open to review, so it is better to put on the most exposed surface. In most cases, the only such a wall in the dining room table.

They can be created on any basis: non-woven, synthetic fabrics, vinyl. Quality paints make them bright and resistant to fading even under direct sunlight.

they are also endowed with environmentally friendly, fire resistance, durability, easy to care for. To wash them, you can use any household chemicals. Yet the most significant and impressive advantage is the incredible aesthetics. In addition to the web can be transferred to any photo.

The combination with other types of finishes

It looks much more interesting combination of wallpaper and other decorative materials: tile, brick, concrete, paint, wood paneling, cork, plaster, mosaics.

Options - millions, but there are some general rules.

  1. 1 the same thickness. The coating thickness should be approximately equal, which eliminates the problem with interfacing.
  2. 2 Do not activate both expensive and budget counterparts. Prefer materials from the same price category, differ texture and color.
  3. 3 The same shine. For example, a matte tiles bad look at the background of shiny, glossy wallpaper. Desirably, the degree of luster was identical as possible.
  4. 4 in combination with any, even the most expensive wallpaper other finishing material still becomes accentual. Therefore it is better to bet on neutral colors for wallpaper.
  5. 5 Stick to zoning principles. Chaotic paste from other finishing material around the perimeter of the entire kitchen will bring disharmony. Large prints Fill wallpaper with a small figure or self-colored, and rich colors - pastel.

More original ideas combined use of wallpaper for the kitchen in the interior you will find on the above photo.

Everyone can find tailor-made solutions for themselves, striking elegance and exclusivity.

What kinds of wallpaper should choose?

Today there are many varieties of wallpaper, but not all of them are suitable for the design of such a specific room.

Paper. They are inexpensive, eco-friendly, breathable, but along with it different fragility. If you decide to use them, and in the interior, only the distance from the work area.

Fabric. Made on the basis of silk, linen, cotton. Paste over them can only be perfectly flat and smooth surface, otherwise they would have noticed the defects. High humidity, they do not survive, but pollution from them are removed with great difficulty. Not the best option for the kitchen.

Natural. They are made of dried grass, bamboo, wood chips. All it is fixed on the basis of a special fabric with glue or thin durable threads. They are endowed with ecological, but very strongly absorb any odors.

Fleece. Made of viscose, cellulose, polyester and acrylic. Characterized by elasticity, resistance to moisture and fire, hide irregularities. There are special modifications for painting, allow to change the color to 7 times.

Vinyl. Non-woven substrate or technical paper applied polymer coating, resistant to moisture and shrinkage, easy care (washable), elastic. Modern web have micropores, through which air passes. Because of this they never appear in either a fungus or mold.

Fiberglass. This coating for painting, creating on the surface of the original embossed texture. Water resistance, fire resistance, vapor permeability, wear resistance, stylish appearance - it is the most significant advantages of the present embodiment. The only negative - they are dismantled with great difficulty.

Liquid. They include fibers and filaments acetate silk, cotton, viscose, cellulose, connected by an adhesive mixture. Applied as a conventional coating, leaving no seams, leveling defects. Endowed with a low heat and sound conductivity, easy to clean, has a wide range of tones.

All these types of wallpaper have their pros and cons. Getting the choice should pay attention to operating performance, aesthetics and cost.

The combination of wallpaper - is a science. We hope that these tips will help you decide on the design of the walls and to choose suitable wallpaper for your kitchen. Share your thoughts, ideas and thoughts in the comments!

We understand how to combine the wallpaper in the kitchen correctly

Practical recommendations on the choice of wall-paper texture and their possible combinations make for a unique kitchen design the interior of the kitchen so that she looked beautiful, stylish and modern - the natural desire of everyone who starts to repair the apartment. As a rule, for the design of the walls in the kitchen are choosing wallpaper. How to combine the wallpaper in the kitchen is right and what is best to choose the texture - some practical recommendations.

There are many kinds of wallpaper, which differ from each other in appearance, material and quality characteristics. These include:

Each type of wallpaper has its advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses. Before you begin repairs in the kitchen, and to decide on the combination of wallpaper, it is necessary to choose the wallpaper for the kitchen.

What wallpaper suit

Paper wallpaper are good that they are absolutely safe for health and do not emit harmful substances into the air. However, they can not be washed and if they become dirty, the wallpaper can be regarded as hopelessly corrupted. Such wallpaper in the kitchen, where there is a constant risk of contact with the wall of water droplets or products and where frequent fluctuations in humidity and temperature, there is little relevant. Roughly the same can be said about the fabric wallpaper.

The use of wallpaper for decoration kitchen interior - version malopraktichny

Vinyl wallpaper beautiful and practical. They can be safely cleaned with a damp cloth and washable - even to wash. By cons vinyl wallpaper include the fact that they are not "breathe" and can release into the air polyvinyl chloride, which is considered to be potentially harmful. These wallpapers are best avoided in the bedroom and in the nursery, but in the kitchen they are more than appropriate. With them it is easy to remove the contamination.

On flizeline basis of breathing, resistant to high temperatures and fire, easily withstand wet cleaning, do not fade in the sun, hygienic and do not absorb dust. In addition, they are convenient in that they can be painted in a different color, changing the interior as soon as he get tired. They also can be successfully used in the kitchen.

Non-woven wallpaper base - a practical option for kitchen facilities

Properly chosen combination of non-woven wallpaper will make the kitchen a stylish and practical Wallpaper vinyl-based are not afraid of wet cleaning, and do not absorb dust, which is important for the kitchen facilities

Glass fiber resistant to any dirt, water temperature. They can be safely wash with detergent. They are resistant to damage, breathe and do not attract dust. Their most important plus for the kitchen - fire safety. They, too, are quite appropriate here, especially in well-chosen material combinations.

Why combine wallpaper

Wallpaper choose different textures, patterns and types in order to solve the practical and aesthetic problem.

Using combinations of materials can be:

  • make functional zoning of the room, highlighting the visual recreation area, dining area, work area;
  • visually merge or, on the contrary, to share space kitchen and living room when they are combined in the studio;
  • hide wall defects;
  • beat mask layout and its disadvantages - for example, the kitchen of a canister is not so narrow and dark;
  • visually make the ceiling higher or lower;
  • give the interior dynamics;
  • place emphasis and draw attention to certain walls, niches.

Important: To the room did not look "wild", should not be used in the same room expensive and cheap types of wallpaper.

Combining wallpaper allows zoning kitchen and visually change the shape or size of the room

Combining the wallpaper in the kitchen should be subject to the general rules that apply to the design.

Most organically interior looks when it is based on the use of the same quality material and of approximately equal thickness. If the selected wallpaper will differ significantly from each other in thickness, there is a ugly scar therebetween. You have to use additional tools and materials in order to hide it from the eyes.

To combine the best to choose the wallpaper of the same quality Wallpaper with different patterns can make the kitchen unique

In terms of colors wallpaper Rug can complement each other, or contrast

It is important to determine the color. Background color can complement each other, being in the same colors or contrast with each other. Very interesting is the combination of monochrome and color wallpaper, the color plain wallpaper can be repeated motifs in the patterns on the wallpaper.

Note: A combination of wallpaper with different patterns can be used with a good taste. This is a very complex mix and it's easy to slip into kitsch. The kitchen will look garish and tasteless. The only figures that are easy to combine with each other and with other patterns - strip cell. It is also well combined geometric and abstract designs.

Motifs on the wallpaper and color scheme is well combined with motifs and colors of furniture, interior items, textiles.

Bright colors are best combined with muted.

Very stylish is a combination of plain walls photo wallpapers Horizontal combination of wallpaper visually expand the room

Combining the wallpaper in the kitchen in the form of vertical stripes of different textures and colors allows to solve the problem of the low ceiling. Also, this combination is ideal in order to expand the space visually - this decision is good to apply in narrow kitchen cupboards, in small kitchens.

Vertical combination of wallpaper in the spacious kitchen room helps create a comfortable harmonious interior where you can combine wallpaper with drawings with solid, contrasting color wallpaper. The combination of contrasting colors helps to balance the length of the sides of the room.

It is possible to apply the principle of asymmetry and alternate stripes of different colors and different widths. This technique helps to visually shorten one side of the room and closer to the square.

With the help of vertical solutions can get rid of monochrome interior.

Important: sure version of contrasting color combinations are considered to be black and white, blue and yellow, white in combination with any other color and pattern, yellow and blue, green and yellow. More dramatic look and requiring a combination of red and black, gold and red, black and purple.

Wallpaper paste over the kitchen can be a different way, making the top of the room the same color, and the bottom of another. Very often, the division of the room horizontally applied when decided to combine with other material wallpapers - tiles, cork, wood and bamboo panels, decorative plaster.

As a general rule, the lower part of the room is a 1-part and 2 on the upper falls of the wall height. It is considered the optimal proportions, pleasing to the eye. Suffice it looks harmonious when the boundary between the wall-paper passes through the sill line. If the apartment has high ceilings, the bottom part can be made by two-thirds the height of the wall.

Horizontal combination implies wallpaper compatibility with other materials The combination of wallpaper can also combine its different types

Top best place plain wallpaper and patterned wallpaper below. When combined with contrasting color plain wallpaper, the top appropriate to a lighter tone. If combined with patterned wallpaper, the top looks harmonious small patterns, and bottom - large. Basically, if you think about a design, you can do exactly the opposite, but it will require a lot of taste, and strict observance of all proportions.

Only when the horizontal division can safely use materials of different thicknesses and textures. For example, cork wallpaper and wallpaper or a different texture. Place the joint in this case it is possible to mask molding, border, wooden slats, which will play the role of a single decorative element.

Vertical division with the use of cleaning materials or plaster is logical, when you want to protect the lower part of the walls, most often suffering from scratches, dirt and splashing.

The kitchen canisters very interesting is the accent color on one wall, which Wallpapers contrasting color or with a pattern. In general, color highlight one wall immediately makes the interior of bold and memorable. But such a step and a great responsibility. Isolation of a wall without the support of color in another part of the room will make the interior of the inharmonious. Therefore, choosing the color of the wallpaper, it is necessary to maintain it in a furniture or textiles.

With the help of a wall accent can also select different parts of the kitchen - niches, columns. It will be particularly interesting to look isolated colonies color, ventilation ducts and other structural projections. They often try to hide. Meanwhile, when it is impossible to get rid of them, it is better to focus attention on them and turn it into a decorative element of the room, its flavor rather than an annoying flaw plan.

Emphasis on the wall looks like a winner in the elongated kitchens

Wallpaper with pattern and wallpapers can be used to make the interior of the kitchen and the original MMA. With the help of wallpaper kitchen turns into an art object.

In this case it is possible to make the wall of wallpaper original posters, drawing them into the framework.

It looks quite unusual combination of a selected wall a few kinds of wallpaper, folded into a kind of patchwork, patchwork pattern. However, this work is quite time consuming and requires great accuracy. In this style of cuisine can be arranged in ethno style.

Options for combining wallpaper in the kitchen (video)

Combine the wallpaper in the kitchen - a fascinating and rewarding activity. As a result, you can get the interior, what exactly no one else can not be found.

Making wallpapered kitchen: 65 photos and ideas for modern interior

The kitchen is the main part of the house, there are going to all the family members and spend much of their free time, so the wallpaper played an important role in the interior of the kitchen. Their selection is very large, modern wallpaper for the kitchen are made of moisture-resistant material and are suitable for any style of room.

Types of wallpaper for the kitchen: features material

3d wallpapers for the kitchen help to visually change the room space, hide the defects of the walls and make a reality of the interior. They are water-resistant, fire-resistant, resistant to washing. For kitchen design is the best option 3d wallpaper on non-woven backing.

Liquid wallpaper in the kitchen attached to the walls of an unusual type, a fragment of wallpaper is easy to replace in the specific area without harm. They hide the irregularities of the walls, they can be washed with a sponge, in addition, they are sound and noise insulation.

Vinyl wallpapers for the kitchen stable under the influence of the sun, which is a big plus for food on the sunny side, moisture-proof, flexible and can be cleaned with a damp sponge with detergent, in which circulates the air and because of this mold from moisture does not appear.

Washable wallpapers for the kitchen on a paper basis with vinyl coating - the best choice, since they can wipe the mud kitchen cloth and detergent. They are water-resistant and wear-resistant, allow the opportunity to work with a wet sponge to 15 times.

Non-woven wallpaper for the kitchen characterized as moisture-proof, fire-resistant and elastic. They are useful when working with its flexibility and visually conceal unevenness of the wall.

Paper wallpapers for the kitchen are widely available, environmentally friendly and breathable. Their shortcomings - the absorption of odors, fragility and fragility, can not be washed with a damp sponge, so when you make kitchen wallpaper of the paper should be further protect the work area, such as tiles.

Paintable wallpaper in the kitchen provide an opportunity to the kitchen to look different. These wallpapers are durable, masks irregularities of the walls and kept changing colors up to 7 times. They are smooth and simulates the texture of wood, plaster, with a bas-relief ornaments.

Wallpaper under a brick in the kitchen suitable for interior decoration in the style of a loft, the market offers a large number of color options and the value of laying. They are wear-resistant and breathable, perfect for an apron decor.

When choosing the color of wallpaper and design need to consider not only his wishes but also the size of the kitchen, the shape, the number of windows and their presence, saturation daylight. Wallpapers for the kitchen with flowers are suitable for rooms of any size, but:

  • large flowers are appropriate in the interior of a large kitchen;
  • small flowers increase the visual area and are suitable for medium and small-sized kitchen.

Picture wallpaper for the kitchen and should pick up, given the opportunity, for example:

  • vertical pattern or stripes do kitchen above;
  • horizontal drawing expand the kitchen and make the visual below;
  • geometric overlapping fragments create a feeling of infinite space.

The rules for combining the wallpaper in the kitchen

To interior of the kitchen was an individual, not necessarily equip it with the latest fashion and technology, enough to combine textures and colors, two or more kinds of wallpaper. The combination of the wallpaper in the kitchen - individual vision of each, but to combine the best wallpaper in the kitchen by following the advice of designers:

  • uniform thickness ensures smooth wallpaper seam;
  • wallpaper with flowers and floral patterns look good with the wallpaper under the tree;
  • abstract elements combined with geometric pattern;
  • pastel colors combined with bright;
  • different in texture wallpaper look advantageous when combined, for example, smooth and rough wallpaper, matt colors and gloss;
  • Combined wallpapers for the kitchen should be in the same price range and combined with the overall style of cuisine.

Tip: For those who trust the master and did not want to make the wrong choice, there are wallpaper-companions from one collection and from one firm, combining them, the manufacturer guarantees the unity of the two kinds of wallpaper.

Using combinations of wallpaper can be made wider narrow kitchen, focusing-wall pattern with horizontal stripe, create asymmetry effect, decorate one wall photo wallpapers or 3D photograph.

When choosing the color of wallpaper should listen to your feelings, which causes the color to determine the shade, to see samples. Kitchen interior with light-colored wallpaper will always look fresh, welcoming and visually more. Kitchen interior with dark wallpaper is not suitable for a small area, but it does not look less attractive.

  • White wallpaper in the kitchen - the classic version, a universal color and fit any style, but we must remember that it is easily soiled color and choose a thick wallpaper, or use them in addition to the other wallpaper.

  • Green wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen help to calm and relax, this converges to designers and psychologists. The most optimum color for a room in which to spend a lot of time.

  • Gray wallpaper in the kitchen make the room wider, combined with any colors. Papered the room it will not dull gray wallpaper, if the facade of kitchen furniture will be bright.

  • Beige wallpaper in the kitchen interior will not detract from the furniture, it is a classic quiet color, creates comfort.

  • Brown wallpaper in the kitchen create the effect of austerity and stability, it is rarely used for the walls, often - cream.

  • Pink wallpaper in the kitchen make the interior airy and soft, combined with light wood furnishings.

  • Black wallpaper in the kitchen as an appropriate addition to the contrasting wallpaper and white furniture.

  • Purple wallpaper in the kitchen is highly undesirable in dark shades, bright and calm tone for the kitchen combined with gold patterns.

  • Yellow wallpaper in the kitchen interior awakens the appetite and the desire to communicate, suitable for emphasizing one wall. When an excess of bright yellow eye strain arises.

  • Blue wallpaper in the kitchen make the room wider, reduces appetite, looks restrained and stylish;

  • Orange wallpapers awaken the appetite and activity. Warm tone color is appropriate in the zone meal, perfect for decoration of a kitchen in a country house.
  • Blue wallpaper in the kitchen make the room wider, associated with the sea. Not suitable for dark and poorly lit rooms.

Designers are advised not to choose wallpaper for the kitchen color of those who do not want furniture merged with the walls. If the color is the same, it is desirable to have a wallpaper accents in the form of patterns, colors, patterns.

Design options for kitchen wallpaper (photos in the interior)

Here you can find a photo wallpaper for kitchen, variants of their combination with the design concept and functionality premises.

Photo 1. Long and narrow room visually increased beige wallpaper with a pattern, white furniture and white ceiling. Sofa pastel shades and decorated apron give the highlight of the interior.

Photo 2. Wallpaper in the color of the item of furniture underscore the unity of style, white color harmonizes well with the wallpaper.

3. Photo wallpaper with a floral pattern on a dim green background give a sense of peace, light furniture and the like are appropriate wallpaper for interior decoration in the style of the country.

Photo 4. The combination of textures and colors. 3D wallpapers are a bright accent in the interior of the kitchen discreet beige. Wallpaper for stone complement the image and arouse interest.

Photo 5. Even a small room can be fabulous. Gentle color of the wallpaper and floral print in the corner of the room the kitchen is divided into zones.

Photo 6. Brown wallpaper with "zverinym9raquo; print and purple facade of the lower boxes - the perfect combination of modern style.

Photo 7. Making of the kitchen interior in beige color with an emphasis on dark furniture. Desktop Companion look harmonious and transmit the room comfort.

Photo 8. Wallpaper under tiles emphasize and executed in one color to the kitchen, due to the unusual texture does not merge with the furniture.

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