Combined wallpaper for the bedroom

Design wallpaper in the bedroom: a combination - 40 photos of the interior ideas

Select a wallpaper for the bedroom is the most important aspect of the arrangement of the room. To him must be taken seriously, since the degree of comfort of the room for sleep depends directly on the psychological health of the person. Cozy space allows you to relax after a hard day, put in order thoughts. Wallpaper in the interior of a bedroom can create a warm atmosphere conducive to the maximum relaxation of the nervous system. Often the bedroom is combined with an office that also must be considered when choosing a wallpaper design. Productivity may be significantly increased if you follow the simple guidelines in the design. Also, with suitable fabrics may modify the space, visually reduce or enlarge the area. Since the appearance of the room will determine the person's mood, then present the fundamental aspects of decoration with wallpaper.

The range of products on the market can turn the head any way. To navigate, you need to narrow it for yourself to adequate limits. This can be achieved by classifying and rapid detection of suitable fabrics.

Key aspects that need to pay attention to are the following:

  • Material wallpaper;
  • Features gluing;
  • The combination of a furniture set;
  • The style of the room;
  • Color Wallpaper;
  • Side light, which leaves the room;
  • Options for combining wallpaper;
  • Fashion trends.

You should also familiarize yourself with some of the rules, worked out for the many years of work by professional designers:

  • Wallpaper with horizontal stripes visually make the room smaller than the height;
  • Reduce the amount of space visually reduce vertical streaks area;
  • The use of such pattern elements such as a rhombus or trapezoid, will allow some space to expand;
  • Small bedrooms should avoid dark wallpaper with a large, contrasting pattern;
  • Wallpaper with a large pattern is recommended to use in a room with large quadrature;

  • Competent zoning approach assumes smooth transitions between colored wallpaper or the bright selection of only one of the four walls;
  • An excellent effect can be achieved through the use of borders, which give a sense of security;
  • A strong move is to create accent wall near the head of the beds. Here it is allowed to use bright colors and contrasting patterns.

The combination of wallpaper with a pattern and without

Classification depending on the material allows more confidently navigate among the paintings.

The most popular on the market the following products are considered to be:

  • Vinyl. As an inner layer of washable wallpaper can be a nonwoven or paper, however, gave the name of the class outside - made of PVC. It is this layer is responsible for the excellent performance of wallpaper, such as - durability, moisture resistance and ease of installation.

  • Fleece. From the previous class, they differ in the outer layer, which is usually represented by fine-pored vinyl. As a base, respectively, performs interlining. This causes a certain ease of installation: adhesive binder enough to put only on the walls, the dry fabric is neatly trim. In addition, they are able to hide various flaws pasted over surface.

  • Paper. Environmental purity conventional wallpaper due to the fact that only for manufacturing used paper pulp, and capable of flowing moist air. Finishing work is also not differ any complexity, and cost of long established on a democratic level. The only drawback of wallpaper is a low rate of water resistance, which results in a shorter lifespan.

  • Textile. Like vinyl, they are layered. The basis is the same, but the outer layer is a textile fabric. Fabric material can vary - cotton, wool, silk, etc. Natural component directly affects the performance of wallpaper, as well as their cost. This is due to the fact that they have an aesthetic appearance and create a wonderful atmosphere in the room. However, the assembly work features some complexity, and the textiles actively "acquires" the dust.

  • Liquid wallpaper. They are a relatively new trend, but already well proven. Beautiful material is extremely easy to mount on the wall, and its performance is just suitable for the bedroom.

Among the other advantages can be noted sound absorption. A very important factor when children still live with their parents.

A method of applying a material to the wall means no seams, and the possibility of correcting the local mechanical damage.

Linkrust. An interesting option for lovers of unusual. Magnificent pattern is written on the basis of solid wax, flour and chalk. After mounting on the wall, they need to cover the additional layer to ensure durability. Among the rules of caring for them celebrate control of temperature fluctuations, which linkrustovy material a bit afraid.

Choice depending on the type of furniture

Since the furniture set is also able to determine the interior design, then these players need to combine harmoniously. Suitable coloring of the walls in the tone of the furniture will create a sense of real comfort.

Thus, provided that the light in the bedroom furniture, to wallpaper certain requirements. For a room with a small area need clarified products, which will leave the same amount of free space. Otherwise there is a risk to create anxiety in the form of the room sealed boxes. Is optimal to have white, olive, apricot and golden-beige tones. If the area of ​​the bedroom allows you to roam, it is possible to use becomes a contrast with the dark wallpaper.

The only restriction here is common sense and the combination of colors temperature. When cold tones are combined with the cold. Similarly fed with warm.

When the bedroom is dark furniture, some scenarios some more. However, here, too, should be aware of the temperature color. Often dark suite has a warm color, so it is recommended to use the same warm tones and wallpapers. These may be a variety of variations of brown, sandy or the olive color.

Influence of style to choose wallpaper

Modern. By choosing a wallpaper for this style has specific requirements. They should be trendy, but quite austere in the image to serve as the backdrop to most other accessories. It is also worth recalling the need to use natural, environmentally friendly materials, because the style of Art Nouveau obligation to do so. How will the harmony, the game of contrasts, or a combination of slim - it's up to the owner. The main thing - to maintain a balance and avoid outright blunders.

Provence. The style of this rustic design assumes that light furniture, the prevalence of pastel hues, as well as an abundance of diverse textiles. Therefore, the color palette to select the wallpaper is wide enough: yellow, cream, sand, olive and blue tones - perfect for provincial walls. With regard to the presence of the figure, there is a need to pay attention to textile products in the home. Because if they have a sufficiently fine pattern, then repeat it on the wallpaper clearly dictates. Better to leave their self-colored to serve as a backdrop.

Wallpapers of two types: plain and flowered

Loft. This style is characteristic of the reception is to preserve a small part of the interior trim intact form. However, designers have generally used mimic pristine surface materials (artificial brick, stone fake). Since this brickwork looks too rough. Another part of the walls executed in muted tones. Pattern on light wallpaper should be avoided, unless permitted easy abstraction geometry.

2 types of wallpaper: patterned and plain

Country. By American style suit warm shades of wallpaper. Perhaps the use of fun colors in a cage, but not too small. Also, do not overdo it with the hot colors, because then fully relax fail. Eyes will bump into a source of visual temperature. It is recommended to use a few muted, monochromatic wallpaper. Figure should not draw attention to himself.

Japanese style. The characteristic features of this direction are conciseness utterance, shy decoration and use neutral colors. It is recommended to use natural materials wallpaper with ethnic motives of the rising sun.

Classic. It epitomizes luxury, respectability. The more confident feeling on top of the owner, the darker and deeper he can pick up his tone wallpaper. There are no restrictions, except that it is not recommended to use a gloss. Better to give preference to matte products with ornate, repeated pattern.

Minimalism. Ascetic principles of this style suggest savings in the figure. Welcome-colored wallpaper fine texture without any image. The color palette is not serious requirements, except that you should avoid acidic shades. Another option is the use of repetition style huge image on one of the walls. This element will serve as accent walls, dominating the rest.

Blue. Heavenly shades typical for hopeless romantics, and people with thin device psyche. This is due to the calming properties of light and light colors. It is absolutely no pressure on the person. Recommended for use as colors for bedrooms with a small area, as a limitless blue visually enhances the space.

Green. Quite popular color in design of bedrooms, as well as helps to relax and improve mood. Due to the natural origin, green is a great tool in the fight against negative thoughts. He clears karma and create an enveloping atmosphere in the room.

Red. It is an obvious choice for the self-confident and self-sufficient people. His choice is considered quite risky, however, provided a competent combination with light colors, it can look very impressive. The dominance of red can not be doubted.

Blue. It refers to cold colors, but it is allowed to design a bedroom. This is due to its sedative properties when too active person suddenly calms down. Use it only necessary, if a large area of ​​squaring, as in a small bedroom blue visually pick up part of the space.

The black. Controversial choice for the bedroom, because it can put pressure on the man in its depth. It must be neutralized by other light colors. Otherwise mystical component can play a bad joke with the owners and spoil the mood for a long time.

White. Universal solution, suitable for combination with any other colors. It symbolizes openness and understanding.

Yellow. It has similar qualities, making it the perfect partner for most others. Because of the heat of its spectrum, yellow is used in the bedrooms with a weak source of natural light. Great for use in small spaces.

Brown. The color of the cocoa bean is the undisputed leader among all the designers when it comes to the need to design a bedroom. All shades of chocolate beneficial effect on the nervous system of humans and allow to relax.

Color finishing products and combining

If the bedroom window opens onto a south facing, it indicates that a sufficient amount of natural light. In such a case it is allowed to stop the choice on a deep dark tones wallpaper. These include chocolate, terracotta, purple variants. If the window is facing north, it is recommended to select only the warm colors of finishing products. It may be all sun shades, purple, brown.

Curious design course is the use of combined wallpaper in the bedroom interior.

There exist several options for how this can be:

  • Horizontal combination. It means the zoning of the walls separating them apart. The upper part gets bright, quiet shades. The lower pattern can be characterized by a saturated wallpaper.
  • Vertical. Classical techniques of zoning designers favor symmetry vertical stripes with headboard. When the line width of the border repeats furniture products. Restrictions on the length of the bands do not exist, they can even cross the ceiling. No special requirements, and to color.
  • Local insertion. They are usually used close to the pieces of furniture. This can be both a bed and a bedside table. Special luster is distinguished by its color insert attached framing baguette. Tough requirements for the form itself there is no insert, but would not smudge.
  • Dispersal niches. If the niche is not planned placement of sacral objects, the coloring wallpaper should be selected on the basis of the main style. That is, it uses the same decor, which features the rest of the interior design of bedrooms.

It is important to maintain a uniform texture wallpaper using diverse shades.

To those include classic vegetable intrinsic patterns Nouveau, volumetric geometrical abstractions, and large patterns in black and white. The latter typically involves image film stars or sports of yesteryear.

Separately, it should be noted the growing popularity of individual photowall. They are placed only on one side of the room, usually at the head of the bed. This prevents location near the walls of the other elements of furniture, so as not to close the photo. The rest of the walls should be in harmony and emphasize the accent wall in a bedroom design.

The importance of choosing a wallpaper for the bedroom interior can not be overestimated. They are able to subtly change the mood of the owner and cook it gently to sleep. Overexposure should be enjoyable, so it is recommended to follow the simple tips and ideas of professional designers.

Vanity Fair, or a deep sleep: Combined wallpaper in the bedroom

Wallpaper for the bedroom combined or not they are able to rob you of sleep. Combined - from the Latin combinare, what it means to join, to combine. Let's open a little secret: the developers of wallpaper collections have long been connected, we have taken into account all the possible weave colors, patterns.

It remains to choose a ready suitable to your liking, option. We have collected some interesting options with combined bedroom wallpaper (photos), they do exist!

Tipster Russian design

In that whatever was to reinvent the wheel or to give yourself a desirable place for dreams? Gusts to arrange the wallpaper outside the box, there are several reasons:

- Who is a Studebaker? "Studebaker" Bring him!

The illusion that it is not enough money for "collectible" cover - an illusion. If the wallpaper from the collection can not afford, most likely you have accidentally wandered into a Italian boutique.

Any combination of up companions, they are called a collection. Explore offers nearby upholstery stores, probably will like something interesting, already invented.

If you are interested in the brand (name) of a particular Western (European) designer, and there is no money ... put his dream of a combined bedroom wallpaper Haute couture at the best of times.

I enjoy the word "unique", "exclusive", "hand made" want "to be in the trend"? Is not enough to pick a beautiful high-quality wallpapers, gently paste over their walls, demonstrating impeccable taste and style?

Why, if not to draw their own hands, so do not attempt to show all your friends a master class in combining the wallpaper in the bedroom? Go for it, why not!

"Fashion" craze swept you away from reality when watching regular TV on a design program or a neighbor from above boasted of his achievements combining? But, you know something, you can do better!

Stop, shake powder with a glamorous television urging envy, look around, what do you want the bedroom to sleep every night?

You have a rare natural talent, you are a master at creating fantastic color combinations, interior decoration, if not already a professional designer. Then you accidentally, by mistake, turned out to be on this site, because of the nature of the taste does not need advice.

- Shura, darling, to restore the status quo!

In some cases, the combined wallpaper in the bedroom are indispensable and justified?

♦ If you wish to turn disadvantages into advantages: a little room to visually adjust (raise the ceiling, to expand the walls, decorate the irrelevant projections or beams);

♦ When allocating the sleeping area, which includes a bed (bedside tables), or its color separation boundary from the remainder of the bedrooms (a place for a simulator, working area, a dressing table, dressing);

♦ When often a desire to update, change, in other words, when the living active temperament;

♦ If you have a bunch of kids who grew up too fast, require regular upgrade of his bedroom.

All of these items are easy to implement with the help of magnificent collections of wallpaper or companion.

The possibility of buying any selected fabric apart from a companion, facilitates the realization of design combined with the wallpaper in the bedroom. Combine colors, designs according to your notions of beauty.

- Just do not shoot a chandelier, it's too much.

If the combination of the layout already done half the job. If not, the required measurements on all surfaces along, across, all the niches, ledges, walls. The exact number of rolls needed learn by comparing leaf sizes (determined with the choice) to calculate the area of ​​the walls (probably a ceiling) for pasting based on your outline (if you think about, for example, the image of the contrasting colors of the wind rose at the head of the bed).

All these simple manipulations, to the right, armed with a tape measure and calculator. Or perhaps you enjoy one of our suggested options photo bedroom combined with wallpaper. Then everything is simplified, print photos, fix on the back side of the measurement results and the store!

- We are strangers to this celebration of life.

The incredible diversity of species will allow everyone to find a suitable texture of the wallpaper in the bedroom for combining. It is difficult not to get lost. Any store offer:

  • paper
  • vinyl
  • natural
  • textile
  • velor
  • liquid
  • cork
  • flocked
  • leather
  • Embossed, plus a lot of other kinds of types.

All of its advantages and disadvantages. The main differences are: the quality, texture, durability (irrelevant for the dreams of the room), the methods of laminating, price category. In addition to the functions of decoration, wallpaper mask defects microdamages surface, eliminating the accumulation of debris and dust.

Some species actively help in the distribution of light across the bedroom. Additional role sound insulator, characterized by dense species, especially textile or vinyl. In the bedroom than anywhere else, it is appropriate enhancement of absorption of sound.

Pay attention to the light resistance. If the room is subject to continuous sunlight, choose the most light fast. Color saturation, protection from burnout, with the marking provided for a long time. The main thing is to carefully study the instructions, there is all the necessary information.

Perhaps, from the whole series should be made liquid wallpaper. They perfectly hide all the flaws. Significantly reduce the acoustics of the room, the sound drowned in the porous structure.

Boundless embodiment of ideas, the flight of imagination of creative people, only a limited time-consuming process of application. Where appropriate using the wizard. Development of application of the liquid formulation art will forge change type dreams regular pleasure.

You ventured into the laborious maneuvers combined with the wallpaper in the bedroom, for people like the way their fixation on the wall will not be an obstacle to the dream.

To solve any coating suitable for you, you need to touch them. Tactile sensations are very important. Someone will attract luxury velvet surface, someone soft foam texture or silk, someone indifferent to the relief (embossed), but for someone important smoothness and the ability to wet processing. Incidentally, the liquid wallpaper is not to touch (if not additionally coated with varnish), only for the beautiful view.

Giving away the combination of: the end justifies the means

All flimsy fantasy "writers" on decorating sites on ways to combine - fiction "resourceful" copywriters-copiers. One came up with vertical-horizontal, the other issued in circulation. In fact, even diagonally cell - how many people, so many ways. Rely on your sensible reasoning. Why do you combined the wallpaper in the bedroom?

If there are defects in the walls (cracks, streaks, poorly applied plasters and so on. P.), Choose dense textured wallpaper, hide with their help, all the flaws. Thus, the overall circuit art should not be executed "patching" method, and the harmonic ensemble meaningful. It is not necessary to paste over one corner of the window or frame strip prem. Treat thinking through camouflage thoroughly.

The presence of damage is known only to the owners bedroom. Underlining the defective area will be constantly reminded of the imperfections of life. Rational distribution of wallpaper fragments acceptable for you to order, scatter (distract) attention away from problem areas. To do this, we use a combination of wallpaper in the bedroom (photo)

Effect underscore separate wall will always attract the attention of people there. The task - to choose the right platform accentual. It should not be interrupted by the door opening or half-hiding the headboard. Its purpose - to demonstrate the product of the great schemer talent in all its glory.

Keep in mind that most of all, have to admire your eyes. Therefore, the purpose of the combined wallpaper in the bedroom - draw (draw) it to your attention. When you are ready to fall asleep and wake up with a view of the main wall, boldly Make any of the three, except that at the head. However, a dedicated monotonous kind usually get bored.

For this reason, the main focus is transferred to the side, rarely catches the eye - for the head of the bed. If you follow the advice of designers take into account the shape and size of the head of the bed (headboard plus intricate ornate pattern background neutralize each other), the height of the cabinets, place wall sconces location. So they do not overlap, and fits well into conceived composition.

Focal wall clearly reveals the depth of taste, style, insight and creativity decorator. It can divert the attention of visitors from shabby furniture, but, if we use the combined wallpaper for the bedroom, the style expressing a kind piece.

Slightly raises the ceiling, pushing the boundaries, increasing depth and can rewrite the explication of the plan. Here help the usual options for playing with color. In close quarters avoid isolation upper perimeter edging corners dark. This method will reduce the space. Use lighter shades.

One of the purposes of the combined wallpaper in the bedroom - an attempt to deceive our brain with the help of visual perception. In a narrow elongated room, brightening accent wall, visually shrink tunnel. If the main wall will be darker than the rest of the tunnel effect is compounded. Optical illusion is capable of much!

Vertical stripes will increase the height, horizontal width. Lightening the walls will create a feeling of space and an increase in space. Dimming brings a cozy nook. When using certain patterns, can give depth to the walls.

Undulating shapes bring liveliness element dynamics and peace at the same time. Dilution vertical stripes from the same collection, eliminate the development of sea-sickness. Combined wallpaper for the bedroom (pictured) can serve as an excellent tool of optical illusion in the right hands.

Any designer enjoys all sorts of projections, they allow you to show all the skill and craftsmanship of the designer. Professional boring work with smooth surfaces, limited imagination. Try it and you transform niches highlight beams, ledges emphasize that, seemingly out of place.

Lighten or darken the color, illuminating rays, changing the direction of light. Look for the best view. Considering the texture of the wallpaper in the lounge, and avoid fluorescent lamps, they distort color recognition. Ask your favorite pattern for testing the perception of the ordinary artificial light. Otherwise, you run the risk of bringing home a completely unfamiliar rolls.

- The time that we have - this is money that we have.

Getting rid of the monotony of the expression of its nature in the design of the bedroom. Your bed is beautiful without add-ons? Then it suffices to use ready-made designs of wallpaper collections. If not, add beauty, combining different colors and patterns. We have identified interesting projects, consider the combined wallpaper for the bedroom (photo), one of your own solo style.

Like lace, glitter attracts gold placers, fond of origami, you can not live without the sea, you miss the old days, most antiques, interested in ethnic features? Express yourself! Include in the design that really gives joy.

- You cheated. You have been given a much better fur. This Shanghai leopards.

Enjoy creativity. Implement emotions in fascinating combinations. Let the bright weave wonders decorate your bedroom. Design your dreams surrounding atmosphere. Implement noticed by our photo collection combined bedroom wallpaper. Shrouded walls incredible innovation spillovers. Look for creative solutions. Invest in the wallpaper - it's a winning combination!

The combination of wallpaper in the bedroom

The combination of wallpaper in the bedroom help to create in the room interesting and unique image. This trendy reception as a combination of wallpaper in the bedroom allows the owner of premises to emphasize a certain art object.

This is true in those areas in which the walls, there are serious flaws. If you choose the right texture of finishing materials, we can solve this problem without any problems.

What is the purpose of the combination of wallpaper

To understand how to combine the wallpaper in the bedroom, it is necessary to explore options that offer interior designers.

But it is possible to allocate a lot of advantages, thanks to which it is necessary to use a combination of wallpaper in the bedroom. This method allows your hands to implement zoning in the room. Combinations of wallpaper in the bedroom will help hide the flaws of the walls, to highlight the benefits of the room. The photo shows a variant of the combined wallpaper in the bedroom, set up over the bed.

The combination of wallpaper for the bedroom (pictured) enables your hands to influence the visual perception of space, highlight the focal point in the room.

Combined wallpaper for the bedroom will help organize the workplace. Various choices of wallpaper to help you make an excellent repair in the nursery properly separate space for each child.

Original ideas and helpful tips on how to properly combine together the various options of wallpaper, are presented in the form of fragments

As can be combined with each other different wallpaper in the bedroom, to get the desired results after the completion of repair? Ideas you can use different, but in any case it is important to take into account the texture, coloration and density gleaned wallpaper. In order to demarcate the zones allocated, you can use decorative moldings.

Combined wallpaper for the bedroom help to emphasize the dignity of the room to hide its main drawbacks. If, then taping the traditional walls do not fit in the room there is a plurality of projections, recesses, poorly located risers. The combination of wallpaper in a bedroom will help to eliminate these drawbacks. All the trouble spots in the room can be pokleit wallpaper neutral and bright fabrics to choose options to create accent wall.

If properly combine the wallpaper in the bedroom, you can get this variant of the room, which you dreamed.

Many of the bedrooms in apartments are small, so the combination of wallpaper for the walls in the bedroom contribute to the visual correction of space. Similarly, design techniques can make the room more comfortable.

Problems to be solved by a combination of wallpaper

If the room has adequate space, but it has low ceilings, professionals recommend to choose for the walls dark cloth. Against the backdrop of the ceiling light will occur illusion of spaciousness.

At a small area of ​​the room can be combined together with different horizontal wallpaper patterns, thereby facilitating the visual expansion space in the room. An interesting idea would be wrapping one wall in a room with large paintings and colorful pattern. For the other walls of the room it is desirable to choose a neutral finishing materials. In the photo example of how to combine the wallpaper in the bedroom.

If the room is disproportionately stretched, to add to the warmth and comfort it is possible to narrow gluing the walls to pick up dark colors of wallpaper and wall wide issue in light colors.

In the photo - the idea to combine the wallpaper in the bedroom.

The original form of the walls are decorated with wallpaper in blue "tsvetochek9raquo ;, combined with white trellises.

Isolation wall as an art object

To avoid monotony created by the interior as an accent professionals recommend choosing one wall. It can be wallpapered, have a catchy image. For example, in the center of the wall, you can use a trellis with large floral or geometric motifs.

On both sides of this bright "pyatno9raquo; It can be supplemented with neutral tones. If the joints between the different paintings pokleit decorative moldings, you'll get an amazing effect.

Bedroom Design shows the character of its owner. This room is not meant for outsiders, because its main task - the comfort and convenience of the landlord. That is why special attention should be paid to the selection of the colors of this room.

Options for combining wallpaper bedroom obey magic number "tri9raquo ;. The easiest way to achieve success is a combination of three types of wallpaper. The first option should be to master bedrooms source of delight. It is necessary to choose such wallpaper, the beauty of which would cause respiratory interception, caused a desire to constantly admire them.

Professionals recommend to give preference to large figures, Mural. The second type of finishing materials should include details of a smaller scale, have similar color. In addition, the required basic and wallpaper, which can contain neutral fragments.

An excellent option is to purchase plain fabrics with exquisite texture. Manufacturers of modern building materials often offer customers complete collection in which there are just 2-3 types of tapestries, simplifying the task of the bedroom of the owner.

In the selection of fabrics, to be used for the combination, you must pay attention to the color intensity. For example, one can take advantage of such surfacing materials, in which the repetition of similar intensities of colors will be considered. Refined embodiment, a sample of which is shown in the photo, selection is muted tones and pastel shades.

Among the latest interior design ideas note and black-and-white graphics. Such stylistic decision try to choose young people.

With the combination can be used not two, but three different types of finishing materials. The third (optional) accent can come home textiles.

Fashion trends in interior fashion

The combination of finishing materials for decorating the walls in the bedroom, it is considered in a sea of ​​interior design fashion trend. Basically, in a similar way try to highlight some of the wall sections, for example, the space at the head of the bed, sitting area separate from the bedside territory.

The combination of different fabrics perfectly fits into the spacious room. It is only necessary to choose the right shades of color, ornaments on the canvases.

Using the combined method

We have not decided which one to use option of pasting the walls: self-colored canvases or a combination of materials? Interior experts strongly recommend to see photos of finished works, and their preference is to give combining. With proper selection of a combination of two or three different trellises, you can get a unique and stunning effect.

In the photo - the use of the combination in a modern bedroom. Such an option is not only ensures visual change room settings, but also makes it possible to hide a variety of irregularities, emphases. Alternation of wallpaper strips suitable for any interior style.

For example, fans of classic design masters advise ceiling surface draw in a white matte color, select natural materials for flooring. When decorating the walls, they are recommended to choose neutral colors. You can arrange the room in beige and brown, get cozy and comfortable room suitable for a full sleep and rest after working days.

An interesting solution to highlight is the use of a combination of the original trellis backlight. For example, if the room has a small niche, which spoils its appearance, it can be pokleit monophonic materials to create the effect of volume, and pick up small spotlights on the wall as an additional element.

Not all of the owners of city apartments are ready for bold experiments in rooms originally intended for rest and solitude. In order to make room not only comfortable, but also stylish, it is possible to consider a combination of several of finishing materials.

For example, bright colors are suitable for the decoration of the projections, recesses, and dark shades are ideal when pasting large areas. The alternation of colors, patterns, colors, will help create a unique image of the room, will not affect the comfort of the room

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