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Wallpaper for the bedroom: 65 beautiful ideas

  • Wallpapers - this is an economical and convenient option walls in the bedroom. A large variety of patterns and textures allows you to use them in any style of interior, to create interesting combinations and unusual visual effects. About how to choose the right wallpaper for the bedroom, will be discussed in this article.

    Types of wallpaper for the bedroom, their advantages and disadvantages

    Wallpaper from the usual glossy or matte paper are divided into single - simplex and dual layer - duplex. First cheaper second more durable and less torn from mechanical impact.

    The main drawback of paper wallpaper - fragility. They quickly lose their aesthetic appearance when exposed to moisture, dust, fade in the sun. However, given the low cost of such finishes, can be every 2-3 years to fully update the interior.

    It is simple and not costly option for the decoration of temporary housing, dormitories, rented apartments, as well as the presence of small children, who often love to paint on the walls. To this type belong, and wallpapers.

    PVC wallpaper consist of paper or textile base and the top layer comprising a plastic, which can be smooth, embossed patterns (screen), foamed, glossy, matt or combined.

    Less polyvinyl use lies in the fact that the active material consists of a synthetic resin and does not allow the walls to breathe (not permeable to water vapor and air). The first time after gluing - these wallpapers can exude the smell of plastic. In the bedroom there is a significant problem, because sleeping room should be well ventilated.

    Positive aspects of PVC wallpaper is their high aesthetics, durability, long service life (10-15 years), the possibility of repainting, wet dust removal and good insulating properties.

    It is a flexible two-layer fabric of interwoven cellulose fibers. Due to the microporous texture, these wallpapers are environmentally friendly and well-kept on any surface. The repair process is facilitated in that the adhesive is applied directly onto the wall. Textured non-woven wallpaper vinyl without spraying are suitable for painting.

    Upholstery fabric - an interesting solution for the bedroom, but it is necessary to take into account that every month or two, the wall will have to be vacuumed. Particularly fast dust accumulates on the synthetics pile (velvet, felt, velor). Modern textile wallpaper usually have a dense base that facilitates the gluing, but work is still quite difficult with them. Excess glue, soaking into the fabric may leave forever her ugly stains. An advantage of this embodiment finishes can be considered a luxury appearance and good acoustic insulation (in the case of application of wallpaper on a foam backing).

    Semi-transparent, very thin, but tough, because of the glass fiber wallpaper is easy to attach to the walls and can perfectly serve up to 30 years. Stain can be up to 10 times, allowing you to quickly update the boring design. The great advantage of this finish is environmentally friendly steklopolotna, since for its production uses only natural raw materials - quartz sand, clay, ash and silicates.

    Wallpapers for bedrooms, depending on the style

    To create a harmonious interior, wall decoration must comply with the chosen direction in design. It is best to choose a wallpaper, matching the texture and colors of furniture, textiles, windows, doors.

    Bedroom in modern style suitable smooth plain wallpaper. The bright and glossy make the room visually more spacious, but frosted give comfort. Modern style allows neat and monochrome images, graphics, abstraction - but not completely covered, but only as an accent.

    This style combines the monumentality of ancient times with the exquisite luxury of the Renaissance. The present royal bedroom can frame the wallpaper in warm shades of white (creamy, off-white, ivory, light beige) with golden or silver vegetable ornament relief under plaster or stucco soft skin.

    The romantic atmosphere of the south of France - it is the pastel colors (light gray, pink, mint, lilac, milk) and against the background of the small floral prints. To the room did not seem monotonous, portions of wallpaper with patterns need to be alternated with monochrome, as well as to keep the balance in the selection of textiles.

    Recreate the icy freshness of the Nordic winter will help the natural colors - white, shimmering silvery, transparent blue, light gray, light green. To make the bedroom more comfortable, you can use wallpaper, texture which resembles the sun bleached linen or bright raw plank cold shade.

    Bedroom interior, reminiscent of Japan, can be designed using bamboo wallpaper with drawings of characters, cherry blossoms, bamboo leaves, fans, as well as wallpapers. The palette of colors is wide for the Japanese style - from black-and-white, gray, wood, straw to golden tones, bright pink and red.

    This style is perfectly suited wallpaper with abstract and floral patterns in a rather saturated, but the calm colors. Gray is often used with an admixture of other colors, black, white, burgundy, beige and blue. To visually increase the space in the Art Deco can be applied holographic images and optical illusions.

    Color wallpaper for the bedroom - which one to choose?

    Choosing wallpaper for the bedroom, it is important to consider the impact of certain colors on the human psyche. Active colors such as orange and red, are best left to the kitchen or dining room. Yellow, green, peach - are capable of making the north side of the warmer. But to a little "cool" south bedroom - should draw the walls in green and blue shades. Monochromatic (white, gray, beige) can be used without limitations, but with black, dark purple and chocolate should be handled with care - they absorb light, reduce the space and sometimes can turn the room into a kind of prison.

    White wallpaper in the bedroom - a proven classic. On a light background will always look appropriate, any furniture, bright or pastel patterns, it will emphasize the beauty of the paintings, photographs and other decor.

    Wallpaper in a soft palette of pink, blue, green, yellow, beige and lavender shades - perfect for a romantic bedroom. This design is very pleasant to all admirers of light, airy interior.

    Neutral gray wallpaper - the optimum solution for a bedroom in the style of hi-tech, modern, minimalist loft. In combination with black or dark blue furnishings and clean lines to obtain a functional men's interior; high-gloss white and silver swirls - an option for the elegant lady; bright yellow, pink and green accents on a gray background - for couples.

    Shades of sky and water have a calming effect on humans, so they are suitable for the bedroom as well as possible. Blue wallpapers can be combined with white, gray, beige, purple, dark brown, as well as complement the photo wallpapers.

    The combination of wallpaper in the bedroom

    The combination of similar colors and monochrome patterned wallpaper allow to diversify your interior and to achieve certain visual effects. Correctly chosen wall design will make the bedroom exciting and comfortable. There are several ways of combining - vertical, horizontal, geometric, as well as insert and niches.

    This can be alternating strips from floor to ceiling - light and dark, matte and glossy, Printed and monochrome. Sometimes there is a different design of individual walls or partial partitions. Vertical accents to visually make the room above.

    With such a combination of wallpaper, you can create beautiful borders, and visually expand the wall. Contrasting and horizontal lines are best used to increase the narrow sections.

    Wallpapering in the bedroom under the broken angles - an unusual way to create an exclusive interior. It is also possible to apply the technique of application by sticking to the base paper furnish liked fragments.

    Box represents the contrast fragment of any shape, usually separated improvised frame - gypsum, polyurethane, metal, wood, or simply painted.

    The difference between the wall and the recess it is easy to point out if their coloring and texture differ. In the niche can pokleit Mural, imitation masonry, patterned or monochromatic glossy matte box.

    Wallpapers for a small bedroom / bedroom in the Khrushchev

    The problem common to most Soviet apartments - small size. However, the small size of the bedrooms is rather a plus than a minus: it saves finishing materials, easy repair, and the atmosphere is a more romantic. The main rule - do not overload the interior major elements and rich colors.

    Wallpaper for the bedroom in the Khrushchev is better to choose light, pastel, fine dim pattern and reflective details. Full gloss canvas reveal all the irregularities of the walls, but the combination of matte and mirror background patterns - on the contrary, hide them.

    In our photo gallery contains illustrative examples of how may look different types of wallpaper in the bedroom interior. Here are monophonic embodiments, striped, with geometric patterns, floral patterns, wallpapers, and other possible combinations. Get inspired!

    How he wanted to come home from work after a hard day's work, to plunge into the atmosphere of comfort, tranquility and comfort. Of course, all this can be found in the bedroom. For this purpose, the whole atmosphere and the interior has to rest. Very important in this design on the smallest details. What is already talking about the wallpaper. They play one and the most important roles in creating a harmonious interior.

    Currently, there are many choices of wallpaper. It is therefore very important to determine the final result, and personal preferences.

    The most common types:

    The simplest version of the wallpaper - it paper. The cost to them is small, but the quality is not at the highest level. The most significant advantage of them after the price - it's ecological material. Also have rich color palette.

    However, these wallpapers quickly fade when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, the service life of paper wallpaper is small. If you like to often change the interior design and do not spend this much money, then this option is the most appropriate.

    Vinyl wallpapers manufactured of denser material than paper. However, the glue should be aligned to the wall. And indeed the sticking is not the easiest process. Vinyl wallpaper are classified as synthetic. They do not leak air.

    After sticking them on the wall in the room is an unpleasant smell, which finally disappear after a long period of time. Wallpapers can be made on a paper or non-woven backing. The latter have a beautiful relief pattern and easy to glueing process.

    A more expensive option - is non-woven wallpaper. Their distinguishing feature - the ability to stretch. This is due to the fact that they are made of soft material (cellulose fibers).

    Non-woven wallpaper is easy to glue, so the spacecraft adhesive is applied only on the wall. Also, due to a sufficient thickness on the edges easily butted without forming bubbles. The main advantages: the ability to pass air, environmental materials, a variety of colors. Some non-woven wallpaper paint exposed. Due to the dense material can be repainted to fifteen times.

    Textile kind of wallpaper most often used to create a certain style. They can be produced or on the paper substrate, or flezilinovoy. But the top layer, which serves as the decor is much more varied: silk, linen, cotton and synthetics. The choice of colors and varied.

    An important feature of fabric wallpaper synthetic base consists in the fact that they have excellent sound insulating properties. Fabric wallpaper look very rich and elegant. The negative points are as follows: dusty, unstable to water, as well as the high price.

    Fiberglass. Such wallpapers are made of environmentally pure material: the molten glass in the elongate filament, or quartz sand. To this was further include soda and lime. Advantages from the use of these wallpapers are many: strong material can be washed with water, breathable, easily glued to the wall. The only obvious drawback - it is a high price.

    Liquid wallpaper They are perfect to hide the obvious irregularities of the walls. Applied to ordinary trowel. Easily washed off.

    It is important to pay attention to colors. From this it depends on both the interior itself, and the feelings that can cause sticked wallpaper.

    white wallpapers will look to win in any environment. Perfectly combined with other colors. The most common way to use white color - it is a combination with black. White wallpapers evoke feelings of lightness, purity and freshness. This color visually expands the room.

    Do not think that the white color exists as the only option. The variety of its shades of pearl milk able to diversify the entire design. White wallpaper used in the classic, Scandinavian or minimalist style.

    Gray wallpaper many leads to mixed feelings. On the one hand, dullness and drooping, the other - a quiet background relaxes and helps to sleep well. Gray wallpapers able to allocate other bright interior.

    Designers recommend to use gray color to combine with others: white, black or rich bright colors.

    It is believed that Green and its shades perfectly suited for the bedroom. This color has a positive effect on the mental condition. Bedroom green wallpaper is best to combine with blue, pink or yellow flowers. It is also visually increase the green area of ​​the room.

    Beige color chosen by people who prefer quiet interior. Such color can not only weaken, but also promotes the creative impulse. To the wall did not look boring, they should be diluted with other colors.

    Beautifully combines beige wallpaper with black. But we should not give preference too frequent repetition of dark shades. So the room will seem bleak. Chic option is to combine a beige color with gold. This ensemble will be eye-catching, and the sunlight will shine beautifully.

    black wallpaper in the bedroom will look elegant, luxurious and a bit mystical. The main variety of additional elements such room. Designers are advised not to glue black wallpapers to those in a child afraid of the dark, or often in the doldrums. This range further worsen mood.

    If with this you have everything in order, then black wallpaper will promote normal sleep not only at night but also during the day.

    Brown color walls often appropriate in large bedrooms. Variegate dark atmosphere capable of light furniture, as well as proper lighting, which should be bright.

    It is believed that pink color only suitable for girls. But it is not so. With proper combination with other home furnishings, such as furniture, curtains, paintings and so on, you can get a very harmonious design for the bedroom newlyweds.

    If the bedroom is for girls, then this color with its many shades will transform the room beyond recognition. Better to choose wallpaper with a pattern.

    Red color he is very dangerous in itself. Over-saturation can cause fatigue or aggression. It is best to combine red wallpaper with white or beige. Also with this color the walls should choose furniture light shades.

    Yellow It causes a feeling of joy and goodwill. Easily refreshed after a night's sleep. When combined with beige or white, you can get a very interesting interior. No wonder this is the color used in hospitals. After all, he is able to relax and set the mood for the whole day.

    Drawing directly affects our perception of the interior as a whole. Often choose the wallpaper with the following patterns:

    • Floral ornament. Suitable for creating romantic atmosphere. Most of these are used in vintage wallpaper or English style. To such an interior not seem feminine, it can be combined with other graphic patterns, as a strip or a simple cell.
    • For men's bedrooms are more suitable Wallpaper with a pattern in the form of cells or strips. Designers are advised this type of wallpaper glue on the side of the bed.
    • geometric patterns, animals and plants would be appropriate on the wallpaper in the style of classical or Art Deco.
    • Bedroom is best suited texture in the form of embossing. It usually mimics such noble fabrics like velvet, corduroy. With such wallpapered bedroom is filled with homey feel and has to rest.

    It has become fashionable to combine the wallpaper in the interior. This method is used for several reasons:

    • It helps to highlight the areas in the room. If the bedroom is also used at the workplace, the wallpaper as well as possible will be able to divide the space into zones.
    • Hides some of the shortcomings. Not all are lucky with the desired layout. Sometimes items such as heating risers ridges or niche, can spoil the mood when you stay in this room. Combining wallpaper will help to focus on other areas of the bedroom. And it is possible, and vice versa, make a highlight shortcomings in the room, highlighting the bright accent in the form of wallpaper.
    • It is the main focus. When there is a need to allocate one of the walls, this technique most successful. You can use the Desktop, the variety of which is very large.

    The combination of wallpaper with other home furnishings

    In the right and high-grade interior perception plays every attribute in the room. Therefore, many are trying to find the most profitable option combination of curtains and wallpaper. To avoid mistakes, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules of selection.

    Curtains to match the wallpaper. The most optimal and common version. But you should not choose one color completely. So the curtain will merge with the walls. It suffices to choose a tone lighter or darker to the master bedroom seemed cozy.

    If the wallpaper have a catchy image, then the curtains should be selected neutral tones. It is not recommended to hang curtains in the braid or pelmet. This choice the emphasis will be focused on the walls.

    When the wallpaper have a calm monotone color, you need to hang bright and flashy curtains. So you can avoid drooping in the interior of a bedroom. Just keep in mind that this technique will be appropriate with the right combination of color wallpaper and curtains.

    The easiest option - it is white curtains. Perfectly with any wallpaper in a variety of interior styles. The only drawback would be obvious that such curtains should be washed very often.

    Some believe that the veil and the wallpaper should be in tune. However, this is not the case. To diversify the interior, many designers are advised to choose a bedspread patterned with plain walls.

    It is necessary to decide what will be the main focus is sharpened. If on the bed, then it is better to choose bright colors covered. If the bed is to go by the wayside, while the veil is better to choose the same color as the wallpaper.

    With the advent of photo wallpapers highlight the wall in the room made it much easier. These wallpapers can be on any subject and any shades. Also, this can be your own photo. Decided to glue wallpapers only on one wall.

    In addition, no extra items like cabinets and drawers should be higher near the walls released. Otherwise, we get a very ridiculous interior.

    Today wallpapers can portray any image: city, nature, landscapes, plants, animals, people and so on. It all depends on your personal preferences and mood. Mural easy to glue, and they can be washed and in case of contamination.

    Do not worry for those who have a bedroom in small sizes. It can be quite a harmonious and tasteful modern and comfortable interior. In addition, consumables will be much smaller, which allows you to choose better and more expensive wallpaper.

    Designers have always advised and continue to do glue bright wallpaper in small rooms. So visually increase the space and will be better illumination. It is better to avoid any kupno and catchy graphics. The most suitable option for such bedrooms are non-woven wallpaper or liquid.

    When choosing the wallpaper in the room teen should put the emphasis not only on the environmental friendliness of the material, but also on the color scheme. Overly flashy and bright wallpaper will not contribute to a healthy sleep and comfortable stay. Wallpaper with a pattern would look appropriate in a room. Children are always curious considering the patterns on the walls.

    In the selection of wallpaper should take into account the nature of the teenager. If he is temperamental, it is best to give preference to the cold, but dark shades. If the nature of the child more than the phlegmatic, then feel free to glue the wallpaper warm colors. If a teenager is lazy enough, it is recommended to choose a moderately bright wallpaper.

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    Select a wallpaper for the bedroom: design, photo, combining options

    Select a wallpaper for the bedroom - a rather difficult task, given the diversity of species, as well as a large number of manufacturers - both in Russia and abroad. To choose the right wallpaper, you can create any mood in the room - affection, romance, full of intimacy or even mysterious mystery.

    It features a selection of wallpapers for bedrooms

    To make the right choice, you need to know some of the interior features:

    • Figure directed horizontally, facilitates visual expansion room, but "umenshaet9raquo; ceiling heights;
    • Figure directed vertically "pripodnimet9raquo; low ceiling, but visually reduces the area of ​​the room;
    • Some geometric shapes, such as a trapezoid or diamonds, inflicted on the wallpaper, change the psychological perception of space - it seems longer;
    • Light colors and rare small patterns also help to visually enlarge a small room, such appropriate wallpaper in the interior of a small bedroom;
    • Major elements of the picture, especially if they are often "umenshayut9raquo; room;
    • The combination of wallpaper in the bedroom makes it possible to distinguish different areas, for example, to focus headboard isolate the area with a dressing table or a place for a home office;
    • Simultaneously with the wallpaper can acquire the appropriate design of the curb, it is used for horizontal separation area;
    • One of the walls (usually at the head of the bed) can be accent, pasted on her wallpaper with a large pattern that contrasts with the rest of the wall color or an unusual texture. Like wallpaper, you can not paste the wall, and just adjacent to the head part.

    Suitable wallpaper for the bedroom: The material

    In the manufacture of wallpaper used a variety of materials, which determine their properties. Each type of wallpaper - their advantages, but they can not do and without flaws.

    Paper wallpaper in the interior of a bedroom

    Paper - the cheapest material for the manufacture of wallpaper. From the quality of the paper depends on the quality of the wallpaper - the higher it is, the better. The manufacturer may use the paper in a single layer, can - in two, making the wallpaper stronger.

    • Low cost;
    • Environmentally friendly;
    • The ability to pass air;
    • Ease of application.
    • Short lifespan (less than five years);
    • Low resistance to fading, abrasion;
    • Not allowed humid care wallpaper.

    Quality Score of paper wallpaper - their share. If it is in the range of from 110 to 140 - wallpaper considered good.

    Non-woven wallpaper in the bedroom design

    As a base in the manufacture of wallpaper used nonwoven fabric - fleece. It has a high density, and is composed of cellulose fibers with the addition of polymeric materials. There are several options on the basis of image.

    Non-woven wallpaper: direct application

    Figure is applied to the non-woven backing. These wallpapers are much stronger paper, but they also have their drawbacks.

    • Strength;
    • The ability to pass air;
    • Do not swell and do not shrink, which makes it possible to stick them on the wall immediately after adhesive application;
    • Smooth out minor irregularities and cracks on the walls;
    • Eco-friendly.
    • Wallpapers can not be washed, caring for them is the same as for the paper;
    • Quite quickly fade.

    Non-woven wallpaper: the polymer coating

    Figure is applied to the coating of a polymer which is coated paper. As a rule, it is vinyl flooring. It can be smooth, foam and embossed (silkscreen). The surface of wallpaper can simulate brickwork or plaster.

    • Resilience;
    • The ability to remove wet dirt;
    • Wallpaper conceal minor imperfections of the walls - a crack, small dents, chips;
    • Considerable tensile strength.
    • The polymeric coating prevents "dyshat9raquo ;, since it does not allow air to pass;
    • Some polymers may release toxic substances in the air; therefore it is necessary to choose only certified Wallpaper: GOST 6810-2002 "Oboi9raquo ;.

    Textile wall in the interior of the bedroom

    Wallpapers of tissue paper are more expensive, but they have a number of advantages that are difficult to ignore. Both are made of two layers, the bottom - fleece or thick paper, the top - textile yarn or fabric web. The web may be a silk, linen, cotton, jute, velor, felt.

    • exclusivity;
    • Environmentally friendly;
    • Enhanced sound and thermal insulation properties;
    • Difficult to maintain, do not allow wet cleaning;
    • Low resistance to moisture, dust, damage, which is particularly critical in the presence of animals in the building;
    • Pasting complicated procedure that requires the participation of a specialist;
    • High price.

    Vinyl wallpaper in the bedroom design

    As a general rule, non-woven wallpaper with vinyl covering in the bedroom not used. The reason - the lack of ability to pass air. As a result of such wall under the wallpaper can not "dyshat9raquo ;, and under the wallpaper can be got fungus. Pasted vinyl wallpaper requires frequent airing of the room.

    • A large variety of colors and textures at a relatively low cost;
    • Possibility of wet care wallpaper.
    • Not environmental;
    • Failure to allow air and moisture vapor.

    In addition to these, the most common species, there are other options for the wallpaper. For example, the Desktop, allowing to decorate an entire wall full view of the city, a picture of nature or abstract pattern. Mural typically have an adhesive layer. Wallpaper made of glass, as a rule, for painting. In addition, recently gaining popularity wallpaper from natural materials - cork, leather, bamboo.

    Wallpaper in the interior of a bedroom: the pattern and texture

    Drawing on the wallpaper has a direct impact on our perception of the room, so choose it should be based on the destination premises.

    Suitable for wallpaper in the bedroom if you want romance - with the images in the form of flowers. This feminine and romantic option. If the bedroom is designed for two people, it can be combined with a floral pattern "muzhskoy9raquo; strip or a cage. Floral motifs are suitable for the decoration of the bedroom in the English style, vintage.

    Strip and checkered patterns are characteristic of the design of men's bedrooms. Suitable for interiors in English style and classic, both traditional and modern. Used as a rule, on all the walls, if the strip is not too bright. Combined wallpaper in the bedroom is often used to highlight the headboard. For example, a pattern of narrow stripes juicy tones can be used as an accent on one wall - this is typical for modern styles.

    Suitable for a bedroom wallpaper in the style of Provence, Shabby-chic or retro may be the wallpaper with patterns of flowers and plants. Decorations, using geometric elements, look quite strict, frequently used in the classical or art deco.

    Choosing wallpaper with textured embossing, you can get an exclusive stylish interior. Embossing can simulate velvet or corduroy or fabric, which is covered with a sofa.

    Combined wallpaper in the bedroom: rules of

    The use of wallpaper with different patterns and embossed in the same room allows you to create interesting interior effects, fix flaws shape of the room, visually divide the room into functional areas.

    • Select the pros and cons mask out: Different types of wallpaper in the bedroom will help to focus the mind in the desired point. For example, the roughness can be hidden in the ceiling, forcing the viewer to look at the bright pattern in the middle of the wall. And vice versa - an uneven wall papered neutral wallpaper, you make it "nevidimkoy9raquo ;.

    • Is divided into zones: a sleeping area can perform several functions, such as a bedroom and office. With combined wallpaper can visually distinguish them from each other.

    • Fix geometry: Combined bedroom wallpaper design will help expand the narrow room. For this purpose, the shorter walls pasted wallpaper dark colors, but on a more long - light. If the bedroom is in terms of a square, one of the walls can paste over wallpaper combined saturated bright colors, and the rest - the light, the room will look more advantageous.

    • Highlight key points: One of the easiest ways to highlight one of the walls - wallpaper paste on her contrasting colors or patterned. Among a variety of types of wallpaper in the bedroom, you can choose by matching shades, but different saturation. It is also possible to paste over wallpaper accent wall with a bright decorative pattern. Well, if some pattern of tones have the tone of the background wallpaper.

    • Focus at: Another common interior reception - the creation of the focal point, eye-catching. In this case, not accentual wallpapered wall is completely allocated, and only one fragment thereof, for example, near a bed, a fireplace, an antique piece of furniture in a corner rest.

    • Decorate the room: Often combined wallpaper used as a decorative element of the interior. In a suitable frame inserted veneer, wallpapered, and hung on the wall. Also part of the wall with a contrasting tone wallpaper can be enclosed in a frame of moldings.

    Applications combination of wallpaper in the bedroom

    Combining in the same room different wallpapers, watch for so that there were duplicate items in them. It can be a drawing, color or texture.

    • Different shades. Okleivaya room wallpaper same color but different shades, it is possible to obtain an elegant and stylish interior, discreet, but having its own "litso9raquo ;. Combine possible color shades, for example, and ecru ivory, or saturation.

    • Different colors. Basic rules of combination - a combination of neutral and active tsvetov.Takzhe can experiment with contrasting colors. Different colors are used for zoning.

    • Plain and patterned wallpaper. Applying Combined wallpaper in the bedroom design, you can achieve interesting decorative effects. For example, a bright patterned panels of wallpaper looks great against the backdrop of smooth plain walls. Smooth walls can be decorated with a wide border with geometrical patterns.

    • The combination of patterns. These patterns, like stripes and flowers, the strip and the cell, wood texture and floral ornaments combine well with each other. Interestingly look combinations of geometric shapes.

    • Horizontal division. The traditional method of wallpapering room bottom striped, top - smooth or flowered and their separation border looks good in classical interior styles. Typically, the top combined wallpaper lighter at the bottom - darker.

    Wallpapers for a small bedroom: selection rules

    Too small size of the bedroom - the problem of many houses, especially of the middle of the last century. Therefore, the issue of selection of wallpapers for them is quite acute. It is important to all - what color to choose, whether to take the wallpaper with a pattern, how to combine different types of wallpaper in one room, make it seem larger.

    The main recommendation when choosing wallpaper for a small bedroom is to choose a bright, calm, natural tones. There are also some design techniques that can help to visually enlarge the room:

    • Narrow room easily "rasshirit9raquo ;, if end walls wallpaper paste over dark, saturated colors, and the other - light.
    • When small ceiling height can not use the wide borders. If the room is tall and small in size, wide border, on the other hand, will straighten proportions.
    • The glossy surface of the wallpaper in the interior of a small bedroom will help expand the space by reflecting the game.

    It is difficult to imagine how the wallpaper will look in the bedroom, if you do not have before my eyes specific examples. To determine which materials are suitable for the walls in your case, look at the following pictures, they will help to make the right choice.

    Found a mistake? Select a movie and send it by pressing Ctrl + Enter.

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