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Creating a combined blinds and features of their choice

Combined blinds allow you to create a specific accent, which makes the room more original functional decoration of the window allows you to adjust the illumination level of the premises and its overall style is blind. In addition to plain options worked well combined curtains. Do any of you can rest cloth to sew on the order or buy in the store. The main thing - the right to observe the harmony of colors.

Two-color curtains for every room

With proper selection, two-color model fit into the interior of the children's room, office or living room. In addition to the requirement of compatibility of colors, there is a recommendation related to the density of the material and its texture. The rule reads as follows: the more time is spent in the room, the easier it should be curtains.

The living room is characterized by solemnity and easy officialdom. Night black and white curtains with a single puff will form a comfortable atmosphere. When using multiple colors, a darker shade always on the main curtain. If you want to emphasize the luxurious, the choice is made in the direction of gray-blue combinations.

Great solution is a combination of white and dark-green

Comfort and protection from the sun provide the curtains, consisting of two closely related pastel hues:

Two-color curtains for children's room matched by gender and age of the child. Golden, yellow and blue tint preferred a boy and a girl - a combination of two colors: white and pink.

Combined curtains ideas: from the remnants of

Not necessarily to use for each part of an identical material. The main thing - is it to be visually similar to the second. Otherwise, too different textured fabrics will give different levels of shrinkage after the first wash. In addition to the invoice, you must take into account the density of the material.

Using a combination of fabrics based on the registered texture and color.

In the classical interior is best to combine the dark color (black, brown) with light (white, beige, gold)

It is recommended to opt for an average density of the materials used. This is without weighing down the entire structure. Completes the preparation of material for the creation of the combined two-color curtains variety of tones and colors.

Recommendations for choosing a combination of curtains

  • The choice of color is based on the dominant in the interior shade.
  • You can use tints and shades to complement the basic style.
  • Contrasting colors, such as chocolate and pistachio make the visual center of the window in the room.
  • Positioning the color elements may be vertically or horizontally.
  • 2 At the time of tissue connections darker color is always at the bottom.

Bedroom curtains are ideal combined with a cream and brown shades

Combined curtains and blinds are starting to make a correct implementation of the measurement of the cornice and ceiling. The optimum length of material equal to 1.5 length of the eaves. For example, if the size is 3 m, the tissue will need about 5.2 m. Horizontal combining requires compliance with the following order of calculations.

Ten percent of the ceiling height is required for hemming size. For example, with a ceiling height of 2.5 m. Necessary to take 2.67 cm. With excess tissue. Otherwise enter in a vertical combination - there is added an additional 2 cm.

  • pins;
  • Scissors.
  • Curtain tape.
  • Thread.
  • Needles.

Curtains need not be self-colored, any of its parts may contain some pattern

Complete list of tools depends on the situation.

Checking material strength

Before sewing, the material is tested for strength. To do this, cut a slice, which is 10x10 cm size.

It is necessary to carry out several tests:

  • Stretch several times.
  • 3 minutes rubbed into the hands.
  • Stitch the cut section on the machine to adjust its work.

The emergence pritortosti or break talks about the need to find a different material

After verification, you can consider a variety of ideas for future implementation:

Good looks combined blinds that are made of shiny fabric, because it gives the chic room

To understand the design options to help photo of finished products. Most often used the two layout. In the first case of the radicals formed horizontal or vertical stripes. In the second case, when you want to color experiments, pieces of material of different colors create a mix of shapes: oblique, vertical and horizontal sections.

Plain curtains are always in fashion

Living does not involve the use of bright colors. Another limitation is mandatory relationship: the curtains are performed in the power of the indoor style: avant-garde, the Empire, the high-tech, minimalism, vintage, art, decor, baroque.

Plain curtains impose a limitation - the maximum number of colors in the interior does not exceed three.

In the conservative interior is necessary to properly combine the colors used:

  • Red, blue, green or red should not dominate.
  • Give inspiration lavender color.
  • White expand space.
  • Pastel colors suitable for a child's - they will not distract the child from school.
  • Similarly, enter the bedroom - you fit pastel and soothing colors.

No need to make curtains completely combined, they can differ, for example, only the top

The main recommendation of the design when working with self-colored curtains, a selection of them under the furniture, but not under the wallpaper. Thus it is desirable to select the curtains, the texture of which coincides with the wallpaper. When you select a visual accent is necessary to choose something one: wallpaper, furniture, curtains.

The right combination of colors in the curtains

Bedroom, living room, children room, study - almost everywhere two-colored curtains fit into the interior of the above premises, adjusting the space visually.

In addition to the obligatory shades of compatibility, there are additional recommendations:

  • Promotes formation of a single green space (saturated, olive, emerald).
  • Moderate contrast - in a creative search for a new kind of space, designers are advised not to use too bright colors. Lilac and sand, blue and egg yolk, green and flamingo - a list of well-combined colors.
  • The emphasis on the delicacy of the palette is in the regeneration of a child's room or bedroom.

To choose the right color, it is advisable to contact the designer, or watch a special table for the combination of colors

The desired result defines the means used. Those who wish to bring into the room more centimeters, we recommend using two-color curtains cool colors. Bet on warm colors is justified in large areas of the premises. Another tool is the decorative tone, the right combination of which creates the mood in the room.

  • Orange and Marengo.
  • Lime and indigo.
  • Lime and flamingos.
  • Yolk and blue.

In a more restrained version of the interior will be appropriate two-color curtains with purple, aquamarine or green tint.

This unusual blend perfectly fit the classic or the Far East interior

The kitchen of a small size suitable warm shades. For example, orange color that does not allow for a long time to sit and overeat.

Regardless of your preferred color scheme, designers recommend to combine shades considering the possible consequences:

  • The excess of red lead to permanent stress and arousal.
  • Excess gray - catalyst depressive states.
  • Purple - visually reduces the room.

How to combine the curtains in the interior (video)

Combined curtains contribute to the formation of a comfortable atmosphere in any room. The more time it is held, the thinner should be curtains. They are chosen under the furniture, but it is necessary to match the texture of wallpaper and curtains. The ban gets red, gray and red color. He has a negative impact on the psyche. With correctly selected combination curtains you can become more successful and happier, that is good impact on your life.

Combined blinds in the interior (photo)

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How to combine two colors or shades from different tissues

To give the interior a unique cuisine, you can choose stylish furniture, unusual finish or bright dishes. And it is possible to experiment with textiles, using a combination of two shades of colors or a combination of several kinds of fabrics of different textures - this method does not require a thorough renovation or substantial costs and is ideal for novice designers. Therefore, we consider in detail the basic techniques of "textile combinatorics" and several win-win ideas for kitchen design.

Curtain fabric in two colors: the secrets of successful combinations ↑

Kitchen - one of the few rooms of the house where the windows drapery plays mainly a decorative role. Of course, the residents of the first floor or flats with windows overlooking the sunny side, and use it as a protection against excessive light and prying eyes, but still the main purpose of the curtains in the kitchen - to give comfort "Good Housekeeping." New two-color curtains to perfectly fit into the interior, it is important not to forget about the general principles of harmony and ways of visual correction of space.

Two-color curtains for the kitchen window

4 rules for successful combinations:

Many people know that "northern" rooms is better to choose curtains of warm colors, while the sun-drenched windows - cold. But it is important to take into account the fact that the warm colors to visually bring the object, so the small kitchen should give preference to cold colors, which visually alienate window and give the volume of the room. However, you can use an alternative option - neutral tones, complemented by a fine pattern or small accents of yellow, orange, grass green or another "warming" of color.

Two-tone orange and white curtains

Curtains can be drawn up in harmony with the decoration and the kitchen furniture or become a bright touch, eye-catching. To look harmonious interior, it is worth to duplicate colors in another window drapery textiles or accessories.

The curtains in the kitchen

Curtains can be combined using several paintings of one species but of different shades or combining materials different in texture and degree of transparency. But do not forget about practicality, we are talking about the kitchen with its special microclimate, which is characterized by high humidity, high temperature, soot and smoke with aromas of cooking. Therefore, materials should be messy, and easy to care for, e.g., organza, cotton with the addition of polyester mesh, crepe chiffon.

With the help of ornaments characteristic of a particular style, you can emphasize the thematic area of ​​design. For example, in the country, Provence, and other rustic interior appropriate plaid and floral curtains, pelmet simple, which can be combined with self-colored curtains in pastel colors. Historical styles complement light curtains with gold embroidery or printed silk. A modern kitchen, decorated in the spirit of high-tech or minimalist, monochrome models fit eyelets and fabric blinds with photo printing.

Combination of two colors curtains in different styles:

Combination of two colors curtains

Patterns can be used to change the visual geometry of the room. For example, the vertical stripes on the long curtains "on the floor" visually pripodnimut low ceiling, horizontal pattern "push the" walls and increase the window opening, the large bright flowers will bring a window, and the fine print - take away.

As for the combination of different types of images, it is not necessary to use only one kind of pattern on a few blinds. On the contrary, boldly combining longitudinal and horizontal stripes interspersed with bright colors or peas, you can achieve a stylish and modern luka.A's traditional floral print, used on only one element, more suitable for quiet classical styles.

An interesting combination of colors and stripes

Spectacular Combo Kit: English curtain in a cage and a curtain with lambrequins

! Note It is important that not only the curtains were combined with the rest of the decor of the room, but also with each other - color, ornament, texture, or accessories.

Interesting combination of colors and textures ↑

The easiest option to create a unique textile design kitchen window - use a combination of two types of curtains. Best duo could be kitchen roman or round construction, supplemented by air curtains, curtains or short lambrekenom.Ne less impressive look blind of the same material of different colors.

Bright floral curtains and sunny yellow "Rimko" - a good option for the combined country and Provence

Ideas for creating color cocktails ↑

Let us consider in detail how to combine shades of two colors, taking into account the specifics of the kitchen and stylistic design of the room.

Favorite method of classical arsenal - used as a basic neutral shade (white, gray, milk, beige), and any accentual color. Most often in bright colors drawn curtains or blinds and pelmet or thick curtains perform contrast or complement - it all depends on the intensity of the selected color.

Two-tone red and white ensemble looks bright and elegant

Plain materials are ideal for kitchens decorated in a modern style - minimalist, high-tech, modern. But if you want non-standard solutions, can be used as a "base" fabric patterned or multi-colored print, in common with the main colors used in the decoration and furnishing of the room. "Dilute" the two-color fabrics can be bright cell, stripes, floral or geometric pattern - these patterns look very organic in the kitchen environment, especially if the rest of the textile is decorated in the same spirit.

Combined turquoise-beige curtains for the kitchen in a modern style

Two-color curtains crossed spectacular Brush picked up

Tip! You can buy the same curtain of several bright colors and change them according to the season or on a neutral basis nastroeniyu- easily be combined with any color.

Such an option could be a godsend for controversial interior design in which bright colors are used. Contrasting curtains can harmoniously complement the rich colors already present in the finishing of textiles or other, giving the kitchen elegant look. The most popular solutions - bright curtains of color opposite of the spectrum (red, green, yellow, blue, black and white), from which you can create a truly unusual design, interweaving fabric together. But even flat strips of contrasting colors look stylish and original - to evaluate different options for the two curtains of fabric colors, photos of which are provided below:

Two-tone black and white cotton curtains

Intricate weave of two colors - green and orange

Nonstandard neighborhood - juicy berry and intense light green tint

Air curtains with a contrasting two-tone ornament

The most difficult thing - to choose the right "conflicting" colors, so that the window did not seem alien elements on the background of the picture. As a hint, you can take any two colors already present in the interior, and increase their intensity on your own. To make it easier to pick up the contrasts and the degree of brightness, use a small visual clue.

selection of contrasting shades of principle

Tip! Two-color combination of bright curtains can quickly get bored, it is recommended to combine them with the third neutral tint or "dispense" brightness at his discretion by reducing the area of ​​any of the colors to a basic tone was given more than 70%.

The combination in which one of the used tissue or near the color gamut, but varying intensity. For example, the coffee-colored curtains can be combined with a rich chocolate curtain, blue tulle curtains -c emerald hue, peach tones - red, yellow - with orange, etc.

Combined curtains companion of a translucent material

Two-color curtains fabric of one kind

As a unifying motif can be used not only color, but also the pattern that repeats on the window textiles. When this pattern of colors and fabrics may be different.

Combined curtains, combined pattern

Tip! If the multilayer structure of several curtains you do not like, you can sew a double curtain of fabrics of different colors and create interesting combinations using grabs, tucking shutter or form contrasting pleats. Such a solution has another advantage -Ability to periodically change the front side with the underside, creating the illusion of interior renovation.

Bilateral curtains in the neutral range

Two-color curtains for bright kitchen

How to combine different fabrics curtains ↑

Two-color curtains with different textures - interesting reception, where you can gather a lot of ideas for an original kitchen design.

A few tips for successful combinations:

  • Use textures of varying degrees of transparency or a twisted structure. Overlay blinds of one color to another will create the illusion of the presence of a third unifying hue.

Imposition of tissues of two different colors with a smooth transition

  • To combined curtains from different tissues did not look separately, when creating a design using a common element. This can be a braid or a pickup of the same fabric, the same pattern, frill, bow.

Fringe to match the curtains color combination brings together the red and white design in a single unit

Combining elements of the combined drapery - garter belt, inlay and two-tone ruffle

  • Very original look products from several cuts matter. And when sewing is not necessary to respect the symmetry - in some styles "patchwork" curtains, decorated in a creative mess, give the room a special charm and home uyut.Chtoby harmoniously combine the curtains to the rest of the situation, you can use not only the two basic colors, but also a variety of scraps, left after sewing the other kitchen textiles - tablecloths, chair covers and upholstery.

Striking floral insert for plain curtains

That's an original way you can combine the remnants of fabrics

  • For restrained interior in which pastel hues and natural colors, shades suitable combination of two kinds of different tissues, but in one color. This technique will give the room volume and complement the atmosphere low-key but interesting element.

Dense Roman blinds and air curtains with lambrequins in a single color

Master class on sewing curtains dichroic ↑

If you have decided on the most important - the type of construction, the type of fabric and colors of future curtains - left to buy material to work with and apply to any company. But if the house has a sewing machine, much cheaper to sew curtains of fabric in two colors with their own hands. And so you can assess their capabilities and skills, we suggest to familiarize with the exemplary algorithm of forthcoming works.

To figure out how much fabric you will need for tailoring the model selected, is taken into account three main parameters: the eaves length, width fabric roll and opulence drapery. If the first two values ​​can be obtained by simple measurements with a tape measure, then a reserve on folds or flounces puffs need to think about it, and perhaps even to use the "experimental" model of the sheets or duvet covers.

Tip for payments:

  • for dense curtains eaves length must be multiplied by a factor of 1.2-1.5 assembly;
  • Curtain Eyelets on forming spectacular folds, the length must be increased by 1.5-2 times;
  • for light tulle curtains of organza, chiffon or voile need margin of 2.5-3 times the length of the cornice.

Calculation of the coefficient of assembly according to the type of fastening curtains

Important! To determine tissue can flow with the following formula: (length x cornice assembly factor) / width of the web in a roll. The height is taken on the basis of the planned length of the product (up to the window sill, to the middle of the window to the floor) plus a margin for turning in a 5-10 cm.

Cooking tools and materials to work ↑

To make a simple model for the combined two-color curtains for the kitchen - air curtains of different colors - need: lightweight fabric for a pre-made measurements, curtain tape to form a spectacular folds, inlay, needles, scissors, pins and sewing machine.

Important! For combination of curtains should independently make and grabs, especially if you plan to use them as a unifying element, because to find ready-made option that perfectly matches the color of the curtains, and can not be obtained.

Since most of fabric the size of a roll does not coincide with the desired width of the curtains, will need to cut out the fabric into strips. To make a clean cut can be applied to the layout with a ruler and chalk, or gently pull one of the vertical threads.

On a note! You can sshitdve curtain of material of different colors, or to create a combined embodiment, connecting each colored lengths of cloth curtain webs.

Combined curtain fabric in two colors:

Combined curtain fabric in two colors

Each curtain color

After cutting lengths of cloth are stitched together with a seam allowance of 1 cm (for seam strength recommended to treat overlocking). Along the perimeter of each curtain net top edge you need to make a bend in the 0.5-1 cm and stitched binding.

Edging - small but important detail for a spectacular curtain

Tip! Beyka or narrow tapes can also be used for harmonious color combinations. Try to pick up for a curtain edging in the color of the second and vice versa, or use the brightest of the two-tone finish for both curtains.

It now remains stitched to the upper edge of Curtain tape, making the hem on the fabric of tape width, is gathered every curtain by means of a tightening cord and hook the tabs on the cornice hooks. Fix the ready curtains can be lush bows, pickup or magnetic tape - at your discretion.

Fixed loop for hooks should not be sewn to the fabric

Tip! Ready-made curtains can be combined with other decorative elements, for example, lambrequins, fringed by lush ruffles or fabric loops, strings.

Fringe with beads

Video tutorial: how to combine different shades of colors and textures ↑

Use two-color curtains in the kitchen - the reception for a long time not a new one. But if you pick up the original combinations of colors or fabrics with an interesting texture, you can create a unique interior, which will be the main highlight of textile design. And not necessarily finish sewing classes to get a model of curtains in their idea - enough to move an idea on paper and provide a sketch of an experienced seamstress.

Curtains of veil in two colors, a photo of which can be seen in interior and gloss on sites about interior design, is one of the most sophisticated techniques.

Curtains of veil in two colors: two-color curtains and pelmets in the interior of the kitchen

As for any material that is used to decorate windows for Roman blinds need care. Before erasing roman shades, read the information.

How to wash Roman blinds: the little tricks for perfect result

Keeps up with fashion and like all the most modern? Then the Roman shades for the kitchen - it's your choice. After all, now in vogue convenience and simplicity, minimalism.

Examples of combined curtains

Important part that complements the interior of your home are curtains. Given the design of the room, you need to select the appropriate curtains to it all looked nice.

An interesting option for decorating your windows - it combined the curtains, which consist of different textures and colors of fabric. These curtains can be selected in the bedroom and the living room, any room. You have to properly combine colors and choose those that are suitable for interior rooms, for example, as shown in the photo.

Stylish combination combined in the interior curtains

Cloth curtains combined are selected most often by the degree of transparency. First, hang lightweight fabric, such as tulle or organza, and top with thick curtains that protect the room from the sun. Curtains can be combined as follows: with different patterns and different textures; with the same pattern, but one part of the transparent curtains and drugaya- net.Takzhe coupled blinds identical in density, which may be of various colors and textures, contrasting or one web with a pattern, different - single color, one or matt, with different gloss.

Very popular in modern design is a combination of the two colors of curtains. The colors are combined harmoniously (the emphasis is on the basic shades that combine with others) or contrast (root complemented by bright elements, opposite the main shade, for example, the contrast of black and white). When choosing colors for curtains, consider the design of the room, furniture upholstery. Embodiments to combine curtains may be as follows: a combination of monochromatic fabric and pattern in a harmonious and contrasting colors. For people with a calm way of life, you can use a combination of black and white. For active people fit bright inserts, which are combined with light tones. Changing one of the curtains on the other, you can change the interior of the room, to make it effective and interesting.

Red and burgundy

Before you buy a red curtains, consider carefully whether they will look at the overall design, not whether it will be too "aggressive." Red curtains are best suited for bedrooms and living rooms. Maroon curtains will add elegance room, elegance, solemnity, and promote good sleep. Burgundy curtains are also suitable for the bedroom, zala.Krasny and burgundy combine well with gray (gray metallic) and white tint.

Luxury curtains for the bedroom in shades of burgundy with a pattern

Combined curtains brown and beige shades create an atmosphere of peace and quiet. Suitable for a nursery, living room, bedroom, kitchen. Brown combined with all its nuances, as well as almost all the others, beige - with green, golden or light blue. In the photo below, you can see a good combination of brown with others.

Elegant design curtains for the hall

Very refined and aristocratic tones. Purple curtains, combined with a green or red, or yellow, are perfect for the bedroom. The successful combination of light purple and white shades are used for curtains in the kitchen. Purple looks good with light shades and can make a bright and beautiful living room.

Blue is recommended for interior in the hall. Blue curtains create a feeling of formality, consistency. Blue curtains, combined with blue, you can choose for the bedroom. Also blue and blue goes well with white.

The harmonious combination of blue and white curtains in the bedroom

Joyful, warm and vibrant colors that are "freshen" any interior. Orange curtains hang in the living room or kitchen, yellow in the nursery and in the kitchen. Orange and yellow curtains combined with red, blue, green or white.

Green curtains look great in the kitchen, in the bedroom or living room. With combined green yellow, blue, white. The atmosphere of wealth and luxury will create a golden curtain in combination with yellow, white or green. Such curtains are best suited for the living room.

The original green and white curtains for the hall

The combination of black and white will make your luxury combined curtains. This option can be hung in the hall, so that the room will be an elegant, refined.

To match the two-color curtains, you must have the basic skills of sewing on the machine. Available product for poshiva- traditional curtains, consisting of a plurality of rectangular blanks.

Before you start sewing curtains, you need to pay attention to the features of the material. When choosing fabric for curtains, must take into account its durability. Recommend to choose a strong and dense fabric that will keep long beautiful appearance vid.Zatem need to measure the length of the cornice. These measurements make it possible to calculate the required amount of material. Heavy and dense fabric with calculation measures the length of the cornice, which is multiplied by 1,5.Vysotu curtains define simple: to ceiling height must be added to the fabric length of the upper and lower parts (required for secure). For example, if the height of 2.5 m, it is necessary to prepare a 2.7 m future curtains. When a combination of two fabrics vertically add another 2 centimeters on each side, at the height of a horizontal combination -k izdeliya.Chtoby properly sew curtains with your own hands, you will need scissors, pins, needles, threads, special tape.

Take the fabric that consists of two identical cuts, cut it in half. A web of colored pieces just to sew: You need to add them to each other face, pull back from the edge of 1 cm and stitch on the sewing machine. Iron neatly ironed shov.Bokovye of the curtains must be wrapped on 2 mm on each side and also ironed. Make a line in place sgiba.Nizhny edge sew so zhe.Zatem need to tuck the curtain to the width of the available tape and ironed this part of the matter. Apply the tape to the lapel so that the loops are at the top, and fasten the two pieces with pins. Make one line at the upper and lower edges of the tape. Similarly, perform sewing with their hands, and the second matter curtains.

Before you begin, you must also check the quality of the lines in the machine and thread tension, not to spoil the curtains. Thus, you can easily perform the work with his own hands. To do this, you need patience and your ideas to transform a room.

You can also sew new curtains with his hands fabric remnants that are perfect for this, but they were not enough for the width of the window. To sew curtains residues, you need centimeter, scissors, ribbon. Having defined the shape and size, you can begin to sew. Crosslinked residues double seams. Hide the seams, you can use tape.

A very popular idea of ​​tailoring combined calico curtains of residues. One basic shade, and the bottom is made of a different shade stripes. For example, the main beige tint pattern with a fine dim and bottom maroon and pink stripe.

Combined curtains residues with their hands

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