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The combination of wallpaper in the living room - the idea of ​​combining different types of wallpaper

Living room - a room for relaxing and entertaining. Its design is largely dependent on the design of the walls. Newfangled technique is to combine the design of wallpaper. This original course will help to make living space and highlight the unusual theme of all interior room.

When choosing wallpaper is necessary to consider the basic rules of combining different textures and colors, include your imagination and sense of taste or a spy ready-made solutions on the Internet.

Features a combination of wallpaper

Successfully assemble different in texture and color materials are not so easy. Before heading out to buy them, you need to evaluate your room and its dimensions, consider that you need to hide it, to expand, and may make higher ceilings.

It's worth noting that the choice of a combination of wallpaper you must first decide on the colors of furniture and various decorative elements, presumably in the room.

This is one of the most important rules, the rest are as follows:

  • Color spectrum. Overreliance on innovative combinations of bright colors, do not help to create comfort. Saturated colors will pull the attention of others, and the "beat" in the eyes.

  • Buying wallpaper. If you decide to choose their own, without the help of designers and catalogs, then you need to purchase the selected rolls, attach them to each other and see if they are combined with each other. It is best if the samples match the texture and the price is perfect, if one manufacturer produces. It is necessary to keep the hue number and batch of wallpaper, so that when the need to purchase exactly the same color.

  • A game of contrasts.Unusually look plain wallpaper in conjunction with their counterparts with a large pattern. The color layout in this case play a secondary role, monochrome version may be of pastel shades and floral motifs or other variations of drawings will go more bright colors. Textured wallpaper harmonious look with smooth options.

  • Visual illusion. With wallpaper you can expand a room or make it higher. The bright colors in small patterns and horizontal stripes, separated moldings or cornices will make the room more volume, and continuing on the ceiling wallpaper visually pripodnimut it.

    Adhering to these simple nuances, you can choose an interesting wallpaper, and create favorable conditions to help them correct layout.

    There are five time-tested schemes for processing several types of living wallpaper:

    1. The vertical arrangement.
    2. Horizontal combination.
    3. Mural.
    4. Quilting combination.
    5. Inserts.

    Consider combining the nuances of each.

    Usually choose contrasting wallpaper in two colors, but it is basically wide band, and if you choose to use three shades, then they should be narrow. For a more relaxing type worth a stop on the adjacent colors. Alternating bands can achieve an interesting kind of rooms, if their contrasting colors, it is necessary to choose the wallpaper of the same width.

    They may have different patterns or be self-colored. These strips are connected in the usual way "butt" and you can zig-zag transition from one roll to another.

    Priority bands may be different when using two colors is considered to be the optimal combination of the two strips one tone and other audio. If you select the floral motif or intricate designs, it is possible to paste over their part of the wall located behind the sofa to highlight the recreation area. At the junction of colored wallpaper can be pasted planochki or moldings and duplicate them on the ceiling.

    This combination requires special care. Most often it is used for completely smooth walls, otherwise there will be visible all the flaws in the surface. In the case of a horizontal combination of organic wallpaper look, complete with wood paneling. They give the room a respectable appearance.

    Council: The combination of different textures wallpaper can help to place the right emphasis.

    Light wallpaper pasted on top of the wall, and their dark counterparts on the top, between the two glued borders in the form of moldings and wooden slats covered with lacquer, as well as paper-based counterparts, but they should be more tightly themselves wallpaper. Horizontal combination of wall covering is applied to spacious rooms. If the room is a wide but low, then the wallpaper should be no more than a meter wide.

    When pasting the room should be clearly died out and identify each joint between the wall-paper, as most glue roll length is difficult. Wallpaper level costs vymeryat the level of the floor, not the ceiling, because the visual wallpaper line should match the level of furniture.

    They have usually behind a sofa or in front of him. They are a large canvas depicting some plot or flower motif. They are positioned on one wall, okleivaya it partially or completely, and the rest of the room is usually formed self-colored wallpaper. Due to photowall can divide the space visually and highlight certain areas.

    Mural used for more than 40 years, but still has not lost its relevance, and even, on the contrary, are gaining in popularity, especially their 3D equivalents and variants with the prospect. The latter can be much larger space, which is important for small living rooms.

    Mural enclosed in moldings can arrange interesting space of the room and help in the creation of one of the classic styles.

    To create them using not only a variety of wallpaper, but also a piece of fabric, digital murals.

    Their use must first perform better monophonic background wallpaper, and then on top of decorated wall mounted inserts and limited trims or moldings. When choosing insert material must take into account that they need to be more tightly the basic background of the walls.

    Council: Walls can not only papered, but also to paint a bright or pastel colors.

    Large inserts are used for zoning spacious living room if the room is narrow and high, properly fitted insert to reduce its height and make visually larger.

    They are rarely used for the decoration of the hall, they prefer creative people, who like to surround themselves with unusual things. For this kind of wallpaper you need to have a combination of several pieces or rolls their different variations. Color and texture did not affect what they more contrast, the better.

    With flaps which can be cut any shape: square, rectangular, rhomboid, it is possible to create a panel or arrange door and window openings.

    In an embodiment of his ideas into practice, should be expanded first cut pieces and see how they look together, then to attach them to the desired location, but the main thing - do not overdo it, otherwise the idea would be a bad cartoon. One wall or a small area with rags will look nice, but they pasted over the entire room is already ridiculous. The rest of the living room background must be selected by one of the color schemes, located in most grafts.

    Before carrying out this creative work should nevertheless consider the proposed designers options and then choose the most suitable.

    Combined reception wallpapering in the living room will give it a special charm. It is necessary to carry out all of the rules and tasteful, and the room will sparkle with unusual combinations. But every work requires a thorough approach, a combination of any of the proposed options should first be laid out in detail, so that it is harmoniously combined with furniture and looked good in the room itself.

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    We select the wallpaper in the room combined 2017: 35 Photo and Design

    Create original and memorable interior is not difficult - just pick the right combination of wallpaper in the home everything should be beautiful - it's not a rule, and the desire of interior fashion 2017. This is not about what you need to save, collect beautiful and expensive things, quite the contrary . All that is not really necessary, all that clutter up your little world, do not leave the apartment. But the selection of the right things to make your life warm and comfortable. And not the last step here - a wallpaper design. If you want a stylish, original and tasteful paste over the walls need a combination of wallpaper.

    Wallpaper in the hall in the apartment combined: Options 2017

    This year the emphasis is placed in the living room is on the wall - you can be a bit of furniture, and it does not necessarily have to be an elite, modern, but the background must not fail. Making the walls - it is also a visual techniques that help change the proportions of the space. And you can combine wallpaper so that this combination gave the desired visual effect.

    This year, you can pokleit wallpaper in three steps:

    • Landscape design;
    • Vertical design;
    • Patchwork design.

    The combination of wallpaper with vertical stripes is the best fit for a room with a low ceiling

    If vertical stripes combined correctly, they are not only visually increase the room, but also "stretched" it. What can not be done, because it is combined with large stripes and bright patterns, prints.

    The combination of the wallpaper in the hall: a patchwork combining

    In fact, the combination of a patchwork quilt is simulated on the wall. If you choose the right wallpaper, they "make friends" with each other and create an entire composition on the wall.

    This patchwork - employment difficult, and before you take him, you need to see more than one example to understand the combination. If you are afraid that not cope, take no more than three types of wallpaper one color.

    • Heat-violet;
    • Vivid-purple;
    • Pale pink.

    Quilting involves combining careful thinking through color, design and texture of wallpaper

    If this puzzle will be divided into equal pieces, the desired effect will not work. Pieces of the size should be different. You can keep the same width, it will facilitate the work, but the length of the fragments must not be the same.

    Backgrounds must be in harmony - combined in pattern, texture, colors and theme of adjacency. And, of course, should not be confused with the elite budgetary wallpaper options.

    Options for combination of wallpaper in the room: a combination of rules

    We can distinguish eight simple rules, the combination of wallpaper, which will help you interesting and skillfully transform the interior.

    The rules for combining wallpaper:

    • Ideally, if you buy wallpaper, not only in one place, but also from the same manufacturer, then it will be easier to hang wallpaper, and match;
    • To choose the correct harmonious design wallpaper one thickness, quality and even one single price segment;
    • Options for combination must find a roll somewhere in the interior, if, for example, one wall with green, let the same green meet in the pattern of cushions;
    • If you are using wallpaper with a rich, succulent ornaments, you need to take a different type of wallpaper, which will be neutral, monotonous;
    • If the equipment will continue even wallpapering the ceiling, you will visually make the room more spacious and, above;
    • To arrange accents in the room, you need the background wallpaper that color to furniture, textiles and accessories on this background looked more advantageous;
    • If the furniture in the room a little bit, it is interesting to fill the space can be wallpapered with large, bright, textured patterns - and emptiness go away;
    • The most common option - accent wall, a wall with the bright wallpaper glued, pasted and the other neutral shades.

    It is not only the combination of color and pattern of wallpaper, but their thickness, and - invoice

    When choosing wallpaper for a combination, be sure to ask the seller to unroll a roll. And if you choose the wallpaper in one place, attach the coils to each other, try to see if there is the right combination.

    Wallpapers for the hall: combined in a modern style

    If the room is large and spacious, it is possible to have more. You can pick up and bright colors, and is very juicy, a little too active. You can play with the big print.

    If the room is small, then the choice of wallpaper you need to be careful - pastel colors are selected most often in combination with abstraction and geometric patterns.

    If the room facing north, the wallpaper is necessary to choose only warm colors, otherwise the room will not be comfortable. To the south the rooms, respectively, it makes sense to take the wallpaper cool tones.

    If the living room is spacious - you can experiment with bright colors, if the opposite - a small, then light colors work best

    If the room is for you - it is, above all, elegant place, the holiday place of fun, joy, feel free to take pearl or gold wallpaper.

    How to combine the wallpaper in the room: photos and tips

    To choose the right materials - this is the main difficulty of this process. Backgrounds must be of the same structure. If this rule is broken, when gluing it may be difficult, for example, the seams will be visible. Fabrics different thickness are discordant to some extent.

    Another "impossible" - is the use of several kinds of wallpaper with bright decorative effects. Refers to the wallpaper with bright patterns, the effect of the overflow, with a large relief pattern.

    Often mistakes are made exactly in the choice of pitch. It can be either lighter pieces of furniture, accessories, or be combined with them.

    The main rule of the combination - it is first necessary to determine the basic tone of the wallpaper, and then select the wallpaper paste and furniture

    If we talk about trends in 2017, the following points can be highlighted:

    • This bright, intricate patterns on the wallpaper;
    • Embroidery and relief on the surface of the wallpaper;
    • Oriental motifs;
    • Extremely bright colors;
    • Strips of all types and stripes;
    • monogram;
    • Variants of the blue-green spectrum.

    Even ordinary Khrushev may be transformed by a combination of wallpapers. This makes the interior more alive, dynamic, not so boring.

    Upholstery inserts in the interior of the hall

    This method of decorating the walls, which gives the room a real designer look.

    For those inserts you can use:

    • Mural on the central wall;
    • 3D-wallpapers that incredible way to visually expand the space;
    • Patterned inserts, which are limited by frame moldings or on the main canvas;
    • Contrasting wallpaper pasting certain architectural element - eaves recess or protrusion.

    Remember that the pattern on the wallpaper in any way should not overshadow each other. amazing experience can be achieved by a competent combination of wallpaper - a bright and catchy inserts make room seemed to change their size. The same room looks different, whether there are different wallpaper.

    Wallpapers are perfect as an insert and perfectly refresh any interior

    In the first case they are alone, calm, pastel colors - the room is perceived in one way. If the central wall is a dynamic insertion, it may seem as if it is another room in the apartment with another plan.

    Wholemeal inserts well draw different meaning of the one room that visually separate them from each other. For example, if it is a room, which also performs the function of the bedroom, the part of the room near the bed Wallpapers gentle, warm tones, and near the desk or dining area is a transition to a more exciting color.

    Combined wallpapers hall (video)

    Combining wallpaper - the process is not only complex, but also fascinating. With a wide selection of wallpapers have a lot of options interesting transformations. The main thing is to prepare for them, reviewing not one fotovariant.

    Design combined wallpaper in the hall (photo)

    © 2017, Copying is allowed only with a link back to the source

    Copying is allowed only with a link back to the source

    Combined wallpaper in room 2018: photo, design and variety

    At present, widely used combination wallpapers, which create a very effective and modern interior Combining wallpaper in the room quite a serious issue that should be approached with special attention. The room is designed for the reception. In this regard, a special atmosphere should prevail. Therefore, you must think carefully and choose a color palette of wallpaper, which will decorate the walls. Repair or renovation of the room - a procedure quite costly. With the help of simple combinations of wallpaper, you can not only save money by purchasing, for example, expensive paintings for the price, but also to create room in a luxury stop.

    Thanks to the visual effects, the room could be bigger. If you stick to a narrow rectangular room on the long wall wallpaper bright colors and shorter blade to 2-3 shades darker, then the room will look larger.

    Combined wallpaper for the audience: fashion 2018

    In creating a design lounge An important role is assigned to the walls. Combined wallpaper in the room accentuate the interior, make the design modern and stylish. Correctness of registration depends on the combination of colors companion and different kinds of textures on the walls. The correct combination of help to visually expand the boundaries of space, to emphasize topics and trends.

    The combination does not provide for the use of only 2-3 shades. You can combine several kinds of wallpaper, only 1-2 tones may differ at the same time they

    There are a combination of wallpaper for the hall in 2018:

    • Vertical design;
    • Landscape design;
    • Patchwork design.

    Correctly combine different vertical stripes visually enlarge the space and extend the height of the room. By the way - can not be combined with bright stripes, large patterns or designs. It does not look very extravagant.

    Horizontal stripes are combined not with all the pictures. But wood panels - ideal for such a geometry and create a great design.

    In 2018 it became fashionable patchwork combining. With separate lengths of wallpaper or fabric can be combined interior panels stand out niches framed windows and doors. Most importantly - do not overdo it, so that the room was not like a gypsy house

    Methods of combining wallpaper indispensable in a space that has an irregular shape, or it has a recess or protrusion. To make a niche visually deeper in this area should be pasted wallpaper dark shades.

    It is also considered fashionable in 2018 wallpapers. Waterfalls, abstract, photography cities night do not leave the pedestal of fashion for over 50 years, being improved every year. Black and white photo Night Manhattan is perfectly possible to add self-colored beige or peach wallpaper.

    One of the most interesting techniques for classical style is a small square or rectangular the segment of wallpaper with an ornament, decorated with baguette frame, like a painting. The combination of horizontal wallpaper in the lower part of the wall will make the room a truly aristocratic.

    Select fabric should be depending on the interior theme

    Finally, the trend in 2018 - is a 3D wallpaper. With their help it is possible to substantially increase even a little room on the area. You can pokleit 3 ​​D pictures, which show the spectacular scenic spots and combine them with self-colored fabric. In such a case, any of the visitors lounge to celebrate the taste of the landlord and originality.

    How nice to combine the wallpaper in the hall: creative interior

    An important point when combining and selecting a wallpaper for the room - environmentally friendly. Lounge - meeting people, so it should be as saturated with oxygen. For the living room should be chosen fabrics whose composition does not include harsh chemicals. Importantly - wallpaper should pass air and contain no contaminants.

    Paper wallpaper for the price is quite cheap and environmentally friendly. But this type of paintings is one drawback - the fragility and instability to ultraviolet rays.

    Vinyl wallpaper are more practical. They are durable and help to hide the uneven areas on the walls. The color scheme is quite broad, but there is a drawback - the wallpaper does not leak air.

    Non-woven wallpaper - thick and durable. They do not fade in the sun, not afraid of moisture, but also they can be repainted

    Wallpaper of the foil are perfect for classic and modern interior design solutions. Contributed to increasing sound insulation and protect the walls from harmful radiation. Keeps cool in summer and warm in winter days.

    Textile wallpaper will help to create in the room a luxurious and cozy environment. Furthermore, they look nice, such Backgrounds are resistant to dirt and fading. All of the above types of wallpaper can be combined.

    Some rules for a nice combination in 2018:

    1. For a large and spacious hall, you can pick up and lively colors;
    2. In the small living better pokleit wallpaper in pastel colors, combined with the Japanese abstraction or geometric figures large;
    3. In the hall, which is located on the north side, a more suitable wallpaper warm shades, to the southern room - cool colors;
    4. If you want to create a permanent atmosphere of a holiday, it is better to use gold, pearl wallpaper.

    How to apply wallpaper two colors in the room (video)

    Wallpapers for the audience: the combined variations

    The most successful and versatile design for the hall - the combination of beige and brown, olive and orange, burgundy and pink, green and yellow, blue and white, purple and gray, purple and silver hues.

    In addition, in some cases, the ideal look the same, plain wallpaper, they differ in one tone. combination of options you can think of your own, or view photos that have already been created by designers.

    To achieve brightness and individuality in the interior of the room, you should pay attention to the different color categories

    The basic rule in this case - it is not necessary to use more than 3 rich, vivid colors simultaneously. And if the 2 colors - bright, the third should always be neutral.

    Look beautiful combination of glossy wallpapers with frosted, rough and smooth.

    Trend 2018 - drawings and photographs. The hottest trends in 2018 - an abstraction with geometric shapes, patterns, and stripes. When the horizontal separation wall upper area should paste stripes and the bottom - Uni wallpaper.

    Designed in such a case, you can emphasize the beautiful mural.

    Very often, to create a modern interior equipment is used so-called accent wall, which, incidentally, will be relevant in 2018. With the help of this method creates a focus of attention in the hall on a specific area. In order to determine the accent wall in a room, just look at some of the walls falls most eyes.

    Choose wallpaper for accent walls need to contrasting, bright, preferably with patterns or wallpapers. All the other walls are pasted as neutral, a solid color

    This method of decoration can be applied not only to the hall, but in any room. That accent one wall can significantly save money, because the expensive fabric and attracting attention are located only on one of the walls or on the small of her sites.

    How different wallpaper pokleit room: ideas and methods of their implementation

    The most important thing when combining wallpaper - this is the correct selection of materials. The specificity of the combination are distinct from the standard gluing.

    Wallpaper should be of the same structure. This prevents problems with gluing and masking visible seams of fabrics of different thickness and structure.

    It is unacceptable to use multiple types of fabrics with decorative effects - catchy patterns, supplemented by the overflow effect, wallpaper with a large embossed pattern

    With the combination of wallpaper, you can create an exclusive interior.

    No matter where provided to create composite design - in a five-storey apartment, studio apartment or a country house. With properly selected combination of wallpaper in the room, you can expand the space, divide the work area and recreation area, to create emphasis on styling, change the amount of space to hide the irregularities of the walls, highlight the advantages of the room. Moreover, the combined interior helps to significantly save. At discounted rates you can buy the remnants of suitable colors and expensive fabrics to make room chic.

    How to combine the wallpaper (video)

    The original combination of wallpaper in the room

    It is necessary to remember that the right combination and selection of wallpaper in the room requires the establishment of the preliminary draft. To create a design, we must first define the basic tone of the walls in the hall and then to pick up other colors.

    The basic tone can be combined or be lighter items interior - furniture, pillows, chandeliers, lamps, curtains

    It would be better to develop a combined design after when furniture and furnishings will be selected, because the main objective in this case is the emphasis on the originality of the situation.

    Combined wallpaper in the hall: fashion trends 2018

    Trends in 2018 - a variety of patterns on wallpaper, embroidered and embossed surface. Such combinations are ideally suited in modern and in classical interior.

    The design provides for finishing of walls in soft pastel colors or bright. Do not leave the pedestal of fashion in 2018, Chinese / Japanese characters

    Very popular in 2018 prints with vegetation. Mandatory requirement - a combination of matt or patterned fabrics.

    Combined wallpapers rooms: 39 options (video)

    Among this diversity, important not to make the wrong choice. Consider the design of a room and make it a reality!

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