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During the whole of human existence for a long time and at the present time, the family and the home are the most important for everyone living on earth. It is impossible to imagine even the most ultra-modern home or apartment without a place where people cook, keep warm during the cold season, and just relax.

Who at least once in life I was watching the reflection of a living fire in camp or on the rustic picnic? True fascinating spectacle?

Why is this happening, why we like to look at the fire? Apparently, it is inherent in all of us at the genetic level and is inherited from the first people to tame the fire in ancient times.

What stoves, fireplaces and chimneys are there?

  • brick furnace
  • Furnaces, boiler - cooking
  • Stoves and fireplaces with wood, gas, solid and liquid fuel, power
  • Stoves for baths, kitchen
  • continuous burning furnace pyrolysis
  • Metal, brick and combined
  • Industrial and home-made produce
  • Bio Fireplace
  • Raised - fireplaces
  • Fireplaces parietal, corner
  • brick chimneys
  • modular
  • sandwich
  • Horizontal, vertical, coaxial

What you'll find on our website?

On the pages of our web site contains tips and recommendations for fireplaces and stoves device as its own, and with the help of specialists.

Here you will find recipes of solutions for laying, finishing stoves and fireplaces, preparation and use of ink recipes for furnaces. You will learn how a brick can be used in the construction of furnaces and fireplaces, but from what should be abandoned.

Knowing the richness of modern heating technology market, we have tried to make sure that any questions regarding design and operation did not put you in a dead end. Even a beginner, the first time faced with the need of the furnace device, successfully cope with this task by visiting our page.

Good luck and warmth to your hearth and home!

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    Fireplace in the interior of an apartment or house: the idea of ​​decoration and design

    Fireplaces in the interior are often viewed exclusively as a luxury item. But do not forget that it is also a great way to make the house warm and comfortable. Fireplace inevitably attracts attention and is a central element in interior design. There are several types of fireplaces, and this classification is usually based on their design and the materials from which the fireplaces are made.

    Trim your fireplace with stone, and let it rushes to the ceiling in order to emphasize (or visually enlarge) height of the room. Make a stone fireplace interior center if you want to emphasize the attractiveness of your room. The stone can also be used to create contrasts, it combines perfectly with the tree, adding the design space more harmony.

    Fireplace does not have to be made entirely of stone.

    Due to the fact that the stone - a natural material, it looks great compared to other elements of the interior natural brown shades.

    The fireplace can add a touch of rustic style in modern interior.

    The furniture in this room was chosen with the expectation that it is the most consistent with the stones, which is decorated with a fireplace.

    Nothing but the fire is not able to make the room a cozy, especially when it's cold outside.

    Stone fireplaces can look great in a modern interior.

    The combination of the stone fireplace and wooden ceiling looks just fine here.

    The size and shape dictated by the fireplace layout and design of the room.

    The color palette used in this room, in harmony with the fireplace.

    The combination of wood and stone is always great, especially in a country style.

    The lighting in this case is the one piece that allows the fireplace to stand out.

    Wood-burning fireplaces have a certain charm, which is not enough to their modern counterparts.

    The fireplace can serve as the main connecting element of the interior living room, regardless of its design or style.

    In developing the design mantelpiece take into account the need for its compliance with environmental furniture, thus traced smooth communication between all elements of the interior.

    In some cases, the fireplace can serve as a kind of partition, though it is not the best example.

    Quite an interesting example of the design of fireplaces.

    If your house has a fireplace, it inevitably becomes interior cent.

    Traditional living room with a fireplace, a design that repeats the design located next to the porch.

    Room with stone fireplace, as a rule, has several rustic look, which makes it more cozy. Natural material allows the fireplace to stand out, making it attractive. Typically, the stone fireplaces do not comply with modern interiors - they are more suited to "rustic" country houses. However, you can do and artificial stone fireplace, which at this point is more versatile.

    Modern fireplaces allow you to use them as a focus area. Today, you can find a variety of fireplaces, unusual and intriguing shapes and designs, and they can be easily integrated in almost any interior. This makes them truly universal, but it also means that you must make an effort to find the right fireplace for you design.

    Bathroom with a fireplace ... Of course, such luxury can boast only a few houses.

    Modern fireplaces are not as great and grand as traditional, and therefore they are no longer a kind of center of the room.

    Apart from the fact that modern fireplaces are smaller, they are also more practical and easy to maintain.

    The versatility of modern fireplaces allows you to "enter" them into any interior.

    Very simple fireplace with minimalist modern design.

    Very easy to incorporate modern fireplace in the interior of your apartment.

    Modern fireplace, the design of which resembles traditional.

    Since modern fireplaces occupy a small enough space, you will have more space for other decorative elements.

    Corner fireplaces are very popular in modern homes.

    Quite popular in recent years was the idea of ​​placing the TV over the fireplace.

    Modern living room with modern fireplace.

    To give this fireplace charm inherent in the traditional "brothers", the wall around and above the fireplace was trimmed stone.

    Most modern fireplaces, for practical reasons, are located high above the floor.

    This beautiful fireplace stands out against the white walls.

    When the fireplace is only decorative element on the wall, it becomes the center of attention.

    Photos on the wall where the fireplace is located, there are various materials of different textures, but they are perfectly combined with each other.

    Fireplace is a perfect complement to the interior of the dining room, making the atmosphere in the room more comfortable.

    The overall warm color palette of this room perfectly with fireplace.

    Fireplace adds this modern bedroom rustic charm.

    There are many ways to integrate the fireplace in the modern style interior.

    Some modern fireplaces are of unusual design and shape that allows them to stand out.

    Modern fireplaces have little in common with traditional, but they also add a warm room (although sometimes symbolically). Yet in modern houses fireplaces - it is something more than just a highlight of the decor or architectural element. They can also be used in some of the less traditional areas such as a bathroom, for example.

    Choose a hanging fireplace, if you want more flexibility. Unlike traditional varieties of these fireplaces less massive, which makes them an excellent choice for small spaces. Fireplace hanging from the ceiling, can completely change the room, but it may go unnoticed.

    Organize and decorate space is much easier when you can put a fireplace where you want.

    Suspended fireplaces are usually simple structures, but they can look great in any interior.

    Suspended fireplace beautifully complements the rustic style.

    The main advantage of the suspension of the fireplace is the fact that you do not depend on the walls to install it.

    Very comfortable living room with a fireplace in the center.

    The main attraction of the living room in a country house is a fireplace, suspended from the ceiling.

    Although fireplaces are built into the wall, are the most common and popular, it is not only their species. Very interesting and the "floating" fireplace. This is an excellent option for rooms with high ceilings and two tiers of windows for buildings. The advantage of this fire is that you can place it anywhere, even in the middle of the room.

    Integrate into the room metal fireplace is quite difficult, if no other interior metal accents. On the other hand, metal fireplace - this is exactly what you need for the interior in the industrial-style space to look over.

    Copper fireplace with an interesting touch of patina of various colors.

    High copper fireplace that will definitely stand out in the room, but does not dominate it.

    Since both sides of the fireplace are located box, it integrates well into the interior.

    Due to the natural patina on the metal, this fireplace perfectly complements the rustic style of the room.

    Interesting mix of materials and textures in a modern living room.

    Living in an industrial style. The harmonious combination of metal fireplace and furniture.

    Metal fireplaces can not be called widespread or popular. They do not have the same warm (literally and figuratively), such as stone fireplaces, but they have other advantages. For example, metal fireplace is well integrated into the interior, decorated in the style of industrial and commercial. At correctly picked up the texture of the metal, it can also look good in the interior of a country house.

    Covered wood fireplace is a bit ironic. In the case of modern fireplaces, that no longer use wood as a fuel, it is an attempt to return to the warmth of traditional designs. It is also possible to combine contrasting materials such as wood and brick.

    fireplace, wood-paneled interior modern living room gives the room a touch of rustic style.

    Although the fireplace contrast with the rest of the room, in general the interior looks harmonious.

    Wood-paneled fireplaces are a good option for traditional interiors.

    Fireplace built into a partition made of wood.

    This fireplace stands out due to the texture of an old tree, he is finished.

    Fireplaces, wood-paneled, are interesting because they are coated with a material that is used for their operation. Of course, in the case of contemporary fireplaces that are not fueled with wood, it is not so, but still, it's an interesting concept. "Wooden" fireplaces have an elegant appearance, and they can fit in with any interior design styles, depending on the color, shape, presence on their flight time and other details.

    Fireplace built into a partition immediately combines the two elements in the same structure. Prefer such an option if you have an open floor plan, and you want a little privacy in the living room, or if you think that the fireplace will look amazing in both the living room and dining room.

    Dividing wall with built-in fireplace - a fairly common design method.

    This variant is particularly suitable for modern fireplaces.

    Usually, partition separates the dining room from the kitchen or living room.

    The main advantage of such designs is that the fire can be seen from both sides.

    Dividing wall with built-in fireplace can be covered with stone.

    The unexpected combination of materials in a modern house, decorated in a minimalist style.

    Partition - this is an excellent option for large bedrooms.

    Fireplace allows you to add warmth to your home and effectively use all the walls.

    This fireplace is mostly suitable for modern interiors.

    Double fireplace exotic species.

    Fireplace can be perfectly integrated into the partition that separates the room into two parts. This option will allow you to with only one fireplace, get on the fireplace in each of the resulting spaces. Typically, such a design is used to separate the kitchen and living room.

    The corner can accommodate different types of fireplaces, including the traditional ones. Some fireplaces are easy to adapt to this space, while others require the installation of more careful planning and effort.

    Corner fireplaces are interesting way efficient use of space.

    Corner fireplace takes up less space than usual, because the corners of the room, as a rule, is not used.

    By placing a fireplace in the corner, you can give the room a more interesting shape.

    Corner fireplaces may be a good option for small spaces.

    Corner fireplaces are popular in traditional interiors, but they can safely be called universal.

    Starting with a corner fireplace, you could convert the entire room.

    Here corner fireplace fits perfectly between the windows.

    You could give your corner fireplace sculpted appearance by an impressive design.

    Since the corners of the room is usually empty, they are a suitable location for the fireplace. Thus, you can use this area unoccupied nothing for something practical and beautiful. In addition, the room takes on an interesting shape and becomes less monotonous.

    Despite the fact that the Scandinavian fireplaces can be a wide variety of designs and shapes, they are easy to distinguish from other types of fireplaces. Their main feature - simplicity. Such chimney, regardless of design, gives the interior a special type.

    White - a very popular color for Scandinavian fireplaces.

    The design and shape of these fireplaces makes them most suitable for placement in corners of rooms.

    Design options and materials, which make up the fireplace, can be different.

    Although Scandinavian design fireplaces can be different, they are all similar in its simplicity.

    This is a more modern version of the typical Scandinavian fireplace.

    Traditional fireplaces are usually richly decorated, but they are simple.

    EXAMPLE corner to strict fire lines typical Scandinavian style.

    Scandinavian fireplaces are very different from all his "brothers." They have a very unusual design, which allows them to stand out in the interior. One of the most common designs include cylindrical, conical although also popular. Scandinavian fireplaces ideal for placement in the corner of the room.

    Make the main attraction of the fireplace yard. Build around a comfortable seating area, so everyone can see the fireplace and enjoy its warmth. The result of your efforts will be a perfect place for evening gatherings.

    Outdoor fireplace built next to the house.

    If you have a fireplace, it would be nice to have and a place to store firewood.

    There is also a modern structure designed for outdoor placement, and they are often very impressive.

    It organized around the fireplace in the rustic-style courtyard. The hosts and guests, sitting by the fire, can enjoy an extraordinary panorama, opening their eyes.

    Small veranda and adjacent to it a huge stone fireplace are the main architectural element.

    As a rule, an outdoor fireplace surrounded by comfortable seating.

    To an outdoor fireplace in harmony with the house, you can paint it the same color.

    On a traditional courtyard situated a stone fireplace, sitting at which you can enjoy views of the garden.

    Although the size of this fire is not impressive, it still stands out from the surrounding environment.

    Very interesting porch with a fireplace built into the wall of the house.

    Luxury Mediterranean veranda with a simple traditional fireplace.

    Chimney fire located above the porch roof, so those who are resting by the fire, did not smell of smoke.

    "Recessed" outdoor seating area with a stunning stone fireplace.

    Fireplace impressive size and impressive design.

    Modern outdoor fireplace design, stylized traditional.

    Fireplace is the heart of this space design.

    Outdoor fireplaces are very different from those intended for the interior. First of all, they can be much more, because the space is virtually unlimited. Furthermore, the design outdoor fireplaces have certain features. To understand this, it is better just to analyze some of the above examples.

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