Utility bills in that they contain

Communal payments

In Russia, the law provides a clear procedure for payment of utility services. Not to be in a difficult situation and not be a defendant in the trial, should be aware of all the nuances of the legislation in this area.

on the payment of utility services the duty

The obligation to pay for the consumed utilities applies to all users. These include citizens, or individuals, and businesses - legal entities.

In this case, the appointment of the room does not matter for consumed energy services and pay the owners and tenants of residential and non-residential premises.

In the Russian Federation, the procedure for calculation of utility services is registered in the Housing Code. Basic utilities nationals rules for payment set out in Article 153 of the LC RF.

There are two main types of payments:

In the section for the use of housing and the rent includes charges for "repair", which in 2015 is highlighted in a separate position.

Further, in the LCD prescribed payment terms for the use of residential premises (Article 155, the 10th day of each month), the cost of utilities is regulated by article 156 and article 157 of the LC RF.

According to these articles, one can determine whether the parameters for calculating compliance with utility bills, are exhibited in the receipts.

On how many increase utility bills at the time of registration? See here.

Utility bills include all services provided to citizens for a comfortable stay.

All utilities are provided services of power supply companies and housing enterprises.

Services are provided under contracts with customers, which indicate:

  • service list;
  • payment period;
  • consumption limits;
  • rights and obligations of the parties;
  • their liability in case of breach of contract items.

In particular, the standard contract is supposed to pay monthly customer service up to 10 numbers and provide a receipt for payment on a monthly basis until the first day.

These parameters can be changed at the discretion of one of the parties, or by agreement of the parties.

The list of utilities included several items:

  1. Consumed water - hot and cold water.
  2. Sewerage.
  3. The use of electric energy.
  4. Using gas.
  5. Heat energy consumption - heating.
  6. Garbage removal.

The basis for the calculation of utility payments is Article 157 LCD. It indicated that the pay consumption of water, electricity, gas, necessary for Readout.

For each type of service available rates on the basis of which the calculation of the final amount for consumed cubic meters.

If you have not installed meters, the amount of payment depends on the consumption rates per person (water, gas, summed to the cooking stove), or per square meter (central heating, gas used in fireplaces and other heating devices).

Prices and specifications are determined by government authorities in the field. They are calculated in accordance with federal laws that establish the procedure for their calculation.

If the calculations of utility payments made to violations, the cost of services you can challenge by requirements change rates or going to court. The same procedure for challenging the amount of payment is provided in cases of poor service or failure to provide them. For example, the late inclusion of heating and so on.

Usual and acceptable methods of payment for all utility payments - a cash settlement centers, banks, post office.

The system is simple and clear, every citizen comes with a receipt in one of these organizations, it provides reception of money for the services. You get back counterfoil with a check for payment.

These documents must be collected and stored, especially those who receive subsidies for utilities. They will be required when calculating the amount of assistance for payment of utilities.

There is a more modern way to pay for utility bills - personal cabinet. Through this service, payment for utility services is carried out remotely.

The possibility of online payments for utilities include:

  • obtain information about your personal account, debts, overpayments, penalties, etc .;
  • view documents on payment;
  • history of your payments;
  • introduction readings of metering devices;
  • online payment for services.

In order to open a personal account, you should:

  • ERKTS visit the site;
  • pass electronic registration with indication of the surname, name, patronymic name, personal account number, SMS code and obtain his confirmation;
  • register your account and activate it.

The accumulation of debt for utility services is fraught with the answer according to the law. The reason for this is the failure to fulfill contractual obligations.

Legislation provided punishing measures for those who do not pay for utilities:

  1. For removing housing for social rent non-payment of public utility for six months may lead to termination of the contract and evict the tenant together with family members in other housing that meets the requirements of settling into the hostel.
  2. For failure to pay utilities homeowners could end up stopping delivery services, fines and weaning housing at the expense of repayment of debts, if you have other housing in property.
  3. In the case of rental housing for the debts unscrupulous employers pay for utility owner.

Collect debts may be one of the following methods:

  • the accrual of penalties;
  • the suspension of the provision of services;
  • transfer the debt to collection organizations;
  • eviction from the apartment, a release of a contract of employment, including social;
  • the imposition of restrictions on real estate transactions, for which there is an impressive (more than 5% of the market value of the property) debt on utility bills (the initiative is being implemented in many regions).

Interested in pretrial procedure of debt collection for utility bills? Read here.

What are the terms of utility service payments by the Housing Code? The details in this article.

In order to avoid trouble, you can repay the debt in parts or arrange subsidies for utilities.

Grants are paid to citizens of the Russian Federation who do not have debts, or those who have approved the repayment of debts.

This measure of state support is terminated, if the citizen once again allow debt

Grants are paid to citizens who pay for housing exceeds the allowable size for housing costs. This figure in each region its own.

In Article 159 of the LC RF regulated category of citizens who are eligible for subsidy:

  • property owners;
  • tenants of private housing;
  • tenants of social housing;
  • consisting in a housing cooperative.

In 2015, the regions recount standards for the provision of subsidies in connection with the graphs that appears on the payment for repairs.

Will receive a receipt for payment of utility services, a rare citizen with an accuracy of can tell, for what and how much he pays. So often there is discontent among the population about the inflated figures for gas. In order to understand when and how you can cheat, but when the receipt numbers are justified, it should be.

The receipt has two sides, each of which has specific information. On the front side of the specified data on consumer flat: the number of persons living in the apartment (this information is important, if not installed in the apartment metering devices); size of the apartment (it is necessary in the calculation of fees for maintenance.

The amount of payment for utility bills is based on the tariffs, which are set by public authorities and municipalities. The calculation is based on the volume of consumption of resources, which are determined on the counter, and if they do not exist, according to the established norms of consumption.

Do not be silent and unconditionally to pay utility bills, if you have not lived a certain time in the apartment or the management company breached their duties. We will understand when you can make a recalculation of the accrued amounts and that the need for this. Payment of utility bills For some homeowners Housing services are required.

Municipal enterprise has the right to disable or restrict the user from power, if the amount of the debt is more than 3 of the total monthly payments. power outage due to non-payment utility bills only possible when prior notification consumers within 30 days prior to such.

Transactions on purchase / sale of property must be safe, so before you buy an apartment you need to know is not whether the former owners of arrears, including municipal and mortgage loans, and are not imposed if the arrest or restriction on the execution of transactions on this property. How to check availability.

The Russian government in 2014, limits the growth of the total payment for utilities by introducing a limit index increase, which, in turn, need to be adjusted governors in each region. In practice, this does not eliminate the extra ordinary consumers to pay for housing and utility costs. With 1.01. on 06/30/2015.

Internet has long been used as a financial tool, especially for all kinds of payments. Turn and utilities providers who have long remained faithful exclusively conservative methods of receiving payments. To work with all kinds of payment systems or even.

According to Article 153 of the Housing Code of the Russian procedure for making payment for a house or an apartment, as well as the calculation of utility bills, it is determined from the moment of responsibilities in certain individuals. Responsible under the law for settlement of utility bills in the living room carries the tenant of the premises.

Payment of utility services in a private home - it is the duty of the owner or other person who legally owns a residential property (under article 153 of the LC RF). Failure to comply results in the formation of debt and penalties. Utilities are paid either by their actual consumption.

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What is included in the list of public services in the Russian Federation in 2017

Not every citizen knows exactly what is included in the list of utilities. Let us examine, what comfort can count every person in the Russian Federation in 2017.

And determine how the resource users pay set by management companies and HOAs.

Due to public services to citizens can look forward to a comfortable stay.

And the list of such services established in the agreement that was drawn up between the owners of apartments and housing, the Criminal Code or the HOA.

But not all of the sample contract have on hand, and so often the question arises, what exactly should do the governing body and for that it is necessary to pay a fee.

After all, often because of their ignorance of legal norms, the citizens are not aware of their rights, benefits available. As a result, they are overpaid.

If you know exactly what we are paying, it is possible to argue recalculated payment of utility bills, competent to draw up plans of a private house during construction, and so on. D.

Housing Services have 2 types - communal and housing. And they both increase the comfort of people's living.

These companies need to ensure uninterrupted provision of amenities. Citizens, in turn, must promptly pay for them.

Housing and communal services - services that are designed to provide citizens with basic goods.

If your apartment is not connected to all such systems of communication, you can express their wishes to improve the conditions of the authorized persons of the relevant authorities.

And the government agencies can not refuse such requests. Required objects in the living room:

  • shower, bathtub, sink, that has a defective valve;
  • heating system, which operates without interruption (Electrical appliances are not included);
  • electricity and a European-style socket;
  • sewer system.

These objects should not be considered public services. This means the provision of certain services.

Who are the payer must

by introducing the obligation of payment for the provision of public services prescribed in Art. Housing 153 code.

It indicated when it occurs in a certain circle of people. Must pay:

Billed to registered persons. The law does not provide charging of persons that actually live in the apartment.

The exception is when consumers voluntarily wish to pay for the services. But in this case, between such person and the owner is desirable to conclude an agreement.

Accordingly h. 11 Art. LCD 155 of the Russian Federation, if the room does not use the owner, employer or other person, the right not to pay for the provision of public services does not arise.

If citizens temporarily absent, the fee for individual services shall be based on consumption norms, prescribed in regional acts.

The payments will be recalculated for the time when the person does not live in the apartment. It should be based on the order of allocation set by the Russian authorities.

In hr. 3 tbsp. 30 LCD states that apartment owners should keep the room if it is not flat or common property, and unless otherwise stated in the Agreement or federal law.

Fee is paid according to the signed contract. Therefore, regardless of whether live whether you are in a room, their commitment to public services payer you need to perform.

In the event of rent arrears citizen would be difficult to sell the apartment. Yes, and you can file a lawsuit for non-payment of staff serving the house company.

As payers can act both physical and legal entity and individual entrepreneur.

The main document, which spelled out the nuances of public services - Decision of the authorities of Russia № 354 of May 6, 2011 as amended.

It is also relevant provisions of Decree number 234, which was adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation 26 June 2013.

It should refer to the rules and, as reflected in:

What is included in the list of public services for individuals (citizens)

There are some mandatory services, which are set out in legal provisions. It:

If your house is not connected to one of these services, you can contact a representative of the prosecutor's office. Raise the question of compensation for all damages.

Rights and can lose in getting a number of services, if a long time do not pay for them. Long can be considered six months. After such a period the representatives of housing and communal services will disconnect.

Ever since the 2012 came Amendment regarding electricity supply house. Sometimes the companies that provide the service are the executor of public services.

What to such services should include? The company that supplies the resource should not be engaged in the electrical service and monitor the performance of quality services within the home.

What is the difference of land smallholdings and private housing in 2017, is available here.

Supplier monitors only the proper provision of services to the limits that separate the elements of the system.

Monthly consumer takes readings at the end of the month and transmit them to the enterprise of energy sales.

If the information is not submitted, the company will rely on the consumer amounts to the established norms.

Consumers also should enable employees Energosbyt check the condition of the equipment and how reliable the information provided.

We can not allow damage to the seal, the removal of the meter. In the temporary absence of the owner of the apartment will still pay the total house electricity consumption, which is determined in view of the space that is occupied by the owner.

If the counter not, the calculations are carried out taking into account the rules that are different in each territorial district of the Russian Federation.

Disconnect the service if there is debt that is not paid within 3 months. Residents have to pay for electricity, and that goes to public places - the attic, lift, corridor and so on..

The government sets standards. The supplier also undertakes to provide a service without interruptions and voltage fluctuations.

This service assumes that the user will supply water that purified from pathogenic microorganisms.

The water should also not be any harmful chemical compounds - arsenic, heavy metal, and t. d.

It can be interrupted by the supply of cold water, but no longer than 8 hours or over night (when a major accident).

Legislation is allowed to take a break in the supply of hot water (in a similar way). The contract spells out the scope and temperature - not less than + 40 but not more than 75 degrees.

Payment shall be made in accordance with the rules on the person approved at the regional level.

It will take into account how many residents live in the room, and then calculate the amount of resources used. In all the territorial districts of the cost of service is different.

Legislative enactments Russia established norm - in the room should not be less than the air temperature 18 degrees above zero. Suppose the interval in supplying services to one day per month in total.

One-time break may be of such duration:

Metering is carried out taking into account the total area and accepted standards. The price includes heating and pay the total of use.

It is assumed drainage. Sewer system - is essential to the water supply. With it, removed waste and domestic water.

If the system is in proper condition, we can talk about safe sanitary conditions in the home.

Pay for services in accordance with the established regional tariffs. Volumes of wastewater consider the overall performance of water use.

Payment is made taking into account the size of the apartment. For this reason, there are often disputes.

After all, many consumers believe that it is necessary to take into account the number of people living in the area.

Video: what is in receipt of housing and communal services

Care of the container platform should be carried out owners, it is not always such a territory is considered obschedomovoy and such, for which the representatives of the municipality must follow.

The main drawback of the payment of utility bills - payment of the fee according to the norms, rather than a volume.

Therefore, steps are being taken to ensure that each dwelling unit of accounting, on the basis of which will be determined by the size of the board in accordance with Art. 157 LCD.

If such a device is not present, the amount is determined based on the specification of resource consumption per occupant (or per square meter).

The Law number 261 refers to the obligation of citizens to establish obschedomovye accounting units (OGPU) in all apartment buildings.

So it is possible to determine the exact volume of consumption of resources in a particular apartment.

Not every service provided by the management company is mandatory. There are optional when a person can choose from 2 one at its discretion. These include the supply of hot water and gas.

You can also select both services. Additional services that citizens have the right to choose their own, include:

  • cable TV;
  • radio (if it is not used by tenants, then write the statement on disabling);
  • intercom.

But for the elevator and garbage chute citizens can not pay, as they are on the territory of obschedomovoy. Another thing, if they are faulty.

Then file a complaint or a lawsuit, and provide relevant evidence of poor service.

Consider how tenants pay for utilities and legal entities.

When rented premises for rent, constitute the entire agreement between the owner and the tenant. Such a document should prescribe on whom rests the obligation to pay for public services.

If such a clause is not in the contract, then all of your bills will be sent to the apartment owner's name.

Therefore, a point of payment in the contract allows the lessor to protect themselves from unscrupulous tenants.

Perhaps the 3 options:

What should pay for the legal person

For the content obschedomovogo pay all property owners, including legal entities (restaurant, cafe, shop, which is located on the ground floor).

How to write a sample statement of claim in court for divorce with children in 2017, is available here.

About the termination of the contract of purchase and sale of real estate after the mortgage registration, please click here.

The costs are divided equally among all the owners of residential and non-residential premises (in proportion to their shares).

It does not matter the fact whether a person uses a staircase, a roof and an elevator (Art. 39, Art. 153, Art. 158 LC).

Legal entities to pay for utility services differently than citizens. Companies should enter into a contract with the performers on resursosnabzhenii - UK, HOA or RIS.

Cost of services must be approved at a meeting of owners (according to h. 7, Art. 156 LC).

And the decision will apply to all without exception (Part 5, Art. 46 LC). Sometimes the prices set in the local authority.

Each apartment owners, both residential and non-residential (for in the regulations has no concept of "owner of the residential premises), should fulfill its obligations payer for convenience. But it is also important to understand what exactly you have to pay.

Only in this case, you can determine whether violate your rights as a consumer service enterprises or not. And the only way to start fighting for their rights in the authorized bodies.

Utility bills in it

"Utilities" - activity artist utilities on the cold water, hot water supply, sanitation, electricity, gas and heating, providing comfortable conditions of citizens living in a residential area. The new rules of public services to owners and users of premises in apartment buildings and houses.

Public utilities mean by a safe and stable supply of cold and hot water, electric energy, gas, heating, exhaust and wastewater treatment, maintenance and repair of houses, local area, as well as improvement of a settlement in accordance with specified standards, norms and requirements (MDC 2-04.2004).

1. For the employer of premises occupied by the social contract of employment or a contract of employment premises of state or municipal housing stock, housing and utilities include: cost (payments) for the maintenance and repair of the dwelling, consisting of fees for services and work management of the apartment building, maintenance and repair of common property in an apartment building.

What is included in the list of public services in the Russian Federation in 2018

  1. heating system, which operates without interruption (Electrical appliances are not included);
  2. sewer system.
  3. shower, bathtub, sink, that has a defective valve;
  4. electricity and a European-style socket;

We can not allow damage to the seal, the removal of the meter. In the temporary absence of the owner of the apartment will still pay the total house electricity consumption, which is determined in view of the space that is occupied by the owner. Disconnect the service if there is debt that is not paid within 3 months.

Utility bills - how to find and pay debts over the Internet or by credit card online

An integral part of the life of all the tenants of apartments or owners of houses and other property are utilities, which many understand as arrears of rent. However, payment of communal can include hidden expenditure items that are not listed by the representative of providing services to the company, so you need to carefully study the documents, in order to know what to pay.

Payment for housing - this is a very broad concept.

Based on the content of Part 2 of Article 162 of the Housing Code, on the instructions of the owners of premises in an apartment building, the partnership controls homeowners or housing co-operative administration or management bodies of other specialized consumer cooperative management organization under the contract management within the agreed period for payment is required to:

What is included in utilities

Regardless of where a person lives: in their own house-building, in an apartment building or a room in a communal room - he has to pay bills not only for living space, but also for services to ensure a comfortable stay.

Utilities - a set of works from which we get acceptable living conditions. It is worth considering in more detail, that include these payments.

That include a municipal services

Utilities presented the activities through which citizens are comfortable living conditions.

The list of public services required to appear in the contract between the tenants and the housing and communal services, the management company, HOA or other responsible authority. However, not everyone has a copy of the house, so many are quite logical question, what is the responsibility of the superintendent, and what they need to make a payment.

The different utilities and housing services?

Russian Housing Code requires citizens to pay for housing and utilities.

In this case, the performers of public services can be legal entities or individual entrepreneurs. They acquire resources, carry out the work and be responsible for the serviceability of all intra-house communications. Wastewater. Diversion drains should also be around the clock - through centralized network and in-house systems.

Utility bills: that they contain?

In addition to utilities, receipts present housing services.

They are called consumable items relating to general building needs. Of course, for obschedomovye need to pay only the residents of houses, while the residents of private homes such items of expenditure have not. Lighting of residential and non-residential premises, as well as support them in the desired temperature; Carrying out activities aimed at maintaining health standards in public areas and the territory of the houses adjoining the site; Discharge and transport of solid and liquid wastes.

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