Room 3 to 4 bedroom design photo

Room 3 to 4 bedroom design photo

Bedroom Design - Room 3 for 4 Bedroom design photo

Room 3 to 4 design photo bedroom - bedroom design

Bedroom interior a cozy, harmonious and elegant, it is the ideal place for relaxation, recuperation and relaxation. It is pleasant to spend time to watch movies, listen to music, read a book, and the main thing - to sleep. To create a comfortable interior in the bedroom, it is important to take into account all the details:

  • private owner's preferences in terms of color and style;
  • size and layout of the room;
  • Prices bedroom sets;
  • the size and number of items of furniture in the headset;
  • material of which the objects bedrooms (beds, tables, wardrobe);
  • headset functionality.

It is also important to take into account the age of the owner of the room. children's bedrooms Meblirujte safe, environmentally friendly, transforming furniture. For teenagers important color of the situation and the feeling of space closure. For young couples pick set, which takes into account the interests of both spouses. For example, it can be equipped with a large bed and a beautiful vanity.

What style prefer

When designing a bedroom, a designer first determines the overall style of the future project. According to it selects decoration materials, decoration, lighting, textiles and furniture. The most popular designs today - it bedroom in contemporary style and

bedroom in a classic style.

Modern style - a general concept that brings together different areas:

Bedroom high-tech - It is the direct embodiment of modern, technical, progress. It is always a celebration of silvery, metallic gloss surfaces combined with the functionality of objects. This bedroom will be enjoyed by students, high school students, unmarried men.

Bedroom Loft - This organic solution for creative professionals. The loft-style decorate large spacious room with an open plan. House or apartment in the loft feature industrial décor, no walls and a minimum of furniture. Furniture pick up a large, comfortable, without decoration and ornate patterns.

Classic style for the decoration of the bedroom choose balanced, demanding people who value the quality, consistency and harmony. Modern designers are working on the classic interior could use some similar styles:

Bedroom Classics, usually made from natural wood or MDF quality. Furniture different beautiful streamlined shape, pattern, thread, or mosaic. Objects headset in perfect harmony. Bedrooms from an array Classic does not go out of fashion for many years, since they are made of good materials, supplemented with expensive accessories. But most importantly, natural wood colors looks natural and fits well into the interior. This feature allows the furniture to look stylish and fashionable.

Baroque bedroom for registration of the royal bedchamber. But even if you are not a member of the royal family, you do not interfere to relax in a luxurious bed in the Baroque style. Allow yourself to royal luxury, pay attention to bedrooms Shatura andbedroom lagoon. But note, the bed in the Baroque style fits perfectly in the large room. In a small bedroom, it may look awkward and out of place.

It is also one of the most popular design projects is bedroom modern. Moreover, it is necessary to clarify the definition of "modern". This is not the modern style of the interior and historic, emerged in the late XIX century. It is characterized by curved lines, floral designs, a combination of elements of different historical styles. The furniture in the Art Nouveau style is characterized by beautiful smooth lines and unique form. This can be bedroom Shah.

A special word in the design of the cozy rooms with home calm color covers bedroom Provence. It just has to rest, not only physical, but also spiritual. A room in the style of Provence is filled with colors of the French Riviera, slightly faded and whitened in the sun, cozy textiles with small floral patterns, ruffles and frills, comfortable furnishings and hand-decorated.

When selecting a general style solution for the design of the room, you can determine the color gamut. To pick up a child's room bright, but not too expressive and rich colors. Such that the child will delight the eye, but not perevozbudilsya his psyche. For example, the color of young greens, light blue, yellow, purple, pink. If a child asks to buy a bright bedroom furniture, the walls, floor and ceiling is better to choose a more soothing colors. So bright bedroom lapis lazuli, mahogany, Indigo will be well combined with beige or sand surfaces.

Bedroom young couple psychologists advised to choose bright dominant colors - red, blue, burgundy. They allow you to whip up feelings and do not let passion subside. In this case, choose a classic design for the room bedrooms Pinskdrev or modern Bedrooms Angstroms. Their neutral colors in harmony with the expressive finish and decor, with a little dampens their energy, allowing you to sleep comfortably.

Helpful advice. Choosing a color scheme of furniture, use the contrast principle. If the walls and floor are of dark saturated colors, then in their background will look good light furniture. If used for the walls bright wallpaper (plaster, wood paneling, etc.), the furniture is better to buy darker.

Before you buy furniture, make measurements of the room. It will save you money in the future and nerves. Knowing the basic dimensions of the room, you can choose a comfortable bed, a surround cabinet. You understand whether to put in a room dresser and nightstand. Planning the environment of the room, you can refer to the ancient eastern teachings about the location of objects and movement of energy. Bedroom feng shui - it is not only harmony and order, but also the proper organization of space. Feng Shui masters tell us how to properly put a bed and a wardrobe, as an empty flow of qi, that he brought peace and health.

Spacious premises, as a rule, rarely create problems with the environment. It is more difficult to furnish small-sized rooms. For them, the use of modular furniture closets, fit and bedroom with a corner cabinet. These items help to save space and provide maximum comfort.

The layout and location of the room

According to feng shui masters, the most suitable for the bedchamber is a square or rectangular shape with smooth ceilings. If your bedroom in the attic, you should take advantage of such advice when it is furnished:

  • place the bed in a smooth ceiling area;
  • beveled side of the room can be hidden closet compartment;
  • in the area of ​​sloping ceilings placed sitting area or work, but do not sleep.

Bedroom in the attic require additional insulation of walls and ceiling. If natural light is not enough, an additional loft equipped with chandeliers, lamps, floor lamps. Bright and cozy bedroom - is the key to good health.

Buying furniture in the room, ask the seller, where the furniture was made. FROMpal'nite from China and Italy bedrooms will differ build quality, shape, wood and price, respectively. Buy only high-quality furniture, then it will serve you for a long time.

Bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture

The most comfortable and favorite room and energetic business people, and is therefore quiet bedroom.

After all, how do you relax, will depend on your performance, health and attitude.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to bedroom furniture.

Buy home furnishings in the room - hence, create your own, intimate space.

The small dimensions of the bedroom - not a reason to leave the interior of the boring and mundane. Original design solutions and use of modern finishing materials of different textures and colors, provide ample opportunity to issue a sleeping interior at the proper level.

To properly organize the room, choose furniture, decoration, learn all the tricks and methods of registration, be sure to read the information given in the article.

How to choose a style for the small bedroom

The task of choosing stylistic is a primary, as must assemble elements into a unified whole, a harmonious composition. It is appropriate here as the classic rigor and contemporary solutions. The most common styles are the following.

The modern style is always relevant, performed with simple furnishings, no frills, with laconic forms. The emphasis is on the main element - a bed, as well as lamps and a window.

The interior walls of moderation, it is inadmissible piling up a large number of surfaces of paintings, photographs or panels. Color solution harmonious, discreet. It encouraged the use of metal, glass or mirror materials.

Classic - a popular without losing fresh ideas, the style of a small bedroom. The dominant color serves classic gray, pale pink and light brown shades, which are complemented by gold, silver and black gloss. Particular attention is given to textiles: a smooth, pleasant to the touch fabrics, preferably natural.

French Provencal interior is sure to impress fans of romance and refined natures. Light, airy atmosphere create natural textiles and decorative as a strip, cage or floral patterns.

For walls suitable paper wallpaper with understated pattern for decoration - natural materials. The highlight of "rustic" interior - furniture handmade from wood. Many designers are used in Provence for the aging effect Cabinets, chests, cabinets, display cabinet. This adds poignancy and cosiness of the picture bedrooms.

Minimalism is specifically designed for the organization of this type of bedrooms. The main aspects - lightness, airiness space. Characterized by low furniture, wardrobes, spotlights and natural materials and finishes.

be sure to use in the design of not more than three colors, the brightest of which is to fill in the smallest area. Walls do self-colored, without causing ornament and pattern.

Bedroom loft-style resemble a loft, warehouse or production facility. Despite the unusual combination, there is a lot of the interior fans. A special feature is the bare walls, contrast enhancement, transforming furniture, natural cool shades.

Panoramic window with views of the city - a great idea, which will emphasize the overall impression of the urban interior.

When choosing from the proposed solutions should be guided solely by your own individual taste, not forgetting about the general stylistic direction of the entire apartment or cottage.

Wallpaper in a small bedroom: they offer designers

Select a wallpaper for gluing the walls in a small bedroom is accompanied by some limitations, namely the absence of large patterns, too fine lines, oversaturation too frequent patterns and designs, dark deep color.

Shades is better to choose light or pastel that promote peace and sleep, do not cause aggression. Vertical striped wallpaper from floor to ceiling - another plus to the visual height correction.

Excellent design helps revitalize small space wall photos. Choose figure photowall with perspective drawings, leaving deep.

This can be a forest path, and realistic skyscrapers. Modern products with 3 D - effect look great on the wall behind the bed, be sure to become a highlight individual bedrooms, visually will adjust the size of the room. A wide selection of wallpaper makes it possible to implement any interior preferences.

What are the curtains fit into a small bedroom?

Curtains are an important element of the decor, so, too, require careful selection. The bedroom has a large window is recommended to purchase a broad curtain, wall to wall. It is desirable that they hang freely or be slightly raised.

Space to be higher and more spacious, it is necessary to choose a ceiling cornice is not too bulky and massive. Style of the room plays a major role in the selection of curtains, as each direction of its own characteristics.

The presence of a dense pattern on fabric curtains is only possible in the absence of similar patterns on the wallpaper, so the picture is not merged into a solid color stain.

Welcome natural textiles for the bedroom, who breathes, letting light and air, creates a pleasant natural atmosphere.

Furniture should not be much to not get cluttered space. Better to choose a bed without legs, so she looked smaller and more compact. Availability of drawers, storage spaces additional things - is necessary.

Wardrobe and chest of drawers should have the versatility and practicality, taking up minimal space. The seat can pick up not too cumbersome in the general tone of the room, or contrast, or with bright pillows.

The centerpiece of the bedroom is given a bed. Position it can be in the center of the room against the wall, and in the overall composition, when the furniture is spread on the perimeter of the room.

Think about the interior of the room to remain a place for free movement. Near the bed can be placed bedside table or a glass coffee table. Wardrobe can be integrated or small sizes.

Tip! Large and wide bed - it is certainly convenient, but out of place in a compressed size space. Given the size of the room, choose a small or medium bed or a pull-out design. a bunk bed suitable for children's rooms.

In a small bedroom can not do without a mirror

The presence of mirror surfaces is practically irreplaceable in a small bedroom. The effect will surprise you, because the reflection of objects visually enhances the environment.

A mirror can be used over the bed in the form of horizontal stripes. It is interesting to look mirror inserts on the doors of cabinets. Mirror chips may be present in the design of the ceiling or wall panels in the spectacular frame on the wall.

Ceiling Finish: that this important to know?

Headlining for a small bedroom creates lightness and ease, so the color palette is selected from the light in accordance with the general style decision.

Popular stretch ceiling, which allows to do on the ceiling an interesting multi-level changes. It is possible to mount a glossy PVC film which partly reflects the objects are at the bottom or set matt or satin embodiment pastel contributing calm and relaxation.

Select lighting and lighting

Lighting is not necessarily in the form of a central chandelier. Spotlights copes with its functions. If you place them on the levels or built into the ceiling, to get an interesting idea.

With the help of modern sconces and lamps, you can zone the room at night, distinguishing between a place to sleep and wakefulness.

Color solution small bedrooms

Bright finishes will make a small bedroom a cozy, modern and comfortable. Not necessarily use pure white, try to trim colors to your liking, avoiding grim, somber palettes.

Focus on the side of light, where the windows. The north side is harmonious with warm hints of color, the southern - with cool shades. Bright decorating elements revive boring monotonous atmosphere.

At the head of the bed is necessary to organize the area, attracting the attention of: bright color color, wallpapers and cozy carpet.

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Bedroom design 4 by 4 meters photo

Bedroom square shape measuring 4 by 4 meters provides a great opportunity in the choice of design options, browse images, which you can choose the ideal for you. The main advantages of square rooms are:

  • the possibility of placing large pieces of furniture (wardrobes, beds) from any wall;
  • a large number of variants of arrangement of furniture;
  • ease zoning space - you can, if necessary, easy to divide the room into several zones, depending on the needs;
  • an opportunity to establish a large cupboard in the wall.

. For a small bedroom rectangular shape, for example, 3 to 4 meters, the arrangement of furniture embodiments less than in the case of a square room of 16 square meters bed in most cases to put headboard more elongated wall and cabinet - along the short. On each side of the bed is easy to put bedside tables, and on the other hand is traditionally the TV. Of the additional pieces of furniture can be set compact dressing table. Choose the design of the room can be absolutely anyone, depending on your preference.

When decorating small rooms is better to use light colors, as they are visually increase the space, making the room brighter. In the design of the bedroom should be preferred calm, pastel tones. Most often use different shades of brown and peach.

To ensure a healthy atmosphere in the room intended for relaxation, it is advisable to choose furniture made from natural, environmentally friendly materials.

If the room is used not only for sleeping, but also as a study room or living room, it is worth thinking about the proper zoning space. The sleeping area is better separated using screens, decorative or sliding partitions. Instead of a full-fledged beds are pull-out sofa bed. In this case, the most important to choose a quality sofa, when unfolded that forms a full, comfortable bed without joints and cracks.

16 meters for the bedroom is sufficient, if it is used for its intended purpose, and is not combined with an office or a room for receiving guests. In order not to clutter the room, use only the most necessary items of furniture:

  • bed;
  • cabinet for storing bedding, clothing;
  • bedside tables for various detail;
  • dressing table.

The central element of a bedroom is the bed. Positioning it in the square room can be in many ways, including diagonally. The size and shape of the bed, you can also choose any. The bedroom 4 4 meters, ideal circular bed, and the bed sufficiently impressive size, for example, 2 by 2 meters.

For storage, you can install closet in the wall or the wardrobe with hinged doors. To visually expand the space, you can use the mirrored door.

Around easily fit the bed side tables for storage of various details, as well as a dressing table with mirror.

For registration of the bedroom, you can choose almost any direction - perfect classic chic style, gentle Provence, sleek minimalism and original Art Nouveau. However, the color scheme to better withstand pastel, soft colors that contribute to a comfortable rest and sleep.

an excellent solution for those who want to spend the night in a sophisticated, elegant room. In creating an atmosphere of calm and comfort will help to warm, discreet colors - beige, light peach and blue.

As for furniture, it is necessary to choose a full big bed rather than a sofa. Beautiful bed with high headboard elegant carved wood or upholstered, as in the photo, perfectly fit into the classic interior of a bedroom 4 by 4 meters.

not a modern wardrobe should be selected for storing clothes and bedding, and classic two- or three-sided cabinet on legs with hinged doors. One or more of the valves can be with glass inserts - it is visually expand the space. In addition, the furniture can be decorated with carved elements and gilding. It is appropriate in the bedroom with a classic design looks beautiful dressing table with mirror, and small ottomans. For the classical interior is better to choose exactly set, rather than buying the items separately.

Curtains, bedspreads, pillows should be kept in the same style to the interior looked holistically and harmoniously. They can be made of luxurious silk, cotton or viscose practical.

Gentle, that was born in the French countryside, it creates an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. Lightweight, unobtrusive shades of yellow, olive and lavender are great for relaxation rooms and sleep. Characteristic for the design in the style of Provence white walls, as in the photo, helps to visually enlarge the space the size of a small bedroom 3 to 4.

The space behind the bed can be decorated with wooden planks, painted in light colors or with the help of screen-painting. Figure is best to choose a plant subjects - flowers, plants, leaves.

Provencal style furniture, bright, natural, often with the effect of aged, decorated with a variety of intricate patterns. Furniture fronts are sometimes decorated with paintings, but without too much glitz and pomp.

Charming atmosphere of Provence in the interior of the bedroom 4 by 4 meters will help to create a natural textiles with a floral pattern, or solid, for example, as in the photo.

Blinds and curtains can be quite simple, without complicated draperies, but maybe with pretty frills rustic. The same goes for curtains and cushions. linen, cotton - natural fabric, it is desirable to choose.

Style minimalism is ideal for interior small bedroom 4 by 4 meters, as it allows you to create free space, not overloaded with furniture and other interior details. Colors and laconic - a maximum of 2-3 shades, often contrasting. The base is considered to be white, and various shades of beige and gray that create a bright and light design Bedrooms 4 by 4 meters, as in the photo.

The furniture is simple, with a clear geometry of the forms, but the most functional. As the bed is often used bed-podium or Low bed in Japanese style. Storage suitable for both conventional swing closet and wardrobe in the wall. The main condition - a minimum of parts and maximum simplicity.

If for walls you decide to use the wallpaper, choose a plain, without patterns and drawings. ceiling clearance must also be very concise. Most often, it's just leveled, and then painted in white.

Natural texture, ergonomic furniture and the freedom of space, typical of minimalism, perfect for interior decoration small bedroom 3 to 4 meters, which can be seen in the photo.

Art Nouveau is characterized by curved, smooth lines, floral designs and ornate patterns. The color palette is quiet, with a predominance of gray-lilac, pale pink and beige shades. Nouveau - a very versatile area, which may include elements of different styles. It is important to create the interior was harmonious and holistic, as in the photo.

Furniture should choose a simple, but functional. In this modern style presupposes freedom of choice of finishes and shapes - you can pick up as the classic version as well as modern. The bed can be any shape, including round. Storage approach roomy closet or traditional wardrobe with hinged doors, a mirror or glass inserts. Modern - fairly free style, which opens great opportunities for the development of your fancy design bedroom 3 to 4 meters, to determine the most appropriate option to help a variety of photos of rooms in this style.

The choice of textiles depends on the basic design of the room, it is important to bedspreads, curtains, cushions were selected in the same style.

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