Room 8 square meters design photo

Create a bedroom design 8 square meters. m: photo and 4 stages

Bedroom small - not a sentence, it is possible to create a cozy atmosphere and make it functional design bedrooms 8 square meters. m, a photo which rarely appear on the Internet, is a difficult task to implement. The reason is quite prosaic - a shortage of square meters, but here you can find a decent solution. A significant role played and priorities, to arrange that from the outset you need to correct. It is important to take into account all the nuances, as well as the wishes of the home owners and their capabilities. With this approach to business success will not take too long to wait.

That accommodates the bedroom 8 sq. m

The average bedroom typically includes:

To fit it all into a small room to be quite problematic. So, it remains only to be creative. Of course, the bed in any case have to leave, as well as a wardrobe. But the cabinet and a chest of drawers should be combined by selecting the most relevant piece of furniture.

If necessary, you can purchase furniture - transformer, which is perfectly suited for a small eight-room. The stylish model is performed in different techniques and styles, so do not find among them a suitable option is simply impossible.

In the bedroom 8 sq.m necessarily have to be a bed and wardrobe, but the other pieces of furniture should be chosen according to need

To conserve space perfect ottoman with internal storage compartment. It may well be used for other purposes, not forgetting that and inside you can put something. This element of the interior looks very stylish and uncomplicated. Attention should be paid and on the tables, easily convertible into a table.

If you do not want to buy a bed, it is possible to replace a sofa, it is desirable, having an inner container for storage of linen without difficulty. Such tricks - this, of course, little things that most people simply do not pay attention. In fact, they can be very helpful and save much space.

The stylish interior of a small bedroom 8 sq. m: photo

Anyone, even the most fashionable design in different rooms looks quite differently. To start with possibilities, and only then adapt them to suit your needs. Because, otherwise, even the most refined interior will look ridiculous and out of place.

That is why are paramount:

  • Marking premises;
  • Sketch of interior solutions;
  • Implementation of the chosen solution.

Especially small bedrooms are well in tune with minimalistic style in which there is nothing superfluous. For example, just a bed and a small dresser. This concept looks very stylish, but its functionality is debatable.

Interior small bedroom minimalist style fit perfectly

To save space and not to pile too much, you can beat the high quality wall by installing the special functional racks for household utensils and even clothes. But, unlike the cabinet, such decisions will not take too much space. Even more. They characterize the owner of the house, as a talented designer, able to work under any and all conditions.

If your own place furniture becomes very problematic, it is desirable to immediately resort to professional assistance. He will be able to make an initial layout, on the basis of which will be purchased furniture. There is such service is not expensive, but the benefits of its use it is simply invaluable.

How to make a bedroom in an eight-meter room for a baby

Perhaps this task belongs to the category of the most simple, because children are quite unpretentious and small room, decorated in accordance with their desires, is sure to become the most favorite place in the house. At the same time, parents should understand that there are no key of their desires, and what their child wants. After all, you have to live in the room to him.

To crumbs was cozy and quiet, the parents need to undergo several preparatory steps:

  • Ask what it wants to see their child's room;
  • Make a rough sketch of the room;
  • Adapt the idea to reality;
  • If necessary, make changes;
  • To realize the task.

To arrange a bedroom of 8 m pretty easy for the child, above all, to clarify what it wants to see your child

Child's bedroom usually implies some cartoon, the presence of images of your favorite heroes. However, if the parents do not plan to make repairs too often, it is important to take into account the fact that the child is growing rapidly, and within it are simply not interested in a few years, yesterday's idols. Wallpapers will inevitably have to change to something more conservative.

The best option - to make room in a neutral environment, and after supplement it with a variety of toys, pictures, posters, etc. Get no worse.

Small bedroom - it is not a death sentence

Bedroom desired size often goes to those who live in their own house, and erected it on his own project. Then you can make any room, in its sole discretion. However, the reality is that people live in small apartments or homes of old buildings.

  • Patience;
  • The desire to change something in your life;
  • A little inspiration.

Small bedroom - that's no reason to be upset, because you can experiment and create a design according to your personal preferences

Narrow and small in his bedroom the meter is not an accomplishment. But her presence - this is not a sentence, and, one might say, even a gift of fate.

Harmonious design small bedroom (video)

First of all you need to calm down and realize that having your own bedroom - this is a significant advantage. Even 8 square meters. meters can be beat, so that they will become a favorite place in the house. And, when it comes to the children's room, decorate it, and do not be difficult. All must succeed, if you believe and constantly go to his purpose.

Interior Bedrooms 8 square meters in modern style photo

The area of ​​8 square meters. m is a modest size for the room, so the main task in the selection of furniture and color schemes should be visually increase the space and creating a cozy, light environment. In a small bedroom it is very important to prevent cluttering, while ensuring all necessary not just for sleeping, but also for storage of bedding. After seeing photos of this article, you will see that at the competent placement of furniture, proper lighting and color scheme, you can create a very cozy, beautiful, functional design of the bedroom in a modern style, even if it is only 8 square meters. m.

For the walls a small bedroom can be used a variety of options:

Regardless of the type of coating selected it must be done in light colors visually expanding space. Since the main purpose of the bedroom - rest and sleep, it is best to choose shades of calm, warm, such as beige, cream, light peach.

Visually enlarge small bedroom can wallpaper paste over one wall with a contrasting geometric pattern, e.g., a horizontal strip, as pictured, while the remaining issue monophonic wallpaper. Most often, using a contrasting color or texture isolated fragment of the wall behind the bed. In this case it is possible to use a darker shade of the main colors of the room. These same techniques can be used when painting walls.

In the design of a small bedroom can use wallpapers. Images of different landscapes with a view to create the illusion of the continuation of the room, which is very important for smaller rooms. It may be, for example, a narrow street, night city, the sea, a beautiful golf or scenic road stretches into the distance. These wallpapers fit perfectly into the interior of the bedroom 8 sq. m., and will make a variety in neutral, calm tones.

When choosing a wallpaper design, should take into account the overall tone of the room and the style of furniture - it is important that they are in perfect harmony. Since the bedroom - a place of rest, the story of wallpaper is better to choose a quiet, pleasant. The image you have to like and to cause only positive emotions.

The most optimal one for finishing small bedroom ceiling are suspended ceilings with a glossy or satin surface. In contrast to the structures of plasterboard, ceilings practically do not reduce the height of the ceiling, but at the same time create a perfectly smooth surface.

Another option of finishing - leveling plaster mixtures and dyeing. Regardless of the type of finish, when choosing color schemes should be preferred light shades.

To finish floor bedroom is better to use the floorboard or laminate quality. Laying should be done diagonally to visually enlarge a small bedroom area. Color you can choose almost any, but given the overall tone of the room.

To create a warm, comfortable atmosphere can be used carpet with long or short nap, better monophonic or with a clear, non-intrusive geometric pattern.

The furniture in the interior of a small bedroom should choose the most compact and functional. The basic set of furniture for the room 8 sq. m should include:

Strictly speaking, only the most necessary. Necessary to avoid an abundance of small, unimportant details, as they will take away precious space and create a sense of litter, burdening the interior.

In order not to clutter the area of ​​the already small room, it is best to set the wardrobe. A good solution is to choose mirror doors, which due to the reflection visually expand the space. Organically in the interior of a modern bedroom wardrobe fit with glossy or glass doors. The depth of the cabinet can be chosen small - 35-40 cm is quite enough to accommodate quite a lot of things. In shallow cabinets has its advantages - you always have easy access to all things, and, if necessary, you can easily find the right.

The design of the bed is better to choose a concise, for example, as in the photo. Massive elements and too conspicuous legs are best avoided. The most successful solution for small bedroom 8 sq. m. will bed with drawers. They can store blankets, pillows, bed linen and clothes. Their number may vary, depending on the specific model. When choosing a bed is very important to make sure the bed is enough space to pull out the drawer. If you find that space is not enough, you can choose a bed with a lifting mechanism. In such models, the box does not extend, and is located under the bunk. In any event, such a functional bed will store a lot of necessary things.

If there is sufficient space next to the bed can be placed bedside. It is better that they were executed in the same style as the bed. You can also consider options for hinged cabinets, as in the photo - are in the interior design looks very easy and weightless, which is very important for the bedroom 8 sq. m.

Design of bedroom furniture in a modern style should be concise enough, with clean lines and pure colors, not overloaded with unnecessary details.

It is very important to a small bedroom filled with light, right, because a competent lighting plays an important role in the perception of space. As a central light source can be chosen concise ceiling lamp, and for illumination - bras and bedside table lamps. It is better to design all the fixtures were made in the same style. They should look easy and weightless, but at the same time to create a good, cozy lighting. Avoid bulky, heavy chandelier with an abundance of decorative details.

When finishing the ceiling you choose the suspended ceiling to illuminate the room, you can use several built-in spotlights.

Space small bedroom, done in a modern style, do not clutter up many trinkets and non-functional things. The interior can be decorated with an abstract painting in compact frame and a pair of personal photos in a neat frame on the bedside tables.

Important role in creating a pleasant and warm atmosphere belongs to Textiles. Beautiful cover, a few comfortable pillows and curtains make the interior bedrooms comfortable, warm.

Textiles is better to choose solid, low-key, made in gray or beige. On the bed, you can choose a large quilted bedspread, with a clear geometric patterns or a single color. Color may coincide with the general tone or rooms to be contrasted, for example, darker. This will help a little to dilute calm, neutral tones of the room.

For registration of the window to choose the thick curtains and light curtains without fancy drapes, fringe and ruffles. Simple forms, clear lines, the lack of spare parts - the basic principles not only in the selection of textiles, but also in general for interior little modern bedroom.

A well thought out placement of furniture, proper lighting and the choice of color schemes will help to create a comfortable, cozy interior, even if your bedroom is very small.

Bedroom design 8 square meters. m

Making bedrooms - an important process for any family. After all, how will look the main place of rest depends on the mood of the residents. And it is important to take into account all the nuances of the room when it is repaired.

The smallest room can be turned into an ideal place, even if its area is only 8 square meters. This will require information on how to increase the visual space and furnishing a small bedroom.

The correct choice of style - the key to success

Leading designers of the world for a long time found a solution for the design of small squares. There are several options for styling, which are designed for just such occasions.

  • Scandinavian style - this modest charm that will approach a calm nature. It offers the functionality of the room, rather than aesthetic pleasure. Minimalism in everything - that's the motto of Scandinavia. The main thing is that all the pieces of furniture performed its function, not just ranked. There should prevail calm tones and a minimum of furniture. And decorate the bedroom are bright linens, colorful patterned carpet or curtains.
  • fundamental classics - a combination of compact and functional furniture. The bed is the center of the room, so it should be chosen carefully. All other items are selected is already under it. It is important that all the colors in harmony with each other and is a feeling of luxury to emphasize the impeccable taste of the tenants.
  • Provence - the tenderness and romance in all its manifestations. The main thing is to use warm pastel tones, floral ornaments, antique furniture and an abundance of decoration. Floral pattern can be replaced with stripes or a cell, which can be absolutely any color.
  • Country - is the ease and comfort in all respects. This style should make the room a natural and harmonious, but at the same time, have a good functionality. You can not use modern materials, because the main principle of country - naturalness. The bedroom should breathe freshness of nature, to make it easy and pleasant to be in it.
  • Hi-tech - it's the rigor and consistency of which will involve advanced technology. Cold architecture should create a rich overall view bedrooms and emphasize the seriousness of its owners. Decoration and furniture have to be white, gray or black, and the jewelry should not be at all.
  • Nouveau - a natural color and smooth lines. The curved contours are designed to soften the sharp corners of the room, so the window and door openings often have a curved shape. Lighting in modern style a little different, here is common to use frosted or colored ceiling to create an original atmosphere.

A small bedroom can be effectively issued only when using those colors that will hide all the flaws of the room. Shades should be visually increase the space - to expand the walls and raise the ceiling.

To expand the space should be used cold light colors in the decoration. Many people choose white color to paint the walls and ceiling, but it is very easily soiled and too concise. It must be diluted with bright accents, such as textiles.

In a small bedroom should not be boring, so do clean white room is not recommended. Better to issue white ceiling and walls are made of light-beige with a small figure.

The use of dark colors and big pictures on the wallpaper and textiles reduce the already small room. Heavy texture (velvet, stucco) will only aggravate the situation.

Preferably use finishing materials and light pastel shades. Stretch ceiling can have a glossy texture, and on the floor to put the dark parquet or laminate. Against the background of bright colors dark floor looks favorable, and the impression that the room is a bit more than 8 squares.

Gray bedroom will add rigor and conciseness, and dilute it can be bright cushions or paintings in colored frames.

Very often in the "Khrushchev," the question arises of the room proper planning. After bedroom 4 × 2 q. m - it is very small and for large families this space is not enough. Therefore, a small bedroom is very often combined with a balcony or loggia, if any. To do this, it expands the doorway to the loggia, and shall be additional heating devices. Increasing the space is much easier to pick up the furniture, not much assuming that the square footage.

"Hruschovka" - it was originally a small apartment, which does not provide a large size. In the past century, it erected a huge number of small areas of the same homes and planning so that all citizens can acquire your property. Nowadays these homes very much, so repairing the problem rises very sharply.

Repair in a bedroom with a window to start with the expansion of the window opening. If you set the thin frame, the window will appear wider and will pass more sunlight. Due to this trick will increase the room visually.

Design a bedroom of 8 squares to be made using a set of furniture. It is important to choose a compact bed that will not take up much space. Sometimes bed replaced folding sofa, which during the day will be folded and will not take up extra meters.

You can select a chair bed or a built-in bed, that will be cost-effective in the closet during the day and turn into beds at night. Some models suggest bed drawer that converts single beds into a double bed.

Bulky closet replace open shelves or racks, which is conveniently located in a special niche. You can use a narrow cabinet, which will fit the necessary things. Bedding can be removed in a sofa.

A small area does not allow to accommodate a lot of furniture and decor, so you have to consider only the most essential products. This bed, small bedside tables and a compact cabinet. If the room will be more furniture, then it will simply have nowhere to turn.

On one wall is desirable to hang a large mirror. It can slightly expand the space, which is so lacking in a little square.

Real design proposes to divide the long wall of the room combined with wallpaper stretched. To save space, you can not use a standard furniture and unusual shapes. The main thing that they were close to the surface and had no legs.

Dense arrangement of furniture will help make room in one of the bedrooms, which also visually increase the room. It can be in one part of the room set bed, bedside tables and hanging shelves and the other just to lay carpet.

bedroom decoration 8 square meters. m - is not easy, so you need to follow a few tips.

  • To visually increase the space only need to use bright colors.
  • With wallpaper can expand or stretch room. Horizontal pattern pull room in width, and the vertical strips raise ceilings.
  • The room will seem larger, if the front of the window will be positioned mirror.
  • Windows must decorate light curtains, that will not prevent the penetration of sunlight into the room.
  • Lighting should be smaller, so as not to clutter up the ceiling and wall space. Will look favorably spotlights.
  • Chairs, dressers and tables should not be in a small room. If possible, they should be moved to other locations.
  • Flooring should have a diagonal pattern.
  • On the wall is undesirable to hang a lot of different pictures or photographs, it is better to limit one big picture that is better positioned at the head of the bed.

Recommendations of the leading designers in the world

Professional designers recommend to make out in the bedroom 8 sq. m in bright colors with the addition of bright spots. Bedroom - this is primarily a place for relaxation and comfort, so there should be nothing superfluous in it.

The implementation of the idea of ​​minimalism allow tenants to save space and get the necessary set of furniture for relaxation. Furniture, which will have the same color as the wall coverings will become invisible, and therefore helps to increase the room.

To solve a small problem area will help closet, shelf or mounted shelves. All items in the bedroom should have some function, and not just take up space. Designers offer to install a bed on a podium, if the room is high enough ceilings. Thus, all the necessary things can be hidden in separate sections, set in the podium.

Even the window sill can be used as storage space. To do this, it can be done under some shelves or host a small objects.

If desired, even a small bedroom can be effectively issue, the room will not lose individuality. Every thing in the interior will perform a specific function and allow tenants to expand the space a bit.

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