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Khrushchev kitchen design: useful tips for those who have a small kitchen

If your kitchen area and no more than 6 square meters. m, then you are the owner of the so-called Khrushchev in the kitchen. These facilities were built during the reign of Comrade Khrushchev. Kitchen of this type are of good design and a large area, their main purpose is the cooking of food.

Further in this article we will consider what measures should be taken to increase the area of ​​the kitchen and make it as comfortable.

What kitchen choose?

Kitchen in Khrushchev appropriate following types of kitchen furniture layout.

The linear layout, called single-row, perfectly fits into a small area, since it implies the alignment devices and cabinets along one wall. Suitable for a family of several people.

Many household appliances are not together in this type of planning, so here is preferable to choose a built-in options. Refrigerator is desirable to insert in a row, but it is not always possible.

Opposite arrangement, if there is enough space, a dining area. Otherwise, it should be moved into the living room.

L-shaped, which is also called the corner. Typically, furniture and equipment are placed along a wall with a window and adjacent wall. This option would allow to successfully engage in the work of the corner of the room.

It decided to equip the car wash, which is located under the floor cabinet straight or beveled geometry. Angular layout is convenient for housewives, as it reduces unnecessary movement in the kitchen. Well suited for a square-shaped kitchen.

U-shaped layout - not too good solution for the kitchen in the Khrushchev, as the headset will take three adjacent walls. Kitchen because this arrangement will look closely and there will be space for a dining table.

What materials are best to use

For facade and furniture picked smooth, light materials, with the effect of gloss to visually enlarge a small area. Note that closely spaced working area is prone to frequent contamination.

Come to the aid materials resistant to aggressive influences and temperature changes. It can be countertops made of natural or artificial stone. More than a budget option - coated MDF durable plastic.

For minimalist style kitchen appropriate materials such as glass and metal surfaces, perfect highlighting selected design and weighting an interior composition.

Glass door can be done on the front, or countertop. Details of chromium-plated metal perfectly fit into the design.

Bright natural tree will look noble and luxurious, but the cost of this headset is quite high and the care it will require a lot of effort.

If you want to make a presentable design, you need to use veneered MDF, imitating natural wood. Its price is affordable and aesthetic qualities will please owners.

For the organization of the dining area you can use the lightweight material of transparent, translucent plastic. This will give a lightness and does not clutter up the room a little heavy bulky items.

At the height of the enclosures should be long, you can enter the options to the ceiling. Such long accents in the kitchen visually lengthen the wall. They put all the necessary things.

At the highest shelves placed accessories, which are rarely used, for example, celebratory tableware or mixer. Here below you can put that on a daily basis should be at hand.

What interior style is best suited

In this case, it will be easier than the selected style, so it is more appropriate for a small-sized space. Perfectly cope with the task of minimalism. It does not have much decor, using a minimum of colors, precise geometry has blurred boundaries.

Having the kitchen in high-tech style, you can get a room in a compact stylish, trendy interior. The abundance of glass and metal in combination with straight lines and strict symmetry will make every significant piece of bulkiness and relieve.

Classic will be appropriate only if the bright colors will be used in the design, for example, a natural light-colored wood. Should abandon unnecessary adornments, especially moldings on the ceiling, walls.

Provence style is characterized by a huge number of ornaments, decorations, drawings, wallpaper, will make the kitchen more visually less so from it should be abandoned.

A small kitchen is to use bright palette of quiet, unobtrusive tone. Pastel and bright shades are recommended for small area to create a visual effect of space and expand the wall.

Bright kitchen will seem more spacious and light, it will always be comfortable and cozy to cook and eat.

Important! In no case do not need to choose a dark saturated colors that eat up space, make it concise and reduced. Otherwise made repairs will look dull and depressing.

Consider what popular color solutions relevant for small kitchens.

White color It looks elegant and neat, but rather impractical in use. Neutral tone blurs the boundaries of space, so it will look bigger. You can select the white facade, appliances, countertops, ceiling finishes.

Sex is better to perform darker. Monochrome white kitchen in a white version may look boring, so the color should be diluted with one or two concomitant. It may be black, gray, blue, green or yellow.

Beige kitchen It creates a lot of comfort, tranquility and warmth. It will be relevant for most stylistic design trends, especially classics. Beige blends well with other shades, allowing you to perform a beautiful color composition. Set well suited beige wood. Worktop can be both white, and the color of wood or stone.

Diversify beige shades in the kitchen can be quite bright apron above the working area. Bright paste purple, red, orange accents give the kitchen of the original, but the selected tone to be applied in other areas of the room.

blue scale Kitchen creates a cool, spacious atmosphere. It is particularly important in the areas where the summer is too hot. As a companion color suit green, white, light gray. Should avoid large decoration and excessive ornamentation.

Light green with yellow midtone. This combination looks fresh, bright and not boring. It allows to transform a small space and make it visually lighter. Kitchen Facade color light green can be combined with a bright yellow apron decorated with beautiful images of flowers and fruits. Welcomed at the finish of the walls the use of vertical lines of different widths.

As mentioned above, the main purpose of small-sized kitchen in Khrushchev - is cooking. Therefore, the dining table can be taken to another room with a large area, and the kitchen to leave only the working surfaces (cooker, microwave oven, mixer, blender, multivarka).

Available balcony or loggia can also be involved, and will help to increase the usable area. On the balcony, you can install the same refrigerator, hob and a window sill between the balcony and the kitchen can turn into a cutting surface or a dining table.

If you do decide to leave the dining table in the kitchen, it is best if it is round or oval. You can also buy a refrigerator a horizontal layout, thus it can serve not only a place for the storage of products, but also the kitchen table.

The doors can be removed if there is a good hood. Either replace the sliding or folding door. If you still have the opportunity to remove the door, then arched doorway significantly increase the feeling of more space.

On the window sill, if desired, can be installed under the stemware holders, which also saves space cabinets.

Curtains for kitchen should choose light colors. Roman shades or blinds should be fine for the interior of the kitchen in the Khrushchev.

Often in such kitchens used convertible furniture. For example a dining table, or drawers. It is very convenient because it no longer needed they can always be removed.

Chandelier better story great, and the ceiling light stick wallpaper or paint in white.

The walls and furniture - light, designed in the same key. This design method, will make the kitchen light and airy.

Colors small kitchens should not be based on the contrast transitions, and does not tolerate large pictures on the walls. Gentle tone, if possible use more glossy and reflective surfaces that visually expand the space, and bright decorations liven up the kitchen and fill the energy.

The effect of "expanding space" can give a kitchen apron made of mirrors.

Wall-mounted with special holders metal rod, called railings, will facilitate ease of placement of kitchen utensils, which must always be in the area of ​​rapid availability and saves space in the cabinet. Useful device installed anywhere on the wall.

Open shelves on the walls are a practical and versatile storage system. If they are included in the interior, significantly saving floor space. Of the advantages of hinged shelves isolated points such as a good overview of things that do not need to be a free space for opening doors and accessories are created just for small kitchens.

Cabinets for storage of utensils and cooking utensils should be higher to accommodate an increasing number of shelves, to create more usable space. High rather narrow boxes make the space more easily, not cluttered. Open shelves this is an additional opportunity to place accessories.

Make sure that the door is opened horizontally, without taking up space when opened. Remember Khrushchev kitchen dictates the rules for cabinets - already better and higher, wider and lower.

Cooktop for small kitchen can be replaced by small, with 2-burner.

Bulky refrigerator compactly built into available niches or cabinet, not so concealing such valuable area.

Simplify the process of cleaning fruits and vegetables with a special sliding board hole, which can be easily swept away debris. It does not take much space, speed up the working moments, support hygiene.

Creative looks in the kitchen device such as a magnetic holder for the blades. Strap on the body, mounted on the wall, you can primagnitit knives, which always will be on hand and will not rust.

For a small family instead of a full table suitable modern bar. It will create a creative, stylish interior, emphasize interesting design and will be a highlight of your kitchen. It can be a quick snack, drink a cup of coffee in the morning or have a buffet with friends.

An interesting idea for a compact dining area - extend the window sill, turning it into a countertop. Involved in the work of the window sill, you can save space for other furniture. In a small room can make a sliding system that allows to lay the table only as needed.

The owners of small kitchens certainly faced with unpleasant odors that build up in the cooking process and spread around the apartment. To avoid this, it is recommended not to save on the hood, and get a good model with a large capacity.

It is not recommended to do in the kitchen of the Khrushchev

Initially, look for the entrance area. If the door opens inwards, this is not a good option. In this case it is necessary to change the opening in the opposite direction, or completely do without the door having issued the original arch.

Refrigerator should not be put next to the cooking hob, as it will be exposed to temperature extremes.

Choosing an apron over the work area, you should not choose a single color image or color, or any ingress of water droplets or oil immediately becomes evident.

The decoration of the walls, try to avoid the presence of large bright patterns and drawings contrast with the general background. Too small, too images do not look harmonious. It is best to choose a medium size or vertical geometry.

Unfortunate decision will be cluttered space, so you need to get rid of all the excess carrying no functional load and minimize the use of every kind decor.

In order to increase the space in the kitchen is removed the wall between the kitchen and living room. Obviously, this is necessary to obtain a permit in special organs. As a result, you get a large room where the kitchen is cooking place, and the living room you can put a dining table.

Delimit the space between the kitchen and living room can be a bar or do different floor coverings. But it is necessary to decide for themselves, before you decide to redevelop, whether you will be able to sleep next to a fridge and cooking hobs. Also need a good hood to the smell of cooking not stretched throughout the apartment.

Important! Before you start repairing the kitchen and clean the bearing wall or partition between the rooms, you need to obtain a special permit. And even better to entrust it to professionals who write and resolution and the wall you will be removed.

Design a kitchen in the Khrushchev (real photo)

The kitchen in every apartment is a key, perhaps the most important room, where the cooking and eating. If you live in Khrushchev, then the kitchen renovation you need to decide how you can transform such a small space.

After Khrushchev in the kitchen are often 5 to 7 square meters. m. Therefore, to use the space as efficiently as possible requires that every centimeter of space has been busy indeed productive, makes the room more comfortable and functional. Now let's see, what is worth paying attention.

How to equip a kitchen space

Refrigerator is usually placed on the side of the room or at the intersection of walls. So you can make the most efficient use of space and at the same time, open the door of the refrigerator without any problems. It is advisable to select the narrow and tall models that do not occupy a large area.

Washing machine, if you choose to install it in the kitchen, to be mounted inside the hardware, that is, be it an organic part. The color must be chosen according to the shade of the furniture in the room to maintain harmony in the interior. Take care and safety to use the washing machine has not led to the deluge, circuits and other troubles.

Gas burner surface or plate it is also desirable to mount accessories. To do this should only professionals who can carry out this procedure safely as possible. Indeed, with this technique to be trifled with! Electric burners are commonly used, are safer than gas, but with the fire always have to be careful.

The window sill in the kitchen can also be a useful functional part of the interior, because with such a small space is required to use all the features correctly. So, under a window sill can be installed compact cabinet or lengthen it by making a likeness of a compact corner of the bar. Accessories under the sill has recently become particularly popular.

The bar counter can be a great alternative to table, especially if a lot of people do not live in an apartment. So, this option furniture compact and very stylish, it will be not only functional, but also stylish part of the kitchen interior.

U-shaped layout in apartment kitchens hruschovok uncommon, because it requires an oversized furniture, as well as a wider space. Therefore, this option is suitable only for those who are accustomed to eat or cook alone, because few people will be uncomfortable to move around the room because of the narrow space. But, with proper selection of furniture, such a plan can be a very good solution.

corner layout perfect for kitchens Khrushchev, because in the corners, usually a maximum dimensional objects, and the remaining space remains for moving and placing additional interior elements. Such an embodiment requires plan competent selection cooler dimensions and kitchen furniture. Then he will do the best.

parallel planning It can also be considered as an option, but in a limited space to arrange the furniture and household appliances in such a way is rather difficult. Do it usually under the wall, resembling a U-shaped layout, but the parallel arrangement of the way interior leaves more space for the movement of people.

Planning in a row It used in Khrushchev rarely, only in cases where the rooms are narrow, but long enough. Such a method of space planning is quite convenient for the residents. But the complexity of its realization in life in an environment where every centimeter counts, does not allow to use it extensively.

The choice of colors for the kitchen depends, rather, on your preferences, but the small kitchen is usually no draws in colors like black and white, because they are very easily soiled.

Often design kitchens choose bright colors, since they visually expand the space and look very pleasing to the eye. And pick up a home furnishings under a similar color scheme is easy enough, does not need to order furniture specific colors.

Dark colors hardly ever used, because due to this interior space solutions even more reduced for small kitchens quadrature, which is quite out of place.

Where often you can see the kitchen, made in warm colors. Peach, olive and other colors give the eye a pleasant sensation, improve mood, give positive. Very often in the kitchen doing such a design, if the room is located on the north side.

You can also combine the colors, do not be afraid to experiment even with the bright colors.

The main thing is that you adhere to certain rules

  • Finishing elements should be neutral or bright tones.
  • Create a single composition with the help of all elements of the interior, in the room: furniture, appliances, curtains, curtain rods.
  • Furniture must necessarily be in harmony with the walls, so that there was no discord.
  • When using bright colors it is important to highlight key points, which will attract the attention of the hosts and guests Khrushchev.

If we consider the style, it is worth paying attention to the following points:

  • Classic style with its rather bulky interior elements are not suitable for Khrushchev. It is advisable to use it in the kitchen, where there is more space for the interior.
  • Hi-tech kitchen is very popular for kitchens Khrushchev, because here all the functional elements are the most compact, integrated appliances, appliances and even furniture are widely used. Therefore, it can be recommended for use in confined spaces Khrushchev.
  • Modern well suited for the kitchen option due to the compactness and convenience. This style is characterized by smooth lines, which are very impressive look, even in confined spaces. And modern technology fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen.
  • Provence style is quite possible to apply in terms of colors, but his grandiosity is not suitable for the kitchen in the Khrushchev. As a rule, used in the provence of larger areas to reveal all its beauty.
  • Minimalism is ideal for Khrushchev cuisine, because here there are also built-in elements and interesting solutions, and particularly elegant. It can be called truly optimal for such premises.

Pick the style of the room properly, that it is aesthetically pleasing and functional, comfortable for the residents of the apartment.

It is extremely important to properly arrange its components in a small kitchen:

  • Walls. They should be designed in bright colors. A very common and easy option and design wall decoration is to create a kitchen apron, which will divide the space into functional zones.
  • Ceiling advisable to make the tension, because this material enlarges the area, easy to care for him. Finishing mandatory should be light.
  • The floor can be laid in various materials, but in recent years it has become a very popular coloring for wood that is laid with tiles or laminate. It looks like the lower part of the room is very impressive and interesting.
  • the kitchen door may even be absent altogether, often used arched entrance. If you decide to use that door, it is advisable to choose the option with an abundance of glass elements, which makes the area of ​​the room where a bright and interesting in terms of design.
  • Curtains is desirable to choose a tone darker than the total space in the room. But in no case can not hang quite so dark. An interesting variant is turquoise, purple, pink. These colors look interesting, perfectly complement the space, protected from the sun.

Set should be compact and, at the same time, the most functional, contain built-in elements.

The table is also important to choose correctly. He should be with rounded corners. A great idea and will use the bar.

The shell should be integrated in the headset, so as not to take up too much space. It is usually located under the safe-bin.

All cabinets in the kitchen should contain a large number of items to be spacious to put dishes and other utensils as compact as possible.

Excellent fit in the interior of the unit as desired.

Stove should also be integrated into the headset so as not conspicuous in the space of the room.

Khrushchev in the kitchen absolutely necessary to establish the most powerful extract, which does not allow odors to spread around the housing.

With regard to lighting, it should be bright. But in view of the small area, too powerful lamps will not be necessary.

With the proper location of your kitchen will always be bright and colorful.

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Buy Khrushchev in the kitchen - often from the producer to order

Factory "Rubicon-M" offers inexpensive to buy a small kitchen in the Khrushchev on the order of size of the room.

Kitchen in Khrushchev - is 5.5 - 6 sq.m. On such a small area is necessary to manage to place a zone for cooking and dining table to accommodate at least a little.

We offer options to see the location of kitchen furniture in a small room

Select and order kitchen can be on the following parameters:

Photo catalog of kitchen furniture for apartments in the Khrushchev

In a small room in an apartment in the Khrushchev need to place household appliances (refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher) and leave some space to turn around.

How to correctly plan a small room in an apartment? The most difficult - is to create a space for the work area. The entire surface countertops in the small kitchen occupy the stove, sink, kettle, microwave oven.

First we need to think about - from what you can give up, but on what is not? Maybe instead-burner stove, you will have enough of the two stove burners.

Do you use the oven? Maybe its a better place to put a modern microwave oven with a grill? It is smaller and you will have a place for the drawer. In general, all kitchen items selected on the basis in order to maximize all minimize.

Where to buy a kitchen in a small apartment - Khrushchev?

"Rubicon-M" Our factory offers manufacturing of kitchen furniture to your room size. plant experts will help you plan your kitchen to suit every centimeter of usable area, to create a convenient and comfortable for the cooking zone.

You can order a small table or the bar of the table top in the same color as that of the kitchen units.

To buy kitchen, you must first decide on the material and color for its production. We offer execution of furniture from virtually any material: MDF glossy and matte, MDF patina, solid wood.

The most inexpensive material Economy - a MDP in the film, which may also be a shade with a matt and gloss. Large range of color film allows you to buy a kitchen in Khrushchev absolutely any color.

To order the kitchen for a small apartment in a five-storey apartment, you can call us by phone or write an e-mail.

(495) 777-64-15, (916) 467-74-42, (929) 650-60-30

electric. mail [email protected]

We produce kitchen inexpensive economy class to order to Khrushchev, made to fit your small space at a reasonable price and in the shortest possible time.

Our designers will help to make a competent plan using interesting design solutions to create a functional kitchen, and effective techniques to increase the visual space of the room. Buy cheap kitchen for a small kitchen is better to order from the manufacturer.

Choose a call, order!

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