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The online catalog factory Sputnik Style presented 45 sets of models: 19 kitchens in classic style (including light classical, Provence, Country, English, and "palace") and 26 modern kitchen (modern, minimalist, high-tech and others.) . A funny detail: the names of all sets begin with the letter "B".

In addition the company produces kitchen sets closets and cabinet furniture for living rooms, hallways, closets and children's rooms under the name "Mia M".

At Sputnik Style you can order kitchen with facades MDF with milling and without it, solid wood (oak, ash, alder, acacia, birch, laminated chipboard or aluminum profile with inserts made of plastic, acrylic or glass. The factory offers as the facades of its own production and front panels from Italy and Poland.

Finishes - matt and glossy PVC film, plastic, akrilayn, veneer (oak, cherry, acacia and other species).

Casing made of chipboard sets Egger thickness of 18 mm class E1.

Fittings and components - European brands: Blum, Hettich, VIBO, Hetal, FGV, Rehau, BV et al.

Kitchen set Sputnik style can complement the sink artificial granite or stainless steel mixer and built-in appliances.

Calculated individually and independent of cuisine size selection modules, facades, furniture and filling.

Prices on cheap kitchen with facades from chipboard starting from an average of 50 thousand for direct headset in the base. Cost models of MDF starts from 63 thousand for a simple kit. Prices of dishes from the array start at 90-100 thousand.

location of production: Moscow and Moscow region

The warranty on the furniture24 months

Official website of Sputnik Style:

Where to order: in Moscow and the Moscow area furniture kitchen Sputnik Style is available in 29 showrooms.

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Photo catalog of popular manufacturers of furniture - kitchen sets classic, modern, country and Provence, addresses salons in Moscow, prices, review the materials.

Kitchen to order from the manufacturer.

Furniture factory "Sputnik Style" one of the leaders in the manufacture of kitchen furniture. Over 15 years of history and fruitful work we have achieved significant success in their industry and are pleased to offer our customers a wide range of individual, beautiful stylish kitchen sets at an affordable price.

Calculate your new kitchen is a breeze. Enter information on the size of the room, choose a model, a complete set and get the approximate cost of your purchase.

We make service convenient and affordable. Since the purchase manager in charge will inform you of the status.

You can see the photo gallery integrated into the interior kitchen.

Read the information in this section if you have any questions, it is best to call us by phone 8 (495) 644-36-64 and our managers will answer any.

Metering kitchen space has a lot of subtleties and nuances, consider that only a professional can, using special tools and equipment.

Assembly and installation of kitchen furniture at the customer engaged professionals trained and have many years of experience.

Buy kitchen from the manufacturer - whether it is beneficial?

Obviously, the purchase the kitchen directly the manufacturer is much cheaper. Well, when the manufacturer is not far from you, but what to do if there is a decent factory nearby. It is necessary to solve the problem of choice, value and quality, the cost of delivery.

Before you execute the contract on custom kitchen, we propose to make an accurate measurement of the room space and to develop a individual design project. Your interior will be the most harmonious, and at installation kitchen furniture will not have unexpected problems. We carry out both production sets, as well as their delivery, and assembly. In our stores you can order professional kitchen installation, which ensures its reliability and durability. Also see the article:

Virtual tour of the saloon at the factory

Modern style.


As part of the annual exhibition of the week in the World Trade Center on Krasnaya Presnya Furniture Factory Style Sputnik held a conference for dealers.

Kitchen SATELLITE style: features, benefits, customer reviews

Need furniture for the kitchen? Pay attention to the production factory SATELLITE style - the Russian manufacturer of kitchen produces high quality headsets.

What advantages do SATELLITE kitchen style?

The products of this factory is distinguished by:

  • A variety of models. "Ethnicity" sets of satellites - the result of their own design work. One of the tasks assigned to them - constantly updated catalog of new-to-date models.
  • Environmentally friendly products. In the manufacture of furniture fronts are solid wood and MDF. The housings are made from class E1 chipboard. All materials are thoroughly tested for compliance with Russian and international standards.
  • The highest quality of manufacture. The production sites of factories equipped with modern machines of German and Italian brands.
  • Affordable price. The factory sells its products through an online store and branded showrooms and dealers do not use the services. The cost of furniture 3 m starts from 30 thousand. rub.

In addition to furniture, factory supply related goods: washing for dishes, countertops, built-in appliances.

What food produces SATELLITE style?

SATELLITE cuisine style - see below photo -. Are available in modern and classical style. The first - a modern - is distinguished by:

  • a variety of colors and textures;
  • simplicity of forms and crisp lines;
  • limiting functionality.

Modern style chosen by young and active. People wiser and older prefer the "timeless classics". SATELLITE classic cuisine style is characterized by:

  • quiet colors;
  • "Traditional" design;
  • elegant appearance.

Types of kitchen cabinets style kitchen companion:

  • lockers with film MDF facades (glossy and matte);
  • lockers with facades made of wood;
  • lockers with facades made of aluminum profile, decorated with glass, plastic and acrylic inserts.

Options countertop material:

  • fake diamond;
  • chipboard;
  • Quartz composite.

layout options:

  • in the form of the letter "L";
  • the letter "P";
  • in a straight line.

The most popular models SATELLITE style cuisine:

  • Villagio - Country headsets, available in three color variants;
  • Vasilisa - two-tone furniture in the style of Provence;
  • Vancouver - set with framed facades in a modern style;
  • Vanessa - "classic" kitchen facades with film;

  • Valletta - rational, attention to detail set in a minimalist style.

food selection algorithm Sputnik style

  • The choice of style. Catalog of the factory has two subdirectories. One of them is called "Kitchen in classical style", the second - "Kitchen in a modern style."
  • The choice of model. Each of the subdirectories contains about 20 models of kitchens.
  • The choice of form. Kitchen may have an angular, U-shaped or linear form.
  • Choosing countertops.
  • "Alignment" technology.
  • Calculating the cost. The online calculator calculates the cost of the set depending on the model variant countertops, shaped headset, room size and the availability of equipment.

Pay attention to the manufacturer's stock. Of those that operate continuously:

  • sale of exhibition samples;
  • discount on the dishwasher or hood when purchasing a set of household appliances;
  • Ordered off the kitchen on the site.

Kitchen style SATELLITE: customer reviews

Winter 2013 ordered the kitchen in the cabin SATELLITE style of Saratov. Manager we quickly oriented the costs and helped to define the color and model. We chose glossy set "Verger" in creamy coffee design. The project was made very quickly - for approval of revisions took only 2 days. Installation of furniture took 1 day. For the second year we use the kitchen - no complaints were not. Price, too satisfied. The only caveat - do not order closer to the withdrawable unit with a basket. With closers to use it would be more convenient. Marina, Saratov

This summer, ordered the kitchen "Virginia" from solid oak. Furniture manufactured and installed on time. I was pleased with the quality and price. I liked that the manufacturer offers a cuisine of different price categories. In this case, the cheapest material - chipboard - looks very decent. When I saw him, I thought that this MDF enamel. Merely, Rostov-on-Don

Two friends of the family ordered food SATELLITE style - the one turned out to be a marriage, and the second was brought without curved facade. Errors corrected immediately. build quality was up to par. Established quickly. Result over arranged. Foreman, Moscow

Kitchen "Veda" MDF under the film cost me 115 thousand. Rub. Expensive, but have not regretted a single time. I was satisfied and salon professionals. Designer Alexander told me all, came to the metering, painted the kitchen, and helped pick up the facade and technology. My friends also bought a kitchen in the cabin and also satisfied. Serenite, Vladimir

Kitchen Sputnik-style served me faithfully for seven years. Facades - MDF film. Nothing has been peeled off and does not warp. Ayrillik, Vladimir

I ordered just two dishes SATELLITE style - himself and his brother. The quality is good, the kitchen came the rich! I was surprised that the prices are highly dependent on the configuration. Everything else is very much! Max, Voronezh

We were looking for, where to order the kitchen, and were in the cabin of satellites - there we warmly greeted, advised, took the order. Within a week we had an exclusive cuisine - with Italian facades, very comfortable and beautiful. Thank you for a 20% discount. Sofitta, Moscow

I ordered the kitchen of shares 20% - saved and made a good gift to his wife. Timur, Nizhny Novgorod.

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