The kitchen is 20 square meters design photo

30 examples of kitchen-living room of 20 square meters. meters

Free planning is now in the trend, and it is chosen not only as appropriate. It is quite logical to have one the most comfortable accommodation, stylish and beautiful than the two small, where all the expressiveness and appeal will be limited by walls on all sides.

Single kitchen-living room of 20 square footage. m provides not only functional, but also beautiful design. Having considered the pictured all possible ways to zoning, preferred for a particular plan, taking into account all the successful variants of furniture, will be able to combine the best practical and aesthetic side.

All the advantages in one space

Very often, such a decision is justified in new buildings, where there are no internal walls, it just eases the task of resettlement. This decision was resorted in the Khrushchev. But then you have to spend efforts not only on the demolition of the wall, but also to obtain approvals.

The result is worth it:

  • kitchen and living room are more comfortable, functional due to the presence of free space around;
  • dining area may be a full portion with a large table, comfortable chairs, elbow in sufficient quantities;
  • the interior becomes more interesting, expressive, filled with vivid, memorable details.

Kitchen-living room with dining area

Metrazhny balance of two zones may be different. If you rarely cook, but spend a lot of time with the guests, there is no reason to make a kitchen on a global scale. If on the contrary, a kitchen actively, intensely exploited, it makes sense to equip it thoroughly, spending under its area of ​​up to half of the total space of 19-20 square meters - then the interior design must include a full meal place.

The linear layout countertops with comfortable but compact chairs along the wall with the window will not only enable the area is not usually used, but also match the fashion trends of Western design. Such solutions are increasingly used in the spirit of modern minimalist Japanese style.

There are drawbacks associated mainly with the impossibility of isolation, if necessary, but they are easy to eliminate the presence of partitions. They load their share real substitutes doors and walls, and can be more conventional, symbolic. But their choice depends on taking into account the wishes of the family.

  • Sliding glass doors - transparent, but rescued from odors, noise. Help beat the remaining polustenok in failing to complete the dismantling of the separation wall.
  • Sliding design with stained - razgranichat for more secluded environment. You can turn on a bright light in the kitchen, in the living room if needed muted.
  • Folding embodiments, screens - the separation if necessary.

Proper separation of space will allow the joint design kitchen and living room to make the necessary alternative area for 20 squares, albeit in a somewhat abridged version. It fits not only the mild group with a TV area, but also a study, a library, a game for your child, especially if there is an opportunity to add a balcony to the total area.

The main division of the two main zones often holds:

  • bar;
  • the island - a very convenient option;
  • effective false partition plasterboard;
  • High sofa with back rest disposed behind long dresser console;
  • a large aquarium, perhaps built;
  • arch.

The bar counter will allow her to be a convenient place for snacking few people, only when it is large, and the pass-through design.

Line compound underlined opposite plane:

  • Gender - podium modification. The elevation is inevitably occurs when the engineering systems have lead to the island.
  • Ceiling lighting, lots of unusual lamps, repeating the markup above.

All 20 meters are made in one color - the kitchen easier to fit as part of the interior. Selected style - the main point in creating a united design.

Usually not overloaded selected decorative elements, functional and practical:

  • Loft. Decorative brick employs to highlight specific areas - sitting room, dining.
  • High tech. Style lets you use techniques, daring designer furniture items.
  • Minimalism. Laconic furniture properties, modularity will fall at the place, and is able to add a monochrome space. Lighting out for the leading roles, enhancing the glossy effect.
  • Scandinavian. Bright shades of beige, gray, white fundamentally complements the natural tones of blue and blue, pale green, gray and brown. The addition of natural wood, textiles brings comfort. Furniture concise, easy on the floor, usually whitewashed rocks, gray and ocher.
  • Neoclassicism - fresh interpretation of classic interiors that allow to keep pace with time to enjoy the green, sand, yellow shades.

After selecting a style, choosing particular materials, often the question arises as to issue more elaborately different sites. For example, it is logical to make a wooden floor, but in the food preparation area he will definitely suffer sooner or later. Floor covering must have characteristics of extended spectrum: moisture resistance, wear resistance.

Therefore, the tiles - the most reliable, proven option. Now simulate the textures have reached a level that is visually difficult to distinguish where it ends or laminate flooring and ceramic starting area, especially if the joint is made properly. Conversely, you can highlight the differences, winning color combination, and self-leveling floor will enhance any effect to the limit.

For more walls needing care zone is selected washable wallpaper. Paint suitable paint - more preferred from the viewpoint of ecology and natural option than plastic panels.

Standard ceiling - glossy white, capable of lifting height. But it is not suitable everywhere: in the trendy loft - better matt. The ceiling has long ceased to be perceived as a place for chandeliers: built-in lighting will make any intensity, and expired stylish shades on thin high leg up to the ceiling at the table or sofa will give enough light.

On which part of the budget lies in equipping the kitchen, it will depend on how much effort and money will then be spent on the maintenance of the interior in the original "new" condition.

Extractor hood - the main and mandatory attribute, the more manufacturers are offering a lot of creative options for adaptation of the subject in any style:

  • pioneering on the verge of Futurism;
  • powerful ceiling in silver metal for urban areas;
  • hidden in the wall for concise decisions;
  • bill camouflage case for "non-industrial" styles, such as retro, vintage and authentic.

It should be good to think over the layout drawing - its location is recommended in place of plate dislocations, although manufacturers of kitchen furniture are able to assert the opposite.

Noise contacts of the two main zones, even in the presence of the partition should be eliminated. If the opportunity to see and hear the TV from the kitchen area plus just connected the interior, then in the opposite direction it is not valid. Actual: silent machinery, accessories, allows you to close the door gently.

The kitchen is inconceivable without specific attributes such as a mixer or oven, not all can be masked as much as possible, when you want the room to the impression of a large living room than the kitchen. Noticeable, striking décor, a special kind of furniture can drag attention to yourself, designer chairs, fashionable armchair, paintings, lamps, and preferably a bright accent color.

Studio apartment - living room with kitchen

Headsets: the location and the overall impression

When the free plan kitchen-living room of 20 square meters selection of kitchen units and design is always more interesting than the kitchen of 6 m. Even in the photo can be traced to what methods are unusual, sometimes diametrically opposed.

Some allow you to select the cooking zone to general perception, the other - to disguise:

  • L-shaped layout - the default, you can use any layout.
  • U - shaped layout with the sink in the kitchen window allows you to emphasize comfort, to bring increased functionality. Preparation of culinary delights will be as comfortable sandwiching complete models of household appliances from the combine, built-in coffee machine to a vacuum vessel.
  • Locked modules concealing large attributes the kitchen area due to backlighting take a fantastic view.

  • The absence of upper tier - in a concise Stylistics for accurate, nevychurnogo impressions.
  • Small open shelf - pretty spectacular dishes can serve as both decor. A bottom drawer - roomy, with professional storage systems instead of guaranteed utensils, supplies.
  • The highest possible, dull set up to the ceiling - a maximum of functionality. All equipment, utensils, "domohozyayskie" attributes are hidden, and visually there is a complete integration of space that characterizes the owners as a fully free from household trifles.

Complete, the finished image is not possible without decoration. Quite often, when combined turns 2 windows. And so for their design must be applied 2 times more effort.

The abundance of textiles on the windows is very overloaded space - even for classic begging simple flowing from the ceiling without many options swags.

Combined design project will place the fireplace in the living room. Electronic versions of this cozy attribute will allow him to become a good addition to the room. Depending on the configuration of the room has a sofa or back to the kitchen, or sideways. Binding color accents blend apron stands and cushions.

More a lot of different design techniques can be seen in the photo combined examples of such different and can take into account the specific wishes of the owners. A variety of interior solutions can easily combine the kitchen with a cozy living room with a soft, creating a 20 square meters of the original space.

How to combine the kitchen with living room: design options over an area of ​​20 square meters. m

Small-sized housing, recognized as the most cost-effective, not justified - tenants cramped rooms are numerous ways to expand and make more convenient the limited space. In this regard, he returned to fashion spacious rooms and studio apartments with conventional partitions. We try to figure out how to combine maximum functionality and design of the kitchen-living room of 20 square meters: photo examples to help sort out the ways and means of creating a comfortable environment.

Unusual layout modern apartments ↑

The division of the huge halls and large rooms into smaller rooms occurred at a time when the housing market froze and there is free housing deficit. So at the time there were communal. Now it began a reverse process - boring narrow room is combined with a tiny 5-meter kitchen in order to extend the footage and make living conditions more comfortable.

A good example of combining the three functional areas: the kitchen, dining and living room

In the apartments of the new building redevelopment is provided in advance - you can probably find 30-40-meter studio than cramped and uncomfortable small rooms connected by narrow corridors. Combining the kitchen and living area - a great trick that of one large room leads to two conventionally delimited residential segment while maintaining the spatial characteristics.

The delimitation of the space includes all elements of the interior, from floor to ceiling

Now you can join the kitchen to the large volume of balconies and loggias, which also helped to increase the area at the expense of a few additional meters. The only condition for such a union - the maximum insulation constructions made overseas principal residence, with the help of double glazing and a "warm floor" system. Design kitchen-dining room of 20 square meters has also increased.

Part of the kitchen area is on the loggia

Combining the kitchen and adjacent rooms ↑

Get comfortable accommodation in a modern style in the Khrushchev may be the only way, by removing the wall between the kitchen and adjoining bathroom. Assume that the initial footage - 6 m² and 14 m², a total of 20 m² get. They can freely turn around and advanced designer, and professional builders.

Combining by demolishing the wall

Do not forget that some utilities are better left unchanged. For example, are not recommended to carry vent (even for shift to 10 cm requires special authorization) and laid along the walls of rooms of residential sewer and water pipe.

Kitchen communication remain at the old location, but the room is completely transformed

The only thing that can be changed - location of electrical wiring. Using this, you can shift all the sockets down and make a new, more convenient layout. Mount Technology drywall and stretch ceiling designs provide an opportunity to experiment with the design of the ceiling in a modern studio of 20 square meters, parallel to creating the most illuminated areas and areas with subdued light.

Design Option ceilings in the combined kitchen-living room

Change the layout should be legally - only on the condition of registration in the state courts package permits.

Methods of zoning space ↑

Having been in a kitchen-living room area of ​​20 squares or by combining two adjacent rooms, you need to decide which part of the room to do the work, and what defined as a place of rest. Designers recommend to give ¼ arrangement under the kitchen area with furniture and built-in appliances, and arrange ¾ style living room - cozy corner for family parties and gatherings with friends.

Home layout vaguely reminiscent of the situation in a favorite cafe

We are accustomed to the vertical delimiters - partitions and shelves, it's easy to not clutter the space, but it's still a wall. Horizontal border routed differently. One of the interesting techniques - creating a low (15-25 cm) of the podium, sometimes with an additional step. On the podium is usually located kitchen area, the remaining area belongs to the living room.

Podium with an additional step

However, the creation of two levels is sometimes a little - without additional design techniques two diverse area merge into a single composition. Presence levels must be emphasized using color schemes, or groups of different furniture sets. It is noted that, even without the construction of the podium different design flooring is able to be divided two areas.

The zoning involves two different types of floor covering

Furniture group are assembled in the following way:

  • cooking zone - corps set with built-in appliances;
  • dining room - a dining table with a set of chairs (stools, chairs);
  • living room - sofa, chairs, coffee table.

This is a traditional scheme, however, an exception to the general rules. For example, surround the island, handed down in the middle of the room, is free to combine the work surface with a dining area.

Table top "island" has not escaped the zoning

The presence of the podium - a good excuse to increase the degree of comfort, having arranged under ceramic flooring system "warm floor".

Bar and decorative dividers ↑

The most common technique for creating stylish interior living room kitchen of 20 square meters, converted from Khrushchev, it is a small bar. It performs a variety of functions: rightfully replaces a dining table, a decorative element that is part of the convenient locker.

Compact home mini-bar with an original storage system

Instead of bar you can set the partition of the drywall. Solid walls are not suitable as fully block the space, it is better to stay on the lightweight construction with a straight geometry or, on the contrary, an asymmetric construction.

The partition in the form of openwork construction weightless

There is a convenient way to temporarily distinction - the installation of a compact portable screens that can be quickly removed if desired. This case is perfect for large families or hospitable owners, who often gather friends - throw parties, festivals, theater performances.

Semi-transparent mobile screen

The role of the septum an incredible versatile and user-friendly in every sense of the rack with shelves for flowers, books, decorative items - a real treasure for the design studios.

Simple in execution stack with beautiful decor

The nuances of diffused and directional lighting ↑

Using the lighting system - an extra modern way to the space zoning. Artfully selected fixtures will help create 2-3 completely different area of ​​purpose, united by a single style.

Differentiation of ceiling structures and methods of lighting - chandelier in a recreation area and built-in lights in the kitchen

This spacious room can be safely placed lighting, which is quite difficult to combine with each other in the narrow room. For example, create a system of spot lighting in the kitchen segment, hang a chandelier over the dining table and floor lamps to place on the edges of a seating area.

Favorite classics - a large comfortable shade over the dining table

With downlights, on the contrary, can be combined to create a large space, if they are randomly distributed over the entire ceiling area without sharing on purpose or design.

Combining different design ceiling lamps in the same area

The lighting system will be much more diverse, if, along with the installation of various types of light sources used opportunities stretch and suspended structures, consisting of several layers. Texture and color of the ceiling within a room can also vary.

Curly tiered ceilings

Furniture as an edge piece of furniture ↑

The design of the kitchen studio of 20 square meters of furniture actively involved pertaining to different regions. One-quarter of the space - it's not so much, so the kitchen should be compact and convenient at the same time. Helps built-in appliances hidden behind the facade: the unified layout is preserved without loss of functionality.

Appliances built-in furniture

It is preferable to select one-line or L-shaped headset that there is adequate space to move around. If you do not have enough space for dishes or products, you can expand the storage system by increasing the height of wall cabinets or devices mezzanine on the perimeter.

Ergonomic system of drawers

The role of the kitchen units - not interfere, do not clutter the space, be comfortable and ergonomic, while the furniture along with the implementation of the basic functions is a good delimiter.

The minimalist interior design studio

The classic version: long sofa or seating area is set back to the kitchen area, in front of it is television. Convenient coffee table serves as both dining and gaming, and even a desk.

Sofa located sideways relative to the kitchen

Color in the interior of the spacious studio ↑

Selecting the palette is not as important as the selection of the furniture groups. By using different shades can be divided into several segments premises or vice versa, to create integrally from disparate parts.

Classical solution - with its white décor accentuated with dark brown details

Use of detail can be boring monotonous atmosphere not simply animate and make uniform, consistent in one direction. Color textiles, decorative elements, table tops easily combined or make contrast.

Green accents space as a way of combining

Repetition of color in interior design different zones serves the unity of style as well as the choice of suitable furniture or decorating the ceiling.

Facades of furniture echo the design of the floor near a couch

Stylistic unity - bringing together design method ↑

design studio does not imply simultaneous incarnation of different styles. If you prefer eclecticism, it should extend to the entire area. The style must be the same, but how it is - you choose.

Gorgeous classic in light design

Good option recognizes any modern style because it fit perfectly glossy facades and metallic luster embedded appliances.

Minimalism in rich colors

Even stylized rural area is quite appropriate - 20 m² used to express the style of original detail.

Unusual interior in country style

Interesting and useful videos provide an excellent opportunity to learn from professionals and stock up on new ideas.

Tips on arrangement of the room designer 18-20 m²:

Video processing combined with options for space:

Professional performance - a master class from the transfer of "Housing Problem":

Studio room 20 m² - a real springboard for creative people with a modern outlook on life. Due to all kinds of design techniques, you can change the room beyond recognition, to divide it into zones and turn it into a comfortable functional housing.

In modern apartments kitchen area is not just for cooking. It can also be a dining room and a small living room. On the living room kitchen design.

Subtleties kitchen design living room: examples of successful space zoning

Kitchen 13 sq.m - quite spacious room. It can be freely placed a full dining area, modern appliances and furniture. And.

The cozy interior of 13 square meters: the options layout and design of the kitchen with sofa

Every housewife knows that the more the kitchen area, the comfortable and functional room will be. But, unfortunately, small kitchens are often found in apartments.

The design of the kitchen-living room 20 m: photo and recommendations

The theme of today's article: the design of a kitchen-living room of 20 square meters, as well as real photo with the zoning of the premises and recommendations for settlement.

It goes on the finished studios like squaring and about small apartments in which redevelopment is made by combining the kitchen and living room.

Cons Open plan

The first thing we talk about is about the disadvantages of such redevelopment.

Pros and so are obvious: the visual space and the ability to create a stylish atmosphere.

But before you decide to take this step, you have to take into account all the possible inconveniences associated with reconstruction. What is it?

Most importantly, perhaps, is that you lose the whole room. That is, if your living room before it is served as a living room, then it does not matter.

But if there was a sofa, where sleep, you should think about the fact that now the dream is broken if the household will visit the kitchen at night.

In addition, do not forget about the smells of cooking. No hood is not able to cope with the effects of frying fish, for example.

At the same time, all the textiles in the living room (curtains, furniture), absorb odors instantly, but to erode them is not so simple.

Also, do not forget about the sounds:

  • working fridge
  • Meat Grinder
  • Hoods
  • With a kitchen hammer on the meat
  • Water running while washing dishes

All this will be heard by those who are currently in the living room watching TV and peacefully.

That is, he has nowhere to escape, therefore, it is necessary or just silently angry or put TV sound to maximum, which can not fail to annoy the person who at that time preparing.

In addition, there is one thing that should not be taken into account:, in the case of an associate of such a location number does not take place if it is possible to throw the dishes unwashed overnight in a separate kitchen.

It is very unpleasant to sit in front of the TV and enjoy the mountain of dirty dishes.

So, do not get excited, but first check with your home before such a serious repair.

The demolition of the wall: possible difficulties

Not every wall can be carried easily and simply.

If the house is brick, for example, Hruschev time period, then there is no problem: there are internal partitions easily demolished without any consequences, and there is load-bearing walls - only front

But if the house panel, then here it is already difficult. Typically, in these homes the wall between the kitchen and living room - concrete and at the same time is a carrier.

This means that it is based on overlapping blocks, and if you remove this support, the high-rise with time begins to give bank.

Load-bearing walls can not endure in any case!

Generally, to dismantle the concrete wall is not so simple, even partially. It has done only by means of a diamond cutting, which is not cheap and time-consuming.

But if you still really want to remove it, you will have to make strong strengthening of metal sills.

Moreover, the wall still should not be cleaned completely.

In place of its junction with overlapping blocks need to leave a piece of concrete, which reinforce both sides of the metal. Also, the strengthening of doing the opposite side.

And for all this you need a project and approvals.

That is, of course you can make repairs without any permission, but then sell this apartment will not work. Rather, will only pay you for the redevelopment of the sale already.

How do I know bearing wall or not?

The easiest way to find out, bearing wall or not - look at the log, they're marked with a thicker line.

If you do not see a difference in the picture, then look at the ceiling. Always bearing wall at the junction of ceiling blocks.

However, this method can be used if the ceiling is not a thick layer of filler or other type of finish, masking the seams.

You can even knock on the wall if you feel a slight vibration and the hollow sound, it is possible to break down the wall. And if she was deaf and unrealistic hard, it is better not to touch it.

Which areas should be in the kitchen-studio?

Twenty square meters - it is not so little. It is easy to get lost, after the wall is already demolished.

Before breaking the partition, you need to consider the future interior space, as this will depend on how to make the dismantling: perhaps part of the wall will have to leave.

For example, a rug at the bottom, in order to place there the bar. Or a piece of the wall from the side, to draw a dividing arch curly or shelves from him.

So what area is divided combined kitchen studio:

  • cooking zone (kitchen): countertop, sink, cooker
  • Dining area (dining room): table and chairs
  • Seating area (room): sofa, armchairs, TV, coffee table, buffet with dishes or bookcase

In short, the need to put all that before stood in two separate rooms.

But if before the wall was torn down, it did not matter the combination of furniture in these two areas, but now the circumstances have changed.

Interior decorations, furniture and wall color should be in the same style, anyway, harmonious type will not work.

The combination of the two rooms must necessarily include a splitter, otherwise the zone will be visually merge.

Zoning kitchen - living in several ways, which will be discussed below. You can choose any of them as well, they are quite realistic combined with each other.

For example, you can make the bar, but add a stage to the floor or the shelf divider to the edge of the wall.

In general, the options are just a sea. We'll give you some ideas, but you have to choose what and how to combine.

We are confident that our selection, you are sure to find something useful and example designs kitchen - living room, a cubic capacity of 20 square meters. m, the photo with the latest in 2016 - will be very useful in the planning phase.

The bar can be a long, almost the entire width of the kitchen, but you can at the half.

It depends on how many people live in an apartment and what functions it carries.

When the wall is demolished, it turns out kitchen - dining room with two windows.

And in the space between them can be delivered or dining table or the bar, behind which you can have.

If you do not have goals to dine on it, you can make it short and to the other side. Then it would take more than a decorative role and visually divide the room.

Kitchen with breakfast bar looks very stylish and modern.

Also a good option separation zones. The ceiling can be made of a different material to the kitchen area and lower it a little lower than the ceiling in the living room. Then the room will look visually-separated.

The same goes for sex. If you make a step, which leads to the kitchen, the space will no longer be looked associate. Even better, if the floor covering will be of different colors and textures.

On the kitchen area - tiles, for example, and in the living room - laminate or tile, too, but a different color.

Look at the picture, there are many options for using zoning levels:

Arch between two rooms is also able to visually separate them. It can make any shape: a semi-circular, square, curly.

Very well, if the built-in shelves are at the edges of the arch. They can put souvenirs, books, or what - or a decorative ware.

Arch should be built of a material corresponding to the interior style.

If you have a country - style, then preferably the entire tree, and if present, it is more appropriate drywall.

Decorative dividers: drywall, wooden grilles, stained glass

They can be done in the form of a wall with shelves, or in the form of stairs. Colors and material of manufacture separators must comply with the overall design of the room.

Very well looked gypsum separators, but keep in mind that they are not very functional, and durable. Over time, the angles necessary obbivat by putties and exposed iron profile, which put to the forming corners.

Restore the plasterboard is not so easy, as the corners from bumps deformed. So, if you have the opportunity, just choose other options: wooden shelves, glass, stained glass.

Especially in light coincident kitchen-living room

When you remove a partition, the room gets bigger. And due to the fact that now the walls do not reflect light, two chandeliers will already be enough.

The best option is a light above each zone: above the kitchen, dining and living room, otherwise it will be dull.

In conclusion - to say: kitchen - studio a good option if you have in stock have separate bedrooms for the whole family. And if they do not, then you should not sacrifice comfort for the sake of beauty.

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