Kitchen 3 meters

Ideas for the kitchen 3m: photos and interior design.

Here you will find the best photos of the interior design and kitchen length of three (3) meters. Various garniturnaja solutions can meet various requirements: one focused more on storage, while others are for the most part designed for times of built-in appliances.

If you want to find interesting, modern ideas for decorating a small kitchen - on our website you will find a variety of options for kitchen design length of 3 meters. Do not worry that your kitchen is small in size and is located, for example, in a panel house with a failed plan - you're sure to find a variety of ways to design and zoning. Regardless of whether your kitchen is a living room at the same time, use your built-in furniture or you want to do it with a sofa - we will offer a variety of ways to create a unique interior. We have some ideas for the corner rooms with window and balcony, as well as for any other - just look at the photo cuisine 3 m, which we offer, and make your choice!

These photos were taken in excellent quality, they are present as embedded and isolated appliances, as well as apply different styling and colors. Our collection of photos Kitchen 3 meters long is one of the largest collections of interiors. Here you can see detail a variety of design options, to bring in the apartment is the most interesting of them or create your own compilation of the best ideas.

Design kitchen straight 3 meters - 25 modern photo ideas

Direct layout is used in many cases. However, it is not always possible to make the headset comfortable, spacious and stylish. How to combine all these qualities in a single project?

What equipment can be included in the three-meter kitchen?

3 linear meters at minimum configuration comprises:

If we consider that in the same 3 meter includes a stove and a fridge, we have:

  • refrigerator 60 cm;
  • 60 cm plate;
  • 3 cabinet 60 cm (or one block of 80 cm, and thereto are 2 60 cm wide and 40 cm).

If you want to build even a washing machine or dishwasher, then remains on the lower cabinets 120 cm, which rise two thumbs up on the 60 cm.

In short, the more built-in appliances in the lower tier, the lower shelves and drawers will remain here for pots and pans, and groceries.

From three meters 60 cm headset goes into the fridge. 80cm we have agreed to allocate to a high pencil. It is 140 cm. It remains 160 cm.

Open shelves are good in those homes where there is little dust flying from the windows, and the landlady is enough time to maintain perfect order on the tabletop. As a rule, such an option is good when the little dishes, and it is not going in colorful stacks inside cabinets.

If you live in an area where frequent droughts, many plants, and you often have to wipe the shelves, then close your exhibit beautiful kitchen utensils, even glass facades. They allow visitors to see how good you are as a mistress, and at the same time working to maintain order will be much less.

Blind facades are able to conceal anything that is not perfectly beautifully laid. But behind them you will be able to install additional suspended shelves of different sizes, different separators. And on the door to hang themselves by securing additional spices, cover and other trifles.

Relative to the height of the cabinets. Minimum size starting at 35 cm. (Useful volume of 30 and 5 refer to "fit freely" dishes and MDF thickness). Above the refrigerator and extractor hood - just what you need.

Cruising size is 70 cm. This shelf or shelves 2 and drying. Sometimes there is a complete set with two drying cabinets.

Built in the height of 90 cm capacious. However, the top tier will be difficult to use without stulki ladders. As an option - the shelves with a special mechanism to lower them. However, they are uncomfortable for heavy utensils.

The compromise solution lies in the fact that the standard wall cabinets 30-40 cm deep in the tall order of 60 -70 cm. And above them to establish full-size deep mezzanine. They can be made in other colors, as if dissolved in the wall. Or to make them interesting and high cabinets framing the working area.

So, how many upper cabinets need at the equipment that we have to get down?

  • 80 cm pencil left on high, so there is no wall cabinet installed.
  • 1 wardrobe 60h35 cm above the refrigerator.
  • 1 closet with built-in cooker hood 70x60 cm.
  • Tumbler drier over the sink 70x60 cm.
  • Cabinet with shelves over the cutting area 70x60 cm.

So, 80 + 60 + 60 + 40 + 60 = 300 cm.

Kitchen apron - this is an additional area for placing frequently used items. There are fixed rails, which are installed on different elements.

  • Hanging baskets of greens, cutlery.
  • Narrow shelves for spices.
  • Magnetic holders for knives.
  • Soap dish.
  • Holder for paper napkins and towels.
  • Hooks for tack.
  • Breadbox.
  • Holder caps.
  • Hooks for the Turks and small pans.
  • Supports for cookbooks, magazines and calendar.

At high skinali in the absence of the upper cabinet can be installed a perforated metal sheet with hooks for accessories. Or grid, to perform the same role.

What if you do not want to run back and forth along the long facade Headset

  1. Reduce the working area to a comfortable minimum for the hostess. The remaining space to allocate to a refrigerator, and high cabinets.
  2. Due to the depth of the cabinets turn in a straight set semi-circular.

How to do it? Pretty simple. Often the space is still a couple of cabinets allows you to push deep into the room 20 cm. So, take a pencil and tape measure. In the working zone center mark for cutting a 80 cm. There will be located wardrobe depth of 40 cm.

Measure out on the sides of 60 cm. This put the cabinets in depth of 80-90 cm. Left crashed into the sink so that it is positioned end to the kitchen apron. Right similarly set cooking surface. The ends of the speakers and cabinets round out the closing facades behind which are located deep roomy drawers.

What you end up with? Linear unit with a convenient working area as in the C-shaped kitchens. Remaining meter of use under high cupboards and embedded in them, and the microwave oven.

  • Install set in the room, where up to the opposite wall is less than a meter. Otherwise, the need to consider depth decrease option cabinets and replacing sliding swing facades. In some cases, out of the situation helps open shelves that fit perfectly in such styles as the loft, techno, steampunk, etc.

  • Strong stretch working triangle. Whatever the length of the headset, refrigerator-sink-stove must be placed at arm's length in order to subsequently wind the extra kilometers along the headset. When the kitchen is located in the studio, then to the nearest sofas and chairs should be enough distance to drop fat from the pan does not fall on the upholstery, and the woman could move freely along the headset, opening the facades and the oven door.

  • Plan a complete set headset as convenient to the manufacturer or installer. The kitchen should be comfortable for the hostess. Her use of furniture every day for several years. If you are not comfortable standard height worktops, require that you have done for the lower cabinets. Or look for a model with adjustable feet. If there is 5 cm between the cabinet and the wall to make a cargo of spices. This will prostenochek lot of spoons, forks and knives with small jars for bulk spices.

As you can see, if there is free space along a three-meter wall, straight headsets can become a comfortable work place and absorb all the cooking utensils and food supplies.

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Pick a kitchen design 3 by 3 meters - photos and recommendations

Kitchen 3x3 meters

A disadvantage of many apartments, especially the Soviet era buildings, is a small kitchen. Indeed, in an area of ​​9 square meters it is difficult to "roam", but this does not mean that there is no way to transform the kitchen of 3x3 meters. Moreover, in some sense, to equip them even easier, because there is a clear objective - to achieve maximum practicality combined with aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Looking through what can be a kitchen design 3 by 3 meters in the photo on the web or in specialized magazines, it is easy to understand - a small room can be incredibly stylish! At least, if not lazy and make an effort to select optimum locations of objects and surface design. In most cases, nine-meter room - kitchen is straight, that is, all the elements in them are located along one of the walls. However, this is not the only option.

Secrets competent zoning

Zoning the kitchen of 3x3 meters

Since little space, kitchen design 3 by 3 meters in any case involves the division of space into several parts, each of which must perform a specific function. One area to be working to be able to cook different dishes, and the other used as a place to eat a meal. If the shape of the room allows, the kitchen design 3 by 3 meters can be extended area for storing all kinds of utensils, cutlery and crockery.

The owners have the opportunity to divide the area in several ways:

  • with different lighting systems - for example, over the place for a meal can be hung a beautiful chandelier over the stove and set the spotlights. In combination with elegant furnishings such interiors look very impressive, as seen in the photo with diverse cuisines direct lighting;
  • due to a variety of colors - it all depends on your imagination and creativity, but too bright contrasts should be avoided;
  • by using different finishing materials - tiles can be laid in the working area, and dining - laminate;
  • Using the bar, which can also be used for culinary experiments. Now additional designs are very often seen in kitchen design 3 by 3 meters - on a photo, you can determine whether you like this method of zoning.

The convenient location of objects

In addition to traditional direct kitchens, in which the sink, cooker and a refrigerator are on one side, the arrangement of appliances and furniture can be:

  • 2 rows (chairs and table on the one hand, and equipment - on the other);
  • angular or L-shaped;
  • U-shaped, in which the oven with the sink located under the window;
  • Island - this option is suitable only if the room is square.

In general, if you look at a variety of direct photo and double-row kitchens 3x3 meters, it becomes clear that it is possible to use both dark and light colors. In all shades have certain pros and cons, so you need to choose what it is you like.

Just keep in mind that colors affect the mood and appetite. Universally considered as beige, light brown and pale yellow tones, but for lovers of contrasts suit black and white palette.

Create the perfect kitchen designers will follow this advice:

  • to expand the area perfectly suited mirror;
  • to add the interior of originality, use beautiful textiles;
  • instead of curtains better to install blinds;
  • the door to the room, it makes sense to issue in the form of an arch; if possible - small kitchen should be combined with either a balcony or a seating area.

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