Kitchen 9 m2 layout and design photos

Design a kitchen 9 sq.m.

Fitted 9 sq.m. traditionally considered to be large enough to make even the most daring fantasies.

Indeed, with proper zoning is easy to appropriate and all necessary appliances and a spacious work area, and a cozy dining area. A properly selected design and adherence to the stylistic concepts will transform your kitchen into an island of cosiness, comfort and beauty.

How to start a kitchen renovation, what to look for and what style will be the most attractive? We offer a selection of tips from experts in the field of repair and design.

If you have a big family or you love to take guests, and 9 square meters. m. may be insufficient. In this case, the first stage of repair costs to think about increasing the area.

Designers offer a few ways that will enhance your living space.

A visual extension of the space

1 Choose a bright and neutral shades. These colors visually widen the walls, white ceiling and boiling seems much higher than, for example, milk or beige. Feel free to "clothe" the walls in bright colors, but the floor, on the contrary, you can pick up where dark hues to increase the contrast.

The photo kitchen 9 sq.m. a ceiling equipped spot on the perimeter. Above the desk lamp provides additional illumination.

2 Lighting - your most reliable assistant. The more natural and artificial light sources, the more spacious it will seem cuisine:

  • To select the window is transparent curtains, do not prevent the penetration of sunlight.
  • Pendant lights do not need to be installed only in the middle.
  • You can select a dining area, hang a chandelier over the dining table, and to emphasize the work area by placing it over a number of fixtures.
  • And do not forget the built-in lighting! Illuminated niches and shelves, a series of recessed luminaires above the working apron, LED Light Strip, fired at the top of the cabinets - these are some simple tricks that will add to your kitchen right breadth and depth.

3 There is a design trick - the more free floor, the more it seems spacious room. For example, well, if the lower cabinets are on the legs, dining table - on one leg rather than the 4-eh, and no rugs or carpet tracks!

4 The abundance of patterns and drawings tires and makes the room visually more closely.

  • Instead painted wallpaper is better to pick wallpaper with a raised pattern, but in pale colors. The same applies to textiles - than discreet and laconic figure, the better. For registration window is better suited short curtains or blinds.
  • If on the patterns do not want to give up, then pick up wallpapers with large print in graphic style. These wallpapers can be arranged part of the wall near the dining table.
  • The same applies to tiles for walls and floors - instead of the mosaic is better to use a large-format tiles. And laid it not by standard methods, as, for example, diagonally or in steps.

5 Furniture. Transparent furniture seems less cumbersome, so you should choose a dining table with glass top, cabinet fronts - with transparent doors, and to pick up the apron or to put it skinali mirror tiles.

6 Appliances. Of course, if an area of ​​9 sq.m. post all available appliances, the space may remain small.

If you are in the presence of a separate oven, grill, coffee maker, food processor, microwave and washing machine - it is better to order a special vertical rack, easily fit everything you need. Built-in equipment will help to solve the problem of lack of space.

The real expansion of space

These methods require additional investment, as it is necessary to reshape space by adjacent spaces.

In the photo the interior of the kitchen without door. This design makes it possible to expand the space and make it more spacious.

To add the illusion of space, it is recommended the walls and floors in the kitchen and the adjacent hallway to issue the same. This visually unite the room, and the kitchen will seem more spacious.

In the photo a good solution bar on the ground sill.

On the balcony, you can make one of the zones - working and dining area.

A first embodiment - is more complicated as it is necessary to pull the pipe gas and pipeline. But to arrange on the balcony of the dining room - not a problem, especially since the dinner, admiring the views from the look much nicer.

Another option: arrange on the balcony of the storage area: set the built-in cupboard, place boxes and shelves for storage of products. You'll see how soon "unload" your kitchen.

Combined kitchen-living room is also a great solution for the expansion of space.

There is no universal formula that calculated what style of kitchen design considered perfect.

Each style has its advantages and disadvantages, which will triple one person and categorically does not suit another. But the styles in the design so much that, for sure, there will be one that will suit you in all respects.

Similar requirements are also the other classic styles: natural materials, discreet but expensive decor, symmetry in the layout and pastel range. And recreate some direction to help the decor.

For all its coziness, style and luxury classic styles have one major drawback - they are expensive to execute.

On the other hand, in the kitchen of 9 kV. . M may not be enough space - so you have to be limited to a certain set of furniture, which may affect the placement of the storage areas.

Consider the most popular and try to identify the main features of each style.

English style - the charm of Albion

English style - the choice of conservative people who prefer a combination of solidity, luxury restraint and aesthetic comfort.

  • The palette of pastel and deep shades of brown, green and mustard.
  • Planning based on symmetry. Same lockers are installed on both sides of the operating table top. Form dining table preferably round or oval.

Furniture - solid wood, dear, respectable, often with artificially aged surfaces, with intricate carvings and rich furniture. Especially look good in this style furniture upper eaves of carved wood and cast handle.

  • Basic patterns: strip, cell, heraldry.
  • Nothing modern should not be in sight: have to give up cleaning stainless steel, spotlights, and all equipment is better to hide behind blind facades.
  • Decor: it is best to emphasize the style of porcelain, brass or copper utensils, curtains design - with tassels and lambrequins, wicker planters and classical crystal chandelier.
  • Mediterranean style: the breath of the sea to your kitchen

    Mediterranean style incorporates the best motives of the French Riviera, Egypt, Tunisia, Italy and Spain. This style does not tolerate pretentious luxury and glamorous chic. Its main advantages - brevity, simplicity and good quality.

    • Disposition. The main place in Mediterranean cuisine is given a dining area, while the whole working compactly located in one corner.
    • Colors: rich, natural colors - the color of the sea, sand and lush vegetation: blue, turquoise, blue, emerald green, lemon yellow, strawberry, orange, pistachio, fuchsia.
    • Finish: welcome brickwork, textured plaster, mosaics, murals imitation. Floor - granite, sandstone, marble and natural stone imitation terracotta color. Apron spread tiles, adding of aged: abrasions, rough edges, the effect of "weakness."
    • Furniture - often massive, unwieldy, but the laconic forms. Emphasize the style of a mosaic table top, a massive buffet with transparent doors, open wooden shelves, decorated with carvings, metal chairs with attached pads. It fits perfectly into the trend of style rattan furniture.

    Scandinavian style - Norman calm

    Scandinavian style kitchen similar to the Mediterranean - the same brevity, thoroughness and restraint. And that many Scandinavian designers considered ideal for the kitchen 9 sq.m.

    Firstly, this style is characterized by an abundance of bright colors: beige, milky, opaque white. Deaf facades of furniture creates the illusion of a solid wall.

    Minimum hardware and maximum functionality - these are the distinctive features of the furniture for the Scandinavian style.

    The distinctive features of the Norman style and include an abundance of light, lots of textiles made of natural fabrics (cushions on chairs, napkins, curtains, tablecloths, blankets). If the picture - the discreet floral patterns or a traditional cell.

    Scandinavian style is like a lot of houseplants. So if you are fond of breeding home cacti, orchids, or have a luxurious collection of geraniums and violets - the Scandinavian style created just for you.

    Modern styles - people's choice of dynamic, active, prefer functionality and bright image. Kitchen 9 sq.m. modern styles - the perfect choice, as it allows more freely contact with the placement of household appliances and a clear zoning gives the room of completion.

    Hi-tech - high-tech for your comfort

    Someone might call high-tech style malouyutnym and cold, but this kitchen will always look stylish and relevant.

    • an abundance of glass and stainless steel. So that in the kitchen there is a place for stainless sinks, and for the numerous railings, and metal tiles.
    • Preferred furniture colors: glossy white and metallic. Appropriate bright color inserts.
    • Work surfaces - Corian, steel or other composite materials. It fits well into the concept of style glass shelves and plastic furniture. If you want to add a kitchen transparency and lightness - Sit in a chair made of transparent plastic, and glass table top.
    • The abundance of metal diluted with wood or stone: floor, you can choose laminate or masonry wall - tiles.
    • The décor is often used small appliances and dishes of frosted glass.

    Loft - a mix of old and Innovation

    Loft - a selection of the creative mind, which easily abandon the generally accepted norms and do not accept any restrictions. The kitchen in the loft will enjoy spacious, unusual and interesting.

    Here are the main features that can be implemented in the kitchen 9 sq.m .:

    • Open plan. Style loft is ideal for open-plan kitchen with balcony, living room or dining room. The fewer walls and partitions, the better.
    • Finish - deliberately coarse, with a touch of "industrial": masonry, concrete, rough plaster of the parade cast-iron pipes. Ceilings are often decorated with massive beams.
    • Windows - large, lush and no curtains or blinds. Better leave the windows without curtains. In an extreme case, you can afford something light and transparent.
    • Equipment - all in plain sight: it may be a fancy ceramic hob, cutting-edge TV, oven or refrigerator.
    • Furniture - any, but it is best to emphasize the combination of retro style and originality. For example, retro-chair can coexist with trendy glass table, behind the doors of an old cupboard well accommodated modern utensils made of stainless steel and frosted glass.
    • Palette - muted. Loft enjoys discreet shades of brown, gray, matt white.

    The result is a kitchen with the history and industrial spirit, which gives it a special charm.

    The interior of the kitchen 9 sq. m good looks minimalism with its "sterile", a bright pop art, or any other modern style. Chief Designers Board - are very clear with the style of interior. And he will dictate, and choice of color, furniture and accessories.

    repair Alphabet

    Building your own home from the foundation to the roof

    The design of modern kitchen 9 sq. m. 8 best design projects. 50 photo

    When making small kitchen, the size of which is 9 sq. m., the choice of stylistic solutions, the first priority is the correct layout. Color, decorative items - all pales into insignificance. Only the successful placement of all subjects kitchen environment will allow 9-meter kitchen to turn the paradise dream of any housewife.

    Basic principles in regulated food 9 sq. m.

    If your apartment is a kitchen of this size - 9 square meters. m. - it would be better first to plan everything on paper, consider the location of the doorway, windows, plumbing, the size of kitchen equipment and furniture. Making the design project of the kitchen, stick to certain rules, which has been repeatedly tested experience.

    • Whichever style you prefer, the main thing - to make the kitchen space as possible free, not to impede the movement of either your or opening doors in the cabinets, refrigerator and oven.
    • Remember the rule of the triangle. Cooker, refrigerator and washing collectively form a triangle, the vertex of which forms a sink. Thus, you save yourself from unnecessary movements that will inevitably occur in other locations of these objects.
    • Dishwasher, if any, is located within walking distance from the cupboard.
    • Think about all the details: it shall be the working surface, and where - the dining area is better to place the various cabinets and shelves where to put the washing machine.

    But the most important thing - thinking through the plan, in the first place put their own convenience. Dryer is located in the sink, and so it was easy, how to set and get the dishes. Refrigerator place so that no one should have to get up from the chair when it is required to open it and get the products.

    Compliance with these rules will allow you to achieve what you want - the right plan kitchen 9 sq. m.

    How to make the design of a kitchen 9 sq. m. The better

    On paper, everything is harmoniously blended into the kitchen area. We continue to work on. We have a number of professional designers techniques that they are required to observe the development of the design project 9-meter dishes.

    • first: Initially decide the size of the budget - how much it will cost all costs, taking into account the necessary purchases, experts call (suddenly need to transfer the gas equipment or to install additional outlets).
    • second: First, pick up all the finishing materials. What goes for the finishing of floors, ceilings and walls. Try to keep the materials were combined with each other harmoniously. And do not forget - you decide how to plan design kitchen 9 sq. m, not living design -. All materials must be resistant to moisture, various household contaminants, and naturally they must be easy to clean.
    • third: The presence of decorative elements must not contradict the principle of convenience. An exception is made only in one case: if the person you want to the original pitcher (lamps, paintings, chair) was here.
    • fourthNot complicate anything. If the budget allows you to hire specialists - is one thing, if you are going to equip the kitchen on their own - that's different. Look at the special literature, refer to sources on the Internet and choose the option of interior solutions, which do you like, and you can afford to.
    • fifth: Rapid dismantling, not requiring a call specialist teams. This condition must be observed for two reasons, one of which - your own desire to make some changes in the kitchen interior, the second - replacement of pipes, meters and so on.

    Kitchen Design 9 sq. m in a classic style. project photos

    Kitchen in the photo is made in the neoclassical style. The window offers a beautiful view.

    Kitchen 9 sq. m. in a minimalist style. Photo of the actual project for Russians

    To design a small kitchen designers often choose a minimalist style. Laconic lines and bright colors make it possible to visually enlarge the space. On the above photo design modern kitchen 9 sq. . M in the style of minimalism shows an interesting solution to the organization of space: the central place is occupied by the so-called "kitchen island" - a place where done cooking, go for breakfast, lunch, dinner and reception.

    The whole kitchen is decorated in light colors. Latex paint white ceiling and covered part of the walls. White is the color of the cotton curtain. Eaves-string contributes to the expansion of visual space and decorative clothespins create the effect of the location of the air curtains.

    The modern idea of ​​the kitchen 9 sq. m. Photo

    • Role chandeliers and the main light source performs a function extractor with backlit. Ceiling lamp in a simple lampshade longer plays a decorative role and additional lighting.
    • The central part of a kitchen island is a table-top, which is built into a ceramic hob. The boxes located beneath conveniently placed cookware.
    • Dining - a table-transformer, which if necessary easily slides out from under "ostrova9raquo ;.
    • It is possible to add seats or remove them in "ostrova9raquo ;, to make space food as much as possible.
    • Working kitchen area increased due to the additional table placed by the window. There, in a special niche, and is oven. Built-in oven elevator moves the ready-made meals to the table surface.
    • Cupboards, cabinets and shelves installed near a window.

    In an embodiment of the modern kitchen design 9 sq. . M in the style of minimalism in reality, remember that the individual decorative elements - at least, decorative achieved through the contrast of colors and textures.

    The design of modern kitchen 9 sq. m. with a balcony

    Owners of apartments, where there is a kitchen with a balcony, we have to show more imagination and ingenuity in its decoration.

    variant design of modern kitchen 9 sq. m. with a balcony

    Visually kitchen is divided into four areas: working, dining, entrance area and balcony.

    The idea of ​​modern kitchen design 9 sq.m. A photo

    The working area is located along one of the walls. In its decision traced crisp, clean lines. The surface of the floor boards and cupboards are located at the same level. Also, strictly in line, are overhead cabinets.

    The dining area is on the opposite wall. Vertical panels of alternating flowers of linden and wenge visually increase the height of the kitchen. It is promoted and small ceiling lights arranged in a row closer to the work area. As an additional lighting source for a dining area selected lamp shade of the original strips.

    balcony area, it is the same - the window area, combined with the kitchen. The resulting niche put comfortable chairs.

    On the side of the inlet zone located refrigerator. Here he is at hand, and does not bother anyone.

    On the submitted photos of design kitchen 9 sq. M. With a balcony can be clearly seen that in the design of the basic four colors used are lime, Wenge, white and steel.

    variant design of modern kitchen 9 sq. m. with a door to the balcony. project photos

    The simplicity and elegance of distinguished design of this kitchen. The decoration used dark wenge and light linden, beech, maple and walnut. Contrasting colors are matched perfectly, making the interior elegant and noble.

    Photo modern kitchen

    • When you create the interior of the modern kitchen 9 sq. m. natural materials are involved to the maximum. This is - hanging shelves, dining table and kitchen apron made of wood.
    • Bright accent - a lemon chairs in the kitchen 9 sq. m. They not only enliven the space of the kitchen, but also give it a special flavor.
    • A balcony and a window opening made in a dark color, which makes the kitchen space of the additional volume. Simple vertical blinds, attached directly to the frame, are perceived as an element of the window. Curtains perform purely decorative and utilitarian function - if you want them, you can always draw.
    • An interesting detail is the wall panels behind which "pryachutsya9raquo; refrigerator and the inlet opening. Mirror panel serves as decoration element and simultaneously separates the entrance to the kitchen from the rest of the wall.

    Kitchen 9 sq. m. in the panel house. Photo Interior Design

    Kitchen apartments in prefabricated homes do not suffer from monotony: can be square dishes, can - in the form of an elongated rectangle.

    In this case, we have almost square kitchen.

    Photo kitchen 9 sq. m in pre-fabricated house

    For one embodiment of modern design kitchen 9 sq. m in pre-fabricated house found the following solution.:

    • Used gray colors - light gray, almost white, to rich dark. Originally looks decoration of the walls in the working area that simulates a broken trim tiles.
    • Working and dining area located opposite each other.
    • In the work space area is used to the maximum: here and cabinets with shelves for storing utensils, and a stove with a sink and a refrigerator.
    • But the dining room is not loaded with unnecessary objects: they easily accommodate a table with chairs and a cupboard.
    • Lamps on the length of the suspension placed on the dining table. Matt shades when the lighting creates a feeling of extra heat.

    The violet solution of a kitchen 9 sq. m. fridge. project photos

    In the next photo the modern kitchen design 9 sq. m. in the panel house also see interesting solution.

    • Vertical cabinet door window and the bottom of the work area formed in the violet color. Solution bold enough, especially for the kitchen. But purple color perfectly beaten: the horizontal surface of the working area and hanging lockers have a glossy white color.
    • Cooker, a sink and a refrigerator form a triangle.
    • Trey ceilings allowed to use the built-in lights.
    • Above the dining table is an interesting lamp - he involuntarily associated with the ceiling, although a separate piece of furniture.

    Kitchen Design 9 sq. m. in a country style. Plunge in rustic style!

    Without interest is the decision to issue the kitchen room in a country style. As seen in the photo, kitchen 9 sq. M. In the country-style designed in two basic colors - white and mustard. All other colors - their options in one degree or another. An exception is the panel on a work area and a dining area.

    Panel above the working area is tiled, on which a drawing, stylized folk ornament.

    Chairs rich red and blue colors harmonize with ornamental tiles and are a bright accent in the interior of the kitchen.

    Country-style kitchen. A photo

    One of the walls completely painted mustard color, which creates an indescribable atmosphere of warmth and comfort. There is not a single extra subject only decorative panels.

    Unusual found a solution to the ceiling. Beams of light gray, whitish hue reminiscent of the simple wooden ceiling.

    A certain charm to the stylish interior kitchen 9 sq. m. The country-style attach small lamps, wall shelves for spices and blinds on the kitchen window.

    Light kitchen 9 sq. m. with a refrigerator, built-in wardrobe

    Kitchen almost totally made in light colors. Used different shades of beige, white and a bit of a warm apricot color. In the picture bright kitchen can be seen that the apricot are the curtains, headboards and soft chair seat.

    Kitchen - bright, but is decorated in dark colors and details. He drew the attention of the door. She would have looked out of place, if not dark hob. Wall-mounted TV plays the role of bridge between the dark surface of the plate and the door.

    But the most striking and at the same time imperceptible detail - it's a refrigerator, built-in wardrobe. If you do not know - did not immediately find.

    The design of the light kitchen 9 sq. . M with a fridge, there is another interesting feature: a built-in cupboard under the window.

    Mirror effect characteristic for glossy surfaces visually increases the space, making the room light and airy.

    The modern idea of ​​the kitchen 9 sq. m kitchen in a Scandinavian style -. Project photos

    One of the most successful designs - this kitchen design 9 sq. m. in the Scandinavian style. Prevailing colors - black, white, shades of gray and a bit of blue-gray. Kitchen might look bleak, if not for flooring, parquet stylized. With parquet flooring combined and bright colors beech, horizontal surface of the working area, and wooden kitchen utensils.

    The kitchen enliven decorative panels on one of the walls and checkered blanket on the floor near the work area.

    As you can see in the photo the kitchen 9 sq. M. In the Scandinavian style - despite the fact that the entire interior is modern, it subtly feel the spirit of antiquity. This contributes to the kitchen apron, resembling a brick wall and cabinet doors, and wooden utensils.

    Whichever option plan and stylistic solutions for the kitchen 9 sq. m. you choose, all your decisions should be logical and reasonable. Do not get carried away "design for design '. Every detail, every object must be combined with each other. And then you will reach the most important quality interior - mood. Kitchen is especially important, because there is carried out a considerable part of the time, and most importantly - there are meals together. The process of the perception of food, and digestive itself, to a large extent depends on the environment and the prevailing atmosphere.

    Kitchen Design 9 sq. meters (real photo)

    Kitchen 9 sq. meters is no longer considered a small room, and allows you to realize fantasies large enough area. In this case, the original ideas must fit harmoniously into the interior, and planning to be functional and practical. In any case, you need to understand what styles, color palette fit here best. Useful tips, read this article.

    Which style to choose for the kitchen 9 sq meters

    The choice of style is a priority and important tasks before starting repairs. At present, their huge set, so it will be difficult to determine. Let us examine the most popular destinations.

    This style is always relevant, and not go out of fashion. Natural wood, dear nevychurnye details, pastel colors and symmetrical arrangement of elements characterize it. In this case, solid wood needs space, so for the kitchen 9 sq.m. This style does not always fit. It is desirable to draw the room into a bright palette, and avoid the large size.

    It is the sea, laconic style with rich, natural colors, predominantly in a bright palette. Furniture is solid enough, so you need to take a cautious approach to its choice. At most important thing to focus on the dining area, placing a work area as compact as possible.

    This direction is also seek to naturalness, soft colors. It combines compactness, elegance and practicality. The lines are smooth and refined furniture. Welcomed the presence of small parts, patterns drawings. Everything looks cozy and homey.

    This is the most modern, high-tech style. Chief among these is the use of advanced modern technology, functional furniture, additional kitchen helpers. It is characterized by the presence of glass, shiny surfaces, stainless steel parts. Instead decor used utensils or appliances.

    Here, the perfect combination of innovation and antiques. Bright colors in this style is not seen, but there are natural shades of wood or brick, so quite coarse finish.

    It is necessary to take into account the shape of the room, the passage of the communications system, the location and dimensions of doors and windows.

    Also important aspect is the consideration of adjacent rooms. The apartment-studio, for example, the kitchen area can become part of the living room. It can also be combined dining area, or it may move to the next room. This frees up space to set the maximum number of kitchen furniture and appliances.

    Tip! If the dining area is moved to the living room, as an alternative to the kitchen, including the determination of additional working area is perfect for a bar, which is more compact and allows the company to place a small cup of coffee or tea.

    This plan is the most popular option, as it is practical and versatile.

    In this case, fully respecting the right ergonomics, space involved as much as possible, allowing you to install a sufficient number of necessary cabinets for storing utensils, appliances, work surface.

    The main aspect is the release angle in front of the headset, which is convenient to arrange dining table.

    Instead of the standard table often set the island, which is located in the middle of the room. It can not only replace the dining area, but also serve as an additional place to store kitchen items.

    However, most of this island is small enough, and is intended only for two or three people. Peninsula can be used to save space. It is attached on one side to the wall and performs the same functions as the island.

    Here involves the location of the kitchen units along one wall.

    It should be borne in mind that in this way you can often set a small number of elements, so for those comm need a lot of storage space or a lot of equipment, this option will not work. The linear layout requires compactness and installation of intelligent systems.

    However, the big plus is the liberation of space to install a comfortable kitchen corner. The dining area will roomy, designed for more people.

    The linear layout may also be parallel. This is ideal for walk-through rooms or have a balcony. In addition to length of the room is also a winning option, allowing you to install everything you need.

    It does not always have space for a dining table. For an elongated space it may be a small portable table, and can be set to a square in the center of the island.

    This form of kitchen units allow you to set as many as possible of home appliances and storage systems. Here it works perfectly normally "work triangle". Especially suitable for such a variant elongated space.

    However, only when there is no need in the location of the dining table. In such a situation it is better to move to the living room.

    For square rooms there is a place for installation of the island with a small stool. They can be pushed under the table top, with the result that there will be more space for cooking.

    The kitchen has its own characteristics, which are extremely important in the choice of finishes.

    • High humidity;
    • Mechanical effects;
    • Frequent changes in temperature;
    • Subsidence drops of grease and other dirt during cooking.

    From this we can conclude that the kitchen decoration, not only to be water-resistant and tolerate temperature changes. It should be well cleaned to maintain their original appearance.

    It is also important, especially for the floor, so that the coating can withstand the drop of heavy and sharp falls. Most often selected for floor tiles or waterproof laminate.

    Walls can transform into any kind, including perform painting.

    The main one is an apron who takes the brunt of being in the work area. It is made of ceramic tiles, glass, perform masonry.

    With excellent finishing can perform zoning, for example, a dining and work area. It is the perfect solution for the combined kitchen and living room. To do this, you can use different materials and different colors to choose, including contrast.

    In general, kitchen 9 sq. m requires light shades. Ceiling is always important white.

    Flooring should be darker, and the contrast may be, that will make the ceiling visually higher.

    White palette can be present in every detail. The image will be light and airy. This is even more true for the premises located on the north side.

    Always in fashion gray color that blends with any other shade. In this case, perfectly isolate the individual elements with bright colors including red, orange, yellow, green color. Many do not need bright enough even upholstery of chairs or stand out curtains.

    Tip! A popular trend is contrasting combinations. And it is best to increase the height of the room to use bright colors for the top and dark colors for the lower tier. The background in this case to make a neutral or with the use of natural colorful shades.

    How to organize the lighting right

    For small and medium-sized premises lighting is especially important. The more natural and artificial light is, the more spacious and more comfortable to be in the kitchen.

    big windows suited to provide natural light. Bulky curtains of dense tissue is better not to use. Suitable lightweight thin curtains, ideally transparent. Often do without them or install Roman shades, blinds.

    In any case it is not recommended to be content with only one source of artificial light. Lamps complement the interior and make it more comfortable, so you should choose lighting for each zone.

    Dining area, you can identify bright beautiful chandelier.

    For the working area suitable built-in lights. One should not forget about the built-in lighting. Worktop, cabinets, shelves, niches perfectly accentuate the LED strip.

    Tip! Light is necessary to use bright, but at the same time soft and warm, so as not to cut the eye.

    So, 9 sq.m. Kitchen is not so little, but not much. For a large family it is especially important to make the interior functional and visually expand the space. To do this, follow certain tips.

    Bright and neutral colors are always visually widen the walls. White pololok always be perfect in any style and design.

    Darker floor will increase the height of the room. No need to fear in this case, deep contrast. Including a great solution would be an imitation of a wooden cover.

    The floor should be as free. No need to lay carpets, rugs and other postilki. Good to put a table on one leg instead of four.

    Cabinets also better not to rest against the floor as much as possible and install them in the legs.

    From drawings and patterns should be abandoned or used by them to a minimum. They should not be large and intrusive. No painted wallpaper, and instead may be embossed.

    Textiles especially should be inconspicuous, transparent, light colors.

    Large format tiles are used instead of the mosaic. And masonry looks better on the diagonal or in the form of steps.

    Furniture not need to install cumbersome. It should be easy, with no fussy details. Recommended smooth surface, possibly glossy. Glass doors and expand space.

    This also applies to the dinner table, it can also be a glass, unobtrusive.

    Consumer electronics is certainly important in the kitchen, but do not go to extremes and buy all sorts of options. It is desirable to use the built-in appliances. vertical stand can be set aside for small HVD devices.

    Think wider. Not necessarily to put a huge dining table. Save space bar, in addition, the bottom of which can be used for storage of kitchen utensils.

    The sill is also suitable for use. Hanging on window openings shutters, it is possible to hide small appliances, or it may be a continuation of the work surface.

    Thus, the size of the kitchen 9 sq. m easy to make a comfortable and functional. We should not be afraid to experiment. Not only bright colors, but also the right the contrast becomes the winning goal.

    In addition, there are many multi-functional furniture that will help the most convenient to place all necessary.

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