Kitchen without handles

Kitchen without handles | Openers, photo.

Recently gaining popularity kitchen sets made without handles. What are their advantages? What is the principle of the hardware? The issue price? And whether you need to do it? Let us examine in this article. Read!

Kitchens without handles | Advantages and disadvantages.

The massive interest in the kitchens without handles leads to thinking: "But as far as convenient and practical?". The fact that the taste and color of comrades there. Therefore, the choice is yours. I will try to reveal the pros and cons.

  • Aesthetics. Where without it. No doubt these dishes look original and attractive.
  • When cooking, often our hands are not perfectly clean. Therefore, at the opening of the lower cabinets (which are often rubbish bin), it is very convenient to use a light touch to her legs open.
  • Handles do not interfere, because they simply do not. You can not fear that you or your child hooked clothes, and God forbid, will break his nose.
  • Well, in the end - the present. This option kitchen, perfect for those who like to keep up with the times. This is a new trend in the furniture market.
  • Fingerprints. If your kitchen is made with glossy facades, it can become a problem. But about the right care for the glossy surface read here.
  • If you accidentally will touch the cabinet - it opens. A trifle, which brings some inconvenience.
  • Price. For some it's really a disadvantage. Handles of this cheaper hardware significantly.

This is all the advantages and disadvantages of kitchens without handles. The choice is yours. And then we look at the basic system of opening cabinets without handles, the example of a popular company BLUM.

Tip-On a system without opening the facades BLUM firm handles. The price of the hardware varies from 5 to 50 dollars, depending on the size, weight and extension system (opening) boxes.

The mechanism of operation is simple, it's spring and the magnet. Mechanically, i.e. opening should be easy to click on the facade, to close it should be a little squeeze facade to the body.

Applicable Tip-On, for conventional sliding doors and systems, and more complex mechanisms (bellows, rises up, etc.).

For those who want to make cheap kitchen without handles, but qualitatively, Tip-On for you.

SERVO-DRIVE for kitchens without handles.

Unlike Tip-On is that it contains the SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening system.

The process of opening takes place by lightly pressing anywhere in the facade. Closed the doors to the SERVO-DRIVE by pressing the button located on the box body.

Thing is very comfortable and secure, but here the question is the price. The price on the market at the moment begins from 300 dollars for a single mechanism.

It is not strange it sounds, but it is possible and such. These handles are aluminum profile, which is inserted in special mills. These handles are located at a level with the facades.

The main advantage of these knobs for the kitchen - the price. Their cost of $ 8 per linear meter. Smotretsya they are not bad, do not interfere with the elegance and betray any headset with proper design.

Kitchen with specialized handles

If you decide to purchase a kitchen without handles, choose your method of its creation. And the risk that any of these fittings, with proper installation, be comfortable and durable.

Pros and cons of the kitchen "without arms". Should I pay?

Your internet repost change 🙂

Minimalist kitchen perfectly complement the interior laconic facades without handles. This design is quite popular among the customers. In this article you will learn how this solution is convenient in operation, and what are the main disadvantages of such furniture.

Kitchen unit Nature without handles (Nolte)

Concise set Alpha Lack (Nolte) with bright insert on facades

Set Glas Tec Satin in monochrome (Nolte)

Minimalism kitchen 8 sq. m mortise built-in handles.

Kitchen without handles

The interior in blue and white tones, clean lines of furniture, mortise type handles.

furniture with flush handle

Black and white kitchen with flush handle

Cutouts for the opening may be not only the classic rectangular shape, but quite different. It all depends on your wishes and the technical capabilities of the furniture workshop.

On the upper cabinets made hidden opening mechanism and the door to the lower tier installed chrome roof rails. This decision was due to the fact that the lower modules are often exploited, and customers want to maintain the visual appeal of the headset to the max for a long time.

Direct kitchen without handles

When installing the system, which is opened by pressing, items from the bottom drawer to get much easier.

Angle set without handles

The lack of hardware on the facade allows delicately emphasize minimalism kitchen-dining room, despite the bright turquoise color of the upper cabinets.

Kitchen furniture without handles

Slate wall in the kitchen

To set the top-tier opening system Push-to-open.

opening system Push-to-open kitchen

Discreet facade in gray shade with a hidden opening fittings.

Minimalism in the interior of the kitchen

Kitchen doors without handles

The modern style in the kitchen. Lane replaces apron upper modules, so the composition headset looks complete.

Modules kitchen without handles

  • Easy to clean cabinets;
  • Visual restraint fronts on the form;
  • Clean lines emphasize minimalism;
  • Opening is lightly pressed on the door;
  • There are many options - it will find the appropriate price mechanism;
  • The contents of the boxes or cabinets is available, even if your hands are busy.
  • High price. You must install additional actuators and mechanisms;
  • On the surface there are traces of furniture from touching, particularly if the glossy facades. However, to remove fingerprints on the door is much easier to clean than the pen in a classical style (because of the complex shape);
  • Specific opening involves the incomplete adherence to the furniture body, as required for the correct operation of the backlash.

Incredible kitchen without handles - how convenient is the solution?

Fashion on the design of kitchen interiors in the laconic and minimalist style is clearly not going to go into oblivion. And because the corresponding furniture is becoming more popular in the market. Manufacturers rush to meet the demand of its customers and launch new line of products, including the original kitchen without handles. But how to use them and how convenient is the solution? Read about it in this article.

Why did we abandon the superfluous elements

In small kitchens, where the owners are forced to save every centimeter of space, furniture not only takes place, as is the danger. When in the kitchen nowhere to turn, protruding handles on the facades are often the cause of bruises and contusions.

Sometimes due to dense installation of furniture hardware modules on the facade can cling to nearby objects, or rest against the wall. Agree, it is unpleasant to the newly painted plaster Shcherbina see where it hit a cabinet handle. Doubly frustrating would dent in the refrigerator or a washing machine housing. Furnished without handles such "surprises" will not. This is especially true for the sets angular shape.

In addition, the handle is constantly dirty, because not every time the hostess time to wash his hands of the dough or meat, when he opens the doors of cabinets and drawers desired. Of course, in the absence of access to internal hardware shelves altogether would be problematic. If for any modern kitchen without handles was not an alternative opening systems.

Manufacturers of furniture fittings not cease to amaze us with new structures and mechanisms. Some serve a great purpose compact storage all imaginable utensils in a confined space. Others are ready to do to rid the owners of any difficulties and take over the job of opening and closing doors. Here are the latest just and necessary in the kitchen without handles.

opening system Easys facades on the drive from the renowned brand Hettich allows you to "cause" of any drawer or door with one touch. Smart kitchen immediately react and gradually reveal to you the desired module. Press the brush facades, elbow, foot though - Easys still works as it should.

Blum - another well-known manufacturer superfunktsionalnoy and reliable furniture accessories. For kitchen sets without handles Company offered its electrical system called Servo-Drive. The power supply is only one connected to it, but the drive may be set to any number of modules.

A similar principle of operation in mechanical systemic "otkryvashek» Push-to-Open and Tip-On. Once they are cheaper and do not require complicated installation and connection of the drive. Here, all of the work rests with the springs installed with magnetic tips, as well as the various strips (installation and response), triggers and synchronizers.

The main elements of the mechanical system Push-to-Open from Hettich:

  • Intermat - nickel hidden hinges that allow the door to open, no thicker than 1.5-2.5 cm by 110 °. Within the structure of the spring hidden reverse running on the repulsion of the facade without handles.
  • Magnet - unpretentious plastic button-pusher. Mounted in the cabinet frame by attaching the door to which is bonded a response pad. For installation on the inner wall of the body need a special line adapter (Magnet holder mechanism).
  • Magnet XL - the same button with the spring, but only works in tandem with special hinges Intermat. The mechanism is more powerful and does not provide for the installation of the furniture in the body frame.
  • Pin - used to open the overhead facades and also can not work without the help of Intermat.
  • Universal Maxi - a powerful pusher for all kinds of doors, retractable in response to a 3.5-4 cm.
  • Quadro - mechanical openers mounted in slide rails drawers without handles.

Mechanisms of Blum in Tip-On family differ little from German counterparts. Buttons ejectors 955 and 955-A nominated of fixed sockets on 1.8 and 3.8 cm, respectively. The former can work independently, a model with a long rod - only in conjunction with springless loops.

For sliding drawers Austrians have developed special synchronizers movement. They provide uniform load distribution on the opposite box wall if the distance exceeds 60 cm therebetween.

There is a small disadvantage: because of some features of the mechanical opening systems can not achieve a snug fit to the body of the facades. Gaps in a couple of millimeters will still be - because the mechanisms needed some play for a retaliatory response.

I have such hardware is one drawback: such systems are relatively new and so far admitted to the limited range. Unlike electric drives they are not suitable to all kinds of kitchen drawers without handles. But the German and Austrian engineers are working hard to make them universal.

Oh, and do not forget that for the normal operation of mechanical pushers-discoverers of all the drawers and doors must be perfectly aligned in a level. The slightest misalignment or sagging facade hinged immediately affect the efficiency of mechanics. Also, many elements of systems are very sensitive to stress, so that the filling of the boxes have to tightly control.

For a soft and silent closing of boxes needed is quite different accessories:

Those Blum and Hettich offer such systems are embedded directly into the guides of drawers. This so-called adaptive dampers, furniture modules provide a smooth ride in any effort. On the facades of cabinets without handles similar constructions integrated into the canopies.

All the working parts such components are made of metal, so that their durability and reliable operation can not be doubted. But Hettich decided to go even further and "teach" their damping system to clean itself from accidentally fallen debris. It went only for the benefit of furniture fittings and finally saved the owners from any problems with cooking modules.

Instead, more accessories for the opening of doors and drawers are often simple solutions are used, imperceptible at first glance. Enough to cut through the edge of the facade of a groove as it is itself transformed into a comfortable handle, works better than the invoice. After staining milling place does not stand out from the appearance of the kitchen units. Moreover, it acquires the same degree of protection from getting wet as furniture facade.

The recess can be installed after milling metal profiles, eg of aluminum. Against the background of the rest of the headset shiny paste will look impressive, but at the same time will not give an unnecessary amount. Use a profile like an ordinary pen, that is, it can pick up with your fingers and also effortlessly open the door.

The aluminum insert section may have a different shape resembling Latin letters:

  • «L» - the so-called Area, fairly popular option for kitchen furniture.
  • «C» - profile recessed in grooves, cut at the end of the facade, while remaining virtually invisible from the outside. Used in the cabinet doors and drawers in kitchen walls of the lower row.
  • «S» - is considered the most convenient way for a human hand, as it provides the greatest contact area with the fingers.
  • «T» - a profile to be installed instead of pens is rarely used because it is not deep enough, and to undertake it is not always convenient. The only exception is the top row of facades headset, where the T-profile picks good hand.

Using metal rods instead of handles not only adds flavor kitchen sets, but also partially protects the facade from contamination. In this case, aluminum fittings brings great contact with the water, and even quite aggressive cleaning without losing the attractive appearance. A big plus for this decision - its universality. After all, not all materials for the manufacture of furniture, you can cut through the high-quality slots, but the metal profile is installed on all fronts without any problems.

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