Kitchen living room of 12 square meters design photo

The design of the kitchen-living room of 12 square meters: how to accommodate everything you need!

The design of the kitchen-living room of 12 square meters. m - is a paradise for creative designers. This small room is difficult enough to fit several functional areas so that the project is not only beautiful look at the picture, but it was functional and comfortable in life.

First of all it is important to decide on a set of necessary household appliances, the size of a cutting surface, pieces of furniture and furnishing of recreation areas.

Important! If you need to periodically take guests overnight, it is better to get into the kitchen-living room of 12 square meters. m sofa bed. Also in the box for clothes it is very convenient to store a variety of household stuff, which the hostess does not use daily.

Depending on how much will be used extensively in kitchen-living room of 12 square meters. m for cooking (for example, for a large family to cook will have much more), you need to pick up equipment and furniture:

  • Stove (2, 3, 4 burners separately cooktop, the oven);
  • shell (1, 2 bowl, the left or right wing, round, angular, multifunction - with compartments for storage, washing, drying and treatment products);
  • refrigerator (combined or separate - separately refrigerator, freezer separately, a small refrigerator with freezer small);
  • Dishwasher;
  • Washer;
  • cutting surface;
  • drying the product (in the roof rail, table top, top or bottom cupboard);
  • small household appliances (multivarka, toaster, kettle, microwave oven).

If there is a small space it is important to keep only the most necessary furniture and equipment, as the room for all that there is, at 12 square meters. m is practically impossible.

Remember. Special attention is required arrangement of kitchen-living room of 12 square meters. m sofa. This interior is quite difficult to make the whole, but it is possible to obtain not only a beautifully designed kitchen with a living room with a responsible approach, but an extra bed (in the case of the arrival of the guests who will be staying overnight).

How to make a comfortable layout

Before you create a project it is important to make measurements and determine what shape is the room where the entrance is located, where the windows and communication. For example, consider the design of a kitchen-living room with a width of 2.5 m rooms and 3.5 m long.

In this case, the kitchen-living room of 12 square meters. meters will be in the form of a rectangle. Kitchen area is better placed along the short wall - so the room will not look even more elongated and cluttered. Cooking room sector includes zones:

Council. If a small family, instead of standard gas or electric stove logical prefer compact hob 2 burners and oven replace multi-function microwave (it is important to provide for the presence of a conversion function).

What happens in the end:

  1. On the cooktop burners 2 - 30 cm.
  2. Small sink - 50 cm.
  3. The free working surface - 100 cm.
  4. Refrigerator - 60 cm.

In sum, it turns out that the kitchen takes 2.4 m, ie, fits perfectly in the set 2.5 m width rectangular kitchen. The oven will either be embedded in the bottom drawer, or to replace a microwave oven. It is strategically placed in the top drawer or, if the cabinets are suspended from the ceiling, can be inserted into the box below the top tier of the kitchen cabinets, or put it on the shelf.

Important! With this approach, you can free up a lot of space for pots and pans, conservation, cereals and other accessories.

With such arrangement of furniture for kitchen-living room of 12 meters a lot more options. In addition, you can set a standard stove with oven, dishwasher and washing machine.

The color scheme plays an important role in the regeneration of a living room with kitchenette (12 sq. M).

Important. Not to harm the space, it is better to think in advance, not only plan, but also to determine the basic color schemes.

Designers recommend a small space to give preference to the combined shades such as:

  • beige;
  • peach;
  • silver and gray;
  • white;
  • warm shades of pink, green, blue.

If you do not want to do a kitchen-living room of 12 square meters. m pale, you can enter razbavochny color. Home - shades combined to each other, and the presence of bright colors are not "vorovalo9raquo; the already small space.

Better still add the brightness of the room combined due to small amounts of textiles and decorative items (eg curtains, tea towels, railing, kitchen apron, lampshade on the chandelier, table cloth, upholstery sofa).

Be sure to check similar materials:

Dining area in the kitchen is needed for eating, meeting friends, receiving guests. For its correct design should take into account many factors - the location of the furniture to the world of the game. How to organize a poolside kitchen? Here counts everything - from the correct table and placing it to form patterns on the wall in the dining area.

Any host makes every effort to equip his apartment, making it stylish and comfortable for all family members and guests. The first focuses on the kitchen as the main part of the apartment. Wanting to obtain optimum benefit from the presence of the available space, the owners spend cuisine zoning, which is becoming more and more popular every year.

Create a kitchen design by virtue of anyone - it is necessary to take into account only some of the rules by which you can bring to life a lot of interior variations. It is important to create a single style space - in this case, the interior will look more harmonious, and careful selection of home appliances location make the kitchen more comfortable and functional.

Kitchen Design 11 square meters. m. includes work with different faces of the kitchen space. You need to find the most current layout, select the set, which will emphasize the basic idea of ​​style. You can consider the possibility of expanding space, if desired. And if the process go thoroughly, you will eventually get a modern comfortable kitchen, in which there is no shortage of space.

Kitchen Design 12 sq.m. (60 photos)

  • How many would not have been room in the house, among them the kitchen always has a special place. This is the very center, where the alchemy of cooking, where the whole family gathers around the table, and intimate conversations are conducted in the evenings. That is why it would be desirable to arrange everything with the maximum comfort. When planning a kitchen design 12 sq.m. you can not limit itself to the choice of finishes and furniture - this area is sufficient to implement any, even the most avant-garde ideas.

    Thanks to the huge variety of building and finishing materials, household appliances and headsets on the market recently renovated medium size 12-meter kitchen can be a fun creative activity, the result of which will please many years.

    Thoughtful interior, where every thing is in place and fits harmoniously into the overall picture, will bring a lot of pleasant emotions owners and guests of the house. And combine all the elements into a single ensemble will successfully selected style.

    Kitchen 12 sq.m. in a modern style

    The fast pace of life in the 21st century dictates the rules of registration of life: everything has to be functional, compact and practical. The motto of the modern style - nothing more. Smooth plain surface neutral shades, closed shelves, no textiles, flowers, almost complete lack of decor.

    Preference is given to a durable and easy-care materials - artificial stone, tempered glass, plastic, chrome-plated steel. The best addition to this interior is the latest built-in equipment with touch controls.

    Kitchen 12 sq.m. in classic style

    Balance classic remains relevant not so much for decades, and whole centuries. In the kitchen 12 sq.m. furniture made of wood, covered with varnish or expensive light enamel will look dignified and elegant.

    The facades of the headset should decorating carvings (slats), golden hardware. Table tops may be made of artificial marble. Major technique desirable to select from the retro-collection - brown or milky white under the prevailing color kitchen.

    A worthy setting for all this splendor will be perfectly smooth white walls and ceiling, possibly with a non-intrusive elements of the plaster moldings. Give the interior individuality kitchen help picture still-life in a beautiful frame, or an unusual chandelier over the dining area.

    Kitchen 12 sq.m. Scandinavian style

    Fashion make out the interior in such a way as it is done in the Nordic countries, there was a proliferation of IKEA stores. Scandinavian style is easily recognizable by air and cool atmosphere, in contrast to which the natural components (woven mats, woven wicker chairs, wooden flooring and countertops) seem even warmer.

    In an environment dominated by white, translucent blue, light gray, blue tones. Furniture compact, smooth surfaces. Considering that during the cooking in the kitchen is hot, this design will bring a welcome freshness and, at the same time feel at home.

    The gentle charm of the French countryside in the design of a 12-meter kitchen can convey pastels, enamel vintage furniture carved with soft curls, home appliances "antique", thin decorative beams on the ceiling (if the height).

    In such an interior would be appropriate to any reminder of the holiday village: wicker baskets, beautiful jars with jam and spice on open shelves, lace curtains on the windows, small wild flowers on the wallpaper and tablecloths.

    The role of a stylish accent can play a hood designed as a chimney bleached. Materials Provence - tree, lime, copper and clay, but the chrome-plated metal, tinted glass and glossy plastic here are clearly redundant.

    Though initially "loft" and designated the attic, now is the word most often used to an elite housing, converted from a former factories, educational and administrative buildings.

    At first glance, the bare brick walls, exposed pipes, rough-hewn wood and industrial metal lamps give the impression of a temporary shelter. Nevertheless, the freedom-loving citizens who are tired of pretentiousness and excessive order of offices, a design liked.

    it is increasingly chosen in recent years for the decoration of apartments, and especially - kitchens. Since the characteristic features are high loft ceiling and an abundance of space, 12 sq.m. to create the interior of this should be enough.

    The color palette for the kitchen 12 sq.m.

    The ability to distinguish up to 10 million colors - a real gift of nature, through which people can fully enjoy the variety of the world. However, the primary colors in the palette of only ten (seven rainbow, white, gray and black), each of which has some influence on the psyche, subconscious perception of human emotions.

    By choosing to design the kitchen area of ​​12 square meters, it is recommended to stay in the bright, neutral and warm colors. It is believed that the cold range (blue, green, blue, violet) suppresses appetite and calming effect, so that these colors are best left to the rest rooms - a bedroom and a bathroom.

    The ability to white visually expand the space for the 12-meter kitchen is not critical, but in general it can be used as a blank canvas for more blotches of bright saturated accents.

    This may be achromatic composition with admixture of black, gray, metallic. Get rid of the feeling of the laboratory on a white kitchen will help wood: floor, tabletops, chairs made of oak, walnut or pine - will make the interior of a home.

    Of all the materials used in the interiors, stainless steel is the most hygienic, durable and strong. It is for this reason that professional kitchens in restaurants literally composed entirely of metal. Such registration can be done at home. It perfectly fits any modern appliances, and during cooking can feel like a real chef.

    Apart from the fact that the steel surface is easy to clean, they also have a mirror effect - reflect light, giving the room a more spacious kitchen and a neat appearance.

    For those who love all natural, always a pleasure to be surrounded by the woodwork. Wooden flooring and furniture from solid - not the most durable solution for the kitchen, but in a pinch you can use an imitation thereof: to choose the floor with granite cut pattern, and set to buy MDF with veneered fronts.

    As for colors, the kitchen of 12 sq.m. better to choose a light or medium-tone saturation, as a dark brown can create a dark mood and significantly reduce the space.

    Warm tones of yellow and orange are suitable for the design of the kitchen 12 sq.m. never better. It shades of sun, lush tropical fruits and flowers. They give energy boost, elevate mood, improve vitality, creating a friendly and fun atmosphere.

    Balance the excessive brightness will achromatic range, soft brown, green, and any wooden texture.

    Since green palette is quite extensive, it is worth noting that for the kitchen 12 sq.m. best suited bright colors with a touch of yellow. This may be the color of lettuce, green apples or the first spring leaves, but from the deep shades with a touch of blue or black, it is desirable to give up.

    A good supplement will warm texture of wood (except bleached), matte surface of dark gray granite, sand yellow. On a green background is very beautiful to look utensils or decor of orange and bright pink.

    The first and perhaps the most responsible process in the arrangement of the kitchen is the finish floor, walls and ceiling. The choice of materials and the correctness of their use will eventually not only affects the aesthetics of the interior, but also determines the length of time until the next maintenance. How can extend this time saving in the future finances and force for other, more pleasant purposes?

    The first requirement for the flooring kitchen - is moisture resistance. For this reason, immediately it has to drop such unreliable materials such as laminate and wooden flooring.

    The second significant criterion - strength. Here takes the leading position granite. It is specifically designed for high loads and is able to withstand even the occasional drop pans, and if suddenly there was a crack, instead of damaged stone can always put a spare.

    A good solution would be an ordinary floor tiles: it is easy to clean and long. In the kitchen 12 sq.m. well will look monotonous matt coating of neutral color (sand, gray, brown). The size of the elements most preferably an average of about 15x15 cm.

    Under ceramic floor mats is desirable to put becomes hot to the cold time of the year cooking did not turn cold. The dining area can be put laminate or zoned it with tiles in a contrasting color.

    Most of the walls are usually closed set, so you can just paint them white or slightly yellowish paint, well reflecting the sunlight. Choosing between the aqueous dispersion and latex-based pigment, it is necessary to take into account that the first freely passes through the wall of air and steam, and the second - creates a polymer film on which mold can appear later.

    If one of the walls is completely free (usually near the dining area), it is worth pokleit wallpapers with realistic prospect - so your 12-foot kitchen will look more spacious.

    Original and modern solution is to paint the free wall or part of a slate color. You can draw with chalk on a surface, make to-do lists or write good wishes to someone you know.

    Smooth and beautiful ceiling in the kitchen - an essential attribute of a quality repair. In a simple design, it can first paste over steklopolotnom - "cobweb" that protects the surface from microcracks, and after drying cover water-based paint.

    Modern style kitchen 12 sq.m. perfect complement tensioning film: glossy white, satin (with a slight silky gloss) or matt - excellent result is guaranteed.

    For a stylized ethnic and rustic motif ceiling will need to decorate the beams - these wooden slats or artificial plastic. The main thing is that they have a low weight and is firmly attached to the base. Under these strips can easily hide the wires or other communications.

    To 12-meter kitchen looked habitable, it just needed some notable decorations. When choosing them, owners should trust your own taste, as well as to take into account the rules of stylistic harmony. A list of matching items is large enough. It can be wall clocks, paintings, family photos, beautiful glassware, dishes, glassware, vases with flowers, still lifes. Due to the unstable temperature / humidity mode and high risk anything to turn the kitchen is not a place houseplants.

    With regard to textiles, in the kitchen it is desirable to use sparingly. Natural fibers quickly absorb odors and moisture, rumpled and soiled more quickly, so it is better to choose the synthetic product.

    The windows allowed light curtains short, but it is provided that the source of an open flame (stove, oven) are at a safe distance from them. Tablecloth for the dining area is also nice polyester. This material is quickly erased, it dries instantly and almost does not require ironing.

    How to arrange the furniture?

    In the kitchen 12 sq.m. not a problem to arrange roomy, modular cabinets, deliver impressive size refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and if necessary, a washing machine, a coffee maker, a large sink.

    Should be fit and a dining area with table, chairs or stools can be put on the podium, thus arranging extra space for storage or guest folding beds on wheels.

    Depending on the features of the room layout is selected headset - for elongated rooms it is usually linear, in one or two rows. The proportion of the walls of 3x4 provides a comfortable L-shaped or U-shaped pattern.

    Occasionally the center kitchen island countertop added. It is not too good, because it will have to get every time. As an additional workstation can use a folding bar counter or a sill suitable height.

    To enhance the beauty of the kitchen design 12 sq.m. at night, it is very important to take care of high-quality lighting. Fortunately, modern LED-lamps consume an order of magnitude less power and almost no heat.

    Before starting the installation of lighting, it is necessary to invite an experienced specialist, who must check the serviceability of power and readiness to withstand a certain load (including the power consumption of electric oven, refrigerator, washing machine or dishwasher, etc.). If the number of operating devices exceed the limit, it may cause an emergency power outage.

    To illuminate the kitchen of 12 sq.m. You will need one or two central pripotolochnye about 9-12 lamps and spotlights on the perimeter. Such, only a lower power, it is desirable to mount a set of working surfaces (tops) to insure against injury during cooking.

    Above the dining table, only one hanging chandeliers, and for an evening of romance can even attach a pair of wall sconces with subdued light. Most pleasing to the eye is considered warm white, but if requested by the style, you can choose a lamp in cool white or color (blue, green, red) spectrum.

    Switches desirable to place in a convenient location, adding to their luminous beacons. Also lighting devices can be controlled remotely - via the remote control.

    Especially for the lucky owners of a kitchen of 12 sq.m. we have gathered a collection of interesting decisions on the design of just such premises. In the gallery are photos from already implemented design options that will help determine the choice of finishes, furniture, find new ideas on planning and to repair the desired result. We wish you creative inspiration and positive emotions in the updated interior!

    The design of the kitchen-living room of 12 square meters: how to accommodate everything you need!

    kitchen design living room of 12 square meters is a special opportunity for the manifestation of creative abilities of the designer. This is a fairly compact room with a wide list of functional areas. With the right approach, this area can become a small oasis of comfort, harmony and beauty.

    First you need to decide how much food will be used actively. On this depends the value of kitchen furniture and equipment. Accordingly, it determines how much space is left in the recreation area.

    So, what should be included in the cooking zone? Note the items that you feel are necessary.

    • With one wing of the bowl.
    • Two bowls without draining.
    • Corner.
    • Round.
    • Multifunctional with additional compartments for drying vegetables and dishes.
    • Three-chamber.
    • Double chamber.
    • Single chamber with a small freezer.
    • Separately, a refrigerator and a freezer for 2, 3, 4 or mailbox bin.

    9.Obem products stored in the cabinet:

    This all requires space and compact packing in a small kitchen space.

    In addition, the living room should contain a sufficient number of seats for receiving guests, preferably one bed, coffee table, TV, radio and some cabinets for all kinds of stuff.

    As it is now all put on the available space?

    Consider two variants with a width room 2.5 and 3 m. In the first case we have an elongated rectangular room, characteristic gostinok. In the second embodiment will deal with a more proportional space.

    Elongated room with one window

    Kitchen area logically positioned opposite the window, near the door. Purchased products will be quickly sorted and stacked for storage in its place.

    If you have a small family, think about in order to reduce the number of burners. Look for compact hob and microwave oven replace spacious oven with a convection function. So you make space for pots and pans, or placing a compact dishwasher.

    Sink can be in two bowls. Only her buy a special board, capable of getting on top of the washing so as to increase the cutting area. As long as you do not need a sink, you wonderful nashinkuete vegetables on Boards.

    Get rid of the shelves in lower cabinets. They are not productive. Replace them with drawers, able to run for 90-100%. A wonderful option - tandem boxes. They are able to accommodate all the cooking utensils, including dishes. Special splitters will not allow dishes to shift during the drawer movement. There also can be folded and groceries.

    L-shaped angular position of the headset will place the revolving shelves in corner cabinet. This is the most efficient way to use to the maximum the deepest unit of your kitchen. In this case, you can always easily take what you need, just by turning the structure around the axis.

    So, we get the length of a small headset for minimum configuration.

    • Refrigerator - 60 cm.
    • Cutting plane - 60 cm.
    • Washing - 60 cm.
    • Hob Domino - 30 cm.
    • The distance between the sink and the hob 30 cm.

    Total: total length is 240 cm.

    Under one wall put a refrigerator, a corner sink. Go to the other wall: cutting plane hob. Total 3 modules and a refrigerator. Microwave and kettle move to the "second floor" in the upper tier, large household appliances gets as needed.

    Dining area logically separated from the living room bar. It takes up little space and naturally divide the room to a proportional part.

    The living area becomes quite large. Here it fits a sofa, pair of armchairs, a compact slide.

    When square regulated possible linear and L-shaped arrangement of the kitchen area. The kitchen can be more closely complement. Especially when she takes a place along one of the walls. In this case, the division of the room will be on the line from the window to the door, that is, along the premises.

    It looks good when the kitchen and seating set is made of the same material and just flow smoothly into one another. In a small space should strive to unite all the visual elements.

    The podium will be a good alternative to the traditional cupboard. He is able to accommodate a large number of things and at the same time serve as a ottoman, sofa, bed, second level, etc.

    Use all the features required to loggias and balconies, if any. Not necessarily make alterations. However, competent storage system is capable of on the balcony absorb a lot of things and products that are not afraid of frost. If you do a warm balcony, you and vegetables there is room.

    Use modern style, tending to minimalism and the latest developments for small spaces. In this case, even such a small space is comfortable and multi-functional.

    The design of the kitchen-living room of 12 square meters on the photo:

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