Kitchen living room loft-style

Kitchen-living room, loft-style: design, decor and interesting ideas

Combining the kitchen and living room is a common technique in the design art. This solution would be in the interior of the spacious rooms. kitchen-living room also looks appropriate in the small Soviet-style apartment. It allows visually enlarge the space, add light to it. The light in this case will get in the room is not of one, but two windows.

Kitchen-living room in the loft suitable modern owners of an apartment or house. This is a new, easy style. It opens great opportunities for creativity, it allows us to emphasize individuality. The main features of this style should be considered before starting repairs.

Loft style appeared in the 30s of last century in America. Quite a lot of the time it took him to become popular and fashionable. "Roof-cherdachnoe9raquo; interior design imparts flavor design. Today, the old-style deficiencies are perceived as its advantages.

In the last century, many Americans can not afford a separate dwelling. Use abandoned industrial premises for many representatives of Western youth was the only way to get a roof over your head.

It was not long, and the interior was used as a basis the typical premises of factories, warehouses, has become very popular. In normal city apartments in Europe and America, it became widely used in the design. Kitchen-living room in the loft today will appeal not only to students but also to wealthy homeowners. This underlines their independence and originality.

kitchen-living room design loft-style is light and rough at the same time. It does not use templates or any standards. This brash, bright and memorable interior. Being in this room, you can cheer up in the morning and relax in the evening, enjoy a delicious meal and a good glass of wine.

This style does not accept boundaries. The atmosphere of space and freedom. That is why the combination of kitchen, living room if you choose this style interior is a good solution. This highlights its strengths.

Today, loft can be found in the design of a country house or a restaurant, hotel and office. The apartment has a standard high-rise buildings, he will look harmonious as possible. Translated "loft9raquo; means "cherdak9raquo ;. According to how it should look like the room, decorated interiors kitchen studio and a living room.

Living room, kitchen, loft-style must have four distinctive features. This primarily refers to the selection of materials for finishing. They need to be rude, renovated to resemble brick, rough plaster. Old and new materials should be in harmony. Should go out of the pipe, communication.

The second style is a sign of high ceilings. If this condition is not satisfied, it is better to give preference to a different type of design. The third feature of the loft room is the division into zones. Partitions are not available. It is for this reason, combined with the living room in this case, the kitchen is not only desirable, but necessary.

In non-standard components must be present interior. This is the fourth feature of the style. On the "factory last" room should resemble coarse beams, the availability of engines, mechanisms. This is all combined with ultranovymi materials and accessories.

Many advantages will be provided by different food. Dining-living room in the loft is a spacious room. There are a lot of light and air. The interior is always present brick, wood, pipes, truss system is visible. They do not need to hide or mask. This greatly simplifies the repair process.

There is not used a refined decor. Tone design quite calm. All elements of the interior simply and succinctly. You do not need to do a lot of doors and partitions. Presentation style is considered to be at the same time functional. Zoning determines the correct placement of furniture in the living room and kitchen.

For finishing require simple, low-cost materials. You can use concrete, brick, wood, glass and metal. Leveling the floor and walls are not required. This significantly reduces the cost of repairs.

Kitchen-living room in a loft-style apartment or own home a distinctive design of the walls. They play a key role in creating a special mood in the room. One of the most common materials for the decoration of the walls is brick. Laying can be untreated, partly coated with a paint or plaster.

Walls can be finished with wood. For this purpose a wide deck boards. It does not cover paint. Wood can reveal the varnish. Also, the stone will look harmonious. For this fit solid color ceramic mosaic tiles or matte porcelain.

Walls can be covered with plaster. On top of it can be applied to the ink layer. The surface can be completely smooth or have in some places worn, uneven areas. You can also apply a matt paint. Most often these goals are choosing beige, black, white or gray.

Studio-kitchen and living room in the loft should be delineated. To do this, use different materials for the decoration of the floor. They can vary in texture or color.

As materials for the flooring suitable deck board, matte porcelain or self-leveling floor. The last one should imitate cement, wood or natural stone. In this case, you can not use laminate, tile or carpet. You can put a small rug in the living room. It can be worn, vintage.

The ceiling should be a few shades lighter than the walls. It looks best paint in white or beige. You can make a metal or wooden beams on the ceiling. They can be painted in dark colors. They installed lamps.

In the combined spacious room should be enough light. He will penetrate inside through the windows. It should also be properly consider the location of fixtures. They will help to delineate the space.

In this case, you can add elements of other styles when you make a kitchen-living room in the loft. Provence will look harmonious with the presence of wood, large, rough windows. Gothic style approach in the design of the window, for example, in the former premises of an abandoned church, and so on. D. You can show imagination.

In the living area, you can set floor lamps or floor lamps. It should also present here the full coverage of the ceiling. In the kitchen area should be allocated the work area, the hood. Dining table also must be well illuminated. Fixtures should be easy. In all areas of light should be a warm hue. This adds comfort.

More recently, a kitchen-living room, loft-style shaped by restrained colors. This, for example, was a black, white, beige, gray or dark-green tone. However, today it is possible to apply the imagination and choose a bright tone for accessories and furniture. For example, many designers choose bright color kitchen facades. For this purpose the red, purple, green, lemon-colored.

Furniture in the living room can be contrasted with the kitchen interior. Loft allows you to combine different textures and shades. Rough brick harmoniously looks with glossy facades and new sofas.

Each zone can be identified particular color. Furniture can repeat the shade of the walls, or contrast with them. If necessary, you can perform zoning using glass partitions, leaving a single color composition design living room and kitchen area.

The main element of living room-kitchen in the loft is a bar. It is almost always used to demarcate the space designers. On the border of the premises can be set dining table. It will also separate the living room from the kitchen. Large sofa can also be a feature of separating the two zones.

It is best presented in the style of the furniture looks simple geometric shapes. In the kitchen, you can install a plasma TV. This will allow room harmoniously combine the living room and kitchen. Between these two zones may be a common fireplace.

The dining table should be large and rectangular. This will allow harmoniously fit it into a spacious room. Curtains on the windows should not be. May be completed with interior unusual items, kitchenware. It must be combined with the color of the kitchen fronts or upholstered furniture.

Having reviewed the main recommendations for decorating combined living room and kitchen in the loft, each owner of an apartment or house will be able to think independently and create a design space.

Unusually interesting living room-kitchen in the loft: 6 ideas

Living room, kitchen, loft-style conveys the atmosphere of the streets that will appeal to extravagant personalities living room-kitchen in the loft-style - highly topical trend, so loved by foreign stars. For a long time it remained inaccessible to mere mortals, but now everything has changed dramatically for the better. Current techniques are becoming more affordable and the skills to use them are no longer secret. Change your interior according to the fashion trends surely everyone can. The main thing - the desire. Moreover, fully rely on the masters is not necessary. The main scope of work can be done independently.

Kitchen-living room, loft: choice of colors

The distinguishing feature of style loft - is it democratic. As a basis we can take any favorite colors, skillfully combining brilliance and tenderness, extravagance and conservatism. Remarkably, even the most incongruous elements perfectly communicate with each other! But, despite this, experiments were carried out infrequently.

Most often, the owners prefer the following combinations:

However, only a little to find the right color. It is important to expertly fit it in the specified square footage. Often, people choose the interior, based on the log options. Like, everything looks very good, but the reality is poor. Why is this happening?

If the room is large, kitchen-living room in the loft, you can make out in dark colors, but if small, it is better to use light colors

First of all, the image be processed, and then become more vivid, interesting, etc. In addition, the leading shoot, the photographer always chooses the most successful the angle from which the interior will look most attractive. If you visit a location, the impression may be quite different.

That is why planning arrange the room in a loft, it is advisable to consult with experts. Assessing the scope of work, they are likely to pick the best option for specific conditions. Customer requirements are taken into account always! However, for a more harmonious picture, they may be slightly transformed.

The design of the kitchen-living room, loft-style: the basic nuances

Loft - a skilful blend of old and new. Moreover, we are talking exclusively about the materials. Bringing in new house the old stuff is not necessary. Especially popular now enjoys the so-called industrial design. Its essence lies in the fact that the once industrial areas are converted to residential areas. Of course, to find such apartments is problematic, however, to convert the style loft is quite possible, and above average apartment.

And closer to his dream to help:

  • Zoning space;
  • The use of elements with different stylistic load;
  • Between a skillful combination of contrasting colors.

Among the features loft-style decoration of the walls should be mentioned under a brick or natural stone

Independently make such changes in the apartment is very problematic. First of all have to get a certain set of thematic knowledge. And before embarking on full conversion, it is better to practice on paper, trying to implement the desired solution. You need to consider everything, including the size of the room! And if the efforts were crowned with success, you can be mistaken for the real design and redevelopment, zoning space, etc.

Take this process inexperienced wizard may up to several months. However, what's the hurry? The main thing - it is a positive result, which will be enjoyed by all members of the household.

To fit kitchen, living room and loft design

The kitchen in the loft-style - is the prerogative of the young democratic and families seeking to constantly keep up with current trends. At first glance, everything is as it is, but it is time to expand the sphere of influence.

loft trend is perfect:

  • Young couples;
  • Families with young children;
  • Age couples.

Especially popular style loft enjoys among young people engaged in creative work

Of course, to get used to such interesting interior solution will be difficult, but it does not mean that it is not worth attention. For starters, you can work through these rooms, like the kitchen and living room, combining them into a single zoned space. Accustomed to at least one of these zones, you can perform a similar metamorphosis, and the rest of the house.

If there is a radical desire to change everything, you can implement only some loft - elements that will harmonize perfectly with any interior design solutions. So, gradually, we can come to a total renewal.

An invaluable advantage of loft is the fact that it is perfectly transformed into a variety of interior design solutions. Therefore, if that - it does not like it, you can always change the situation! And to do so with minimal effort!

Any new design - it is spending, without which do not seem possible. However, not everything is so expensive as it seems at first sight!

When you make a living room-kitchen in the loft there is no need to buy expensive building materials

You can save significantly by running yourself the following works:

  • Creating a design layout;
  • Selection and purchase of furniture;
  • The purchase of materials.

Thus, to minimize their costs can be about half! If in doubt you can always ask for advice from an experienced professional. He must indicate to all the inaccuracies and correct the trend in the right direction.

Trendy living room, kitchen, loft-style (video)

Dining room in the loft suitable for any home, the age of its inhabitants, etc. Do not worry about what the new interior will cost too much! All feasible, if you wish, especially if to be smart and calculate at what can be saved without loss of quality.

The kitchen in the loft (101 photo solutions, 1 video)

Making kitchen in the loft-style - it's a great alternative transformation space, which will prepare delicious meals and entertain their friends of the people relaxed, dynamic and are not afraid to take risks. They are much nicer than the aesthetics of urban cities, filled with metal, plastic and glass, rather than pastoral serenity.

The kitchen in the loft atmosphere and unconventional layout, bold use of materials, ergonomic design, shocking decor and an extraordinary palette of colors. This style can be used not only in the design of urban apartments, not less attractive it will look in a country house.

The main feature of this style is a combination of bare brick, or roughly plastered walls and restored flooring and modern home furnishings and appliances.

Name this style "the loft" of foreign origin and literally means "attic", "room under the roof" or "apartment upstairs." The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeverything non-residential buildings such as disused factories, warehouses and factories owned by the Americans. It appeared this style in the 40s of the last century and is still very popular in America. In our country, it has become popular not so long ago, but the loft fans with each passing day it becomes more and more.

Style loft is perfect for small flats in which to expand the space of the kitchen combined with living room. This approach to repair and design of the room makes it possible to obtain a large kitchen-living room, which is enough room for all family members and guests. Visually connected kitchen looks much more and its small dimension is not "crushed" and do not cause claustrophobia.

Having decided on the kitchen connected to the living room and the design space in a loft style, you need to think in advance how and where the distinction between these two different purposes of functional areas will occur. To visually divide the room in the style of a loft can be used lightweight partitions, furniture, screens and false walls. Very stylish "border" between the kitchen and living room in the loft power becomes low dividing wall made of bricks, which can serve as a shelf or become a convenient breakfast bar for a morning tea if togethers with friends over a glass of beer.

It is important to remember that even if the kitchen area is adequate, and there is no need to combine it with a living room, loft style involves the distinction of working area and eating area.

Zoning is done with the help of lighting, changing the ceiling or change the type of floor covering. For example, in the work area, where the cooking and washing up, the floor may be tiled, as in the dining area and the border with living hardwood flooring.

The walls in the loft-style - is one of the key elements, which pays special attention to the finishing. Walls can be conventional brick, without any processing, stylized cracked concrete slabs or plaster. With regard to the registration of the working wall in the kitchen, t. E. Apron, it can be covered with mosaics, large tiles or stainless sheet metal.

Important! The ceiling in the kitchen in the loft-style must match the color of the walls, but be 2-3 shades lighter. If the height of the room allows, you can decorate the ceiling with decorative beams, painted in a dark color.

As for the design of windows in the kitchen in the loft, the curtains in the classic sense absent here. No curtains, swags and tyuley! An alternative to the classic design of the windows in the loft come blinds or curtains, pleated with a large pattern in the form of graphics, urban landscapes or photos.

Starting with the kitchen you can go to the chosen path - to issue all the accommodation in the same style. Details - below:

The main colors for the kitchen in style loft

It should be noted that the loft style is very democratic in terms of the choice of colors. Room loft-style executed in muted and natural colors with the addition of any one spot of bright "spots" - paintings, large floor vases of bright color or the color of the chair. It all depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to create in the kitchen.

The most characteristic color loft-style are:

  • Gray and all its shades;
  • brown and red-brown;
  • beige and milk;
  • dark blue;
  • muted burgundy.

As can join such as the color orange, green, red, magenta, and cyan as bright accents.

Choosing furniture for the kitchen, loft

When choosing kitchen furniture you need to remember that the style loft strive for minimalism and maximum functionality of the interior. Therefore, the size of furniture and its amount should not "steal" space. The ideal option would be convertible furniture that can become a comfortable sleeping place if needed.

Loft style allows for the design of the room combine absolutely any furniture that makes it unnecessary to single selection of kitchen units. All that is necessary - stand furniture in any one color, or choose two contrasting colors design furniture: beige and chocolate, black and white, and so on.

Countertop desktop is best to order a stone. The ideal option would be a single worktop for all elements of the headset. It is preferred that the furniture was made of wood or natural wood stylized. It can also be used with plain kitchen sets textured surface.

Emphasize the stylistic direction of the room to help rough antique shelves placed on them modern dishes. They can be both stationary and suspension.

As for the modern household appliances, it must exist in the kitchen loft. When choosing a kitchen helpers preference should be given to devices having a maximum of metal surfaces. This technique as a refrigerator, microwave, stove and dishwasher should be built, and create a kitchen set with a single composition.

Increase the useful space of the apartment is the transformation of the balcony-balcony-landfill in the home. Options for using the balcony (loggia) not only for drying clothes - read here.

And here you can see the current tips kitchen association with the living room - less angles, more light and space.

Lighting for the kitchen in style loft

Initially in this style were decorated attic and industrial premises, natural light in them was as bright thanks to large windows. Therefore, making out his kitchen in the loft-style care must be taken to maximize the window was bright and open. It is appropriate to horizontal blinds and fabric blinds that are easily folded or flowing in the maximum light room.

As for artificial lighting, the loft is most often used such lighting devices such as lamps, strict form, geometric chandeliers chains or metal hangers. If the walls of the room are decorated in intense colors, the lighting should be bright.

Experts recommend choosing lamps, floor lamps and lamps with shades in soft and discreet colors that will not attract attention.

Especially designers often used in the design of kitchens in lightings loft made of aluminum. They are ideally suited to this industrial-style and at the same time did not attract much attention. Best of all aluminum light fixtures look at complex application, so they must be chosen together with furniture and walls. If the design of the ceiling plasterboard structures are used, they can be built spotlights.

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