Kitchen made of pine

Consumer properties of pine kitchens

Kitchen of solid pine looks luxurious and stylish furniture from solid pine has a low price, a pleasant aesthetic appearance. Among the furniture made of solid wood, it can be considered furniture economy class. Can withstand changes in temperature and humidity. Pine is easy to process. Furniture made of solid pine environmentally friendly, does not emit harmful substances.

Facades for kitchen from a pine and a common kitchen style

Facade - the front part of the furniture. The overall design determines the choice of the type of facade.

Regardless of the kitchen layout, you can choose one of the following styles:

The main advantage of the facades of solid pine - their low cost compared to other facades made of wood

Kitchen made of pine, you can pick up any façade. The best option will be made of solid wood. Facade of pine, thanks to the texture of wood, looks elegant and luxurious. It can be painted in any color. Possible imitation of other types of wood. Small flaws pine facade will fade under the influence of ultraviolet light and the price. The cost of the facade of pine above the cost of the facades of chipboard, MDF.

Kitchen of solid pine with their own hands (video)

Types of kitchen furniture made of pine

Wood furniture is always in fashion. It is chosen by people who care not only about their image, but also health. Furniture made of solid pine is a timeless classic that is always current. Pine is a lot of kitchen utensils that will go well with trim elements made of pine or pine kitchen.

Manufacturers offer the following types of pine furniture for the kitchen:

  • Kitchen sets;
  • buffets;
  • Kitchen cabinets;
  • Kitchen wall cabinets;
  • Kitchen mezzanine;
  • Kitchen dining tables;
  • Furniture for bars;
  • Kitchen and bar stools;
  • Kitchen corners.

To choose kitchen furniture made of solid pine, preferably the same color gamut as well as your kitchen to get the perfect combination

Care pine furniture produced without the use of aggressive chemicals.

Daily wet cleaning of furniture made of wood will help keep its appearance for a long time.

Furniture of natural wood is treated with wax or polish for additional protection against moisture, dust and microorganisms. Pine furniture can be easily restored.

Making the pine kitchen with his hands

Start tinkering furniture is better off with something small. If you like the process and the result, you can move on to the more complex, the production of food with their hands.

food production from pine consists of several stages:

  • Selection of the project;
  • Selection and calculation of the amount of material;
  • Choosing the right tool;
  • Purchase material and the missing tool;
  • carcass furniture manufacturing;
  • Sheathing the housing parts;
  • Making the kitchen facade;
  • Finish.

The main advantages of the furniture made of pine are its durability and beautiful aesthetic appearance

kitchen project can be ready to take and add to it. It can be developed independently. To modify the project in the process of food manufacturing is not prohibited. This step creates dimensioned drawing.

We expect the surface area of ​​the kitchen. If this is one material, simply add up, if different materials, we consider separately. To create a frame used timber connected by a spike. frame plating produce boards.

  • Solid. Made from a single piece of wood.
  • Pressed. They are made from solid. Glue and then pressed. Edge-glued panels durable and strong.

For the manufacture of kitchen pine is used as a carpenter's tool-electric and manual. For each type of work chosen one that will give the best quality.

We buy materials in specialized shops. For example, in the French company Leroy Merlin specializes in products for the repair and construction.

Frame furniture making from a bar, the junction, for strength, we coat with glue PVA or other woodwork.

To reduce the material costs to pay for specialists for the assembly and installation of the kitchen, you can do it all with your own hands

Sheathing body dishes available shields of various thicknesses:

  • 15 mm panels suitable for the rear wall;
  • 20 mm sheathe the top, bottom and side walls, and applied to the façade;
  • 25 mm are used for styling antique.

Pine has high decorative properties, therefore it rarely cover opaque surfacing materials, only when required by the overall design of the kitchen. Parse the kitchen and covers it at least twice a furniture polish.

After each coating was dried, and then apply a new layer.

To simulate for other species of wood can be covered with pine stain.

The main advantages of cuisines from Pine low cost, compared to other species of wood, and environmental friendliness. You can choose a ready kitchen standard sizes. Furniture stores offer furniture to make the size of the consumer and in the chosen style.

Most consumers are selected from kitchen pine because of its environmental friendliness, beautiful appearance and durability

The choice of the manufacturer and the country of production for standard-sized kitchen, it is necessary to do with regard to his reputation and consumers' opinions.

Customer reviews are positive about the industries located in countries:

Solid pine material. Kitchen made of pine, whether it is ready, the standard size hand made or produced on demand, durable, stylish and robust. The pleasant aroma of pine and environmental friendliness of the material will be an added bonus. Kitchen made of pine for those who want to spend less, and get as much pleasure from the beautiful and stylish furniture.

Kitchen with his hands from solid pine and countertop tile for $ 1670 (19 photos)

Your internet repost change 🙂

Work on the production of cabinets and a full cycle of finishing it took me about 2 months. I worked without assistants - a pleasure. Just I had the opportunity to work during the holidays, which I took. The bulk of the food was collected during the month, sanded, varnished and mounted in place. Now looking back at the path I think that more time would not undertake for such an adventure again. I even twice offered to make to order the same kitchen! But just this once flogging I can not. Hard for one yet.

The only thing for which I took this job - the lack of the necessary amount of money to buy a ready-made wooden furniture. It was too expensive and it is a pity to pay many thousands of rubles for the work that I can do myself. Previously, I have collected the furniture with their hands, but they were individual lockers, tables and small furniture, so some experience I was still.

1. Selection of the kitchen furniture. Prosherstit Net searching for a suitable size for my food, I chose a few options. In my case, I demand the right to food in the form of a letter "G". Projects of pond-pond. Selected and modified my project was drawn, further work was carried out with the paper.

The dimensions of the kitchen space: 3,5h3,6 m Ceiling height minus the floor and ceilings - 2.5 m.. Decorating kitchen apron made mosaic "coffee with milk". Finish granite countertop is made in the color of ivory, ends trimmed end textured insert of the same color. Dimensions of kitchen furniture m turned 2,95h1,85 section height (the lower tier.) - 85 cm, the distance between the lower and upper tier 80 cm Height 72 cm of the upper tier..

2. Calculation of the amount of material required. Well here is pure mathematics: for us in advance certain size kitchen cabinets calculate the overall squaring required to purchase the material. Fold the square frame and all elements of the facades and get a total area of ​​m2. Do not forget about the back wall: I have it laminated fiberboard under the color of the facades. Handles and other fittings also believe in the number of door cabinets. Pre-need to decide where and how to open the door - then buy the desired loop.

3. Selection of the desired material the frame kitchen cabinets. Variants in general is not so much: glued furniture panels of real wood (pine for example) or pressed furniture laminated chipboard or foil pasted over (as in the makeshift kitchen corner). My choice fell on wood panels made of pine. It smells wonderful. As long as I have them processed just enjoying the smell of pine. The truth is a lot of resin in it. You can choose like that pleasant to the touch or the texture. I wanted it so the texture of the wood and its very presence was in my kitchen. Again, I thought it was real wood rather than pressed with glue and resins. Surely there are furniture panels made of solid wood - but that I could not afford, because it is not even an option rassmatrivalsya.4. Purchase of materials and tools. Simply buy in the store where it is cheaper. If you take glued furniture boards of pine, then take a variety of e - "Extra". It has no knots and very few flaws, it costs 1.5 times more expensive grades with knots. But looks after the treatment as a real pine tree - beautiful.

5. Cut Shitov is targeted for size. Cutting boards for the purchased I used hand-held circular saw with a disc with a large number of teeth 36-48 to ensure a clean cut. For rough cutting is suitable drive and 24 tooth, but he will "tear" pine. Since I decided to save money in the kitchen making it your own, and sawing I also had to be economical. After pre-cut need to tag each received frame member, otherwise, then you can get lost in them - will be a lot of parts!

I mark them with masking tape pasting of comet refers to any wardrobe this item. I will note one more important detail which at first I paid little attention: accuracy of cut parts to the millimeter. After collecting the first cubicle I realized that I made a mistake just 2 millimeters and a wardrobe was a bit skewed. I had grinding to correct flaws. A grinding in turn further reduces the size of the final frame of all the cabinet as a whole.

6. Pre-assembly of kitchen cabinets fit. After cutting and rough grinding proceed to the first assembly and fitting cabinet parts. Putting frames, grind, eliminate errors and flaws, if received chips - fix putty for wood under the desired color. Twist all the cabinets need to reliably how to install, fix all the flaws, cut the rear wall, to fit and grind all their butts. I am collecting all cabinets shkantah and evroshurupah (konfirmat) Phillips screwdriver, using the screwdriver.

8. Coating varnish all parts. varnish coating occupies almost a third of the working time due to the long drying and layered grinding, which also takes a lot of time and effort. I did so:

  • I covered the entire surface of stained skeletons and facades using roll - so much faster;
  • polished sponge for hand sanding number 100 and 120 - quite a bit to show the texture of the tree;
  • covering the first layer of varnish - drying - After nulevkoy polished first layer of lacquer, wiping with a damp cloth;
  • covered with a second layer of lacquer - again drying and polished again vyterat;
  • a third layer of lacquer - drying and final grinding and polishing of the facial surfaces.

9. Drying, assembly and installation of cabinets on your kitchen space. At this stage already seen the final version of the kitchen. Varnish, stain and polish did their job - How nice. Installation on a place in the room was made 3 hours, it is very likely wanted to set everything in its place. At first, I hung on the upper cabinets predetermined guide. Then build and install the basic, lower cabinets without the installation of facades.

10. Manufacturing countertop. Worktop separate "song". I also wanted my own making. Poryskav in an Internet found several options and settled on tabletop with a base made of plywood with Facing of tiles karamogranitnymi. Feet of cabinets you need to choose a really good and strong to withstand the entire structure together with the contents of the cabinets.

11. Installation elements and closing / opening the door for cabinets and shelves mechanisms. Responsible item. It is important to choose the hinges and rollers to match the requirements of your kitchen to have provided the angles of rotation and exit / exit / crawled doors and kitchen shelves. On each product, be it a loop or rollers, the dimensions of which must be observed and maintained at its installation. By following these instructions easily install them in place will not be. Of course, for their installation will need to have special tools, such as a drill Forstner. Stuck affordable so you can buy.

12. Manufacturing kitchen fronts ends with milling and drawing on the front side. Facades I produced in the same hand. Initially I wanted to order, but to know the price and looking at samples decided that he could do, at least not worse. Again, I had to buy a manual mill. He took not the cheapest, but the penultimate price. The work will be one-time and expensive router sense to take no, I do not need. Procedure for the production of facade similar to the specified in paragraphs 3-8. Covering stain and varnish, and similar to the framework. That's just the difference in applying cutter pattern on the faces of the facades.

Well, I bought the router, hands too. On scraps trained and proceeded to the main Dellal. I started with small doors. For they had made a template on which the mill was moved image is repeated in the passage of the arch kitchen and bathroom. After came the great door facades. For they had made a template, a little more, the same configuration. I processed the ends facades edge cutter, drawing endured grooving cutters. Mills dear, I took 500 rubles apiece, bought two of them: one an edge and one slots. Adding that the work on milling to be performed outside, outdoors: a lot of dust and chips. The apartment is also possible, but will have to clean the vacuum cleaner often 🙂

13. Installation of glass parts, shelves and trays for drying dishes in the cupboards, sink. After the assembly and installation of all parts of the dishes in its place, you can set the filling. Fiberglass parts screwed using special fasteners for the glass. Pallets and dryers to buy ready-made for your size - to set the most simple, on the screws.

The process of pre-assembly of the upper tier cabinet

All kitchen cabinets are assembled and ready for final polishing and coating of stain and varnish.

Looms next general appearance and size of the kitchen. ahead of crucial stage - staining and varnishing.

According to established guide the first hung corner cabinet, follow the right side of the upper tier for him, the installation guide is designed to get to the top of the cabinet mosaic.

Making countertops occurred in a residential apartment, so I had to experience some inconvenience no washing, no table vospolzueshsya shorter darkness, but tile is laid, and everything is ready for grouting.

Grout is made now sink and plinth waiting for their turn, place the hob and sink handles carefully bioprotective impregnation, so as not to grow mushrooms, and fungi.

Fitting panels for future facades. As such, they temporarily hung week until you have some free time to process them at the same time they just thoroughly dried out.

Here facades after covering the stain and the first layer of varnish yet without polishing and grinding.

The second lacquer layer and a second polishing with polishing.

The facades are installed on the place, glass inserts are not yet ready.

Under the upper tier laid LED strip for illumination of the desktop is very good and practical thing as it turned out: the light well and gives extra beauty especially at night beautifully illuminated when off the main, overhead light, lights turned soft, it does not hurt the eyes, light evenly.

Here's a view of eventually getting co glass inserts LED additional overhangs cabinets and installed the hob.

What is the good kitchen of solid pine

Kitchen made of solid pine - a luxurious and stylish furnishings. Natural version looks elegant and refined. It is not surprising that such subjects prefer a thousand people who want to fill the space of comfort and coziness.

Quality, reliability, refinement

What is the appeal of this furniture? Why in the manufacture of kitchen is often used pine? An array of this type of timber can fill the space of the room a homey feel. In addition, for this breed characteristic and other advantages. The advantages include:

  • environmental security;
  • a variety of colors;
  • a wonderful natural flavor.

Unique furniture can saturate the space of the apartment elegant, fresh and invigorating scent of pine forest. Interesting very discreet shades fit perfectly in a variety of interior styles. The photo shows how diverse, beautiful and exquisite objects can be created on the basis of this type of wood.

Furniture made of solid pine, characterized by low prices. Because you can buy the kitchen directly from the producer in Belarus, the level of the value of such options is democratic. It is no wonder that thousands of buyers prefer it to similar models.

Unique strength and durability

Another distinct advantage cuisine created from the pine forest, is remarkably long service life. If you ordered sample quality from the producer in Belarus, it is possible not to worry - the furniture will last for decades. As shown by numerous testimonials of happy owners of pine model kitchen from the array may well become a family heirloom and will reliably serve several generations. Options that can be found in the catalog of reliable companies that fit perfectly into the various interior areas.

Why pine is a durable and robust? Reliability secret lies in the simplicity and ease of care data of natural pictures.

Individual attention, other advantages of such furniture. This unique healing properties of pine kitchens, which are manifested in the form of exposure to fractions of essential oils. The so-called volatile:

  • able to kill all the bacteria;
  • facilitate respiration;
  • helps to normalize blood circulation.

Not surprisingly, the furniture made of solid pine is an excellent one for people prone to asthma and allergic reactions.

The right choice - the key to high quality

The choice of dishes from this timber is guaranteed to be successful. The fact that the pine is strong, reliable, resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Everything else, this natural material used to make furniture, not afraid to rot.

Experts insist that you must be extremely careful when choosing such a kitchen. Numerous customer reviews point to some of the features of the material. Solid pine can sometimes warp or crack. However, all these negative nuances do not apply to quality variations of Belarus, which are shown in the photo. Reliable manufacturer carefully suited to the development process. Furniture of this type of wood chosen to treat a special composition, which allows you to protect the items from aggressive environmental factors.

A unique feature of cuisines that are based on softwood, is that it goes through several processing steps:

  • special impregnation;
  • special antiseptics;
  • safe lacquer.

That is why pine furniture is not afraid of moisture, condensation, temperature fluctuations, spots of fat. Numerous references indicate that the resulting variants retain their strength, refinement and reliability surprisingly long period of time. Loyal prices for this type of furniture will allow even choose the most unusual and solid option.

The catalogs of manufacturers can find a lot of original versions created from these conifers. Solid, stylish, rich and presentable pine furniture will help you to decorate any city apartment or a private house. Since the kitchen facade becomes a kind of calling card, that are the final versions of pine accents in the interior premises. Due to these models the space is filled with stylish, luxurious and presentable feeling restrained and concise classics.

The catalogs of well-known manufacturers can find a lot of different options. Their color version differs versatility. That is why this furniture becomes a good solution for a room, beating a country style chalet Provence.

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