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Kitchen design in 2018 - the lot of professionals

kitchen photo - is a site entirely dedicated to, you guessed it, images of kitchen interiors. As shown, this topic is very popular and many have difficulty in choosing the interior for its excellent cuisine. Places, where he spent most of the time is often the hostess where the whole family gets together for dinner. We will try to highlight the diversity of options for the design of kitchens.

And one of the priorities is to find successful solutions and unique design it in straitened conditions of the small kitchen. See our catalog of photos of kitchens wide variety of styles and manufacturers.

Design photos kitchen (top 100 real photo)

The ancient sages said that it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Visualization of an idea able to identify all the positive and negative sides. If you decide to upgrade your kitchen design photos with ready-made solutions will provide you with the essential help.

The combination of different colors, placement of kitchen furniture and dining area - all this is hard to imagine without a professional-looking projects.

Kitchen in a modern style - 187 real photo

See a selection of photos of modern kitchens in size from 5 to 20 square meters in the interiors of actual apartments and houses. Here you will find pictures of light, dark and colored kitchen sets with a different layout (angle, straight, U-shaped, with an island, a peninsula, and the bar), a different design and budget. Inspired by the ideas and create the kitchen of your dreams with us!

If you want to make the kitchen to order, see this collection:

Catalog of manufacturers of kitchen furniture

The modern interiors are no strict rules. The main thing is that it matches your own idea of ​​the perfect housing and create a sense of harmony, comfort and relaxation. It may sound notes of minimalism, hi-tech, modern, Scandinavian or eco-style, light classical, Art Deco. Correctly matched elements of different directions here co-exist quite harmoniously. But there are several important points to keep in mind when creating the project.

1. The facades modular suites in a modern style is usually flat and smooth. Design - simple, rigorous and concise. Handles are often hidden or non-existent: in this case, the doors are opened by pressing.

2. Materials are varied. Mainly used chipboard or MDF laminated, enamelled, PVC film, plastic, acrylic. More expensive models of kitchen can be finished with natural veneer (in appearance it is indistinguishable from the array), cheap - low cost materials under a tree.

3. Popular headset with glossy facades: they look impressive, well reflect light, visually enlarge the space and give it depth.

4. Smart accessories allows for a maximum use of even the most remote places of kitchen cabinets. Drawers much easier swing doors. Horizontal opening up the door to the lifts, especially good for small kitchens.

5. Combining the kitchen with living room, you get a comfortable open space combined with a free layout, where a lot of light, air, and plenty of space for relaxation and comfort the whole family. But it must be clearly zoned with the help of furniture, decoration, lighting.

In the gallery below, we have collected a real photo of the interior design and cuisine in a contemporary style in 2017 with different finishes. Enjoy watching!

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