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Kitchen Design 6 sq.m. (60 photos)

  • Kitchen - one of the most difficult types of facilities in terms of creating a functional interior. Especially if we are talking about a small area in which to accommodate everyday objects, space for cooking and dining area. Today we'll show you what are the options for processing kitchen design 6 meters, visually illustrate each solution.

    To create a complete image of the room, you first need to start from the style. Kitchen area 6 sq.m. better to choose the one that visually expand the space and allow to accommodate all the features practical. But styles today - fairly vague concept which can be modified depending on the interior features. Let's look at the most popular options!

    Kitchen Design 6 sq.m. in a modern style

    Versatile choice for any space, which will emphasize the dignity of profitable small kitchen. Focuses on flowing lines, the aesthetics of geometric shapes, functionality and practicality. It involves the use of modular furniture or furniture-transformer. Main criteria: laconic, no pile of parts.

    Kitchen Design 6 sq.m. in classic style

    Classic style originated in the luxury homes of noble families, where spaciousness of the rooms was playing a key role. If you follow the canons of this direction, then 6 sq.m. Kitchen may not be enough.

    But classics in modern interpretation provides more options for implementation. Fit into the interior of the wooden furniture with a neat thread, tile with floral patterns, refined decorations, and the equilibrated details bright palette of colors - you can create a truly intimate design.

    Kitchen Design 6 sq.m. in the style of Provence

    The situation is intertwined with the previous style. Provence loves the light, space and freedom. In the small kitchen 6 sq.m. antique furniture, an abundance of textiles or patterns may look out of place. But if the balance of these elements and combine them to a single pastel palette, you may have a very cozy and appealing interior. In this situation - with proper design small area becomes a virtue.

    Kitchen Design 6 sq.m. in the style of minimalism

    This style - the salvation for any 6-meter dishes. The meaning is in the name: the minimum set of furniture, colors, decor with maximum functionality. The main thing - to keep the balance between the "laconic" and "sterile" space. This will help contrasting combinations: matt and gloss colors and materials.

    Kitchen Design 6 sq.m. loft-style

    If the interior of the whole apartment is decorated in a loft style, the kitchen is not just another option - a unity of style plays a key role. Ideally, this zone is combined with the living room. If not, it is recommended to minimize any partitions, perhaps by dismantling the door or replacing it with a sliding.

    In the room itself much better not to get involved in traditional brick walls, combining them with white. Help save area bar as a dining area and shelves of cabinets instead of massive.

    The color palette for the kitchen 6 sq.m.

    Should I mention the great importance played by colors in small rooms? To choose the right colors, you can completely transform a space by creating the desired mood.

    Traditional light kitchen, advantageously made in white color contrasting with several parts. Room with a palette always looks cozy and clean, but the last have to constantly monitor. It is recommended to use the furniture or finish with an interesting texture to the exterior appearance.

    If the usual color schemes seem boring to you, then how about the red dishes? This does not mean that all space should be painted in "bloody" color. For example, red kitchen cabinets look great on a white or gray background, creating a modern and bold composition.

    This shade is combined with wood, highlighting its deep texture. Giving preference to matte surfaces can be avoided space narrowing effect.

    Beige color can be used with other warm colors, bringing to the interior light and refined atmosphere. Perfect for a minimalist, classic, contemporary style, and Provence. It goes well with light wood furniture. In this case, the kitchen finishing 6 sq.m. It may be a few shades lighter or darker - it will not affect the feeling of space in the room.

    Blue color has a calming effect on people and harmonizes space. Its bright colors can create a sense of coolness in the room. In the kitchen, where always something is prepared and fried, it is especially important!

    Best combined with white. The blue color can be issued not only kitchen furniture, but also, for example, textiles - curtains or a tablecloth.

    Bright green color sometimes looks hauntingly in the interior, especially if it is a small-sized kitchen area 6 sq.m. But not his olive shade! This gentle tone will create a harmonious and fresh atmosphere, especially with wooden elements and plants.

    In the small kitchen decoration able to transform the space, visually expanding or narrowing the room. What materials and colors to use, you will prompt style decision, and the repair budget. We give the most optimal options that fit well in the area of ​​6 sq.m.

    Paul traditionally has to be darker than the walls and ceiling. It is better to give preference to the laminate with light wood - it will increase the room. Tile is recommended to choose a large and solid, otherwise visually split "eat" the precious floor square meters.

    If this is the loft, then at least one of the walls shall be brick, but to balance it better white, smooth surface. For the rest of stylistic solutions suited painted walls or wallpaper. The working zone thus can be tiled with pattern making beautiful accent.

    The walls in the kitchen 6 sq.m. with a square geometry is better to leave uniform, but with a square - you can combine several types of finishes.

    For the ceiling in the kitchen 6 sq.m. options quite a bit, but the best is only one - a white flat surface. Color a few shades lighter than the walls. Any other solution would look out of place and begin to "squeeze" on the residents.

    The decor and linens for the kitchen 6 sq.m.

    In the kitchen, the main elements of decor serves mostly dishes: the composition of the beautifully arranged cups, plates, jars and creates a cozy mood. This option is ideal for Provence, loft and possibly classics. But with minimalist and modern interior all the "beauty" have to hide in closets - it's not only practical, but also visually "crushes" space.

    Textiles in the kitchen is not only for beauty. It includes a tablecloth, all kinds of cloth, aprons, which are normally put in the forefront. The bright interior is decorated with important not to overdo it. The same goes for curtains: Light transparent curtains will be quite enough for any style. Why create barriers to natural light, and so is a bit on the small kitchen?

    How to arrange the furniture?

    This is perhaps the most difficult question is how to arrange the whole set of furniture and household appliances, can not do without in the kitchen, on such a small area? List of needed items is really great: a refrigerator, stove, sink, work surface, storage space, a dining area. In this case, must necessarily remain a place for the free movement of, for cooking - it is an active and agile process.

    The most convenient procedure for everyday items location: the refrigerator, after washing, a work area and then plate. This is due to the sequence in cooking - to get the product, wash, cut and cook. But even well-thought through this chain, it is important to consider the location of the ventilation, water supply, sockets and so on.

    Note that the dining area should be opposite the working and separated from its free space. In the kitchen 6 sq.m. in any planning will have to place the composition at the walls, so as not to take up much space.

    Kitchen Design 6 sq.m. with fridge

    Refrigerator - the largest object in the kitchen, for which it is difficult to find a place in a small room. Options, in fact, not much. Different kinds of plan, he will be near the work area.

    Try to place the refrigerator so that it did not get the sun's rays. It is better to put on the perpendicular to the window side. Optimal location - next to the doorway, just make sure that it does not block the way in the clear.

    If you live in Khrushchev, the kitchen area 6 sq.m. additionally will possess inconvenient layout and low ceilings. In this case, it is recommended to think about more radical methods, and combined with the living room kitchen area. At least - try to dismantle the door, leaving a wide opening.

    If the wall thickness makes it possible, it is better to place the built-in furniture. As a dining area suitable for a small family round a table with a few chairs and mobile furniture.

    uniform single-level illumination suitable for rooms with a small area: the place is not much, it is unlikely there is a need for additional lighting. Multilevel system only visually divide the space and it will narrow. If the light is still not enough, you can place a few small wall highlights in the work area.

    Luxury massive chandeliers in general should be excluded, even in a classical setting. Instead - the lamp with a minimalist bubble. Well, if it will be located close to the ceiling, and not hanging over the illuminated area.

    Design a kitchen 6 sq.m. - a photo

    We hope the article has helped you understand the different design options design kitchen 6 sq.m. We have prepared a selection of photos that will inspire you to exactly the right decision. Enjoy watching!

    Repair 6 sq m kitchen - large potential small area (photos)

    Modern design tricks to help maximize the use of every square meter of the kitchen area of ​​6 square meters of many families for years crammed into a small apartment, where the same plan kitchen leaves much to be desired. To solve an actual problem of the best use of square meters of kitchen space to help new ideas of today's designers.

    The project is a small but comfortable kitchen

    Deficiency meter quadrature inspires implement design kitchen 6 q, wherein each centimeter of free space should be used maximally useful. Especially if you are going to repair their own hands to do a small Khrushchev. In this case, the advantage is that the interior elevate 6 m2 will result in a low cost.

    When planning repairs small kitchen with economical investment, important correctly formatted project

    It is important to carefully consider the ideas and options to make a detailed renovation project, including the placement of furniture.

    First of all, it is useful to get acquainted with good examples of how to make the renovated kitchen of 6 sq m with their own hands. The project, which is full internet, dissuade you that planning a small kitchen can be comfortable and attractive.

    Small kitchen layout options (video)

    Before the start of repair work from the kitchen take out furniture and appliances. They will not only hinder, but they can be damaged or soiled in building materials. When the space is freed, the work plan is as follows:

    • remove old wallpaper;
    • the walls are cleaned from paint and plaster;
    • if necessary, get rid of linoleum and ties.

    Before the start of major repairs, made the dismantling of old coatings After the kitchen cleaned of debris, you can start working

    Often the layout of the old kitchens provided space for storage or other niches. If they are disassembled, this place will further increase the space for the realization of your creative ideas.

    When the surface of your premises 6 m2 prepared, you can begin to implement the idea. The first step is to repair the floor unit, the walls and ceiling.

    Multi-level structure with stretch ceiling in the kitchen looks very impressive

    • To perform screed on concrete slab floors first placed a layer of sand. On its surface planarized is placed extruded polystyrene, top coated film. Only then can pour screed. Instead of wood or linoleum is better to put on the floor tiles. This is easy to clean and easy to clean.
    • There are various options for the ceiling decoration. For kitchen most suitable will be made of plasterboard or tension. They are easy to fit into any interior, easy to install and have an affordable cost.

    Concrete floor screed ideal levels for further stacking topcoat Of all the flooring for the kitchen is most preferred ceramic tile

    Instead, the tiles may be used for the apron protective-decorative panel of tempered glass, which are reliable, practical and durable coating

    • The walls are aligned with a thin layer of plaster. Wall where the project provides post furniture made of drywall. The drywall convenient to hide the pipeline. In those places where you plan to hang the cabinets, as set horizontal mounting profile. Apron in the working area is recommended to lay tiles.

    Very functional designs that suggest to abandon the door to the kitchen in favor of the arches. It is easy to build with his own hands on the aluminum frame of the plasterboard. For isolation from strong smell from the kitchen stove hood mount over.

    The layout and interior design

    The interiors are largely dependent on the kind of plan you got the room - where the windows and doorways, gas water heater and stove. From this perspective, design kitchen 6 square can be quite varied. Consider the main types of conventional small-sized kitchens and suitable types of kitchen furniture:

    1. Kitchen set in one line - classic and most budget option. This ensures maximum utilization of interior meters useful as roomy cabinets and wide working space. A good idea for such furniture - built-in hob;
    2. corner kitchen - it saves not only space, but time as much as possible reduce the space between the classic kitchen triangle hostess "refrigerator-sink-stove". Furniture corner differs from the linear additional wing at right angles, which is convenient to place the washer;
    3. With refrigerator or column at inlet - that the speaker did not spoil the overall view of the kitchen, it fits into the interior, hiding his hands in one of the wall cabinets. This idea also applies to the refrigerator. However, it lost a few centimeters of space.

    A sufficient number of modules kitchen units in one line can be positioned in a kitchen 6 sq m, unless it has a rectangular shape

    Corner furniture in a small kitchen - a standard design method Installation of the refrigerator at the entrance to the kitchen 6 sq m shortens its useful space

    Built-in furniture, fitted under the kitchen size, not only the most well fit into the interior, but will also provide savings square meters.

    Create the illusion of a few extra meters will help correct use of color and lighting:

    • Observe the balance of light and dark shades, the latter in the interior should be no more than 60%;
    • walls to make better self-colored, avoid large patterns and ornaments - this space visually seem smaller;
    • desirable to use the kitchen fluorescent lamp, and the working zone is recommended to additionally equip the spotlight.


    Even in a small kitchen, a large savings potential lies square meters. Use our tips, and the hostess will not only convenient, but also more pleasant to cook in a new ergonomic interior.

    Kitchen Design 6 square. m. Photo of modern ideas.

    Stealth small kitchen layout (6 sq. M.). Successful kitchen interiors 6 sq. m.

    Small kitchen is far from being a novelty or gimmick. Owners of apartments in old buildings or prefabricated buildings faced with this phenomenon and know that with the right planning possible quality and convenient to arrange "korobochku9raquo; 6 sq.m.

    What you need to consider.

    1. Spatial arrangement of furniture, which may be linear, angular or U-shaped. The choice of model depends on the tenants needs.
    2. The correct arrangement of the working area. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the following elements:

    • Apron, which is best done from the small mosaic;
    • Worktop, in an area which is not worth saving;
    • Household appliances, which is better to hide in the headset;
    • Plumbing, which must have a reasonable size for the type of design.
  • Placing the dining area, which should be functional and compact: sliding tables, folding chairs.
  • Correct color scheme. The best option will be bright shades that help to visually enlarge the room area.
  • Lighting, which should be plenty.
  • You can optimize the space by using the pull-out shelves and drawers.
  • Kitchen Design 6 square. m. in a typical pre-fabricated house. Photo of successful interior

    Kitchen Design 6 square. m. in the panel house is presented in a Scandinavian style. Basic color white stands in combination with the possibility of variations. This allows you to make the interior of the small room, and advanced air.

    To avoid "bolnichnyh9raquo; motives diluted white tone gray, blue and green, black inserts, which freshen the interior. on the window blinds are accented mellow yellow color that looks quite impressive.

    Photos bright kitchen 6 sq. m.

    Kitchen floor tiled homogeneous cool colors combined with simple geometry. Opposite sex have become the walls and ceiling, which are presented in white, without ornament and texture. Individual contrasting black spot serves apron, which not only performs protective function, but also information.

    Large, bright window becomes the main source of light. Familiar curtains are not used. To protect from prying eyes blinds used. Besides it involved a lot of artificial lighting fixtures, which are represented by a lamp in the window, a separate central chandelier, adjustable lights along the perimeter of the ceiling and additional lighting above the work surface.

    White kitchen in a Scandinavian style, 6 square. m. Photo

    A separate element is a snow-white sill that can be used as a table. Its complement are the high wooden chair bar type.

    Furniture concise, performed in a strictly geometrical forms. Headset matte surface. Made in white. Glass cabinet doors help to avoid a complete "slivaniya9raquo; facades kitchen units in the blind spot.

    The design of modern kitchen 6.5 square meters. m. with a refrigerator, built-in wardrobe

    Simplicity and functionality helped to recreate the minimalist design of the kitchen 6.5 square meters. m. fridge. Kitchen formed in three basic colors with small bright patches which favorably stand out. Light beige intersects with light gray and white shades.

    Finishing room and furniture surfaces are made from a combination of natural (wood, ceramics) and advanced (plastic, metal) materials with a glossy surface without a monochromatic decor patterns and that increases the space visually.

    Modern gloss kitchen 6.5 square meters. m. Photo

    Duplex ceiling kitchen made in white color with a matte surface. The floor is covered with ceramic tiles with a large blurry fine pattern dirty-beige shade.

    The walls have a neutral tint balancing finished working surface. Texture apron is in the form of brickwork white color that contrasts with the headset bit color.

    Small kitchen with refrigerator involves the use of comfortable and functional furniture, decorated in a single design and style decision. Closed facades headset conceal built-in appliances, successfully hiding the hood and are spacious storage for kitchen utensils.

    Light dining table is complemented by the white chairs in tone with bright accents of orange color.

    The style requires a large amount of light. To solve this problem, use a combination of a central lighting - spotlights. Also, the flow of light comes from the large windows.

    Kitchen Design 6.5 square meters. . M in pre-fabricated house is to use a small amount of decorative elements: Stand vegetables in a bag, original vase of flowers, the palm fruit.

    Design bright kitchen 6 sq. m. with a table-sill. Photo of two colors

    Bright and quite an interesting design modern kitchen 6 sq. m. can be seen below. Despite all the abundance of colors, the interior looks completely unobtrusive. This modern kitchen 6 sq. m is represented in two opposite colors, juicy lime and more relaxed, but not less than the original cherry.

    The floor is paved with black glossy tile mosaic inset dominant color. Bright ceiling with a glossy surface smoothly "perehodit9raquo; in the walls, which are covered with self-colored wallpaper pale beige.

    Facade of kitchen furniture has a glossy surface monochromatic light beige in combination with a predominant color kitchen. All equipment is built.

    The first version of the design small kitchen. A photo

    Special "fishechkoy9raquo; It may be mentioned elongated sill that can be used as a table. Kitchen 6 sq. m. with a table-sill makes the interior more functional and saves missing sq.m.

    Colorful spot serves apron, which plays in different colors.

    The design of the bright kitchen of 6 sq. m. Special attention is paid to lighting. Large window covered with roller blinds, provides light during the day. To illuminate the kitchen at night, you can install spotlights placed in the ceiling above the working plane. Or use the hanging lights over the table-sill.

    As a decorative use of the picture. On open shelves and placed vertical decorative elements adorn.

    Kitchen Design 6 square. m. without the dinner table in the loft. project photos

    The combination of shabby brick walls with modern materials represented in the design of a kitchen 6 sq. m. in the loft. It is the texture of the walls sets the main focus style. A kind of dullness muted white inserts: wooden kitchen unit and a large hood, located in the central part of the room.

    granite triangles in several shades of gray used for the flooring. Its continuation such masonry found on the windowsill.

    Spotlessly white ceiling visually expands the space small kitchen and gives an opportunity to "breathe."

    The ultra-modern built-in appliances headsets distract the attention. Imperceptible at a glance apron textured glass securely protects brick wall.

    A large window, which cover horizontal blinds, provide natural light. As used spotlights on the ceiling above the working surface and as an artificial lighting.

    It complements the interior design in the industrial style open rough register.

    Kitchen Design 6 square. m. in a classic style with a touch of Provence. project photos

    Harmony and comfort bears the interior of the kitchen 6 sq. m. depicted in the photo. Small kitchenette combines unobtrusive light colors that blend smoothly. Gentle violet color facades headset easily fits into the overall design of the olive cuisine.

    Kitchen Design 6 square. m. in the classical style of the French Provence diluted elements represented in the overall design of the room.

    Picture of a beautiful 6 meter kitchen

    As used floor covering massive oak boards, which are combined with ceramic tiles, checkerboard Laid the working space.

    The ceiling is smooth in white. Ceiling moldings decorated with stucco, which gives the charm of the kitchen space.

    For the walls using wallpaper with a large pattern. Kitchen apron decorated with fine mosaics violet color, which favorably shades violet metallic kitchen units.

    A special place is a round wooden dining table, which is complemented by two large armchairs.

    A large window curtains cover the floor. Additional protective element of the window blinds are. Artificial lighting presents a massive chandelier made in the form of a tea set. In the dining area, two small lamps are located.

    As decoration used the picture located at the table.

    Kitchen Design 6 square. m. in a minimalist style. Photo black and white kitchen

    The main style in the design of the next small kitchen became minimalism. For dilution used Scandinavian design with a splash of eco-style.

    Color contrast and texture varied materials small kitchen in black and white helps to expand the space of the room an illusion and make it a game. Basic color white stands, which is harmoniously combined with black. To avoid black in the design, use bright elements: Limonov wire on the ceiling and the picture over the dining table.

    Kitchen furniture that hides all the built-in appliances, is located in a U-shaped manner. Set made in one color and stylistic design. A small dining table is a continuation of the overall headset. White matt coating facades favorably shades black inflated apron made in the form of brickwork glossy ceramic.

    Apron stands opposite a white wall, which is decorated with white bricks with a matte surface.

    White glossy ceiling contrasts with the matt black tile floor.

    For registration window opening roller blind used two colors. Artificial lighting is represented by hanging above the work surface lighting.

    Modern interior small kitchen 6 sq. m. Photo stylish kitchen

    Exquisite classic combined with elements of east and includes modern materials and built with modern technology. The interior of this modern kitchen 6 sq. m. The combined shades of white and gray colors with the addition of wood pieces and black elements.

    floor finish made of wood of dark shades, which helps dilute the white room. White textured ceiling and trimmed baseboards visible gray shades of the walls.

    White classic suite is located in the L-shaped manner. It hides behind its doors built-in appliances. Glass cabinet doors help to visually enlarge the space. Razbavochnoy part is apron Laid patterned black glossy tiles and worktops.

    The central part of the room takes a round wooden table with chairs, with fabric trim.

    As the lighting used two hanging chandelier above the table, made in oriental style. Daylight enters through a window that can be covered with dense dark curtains. There is also a LED work light.

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