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Tips for choosing the kitchen furniture. Photos of the best of kitchen furniture in interior design.

Kitchen furniture must be not only beautiful, it must be functional. If you work with an experienced designer, you nothing to worry about: armed with your wishes and tastes, needs and preferences, it will create the design of furniture for the kitchen, which will be custom made according to individual sizes.

But today's situation is that use the services of a professional designer - can afford not everyone. Therefore, many are taking control of the situation and decide on the purchase and placement of kitchen furniture themselves.

What you need to know about the kitchen, if you started to repair their own hands?

Assembly kitchen units can be of three types:

  • Most expensive kitchen furniture, in particular Italian and German, is available to the buyer in any corner of the globe in the final (ie, assembled) form.
  • The average price for kitchen furniture gets into our country in parts, after which the authorized production (a subsidiary of the company, firm, office or franchise), it is collected and delivered to the customer as assembled.
  • Kitchens economy class is delivered to the customer disassembled and assembled on-site.

As a rule, manufacturers themselves of the cavity is removed responsibility for incorrect assembly of kitchen sets. Therefore, if you do not hire special workers, your claim is well founded may be rejected ..

To kitchen it is right for you, kitchen furniture is not one huge and multifunctional object, and lots of different modules that can be assembled exactly what you need. For example, the kitchen can be a sink in the corner, and can be in the middle of the room with a sink. Kitchen units and suggest a solution for the first case, and for the second.

The fewer steps the module size, the kitchen will cost more.

To leave no unsightly gaps between the furniture and the walls, the modules should ideally fit into the size of your kitchen. If you can not buy the kitchen to order on the individual sizes, it makes sense to "try on" modules from different manufacturers, with different step sizes.

Not less important role played by the size of cabinets for built-in appliances.

Remember, they are acquired only after all the equipment available! Otherwise, you will not pick up furniture under the machinery, and vice versa (for example, choose a refrigerator, focusing on its size, but not function).

Although, from what modules will be your kitchen, all kitchen sets are similar to features of the elements, which are conditionally called lines.

The bottom line represents all the elements of the kitchen units in the lower part. Typically, this storage area is:

  • ponderous
  • Not presentable kind
  • heavy
  • Do not regularly use

Bottom line is also called the base. Cheaper to make the bottom line with opening doors. But it is not always convenient, especially in a small kitchen, since the distance must be sufficient to ensure that the door is fully plowed between all pieces of furniture.

Sliding doors, by type of wardrobes, require space on the sides of the module, which is also not very convenient in terms of the organization of space.

The best option considered drawers that help at a glance all of their content.

It includes all work surfaces:

  • Cutting table
  • cooking zone
  • Oven (convenient if it is at eye level rather than at the bottom)
  • Apron

To the top of the line in the kitchen set are hanging lockers. They both visually and functionally less. Upper cabinets is conveniently located on level. Here it is recommended to store that should always be at hand and quickly found:

To visually make the top line of lighter part of the lockers can be replaced by open shelves. However, all the data stored on them has to be kept in good order.

So as not to stumble on the forehead open doors - using a vertically opening mechanisms: the place to save money, and nerves.

An alternative to the separation of the kitchen on the top and bottom line may be a vertical sliding column. As a rule, they are all high-rise construction in the kitchen from floor to ceiling. In these cabinets is conveniently stored as home appliances and products (especially if it is "strategic" stocks groceries). But well integrated into the interior of this furniture is only in a spacious room, from her best avoided in a small kitchen.

Elements of kitchen furniture and materials

The kitchen is properly installed module ends should not be visible. Therefore, by and large, no matter how they look. But what should be paid attention to, because it is a facade. Since they are a kind of "face" of kitchen units, their part of the total cost of furniture is very significant.

The more original facades, the more they will cost you.

Facades can be made of:

Glass is most often used for the upper line of kitchen units, in fact, in this way, it becomes visually lighter.

All decorative items also have their price. The more - the more expensive it will cost you in kitchen. However, this may not always be comfortable with the hygiene point of rhenium, because they settled on the soot and fumes will be an excellent breeding ground for bacteria.

Smooth facades saturated colors are the perfect solution for any kitchen.

Functionality countertop depends on whether it is made of any material.

Laminated chipboard - the most democratic option for the price. However, such a table top will serve you from the forces of ten years, after which it will have to change. Particular attention should be paid to all joints: they should be well treated. Otherwise, there may be inside the water, from which the table top can start to rot.

Stone countertops are considered the most practical. Naturalnyey sufficiently porous stone and tends to accumulate water. Countertops made of artificial stone from this point of view is more practical, but put her anything hotter experts do not recommend.

Professional chefs prefer stainless steel worktops. They are easy to clean, does not absorb water, their appearance is not particularly deteriorate during operation. But this aesthetic countertops - conditional. Rather, it will fit into the kitchen in the style of hi-tech or minimalism, rather than in a romantic Provencal cuisine.

As already mentioned, in a properly assembled kitchen - ends of furniture can not be seen, so their appearance is not so important. Much more important practicality.

Modules of chipboard / MDF are not intended for re-assembly. Having collected a kitchen one day - it is better not to dismantle (even in the case of moving!).

But sometimes it happens that the ends are visible. In this case, you can install a special end-lockers cupboards, which will smooth the angles of the main modules. If you're worried about the price, remember - the shelves without doors will be cheaper than closed cupboards. Also, the price depends on the shape: semicircular cabinets more triangular.

Planning of kitchen units

The linear layout assumes that all the modules of kitchen units are built in a strict line. It is very convenient for narrow and elongated kitchens. To that with such a layout of the kitchen can handle more than one person, but several (which significantly saves time and energy, for example, during the preparation of large family gatherings).

Corner kitchen sets very practical, because all you need for cooking (all functional areas) are located in close proximity to each other. It is very important that the location of the doors and drawers, because it is desirable that they interfere with each other as little as possible.

If your kitchen is quite wide, angular kitchen can be replaced by U-shaped. In such a plan is not likely to fit kitchenette and dining table, but the kitchen itself will be extremely functional work area.

When the U-shaped layout is desirable that the apron cover it completely, not partially.

The only option plan, which absolutely can not be used for a small kitchen - it is an island layout. For it needs space to be able to move freely from the "island" to the "island." And what is the functionality of the island can be released - see the photo below.

Technical equipment of kitchen units

For built-in appliances in the kitchen include:

All this can be hidden from the view of curious visitors elegant wardrobes of the total ensemble. However, under the best technique to make furniture to order and only after it will be immediately available.

To your kitchen serve you as long as possible, it is desirable to equip its hood. Thanks to draw on the furniture will settle the minimum amount of grease and dirt. A hood that is not distracting from the overall ensemble - it is also possible to mask the curtain walls.

Special separators, coasters and other "Soup", which can be placed inside the kitchen units, most often, are not included. Traditionally, the kitchen units are equipped with only the bare shelves, and all the rest have to buy separately. Ideally - at the same time set. To some extent, this fact somewhat depressing. But on the other hand - you can always arrange space for storage exactly as it is necessary for you personally.

Kitchen set in different rooms

In the kitchen, no more than six square meters is better not to clutter the space for equipment cabinets. It is also worth to abandon Colon cabinets in favor of hanging lockers and a pair of pedestals at the bottom line.

In the kitchen, from eight to nine square meters, in addition to the line of kitchen units, will look good or corner of the island, where a separate dining area highlighted. In this case, the kitchen will perform not only its direct purpose, but also serve as a small dining room or a place of friendly gatherings.

This space would be enough to accommodate any kitchen layout.


The smaller parts - the better! Kitchen unit in this case must include cabinets for built-in equipment. A feature bright and stylish accent may well take on the apron. Recommended materials for kitchen furniture in the style of minimalism:

Styled furniture of the last century kitchen - is today one of the most popular trends. But all should be in moderation! Including, and original details.

This style is ideal material becomes a tree. Of exotic species of wood should be abandoned in favor specific to your area.

And here it is just the opposite - would be appropriate the most exotic species of trees and rich bright colors. The main thing - to stand it all in a single category.

Kitchen set for a small kitchen

  • Choose furniture rounded, flowing shapes.
  • Prefer lighter materials.
  • Instead of swinging doors is better to use drawers and vertically opening "bunching."
  • Not more than aggravating circumstances kitchen decor on the facades.

Individual kitchen to order

Kitchens to order - the ideal solution for modern apartments. It is not necessary to create a kitchen "from scratch": many of today's manufacturers offer to produce kitchen on existing designs, but with individual dimensions.

Choose a beautiful and comfortable kitchen

Kitchen furniture, especially, should be functional and ergonomic, and then attractive or interesting. In this room, beauty issues are secondary to ease of use. Italian kitchen sets - spectacular proof that all these problems can be brilliantly solved simultaneously.

Before you choose a fashionable wardrobes manufacturer directory, you must fulfill several conditions. Kitchen - functional space, so there is no point in the beautiful furniture, if it does not meet the practical requirements.

And so the kitchen should look after:

  • accurately determine the configuration of the room. It is important not just to know the size of the kitchen, but also to pick up the furniture so that it emphasized the right proportions and leveled wrong;
  • selected kitchen appliances: refrigerator, oven, cooker or hob, built-in steamer and even washing. Otherwise, you must choose the technique is not in function and appearance, but only in size;
  • defined style of the room. The most beautiful and unusual kitchen, not combined with finished walls, furnished with dining group lose all their aesthetic appeal;
  • calculated placement of kitchen modules. Kitchen is a single or near single workspace. A situation where desktops are located in different corners of the room, and the sink without base in the center of the wall - not permitted;
  • It resolved the issue with wiring and lighting - kitchen appliances are plentiful and are significant consumers of power. So this problem needs to be solved in advance.

Kitchen, even the smallest, defines the style of the room. If, in spite of everything, it was decided to purchase such a model, it is necessary to produce and some repairs.

The vast majority of modern models are modular kitchen sets. This set a variety of subjects - floor and wall cabinets, wardrobes, columns, shelves, butylochnits, bar counters and other things that can be needed. Soaked products in the same style and make up an ensemble. The number and order of its placement determined by the area of ​​the room.

The smaller the step size - ready-made modules, the diverse cuisine and are usually more expensive. But you can equip and arbitrarily small or large room, with a wide variety of proportions.

Despite the variety of solutions, looking several options, it becomes clear that all the dishes are made up of several major elements. These elements are called lines.

  • Bottom line (sometimes called a base). To get to the base of the contents, you need to bend over or squat. This floor-standing enclosures, cabinets, dishwasher and oven. These modules are designed for storing regularly used, bulky, heavy and unsightly items. The cheapest option - the doors swing open on all modules. Optimal - drawers, allowing the contents at a glance. In practice, cabinets with drawers and without combine.
  • Midline - working. This countertop, hob, oven, if it is placed at eye level, pressure cooker and microwave. There is a critical value of the height. The hostess has to be a long time in one position, so that it should be as user-friendly.

For a long time it was thought that the height of worktops and equipment must match. Today, however, the creators of kitchen furniture is believed that different height work surfaces should be different. This unusual decision not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing look as visually separates the lower part of the headset monolithic blocks.

  • Upper - hanging cabinets and shelves. The depth of their much smaller, since there the main condition is the freedom to reach out a hand to the content. The wall cabinets store light items needed constantly or very often. Today, kitchens offer a model without wall cabinets.
  • A vertical line appears in no small part thanks to the Italian designers. Vertical sliding-pillar, as a rule, occupies the space from floor to ceiling, and, among other things, visually lifts the salt goose and gives the headset structuring. The width of the columns is very different: from a minimum of 30 to 100 cm.

Such a division of the headset makes it easy to develop your own kitchen design. available kitchen space is sufficient to divide visually on horizontal and vertical lines, it becomes clear where and what should be placed.

  • It occupies a special candy bar - so the kitchen, where the equipment and furniture is almost one. Maximum technology embedded, and the free space is only available over the sink. This kitchen looks extremely original, but it is cumbersome and is suitable for large rooms or studio apartments.

Where and how are placed cupboards, sink and refrigerator - is not an idle question. Long-term studies claim that the arrangement of kitchen furniture must comply with the rule of the golden triangle between the sink, cooker (or cooking surface), and a refrigerator to be formed equilateral triangle with a side length of 1.5 m.

Such a perfect balance difficult to achieve, so that equality is often the victim, and the similarity of the angles are not always respected. But should strive to perfection.

Placement of modular kitchen sets defined proportions and dimensions of the room itself. As a rule, this is the main reason for non-ideal location of the working modules.

  • Direct kitchen - a good choice for a small room, because here the distance between the stove, sink and refrigerator is so small that the rule of the golden triangle, you can not ignore.
  • angular - Alternatively, where the triangle appears as if by itself, but rectangular. Corner unit usually takes washing, because the stove is better to place away from the refrigerator.
  • U-shape - a model for a large room, often it includes a space in front of the window. For the best accommodation solutions include sinks and countertops working under a window sill in place. Thus, once the problem is solved with light, and the alignment of the refrigerator and the plate does not cause problems.
  • The island - When washing, the cooking surface is at least one working surface to form a block in the center of the kitchen or at some distance from the wall. Wherein the set may include trim unit - as a candy bar, and with a traditional refrigerator. Such models are usually characterized by the most unusual design and have non-standard sizes. Headsets designed for a large area, even if it looks compact.

Italians - recognized worldwide lawmakers furniture fashion. It is difficult to say exactly why the Italian style so evident, and in the product completely different concepts, but it is the truth. Quite a unique combination of design and functionality makes the Italian kitchen sets most attractive.

The main motto of the Italian designers can be called the principle of "ergonomics and functionality - above all." Despite the overall aesthetic appeal of the kitchen, to show which element has only a decorative load is impossible - there are none. Everything - from the shape of the handle to tap the color is subject to the requirements of functionality.

  • Constructivist approach - the second rule of Italian design. Its principle is to use not as a wall area, and the entire kitchen space. If convenience shelf units must be placed at different levels, so be it. If the demands for comfort require accommodation cupboard and shelves above the kitchen island - the corresponding modification will be installed. If the dining table is not placed in a small room, then it will turn into a side member U-shaped kitchen.
  • Candy bar - very typical solution for Italian cuisine in the style of hi-tech, techno or neo-baroque. Glass insert and shelves are virtually eliminated, and gives the combination of structuring kitchen modules of different sizes and different colors. Kitchen sets, photos of which can be found in catalogs, look incredibly stylish and concisely.
  • Version without upper cabinets - used in both modern and classical cuisine. Sometimes they are replaced by one long shelf, sometimes several - are particularly interesting models that combine shelves and rails. Kitchen without upper cabinets look much lighter and sleeker.

Color spectrum at the same time very strict and has two, at most - three colors. Typically, the third is any natural or imitating his material - stone, wood, leather.

  • Decoration - carved wood, paneled facades appear only in the headset in the style of Provence. The role of the aesthetic factor carries a glossy sheen facade, fittings and very rarely - concise ornamental insert.
  • Steel in modern kitchen furniture - desirable "guests." Wherein the metal designers use not only as a countertop material, but also when facades. Photo of Italian cuisine in the style of techno able to convince the biggest fans of comfort and "heat" in the interior.

Trendy kitchen from Italy - not a cheap pleasure. On the other hand, is of the highest quality furniture, unrivaled user properties and the most excellent design.

The design of the kitchen units: Photos

After good quality refurbishment tenants bring satisfaction perfectly smooth walls and ceilings, pleases the eye with a stylish combination of colors brings a sense of celebration multilevel zone lighting. It remains to establish a suitable kitchen furniture and enjoy the work done.

What signs should have desks and lockers to best meet the needs of the owners in this part of the apartment? On the design submitted photo kitchen units, designed by professional designers, displayed different solutions. They can be made taking into account the features of any direction, but must comply with a number of general conditions.

Due to the specificity of the medium, which is operated kitchen furniture, to itself and the materials from which it is collected, impose mandatory requirements:

Ensuring high quality build and materials, environmental friendliness, safety, no toxic components and emissions, compliance with health and hygiene standards.

Due to the presence of vapor in the air with fatty inclusions falling onto the surface of hot spray oils, water, acids and alkalis, the surface must withstand the impact, not crack, do not swell, not melt, alter the color and texture.

Appearance of the products have to be stylish, beautiful and combined with the other elements of the interior.

Design features of the headset allows for planning, ergonomic requirements, to provide a high level of functionality, ease of work and comfortable pastime in the kitchen.

The coating should be selected so that it made it possible to maintain the necessary purity, is easily purified from impurities of different nature were resistant to water, washing and cleaning preparations.

Large selection of ready sets of furniture for kitchen allows you to choose the original installation kit in a small apartment, and the spacious private house.

For convenience, the placement of a large number of kitchen utensils, appliances, utensils, cupboards and cabinets are practical and roomy drawers, shelves, racks.

On sale there are sets, made in different styles of moisture-resistant chipboard, finished with glass, plastic, metal, PVC, mirrors, leather, textiles of any color and texture combinations.

Discount articles of various shapes, with radius glossy or matte facades, shelves, scalloped items built-in lighting.

To buy a suitable set for a small kitchen, will have to try.

the desired product would be better to gather in a dedicated facility to order. In this case all the free part of the room, the corner space, the spaces between the individual elements, made special shelves for the desired types of equipment, such as multivarku, microwave, coffee machine, food processor, the TV will be taken into account and used.

To make room look more spacious, uses near-wall placement of furniture and equipment so that the central part remained free. For such a layout suitable popular styles in recent years:

They are characterized by the absence of unnecessary items and accessories, simple design lines, clear division into functional zones, practical uses elements.

A good solution is to buy a headset corner.

Such an embodiment allows for the installation of furniture ideal arrangement of working zones: sinks, cooking surfaces and a refrigerator, with a minimum distance therebetween.

Many developers of kitchen furniture, offer suites with a bar.

It can be stationary or mobile, with wheels on the legs, supplemented with devices for placing dishes, shelves built sink, cooker.

This element is not only convenient and practical. The bar counter attached kitchen unique, stylish, chic, original approach to design.

If the price of ready-made or custom sets too high, patient and experienced owners can make roomy shelves and tables with their own hands.

To do this, use a laminated particle board, wood, plastic, PVC film, furniture and other materials in a wide range available in a trading network.

available materials, carefully crafted and finished in the right style can be used.

Kitchen set - an essential element of a modern kitchen. It can be made in different styles, but is obliged to conform to the nature of their tenants, to provide comfort, warmth, a sense of home emancipation, induce calm and enjoying your favorite setting.

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