Kitchen curtains


Beautiful curtains for the kitchen

Beautiful curtains for the kitchen has long ceased to be an ordinary decorative element. Currently curtains is an important part of this space.

On how nice to hang curtains, directly determines the final image of the kitchen, her personality, originality, uniqueness.

Professionals recommend to choose such kitchen curtains are the most popular hostess.

Designers specializing in the selection of beautiful curtains for the kitchen, paying close attention to the type of curtains, the material to achieve the desired effect, harmoniously complement the overall style of the curtains of the room.

Design options window in the kitchen

Original curtains for the kitchen, photo, novelty, interesting solutions presented in the video

Given that the process of decorating the window opening is an important step, it is necessary to think in advance the appearance of the curtain, to determine the material of which will be made complete.

Among the many types of curtains that can be used in the kitchen, we note: the classical, Roman, Japanese, Austrian, French options.

Such variety allows you to make your choice even the most capricious mistresses, take into account the color scheme of the walls, model kitchen units, room layout.

Many interior design professionals prefer to opt for the windows in the kitchen is Roman blinds, explaining his choice of easy care kits ready. Occupying a small amount of space, they will help to emphasize the individuality and originality of the room.

Japanese panel has a rather unusual appearance. On they appeared not so long ago, the Russian market, but it has already gained many fans. Besides imparting the kitchen space refinement and romantic, they can be used to implement space division into separate functional areas.

Curtains are original curtains made of light materials.

Among the distinguishing characteristics of these curtains allocate a sufficient number of smooth folds, allowing visually increase the free space of the room, making the interior of the original and refined.

For large rooms you can choose beautiful French curtains. With their help, you can highlight the sophistication created by the interior, highlight the restraint and elegance of the kitchen. Such curtains possess more beautiful and soft folds.

Features kitchen curtains

Beautiful kitchen curtains can be both standard and original look. If desired, you can pick up reserved options, or to purchase these models, which will completely change the look of the kitchen facilities.

Asymmetrical drapes with one side slightly elongated, on the other hand have a beautiful drape. In this case, you can visually expand the room and make it airy and originality.

Asymmetric curtains allow to neutralize the overall design, to make a positive tone in boring and familiar atmosphere of the space.

Some unusual drape professionals use as a separate decorative element for kitchen.

In this room will not be cluttered with unnecessary curtains.

you can even experiment a little with hints if desired. Light colors curtains contribute to the visual enlargement and elongation of the room. Due bright and saturated colors tissues selected for curtains, kitchen can make bulk comfortable and practical.

Terms of pattern matching and color of curtains

Professionals are convinced that on the kitchen window curtains appropriate asymmetric model, the color of which depends on the taste preferences of the hostess, as well as the interior style in which decorated the premises.

In the modern interior look great blinds. They can be supplemented with floral shades or choose only model of skin tones. If slightly raise a curtain and then to fix it, you can create in the kitchen and comfort. This option is relevant for kitchens, to be decorated in a contemporary style.

Stylish curtains can be self-colored, simple, wavy, bright, asymmetrical, and even theater.

Curtains desirable to select a background of the walls or furniture set. Despite the continued employment of modern women, many housewives are trying to find the time that make beautiful and unusual sets of curtains at the window in the kitchen with his hands.

We decided to choose the kitchen-colored curtains? In this case add to the created image of a certain zest. It can become a pelmet, decorative magnets in the form of butterflies, flowers, bright grabs. These little things make a normal curtain a true work of art design.

Professionals advise to complement the bright curtains of similar cloth. In this case it is possible to emphasize the originality of the kitchen, show the impeccable taste of its owner.

Even the most nondescript interior of the kitchen is always possible to revive with the help of unusual curtains.

When choosing colors, it is necessary to take into account certain factors: the purpose of the room, the shades of furniture, color design decorative elements, the desired effect.

The kitchen is the special place for each apartment or house, where all members of the family to have lunch or dinner, take guests to communicate. That is why it is so important to think through every detail all the features of the decoration of the premises, special attention should be paid to the selection of curtains for the windows.

When choosing curtains for the kitchen, it is important their functionality. Textiles used for the decoration of the window opening must be moved apart and retracted, protected from sunlight, with flowing fresh air and natural light.

Among the fashion trends, fashion designers are using two options textiles choice are: to match the walls, the color of the furniture set.

Some housewives believe that the blinds are more suitable for the design of windows in the office, but with the right of their selection, they will be an excellent option for the kitchen window in a comfortable city apartment.

Among the advantages of such a choice is possible to allocate the convenience of operation, easy installation, excellent technical characteristics.

Having defined the design one can proceed to the selection of variant anchorages for curtains. Currently, there are many options for locking curtains cornice: loop eyelets, clips, rings, straps.

Among the new products that have emerged on the market today, you can select the curtains in the form of threads. The sun's rays passing through them, will be created within the kitchen original game world. They can be used to allocate the kitchen and dining area working. Due to the wide range of colors offered on the market today, it is possible to put into practice any creative ideas.

To narrow window professionals advise to choose curtains asymmetric options. In addition, such a window frame can be mounted Roman or roll products.

Modern manufacturers of textile products for the kitchen windows offer a variety of options that young housewife is quite difficult to make the right choice.

If in the twentieth century, the hostess almost did not pay attention to decorating the windows in your kitchen, content with the acquisition of small curtains, not selecting them for the interior, the color of the walls, furniture, is now the situation has changed significantly.

Depending on the material possibilities, kitchen size, their own ideas, many women try to choose the original and high quality curtains so that they become a real decoration created in the image of the kitchen.

Some housewives create true masterpieces of design, armed with imagination, quality materials, a variety of decorative elements.

For example, lovers of English style, it can choose a project in which as an ornament swags will be used decorative ribbons, glass beads or fringe. In urban apartments and country houses are more and more unusual pelmets, which are the real decoration of any kitchen, the pride of its owner.

To create with their hands on the window, a true masterpiece, enough patience, see the work of a professional tailor or to order option curtains experienced dressmaker.

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Choosing curtains for kitchen (103 photos): unusual model

Kitchen - is a special place in every home where the whole family, eating, watching TV, chatting and hosts. Therefore, the interior must be thought out to the smallest detail. Hang beautiful kitchen curtains, and they will add comfort, warmth and lightness. When choosing consider four factors:

Photos - 1 Curtains for kitchen

Be sure to note the features of the kitchen. It is subjected to steam test, grease, etc. Therefore, remember the following requirements:

  • functionality - textiles should be easy to slide and move apart, to protect the kitchen from the sun and prying eyes from the street while letting enough light and fresh air;
  • practicality - choose the advanced materials with special impregnation which repels moisture, dust, dirt, does not burn and does not absorb odors.

Photos - 2 Cozy Kitchen

Photo - 3 Light curtains for the kitchen

Photo - 4 Sun protection

We select the design of curtains for the kitchen

Ideas can be very different, but the two designers offer a win-win option in the selection of textiles:

Photo - 5 original ideas for the kitchen window

Another well look contrasting curtains, but then the same color and make sure to use in the kitchen interior. This can be a tablecloth, dishes, a vase of flowers or a clock.

Photo - 6 Easy and practical

Do you want to window design was trendy and unusual, then do not be afraid to experiment and combine materials.

Photos - 7 Under the color of the furniture

Experts say that the most convenient and practical for the kitchen windows are horizontal and vertical blinds. They just opened, closed and easy to clean.

Photo - 8 Under the color of the walls

But the blinds are always associated with office work environment. Cosiness in your kitchen will add a simple, stylish design roller.

Photos - 9 We select the tone for the walls

It looks great Roman rolled products.

Roman blinds look great in combination with light curtains.

Photos - 11 Kitchen red and white curtains

Chic look and visually enlarge the space bright, Austrian, British and French curtains.

Photos - 12 Original style kitchen

After you decide on the design before you raise the question: "How beautiful to hang curtains?" Mounting options are many, and you can use:

We offer you a photo of a few courageous and creative solutions.

Photos - 13 Combined materials

Photos - 14 Unusual short pelmets

Photos - 15 Practical and beautiful

Photos - 16 Easy-to-balcony door

Photos - 17 Jalousie for kitchen

You have not yet figured out how to choose curtains for the kitchen?

Photos - 18 Jalousie for kitchen

Then let's deal further. What are the patterns fit for your decor and size of the room? If the kitchen is large and light, it will look gorgeous long curtains to the floor.

Photos - 19 Light green shutters

Two windows you can hang curtains different lengths.

Photos - 20 Blinds

Photos - 21 The bright roller

If you have large panoramic windows, the beautiful textiles will be a highlight of the interior and emphasize the refined taste of the hostess.

Photos - 22 Bright colors, roll

It looks great and short articles to the window sill.

Photos - 23 Red blinds

Fangled trends in 2017.

novelty of this year steel curtains yarns. The sun passes through them, creates an interesting play of light in the kitchen.

These curtains are often separated from the working area dining. A rich color palette allows you to implement a variety of design ideas.

Photo - 24 stylish Roman kitchen

On the narrow window is better to hang curtains asymmetrical. Still fit perfectly rolled and Roman items. Learn more about the design of curtains on small windows.

Unusual patterns of curtains in the kitchen

Modern textile manufacturers for windows offer so many options, it's hard to make a choice. Refer to a specialist from the catalog EtotDom and it will help you decide on the design or poshet exclusive copyright considering your wishes. Take 5 minutes and see a portfolio of masters, compare prices and contact a professional that you like the most.

Photos - 25 original Roman

Watch the video with interesting textile samples.

Truly master the strength to make a very difficult curtains, for example, by stitching (also called muslin) or rope. Interior sparkle with all the colors, if you use different colors and beautiful accessories.

Photos - 26 Dark Roman blinds

Individual attention 3d curtains. You can order a picture of any subject and enjoy the bright products, full of vitality.

Photo - Colored 27 Roman

Or create a truly fabulous interior.

Photos - 28 Roman with bright poppies

A small window will decorate perfectly asymmetrical combined or plain curtains.

Photos - 29 The combination of light curtains

If your kitchen is maintained in strict fine style, then you will approach the Greek curtains. Strict pattern and fabric add simple unobtrusive accents in the interior.

Photos - 30 Roman and light curtains

Or maybe you want to arrange the window in a rustic style, because it adds warmth, making the situation easy and home.

Photos - 31 colored textiles

Classic curtains never go out of style and will create a special atmosphere of solemnity. They recommend the use in large spaces, combining a light, flowing fabrics with a heavy tapestry, jacquard or silk.

Photos - 32 Austrian curtains

Japanese curtains are usually hung on the metal ledge and down the weights sewn. Due to this, on the cloth no one folds. They look strict, but only sewed from expensive natural materials.

Photos - 33 English style

French curtains are ideal for both small and large windows. Easy, one-color fabric make the room lighter and adds solemnity.

Photo - 34 French style cuisine

When selecting products in the style of high-tech transparent give preference to textiles.

Photos - 35 original mounting pegs

In popular modern style fit perfectly combined curtain of transparent cloth and are denser shiny synthetic drapes. Curtains in country style decorate the interior of small kitchen, adding a rustic warmth and comfort.

Photos - 36 bright drawstring

Curtains in the loft-style came to us from America. They are decorated with unusual interiors artificially created not grooming and neglect. Therefore, the product should not have any ornaments. This style involves a simple style, neutral colors and ease of textiles.

Photos - 37 on the loop

As you can see, the choice of curtains depends on the kitchen interior, its area and size of windows. In Khrushchev, where kitchens are small and narrow window is better to hang curtains or any rolled product in a country style. Lush coattails and combined curtain will make a room much less visually.

Photos - 38 On Eyelets

In the small kitchen window sill can be used as an additional work surface, so the curtains should not interfere.

Photos - 39 Clips for curtains

For a country house "clothing" on the box, you can sew yourself. It is not necessary to spend money on luxury curtains, for textiles should be simple, nice, practical and functional. Watch the following video. It will help you choose a product for your problem.

Cute twist farmhouse can become patchwork curtains.

Photos - 40 Mounting rings

Curtains for kitchen studio should be in harmony with the interior of the entire premises. They can decorate the box and separate the work area from the living room. If the combined space of several windows, they need not to decorate the same. The main thing that the curtains were of the same style.

Photos - 41 unusual decision

Back in the studio kitchen look great roll, and Roman blinds.

How to choose curtains for the kitchen balcony door

If you have a kitchen with a balcony, keep in mind some of the features when choosing fabrics.

Photos - 42 The long curtains to the floor

  1. The fabric should not interfere with access to the balcony. Light curtains should be free to move on the bar and do not cling to the door.
  2. Select fire resistant materials and for safety reasons they hang in the region 30 (and more) cm from the plate.

Attach the product better on the rings or grommets.

Photo - 43 different lengths

Often at the window with a balcony hanging combination products, such as roller blinds, light textiles and thick curtain. This is convenient and beautiful.

Basic requirements for fabrics for curtains for the kitchen

There are two main rules:

  • If the room gets little sunlight, it is best to choose a bright light curtains of tulle, nets, veils, calico;
  • if the sun a lot, it is better to hang thick curtains of tapestry, silk, linen or a combination of dense and transparent fabric.

Photos - Smart textiles for 44 panoramic windows

With the quality and form of the products we have understood. Now answer the question: "How to choose the color of the curtains?"

Do not be afraid to use a two-colored or striped fabric.

Photos - Modern 45 to the sill

Modern domestic and foreign manufacturers have a huge number of roller blinds fabric-based "day-night". They are made up of alternating strips of a tight and transparent material. Manage them very simply. Round shaft securely mounted at the top, and you are one movement can adjust the degree of natural light. Choose white and brown goods, white or colored.

Photo - 46 beautiful combination of Roman blinds and light textiles

For beige and burgundy cuisine safely purchase curtains in a cage.

Photo - 47 yarn Curtains

The yellow kitchen interior fit perfectly curtains with sunflowers or poppies.

Photos - 48 original yarn curtains

Blue kitchen design perfectly revive 3d curtain with daisies. The easiest way to pick up textiles white kitchen. This spacious room looks gorgeous monochromatic combination products.

Photo - 49 yarn curtains in the room

Or cute colored curtains in country style. For bright kitchen can be easy to pick up blinds, light or heavy textiles in different colors.

Photos - 50 Asymmetric curtains

For black-and-white kitchen, you can choose:

  • a large square;
  • strip;
  • a combination of transparent and dense fabrics of various colors.

The main thing that in the interior, too, attended this color.

Photos - 51 Blinds on a narrow window

Stylish looks green tone. He has a calming effect and adds a bit of summer in the interior. Good looking curtains of colors:

Photos - 52 Roman blinds on the small window

Delicate greenish muslin decorate the window with a balcony. If you have a small kitchen, do not be afraid to decorate her bright textiles: red, orange, purple, lilac. This courageous decision will expand the space visually.

Photos - 53 Unusual thread

These colors are ideal for large rooms with panoramic windows, but it is better to combine with light colored fabric.

Photos - 54 Rope curtains

Fresh air into the kitchen curtains will add a blue or aqua.

Photos - 55 Multi-colored thread

Brown textile emphasizes the solemnity and importance of space.

Photos - 56 Curtains 3D

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    Curtains for the kitchen - contemporary design, photo news and design ideas in the kitchen curtains

    The kitchen curtains perform a special function. They are not used for sun protection and in order to hide from prying eyes. Window decoration design style emphasizes the room with a fireplace. Curtains for the kitchen are cozy and uplifting its cheerful air. With their help, adjusted lighting and space. All family members several times during the day see them.

    Therefore, choose decorations for the windows must be carefully considering the tastes of family members, the interior style and features a kitchen.

    Modern design is an art - to make the kitchen a stylish, cozy and unique

    Designers are advised to start with the design of any room furniture purchases in a pleasing style. Then it creates a background for a wall decoration. Curtains and decor occupy the last, decisive in the creation of the image of the kitchen. They are equal to the final brush strokes of the artist.

    Contents kitchen strictly in one style possible. Most often, the interior combines elements of two or more topics that are close in the time of their appearance or territory. Curtains should correspond to the basic style, supplementing it.

    Color is selected in accordance with the tone of the walls and the rich colors of the interior. The monochrome kitchen design curtains can become a decor and become a focus in the interior. They will attract the eye with their bright colors and patterns, creating a festive mood.

    Decorative stone for cladding, colored wallpaper and wall mosaics contrasting trim, wallpaper and other material reduces the space aggravates it. Remedy the situation will help light air curtains.

    In the kitchen, I cook and take food. Steam and smells must be free to erode. Fabric for curtains in the kitchen should be natural, easy to wear, do not fade. Silk can be hung on the opening on the north window. After a season on the south side, it will fall apart.

  • Make the right choice will help you to your own taste and our proposed design of curtains for the kitchen, photos, news and features contemporary styles.

    Classic style is always in trend

    Classical - this complex patterns with a rich palette of colors, accurate portrayal and a large number of small elements. Preference is given to a natural brown and red colors with multiple shades. There are small green elements. Decorates picture yellow and golden color.

  • Classic elegance is based on flowing lines, natural materials and colors, light waves draperies. Curtain color matches the upholstery. Expensive fabric: satin, velvet, silk. Perfect material created in the classical style - Damascus.

    If placed under the window tables and other equipment, choose a short curtains in the kitchen. Enough to make the top of pelmets or drape fabric strip in a shuttle. If the free space of the window opening, using the web to the floor of the sem, chiffon gas with vegetable pattern and drapery waves. On the sides nicely intercept cord or ribbon.

    Tales and luxury of the East in the modern kitchen

    Luxury striking East. Created it with ornaments with a complex weave.

  • An important role is played by the selection of colors:

    • turquoise;
    • blue;
    • purple;
    • burgundy;
    • emerald;
    • golden.

    Thickly draped fabric at the top going into a tent. Bottom, white peek out at the sides, in the form of edging, emphasizing luxury top curtains. The edges are decorated with fringe, beads. On each side of tangled cords with tassels. Suitable for kitchen over 10 square meters.

    Provence - whisper of the waves, the sun caresses and running on the slopes of rows of grapes

    Provence style combines French elegance, the romance of the sea, the warmth of the south and rustic simplicity. Fabric on the curtains should be easy and natural. The main color is white. It symbolizes the sail, waves foam, clouds. There may be other colors, but it is necessary to take them out of the surrounding nature. Yellow sun, blue sky, creamy sand, green slopes. Finishing can include bright colors and variegated colors.

    Provence - a rural area in the south of France. Style refers to ethnic, with their rustic simplicity. short curtains, single and double-row with bright trim ruffles with floral ornaments, flounced into the cell and strip. Mistress sewed them yourself, using old sails and remaining after the production of clothing scraps of calico and staples.

    Numerous guests from the other side have made their adjustments in the local style. Long before the sill curtain intercepted steel timber and metal rings cut out arches of the tent type. Direct cloth massed flirty bows.

    Ethno style is unique and diverse

    Direction in ethnic style as much as the people. The common features for it is rustic simplicity, decoration of the house with his own hands. Hostess trying to emphasize the individuality of the original cloth, cloth and handmade picture.

    Fabrics for curtains simple, inexpensive: cotton, linen, poplin, marlevka. Background light, milk, cream, beige, blue. Figure in a cage, flowered, striped. Can be images of animals and plants, mainly of fruits and flowers. Typically, the length of the curtains a little bit below the sill. Finishing ruffles, ruffles, ribbons.

    Concise austerity of minimalism need bright decor

    Minimalism is perfect for a small kitchen and a studio with a large space combining living room, dining and cooking area. From furniture is nothing superfluous, everything is compact and multi-functional. The dining table is aligned with the bar and, at the same time it is an island with a sink and stove. At the bottom of a lot of boxes, into which fits dishes and products.

    The main color of the walls and furniture and white shades. Additional tone contrast, black, brown, dark gray is present in small fragments like finish. Curtains plain, almost without Fuld and waves. Decor are bright ceiling lamps or curtains.

    Curtain design for the kitchen is chosen on the basis of a minimum and maximum practicality tissue. If there is no escaping the interior spots, the emphasis should be curtains of rich colors:

    • green;
    • red;
    • blue;
    • yellow.

    On the large windows are suitable for long without the cloth drapes. In the working area of ​​the kitchen in a minimalist style appropriate roman blinds, roller blinds and Japanese.

    Palette of kitchen curtains envy rainbow

    On the kitchen window every possible palette of tones and colors. Inappropriate will only black fabric of any density. Modern curtains in the kitchen can be any color, pattern, and brightness. The main thing is to complement the kitchen layout and made him happier, lighter.

    Pastel colors are universal and fit any color scheme of the interior. They are used in most styles. Sand, light colored shades of gray, milk. White fabric on the window is always appropriate. Beige relates to the palette of warm browns and light enough to create comfort, increase the space.

    The turquoise color is popular in hot countries. It consists of a cool blue and green freshness. The ethnic and eco styles preferred natural tones:

    • yellow;
    • blue;
    • green.

    Fiery Red warms and gives energy. The bright red kitchen curtains will help to wake up in the morning, the evening will create a romantic atmosphere and scarlet sunset sails.

    Pelmets relevant to large windows under the high ceilings

    Pelmets give the kitchen elegance. At the same time the window space looks more aesthetic, closed eaves and fixing. Lack beautiful draperies in settling permanently in the folds of dust and grime. pelmets visually make the ceiling below at the small size of the window. Use them in the kitchen should be moderate, but with classic style.

    The advantages of short curtains in their compactness and open spaces

    Short curtains open and window sill flowers and other decor items that are on it. Is released and increases the useful area countertop beneath the window. Equipment is spread on the perimeter, freeing the center of the kitchen.

    Many designers prefer short curtains in the kitchen. Photo samples are quite convincing. Light pours through the window freely. It increases the space visually. Short curtains can match the kitchen design in any style.

    Fantasies with rings on the ledge

    Make the kitchen a festive and fun will help ring and your imagination. Offers a clear line of cornice and curtain separates from it, lives on her own. Massive ring look juicy and enigmatic. Variants with drapery get new opportunities.

    You can attach a strip of light colorful fabric, causing it to sag down waves. Suit is not used on the beach sarongs and scarves, big flounces plain fabric that drapes well. Practicality rings in their free movement on the bar cornice.

    The bay window in the kitchen - the opportunity for a unique design

    From a practical point of view of a bay window, a useful additional area. It allows you to create in the kitchen area with a dining table, create a miniature conservatory, located along the wall sofas. In general, the bay can be seen as a gift of architects for the realization of your dreams, which is not enough space within a standard kitchen and dining room.

    When choosing curtains decide. If you are using a bay window just to increase the kitchen area, the design of the entire space and style should be the same. When the additional area is an independent area of ​​the form to its harmony with the kitchen, but in a different style. Lamp, furniture and curtains must have a common color of the kitchen interior, but be different. Here you will not interfere with long curtains as a work area to the side.

    Compact and practical Roman curtains blend harmoniously with many styles

    Hang in the kitchen curtains Roman convenient. They slide along the window and do not take place. It is convenient to raise and lower the blade by adjusting the position of the cord. Wet hands do not leave stains on the canvas. Curtains do not interfere with potted plants on the window sill, it is important for the kitchen.

    The uniqueness of Roman blinds in harmony with the most modern styles. The fabric may be of canvas with a maritime theme, to Damascus in the classical kitchen. Conciseness and minimalism plain fabrics for techno and high-tech efficiency and brutality in the loft and the black house, diversity and brightness in ethnic and country. Bright Roman blinds dropping add color. Monochrome balance glut colors cuisine.

    Curtains for a small kitchen must increase the space

    In the small kitchen curtains are not just decorations, they help enlarge the space. It is better suited bright light fabrics, plain and dim with a fine pattern. Longitudinal stripes visually raise the ceiling. Transverse expand the narrow kitchen.

    Light translucent fabric to the middle of the window, and roman shades of light colors, blinds and window design in the Japanese style. Big and tall French windows, close the curtain of white tulle, loosely hanging down to the floor.

    The combination of practicality and imagination in the design of the balcony door

    Balcony door in the kitchen takes up some space, especially if it opens into the room. If you can not replace it with a sliding, hang long curtains on rings and on the sides fix on the wall tacks. When it is necessary to go to the balcony or to set a table there, the curtain can be easily removed. But you have access to the kitchen is a great place where you can have a romantic dinner.

    In asymmetric arrangement of the doors and windows, the cornice is a common and identical shade. Preference was given to monotonous lung tissue.

    Kitchen + living room - zoning and mix in studio style

    When the kitchen separated from the living room sofas or the island, create a single image of a studio apartment. Zoning is done conventionally carpet, the floor and ceiling, finished furniture. Curtains around the great hall should be the same.

    If there is a pier and arch, the kitchen area is highlighted more and more hidden. Then observe the rules of a single color and style may be different, but close to the main.

    The windows in the kitchen are made the same way, even if one of them is in the bath and it frosted glass. More light from the street gives freedom of choice of color and form of curtains. Less to think about illumination and space.

    If one window is located above the working area and can not hang long curtains, then the rest should also be short. The same design of the windows makes the space a unified and harmonious.

    The exception may be the case when a large separate kitchen equipped with a dining room and a window located at a great distance in the different zones. Then use a combination of styles and colors and curtains match the style of a particular zone.

    How to create a unique image of windows with curtains?

    A variety of styles allow the hosts to embody their fantasies in the kitchen. In addition to ethnic, there is a holiday, kitsch, art deco. Perfect unusual shade in the harsh interior loft and industrial. Funny homemade curtains with invented you finish serve as a beautiful decoration. Vanguard will take your rough seams for granted, there are mixed irregular geometric shapes and unexpected colors.

    Advantages of the kitchen curtains, created with his own hands, in their uniqueness and originality. This is your taste, character and imagination.

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