Kitchen set white

White kitchen: features selection, combination, 70 photos in the interior

The white color is considered to be universal, it fills the room a feeling of lightness and purity. White kitchen will highlight any style, taste of the hostess, and will always be at the peak of popularity.

  • White kitchen looks neat and fresh, and the constant change of color accents (fruits, flowers, tissue) will not get bored.
  • It creates the visual effect of the expansion of space, which is especially important for small-sized kitchen in the apartment.
  • Kitchen with white kitchen fronts depending on the texture, materials and components can be adjusted to any design style.

  • Soiled white surface, fingerprints on the glossy surface. This set requires more attention when cleaning, but to wash the stain is no more difficult than the color of kitchen furniture, so it is important to choose high-quality material.
  • The association with the hospital. This is possible if there is an abundance of color, therefore, is to abandon non-transparent white curtains and tablecloths.
  • Kitchen with white facades became typical of the fashion for the Scandinavian style.

The choice of material for the building and the facade

Due to the fact that the kitchen of white color should be not only aesthetically appealing, but also functionally robust, we need to get serious about the choice of a suitable material. The strength of the body depends on the life of the furniture, most of it are made of MDF, particleboard and wood.

  • Kitchen set made of wood, with proper care does not absorb moisture, malleable to the grinding, can withstand the mechanical application of force, the change in temperature. This eco-friendly material that has high durability. The obvious minus ⎯ cost and heavy weight, bulkiness.
  • MDF panels consist of harmless wastes: and resin shavings, as well as decorative and protective coatings (film, plastic, paint). After the solid wood is the best choice for the kitchen, with its thermal features.
  • Particleboard set widely, its panels are compressed and resin-bonded laminate product. Subject to production technology and proper installation of particleboard is resistant to microclimate cuisine, this is the cheapest option worthy of attention from the kitchen of the housing. When the deformation and the edges of the protective coating easily swells chipboard deforms and exudes harmful tar.

White facades are made of the same material as the body, as well as plastic and acrylic, which are easy to clean and are not afraid of scratches.

The picture shows the kitchen in a modern style with island kitchen, which divides the space into zones and create friendly approach from all sides to the additional table.

Glossy or matte kitchen?

High-gloss white kitchen looks stylish, reflects light, creating the effect of a mirror. Such a facade requires frequent polishing with a soft cloth, and accessories should choose so that the hand does not touch the surface of the facade.

Matt white kitchen interior in a more practical, fingerprints are not as noticeable, but wipe the facade is still needed.

In the photo line-mat set in white color combined with contrasting worktops and kitchen apron under a brick.

Matte and glossy surface can be combined into a headset, for example the bottom can be opaque, and the top ⎯ glossy.

Especially the choice of form Headset

Choosing kitchen configuration with white facades depends on the room size and layout.

  • The linear (straight line) can be set short (2.5 m) and compactly fit in a small kitchen. Everything is on the line: sink, cooker, work surface. Long suites (up to 4 m) are placed along the walls of the spacious kitchen and make room for a large dining table and a lounge area.

  • Angle white kitchen sets practical organizing space appear universally in any style, distinguished by the deep side cabinets and a sink or stove in the corner. Corner headsets complement the bar, if it's a small kitchen, an island or part of it, if it is a spacious room.

  • U-shaped kitchen furniture is spread on three adjacent walls that are appropriate in the kitchen of a small square and a large size, as well as in the studio apartment. In the case of the choice of n-type headset features a dining table in the living room and separate dining area. White facades without fittings create a feeling of spaciousness and the walls in the room.

  • Island set implies the existence of a table in the middle of the room and is appropriate for private and suburban homes, where it is understood that a separate room or area for meals. Kitchen island serves as the additional desktop, which can be placed, sink, stove, utensils and cutting boards, or serve as a bar. Style, texture and shade of the island must match the kitchen unit.

In the photo the white island suite, which creates an additional area for the kitchen stove and pantry.

The combination of wallpaper, curtains, decor

Wallpapers for the kitchen need to buy a high density and with washing (vinyl, non-woven and glass fiber, which also can be painted). White furniture is neutral and is well suited for almost any color of the walls.

Modern kitchen in white suit wallpaper with graffiti, collage, or wallpapers, 3D wallpapers as an accent on one wall.

Pastel shades, fine drawing, monochrome and vivid patterns will create the mood and cuisine background for kitchen units.

Curtains at the lowest cost transform the kitchen, warm colors make the room brighter, and colder help balance the sun's rays.

Kitchen interior with white suite combined with the color of the walls and curtains (where the curtain on 2-3 shades darker), more economical option ⎯ choose curtains the color of kitchen furniture, because the wallpaper can be changed, and will remain set. It's a win-win, but you need to give preference to white light curtains (muslin, tulle, curtains filament) and not thick curtains that can resemble a hospital room.

The white interior window can become the center of attention due to the color of curtains or bright bands in the dairy background.

In the photo the white kitchen cabinets combined with green curtains and light green walls. When choosing a headset for better roominess necessary to pay attention to the lower cabinets with shelves, rather than hinged doors.

Curtains should minimally absorb odors, does not interfere with the access of light, the passage to the balcony, to be fireproof. Well look cropped white and beige curtains, curtains cafes, Roman blinds. Pelmet can be hard or not too lush.

Kitchen design with a white suite, you can often change due to decorative items (kitchen oven gloves, towels, tablecloths, vases of flowers and fruit). Also pertinent is the chalk board, paintings, clocks, wallpapers, plates, labels, stickers, mirror mosaic.

Hardware furniture should echo the style of the kitchen and other objects, such as glass knobs on the relevant cabinet with stained glass inserts and chrome look good with the same mixer.

Glossy furniture with straight lines suitable for the modern style, is well combined with bright photo wallpapers, white brickwork, metal fittings and chrome kitchen appliances.

In the photo line-set without accessories in a minimalist style, where all the dishes hidden from prying eyes. It creates a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness.

High-tech style is created with the help of white headset and functional decor items (chalk board, chandeliers), and Scandinavian minimalism and using closed kitchen fronts.

Provence style, country classics and includes natural materials here will suit the white furniture from solid wood or MDF with a thread. Rustic style created with the help of wall plates, wildflowers, crocheted tablecloths, embroidered napkins and kitchen curtains.

In the photo corner suite with a dining table, an island in the middle where the sink is located functionally by the window, and the angle is busy extra pencil case.

White color in the classics complemented by gilded fittings, elegant legs and expensive upholstery (leather, brocade, velvet) than luxurious kitchen furniture, the more neutral wallpaper.

The picture shows the kitchen in classical style, where the technique is not masked, and is combined with luxury.

Art deco creates an abundance of white, black and white terrazzo floors and glass surfaces (apron, table, wall-emphasis).

Light sources play an important role in the perception of the final result. Lighting should be good at the work area in the kitchen sink, in the area of ​​food intake, so it is important to organize a multi-level lighting. lamps will be placed where you need to plan together with the draft headset, given the height of the cabinets, and their placement.

The main ceiling light is not only for producing glare from white headset it will not be enough. The brightness of the light to be controlled, then it is possible to arrange a dinner in the shadows, or set the maximum coverage during cooking.

Ceiling extra lighting may be spot or band with LEDs (light must be neutral and smooth).

To illuminate the desktop can be used for furniture lights, which are mounted on the lower part of the upper canister.

Ceiling chandelier with adjustable length can be placed directly over the dining table. Shade and finishing need not be made of cloth, it would complicate cleaning, it will be appropriate yl finishing of glass or plastic.

It looks beautiful white kitchen with glass frosted or stained glass inserts and internal LED in the upper canisters and drawers at the opening, which consumes little power and is not heated. Open shelves decorate LED strip or spot spotlights.

In the photo corner set which is functionally divides the room. Additional lighting in the ceiling and in cabinets create a cozy atmosphere.

With white color you can experiment with the interior of the kitchen, original draw walls and ceiling, as well as pick up a colorful decor and textiles. Below are examples of a photo using white headset in kitchen design.

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Stunningly stylish design kitchen with white suite

Small dimensions typical kitchen cause the need to make it visually more spacious, fresh and stylish. A proven method for this is the installation of the furniture is white, that allows you to create a wonderful atmosphere balance, moderation and extraordinary elegance. This technique, as photo show, is extremely common in the design of the kitchen interior design.

Sleek, shiny white set draws attention, admiration, but doubts persist in the practicality of such a purchase. Achromatic pure white color is not a problem in creating a harmonious way of any room, as he perfectly plays the role of first violin next to any other color.

Fears have mistresses is the fact that any contaminants are immediately apparent on a white background and have several times daily to restore order. It should be noted that this myth is somewhat exaggerated, because experience shows that the white set requires no more time to maintain it clean, than any other.

The small kitchen white furniture will allow visual perception to push the wall. Special relevance acquires kitchen similar color in dark areas with northern orientation. Even meager light fluxes reflected from the white planes filled atmosphere sensation abundance of light and heat.

Universal white headset can be so diverse configuration and decoration of facade surfaces that perfectly fit in the kitchen interior with elements of different styles.

  1. For lush baroque, characterized refined elegance and pomp, a headset with surfaces shining white, becomes a central element of the interior of the ensemble. A distinctive feature of this furniture are smooth lines, the presence of gold-plated fittings. Emphasize the charm of the charming French-style textile details with gold ornate embroidery and delicate green color palette in the decoration of the walls.
  1. Antique style with arches, columns takes furniture is white, allowing the simulation to finish countertops magnificent aristocratic marble in the vicinity of the mysterious mosaic composition on the apron.
  1. Romanticism and white set - it is of the most successful design solutions. If the kitchen walls are decorated in a style characteristic of this pearl beige or pastel palette, then there will be full feeling of lightness and airiness of the surrounding atmosphere.
  1. For the minimalist style is characterized by simple shapes, clear lines, the lack of ornateness in the decor. Modern white headset organically included in a similar interior. As evidenced by the photos, they fully support the key idea of ​​the style, which is expressed in the aphorism - nothing more.

A few tips about location

To kitchen, settled in an excellent white color, fully demonstrated its splendor, should be at the planning stage to decide which design will be the most advantageous in a particular interior. Then, consider the rational placing it.

Multiple photos clearly show that adds a sense of airiness white light shelves, adjacent the upper tier with hanging lockers. They put exquisite accessories, beautiful tableware and containers for bulk products.

Increasingly, in the kitchen you can find a snack bar, get a second triumphant rebirth. White surfaces makes this piece of furniture is the dominant element, dictating the development of the overall design of the room. Traditional suite with elegant white facades becomes even easier if the doors of the upper cabinets have glass inserts.

Average location of the cabinets along the walls are increasingly replaced with angular layouts that add to the kitchen area poise and style. This layout allows to use the space near the window. Kitchen design in which the tone is set by the headset impressive white, reflected in numerous photos. Analyzing them, it may be noted the excellent light neighborhood air cabinets and elegant bar.

Decorative elements in white kitchen

Before purchasing a kitchen with immaculate white surfaces need to consider the total interior solution space. Help in this photo, which clearly shows the different options included in the decor of colored elements.

The versatility of white lies in the fact that he is able to adequately look in combination with both saturated and pastel shades of the whole variety of the color spectrum. Most often you can see a green tone in the design of the apron, but will add movement energetic burst of crimson on the wall.

It is already a classic of the neighborhood white cabinets and upholstered wooden texture on the floor. Wonderful duo obtained if the tabletop in the dining area and floor have a pattern that simulates the favorite of many noble marble. Glass continues the line to create airy, so in such kitchens with white headsets are often found glass doors and tabletops.

Always on trend union of black and white tones, so it is permissible to purchase headsets, in which the white facade contrasts with the fine finishing border of the opposite color. In the photo, apart from these stylish solutions, you can see the status option walls in the pearl, silver, cream color, which is what sets the white furniture, creating a complete image of the cuisine.

People do not recognize the convention and striving for creative freedom, and pay attention to the ability to change the monotony of white space design of some elements of the interior in red. This immediately brings the holiday spirit by making a bright and elegant ambience. There are the designs with the addition of a bit of blue in a similar way, to achieve the effect of the unusual surroundings of the kitchen.

Lighting in the kitchen thought out no less thoroughly than the overall layout of furniture. Particularly important to correctly place the fixtures, if the selected white facades with a glossy coating, easily creating glare. In such a situation the working surfaces lights must be directed to the tabletop, and from the point of ceiling lighting devices should be abandoned. The chandelier over the dining area is selected with a mechanism to adjust the height.

To make repairs in the kitchen, and then decided to buy furniture in white. Almost certainly did not fight at home, there is a perception that white is very easily soiled. Excellent article, just what you need to dispel any prejudices.

Very cool look white headset. But I think, not too practical, especially considering our kids.

White kitchen - what do the walls?

Despite the fact that the white kitchen seem impractical, they are very popular because they look - luxurious and elegant. Outwardly, this furniture is bright and sunny, but at the same time - a neutral and calm. This color is like designers as perfect look any shades on the background. And such principle allows room decor and benefits from a play space, to expand it and make it more spacious. One is not the most simple questions: white kitchen - what do the walls, so that all do not merge into one solid mass and the room did not look analogue operating. On it we will find the answers in this article.

Kitchen sets White received considerable spread. They may have different shape, size, accessories, decor. Consider the most fashionable and popular styles, in which white furniture would look harmonious.

This style is best suited to owners who are eager to underscore the status, wealth. Its characteristic feature is the presence of furniture concave, convex surfaces, in addition, large quantities represented luxury inlay.

To decorate furniture, are:

  • Noble metals;
  • Precious, semi-precious stones;
  • Precious wood.

Important! If you used white furniture, decoration of the premises used silvering, gilding, beige, brown shades in the Baroque style.

This style is known, above all, a combination of white and black colors. Of course, the white set will be most appropriate. Wherein:

  • Paul can be finished as a chessboard.
  • For the apron to use black and white mosaic tiles.
  • To dilute the monochrome scale used accessories. Welcome colors: metallic silver, gold, green, blue and red.

It is acceptable to combine the white kitchen wall and make the same color. But:

  • For a change in the interior are contrasting patches and accessories for the production of which use glass, wood or metal.
  • Used for finishing gray, brown and black colors.
  • design kitchen with white furniture can be supplemented with a glass top.

Important! The decor in the furniture often presented mirror inlays. Best of all, if the facade will be glossy.

If you select a style, will definitely need to erect arches and columns, frescoes decorate the walls. In a lot of green plants to be present, which are elongated vases. Also welcome carved wooden elements of light shades.

Important! The antique style can not use dark and gloomy colors.

Classic French style

This style can be called elegant and charming. To decorate the white headset uses gold and silver accessories, patterns must be neyarkimi, greenish or bluish. The same palette, green and blue, and is used to decorate the entire premises.

Bright accents in the kitchen white

If the design uses only the white color, the room can seem boring. In this case, just need to use bright colors. Through this course the room becomes saturated, and with the help of bright colors mood lifted. For variety, you can choose a bright countertop.

Important! The most popular options - multi-colored translucent plastic chairs, household appliances of different bright colors.

Do not forget about the curtains, the value for which is not less than that of all other accessories. To create a modern and complete type often used with colored shutters, blinds and photo.

a variety of pots used for indoor plants. If there is no house plants, you can use wall decals that depict flowers and exotic plants.

Important! Bright and vibrant colors allow white kitchen tune colors to turn design into a more fashionable and interesting.

In that case, if the white color is selected in the kitchen dominant, we should define the design of the floor, ceiling and walls in the room.

Important! Often, designers recommend to do all these surfaces in white too. Do not be afraid that the kitchen will turn out dull and featureless.

Too narrow or small kitchen be sure to use a white color for the decoration of the room. This will lead to the expansion of visual space.

White - quite capricious, it is very noticeable dust and dirt, requiring constant care. The material is best to choose:

For all of these materials are quite suitable wet cleaning.

If the white walls seem to be boring, you can use stencils with patterns, for the application of that special paint applied.

Important! The colors for the patterns should be selected so that they blend harmoniously with the colors of appliances, furniture and countertops.

often used decorative plaster for finishing the ceiling. She is not only beautiful appearance, but also a lot of advantages. With its help, you can hide all the irregularities that exist on the surface.

Important! The choice of plaster is large enough, it can be smooth, grooved, with a three-dimensional pattern, so everyone will be able to choose the option to your liking.

The material for the floor should be chosen on the basis of practicality, because we all know that sex - the most exploited area. And most of all dirt accumulates here.

Now the most popular are ceramic tile or granite. However, one should take into account the relatively high cost of these materials.

Sometimes, to save finances, use linoleum, self-leveling floors, laminate and other materials, which are no less practical and popular.

Important! If you are using floor tiles of porcelain, you can choose a variety of colors. Very good looks white tiles in combination with bright colors, suitable to the kitchen decor. It is also advantageous, as the pure white floor noticeable smallest dust and crumbs.

No matter what color or design of the kitchen was born, due to improperly placed lighting all the efforts can go to ashes. Consider the advice that experts give:

  • With sufficient illumination of the working space, you can not do overhead lighting.
  • If the kitchen has a dining table, it can be illuminated separately. This is usually at its center hung a chandelier.

Important! You can set the dimmer to make optional chandeliers light more muted.

  • When working surface mounted lighting fixtures so that the owner does not shine in the back. The best option - placing recessed luminaires so that the light shines directly on the surface.
  • If the cabinets - glass facades, the backlight can be built right into them. This will give the kitchen of originality and comfort.
  • The basic lighting should be warm white color. Colored light can be used only as a decorative element.

As you can see, even the white kitchen can make colorful and unique. To do this, listen to the advice given in this article.

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