Kitchen area with table and chairs

How to choose and where to put the kitchen with table and chairs

If you are not planning to make a dining area outside the kitchen, you need to take care of the selection of the most convenient, beautiful and ergonomic furniture. The options are many, but one of the most practical solutions - a kitchen area with a table and chairs. It allows zoning room to comfortably place all family members, rational use of one of the corners of the kitchen and give it a more intimate feel. Your task - to choose the right area and fit it correctly into the interior of the premises.

Components and structural elements of particular kitchen corner ↑

Traditional kitchen consists of a small corner section with seating, a dining table and a few chairs.

Practical solution in strict laconic design

Note! It is the presence of additional seats from the dining area features a group consisting of a table and chairs.

Embodiments of this furniture set myriad. Its functionality, usability is directly dependent on the design features of individual pieces of furniture.

Angle section for seating - making options

Corner unit with seats - the most significant element of the overall and kitchenette. He may have not only a variety of sizes and shapes, but also the degree of functionality, comfort.

The most popular options are:

  • Couch (sofa). Distinctive convenience, aesthetic appearance. Adds interior comfort. It will be a godsend for those who combines the dining area with seating place.
  • Section with a rigid frame and upholstery. In the manufacture of a corner on the order you can choose upholstery fabrics for textiles available on the kitchen.
  • Corner bench. Has a hard surface, it looks very concise, but saves space in the kitchen. Additional comfort can be created, if the seating to use special pillows.

Small kitchen with a soft sofa

A rigid corner section bench-

Carcass furniture with leather upholstery

Corner sections may be right- and left, universal. To determine which option is in front of you, quite easily. Stand up to the couch or bench face and look at what kind of hand you will be located on its longest part. Universal model has two equal-sized pieces.

It is important! If the manufacturer has provided the opportunity to rearrangement of furniture modules, this issue is not critical. Otherwise, having made a mistake, you can not enter the set in the selected corner of the kitchen.

Left-hand corner section

Under the seats, which are sufficient to lift, often hiding roomy drawers. Another way to create extra storage space - insertion of drawers under the seat. If any, you will be able to release one, or even two kitchen cabinets. This decision is especially important for small spaces, but design with drawers to store look more bulky than products without them.

Additionally can be operated by a small space between the two parts of the trough. Usually there are placed shelves or even a mini table-top, fixed or retractable.

Individual attention, kitchen corners with sleeping.

Corner unit with sleeping ↑

Corner sofa or bench can become an extra bed. A great option for a large family or just a friendly. In such products usually used unfolding mechanism:

  • "Dolphin". The perfect solution for frequent use. Characterized by simplicity, reliability and the ability to replace functional parts. The sleeping area is composed of a corner section of the seat and hiding underneath part of withdrawable. It has a smooth and comfortable surface, compact size.
  • "French clamshell". Suitable more for emergencies than for regular use. Sleeper consists of three telescopic sections, which are hidden in the frame of the sofa. , Soft seats must be removed to push them and then pulling the special handle-loop. Practice shows that this is not the most convenient way of folding bed.

Corner unit with folding mechanism "dolphin"

The operating principle of the "French clamshell" mechanism

Corner unit with sleeping - a practical option for all occasions. But do not forget that this furniture will require additional space not only in assembled form. Can you regularly push a table with chairs to expand the sofa, while retaining the possibility of relatively free movement in the kitchen?

Corner unit with sleeping

The dining table is usually kept in the same style with the foundation of the corner section and chairs. But if you are targeting on this piece of furniture to the same extent as in the seats, then pay attention to a few points.

  1. To dining area can quickly be transformed into a comfortable resting place, it is recommended to give preference to folding tables. Table-book, additional sections and panels - the options are many.
  2. For a comfortable location for the table, select the product on one leg. This is especially true with a deficit of space in the kitchen.
  3. Pay special attention to the shape of the tabletop. It can be anything, but if the area is compact, prefer countertop with rounded shapes.

Table with one leg facilitates placing him

Kitchen furniture with a space-saving table-book

Ergonomic and safe oval table

As for the chairs, the classic solutions provide their full match with a table and a corner section on materials and manufacturing, respectively, in texture and color scheme. Designers are advised to purchase such corners for small spaces. Their integrity and completeness of the composition will play in your favor at the interior.

All items kitchenette made in the same style of the same materials

More modern and original kits allow a significant difference from the chairs of other pieces of furniture. But even in this case, the total stylistic corner orientation necessarily preserved. Particularly relevant "duet" of metal and glass, wood and metal, plastics and laminated MDF, particleboard. Color solution can be quite original.

The diversity of materials in one corner of the kitchen

Note! Designers are advised to give up the chairs back to the traditional in favor of the stools and poufs, if the cooking space has a small area. Such a measure would save space and ease of movement around the kitchen.

A compact corner kitchen with stools instead of chairs

How to choose the kitchen - focus on the shape and size ↑

Design features - not the only criterion for choosing a kitchen corner. It is also important to pay attention to its size, shape and materials of manufacture.

Dimensions of furniture - both standard and customized solutions ↑

The furniture should match the dimensions of the room and be comfortable. That is why it is so important to pay attention to its size.

Of particular importance in selecting its corners have the following parameters (given their average values ​​in brackets):

  • Height together with the back bench, chair or settee (0.8-1 m).
  • The height of the seat (0.4-0.5 m). Mealtime feet should stand on the floor and not dangle in the air or to prop up the table top.
  • The width of the seat (0.5-0.7 m). The higher the value, the more difficult it will be sitting around the table to reach.
  • Seat length (0,9-2 m). If you purchased section sleeper, the length of the corresponding portion thereof should be not less than 1.7 m.

Note! You can opt out of the corner section with a high back, if the area is located behind the wall. Another option - a laconic bench with separately fixed on the back wall, which will preserve the aesthetic appearance of the wall decoration. Such solutions offload the interior, making it visually easier.

Bench with backrest fixed on the wall

seating section backless

Without backrest can be one of the sections

How to relate the size of the furniture in the kitchen area? Refer to the following rule: around the dinner table should be a clear space of 70-80 cm, to push back the chairs and sit at the table without any problems. It is also necessary to keep the distance between the kitchen area and other furniture. Usually it is 80-90 cm.

It is important! Facilitate the process of placing the household or guests at the table, you can, if you prefer the corner section without armrests.

Standard dimension of the solution - it is ready to kitchen corners. You can select a set of furniture in the salon or shop and immediately take him home. We did not find the desired option or kitchen has custom layout? Then it makes sense to order a corner on the individual sizes. This will allow the best use of space of the room, but the result will have to wait.

Ready-made solution saves your time when buying

Geometry and kitchen area dictate the choice of the form of furniture corners. It can be U-shaped, L-shaped or round.

U-shaped kitchen has a section for seating a corresponding shape. This option - perfect for a spacious room. Large sofa can accommodate 6-7 people at a table without a problem. To increase this number by adding 2-3 chairs. If there is a spacious kitchen niche, insulated balcony or bay window furniture set can be placed there, separating the dining area further rope or fabric curtains, screens.

Modern model with a bench in the form of letter P

Compact yet spacious dining area in nook

Note! The most appropriate form of the table is rectangular for this sofa. In an extreme case - oval.

L-shaped corner - the most common variant, suitable for most dishes, including, and the little ones. back length may be as little as 0.9 m.

Rounded corners are also set in the corners, but only those greater than 90 degrees. This solution allows you to visually adjust the room, giving it a smooth shape. This is especially true for the interior in modern style. If the corners are straight, but they need to be rounded, you can pick up a corner section so that its outer perimeter was rectangular or square, and the inner - round.

Angle section with rounded inner perimeter

The unexpected decision - a semicircular bench is divided into two parts

Material and manufacturing padding - manifold solutions ↑

By manufacturing kitchen corners materials to be understood that from which satisfied: frame corner section, chairs or stools; table; upholstery seating. It is also important to consider the quality of filler used, if the pieces of furniture are the upholstery.

The quality of the materials used determines the lifetime of the furniture

Materials for furniture carcasses ↑

As for the base material of kitchen corners, the most often:

  • Solid wood. The most expensive, but durable option. For kitchen furniture use wood which is resistant to moisture and temperature extremes. The service life of such products can be up to 20 years with proper care.
  • Laminated MDF or chipboard. The budget and the most common option. The term of service of the corner depends on the quality of the application of dense PVC foil and stiffening framework, but rarely more than 6-7 years. Common problems that appear after a few years of operation, - loosening of fasteners, decorative coating flaking, creaking.
  • Metal. Used to make the legs of the kitchen table, chairs frame. To protect it from moisture treated with special structures. Chrome-plated or coated with metal paint allows perfect harmony with kitchenette in almost any interior.
  • Plastic. It is normally formulated chairs over in a contemporary style. The variety of colors and shapes, ease of finished articles, water resistance and durability - these advantages plastic chairs. The disadvantage is the relative fragility.

Kitchen area of ​​solid wood

The use of metal for making the carcass chairs

Most represented in the sale of furniture sets combined several types of material, so it is necessary to pay attention to each of them.

Upholstery - their requirements and types ↑

Upholstery for kitchen furniture must be characterized by: high strength, density; resistance to abrasion, sunlight, stretching and shrinkage; moisture and fire resistance; breathability. It is these materials will extend the kitchen area service and will preserve its aesthetic appearance for many years.

Choose the right fabric upholstery

Upholstery materials include:

  • Natural fabrics. Their composition preferably contains the amount of natural fibers of wool, flax, cotton and others. Such padding differs hypoallergenic and breathability. At the same time it has a low durability, high performance creasing and the risk of shrinkage. This furniture will not last for a long time in the kitchen.
  • Synthetic fabrics. This polyester, acrylic, polyester. They have a low degree of breathability (not "breathe"), and are able to store electricity. However, such padding material is persistent color, ease of care, ductility and wear resistance. Synthetic fabrics are not afraid of moisture and light, and quality acryl capable of withstanding exposure to even weak acids.
  • Mixed fabrics. It is they who are most often used for furniture upholstering. Composed of natural and synthetic fibers, borrowing the best performance of the two. For example, velor usually has the composition: cotton, polyester, viscose.
  • Leather. It gives the furniture a luxury look and makes it possible to demonstrate the wealth in the house, the status of its owner. It has high hygienic characteristics, abrasion resistance and ease of care. But while it has a low resistance to scratches, sunlight and temperature extremes.

Samples upholstery - Matting

Depending on the manufacturing techniques are the following types of fabrics used for the manufacture of kitchen corners: flock, boucle, jacquard, chenille, tapestry.

Furniture flock is practical analogue unsuitable for upholstery velvet

In tapestry weave pattern formed of numerous filaments

Chenille - a democratic price with good performance

In one piece of furniture several types of filler can be used, so always try to get a full consultation of the seller.

All fillers of upholstered furniture can be divided into spring and soft. The spring units are durable, able to withstand heavy loads, high degree of elasticity and thus resistance to deformation. The spring assembly is attached to the furniture frame and sheathed with soft material (foam, felt and the like. D.).

"Pie" spring block for sofa

Among soft fillers include: padding polyester, polyurethane, sintepuh, hollofayber, dyurafil Whip. All are characterized by good heat-saving properties, low permanent set, bulkiness, hypoallergenic, elasticity.

However, the specific parameters vary significantly, so padding polyester, polyurethane sintepuh and commonly used in the manufacture of furniture and lower middle segment. Surpass them by Performance dyurafil and hollofayber. But the natural rubber latex used in the production of class "luxury" furniture.

Latex plates for filling of soft furniture

If you are the owner of a small-sized kitchen, the choices you have are not many. As a rule, in this case the furniture is placed in the corner across from the cooking area.

The spacious room is possible to provide several areas for eating

It is important! For safety and security of the aesthetic appearance of the furniture is not recommended to place it near a heating duct, a gas or electric stove, sink.

The spacious kitchen you can dream up, but there is the traditional solution - placing the corner near the window. Meal, which can be combined with the study of the landscape outside the window - a good way to relax and unwind.

The studio apartments or private homes where the kitchen smoothly into the living room, bay windows often are present. Accommodation in a bay window seating area allows to organize not only the original place for a meal, but also a relaxation area.

No deficit in square meters? Then place the middle of the kitchen furniture. couch would do well with the zoning function of the room, separating the work area from the dining. This is especially significant solution for the island kitchen layout. In this case, the corner can be placed almost close to the "island", but do not forget at the same time the maintenance of cleanliness and preservation of furniture items.

If a kitchen or kitchen-dining room with stairs leading upstairs, then formed her and the wall angle can be used perfectly to accommodate a kitchenette.

Video: piggy ideas for inspiration ↑

Properly selected and placed a kitchen area will be a real decoration of your kitchen regardless of the style of the interior and the area. Surely his appearance cozy family evenings or friendly get-togethers in your home will be more!

Small kitchen - big trouble. Often, for the sake of functionality with a heavy heart given to the last centimeter of usable area, turning the kitchen into.

How to choose a cozy kitchen for a small kitchen

Standard kitchen in a typical apartment does not indulge their hosts spaciousness. Separate dining room can allow myself a few. To make cooking classes.

How to choose a sofa to the kitchen: the secrets of a comfortable choice

Facades called pieces of furniture, covering the body from the front. That they look determines how the whole set looks nice. Largely type.

Kitchen corner in the kitchen with table and chairs

Corner kitchen with dining area

Kitchens in the apartments of apartment buildings often combine and dining. If the family consists of only two people, a dining area settling with the help of the bar or compact table with chairs. If many households, for their comfortable stay should buy kitchen. In the furniture shop offers a wide range of kitchen over the kitchen in different colors, materials, workmanship and style.

Kitchenette in the kitchen interior

Advantages and disadvantages of kitchen corners

The advantages for the kitchen installation of kitchen corners are:

  1. Possibility to accommodate more people than individual chairs and stools.
  2. Creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. On soft kitchen couch can comfortably accommodate not only for eating, but for lots of fun, watching TV.
  3. The additional storage space for cooking utensils, various long-storage products (flour, sugar, cereals, etc. zakatok). Many kitchen corners are equipped with drawers, access to which may be obtained by tilting the cover or pulling out.
  4. Use kitchen corner as the final element of design of the composition. This set of furniture can become a real decoration of the kitchen, her accent.
  5. Apparatus extra bed. Some sofas come with built-in kitchen place to sleep.

Soft kitchenette in the interior of the kitchen

By cons kitchen corners are:

  1. Inability to guests to get out from behind the desk, did not bother people sitting next to.
  2. The complexity of cleaning. If the furniture has a niche for storage filled with different objects, move it to the place it is simply impossible.

Kitchenette chipboard with drawers for storage

Sometimes furniture for the dining area is purchased individually, but most often it is sold kit includes:

  1. Sofa. Kitchen furniture is different from the upholstered furniture designed for the living room, more practical and wear-resistant upholstery materials, compactness and high functionality. Dining may consist of not one, but two sofas that can be positioned facing each other, setting a table therebetween.

Sofas in the dining area

Chairs and stools in the kitchen interior

Set of upholstered furniture for the kitchen

Before you do purchase a soft kitchen corner for the kitchen, you should consider a few important points:

  1. The kitchen area and the location of the dining area. It is necessary to pre-calculate the size of the dining area so that all the furniture perfectly fit in the allotted space for it. For small kitchens compact models suitable for large - large areas with a double set of chairs. Furniture should be arranged so as not to interfere with the free movement in the kitchen and do not obstruct access to important elements: window, refrigerator, etc.
  2. Design features: seat depth, backrest height. Corner furniture sets are left-handed and right-handed, it is also necessary to pay attention to when buying.
  3. Workmanship. Before purchase should carefully examine the upholstery, to check the accuracy and reliability of joints fixings, reveal the lack of tissue ruptures, creases and cracks.
  4. Functionality: the presence of the sliding bed or drawers for storage.
  5. upholstery type. It should be easy to wash off from grease, dirt, does not absorb odors. If the home has pets, you should choose the material is not afraid of scratches from claws.

Soft kitchenette with sleeping

Tip! Protect upholstery covers help. They can be easily removed and washed, and replaced them with others, you can bring in a variety of interior design.

Corner kitchen in the interior of the kitchen

By type of material used kitchen corners divided into two types:

It sofas with seats without upholstery, that is, in fact, it is the usual bench. Included with them are the same hard stools or chairs. Usually, such seating furniture made of the same material as the frame: natural wood (oak, beech or pine), MDF, particle board, plastic. Carcasses of some parts are made of metal. In this case, the seat are made of wood or a substitute.

Corner kitchen from particleboard

Hard kitchen corners are not very comfortable, but practical: they do not accumulate dust and any dirt can easily wash.

Hard kitchen-shop

Tip! On top of a rigid plane can be laid soft removable cushions of practical material, which, if contaminated, can be washed in the machine.

Hard kitchen

The seats are covered with soft padding, which is commonly used for:

  • Leather - practical but expensive material;
  • Leatherette - is inexpensive, does not absorb moisture, it is easy to clean;
  • Jacquard - a semi-synthetic material that looks like a tapestry, easy cleaning detergent can be damaged from the claws of pets;
  • Flock - velvety smooth fabric surface is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner nozzle with a soft, spots derived soap solution or detergent;
  • Artificial suede - soft and velvety to the touch fabric, similar to natural suede, has a special dirt and moisture repellent impregnation.

Types of soft percussion for kitchen furniture

As soft filler commonly used foam or polyurethane foam.

Foam is very well suited for the manufacture of kitchen furniture

Hard kitchen corners with soft inserts. Usually such furniture solid wide back, comfortable to accommodate different decor.

Hard kitchen with soft inserts in the interior of the kitchen

Tip! It is recommended to choose upholstered furniture with a hard filler. It is less convenient, but more durable: not pressed during operation.

Kitchen area with soft cushions

Construction of seating in the interior of the kitchen

Kitchen corner may be arranged on one of these circuits:

  1. U-shape. Typically used in large kitchens. It allows you to build a full-size dining area. Sofa similar shape able to contain an average of 4-6 people, but of course, everything depends on the selected size. To a free side of the dining table a couple of chairs can be put more.

Kitchenette in U-shape

Corner kitchen

C-shaped kitchen

Kitchenette adjacent to the back area of ​​the island

Kitchen corner with straight settees

The perfect place for a kitchen corner - near the window, especially one with beautiful views.

Kitchenette window

Soft kitchen corners - multifunctional furniture. They decorate the interior, added comfort in the atmosphere of the kitchen, make being on the kitchen more comfortable for both the household and guests. In addition, soft kitchen cabinets can be equipped with roomy drawers for storage of various items and sleeping. A large assortment of colors, sizes and shapes of kitchen corners allow you to pick the right model for any style of interior design and floor space.

kitchen corners

Length 180, 105 depth, height 78

Sleeper (cm):

Width 92, length 163

Length 250, 170 depth, height 70

Length 250, 170 depth, height 70

Length 250, 170 depth, height 70

Length 250, 170 depth, height 70

Length 112 Depth 72 Height 75

Sleeper (cm):

Width 60, length 190

Length 120 Depth 56 Height 85

Length 120, 180 depth, height 85

Length 120, depth 58, height 84

Length 190, 115 depth, height 82

Sleeper (cm):

Width 88, Length 170

Length 190, 120 depth, height 80

Sleeper (cm):

Width 96, Length 175

Length 105, depth 105 Height 85

Length 150, 105 depth, height 85

Length 110 110 Depth

Length 150 110 Depth

Length 156, depth 106 Height 82

Length 100, 135 depth, height 87

Length 110, 150 depth, height 84

Length 165, 125 depth, height 81

Length 159, 123 depth, height 80

Length 106 Depth 106 Height 82

Length 150, 110 depth, height 84

Length 161, 111 depth, height 85

Length 156, depth 106 Height 82

Length 100, 135 depth, height 87

Length 110, 149 depth, height 89

Length 165, 125 depth, height 81

Length 150, 110 depth, height 84

Length 165, 125 depth, height 81

Length 160, 113 depth, height 84

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