Laser level leveling Leroy Merlin

Laser level leveling Leroy Merlin

The scheme of construction of laser lines

The possibility of laser levels


  • 3, the laser beam
  • Planes 200 ° Angle
  • Accuracy 2mm
  • Visibility range 50m
  • rotary drive
  • 2 laser beam
  • Planes 180 ° Angle
  • Accuracy 2mm
  • Visibility 40m beam
  • rotary drive

Setting the laser level takes less than one minute on a tripod or tripod. To improve the accuracy provided audible alarm function if the device deviates more than 2 degrees

Self-leveling Laser Level

Any markup in three minutes

  • 5 laser beams
  • Planes 360 ° Angle
  • Accuracy 1mm
  • Visibility 70m beam
  • Distan-ing control

Select the appropriate model

Nikolai Morzly Arkhangelsk

To make a gift and bought two line. I was looking for just such as the budget is limited and for the inner workings of my it enough. I use 4 month until it fails. Often take friends. Got already) Thank

Level 2 is equipped with a laser of class that makes it suitable for internal and for external works

to help with the choice of

in time unit

Wondering how easily projected onto the laser plane

Sale Deko laser levels

8 800 333 50 14



Sale DEKO laser levels

8 800 333 50 14

St. Petersburg, ul. pea,

Evgeny Popov Ufa

Good time of day !! I bought a five leneyny tool and was very pleased! He just needed to those who work without assistants. A remote control bribed me of course) now I enjoy the time. For me, this product value for money!

The device has a laser plumb (point down) and the drive for rotation around its axis

Laser Level - a linear type device for performing vertical and horizontal markings

Andrei Kozlov, Tula

I ordered Laser level for 3D shooting perimeter of a large room, as do false ceilings, so as not to be tormented not beat the laces. While I am pleased with him! Guarantee there are still half a year. I hope not to be required. Thank manager Artem for the right choice.

Stepan Eremeev Omsk

Bought for work, for finishing works 3D level. We use the entire brigade since uprovlenie very simple. Gidrourovnya checked for accuracy, all as clearly as in the pharmacy! Thanks for quick delivery)

Builder is also equipped with auto-lock the compensator when power is turned off. This allows you to save the most "nezhnyy9quot; tool element - the compensator from damage during transport or transport

laser level is controlled by a simple control panel or remote control

4 types of self-leveling laser levels at Leroy Merlin with photo and price

Almost all repair and construction work can not do without the level. Levels there are several types, but the most reliable and accurate the laser.

Laser Level - an optical device, which helps to accurately mark the vertical and horizontal surfaces. Through the level can be set angles, set the tilt angle and height to determine the distance between the points.

The apparatus set diodes that emit light. This apparatus is mounted on a flat base and is adjusted relative to the selected surface (vertical, horizontal).

Self-leveling laser level in Leroy Merlin is represented by several models. Among the models in the catalog there are the following types:

  • Self-leveling 4.5 degrees;
  • Self-leveling 4 degrees;
  • Self-leveling pendulum;
  • Automatic.

On the store's website you will find only one option level alignment 4 degrees. It is produced in Russia by CONDTROL.

This unit is suitable for use in tiling, wallpapering.

Self-leveling 4.5 degrees

Among laser levels, you'll find options for alignment 4.5 degrees. The Leroy Merlin store, they are represented by several models.

Level Laser CONDTROL PenLaser has a comfortable shape and working at a distance of 10 meters.

This model is designed to work in confined spaces. It has a simple configuration and is suitable for professional builders and decorators enthusiasts.

Unlike manual self-leveling laser level options yourself tuned diode emitter.

Self-leveling pendulum levels

CONDTROL Unix360 Equipped with a pendulum compensator. It is applicable for marking before the finish.

Horizontal position at the level of the axis is set automatically.

When choosing a self-leveling laser level Leroy Merlin note the manufacturer. The catalog presents a model of four manufacturers:

The range varies from 10 to 40 meters. On the distance of the laser depends on the level of price of the device.

The following issues need to know when choosing a laser level:

  • The number of planes. In a classic laser level is usually two planes: horizontal and vertical. In more complex models have a plumb and a diagonal plane.
  • Completeness. The presence of a stand or tripod will considerably simplify the work.
  • The range of the device.
  • The degree of protection against moisture and dust.

In the catalog Leroy Merlin you will find models for professional use as well as for home use.

Laser Level Leroy Merlin leveling on a tripod with a case - review

Chinese miracle for the repair of an apartment: the advantages and disadvantages, photo beam.

I'll tell you about today is not a female thing -

self-leveling laser level on a tripod with a case of Leroy Merlin.

Already from the pictures on the case shows that the household tools, used in the repair of apartments. Especially popular for laying tiles in the bathrooms. Him red color beam, well mounted, respectively, on a tripod. Crosspoint direction of the rays.

2 x 1.5 V (AA), which are included.

Before use, the level still We need to configure.

Self-leveling mechanism makes it possible not to waste time on a permanent setting, initially quite correct to put the device on a conventional bubble level.

When working in a room for a short distance is not lying (5-6 meters), virtually no errors, even declared producer ± 0,5 mm / m. Beam bright, clear, even in bright light.

But over long distances (Beam clear to 20 meters), already climbs error, even more than the manufacturer.

I can safely recommend for home repair apartments.

Maria Maria simply recommends Laser Level Leroy Merlin leveling on a tripod with case

Himself levels of radiation, but the setting - bubble))

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