beautiful tablecloths

Tablecloths on the table to create a festive mood

Festively decorated table - an indispensable attribute of any celebration. On special occasions, it would be desirable to sit for an ordinary kitchen table, and at the set of a beautiful tablecloth. Festive, elegant tablecloth gives immediately understand that today's lunch or dinner - a gala. Choice of elegant textile has its own nuances: you must correctly choose the size, shape, color and material of the product.

If textiles will be selected taking into account all the canons, and the event will be a great success. This article will look at how to choose a festive tablecloth to the table, what material is better to choose the product. Also find out - one of the manufacturers can boast the best choice of elegant home textiles, and at what price.

Let us examine what materials sew a festive tablecloth.

This natural material has a nice texture and pleasant to the touch. Flax - a dense and slightly coarse fabric, which increases its durability. With proper care and careful operation the product can easily last for 25 years.

Linen tablecloth of status attached to the event. This fabric is very solid and looks presentable, emphasizes the noble taste of the owners home.

Festive tablecloth on the table linen

Festive tablecloth made of this material often decorated decoration - embroidery, sewing, beautiful lace, though itself flax is already creating a solemn atmosphere. But additional decor makes the product even more presentable and grace.

This cloth is suitable mainly for celebrations, as with linen wash out bad spots. In daily use, it can be impractical. If applied on linen water- and dirt-repellent coating, that such material would not be equal, however, PTFE and acrylic impregnation applied to flax not being used.

To save bystropachkayuscheesya linen, it is often trail on the table as a basis, and on top of another fabric throws, with more pronounced practical properties. This layering creates a certain flavor to the festive atmosphere, gives the design table a stylish look with the aristocratic style.

flax The downside is that the spots fade badly with him, and he badly smoothed. However, fine textured matte surface of the product is completely compensated for these minor difficulties.

Len in the wash gives a significant shrinkage. So, to your favorite and not cheap tablecloth did not before time short, buy the product immediately by 10-15 cm longer than you need size. This stock will keep the necessary length of the festive tablecloth.

This material has a nice textured surface and is very dense. Jacquard is interesting because most of all - sided. This property allows the use of cloth more efficiently. Especially the colors on different sides of one and the same product may differ materially. You buy a thing in this case "two in one", which can not fail to please any mistress.


Festive tablecloth jacquard looks noble and elegant, great for creating a festive atmosphere. Jacquard - thick and wear-resistant material, with careful operation and proper care is able to serve a very long time.

Tablecloth made of this fabric as if created for a festive atmosphere. Silk - very beautiful, decorative material with an iridescent sheen and a pleasant texture. A variety of models of tablecloths, their shapes, colors and types of decorations allow you to select the right product for any holiday and design facilities.

of silk

Silk - is not the most practical material, so it is rarely used in everyday life. In addition, he is also quite expensive. But for a holiday it is what we need. Silk gives a luxurious, regal appearance design of the table. Silk cloth can be decorated with additional decoration: embroidery, lace, applique, lace. This makes the product even more smartness and style.

This unassuming and familiar material, too, may well serve as the basis for a festive tablecloth. Beautifully decorated with elegant print high-quality cotton looks better than flax. Suitable for family holidays in a narrow range, children's birth days, and so on. D. Not too formal, but very nice and elegant.

of cotton

Especially festive look cotton fabric with a jacquard weave, with delicate inserts, embroidery, sewing. These elegant models can really decorate a festive table.

Cotton is natural and safe. It can be erased at a high temperature withstand boiling and starch. Easily smoothed.

The downside is its low practicality. Since cotton is bad wash out grease and stubborn stains. However, if you choose a product with special impregnation of viscose or polyester, it can be maintained and decorative cotton fabric and protect from dirt, grease and stains.

Cotton in the wash shrinks, so choosing a tablecloth, immediately add 10 cm to the desired length. This margin will allow the product to serve a long time without losing in size.

Another name for the material - burlap. But, of course, is not the same that is used for sewing bags of potato. Jute - refined look of burlap with a pronounced texture of the original. Tablecloth made of this fabric is perfect for a holiday in nature, to the terrace of a country house. The product will emphasize the ecological environment and dishes made of natural products.


Excellent would look such a tablecloth in the corresponding interior: a loft, Shabby chic, country. Tablecloth made of this material has high durability, however, is not recommended to put it directly on the hot pan.

The first step is to clarify that the choice of form of a festive tablecloth will largely depend on the shape of the most countertops. To create a strict, formal, solemn atmosphere, they must be the same, and for more informal holiday and you can experiment. For example, look great square tablecloth on a round table form and vice versa.

Square festive tablecloth on the table

If you choose a tablecloth, clearly repeating table form, so that this design was not too boring, dilute it with contrasting cross paths. This technique will make recovery in the design of the festive table.

If the house has now so rare oval shaped, then it is only suitable oval or less - rectangular tablecloth. But it looks the combination of a truly elegant. The main thing - to choose the correct size of cloth, and make sure that the folds hung evenly.

Oval tablecloth, by the way, is suitable for table rectangular shape, which are far more common.

For the round table is now often used this technique of decoration, which came to us from the West - the simultaneous use of two cloths of different shapes: round and big at the square. On the table initially spreads substantially circular tablecloth. And on top of it - a smaller square. Tablecloths often used in contrast combination, but similar shades also look beautiful.

Let us find out what size should be a festive tablecloth. To answer this question, measure your countertop. We need a rectangular product area, in the round - diameter.

To the resulting figure add 40 cm, since according to the traditional etiquette less than 20 cm "Suissa" is considered bad taste. So you know what size you need tablecloth. If you buy a cotton or linen products, add a further shrinkage of 10-15 cm.

Festive tablecloth on the table 10 15

Keep in mind that the resulting size - the minimum allowable. Less has become ugly. But more - possible. As the festive tablecloth is a long version is very nice and decorative.

If the design provides for beautiful designs and patterns on the edges, it is recommended to make SVRS longer to be able to see the product design.

If in doubt about the size, always choose the larger than the smaller one. Long style will look good in any case, but short can ruin any beautiful table.

Consider, at what prices we offer festive tablecloths, modern-manufakturschiki manufacturers.

Greek manufacturer offers fine cotton model designed to create a noble festive atmosphere. Products are of rare quality and very decorative appearance.

In the photo - tablecloths and napkins Togas:

Festive tablecloth on the table by TOGAS

Cost tablecloths size 173h310 cm natural cotton complete with a 12 cm napkins 53h53 - 14390 rubles.

Russian manufacturer with factories located in India, offers high-quality cotton textiles. Mark produces tablecloth noble, natural range: beige, sand, white colors with beautiful decor, floral prints.

Naturel from producer

The cost of cotton holiday model 180h320 cm with six napkins - 6530 rubles.

Mark from Germany offers practical polyester products, due to high quality and amazing prints that fall into the category of holiday.

by Schaefer

Floral vivid colors adorn any celebration, and the practicality of the product allows the hostess not to worry for the safety of things. The cost model of polyester 16h220 cm - 3016 rubles.

The Chinese manufacturer offers elegant jacquard tablecloths with practical composition - cotton and polyester. Products decorated with lace and embroidery, have a beautiful neutral colors: beige, light beige. Cost model 160x160 cm Jacquard - 6410 rubles.

from Asabella

When choosing the color of the product, it is best to stay in the neutral form. Beautiful sand, soft golden and beige colors always look great and solemn tone asked. And for special occasions, of course, need a snow-white model.

Selecting a festive tablecloth made of natural material, take care of its protection. Pick up the tone or contrasting textile napkins under the plates will help to keep the tablecloth safe and sound, "take over" grease stains and splashes. The same role is played by decorative strips of cloth, usually reaching across the table.

We reviewed the particular choice of the tablecloth for a festive table. As you can see, has its aspects of this issue. But with the help of our tips you will no doubt be able to choose the most appropriate textile products for any holiday.

  1. Elena

I have in use a few tablecloths. One for everyday use. Several for the holiday table. There tablecloth that spreads only on New Year's holidays. The legacy of the mother were two linen tablecloths, treat them with special care. I use them for my birthday. For everyday meals tablecloth cover with a Teflon coating.

beautiful tablecloths

Tablecloths and napkins on the table: the rules of selection, registration and serving

Probably every woman dreams of fairy samobranoy tablecloths capable fill table tasty meats in seconds. Unfortunately, scientists have not yet mastered the art of magic, but modern manufacturers of textiles learned to create tablecloths and napkins on the table, looking at which inevitably recall the beautiful fairy pictures. With its readers "Dream House" today to share recommendations on how to pick up and the tablecloth and napkins to it that the most beautiful and harmonious lay the table.

Tablecloths and napkins on the table

Place the tablecloth on the dining table

Since ancient times, the tablecloth was seen not just as a household item, but also as a symbol of prosperity and even a kind of guardian race. For example, in Babylon, it is sheathed with golden thread and adorned with complex paintings. In ancient Egypt, a flap of tissue that covers the table, paint the coloring pigment. When this figure is adjusted depending on the estates and wealth of the family. In Russia also, because of the high skill of woven, tablecloths are available not only the nobles, but also farmers. For a long time the Slavic peoples it was the custom to pass the tablecloth from generation to generation as a symbol of prosperity.

Such an interesting story tablecloth makes it not just a practical addition, as an attribute, capable of creating a special decoration in table setting and be a bright interior decoration.

Cloth on rectangular table photo

Textiles for table photos table

1. Shape

To properly pick up the tablecloth on the table, you first need to determine its shape. Modern tablecloths are square, rectangular, oval and round. Ideally, the shape of the tablecloth should follow the shape of the tabletop. Exclusion refers only to the round table in the design which permitted the use of square cloths, could create interesting and bulk drape. In addition, the round table having issued the circular cloth, can be put on top of it and a small square-shaped cloth. Particularly interesting such a composition looks when aligned with each other contrasting colors.

Round and square tablecloth on a round table

Tablecloth on a round table photo

How to choose a tablecloth on the table

Cloth on the oval table

There is also an interesting variety of tablecloths called runners or runner, the shape of which resembles an elongated narrow web or track. Most harmoniously tablecloth looks on track oblong wooden table. However, because this painting is quite narrow, with runner table cloth napkins served.

Tablecloths, runners and napkins to match

Tablecloth runner Serving dinner table

Cloth on track for serving festive table

Contrast slider tablecloth on a white background

Modern cloths are made of natural, synthetic and mixed fabrics. The choice of material depends on the purpose of the tablecloth.

According to the rules of etiquette and holiday celebrations require natural textile design. linen or cotton is most often used for the production of this category tablecloths. Holiday tablecloths from natural materials are durable, hypoallergenic, and besides, stylish appearance.

However, these products have one major drawback - the tendency to shrink during washing and ironing, so their size should be slightly larger than required.

Beautiful tablecloths on the table

Checkered red and white tablecloth for the table

Due to the use of natural soiled cloths in daily life is not entirely comfortable. Therefore, lay the table for family lunches and afternoon teas recommended tablecloths made of polyester or acrylic. Tablecloths of these artificial materials are treated with water-repellent, easy to wash, practically crease, and, moreover, characterized by a democratic price. But despite the ease and availability of these products, they also have a beautiful appearance. For example, the very popular polyester tablecloth with a jacquard weave, that have no reverse side.

Beautiful tablecloths on the table photo

The snow-white tablecloth on the dining table

Cloth on rectangular table runner

In a separate category, you can highlight the lace tablecloths and napkins. In most cases, thin and graceful openwork products are individual interior decoration, able to give of your home warmth and comfort.

Lacy napkin on the table

Lace tablecloth Photo

The size of the tablecloth for the table should include the length of the countertop, as well as the length of the "plumb". According to etiquette requirements, the length of "plumb" tablecloth should not be less than 20 centimeters, that is, products must exceed the size of the table by at least 40 centimeters. However, in a festive serving is required to "plumb" completely covered the table legs.

Tablecloths and napkins with rings

Depending on the colors of the tablecloth can be both neutral attribute, and a bright interior decoration. For neutral colors include beige, coffee, gray and peach tones, which blend harmoniously with any interior design trends.

Festive tablecloth Photo

Fabric and color tablecloth

Emphasize the originality of contemporary styles help brightly colored tablecloths and napkins suitable. If you serviruete table for solemn occasion, choose a white cloth, which always looks elegant and appropriate.

White tablecloth for the table

It is also possible to allocate separately Christmas tablecloth. Since the theme of this festival allows certain derogations from the general rules of etiquette, choose a bright tablecloth with a suitable pattern for the New Year's table serving.

Tablecloth for New Year's table

Festive tablecloth on New Year's table

Christmas red cloth on track with snowflakes

How to pick up towels to tablecloths for a beautiful serving

Tablecloth - is not the only element of table setting, because without woven cloths design usually looks unfinished. In the selection of tablecloths and napkins allowed as a complete combination of colors and the combination of contrasting colors, so that the overall design will look bright and unusual.

However, if you decide to pick up the tone of napkins, tablecloths contrasting with the tone, make sure that the shade is also present in other desktop elements, for example, dishes, candlesticks, jewelry, etc.

If the napkins color can vary with the color of the tablecloth, the materials of these products must be the same. Most often wipes used in the serving of the holiday table, so if you use a linen table cloth - choose linen napkins, if the silk - silk, etc.


Tablecloths and napkins on the table photo

Pink napkin and white tablecloth

With a successful combination of the tablecloth with napkins, you can create an amazing serving, using thematic ideas for any holiday. So, if you arrange a children's birthday party, use to select a child's hobby subjects. Easter holiday, New Year or Christmas, wedding, birthday - for every occasion there is a original way.

Linen tablecloths and napkins

Napkin on the table under the plate

Serving table napkins tablecloths

Properly fitted tablecloths and napkins on the table can decorate even the most nondescript interior and emphasize the good taste of the hostess. Therefore, choosing a much needed attributes, pay attention not only on their design, but also the quality, because the tablecloths and napkins should please you more than one year.

Beautiful tablecloth - table decoration available to everyone

Even the most beautiful and expensive table, complete with the most elegant serving, becomes a "bald" and boring, if it does not close the tablecloth. And really, how can you imagine a festive table without a good tablecloth? And indeed, every meal becomes more solemn and more fun if it complemented the beautiful tablecloth and napkins bright appropriate.

In addition, this furniture - is not only a question of decor and mood, but also good protection for your countertops, because it is easy to mess up the dishes, and to correct this deplorable mistake is not so simple. In addition, to lay a tablecloth for a festive and everyday table is considered a sign of good taste.

So, how to choose a good tablecloth for the table? Indeed, if it is chosen with taste and skill, it is an indispensable accessory, able to talk about the refined taste of the owners, as well as to place the right stylistic accents in the room. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, learn enough about some of the important points, which, in fact, will be discussed further.

Naturally, the first thing that excites every woman - it is something from which made the future of its decoration of the table, because this is important! It's no secret that every tissue will have its advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to choose, depending on the scope of use.

Recently great popularity possession of fabrics made from artificial materials, firstly, they are less rumpled, easy to wash out the stains, which can not be avoided, in addition, their service life, much longer than that of the same natural fabrics. These include vinyl, cotton, polyester and polyester materials.

However, it should be noted and their real disadvantages: they are not resistant to hot surfaces, so they can not put hot dishes, candles and so on, besides, they are not recommended to lay on the surface near the gas stove.

Another type - cotton cloths coated with acrylic - a good solution for kitchen countertops that are in daily use. They have good water resistance, and wear resistance, in addition, they, unlike polyester, not afraid of exposure to heat, so they can be safely even put a hot pan, it is sometimes very convenient. But they have a significant drawback - some vystiryvayutsya quickly lose their properties and good appearance.

Another subtype - cotton cloths coated with Teflon. In fact, they are similar to the acrylic coatings are resistant to dirt, water and heat. But the disadvantages are the same - a rapid loss of its properties after washing.

And, perhaps, the most festive, elegant and prestigious species, to this day, remain tablecloths made from natural materials such as linen or jacquard. They have a number of disadvantages - sit after washing, badly ironed quickly vystiryvayutsya and wear, as well as the bad spots are cleaned after. However, they look neat and expensive, in addition, natural materials have a positive impact on human health. Yu

Naturally, it is in the first place will depend on the shape of your table. On the oval table logical to lay oval tablecloth, however, if one is not found, there is suitable and square.

At the round table is permissible to use, both round and square tablecloth, by the way, a form of the table in recent times it is fashionable to dim two decorations: the lower the larger sizes and a lower top in a contrasting color, which, increasingly, is the decor. And then everything is simple - on the rectangular table a rectangular tablecloth fits exclusively on the square - square.

To begin need to measure the size of table-top: at the oval section is measured in length and width have a circular - the diameter and so on. You probably noticed that the tablecloths look beautiful in that case, if a bit hanging from the table that is called "overhang" or "drop". How to determine how it should hang?

Usually added to 20 cm on each side, that is 40 cm in length and width, only in this case you get a uniform dripping matter from the table. If you decide to get a tablecloth made of natural materials, then on the "overhang" on each side is better to leave about 30 cm, for a total of 60 cm Generally, in such a case should be guided by the rule:. More is better than less, because too whiling away the tablecloth looks stupid and inappropriate.

Colors and other details

Every housewife, probably, faced with a situation where you can not acquire the desired: like and the choice is great, but that's just all wrong. In such situations, you can always try to make the cloth with his hands, as it turned out, this is not too much trouble.

The most complex - a circular pattern, and then, there are special techniques that will help you make the pattern correct without errors. So, choose your favorite fabric - and go for the creative achievements!

In general, most are neutral beige, cream and pearl tablecloth to suit any decor. On the festive table decided to lay white linen or cotton cloth, which, as well as possible, emphasize the beauty and transparency of the crystal on the table.

Blue and green colors will give your room rigor and restraint, yellow and orange - warm and rich, red, most often used in the New Year's holidays, or in the event that they are successfully combined with the interior.

My grandmother knitted tablecloth crocheted from cotton thread. The finished cloth washed, soaked in starch, and then Dried and stroked. Extraordinary beauty! All had a different pattern. She had sent a tablecloth over a plain white tablecloth.

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