Curtains with lambrequins (66 photos): Luxury interior

pelmet design must conform to the general concept of interior space and harmony with the curtains. Then the window decoration will add a special charm, solidity and solemnity of the room, the bedroom and even the kitchen.

Photos - 1 Curtains lambrequins

They perform several functions:

  • They are beautiful and vivid;
  • hide not very good ledge and space to the ceiling;
  • visually increase the room.

Photo - 2 Increase in space

What are pelmets? All of them are attached to the eaves and are divided into three main types:

  • soft;
  • tough;
  • combined.

Photos - Hard 4

Photos - Combined 5

Cutting start after decide the form and style.

To date, very trendy openwork patterns. And this is not surprising, because the curtains laced with lambrequins - a work of art.

Photo - 6 Openwork

Photos - 7 kind of openwork

Curly reliefs may be of various shapes, which gives the windows of wealth and elegance.

Photo - 8 Curly

What else are pelmets, see here

If you doubt that it will be able to make complex curtain, contact specialists of the portal EtotDom to help you choose the fabric, style and make a model of any complexity. Read reviews of former clients, look at the portfolio, compare rates and contact master liked.

What to choose - soft or hard pelmet?

The unequivocal answer to this question is no. Everything depends on the style of the room, the window size and your taste. Keep in mind that dense pelmets can not be washed. They are only suitable dry cleaning, but they look very stylish and chic.

Photos - 9 Luxurious Hard pelmet

The rigidity of the material gives a special gang which has an adhesive base. It is applied to the cloth and iron with a hot iron, and then tailor lambrequin desired shape. Bando is different density.

The easiest way to make curtains with lambrequins rigid rectangular shape. Simple - it does not mean ugly, and you're in it now for yourself.

Photos - 12 Rectangular

Photos - 13 Hard Rectangular

Decorate them can be oriental or antique designs.

Photos - 14 East pattern

In the nursery look great bright model.

A complex openwork allow you to create a fabulous atmosphere.

Photos - 16 Openwork for baby

Remember that narrow rectangular pelmets visually increase the height of the room, and reduce wide.

In the living room perfectly fit model draped with semi-circular elements, which are called SMAD and remind swing.

Photos - 17 Swing

Classic curtains of fog and thick curtains make a large room more light and festive.

Photos - 18 Classic curtains veil

blackout curtains with lambrequins not only look modern, but also have a number of advantages:

  • do not miss the sunlight;
  • not spoiled;
  • not deformed;
  • do not absorb odors.

On the night curtains fabric blackout you can completely isolate the room from prying neighbors, and excessive amounts of sunlight.

Photos - 19 Blackout

We offer you a photo with the beautiful, unusual decorations of windows in the room.

Photos - 20 Curtains in the room

Photos - 21 Combined

Photography - 22 Golden interior

Photos - 23 On the fringe

Photos - 24 Comfort and Style

Photos - 25 Light bright colors

Photos - 26 The unusual idea

Photos - 27 for balcony doors

Photos - 28 easy and stylish

Curtains with lambrequins decorate not only windows in the room, the bedroom or children's room. They fit perfectly in a variety of kitchen interiors.

Photos - 29 For kitchen

On the small screen, you can hang asymmetric pelmets, which visually enhance it.

Photos - 30 Asymmetric

The combination of tulle and brocade - a rich and worthy decoration of a large kitchen.

Photos - 31 The combination of fabric

For Roman blinds can also come up with a beautiful pelmets.

Photos - 32 Roman blinds with lambrequins

There is nothing that adds warmth and comfort in the house, like textiles, which sews the mistress of his hands. You need to know that tailoring the technology of soft and hard swags different. To understand what option will suit the style of the room, scribble sketches. Maybe it will give you a good idea of ​​the next photo.

Photos - 33 Types swags

Hard pelmet own hands: video

The following video you will learn how to sew hard pelmet.

Construction of patterns necessary for tailoring complex shape model. Substitute your size and you have a beautiful pelmet.

Photos - 34 Pattern asymmetric SMAD

Beautiful curtains with lambrequins for the hall to help sew the next pattern.

Photo - 35 beautiful curtains in the room

Photos - 36 Pattern

Photos - 37 Pattern

Sewing soft pelmet: Video

Detailed master class will tell you how to sew a soft pelmet. When choosing fabric, give preference to soft and well draped samples. Then calculate the required amount of material. It is not difficult.

  1. To determine the width, height is necessary to add seam allowances.
  2. Length corresponds to the length of the cornice, the coefficient multiplied by the assembly. It may be from 1.5 to 3 and more. The parameter depends on the splendor of the future tailoring.

Mounting options swags to the eaves may be different, but the most convenient - a special adhesive tape, which on the one hand glued to the curtains by means of iron, and the other to the eaves.

Photos - 38 Duct tape

Decorate textiles can ruffles, fringe, tassels. How to choose curtains for the frills, decide for yourself by looking at the photo below.

Photos - 39 Fringes for curtains

Photos - 40 Pelmets with ruffles

How to sew decorative ornaments?

By frill need to sew a special tape (available at any hardware store). Pulling it out at the edges, tie and neatly folds distributed along the entire length.

Photos - 41 tape frills

Then attach to the front of the frill of fabric and stitch exactly.

Photos - 42 frill

Making curtains and swags - a creative work. Get your potential and you receive an exclusive design.

Photos - 43 Exclusive curtains

Remember, what elements they may contain.

Photos - 44 Curtain Elements

We offer you a free ready-made patterns for which you sew smart window decorations. The first sample for frill.

Photos - 45 Pattern frill

tie tailoring technique is different from the frill only in that the folds are laid one above the other. You can carve it on the previous model. In the photo the curtains with two ties.

Photos - 46 With two ties

Coquille cut out as a frill, but all parts are symmetrical.

Photos - 47 Pattern Coquille

Look intuitive master class with steps, and sewing does not take much of your time. You correctly calculate fabric consumption and learn to make drawings.

Make no mistake and coloring. In the living room, choose the green or brown in color, combining it with white or gold.

Photos - 48 Red combined with yellow

Photos - 49 Green combined curtains

Photography - 50 green and gold

Photos - 51 Brown combined

Photos - 52 Brown Curtains

Photos - 53 Brown with gold

Very gently look pink, peach and gray curtains with lambrequins. They can be combined with other colors.

Photos - 54 Pink pelmets

Photos - 55 Pink curtains

Photos - 56 The combination of pinks

Photos - 57 Peach flowers

Photos - 58 Peach curtains

Photos - 59 Gray and white

Photos - 60 dark gray with white

Photos - 61 original gray

Or choose other, equally beautiful colors.

Photo - 62 beautiful colors

Photos - 63 Turquoise curtains

Photos - 64 Openwork

Cornices for curtains with lambrequins

What is needed cornice for curtains with lambrequins? If you have a multi-blinds with curtains, heavy drapes and other decorative elements, it is best to choose a three-row profiled cornice.

Photos - 65 The triple-profile ledge

If textiles easy, then hang it on a string cornice.

Photos - 66 String cornice

How to hang curtains with lambrequins? They can be hung on hooks, loops, rings, adhesive tape, because the top of the cornice pelmet close and will not be visible.

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sewing of lambrequins

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    Pelmets Kitchen

    Pelmets - practical and unique part of the window decoration, a separate horizontal section of curtains. They are refined and perfectly hide cornices and fasteners and will be an excellent textile decoration for any room. Most often, pelmets are made of heavy and dense fabrics, complemented by different pleats, ruffles, pleating, and tassels.

    simple - it cuts of curtain fabric that is matched with a special tape or a gathered manually. Lock can be on any kind of curtain rod, and independent production is not very complicated.

    classic - collected in folds of different widths and shapes by means of tape. No classical interior will not do without such a pelmet. It complements the luxury and wealth of decoration, as a means of expression decorator.

    soft - It consists of a light material, combined in texture from each other. They are considered decorative, formed from a cut of specially drapery fabric parts. Pre drapes are cut and fixed, and then sewn together so as to retain their original form and shape during operation. Cut out soft pelmet from the same material as the main curtains, or contrast.

    tough - the fabric is stretched on a wooden frame or glued to a nonwoven substrate called gangs. Make the room elegant and original. This model hides the mounting blinds and cornice. The hard swags bore holes passed through these strips of cloth with the assembly in the fold.

    combined - combine hard and soft pelmets for window design. It looks rich and respectable. Curtains lambrequins with combined kitchen - mostly elegant and refined decoration of the window. Such products should not only integrate harmoniously into the design, but combined with the objects of decoration and furniture. They must also be very safe in terms of fire safety.

    The easiest way - is to use self-adhesive Velcro tape. One part is sewn to the eaves, and the other to the swags. Owning a tubular or wrought cornice approach to securing eyelets.

    The oldest method - strengthening support around the braid. The most important thing - to calculate the distance between the hooks. To avoid sagging pelmet with a heavy weight, do not use the elastic tape, Velcro will be more suitable for this.

    Roman curtains It can be combined with curtains and lambrequins. They do not overload the interior and are ideal for small kitchens. They are not very lush assembly and repeat the size of the window. This decision is especially important for zoning kitchen - living room and kitchen - dining room.

    classic. The undisputed advantage of this romantic frame that then allowed to combine different fabrics and decor together. For example, if you want to close the defects formed after the repair or slope window cornice. It not only looks great, but also hides the flaws.

    blinds used on the first floors of houses and flats with windows on the south side. Pelmets in such embodiments by - operate purely decorative function and large.

    Openwork tulle. The length can be any, also made available an easy drape fabric on the window. The finished fabric for the kitchen can be combined in its sole discretion, with blinds of any material, lambrequins and curtains.

    Curtains - Cafe. First appeared in France. Create a cozy atmosphere, close windows by half and are able to hide from view from the street. Seamlessly combining with lambrequins in country style.

    curtains. The color palette of products is able to match the fabric or leather upholstery of furniture, textiles (tablecloths, slipcovers in chairs) or else have a bright and rich colors. For example, the beautiful curtains in the kitchen in white colors may be in two parts: the white tulle and a light purple, blue, turquoise, light - greenish curtains. However, we must take into account the design of the room for accurate and high-quality design curtains.

    Green curtains for the kitchen - a wonderful and attractive solution. They are very well with lambrequins different colors and complement the kitchen interior. To make the right choice must take into account factors such as the specifics of the room, the existing interior design, size and shape of the window.

    Jalousie. They are very practical in comparison with the ordinary curtains, the kitchen area due to them will be great protected from direct sunlight, especially in the hot and sultry summer days. Blinds with small lambrequins in the form of an arch - a great sochetanie.Takzhe there may be asymmetrical model with a single color or a whole color combination.

    Extraordinary chip 2017 is a floral design, which does not lose its reputation for several years. Tender leaves, huge beautiful flowers, curved stems of plants - all these wonderful choice for any room, especially those win-win floral curtains will look in the kitchen and in the dining room.

    In a fashion still welcome environmental friendliness and naturalness, so their preference in the selection of curtains and swags should be given to the natural material - cotton, flax, silk, bamboo. Colors is recommended to choose products natural, tranquil pastel colors. Gradually returning the splendor and elegance of the interior design in the kitchen. Current Trends set combination of geometric shapes, matt and shiny tissue.

    In addition to leaves and flowers of the season it has become a popular combination of matte and shiny curtains, or the use of a material with alternating opaque and sparkling curtains. Superior to all is the combination of classic design is suitable for the guest rooms, but you allowed them to "adapt" and a different interior.

    As for the decoration for curtains and swags, the new trend in the fringe and beads, but the latter have become all the rage rhinestones on the curtains and swags. Particularly relevant is decorating curtains gained popularity in the eastern interior, as well as in the rooms, decorated in the style of glamor. In classical minimalism and pastes should be used in moderation as accents.

    Another novelty of the season are considered chameleon fabric. Pelmets or curtains made of such material, will be exquisite interior decoration, and variety of lighting will look in a new way. Curtains chameleons make design more mysterious and romantic.

    Ability to create a product with their own hands have each cheloveka.Shemy you can make yourself. Most importantly - be careful and do everything very carefully and accurately.

    Before the start of sewing, draw a diagram of future products and to designate the desired height. For beginners, it should be remembered that the width of the pelmet for one section should correspond to the length of the cornice. When pelmets consist of two parts, we must remember that one of them closes another one-third. When the assembly is finished planned masterpiece of 3 sections action following scheme: eave length separated by 7, and the resultant number is multiplied by 3 (as determined by the value of each individual section).

    SMAD - a type of swags, a classic decoration. Is obliged to take no more than one sixth of the opening, on the other window designs will obscure the room. It can be seen gathered in pleats or free hanging, decorate not only brushes, but also fringe.

    One of the most easy-to-manufacture is considered a model pelmet "scarf". This decorative element has the ability to be used to design the window in the kitchen. And if you add to it the classical curtains - this set can be placed in the bedroom, the kitchen and the nursery. Structurally it is a one-piece fabric, hand draped on the ledge.

    The fabric is folded in half, from its mid-point along the top edge on both sides of a second length of the cornice, along the bottom edge - the height of the slack. The lower and upper point combined with each side defining a line of sewing tape. From the point is performed at a line perpendicular downward to the resulting rectangle is added lateral allowances on the subscript (2 cm each).

    Simple kind of cut out easily enough. It is made from a piece of tissue collected using tape. The edges can be straight or curly. To get a soft and pleasant to the product, you must use not heavy matter. The use as decorative elements ribbons, tapes.

    The curtains did not look empty, will certainly help decoration of swags. To work you need to prepare:

    Initially attach the curtain 10 cm above the window, the distance between the side walls - 10 centimeters. This type of lambrequin can be made in lengths up to half of the window. Try to carefully examine the calculations. For cornice 50 cm 73 cm tissue is useful.

    Then you need to cut the lining fabric, which are needed for stiffness. This will keep the folds. Sour cream and stab needles all layers and pave the seam, leaving 30 centimeters at the top are not stitched, I turn and close the holes. Attach the eaves to the middle of the first curtains in the middle, on the left side of the ends hang down. Hanging cord to tie up the details, form neat folds.

    Pelmet of the veil - it is the easiest and lightest material that can be used to create unusual decorative elements. Such a product can be decorated with fringe or add other shades.

    Details of such lambrequin you can prepare yourself. To start formed SMAD, centrally located. Then you must make de jabot (oblique cut, supplementing SMAD). And the final piece - it Coquille. Here the fabric draped diagonally tailored and original converges below.

    Creating Hard pelmet suitable for people who already have experience in sewing such products.

    Pelmet with shaped edge or a carved pattern - the most rigid sandwich construction. The front part - drape fabric, or any other, but necessarily synthetic. Often use satin, silk other glossy material with polyester in the composition. The main requirement - micro texture should be soft, to exactly lie on the foundation.

    If you decide to decorate the interior of its own this decorative element, you must first make basic measurements. Next, you need to draw an outline of what you want to see. The quantity of matter must be properly calculated. Pattern is done in full size on paper. With such cutting can avoid serious mistakes.

    Smooth material iron mount it on gangs. Next, place the fabric on a pad and secure it with pins all three sides except the top. Sew leaving aside centimeter from the gang.

    Outer side must turn, rotate the upper edge, and then pull it and pierce pin. Attach the soft side adhesive tape on the fabric, and rigid to the ledge, then sew the Velcro, remove the tape and pierce it with pins.

    Only one limitation for installation in kitchens openwork Bando - high humidity in the room. Do not choose a pelmet, if the cooktop or stove is placed near the window, and is not equipped with a powerful extractor. The steam is able to provoke a swelling of the strip. A grease from the stove will be very visible on the shiny material. Cleaned in the machine gangs are not advised. To clean jewelery, wipe the surface enough to barely wet cloth.

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    51 idea for those who planned to make their own hands pelmets

    The first thing that falls view room - this window. To make it pleasing to the eye, the curtain should be beautiful. Pelmets give the blinds and curtains special attraction and completeness.

    Gorgeous canopy of thick cloth of gold began a spectacular living room decoration in the Baroque style.

    Contrasting combination looks advantageous in the design of the room for guests.

    Graceful, stacked pelmets make the atmosphere in the dining room, a romantic and festive.

    In this article, read:

    Pelmets (from the Italian "canopy, canopy") form the upper part of the eaves, closing it. They are always mounted on top of the curtains.

    There are two main types of parts for window decorations:

    • hard, or as they are referred to by the type of foundations, the gang;
    • soft, which can be fitted and draped with a special upholstery tape or simply thrown over the ledge.

    Types of window decor abound. A special variety of different soft canopies on the ledge. They may be made in form Fuld (transverse folds), tie, assemblies bantovyh pleats pleated. But there can be direct and have applications of colors, swirling patterns in the various harnesses, etc.

    Floral pattern fits perfectly into the interior in the style of the country.

    Hard pelmets decorated with low-key tassels. The ideal variant design windows in the living room or bedroom.

    Sheds on a cornice can be decorated with tassels, fringe, curly cut edge. Places to implement any fancy enough.

    Very nice look delicate pelmets. They are made by laser cutting of hard Bando in industrial environments. True, there are skilled workers who do own fishnet pelmets. But this is the aerobatics.

    The most simple pelmets - direct. They can be used together with classic curtains. They are easy to install, are not "dust collectors", and take care of them very easily.

    The product is made of natural, heavy fabric in harmony with translucent curtains. Delicate pattern on the curtains makes the interior cozy and stylish.

    Unusual design. Author's work was commissioned by the French housewife for the dining room in a country house.

    How to make the canopy onto the ledge by yourself?

    How to sew a pelmet with their hands? For beginners, it's not a very easy task. Therefore, you should start with a simple. For example, to direct a hard canopy. Then you can try to sew a pelmet on the kitchen window.

    Scheme of direct manufacturing rigid canopy is quite simple. To choose the fabric for it, which would be in harmony with the color of curtains. It is better if the fabric is without pattern or print on it should just be a relief. Also, the fabric of which is made canopy can be absolutely identical to the material of curtains.

    First step. Measure the width of the window

    If cornice protrudes beyond it, it is necessary to measure the length of the cornice. In accordance with the size take the double amount of tissue (rigid canopies do usually bilateral). It will be appreciated that the canopy should be 1/5 or 1/7 of the length of the curtains. Accordingly, these dimensions need to buy a fleece or gang-adhesive base.

    Bedroom art deco luxury decorated lambrequins combined type.

    Stylish living room with a large window decorated in art deco style.

    Even for simple work patterns to make sure. For example, to make a pelmet with triangular or semicircular festoons, make the appropriate template in full size. Choose the template you can taste, by searching on the Internet for pictures. Next the template is applied to the underside of the fabric and encircle it. A pattern cut interlining.

    With the help of a hot iron to the wrong side of bonded nonwoven fabrics. Fold the fabric in half face (nonwoven remains on the outside) so that the edge of festoons and on the sides of the fabric remains allowance for seams.

    Stitched by folded fabric and evert the product on the front side, otglazhivayut, zastrachivayut upper edge secured thereto an adhesive tape. Carport for classical curtains ready.

    Scheme manufacture more complex roofs are not fundamentally different from that described. They can also be found on the Internet. If the reader will be interested in this article, we'll try to put here a collection schemes for embroidery. Write your suggestions in the comments.

    Stylish living in a country house. Baroque interior has to be pompous, arrogant, luxurious curtains so genuine, hard tissue - is the best choice.

    Small living room with two large windows arranged in a modern style. Neutral dark gray color are a focus, balancing the overall design compositions.

    To make the kitchen curtain with his hands, the patterns can also make their own or to search for any available sources.

    Sew to start simple pelmet for the kitchen. It does not require the use of additional curtains for him. Or you can take the same fabric for curtains and canopy.

    For producing such a fabric canopy taken 15-20 cm longer than the length of the cornice. Length should be equal to approximately 1/3 of the height of the window, because the need to cut the fabric in a circle. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, back from the edges of 7.5-10 cm and cut a quarter circle. Semicircle should equal the length of the cornice. It can be calculated from the geometry or using the link "to calculate the radius of circumference", where the circumference - the double length of the eaves.

    The edge of the semicircle and the side of the hem, and the resulting overhang the edge of the kitchen window can be decorated with puckered satin ribbon, beautiful fringe, fringe light, suitable in color and texture lace.

    Starting with a simple, one can learn to make a fairly complex structure. Especially if you want to make out the interior of the house himself.

    Canopies of tissue in the kitchen can be self-decorative part, and may be supplemented transparent short curtain or curtains.

    Blinds made of fabric look spectacular in soft pink color.

    Elementary model swags, who can sew any hostess without prior training. Translucent fabric - a functional solution for the kitchen. This design allows natural light to penetrate in sufficient quantity into the kitchen.

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